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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 1/25/02

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Carly: Do I have wings yet?

Rose: What?

Carly: I asked, "do I have --"

Emily: No, no, we know -- we know what you asked. We're just a little confused as to why, Carly?

Carly: I'm changing. Everything is changing -- like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Rose: How many of those blue drinks did you have, Carly?

Carly: I do not know. But they were all delicious.

Emily: She's lost it. She's completely toast.

Carly: Don't whisper about me. I think that's very rude.

Rose: Did you hear that? That's here -- there's still a little bit left in there. She's -- she's here with us just a little bit. We got to work on her -- hey, Carly, listen -- hey, hey. Look, we're gonna go home, okay? We're gonna go home soon, 'cause there's a family out there that loves you and misses you very, very much.

Emily: Rose.

Rose: And then the snow! I saw the snow and it was so -- the flakes were so big!

Hilda: Excuse me.

Rose: Oh, hi, Hilda. I was just telling Carly about the snow.

Hilda: Oh, that's very nice. But Ms. Tenney and I need a moment alone right now.

Emily: Oh, oh -- that tea, do you think I can have a little sip of that tea?

Hilda: Oh, I'm sorry, that is not my decision. But Ms. Tenney, it's time for your treatment right now. Please excuse yourself from your friends.

Carly: Excuse me, Rose. Excuse me, Emily. How's that?

Hilda: Very nice. Thank you. I have good news. If all goes well, we'll be transporting you to the new location today.

Margo: Molly, for weeks, you have run this department ragged with a confession that nobody believed. We've given you ample opportunity to recant, but you continued to swear that it's true.

Molly: I know. And believe me, Margo, I feel terrible about that.

Margo: You should.

Jake: Margo, give her a chance. You'll understand better when Molly tells you what happened.

Margo: You know, I think I want to get this on tape, because if the story changes again --

Tom: Margo, it won't. This is the truth.

Margo: Okay, fine, Tom. Let's hear it.

Molly: I -- I need you to promise me something first.

Margo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I said I would listen to confession number two. I am not willing to negotiate the privilege.

Molly: This is not a plea bargain. As a matter of fact, this isn't even about me.

Margo: It doesn't matter, Molly! You're not in a position to make any deals.

Tom: Margo's right. You said --

Molly: I'm worried about my daughter! And before I say a word, I need to know that she's not gonna be prosecuted.

Abigail: Adam, Adam! Adam, what's going on?

Adam: Abigail, my car is parked right up the block, okay? We have to sneak out the back door so Holden can't see us, and I have to get you as far away from Oakdale as possible.

Abigail: Why? Did something happen that I don't know about?

Holden: Hey! Guys, come on. Let's go. Jake and Molly are waiting.

Abigail: Sorry, Holden, can we have a few more minutes?

Adam: Yeah. Two, two. We'll be fine.

Abigail: Sorry.

Holden: All right. I'll be outside.

Adam: Thanks.

Abigail: Leave? Adam, where are we going?

Adam: I don't know. But we can't stay here.

Abigail: I'm not gonna run away, Adam. That just makes things worse.

Adam: And I'm not gonna let you go into that Police station and confess to killing Nick.

Abigail: But I did. And I'm not gonna let Molly take the blame for that.

Adam: No. They're not gonna believe you, Abigail. They're just gonna think that you're trying to save your mother. That's all.

Abigail: I'm not gonna let that stop me now that I finally know the truth.

Adam: You don't -- you don't! You don't know. You think. You believe. But you don't actually remember what happened that night.

Abigail: Yes, I remember enough. I remember how angry I was and how much I wanted him dead. But I never -- I never thought that I was capable of that, but I guess that I am.

Adam: Shh, shh. All right, come on. Have you thought about what this is gonna do to Molly?

Abigail: Yes. It's gonna keep her from going to jail.

Adam: No, no. She's gonna go to court. She's gonna go to court for weeks. And every day, she's gonna have to relive what she saw that day. Nick dead on the ground, her daughter curled up into a ball in the corner of a room, trying to remember where she was, how she got there, in tears, falling down --

Abigail: Adam, you were there!

