ATWT Transcript Monday 1/21/02

As The World Turns Transcript Monday 1/21/02

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Jennifer: Daddy, I've missed you so much!

Hal: Who are you? Come here! Why didn't you call me? I could have given you a ride from the airport. I didn't even know where you've been.

Jennifer: Everywhere, Daddy. I've been everywhere.

Hal: You know what I ought to do? I ought to throttle you -- I am gonna throttle you!

Barbara: Will, weren't you gonna ask your sister a question, like whether she was home for good?

Will: Jen, are you home for good, now? Your room is almost the way you left it.

Jennifer: Well, of course, I'll be staying here -- where else would I stay when I'm in the States?

Will: "In the States"? Who talks like that? Mom's come home too.

Jennifer: And that's the best surprise ever, isn't it? That and dad not yelling at me.

Hal: Yell at ya? Well, why should I yell at ya? I got two postcards. One with, "hi" on it and the other with, "love, ciao" on it.

Jennifer: Daddy, you're exaggerating --

Barbara: Let's not drive her out of the house again, Hal. Let's just let her get settled in --

Hal: All I'm asking is what happened to the telephone, huh?

Jennifer: You wouldn't believe all the places that I've seen -- Rome, Florence --

Hal: And don't they have stationery in those countries? Maybe a carrier pigeon on a window sill or something?

Barbara: You know, Jen and I had a wonderful talk. And she told me that she just needed to spread her wings a little bit. And it's obviously had a positive effect on her. Look at her, she's absolutely radiant. And now that you're back in town, you're gonna be so busy, I'm gonna make some phone calls and make sure that there's no reason for you ever to leave town again. Come on, Will, let's go get your homework settled in, okay? Come on.

Will: Mom, Jen just got here.

Barbara: I know, I know, but we'll make her favorite dinner, won't we? After we get you all settled in. Help her with her luggage, Hal. Upstairs, you.

Hal: Listen to your mom, Will.

Jennifer: Well, I thought I was hallucinating when I walked in here and saw mom.

Hal: Well, I got to tell you, she's pretty knocked out to see you, too.

Jennifer: Yeah, she's got this idea that I'm gonna fix the family somehow. And I tried to tell her that I'm not staying long, but does she listen? Does she ever?

Hal: Y, shh, she's here taking care of Will for awhile. And it's pretty new, so if she's trying a little too hard, be patient, okay?

Jennifer: Dad, I've had plenty of practice being patient with mom.

Hal: Hey, nobody's saying you can't live your own life.

Jennifer: You're not, which is why I love you so much.

Hal: Oh, it's so great to see you. And I can't believe how all grown up you look.

Jennifer: Well, a lot can happen in a couple months.

Hal: Yeah, it can. Have you talked to any of your friends since you've been back? Like Abigail, for instance?

Jennifer: Why? What's wrong?

Hal: Well, I hate to spring it on you so quick on, but a guy's been murdered in town. A guy named Nick Scudder.

Jennifer: Abigail's friend!

Hal: Yeah, and Molly confessed to killing him.

Jennifer: Molly? Has she been arrested?

Hal: Yes, yes, she has. And there are a lot of questions piling up, Jen. And some of those questions -- they're about Adam.

Adam: You know, there's got to be a way I can figure out how to outsmart this lie detector test. Do you know anything about polygraphs?

Billy: Nothing. Back up a sec. Is this for a class or something? Criminology? I don't understand what's going on.

Adam: No, see, this is my real life, Bill. My parents, they decided they wanted to play law enforcer so now, I'm the designated guinea pig.

Billy: And why is that?

Adam: Well, I told them that I was with Abigail the night of Nick Scudder's murder. So now, they want to hook me up with electrodes.

Billy: So, just say no.

Adam: I already did. But they weren't hearing it. Now I'm stuck and I'm damn well gonna figure out a way to beat this thing, with flying colors.

Billy: You are out of your mind, kid.

Adam: Abigail needs me. Whatever I can do to help her, I will.

Billy: Believe me, Adam, I know what I'm talking about. If you start doctoring with the truth, you're not gonna be helping out Abigail, or anybody, you're gonna hurt yourself and everybody in your life. So don't do it.

