ATWT Transcript Friday 1/18/02

As The World Turns Transcript Friday 1/18/02

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Adam: Look, I promised to take care of Abigail --

Molly: Right, and I expect you to keep that promise.

Hal: Whoa -- hang on a second, would you, pal?

Adam: What now?

Margo: Your father and I have been discussing your statement.

Hal: And there's something that we want you to do for us.

Adam: Okay, what is that?

Margo: We need a minute with Adam. And then I'll escort you back to your cell, okay?

Molly: C'mon, Adam. Don't let them scare you.

Adam: Well, you guys look nervous. So what do you want from me now?

Margo: What we want you to do is really very simple.

Hal: And it's painless.

Adam: Okay. What is it?

Hal: We want you to take a lie detector test.

Katie: You made it look like we met on a fluke. But the truth is, you had planned the whole thing.

Dahlia: I don't know where you got this idea.

Katie: From the facts. You requested tape of me from Woak months before we met at the Lakeview. And I'm all for coincidence, but that is really weird.

Dahlia: Wait a minute, are you sure about those dates? Because I --

Katie: You see that contract? I'm not signing it until I figure out what is going on here.

Dahlia: Going on? Katie, I --

Katie: Spill it, Dahlia. Or the jumping jacks end right now!

Dahlia: All right. If you give me a moment, I'll explain everything.

Billy: I wish you would say something.

Lucy: Like what? It was okay that you had a thing with Jennifer Munson and that's why Bryant crashed his car?

Billy: Of course it's not okay. None of this is okay. The fact that he saw us, the fact that he --

Lucy: No -- I don't want to hear this. Billy, don't tell me any more.

Billy: I'm not saying he did anything intentional. We both know he would never do that. But even so, Jennifer and I have to take some kind of responsibility.

Lucy: What does that mean, take responsibility? I mean, it's not like you can apologize and Bryant will come back.

Billy: I guess it means that inside, some part of me will always hurt.

Lucy: And does Jennifer feel the same way?

Billy: Hey, you should have seen her, I mean, after all this happened she was such a mess.

Lucy: Well, looks like she got over that pretty quickly.

Billy: What are you talking about?

Lucy: She went to Europe to be a model. I wouldn't exactly call that taking responsibility.

Billy: People deal with stuff differently. So don't blame Jennifer for the choices that she made.

Lucy: Hey, I can if I want. Why are you defending her?

Billy: 'Cause she's a good person. And she's suffered a lot over what happened.

Lucy: There are people who are still suffering. Right now.

Billy: I know and I'm sorry. But this is not a competition.

Lucy: Where is it now?

Billy: What?

Lucy: Your thing with Jennifer.

Billy: I don't know. She's in Europe. And I stayed here.

Lucy: Why?

Billy: Because I'm waiting on her to come back.

Jennifer: Mom, I can't believe you're here.

Barbara: Oh, Jen, you have no idea how many times your father and I almost got on a plane to go find you.

Jennifer: Wait, is daddy all right?

Barbara: He's fine. He's fine. I came home, Jen, I'm here for the family.

Jennifer: You mean, permanently?

Barbara: I was stuck in that dark house for so long. And I woke up one day and I realized that I needed to live my life with the people that I love.

Jennifer: Well, I'm glad for you. I know that you've suffered a lot. And if it's finally over, that's wonderful, really.

Barbara: It is. And I've never been so at peace. I just want to take care of all of you. Including you, Jen.

Jennifer: Me?

Barbara: I'm so glad you're home. Now, the family is together. We're all here together and nothing is gonna break us apart.

Hilda: Yes, Ms. Tenney? What can I do for you?

Carly: Tea, please. You know the kind.

Hilda: I'll bring it right away.

Emily: Carly? What about Rose?

Carly: What about her?

Emily: Oh, she said something might be in those drinks.

Carly: She was right. It's called nirvana. Can't believe I didn't come here sooner.

Emily: We need to find Rose. 'Cause we haven't seen her since those attendants dragged her off.