Adam: What?

Abigail: You know how it looked. You know how I looked. Yeah, I can see it. I can see it in your eyes. You're seeing it all over again.

Adam: No, you're wrong. I'm just telling you what Molly told me --

Abigail: No, you did not pick me up outside. You were in that room when he died, weren't you?

Adam: No. I've already told you everything that happened --

Abigail: Adam, don't lie to me. Tell me the truth.

Adam: You're right. I was there.

Hal: There isn't gonna be any toast, Barbara. We need you to come with us. Jack?

Barbara: Well, surely we can have our dinner first. Jack, join us, please.

Jack: Not tonight, Barbara.

Barbara: Oh, come on. I cooked enough for an army here. You're practically one of the family.

Hal: Barbara, let's not upset the kids. We need to talk to you right now.

Barbara: I've been slaving all day over this meal. I'm not gonna let this food go to waste!

Hal: This meal is canceled. Can you take the kids upstairs, please?

Will: Dad, is mom in trouble?

Hal: I don't want to worry you about that right now, son. You just go upstairs with Jennifer and Parker, and I'll explain it to you later, okay?

Will: Okay.

Paul: Jen, you need help?

Jennifer: No. No, I can handle it. Come on, Will. Let's let Parker bang on the keyboard.

Barbara: Are you satisfied? You've ruined my evening here! And did you see what you've done to our son? Did you see the look on his face? Do you know what he's been through?

Hal: Don't, Barbara. You know why we're here.

Barbara: I most certainly do not!

Jack: We need to question you about Emily, Rose and Carly.

Barbara: Again? Why do you keep doing this to me?!

Hal: Because we have more reason than ever to believe that you were involved with their abduction.

Barbara: You're not here because of me! You're here because of your wounded male egos!

Jack: Do we have to listen to this, Hal?

Barbara: The three of you are intelligent, accomplished men who have all gotten involved with women who are beneath you. And now that they have shown their true colors, you can't accept the fact that you were so wrong about them. So you've conjured up a crime that has kept you from accepting the truth. There are no suspects, yet you terrorize me. Well, I have had enough!

Jack: That's a nice speech. You ready to go now?

Barbara: Not until I hear the evidence you have against me.

Jack: We'll take care of that at the station.

Barbara: Is this the way you want it?

Hal: This is the way it has to be.

Barbara: Why?

Hal: Because this is Police business now, Barbara. And you have to make a statement for the record.

Barbara: Paul -- Paul has distorted everything that I said! He tricked me into saying things that I wasn't supposed to say --

Hal: Barbara, get your coat. We'll get this over with, and I'll bring you back here myself.

Barbara: And if I refuse to go?

Jack: Quit stalling, Barbara. There are lives at stake here.

Barbara: I am not responsible for those lives at stake, and I will not be escorted downtown like some common criminal.

Hal: You have two alternatives, Barbara! Come with us voluntarily or be booked immediately on suspicion of being an accessory to kidnapping! That's where it stands, one or the other.

Emily: Huh! Did you see that? One sip of that stuff, she can barely hold up her head.

Rose: Punch really packs a punch.

Emily: No kidding. Did you hear what Hilda said? They're moving her to a new location. What does that mean, Rose? I got a feeling if that happens, we're never gonna see her again.

Rose: I got a feeling you're right. Once Carly goes, you and I are gonna be next.

Emily: I don't want to end up like that. Rose, what are we gonna do?

Rose: I'm thinking, I'm thinking. First I thought we should bust out of here. But, you know, I don't think it's such a good idea anymore because it's cold! It's cold out there. We'll freeze out there, and nobody's gonna find us. There's that guy again.

Emily: Yeah, Mr. Big shot. I think he's the one in charge. But you know what? We haven't been formally introduced.

Rose: May not be too late, you know?

Emily: Hmm? What are you thinking?