Craig: Ah, Katie. I'm on my way over to "The Intruder" before it goes belly up.

Katie: Okay. Craig?

Craig: Didn't you hear me? I'm just on my way out.

Katie: Don't be mad.

Craig: You know, whenever you preamble like that, I get anxious.

Katie: I lost something. But I swear I am gonna find it immediately.

Craig: What did you lose?

Katie: Your daughter.

Craig: Lucy? Where is she?

Katie: I don't know exactly. We were together at the gym and then she was gone. The next thing I found out is that she got into someone's limo.

Craig: A limo? Whose? Call Margo. All right, she'll get out an all search -- argh!

Lucinda: Ah, Craig, you want us to accept you as a responsible parent? I found her wandering where anybody, and I mean anybody ,could have grabbed her.

Rose: Look, you stop jiggling and maybe I'll let you keep your head.

Emily: Rose, what are you going to do?

Rose: Whatever I'm doing', I got to do it fast. Because sticking those towels in there, right, that woo-woo stuff, it's gonna be -- it's not gonna last very long. We have to clear our heads, the both of us, so we can bust out of this joint. And this lady here is gonna help us.

Emily: Why can't we do this tomorrow?

Rose: Hey, hey, remember the name Steinbeck? Look, what about phones? You got a phone? You got a car?

Emily: No, come on, you're being a little mean to the towel lady, don't ya think?

Rose: Don't worry, Emily, we'll get ya to a window and make sure you get some fresh air. This little one's coming with us.

Emily: I don't get it.

Rose: A phone, she'll get us a phone. We can smuggle some car keys, get to a car. We'll get down to the town. At the end of the mountain, there's a town -- at the end of the mountain, isn't there?

Emily: Oh, I think she wants to say something.

Rose: It better be about getting out of this cuckoo's nest. Don't be calling the massage patrol, either, you got it?

Libby: No one ever leaves.

Carly: What do you mean, "I'm almost ready?"

Hilda: It's important things are just right for your meeting.

Carly: I don't remember scheduling a meeting. With who?

Hilda: A very important gentleman -- your host. Oh, and the plans he has for you.

Carly: Our host? Have I ever met him?

Hilda: Let's just say he's been waiting a long time for you.

Carly: Jack --

Hilda: You know the motto here, don't you, Carly?

Carly: Relax -- let go and let myself be taken care of.

Hilda: You're the perfect client. I'll be right back with someone special.

Rose: Don't give me any of that "nobody ever leaves" cha-cha. The only people in this crazy spa are Emily, me, and that woman out there who happens to look a little bit like Carly.

Libby: There are many people here. They're simply in other areas.

Rose: Areas? What are you -- what are you talking about? What kind of racket you have going on here, huh?

Hal: Now, we're hoping Adam's involvement isn't anything too serious. But Abigail's memory is kind of spotty about the night that Scudder was murdered and Adam's just trying to fill in the picture.

Jennifer: Are you sure he's not in any more trouble than that?

Hal: Well, not yet.

Jennifer: Is Abigail okay?

Hal: Would you be okay if Barbara were hauled out of here in handcuffs? You know what? I think the thing that Abigail could use right now is her best buddy.

Jennifer: I'm there. Will you make sure that mom understands why I'm not here for dinner?

Hal: I'll make sure she does.

Jennifer: Thank you. By the way, I really am sorry that I worried you.

Hal: Worry. Isn't that part of being a father -- isn't that part of the contract?

Jennifer: I know I should have called more or written more, but --

Hal: You were afraid I was gonna tell you to come home.

Jennifer: No. No, I know you wouldn't have. You would have told me to have a great time and not to worry about a thing. But I would have heard in your voice that something was wrong. And I'd have to hop the next plane home.

Hal: Nah, I could have had you airlifted.

Jennifer: Dad, can you understand that I didn't want to risk it? I didn't want to risk hearing you tell me that everything was okay, just so I could be happy. So I didn't call at all. And I guess I felt like not talking to you was safer somehow. But the truth is, I really didn't want to stop working. I love what I'm doing and I'm really good at it.

Hal: Oh, of course you are.

