ATWT Transcript Wednesday 1/16/02


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 1/16/02

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Jessica: Thank you.

Ben: You know what I like best about you?

Jessica: I don't disturb you when you're watching the game.

Ben: That's up there. That's up there. No, but number one is that you are a woman.

Jessica: Well, thank you. I guess all that medical training came in handy.

Ben: No. All right, back up. That didn't come out right. What I like best about you is that -- is that you got your own stuff happening, that you don't need me, but you want me. Is that better?

Jessica: Much. Do you want to know my least favorite thing about you?

Ben: No, not particularly.

Jessica: You're busy, and I don't see you enough.

Ben: Well, I'm here now.

Jessica: Maybe that's why I'm feeling so good.

Ben: Come on now. Now -- now that seals it.

Jessica: Seals what?

Ben: We're gonna be kissing in public, then we have to start telling people that we're seeing each other again.

Jessica: "People"?

Ben: Bonnie and Isaac.

Jessica: Oh! I knew that's what you were thinking. Are you dreading that as much as I am?

Ben: More than a tax audit.

Jessica: Oh, me, too. Me, too. But, hopefully, they'll be happy for us.

Ben: Yeah, well, one can hope. When are you gonna do it?

Jessica: I have a couple of minutes before I have to be in court. I'm going to go over to java underground and spend a little time with my daughter.

Ben: All right, good. Well, I'm meeting Isaac here for coffee, so I'll tell him then.

Jessica: All right.

Ben: All right.

Jessica: Here I go.

Ben: Go.

Jessica: I'll meet you back here?

Ben: Yes.

Jessica: Yes.

Ben: It's a date. And I don't care who knows about it!

Jessica: Good luck. Wish me luck.

Ben: Yeah, good luck.

Jessica: Oh, God. I can do this.

Ben: Yes.

Isaac: Good morning.

Jessica: Oh, you don't know how good it is.

Isaac: She sure is in a good mood.

Ben: Yeah.

Isaac: And you're grinning like the fool who just got off a date with Halle Berry.

Ben: Halle who? I'm joking. But there's something I have to tell you --

Isaac: Well, can it wait? 'Cause I've got some serious matters to discuss with you.

Ben: Okay, all right, fine. I'll wait. You go first. What's on your mind?

Isaac: It's possible that I'm falling in love with Bonnie McKechnie. And I'm counting on you to talk me out of it.

Hal: You called about a corpse?

Jack: That's it? No hello?

Hal: Sorry, Jack, I'm a little worn out.

Jack: Any luck finding Emily?

Hal: I went and I talked to Ellen Stewart and a whole bunch of people in the transportation business, and I came up with nothing.

Jack: That's too bad.

Hal: Yes, it is. So what happened?

Jack: Well, dead guy's name is Phil Auster, an actor out of Chicago. I'm waiting on the coroner's report now.

Hal: Where'd you find him?

Jack: Right here, in the water. Drowned.

Hal: You think he fell?

Jack: Well, the medical examiner will think that.

Hal: Why, you know something he doesn't?

Jack: Auster called me last night. He wanted to meet me. He wouldn't say why, but it had something to do with Barbara.

Paul: You want to lie down?

Barbara: It wouldn't help.

Paul: You know, you need to get some rest. I don't want you getting sick over this.

Barbara: I just keep seeing that pale, lifeless face. I don't think I'll ever get over this.

Paul: Yeah, Jack's supposed to be a friend. I wish he hadn't insisted on you identifying that body.

Barbara: You know his reason. He thinks I had something to do with that man's death.

Paul: Well, there are a lot of unanswered questions. I mean, the man attacks you on your property and winds up calling the Police. It is kind of strange.

Barbara: I refuse to speculate on the workings of the criminal mind, Paul.

Paul: Well, you can see why Jack's suspicious, right?

Barbara: No, I can't! It was an accident. The man fell into the millpond.

Paul: I know that's the way it looked, mom, but it's --

Barbara: Make up your mind about this, Paul! Are you on my side in this or aren't you?

Paul: All right, we're both tired. It doesn't make any sense to hash this out right now.

Barbara: I asked you a simple question. Are you on my side or not?

Paul: I'm not defending Jack. With Carly still missing, he's probably seeing crimes that don't exist. But he still looks at things through a cop's perspective, and there's something about this that doesn't make sense to him.