Rose: Get the name. Get his name. Get it to Hal or Paul somehow. They get it to the right authorities. We get out of here.

Emily: Yeah, well, that's a lot of steps, Rose.

Rose: You got a better idea?

Emily: An idea? I spent three hours yesterday trying to remember my middle name.

Rose: What is your middle name? Never mind. If we don't get out of here, you may not need it.

Abigail: If you were in the room when Nick died, then you really know what happened.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Abigail: Then why didn't you tell me, Adam? Because it was awful, right? Just like I thought. Tell me, please. Tell me.

Adam: You already know that Molly didn't do it. You said that yourself.

[Abigail sobbing]

Abigail: I killed Nick. I murdered another human being.

Adam: No, you were defending yourself against somebody who was attacking you. Somebody who would've killed you if he had gotten the chance. That's not murder, Abigail. That is self-defense.

Abigail: Adam, I could've ran out. I could've screamed. I could've done something!

Adam: No, no, you did not do anything wrong, okay? Stop blaming yourself for this.

Abigail: Then why did you lie about it? Why did Molly?

Molly: I will fully cooperate. I will give you every detail. But first I need to know that my daughter's not gonna wind up in jail.

Margo: Let's take this in the interrogation room.

Jake: You still up to this?

Tom: I had no idea she was going to pull that.

Margo: I know. Schroeder? I need you to get Evelyn Hart on the line right away. Tell her there's a break in the Scudder case and ask her to get down here right now.

Cop #1: Got it.

Margo: I wanted to move this in here so that we wouldn't be disturbed.

Tom: Thank you.

Jake: Yeah, I think it's best if we just keep this among friends.

Margo: We're a little past that, Jake. I'm the investigating officer in this case, and I better hear something that makes sense.

Jake: You will. Ready?

Molly: What about Abigail?

Margo: I will do everything I can to protect Abigail under the law. But not because you held my feet to the fire, Molly, because I would do it for any good 18-year-old kid who was in this kind of trouble.

Molly: Is that really the best you can do?

Margo: No guarantees.

Tom: I think we've pushed this as far as the traffic will allow.

Molly: I didn't kill Nick Scudder. He was already dead when I got to the boarding house that night.

Barbara: All right. If you insist on playing out this idiotic charade, I will go with you. But I hope, when you discover the truth, that you will apologize as enthusiastically as you have accused. Now, if you have no objection, I'm going to get my coat.

Hal: Get your coat.

Paul: Do you have to take her down to the station in a Police car? 'Cause if not, I don't mind taking her --

Hal: Do you know what? She might try to make a run for it. Barbara? She's trying to make a run for it. Barbara!

[Engine starting]

[tires screeching] all right, call the station. Have them pick her up. Hey, tell 'em she's not armed, and she's not to be --

Jack: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I think I know where she might be going.

Paul: Where?

Jack: She knows better than to think she's gonna get away with this. She's off to Fairwinds to tell Steinbeck.

Hal: Want to head over there?

Jack: If we're wrong, we can always pick her up later.

Hal: Right. Okay, let's do it.

Paul: Okay. I'll meet you guys there.

Hal: Hey, Paul. Listen, this is Police business. I'd prefer we handled it ourselves.

Paul: No, if my father had something to do with Rose's disappearance, I want to see the man face to face.

Hal: Right, exactly. And that's exactly why you shouldn't be there.

Paul: Oh, come on. You two are just as emotional about this as I am.

Hal: Right. Even so, you're still gonna have to sit this one out.

Will: Paul, what happened to mom?