Jennifer: Seeing how other people live, what their lives are like -- it's been a monumental task.

Hal: Honey, all I've ever wanted for you are the big dreams that you want for yourself.

Jennifer: I'm sorry about Emily. Will you tell me what happened when I get back later?

Hal: All you need to know is that Emily loves her son and she's gonna come back for him, and for me.

Jennifer: Good. She was pretty good with you.

Hal: She was pretty good with you, too.

Jennifer: Yeah, she was.

Hal: I'm glad you're back, Jen. I don't care for how long. I'm just glad you're back.

Jennifer: I'm glad to be back. I love you, daddy. I will be going home. Bye.

Barbara: Jennifer? Jennifer?

Hal: She just ran over to talk to Abigail.

Barbara: I was gonna make her favorite dinner.

Hal: I told her about Molly being in jail.

Barbara: Oh. As long as she didn't run off to the airport and leave us again. It's so good to have her home, Hal. I mean, when was the last time that the four of us were under this roof, laughing and teasing each other and enjoying each other?

Hal: A long time.

Barbara: A long time. When she walked through that door, I just wanted to sweep her up in my arms and hold onto her so tight, and hold onto this family so tight. You don't think I'll drive her away, do you?

Hal: Barbara, now that she's had a taste of her own life, I don't think anything either one of us says is gonna stop her.

Barbara: I wouldn't dream of it.

Hal: You know, her life has been hell this past year. More than the hell that we've gone through, even, because she had to deal with losing her family and Bryant's death.

Barbara: She told me that Bryant's cousin was involved in all of this.

Hal: Billy. Yes, and I'm glad she told you, because I'm not sure I would've known how to tell you.

Barbara: Was she in love with him?

Hal: It was pretty intense. Maybe too intense. But you know, things like that just happen.

Barbara: Do you think that Billy knew that she was coming home?

Hal: Well, I made him promise he'd tell me if he heard from her, and he didn't, so I don't know. Maybe he's just gonna be as surprised as we were.

Barbara: Do you think she's gonna let him know that she's in town?

Hal: Well, I don't know. But he will probably find out, because he's staying with Adam over at Tom and Margo's.

Barbara: A local romance would complicate traveling, wouldn't it?

Hal: Well, like I said, Barbara, I don't think she's gonna let anybody clip her wings.

Barbara: Seems to me that she still has feelings for him.

Hal: I don't think it's any of our business.

Barbara: Since when are you so hands-off with Jennifer?

Hal: I've learned a couple of things in the past year or so.

Barbara: You're right. You're absolutely right, Hal. Que sera sera. You know what? I think we need to have a celebration in this family.

Hal: A party? I don't think so.

Barbara: I know that you're still smarting from Emily's departure. I didn't mean a big party. But just something for the family. I'll make us a wonderful dinner, and I have to get to the café, because I want to pick up Jennifer's favorite petites fours.

Adam: Will you quit it with the lectures for one minute and be a friend?

Billy: I'm not just a friend, Adam. I'm family. You know, I was already stupid with one cousin, and because of that, he wrapped himself around a tree. And I'm not gonna be stupid with you.

Adam: Yes, you are family, but I still have a monumental problem here.

Billy: But I'm not gonna help you wreck your life.

Adam: All right, fine. You know what? You don't want to help me, that's your decision. Just do me a favor and forget we had this conversation.

Billy: Adam, wait. Why is it so important that you cover for Abigail? If you weren't with her when Nick Scudder died, why not just say so?

Adam: Because I know cops. I know my parents, and they're gonna start pointing their fingers at innocent people.

Billy: You mean Abigail?

Adam: Let me say it this way. If I could tell the truth and nothing but the truth and set things straight, I'd be swearing on 100 Bibles right now. But there are certain things that I could say that would put the people I care about a lot through hell. I thought you'd understand that.

Craig: Lucinda, will you at least let Lucy get a word in edgewise?

Lucinda: There's nothing more to be said about this. Nothing more to be said. She was alone, she was lost, you had abandoned her. And luckily, I rescued her.

Lucy: You know it wasn't like that, grandmother. I was walking home, daddy. She gave me a ride.

Craig: Lucinda?