Carly: They didn't drag her. They guided her.

Emily: Oh, right.

Carly: Besides, wherever Rose is right now, she's probably having the time of her life.

Rose: I can't wake up. Why is this so hard? I laid off the goofy juice, didn't I? Hmm. Come on, come on. Well, maybe I'll just rest for a while. Oh. Oh. Oh, please, whoever you are -- please help me. Please.

Rose: Help me, please. Please, help me. Oh.

Libby: Relax. You'll feel much happier if you let yourself enjoy this.

Rose: I don't understand, 'cause I laid off the drink. I'm so wasted, why?

Libby: It's not important. Rest.

Rose: But how. Oh, come on. How are they doing this? How're they doing this to me?

Jennifer: You know, we need to get something straight, mom --

Barbara: I can't believe how beautiful you are. Your hair, your make-up. Your clothes, you're just elegant. It's hard to believe that just a couple months ago you were running around in nothing but mid-riff tops and capris.

Jennifer: You know, I haven't just changed on the outside, mom. I've changed on the inside, too.

Barbara: I can see that. You're a woman, Jen. Beautiful, confident, everything I'd hoped you would be. What's the matter?

Jennifer: Nothing. I just can't believe this is happening. You know, it's kind of a big adjustment for me.

Barbara: I understand that. I'm sure that coming home is quite a shock after being abroad for so long.

Jennifer: I'm not talking about culture shock, mom. What I can't get used to is the new Barbara Ryan. The one who hugs her children and gets all teary-eyed about how grown up we are.

Barbara: Well, I guess I deserved that. But I don't think that you understand that things have changed. That I woke up and I looked out my door and I saw just what I wanted.

Jennifer: That's nice. Really, it is. I did almost the same thing.

Barbara: Really? How is that?

Jennifer: Like you, I also felt like something was missing from my life, especially after Bryant died. Except, you looked out the window and you saw Oakdale, I looked out and saw the whole world waiting for me to explore it, mom.

Barbara: And I'm sure it was thrilling for you. But being home has its rewards, too, Jen.

Jennifer: You know, I'm sorry, mom, but I really don't see it that way. Oakdale is great for a visit, but I'm not staying long.

Lucy: So, you're sticking around just for Jennifer? Do you know if she's coming back?

Billy: No. I haven't heard from her since she left.

Lucy: Then why are you doing it?

Billy: Well, she's got to come back some time. And I want to be here when she does.

Lucy: None of this makes sense. You and Jennifer supposedly think you're in love, you do whatever behind Bryant's back, and now you're taking responsibility for his death. Am I getting all this right? Oh, no wait. But then, when it's all over and there's no more Bryant, Jennifer dumps you and runs off to Europe. You're sticking around here waiting for her to get back and she doesn't even send you a postcard. Is that love?

Billy: If you put it like that.

Lucy: This is nothing to smile about, Billy. And I don't want to think that Bryant died for nothing.

Billy: Hey, you weren't here! And you don't know how it was. And losing Bryant was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Even through all the pain and all the sadness, I still believe that being with Jennifer was the right thing.

Lucy: The right thing? How can you say that?

Billy: Because I'm in love with her, Lucy. And it's not going away.

Dahlia: I have a long-standing association with a production company in Chicago. They've wanted me to do business with them for years. I pitched them the concept of the workout tape and they flipped.

Katie: Then why did you want me?

Dahlia: Well, you're personable, energetic, you have got a great figure and people know you.

Katie: Yeah, as a broadcaster, not as some exercise instructor.

Dahlia: You see, for me, that was part of the hook. "You loved her on Woak? Here's a whole other facet of Katie's personality."

Katie: Yeah, well that's all good and fine. But why didn't you just tell me that, instead of pretending that we just happened to meet. And you just happened to come up with this idea on the spot?

Dahlia: That was wrong. I'm sorry. But I was so excited at the prospect of getting you involved. I mean, I didn't want to go through channels. I wanted it to happen right in front of our eyes.