Molly: Nick was lying on the floor, and that awful music box was next to him. And the music was still playing. And I remember I was standing over him, just waiting for him to get up. For a second, I thought he was playing some kind of sick joke. I mean, he'd already moved up the deadline for the money, so nothing surprised me at this point. And then finally, I realized that it was no joke. I remember I bent over him. I saw the blood on the back of his head. I checked his pulse. He was dead. And I just stared, wondering what to do next. And that's when I heard this noise. And I followed the noise. I got up. I turned around. And there was Abigail. She was just all curled up in this ball, lying on the floor. These horrible sounds were coming from her. It was just sounds of helplessness. And I went over to her. I held her. And she was groaning. And I could tell she was hurt. And that's when I saw these bruises on the side of her face. It was obvious that Nick had hit her, and I just remember looking back at him at that point. I just wanted to kick him so hard, even though I know he couldn't feel it anymore. And she started to move again, and I asked her, "honey, are you all right?" And she said, "yes." But her words were slurred, and it was obvious that she was out of it. And I just held her, praying that there was nothing really, really seriously wrong. And I realized I had to get her out of there. Before her mind cleared. Before that image of Nick Scudder's corpse was burned into her memory for the rest of her life.

Margo: So you removed Abigail from the boarding house?

Molly: That's correct.

Margo: By yourself? Molly, you might as well say it because I've already figured it out.

Molly: Adam was there. He came in. But I didn't expect --

Margo: So you asked my son to help you remove your daughter from a murder scene.

Molly: Yes.

Margo: Well, I want to know how you justify that, Molly. I want to know how you saw fit to make my son an accomplice in your obstruction of justice.

Adam: Had it been anybody else who was dead on the floor, maybe we would have done it differently. But since it was Nick, all we could think about was protecting you. That's all.

Abigail: What? Does Molly know everything that happened?

Adam: She knows enough.

Abigail: Adam, I want you to tell me everything. Everything that you saw, and don't leave anything out.

[Adam sighs]

Adam: When Molly left her apartment, she told me -- she told me to stay there and wait for Jake. And the more I waited, the more I got crazed. You know? And then I heard the ending of your message to Molly, saying that you needed her help. And that's when I decided to go over to Nick's to see if you were okay myself. When I got there, I saw Molly trying to help you up onto the bed. And I saw Nick on the floor, with -- a big gash in the back of his head was all bloody, you know? There was the music box. And it was still playing, but it was kind of off, you know? Almost as if it was broken or something. And then Molly asked me to help her get you up onto the bed, which I did. And when I asked her what happened, she just looked at me and -- she looked at me as if she didn't even know herself. So Molly was quiet for a couple of seconds. She grabbed me by my shoulders, and she said, "Adam, take Abigail home. And if anybody ever asks you, you tell them that you found Abigail a couple of blocks away, and that she was very hurt and completely dazed." And that's what I did.

Abigail: You're such a truthful person, Adam. I'm surprised you went along with that.

Adam: No, I just didn't want to see you get arrested.

Abigail: I guess Molly felt the same way. And that's why she confessed, so no one would suspect me.

Adam: You know, the funny thing about that is, without even saying a word, there was just -- Molly and I just had this understanding. We were gonna do everything that we could, everything in our power just to protect you, to keep you safe.

[Abigail sighs]

Abigail: Adam, I know this was coming from a good place. But I just really wish you had asked me.

Adam: What would you have said, Abigail?

Abigail: I would have faced the truth, no matter how awful.

Adam: You're right. You're right. It was wrong. But we did what we did. And now everything is falling apart.

Abigail: No. We can fix this. I mean, we can go to the Police right now, and you can tell them exactly what you just told me.

Adam: What's that gonna do? I'm gonna get arrested for obstructing an investigation. Molly's gonna get arrested for confessing to a crime which she didn't even commit. And you -- you're gonna be put on trial for murder.

Abigail: But, Adam, we can just --

Adam: This could go on for years. Molly, Jake, my parents, Tom -- everybody that we know, everybody that we care about could get dragged into this.

Abigail: Yeah, but you and Molly will have the same story. The whole thing could just clear up.

Adam: And what is that gonna -- what is that gonna prove, hmm? You -- you can't testify. You don't have your memory back yet. Me? The only thing I know is that I walked into a room when Nick was already dead. And Molly's credibility is not very good on this case 'cause she's already lied once.

Abigail: You've thought a lot about this, haven't you?