Lucinda: She may have thought that she was walking home. She does not know the town. She is new to it. It is dark, fit only for owls and stalkers, and cold, windy. It's not sunny, sunny Montega. Sierra, it's just folly. It was absolutely sheer folly for her to leave this child in your care.

Katie: Actually, Mrs.. Walsh, don't get mad at Craig. I was supposed to be with Lucy today. She was helping me with gym business, we got separated for a little while. But all's well that ends well, right?

Lucinda: Oh, Katie, Katie is the -- she's the guardian here? You might as well leave the child with a two-year-old. And who's Jim?

Craig: Lucinda, I think you ought to re-examine your medication.

Lucinda: Very, very funny. I don't think so, really. No. All right, you can explain your irresponsibility as a parent to the child's mother. I'm calling Sierra.

Craig: The hell you are.

Craig: You will not bother Sierra with this.

Lucinda: Bother Sierra? Sierra has a need to know the latest evidence of your chronic irresponsibility, Craig.

Craig: Well, it doesn't sound like Lucy was in danger.

Lucy: I told you I wasn't lost, grandmother.

Craig: And if she were, she'd punch number one on her cell phone and I'd go get her.

Lucy: I was just taking the long way home.

Katie: And just to let you know, the "Jim" that I was talking about was not a guy. It was the gym. You know, shape up, firm up, tone up.

Lucinda: Shut up. Craig, I've already lost one grandchild, all right? I'm not going to lose another. I'm going to be vigilant with this one.

Lucy: What happened to Bryant wasn't your fault.

Lucinda: Darling, that's not what your mother thinks. And he was older. And she thinks I didn't watch him closely enough. And heaven knows this one over here didn't watch him at all. Your mother is just -- she's just lost her mind to leave you in proximity to him.

Lucy: Don't say that, please?

Lucinda: Darling, I'm not criticizing your mom. I'm not. Grief makes one -- well, grief makes one irrational. Craig, Lucy needs to be monitored. Monitored, okay? Now, I intend to see that she is.

Craig: Lucy, how do you feel about having your grandmother trailing you all over Oakdale?

Lucinda: She's not going to be "all over" anything - "all over" -- that's ridiculous. She's got to be in a safe place, and she's got to be properly supervised.

Craig: And according to you, that would be where?

Lucinda: That would be home, in Montega, with her mother.

[Craig laughs] or it would be in her boarding school.

Craig: Oh?

Lucinda: Or possibly, she could be with me.

Craig: With you?

Lucinda: With me.

Lucy: Hey, why don't you just cut me up into little pieces? 'Cause you know, I'm not a person. I'm just something you all own. Who cares what I want?

Billy: So, I'll see what I can find out. But in public, anybody says "lie detector," I don't know what they're talking about. Understood?

Adam: I'll never even say your name. So, you're really gonna help me out on this?

Billy: Well, I'm not gonna make any promises, but I'll see what I can do.

Adam: All right, thank you, Billy. Thank you so much. You're the best.

Barbara: Hi, Billy.

Billy: Ms. Ryan? Hey. Can I get you a drink?

Barbara: No, I didn't stop for cocktails. I came to talk to you.

Billy: Really? What can I do for you?

Barbara: Are you aware my daughter is back in town?

Billy: No, I wasn't. When did she get back?

Barbara: Just today. And unless you want her to pack up and go right back to Europe, I suggest you hear what I have to say.

Jack: I got news. Is Barbara home?

Hal: No. No, she's out buying out the bakery 'cause Jennifer's home.

Jack: Jennifer's back? That's great, Hal. You missed her.

Hal: Thanks. What?

Jack: This is big, Hal. I got a connection between the guy who attacked Barbara --

Hal: The late Phillip Auster?

Jack: No, the murdered Phillip Auster. I've got a connection between him and two of our three missing women.

Hal: You get something concrete?

Jack: Receipts, recent plane tickets. That concrete enough for you?

Hal: That depends.

Jack: This guy crisscrossed the ocean like you and I go into town. Only he paid everything in cash. Now, two of the nights he flew out of Oakdale coincide with the two nights that Emily and Rose disappeared.

Hal: Wow, no way that's a coincidence.