Katie: Or behind my back.

Dahlia: I don't want to hurt you, Katie. On the contrary, I want us both to get rich.

Katie: Well, there's nothing wrong with that.

Dahlia: Exactly. Now, I may have made an error in judgment in the beginning. But in the end, we will both profit from it.

Katie: And everything else is on the level?

Dahlia: Of course. The contract protects us both. But you have to sign it, or it all ends right here.

Adam: Are you serious? You guys are really gonna hook me up to a machine to make sure that I'm not lying?

Hal: A man is dead, Adam.

Adam: And you think I had something to do with that?

Margo: No! No one is saying that.

Adam: Well, you're acting like it. I mean, you drag me all the way down here, accusing me of holding out on you, and now, you have to try and prove it!

Hal: It's standard operating procedure, Adam. We would expect any witness to do the same.

Adam: Dad, I've already told you -- I am not a witness. I was never even in Nick's room!

Hal: You had contact with Molly and Abigail that night, Adam. You are involved. There is no getting around it.

Adam: Molly has already confessed. So what good is any more questions gonna do you?

Margo: You know, honey, it's just -- there are things about this case that still don't make any sense.

Adam: And you expect me to clear them up for you?

Hal: We expect you to cooperate with the investigation.

Adam: I have. But that doesn't seem to satisfy you, does it?

Margo: You know what? The polygraph doesn't have to be a big deal. We ask you a couple of questions, you answer, you leave.

Hal: You want us to be there, we will. If not, we can disappear.

Adam: Well, that's great. I'm not taking it, though.

Hal: We're trying to keep this from getting tense, Adam. But this test is gonna happen, one way or another.

Margo: Adam, if you don't take this test, then Jessica is gonna think that you're holding back. She's gonna further investigate your story. Then there's not a damn thing that your father and I can do to stop that.

Adam: I already told you everything I know.

Hal: Well, then tell us again, Adam. Give us some information. Give us some ammunition --

Adam: Dad --

Hal -- to keep people off your back.

Adam: All I am trying to do is help Abigail, okay? Isn't that what you taught me to do, dad? To protect and stand up for the people you care about?

Hal: Of course it is, Adam.

Adam: So why is this happening, then, huh? Everyone pulling me in each direction, trying to make me do what they think is right.

Katie: You know I want to do this, or I wouldn't be here. It's just that we have to be honest with each other from now on.

Dahlia: I agree. You have my word.

Katie: All right. Well, let's start getting rich.

Billy: Jennifer and I had something that doesn't come along every day. The second I met her I -- I couldn't stop thinking about her. And believe me, I tried, but -- it was so powerful between both of us. It was like -- she'd taken this place in my heart --

Lucy: Stop it. Stop acting like you and Jennifer did something wonderful and grand. You didn't. You lied. You cheated. You hurt people. And you don't even care.

Billy: Wait, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. You don't know anything about this.

Lucy: Why? Because no one's ever taken a place in my heart?

Billy: Exactly.

Lucy: So what? I can still have an opinion.

Billy: Not about love. Until you've been there and realize how special it is, you have no right looking down on anyone else.

Barbara: Europe will be there in a few months. But our family is in a very delicate place right now. We're just starting to come together again. And I want you to be a part of this.

Jennifer: Our family? When I left a few months ago, I didn't have a family. You were in seclusion at Fairwinds, and dad was spending day and night with Emily Stewart.

Barbara: I understand everything that has happened, Jennifer. But there are some things that have changed around here.

Jennifer: Yeah, what?

Barbara: Emily left your father a note and disappeared and hasn't been heard from since.

Jennifer: Why would she do that?

Barbara: She tried to kidnap Daniel from Tom and Margo's, and rather than face prosecution, she skipped town.

Jennifer: How is daddy? Is he okay?

Barbara: He's obviously hurt and disappointed, which is why I'm here. I'm standing by him, as he has stood by me time and again.

Jennifer: Are you two --

Barbara: No, we're not. But I am here for the family, and I want you to be, too.