Adam: I have thought about nothing else besides this for the past few days.

Abigail: How did all this get so twisted, Adam?

Adam: I'm not really sure. But all I know is that we have to get out of Oakdale. So are you with me or not?

Molly: You have every right to be angry with me. I shouldn't have involved Adam in my lies. I know.

Jake: Margo, she was under an incredible amount of pressure. I mean, who would be thinking straight in that situation?

Molly: All I could think about was protecting my daughter. I know you can understand that, even if you don't like it.

Margo: Are you asking my forgiveness here?

Molly: No! I'm not. I'm not. I just want you and Hal to know -- and you, too, Tom -- that I care about Adam very much, and I never wanted to hurt him.

Jake: Same here.

Margo: Well, you knew about this from the beginning?

Jake: No, Margo. No, I didn't know about this. She was trying to protect me, as well.

Margo: All right, I really appreciate that you've come down here now, but it does not change the severity of the damage that you have caused.

Molly: I know. I know that. That is why I asked Adam and Abigail to come down here, too.

Margo: Did you?

Jake: We wanted to get everything out in the open. I mean, Adam went to get Abigail. They should be here any minute.

Margo: Did you know about this, Tom?

Tom: Margo, Molly and Jake told me just before I got here.

Margo: You should've consulted Hal. You should've consulted Tom. You should've consulted me before you asked Adam to do anything. Your concerns about your daughter are no more important than ours about our son.

Molly: There wasn't time for a phone call. Everything was happening so fast, I -- I'm sorry. I am. I am really sorry. All right? I just keep trying to make it right, but nothing seems to work.

Tom: Evelyn, I didn't know you were joining us.

Margo: I asked her to come down here. I thought it would save everybody a lot of time and aggravation.

Evelyn: Mr. And Mrs.. McKinnon. So what's going on?

Margo: Molly has recanted her statement. She did not kill Nick Scudder.

Evelyn: Well, looks like we finally are getting someplace.

Margo: And Adam and Abigail are on their way down here now, and hopefully, they can help us piece this thing together.

Abigail: Adam, you're talking about running away like it's a walk in the park. I've done this before. It's not so easy.

Adam: Abigail, if you have an alternative, a safe one, then believe me, I am more than willing to listen to you.

[Abigail sighs]

Abigail: If we go, how long would we have to be gone?

Adam: Just until you regain your memory of what happened that night.

Abigail: And then?

Adam: Then you plead self-defense based on facts, rather than guesswork.

Abigail: What if I don't remember?

Adam: Then we keep going' -- you and me. And I'll -- I'll take care of you.

[Abigail sighs]

Abigail: People are gonna miss us, you know? Family and friends and --

Adam: We'll check in with them, and we'll let them know that everything's fine. But not until you regain your memory of what happened, okay?

Abigail: I don't know. I still think that this could get us into more trouble than just staying.

Adam: We can't sit here and kick it around anymore. All right, if we're gonna go, we have to go now, before Holden comes back in here.

[Abigail sighs]

Abigail: Let's go.

Adam: All right.

Waitress: Hold it, you two. Not so fast.

Adam: Hi. What's up?

Waitress: You didn't pay your check. And I know you wouldn't want to stick me with it.

Adam: I'm sorry. All right, there's $10. Thank you very much. Keep the change.

Waitress: But it was only -- thanks.

Holden: Excuse me. I was in here with a couple of kids. About 18, a boy and a girl.

Waitress: I know who they are. They just left.

Holden: Did you happen to hear them say where they were going?

Waitress: All I can tell you is that they were in a hurry, and the guy is a very good tipper.

Holden: Thank you.

Paul: Mom is fine, Will. You know, Jack and Hal just wanted to talk to her about some stuff down at the station.

Will: Dad looked angry. And so did you.

Paul: I did? You know what? You're a hard guy to fool.

Will: Mom had a really special dinner planned. And she wouldn't have left unless it was really serious.