Jack: No way, not in my book. We might be a step closer to Emily, Rose and a criminal case. Now, you know that Craig has Simon working on this in Paris, right?

Hal: Do you think that this guy can connect Auster to Carly?

Jack: I'm counting on it. And if he does, we're one step closer to finding her, too.

[Carly dreaming]

Carly: Jack? Where are you?

Jack: I've been waiting for you, Carly.

Carly: Jack, I need you. I need to hold onto you. I can't let go.

Jack: You don't have to. Not ever. I'm right here, Carly. I'm right here.

Dr. Weston: I'm here, Carly.

Jack: I'm right here.

Dr. Weston: Carly, I'm here, as promised.

Carly: Jack?

Hilda: No. This is your host, Carly. Dr. Weston, the spa's founder and director.

Dr. Weston: How are you, Carly? Oh, yes, you're right, Hilda. The process is coming along quite nicely. We'll move on to phase two.

Rose: So come on, lady, you work here. What's the deal? Everybody being held for ransom or what?

Libby: How can that be? The spa spends money on you.

Rose: Oh, I don't know, maybe they want us to look like a million bucks so people with families with a million bucks can pay up a million bucks. Well, is it "murder, inc." Or what? What about this steam? This stuff is making us all loopy. What about that?

Libby: You shouldn't be asking so many questions.

Rose: I will stop asking questions when I get some answers. Now, listen, Emily, we have to think of some -- no! Emily, no, no, no! Stop the steam! I told you that so many times!

Emily: I got nervous. I got nervous when you said "murder, inc."

Rose: No, no, no, look at me. Look, no, no, no.

Emily: Leave me alone, Rose.

Rose: Stay with me! Stay with me! Stay with me!

Emily: Oh, yes. Come on. Oh! Oh!

Rose: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Emily: That's cold!

Rose: I know.

Emily: It's so cold.

Rose: I'm sorry.

Attendant: What's going on in here?

Rose: Um, we had a little, uh, spillage. Little, uh -- right, Emily?

Emily: Water.

Rose: Yep, water. Can I have some towels, please? Right. Thank you.

Attendant #1: Dry yourself off.

Emily: Thank you.

Attendant #1: Wait outside. I'll clean up the rest of the spill.

Rose: No, no, no, no, no. I mean, the air is so yummy -- yummy in here. Couldn't we longer? I mean linger. I mean linger longer? Linger longer, linger longer -- can't we stay?

Attendant #1: I see the air agrees with you.

Rose: Oh, yeah.

Attendant #1: I'll check to make sure you can stay.

Rose: Oh, thank you. They're very nice here -- very nice. Sweet as pie. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Emily: Sweet, sweet, sweet. Love to stay a little longer.

Rose: Thank you. Okay, Emily. We can bust out -- no, no, no, no, no. Stop with the vent. No more whiffing of the vent.

Emily: Okay. Okay.

Rose: Where? Don't -- just stay there. Who's that guy with Carly?

Dr. Weston: Yes, our work together is proceeding very nicely. You don't look convinced.

Carly: Well, doctor, my skin feels really dry. Is it going to stay like that?

Dr. Weston: I assure you, everything is going exactly as it should. And I must tell you how much I appreciate your -- your patience. And I want to assure you that you're going to be very comfortable as we continue to work together.

Carly: What if I don't want to continue this "process?" Hmm?

Dr. Weston: Oh? No problem. No problem at all.

Carly: Mmm?

Dr. Weston: Here, drink this.

Carly: Fruit tea?

Dr. Weston: No. No, this is a -- this is a special tonic. It's going to make you feel healthy and strong.

Carly: Thank you. Bottom's up.

Craig: Katie, will you please go get Lucy back in here?

Katie: Yeah, if I were her, I would have slipped out the back already.

Craig: You're turning your granddaughter against you.

Lucinda: I don't think so. I don't think so. I think we have a warm relationship. It will only blossom when she spends a little time with me.

Craig: Okay, Lucinda, generally you're just a minor annoyance. But now you're beginning to get me mad.

Lucinda: Oh, well, that's a shame. Because I must say, I prefer you when you're remorseful. And I am making the phone call to Sierra.