Jennifer: You're asking me to give up my life?

Barbara: Not give it up, merely postpone it.

Jennifer: That is so incredibly selfish of you.

Barbara: I'm not asking you to do something for me. This is for your father. Do this for him, Jennifer. Stay -- for dad.

[Emily dreaming]

Emily: Oh, Hal, it's beautiful.

Oh, I'm so happy to be back where I belong.

James: I hope you're happy here, Emily.

Because you're never getting out of here.

[Emily screams]

Carly: Something wrong?

Emily: Oh, I had -- I had this dream. It was so peaceful and -- I was somewhere and -- and then -- oh, I don't remember what happened next.

Carly: Have some tea. You'll feel better.

Emily: No, no. I don't want it. What if Rose was right?

Carly: Rose? Is she -- oh, right. What did she say again?

Emily: She said that -- she said that the three of us are here because of James Steinbeck.

Rose: Mmm. Hmm. Oh. Oh, Pauly -- oh, your pop really did a number on me. Oh, I've got no pep -- no energy.

That mist -- oh, you can't get away from it. The mist, of course. It's the mist. It's not something in the drinks, ladies. The mist. All right. There. Come on. Oh, good. That should give me some time to clear my head. When I do, oh, this cuckoo's nest is not gonna know what hit it.

Emily: I'm not saying I don't like it here, Carly. I do, but -- what if Rose was right about how the three of us got here?

Carly: Shh. You're ruining my serenity.

Emily: All right, look, we need to find Rose. Because if this place isn't what we think it is, then we are in big fat trouble.

Hilda: Everything all right?

Carly: Fine.

Emily: No.

Hilda: What seems to be the problem?

Emily: I need to see Rose, Rose D'Angelo, right now.

Hilda: Of course, Ms. Stewart. Anything you wish. You wanted to see Ms. D'Angelo? There she is.

Emily: Yeah, but I wanted to see her awake.

Hilda: You can wait here until she wakes up, then the two of you can have a nice chat. We need more aromatherapy in this cubicle. Go turn up the dial. Rest peacefully, Ms. Stewart. I'll be back to check on you shortly.

Rose: Psst. Hey, get down on the floor now.

Emily: Hey, what are you doing?

Rose: Because that mist tends to rise, you get less of it down here.

Emily: But I like that -- I like the mist. It's so misty.

Rose: No, no, no, no. Down, down. I know, I know, I know. Look, remember I thought that they were drugging the tea? No, it's not the tea. It's the mist -- the stuff they're pumping' into this room. One sniff of it, it turns you to zombie land.

Emily: Are you sure, Rose? How do you know?

Rose: Because I plugged the vents, and I'm starting to feel a little bit better now.

Emily: This is just like my dream. This is exactly like my dream. Everything was peaceful and serene and -- Steinbeck, I remember.

Rose: What, what, what?

Emily: Steinbeck, in my dream. Steinbeck, it was his arms around me, not Hal.

Rose: Oh, honey, it's a lot worse than that. I'm so sorry. Because James has kidnapped us -- all three of us.

Emily: No, no, Rose, not me. Because I got a call about Daniel. And I walked outside, and I went to the train station --

Rose: It doesn't matter what the setup is. Steinbeck wanted it this way. I don't know why, but he wanted all of us out of Oakdale. All three of us.

Emily: Maybe because -- maybe because -- oh, I can't concentrate. Rose, I can't think.

Rose: Maybe this'll put it into gear for you. Look at me, look at me. Do you have a life back in Oakdale? Think.

Emily: Yeah.

Rose: Do you want to go back to that life?

Emily: Yeah.

Rose: Oh, good. Look, here's the situation. If it's up to Steinbeck, I don't think that's gonna happen.

Jennifer: I'm going to bring my things upstairs now.

Barbara: I know you better than you know yourself.

Jennifer: Really? Do tell.

Barbara: Bryant was your first love, and you lost him tragically. And that's why you don't want to be here in Oakdale. It reminds you of him.