Paul: Well, you're right. It was serious. But you know what? Serious stuff comes up all the time, and it just goes away. So I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you.

Jennifer: Will, you ready for dinner?

Will: I guess.

Jennifer: You feel like eating' in front of the TV?

Will: Could I?

Jennifer: Yeah. Why don't you go upstairs and turn on dad's TV? And grab Parker. I'll bring up plates for the three of us, okay?

Will: Can Paul come?

Paul: You know, Will, I'd love to, but I -- well, I didn't handle that very well, did I?

Jennifer: It's okay. He's pretty tough, actually. He's kind of used to things not being right.

Paul: I'm glad you're here.

Jennifer: Really? Why?

Paul: I know we had our disagreements at the show in New York. But when everything's so crazy with this family, it's important we stick together.

Jennifer: Things have been crazy here for awhile, Paul. And I've been here through most of it, so --

Paul: You weren't ready for this, were you?

Jennifer: I came home to say good-bye to friends and, hopefully, to patch things up with mom, and -- and I love my little brothers, I do, but --

Paul: But you don't want to be here.

Dr. Weston: Yes, I think you are just about ready.

Carly: For what?

Dr. Weston: To move on.

Carly: Where to?

Dr. Weston: Into the future. I'm gonna write your name in the history books. Right next to mine.

Rose: Would you look at that? Dr. Hoo-hah is looking' at Carly like a chicken he's about to debone.

Emily: Yeah, well we got to stop him.

Rose: The first we have to do is get his name.

Emily: Okay. Do you think the attendants know his name?

Rose: Yes, but of course, they're not gonna tell us.

Emily: Fine. Then I will ask him myself.

Rose: Hey, hey, hey! No, no, no! You can't do that! No! Because all these people around here think we're gonna be zonked out of our brains.

Emily: So, if it's zonked out they want, then it's zonked out they're gonna get.

Carly: I can hardly feel my body.

Dr. Weston: Excellent.

Carly: When I do, it's like it belongs to somebody else.

Dr. Weston: Your progress has been quite remarkable. Exactly what we were looking for.

Emily: I know who you are.

Dr. Weston: Oh, you do?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Weston: Oh, then who?

Emily: Who? Who, who, who. You are doctor -- Doolittle.

Dr. Weston: No.

Emily: Dr. Seuss?

Dr. Weston: No.

Emily: Dr. Spock?

Dr. Weston: No.

Emily: Dr. Scholl? Dr. Chicago?

Dr. Weston: No.

Emily: Oh, I know. Dr. Richard Kimball. You know, the guy from "the fugitive"?

Dr. Weston: No. No, I am Dr. Weston.

Emily: Oh.

Dr. Weston: But I know who you are. You are Emily Stewart, correct?

Emily: Oh. How do you know that?

Rose: Yay! A guessing game, a guessing game! Can I play?

Dr. Weston: No.

Emily: Yeah, can she play?

Dr. Weston: No, it's not a game, Rose. I was just reassuring Emily that I knew who she was. I know who you are, too.

Rose: You must be smart.

Dr. Weston: As a matter of fact, I'm brilliant. But, ladies, since you are all here, perhaps you'd like to say good-bye to Carly.

Emily: Oh. Where's she going'? Carly?

Dr. Weston: She's going to an even nicer spa than this.

Rose: Oh, can we come? Can we come, too, please? Please?

Dr. Weston: All in good time. Not just yet. But don't worry, you'll all be together again soon.

Rose: No, I want to go now! Now! I want to go now! Please?

Dr. Weston: Now, now, that would be ahead of schedule. And we don't do things ahead of schedule. But don't worry. We'll see you again soon. Now, while you -- would you care to say something, good-bye to your friends? Hmm?

Carly: Bye.

Dr. Weston: Ladies.

Holden: Are Adam and Abigail here?

Margo: No, not yet, but we're expecting them.

Molly: Holden, what's wrong?