Craig: How can you use the people you profess to love like that?

Lucinda: Go ahead, deflect the blame, darling, 'cause you're so good at it. All right?

Craig: You can have her for one week.

One week!

Lucy: I am not going back to Montega.

Craig: , No, sweetness, you're not going to Montega. But, just to avoid bothering your mother, we just have to compromise here a little bit.

Lucy: Compromise how?

Lucinda: Darling, I'd love you to spend a little time with me.

Lucy: Thank you, but I'm already settled in here with dad, and I'm happy here. I can walk to Oakdale Latin.

Lucinda: Oh? Walk? Walk in that little coat? With no stockings on? Oh, it's so cold. It's Illinois.

Lucy: Yeah, my coat is warm enough. I mean, it's not like I'm going to blow away without a limo. And I like it here with dad and aunt Katie and uncle Simon.

Craig: Well, how about a short visit. Way short.

Lucy: A day?

Lucinda: A month.

Craig: A week.

Lucy: Starting when?

Lucinda: Tonight.

Craig: Just one week? For me? You can get to really know your grandmother.

Lucy: A whole week?

Craig: Well, yeah. Just one week. She's got a nice house, and you'll be amazed what the cook can do with a pot of gruel.

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: Come on, sweet thing. You and auntie Katie mustn't imagine that I've entirely forgotten how to have some fun.

Lucy: Of course not. It's not that I don't like spending time with you, it's just --

Lucinda: Oh, you'll be begging to stay on after just one week. You watch. I'll -- I'll wait for you in the lobby.

Craig: No. Don't bother. I'm driving her myself.

Lucinda: Okay. But expeditiously. You don't want to have a cop escort. See you later, sweetheart.

[Lucinda laughs]

[door closes]

Katie: Let me just tell you that it's never too early to start planning your escape. I have a fabulous idea. I'll be right back, okay?

[Door closes]

Lucy: Daddy, you caved.

Craig: Oh, sweetness, I had to give the old bat an insect or two.

Lucy: Why?

Craig: Well, because we don't want her worrying your mom about you being out alone at night.

Lucy: It wasn't night. It just gets dark early here.

Craig: Yeah, still, it's a new city. I know you like your aunt Katie, but she's a flake. All right? And I shouldn't have left her in charge of you.

Lucy: You're busy. What? Now you're supposed to stop working because I'm here?

Craig: No, nothing is as important as you are. Well, I have to do better at this. I will. Now, tell me, why were you out alone?

Lucy: I talked to Billy.

Craig: He told you about what happened between him and Bryant's girlfriend? You were walking home 'cause you were upset?

Lucy: I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Craig: Oh, that's okay, you don't have to. It's probably something you should talk about with your friends.

Lucy: Friends? What friends?

Billy: Things between Jennifer and me are a little complicated.

Barbara: As love always is.

Billy: Well, what I mean is, we shared some things together. She's a terrific girl. It's just when she left, she didn't promise me anything, you know?

Barbara: You love her, though?

Billy: We said some things --

Barbara: Don't you?

Billy: I care about your daughter, Ms. Ryan. Can we keep it as that?

Barbara: I care about her, too. That's why I want her to stay in Oakdale. She belongs home with her family -- with her mother, her father, her little brother. Mothers tend to feel that way about their daughters. I think you can understand that.

Billy: Yeah, I guess. But I still don't understand what you want me to do for you.

Barbara: Follow your heart. Find her. Tell her how you feel about her. And then, convince her to stay.

Lucy: Don't be so surprised that I don't have any friends.

Craig: But your mom has told me ad infinitum about all the trips and parties and what a great time you were having at boarding school.

Lucy: That's what she wants to hear.

Craig: It's not true?

Lucy: Do you have any idea what it's like to be the daughter of the Sierra Esteban of Montega? She's practically royalty, you know.

Craig: Yeah, I know. I was Mr. Sierra for a while.

Lucy: Everybody treats me like I'm some sort of princess, even the kids my own age. You know, a little too polite, but staring when they think I'm not looking.

Craig: And when you try socializing with them?

Lucy: They're nice enough, I guess. But I don't think they'd want to hang out with me. I don't really fit in.