[Jennifer laughs] what?

Jennifer: You don't even realize how little you know about my life.

Barbara: I know that you cared very much for Bryant. And that's why it's uncomfortable for you to be back here. You were very close. You cared deeply about each other --

Jennifer: And I was sleeping with his cousin.

Barbara: What?

Jennifer: You heard me. I fell in love with Bryant's cousin, Billy Ross.

Barbara: Billy? He spoke at Bryant's memorial.

Jennifer: That's the one. Bryant found out about us the night that he died.

Barbara: I had no idea.

Jennifer: Of course you didn't. You were too busy planning your next big moment -- slashing dresses at the B.R.O. Fashion show.

Barbara: I saw Billy recently. That's all the more reason for you to stay in town.

Jennifer: Either way, it's for me to decide, not you.

Barbara: But there are things here that can make you happy, Jen -- Billy, your family.

Jennifer: No, cut it out, mom. This isn't about family!

Barbara: It most certainly is.

Jennifer: No, this is about you. You're guilty for everything you've done, and now you want to make up for it. And if you want to, fine! That's wonderful, but don't expect me to sit around and watch.

Barbara: You will not ruin this for me. You have no concept of what is at stake.

Will: Jennifer!

Jennifer: Will! Hey, come here, how are you?

Will: Great. I'm glad to have you back. What's the matter? Are you leaving again?

Lucy: Bryant was your best friend. He was family.

Billy: I don't know what to tell you, Lucy. All I can say is one day love is gonna sneak up on you, too. And when it does, I hope you'll judge yourself more fairly than you're judging Jennifer and me.

Lucy: Very swift. You can't convince me, so you're telling me I don't get it.

Billy: Something like that. Yeah.

Lucy: Well, then I guess there's nothing left to say. Thanks for the information.

Billy: Wait. Can I give you a ride?

Lucy: No, thanks. I'll walk.

Billy: Lucy. I don't want to lose you, too.

Dahlia: Wonderful. Let's get working on that video. Have you come up with a concept?

Katie: Oh, yeah, a great one.

Dahlia: I knew you could do it. Do tell.

Katie: Okay, so I've been checking out all the videos on the market. And they are all missing one very important thing.

Dahlia: What's that?

Katie: Men.

Dahlia: That's true. Go on.

Katie: All right, remember when Billy was in here the other day working out without his shirt on?

Dahlia: Yeah, the kid was lucky to get of here in one piece.

Katie: Exactly! So I'm thinking -- instead of doing a video with a bunch of girls in great shape, why not do one with the hottest guys we can find?

Dahlia: I like it. Very bold.

Katie: I think so too. So here's how it works. Okay, we start out the class, and all the guys are in full sweat outfits. As the class goes on, a sweatshirt comes off. The pants come off, the shirt comes off, and -- and that should be enough. Needless to say, by the end of the tape, we end up with just a bunch of gorgeous half-naked men and me. You hate it?

Dahlia: No. It's brilliant. Katie, you're a genius.

Katie: The best part is the title. "Katie Frasier's all new butt busting workout."

Dahlia: Fantastic. I knew that you were the right choice for this. Any chance your husband will be one of those hunks?

Katie: Simon? No, no way.

Dahlia: Why? He's so attractive. And he's obviously in good shape.

Katie: No, Simon cannot find out about this, all right? You get that? Ever.

Margo: Adam, what's the matter with you? Why do you say everyone's pulling at you?

Adam: It's nothing. Just leave me alone, okay?

Hal: Is somebody else pressuring you about this, Adam?

Adam: No, it's just you guys. Isn't that enough?

Margo: Honey, listen, the polygraph test is designed to protect you. And once it's over, we move on with our case, and you don't have to be part of it.

Adam: Okay, if I pass the test, will you two promise to just leave me and Abigail alone?

Hal: We can't make a guarantee like that.

Margo: But chances are we won't have to question you again.

Adam: Well, okay, I'll take it -- on one condition.