Holden: I was at Al's with Abigail. And she told me that she was convinced that she killed Nick. I was gonna bring her home so that we could all discuss it, but then Adam showed up. He said he wanted a minute with her. I left them alone. I walked out of Al's, and when I came back, they were both gone.

Jake: Okay -- before -- hey, listen, no, really, before we panic, let's just consider they may have taken a walk around the block. I mean, it takes a lot of nerve to do something like this.

Holden: The waitress said that they were in a big hurry.

Tom: You know what? I'm gonna call home. Maybe they went there.

Jake: I'll call my qace.

Margo: You know, wait a minute. Is it possible that they have run away together?

Molly: Adam told us that he confessed to killing Nick.

Tom: What?!

Margo: Hal and I didn't believe him for a second.

Molly: The reason I'm bringing that up is I think it's a pretty good indication of how desperate he was to get Abigail out of the line of fire. He even went so far as to ask us to take her out of town. We told him we wouldn't do that.

Margo: Wait a minute. You let Adam go after Abigail by himself? Schroeder! Donnelly! Would you take out an APB? Two young adults, age 18. The girl's name is Abigail Williams, and the boy's name is Adam Munson, my son. I'll get back to you with descriptions. You had better hope that they haven't gone too far.

Jennifer: When I first got to Europe, I thought I would feel completely out of place. But it actually turned out to be the exact opposite. I made so many friends, I started a career. I loved it there, Paul. I really loved it there. Everything about it.

Paul: Yeah, you don't have to tell me. I lived there, remember?

Jennifer: My plan was to get back there as soon as possible. And then when I came home and saw that mom was living here again, I thought, great. This is wonderful. Things have settled. I can leave with a clear conscience.

Paul: And then you got the full picture.

Jennifer: I don't think you ever get the full picture in this family.

Paul: You know what? You can still go back. The rest of us will adjust.

Jennifer: Thank you. But come on. But could I possibly leave now?

Paul: Did mom put pressure on you to stay?

Jennifer: What do you think?

Paul: Well, she shouldn't have, because what's going on now is her responsibility, not yours.

Jennifer: I'm not staying because she forced me to. I'm staying because I care. I love her, I love dad.

Paul: Of course you do, and so do I. But at the same time --

Jennifer: You know, that's exactly my point. I've had so many reasons to bail on mom recently. I mean, she abandoned us for Craig. She rejected Will and me after her accident. And now, it seems like she might be involved in an actual crime. But despite all of that, I can't seem to walk away.

Paul: Well, I have never been able to do that either. But if she has anything to do with Rose's kidnapping -- it's tough, isn't it?

Jennifer: What's that?

Paul: Having Barbara Ryan as a mother.

Jennifer: No, it's a challenge. Do you think mom actually had something to do with Carly, Rose and Emily disappearing?

Paul: Well, I can tell you this. She's involved more than she's letting' us know.

Jennifer: See, that's exactly my point. I can't leave now. The family's gonna need me.

Paul: You're right.

Jennifer: That's another thing about mom, you know. Helping her is always so massive. I mean, you can't do it without giving up your entire life.

Paul: I'm sorry. You shouldn't have to come home to this mess.

Jennifer: Could you just do me a favor? I don't mind helping out around the house, with the boys, with dad, whatever. Just don't expect me to fix this, okay? I've already tried to fix this family, and I am no good at it.

Paul: Okay. Whatever you need. Just know that I'm here, too.

Jennifer: I know. Well, guess I better get this up to the boys.

Paul: Need any help?

Jennifer: No. I can handle it.

[Door slams]

Barbara: James! James! James! Tell me! Tell me what I'm supposed to say to them! James! Tell me this much. The man who died at the old mill, that wasn't a coincidence, was it? You're angry with me. I pushed you away. I said I didn't need you. And I was wrong! I was wrong! Please, tell me it's not too late! Please accept my apology! If it's revenge you wanted, you've got it. They're after me like a pack of dogs! My son -- our son -- is that what you want him to think of his mother? James, is that what you want?!

James: Barbara,

Barbara, for shame.