Craig: Why?

Lucy: I don't know. I'm different. I can't explain.

Craig: Oh, you don't have to, lullaby. You spend a lot of time alone?

Lucy: Yeah, and it's fine. I like it.

Craig: You get to read a lot of good books like that.

Lucy: Yeah.

Craig: I'm a little different, too.

Lucy: Maybe that's why I feel I fit in here so well.

Craig: That's the good news.

Lucy: And the bad news?

Craig: You have to go pack.

Lucy: One week. That's it. Then I'm coming back here for good.

Craig: I promise.

Hal: You earned every penny of your salary on this one, Jack. Great police work.

Jack: Except Auster didn't stay alive long enough to name his boss. He might've led us right to Emily, Carly and Rose.

Hal: Yeah, but still, we got more leads than we had a right to expect out of a stiff.

Jack: And let's not forget that you're living with someone who can give us a hell of a lot more leads.

Hal: We've had this conversation about Barbara, Jack.

Jack: And you know as well as I do that no way was Phil Auster an intruder at Fairwinds. He came to Barbara for a reason. He called me for a reason.

Hal: And the only person who knows that reason is Barbara. I'm not in denial about that, Jack.

Jack: Then why -- and don't break my face here, but why are you playing the cozy home thing with her?

Hal: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. You ever hear that expression, Jack?

Jack: You think of Barbara as an enemy?

Hal: No. But Steinbeck is. And if she's staying at the Fairwinds, he can waltz in and out of there any time he wants. And I don't know about it, do I?

Jack: But you can read her better close-up?

Hal: Right. Her guard is down, Jack, because I give her a lot of leeway, a lot of support.

Jack: I don't know, Hal. I don't know. That's a dangerous game.

Hal: It's not a game, Jack. It's not all a game. I mean, she's good with Will. I mean, he needs her. He's a different kid when she's around. So, when I tell her how much it means to me to have her here, I mean, it's totally real. But in my gut -- I know she's holding back. So, I keep my eye on her, and at the same time, I create an atmosphere where she can let her guard down. And maybe -- maybe she'll say something.

Jack: You're splitting yourself right down the middle here, man. That's got to be tough.

Hal: I'm under cover in my own house, Jack. It doesn't get any tougher than that.

Billy: Why don't you tell her how you feel?

Barbara: Because I'm her mother. She won't listen to me. She'll only take so many lectures from her mother. But you, on the other hand --

Billy: I don't know, Ms. Ryan.

Barbara: She'll listen to you.

Billy: No, she won't. If she's trying to find out about herself or whatever, it doesn't matter who asks her to stay in Oakdale. She's not gonna take 'em up on it.

Barbara: Billy, as sophisticated as Jennifer may seem to you, she's barely out of high school. Only six months ago, she was seeking my advice about boys. She's young and confused and she doesn't know what she needs. And you and I have to make sure she doesn't go down a reckless path so far that she can't get back. Now, won't you just listen to what I have in mind?

Billy: I don't think it's gonna do any good.

Barbara: I want to plan a small family celebration, a little welcome home party for Jennifer. And I was hoping maybe you could drop by and talk to her.

Billy: Just talk?

Barbara: Just talk. Tell her how you feel, how you want her to stick around. Because if she listens to you, she won't be able to leave. Now, you can do that for me, can't you? Please?

Katie: I'm back.

Craig: We're leaving.

Katie: I still can't believe that you could just let Lucy go like that.

Craig: The only consolation of taking her to Lucinda's is I'm hardly gonna be home for the next week anyway.

Katie: Where will you be?

Craig: At "The Intruder," trying to whip it back into shape.

Katie: Well, that works for me. Whenever Lucy needs a little break, I will take over. We'll have a great time.

Craig: I'm sure Lucy will love getting your phone calls.

Katie: Oh, I'm going to do more than call.

Craig: Oh, don't -- don't go out of your way.

Katie: I bought you a present.

Craig: With what?

Lucy: Oh, thanks, aunt Katie. Look, daddy, gloves.

Katie: Not just any gloves. Driving gloves. So you can hop into one of Lucinda's many cars, drive off and escape.

Lucy: But I don't know how to drive.