Hal: I am not about to let you dictate terms about this polygraph. This is a criminal investigation, Adam.

Margo: Hal, Hal, why don't we just let Adam finish what he's gonna say?

Hal: Fine. Talk.

Adam: I want my own lawyer sitting by my side the entire time during the test. If he says I can answer a question, I will. If he says no, I'll refuse.

Hal: Fine, fine, Adam. I don't have any problem with you having representation. In fact, I think it's a good idea. But listen to me, there are certain questions that have to be answered, Adam.

Adam: If my attorney says it's okay.

Margo: It's just that this case is tough enough. And a restriction like that would only make it harder.

Adam: It's been tough on me, too, mom. I've had to go through this with Molly and Abigail. And I find out that both of my parents don't even trust me.

Hal: No one ever said that, Adam.

Adam: Would you care to take a polygraph on that, sir?

Margo: Come on, please, can we not make this a war between us?

Adam: I told you that I would take this test under certain conditions. When you're ready to meet them, come let me know.

Margo: Okay, so he agreed to take the test. That tells us something.

Hal: Not much.

Margo: What do you mean?

Hal: He gave in because he knew there was no other way. Even then, he's trying to tie our hands.

Margo: Well, I don't blame him. He's frightened, Hal. I want this test set up right away. I want to find out that we were wrong and that Adam's been telling us the truth from the beginning.

Hal: Me, too. Me, too.

Dahlia: You and Simon don't do things like the rest of us, do you?

Katie: No, we don't. In fact, that bet we have going right now is about me being successful.

Dahlia: And he bet against you? That's ridiculous.

Katie: Oh, no, actually it's not. I have this reputation for screwing things up.

Dahlia: Well, you tell your husband for me that those days are over. That Katie Frasier is going to be a huge success, and he just lost himself a bet.

Billy: When Bryant died, our family got smaller. Which makes it more important than ever, for you and me to stay close.

Lucy: You're my cousin, and I love you just like Bryant did. But now, I don't feel like I know you at all.

Billy: I realize this is a lot for you to take in. But if you give it some time --

Lucy: That's what I'm going to do. Give myself time, but without seeing you.

Billy: That's going to be hard on both of us.

Lucy: I know, but -- losing Bryant was hard enough. I just need to be alone. That's all.

Billy: Lucy, it's a long walk back to the Lakeview. Lucy!

Rose: How ya feeling'? Things clearing' up a little bit for ya yet? It should take a few minutes. Emily?

Emily: Have you ever noticed how white the color white is? I mean, it's so white, Rose.

Rose: Uh, guess not.

Emily: You know what? We need to call the attendants.

Rose: About what?

Emily: Aromatherapy. What you said.

Rose: No, no, no, no. Because that's not gonna work now -- this way. Because they're playing' for the other team.

Emily: Really? No, you got to give them a chance, they're really nice. In fact, I am gonna go call one --

Rose: No, no! No, no, no, no, you can't.

Emily: Why?

Rose: Because we don't have much time. They're gonna figure out what I did to the vents. And then this fun, hello, honey, it's gonna stop.

Emily: Okay, come here. Are you sure you're not confusing James Steinbeck with Thomas Hughes?

Rose: No. Why did you ask me that?

Emily: Because Tommy is trying to make me look like a bad mom. And I think he's the one who kidnapped all of us.

Rose: No, no, no, no. He's reacting to a situation, one that he did not create. Look, he is not a kidnapper, that Tom Hughes.

Emily: And Margo, she's behind it. She doesn't like me.

Rose: Oh, you know what we're going off the wrong track here. Stay with me. I need your help or I cannot --

Emily: What?

Rose: I can't do this alone. I got to break out of here. All of us. Tonight.

Katie: Thank you, Dahlia. It feels so good to have someone finally believe in me again.

Dahlia: This concept of yours is golden. Listen, with your personality and my marketing skills, we absolutely can't miss.

Katie: I knew it. I knew it. But -- I'm not going to spend all my money at once. I'm gonna put some away for the future.