Barbara: Oh, James. Thank God, James. Thank God!

James: Poor Barbara.

They're closing in on

you, Barbara.

Poor Barbara.

And there's nothing

anyone can do.

Emily: Oh, did you see that? Carly's eyes were staring straight ahead. I didn't see them move. They didn't blink. I've never seen anything like it in my entire life. It was like -- it was like she was already dead.

Rose: Don't say it. Don't say that word at all. "Dr. Weston," does that name mean anything to you at all?

Emily: What, are you kidding me? That guy is so creepy, "the intruder" wouldn't talk to him, Rose.

Rose: I know what you mean. I know what you mean. We have a name. We have a name, and now we have to get it to the right people.

Emily: Yeah, I know the plan, but how do we accomplish it?!

Rose: I think we just got our answer.

Emily: Huh?

Rose: Can we talk to you for a minute?

Libby: No, no, ladies, I can't. I have to go.

Rose: No, no, no, just a minute. Just a minute. Just one minute. Don't you worry. It'll be fast, okay? Close the door. Look. We need your help, and we know you're good for it.

Libby: No, I'm not.

Rose: You didn't turn us in about jumping' you here in the steam room, so you must have doubts about this place.

Libby: Helping you would be very dangerous. Dr. Weston does not tolerate disloyalty.

Emily: Okay, we're not asking for much. We just need a cell phone. Just a little cell phone.

Libby: I can't. I don't have one.

Rose: Well, you know what? You better find one. Because if you don't, I'm gonna tell Dr. Weston what you saw here, and you never reported it.

Emily: Yeah, yeah. You -- you better listen up. You ask anyone in Atlantic City, New Jersey. You don't mess with Rose D'Angelo.

Libby: All right. I'll get you a phone. But on one condition.

Margo: Check every kids' hangout -- the Old Mill, -- everywhere, contact me every 15 minutes whether you find them or not.

Cop #2: We're on it.

Margo: Does Abigail carry a cell phone?

Molly: Yes.

Margo: Call her.

Tom: I'm gonna try Adam.

Holden: Molly, I'm sorry. It just never occurred to me that they'd leave.

Molly: They might not have. And if they did, we're going to find them.

Jake: She's -- she's not picking up.

Tom: Neither is Adam.

Holden: Okay, what now?

Evelyn: Warrants?

Margo: No. Go home. Go back to your apartment and see if there's any evidence that they showed up there and then left.

Tom: That's a good idea. I'm doing the same.

Margo: All right -- call if you find out anything. And, if not, just wait there an hour to see if they show up.

Jake: And then?

Margo: We will meet back here and figure out what our next step is.

Tom: I am on my way. And you try not to worry.

Margo: It's too late.

Evelyn: I'm gonna head out, also. Keep me posted.

Molly: Margo, what happens if we don't find them?

Margo: We are required to wait 24 hours and then we assume that they've run away together.

Holden: And then?

Margo: This case gets even more complicated and even less fun than it has been up until now.

Molly: Margo, I'm really --

Jennifer: Sure is good to be home. I guess I just didn't clear enough dishes when I was in Europe. Adam! Hi!

Adam: Hey, Jen, how are you doing?

Jennifer: I'm good. I have been trying to get a hold of you, but you're never um -- are -- are you okay?

Adam: Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure. Is anyone else here?

Jennifer: Will and Parker are upstairs. Everyone else had plans.

Adam: It's okay, come on in.

Abigail: Hi.

Jennifer: Hi. So you guys going to tell me what's going on?

Adam: Jen, we need your help.

Barbara: James, where are you?

James: Poor Barbara. It's a crying shame.

Barbara: James? Where are you going? You can't leave me here. You can't leave me.

James: Hear me, Barbara. You need to listen to what I have to say.

Barbara: I'm trying. I'm trying to listen. But you sound so far away.

James: You shut me out. That was a mistake.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But I'm ready now. I'm ready to listen now, James.

James: You need to pay close attention. And do you know why? Because it's a matter of life and death.

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