Katie: Oh. Well, don't worry. I'll teach you. It'll be fun.

Lucy: You're the best.

Craig: Oh, you.

Barbara: You were thinking about Jennifer's family. You just happened to drop in. And you and I never had this conversation.

Billy: Sounds easy enough. But what if she doesn't want me there?

Barbara: Billy, I love my daughter, but she wouldn't know what she wanted if it was staring her in the face.

Billy: Well, it seemed like she knew what she wanted when she went to Europe and did the whole modeling thing.

Barbara: Exactly my point. Which is why those who love her have to make sure that we can bring her back to reality. So, what do you say? One night. One or two hours.

Billy: Okay.

Barbara: Okay. You're doing the right thing. I'll call you, let you know what night, what time. Just show up and everyone will get everything that they want.

Jennifer: Hey.

Jack: Simon, I've got some more info for you.

Jennifer: Mom home yet?

Hal: Hey, how'd it go with Abigail?

Jennifer: I couldn't find her. I guess I'll just get her a buzz later.

Jack: Yeah, Emily Stewart, too.

Jennifer: Is Emily in trouble?

Hal: Oh, she hasn't committed a crime, if that's what you mean.

Jennifer: Well, where'd she go?

Hal: Well, no place she chose to go, hon, I can tell you that much.

Jennifer: I don't get it.

Hal: Well, I don't want to go into all the details now, Jen, and I don't want you to worry. I'll just tell you that we're on her trail, okay?

Jennifer: See? This is exactly what I was talking about earlier. You try to protect me too much, dad.

Hal: Do you mind?

Jennifer: No, not tonight.

Hal: Hey, listen, I brought your bag upstairs, and I'm sure that Will's rifling through it, looking for the present you brought him.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, I was smart. I put it right on top so he wouldn't have to dig through my stuff.

Hal: Ever think about a career in psychology?

[Jennifer laughs]

Jennifer: All right, dad. I love you. I'll be upstairs.

Jack: So, Simon's up to speed with everything we've got?

Hal: Has he got anything we don't?

Jack: Not yet, but he expects to. We'll hear from him soon. All right, I'd better go. Listen, Hal, I'm sorry I didn't get the picture before. You know, why Barbara's staying on.

Hal: Well, if my motives were so obvious, I wouldn't be very good at my job, would I?

Jack: I'm just glad we're on the same page.

Hal: Me, too.

Jack: Hey -- something else bugging you?

Hal: Yes. Should I name the elephant in the room, or you want to?

Jack: Go ahead.

Hal: Do you think that Emily, Rose and Carly are still alive?

Jack: I can't afford to think anything else.

Rose: How many fingers?

Emily: Three.

Rose: Great. Now we're cooking' with gas. How's it feel to be back in reality?

Emily: Rose. Wow. You look so much brighter.

Rose: Yes.

Emily: I feel really good.

Rose: Good! Yes! That's what we need to do. No more hits from the vents. Okay?

Emily: Okay. Cross my heart.

Rose: Good. Now we've got to get to Carly, get her head back on track and get out of this spa from hell.

Emily: Whoa, whoa, what about the towel You think she -- you think she turned us in?

Rose: She'd be back by now already. No, she may be friend, not foe.

Emily: Friend, not foe.

Rose: Don't worry about it, okay? Just, look, very soon you're gonna be home, with your arms around Hal and your little boy, Daniel.

Emily: It's been a very long time, hasn't it?

Rose: Yeah. We're gonna make up for lost time. My Paulie, I'm gonna put my arms around him and I'm gonna hug him. And Carly's gonna do the same with her little boy and that Jack Snyder, too. And who knows? Maybe the woo-woo juice got to her so much, she'll forget about Craig Montgomery. Hey. Now's our chance with Carly. Come on.

Carly: Hi. My whole life's about to change.

Emily: Oh, how 'bout that? You see, Rose here is talking about making some changes, too. Weren't you, Rose?

Rose: Yes. Yes. Yes. Hello. That's right. Yes. We're gonna fly home together, all three of us. In a couple hours, you will be holding' Jack's face in your freshly manicured hands.

Carly: Jack? Jack who?

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