Dahlia: Of course, but there'll be plenty left over for you and Simon to enjoy.

Katie: You have no idea how I've dreamed about this. Okay, well, I better get going. I've got to get my niece back to her dad's suite. Oh, just to make sure, one more time -- you did say millions, right?

Dahlia: At least.

Katie: Yes. I'm gonna be rich. I'm gonna be rich.

Dahlia: Yes, you will be, Katie. I'm counting on it.

Katie: Hey Billy? Where'd you two go?

Billy: Katie, promise you won't get mad?

Katie: No.

Billy: Lucy and I had a little argument. And she insisted on walking home.

Katie: Did you follow her?

Billy: Yeah, for a little bit.

Katie: And then?

Billy: She got into a limo.

Katie: A limo?

Billy: Yeah, I mean, I yelled at her, but she didn't hear me. I tried to catch up with the car, but it was too far ahead.

Katie: Did you get a license plate?

Billy: All I can tell you -- it was big and black.

Katie: Where are you now?

Billy: I'm at Java underground. I thought maybe she'd show up here.

Katie: Thanks a lot, Billy. I was supposed to be taking care of her.

Billy: Katie, I'm sorry. I --

[dial tone] gosh, dang it.

Katie: Just when everything was going great. Craig is gonna kill me.

Molly: Is everything okay with Adam?

Margo: I'm here to take you to your cell.

Molly: From one mother to another?

Margo: Okay would be pushing it.

Molly: All of this is really hard on us -- all of us. But it seems to be even harder on Adam and Abigail.

Margo: Well, they're young. They don't know who to trust. Can't say I blame them for that.

Molly: I'm sorry, Margo. I didn't mean to upset you.

Margo: It's not you, it's this job. It's just sometimes it makes you do things that -- under other circumstances wouldn't be right.

Molly: It happens to everybody. As a matter of fact, that's exactly how I wound up here.

Margo: Right.

Molly: You have an incredible son, Margo. In fact, I will be forever grateful to him for the way he stood by Abigail.

Margo: Thank you. I really needed to hear that.

Molly: I don't know what's going on with you guys. But have faith in him, okay? He deserves it.

Margo: He pay you to say that?

Molly: No. He's way too cool for that.

Margo: Right. You ready?

Molly: Yeah.

Margo: Okay.

Adam: Hey, Billy. Billy, Billy, I need to ask you something.

Billy: Okay, me, first. Have you seen Lucy?

Adam: No why? She's not missing, is she?

Billy: No, no, no, no. Look, I'll take care of it. Well, what's going on with you?

Adam: I need your help.

Billy: With what?

Adam: Beating a lie detector test.

Barbara: Answer your brother's question, Jennifer. How long do you plan on staying at home?

Will: Jen, what is she talking about?

Jennifer: You know, I'll tell you all about it later. Hey, how're you doing with that computer?

Will: Great. We can go search some websites if you want.

Jennifer: I'd love to. Come on.

Hal: Do I know you?

Will: It's Jennifer, dad. She came home.

Hal: So I see. More beautiful than ever.

Jennifer: Daddy, I missed you so much.

Hal: Come here, you!

Carly: That's wonderful, Hilda. I don't think I've ever been so relaxed.

Hilda: Yes, I can see that. In fact, I believe you're almost ready.

Carly: Ready for what?

Hilda: For your life to change forever.

Emily: Rose? What are you going to do?

Rose: I will tell you when your eyes stop spinning'. Did you buzz that towel lady again?

Emily: Oh, yeah. I've always found the service to be so prompt here.

Libby: Do you ladies need more towels?

Emily: Rose, what are you doing?

Rose: No, no, no, listen. We have to work together on this.

Emily: On what? I am talking to Hilda. She'll know what to do.

Rose: No, no, no, get back. That's the goofy juice talking'.

Emily: Will you stop it. You are gonna disturb everybody in the spa.

Rose: Do not even think about leaving this room. Cause we're leaving' here tonight and this little lady's gonna help us.

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