Barbara: I was hoping for a yes or no.

Paul: And I was hoping I could give you one.

Barbara: All right, let me rephrase this question. Do you think I had something to do with that man's death?

Paul: Okay. Okay, you want to play this out now? Okay, we'll do it. Fine. But we're gonna turn the question around. And you're gonna answer me, and you're gonna look me in the eye. Do you know anything about that guy who died at the mill? More than what you've told us?

Barbara: I think you should go, Paul.

Paul: Answer me, mom!

Barbara: Do you have any idea how difficult this is, to have this conversation with my son?

Paul: Well, this isn't easy for me, either. So why not put an end to it?

Barbara: All right! All right! I had nothing to do with that man before he attacked me. I swear to it on the lives of my children.

Paul: I'm sorry we had to do this.

Barbara: It's not going to be over, Paul.

Paul: What -- what do you mean?

Barbara: Because I know Jack. When he gets an idea about something, he doesn't let go.

Paul: Mom, Jack can do whatever he wants. If you're innocent, there's nothing to worry --

Barbara: "If"?

Paul: I didn't mean it like that, mom.

Barbara: He's going to be asking questions. People will talk. They will assume the worst. Hey, good morning. How do you feel? Ooh -- ooh, you feel better. Maybe that cold is going away?

Will: Yeah, almost.

Barbara: Almost, huh? He had sniffles yesterday and a fever. I kept him home from school.

Paul: Yeah, sure. I used that excuse before.

Will: It's true. My temperature was 99.8, right, mom?

Barbara: Right. Paul's just teasing. He likes to do that. So, you hungry? What do you want for breakfast?

Will: I don't know. But I wanted to give you this first.

Barbara: What's this?

Will: I made it on the computer. It's a card for you.

Barbara: Oh, honey. "Welcome home, mom." It's the best card I've ever received. I'll treasure it forever. You know, you -- why don't you go hop back in bed, okay?

Will: Okay.

Barbara: Okay. I'll bring your breakfast up when it's ready.

Paul: See you, Willy.

Will: Bye.

Paul: What a great kid.

Barbara: Yeah. He is. It's funny, isn't it? For months and months, I thought that I would -- I would never have my son back, and now here I am. Back in my home.

Paul: Home? I thought this was only temporary until Hal came back.

Barbara: Well, it is. Unless --

Paul: Unless what?

Barbara: Unless he asks me to stay.

Paul: Mom, he's in love with Emily. He's made that pretty clear.

Barbara: Yes, well, he can pine away for Emily. But, you know, I -- I've got a feeling she may not be coming back, and if that's the case, then maybe Hal and I have a chance again.

Paul: Okay. If that's what you really want, then I hope it happens for you.

Barbara: And that's one reason that I don't like Jack questioning me about that man's death. Because if he talks to Hal and Hal starts to doubt me again, I could lose everything all over.

Paul: All right. It's not gonna happen.

Barbara: I stopped believing in happy endings. I know how quickly things can change.

Paul: I'll talk to Jack.

Barbara: Thank you. Thank you for believing in me.

Jessica: Good morning. Good morning.

Bonnie: Hi, mom.

Jessica: Hi.

Bonnie: What brings you by?

Jessica: Well, I have a little news. But first, I want to say how proud I am of you. I was at City hall yesterday, and everybody was talking about the hospital benefit.

Bonnie: Please, don't remind me.

Jessica: Why? What's wrong? It was a huge success.

Bonnie: On some levels, yes. I mean, we definitely made a lot of money for the hospital. And people loosened up, had a wonderful time. But for me, it was a disaster.

Jessica: Why?

Bonnie: Isaac.

Jessica: Don't tell me, you two were arguing again?

Bonnie: Worse. He kissed me on the dance floor.

Jessica: Maybe I should have the man arrested.

Bonnie: Well, I'm glad you find it amusing, mom, because I didn't. And then the next day, we ended up in the store room, stuck. We wound up getting wet and half-naked, and --

Jessica: Excuse me?

Bonnie: That didn't come out right, did it?

Jessica: Well, make it come out right. What happened?

Bonnie: It was awful, mother. Just awful.

Jessica: Bonnie, if that man forced you -- I will have him arrested.

Bonnie: The sprinkler system went off, mom. And we got drenched. And somehow, he kissed me -- again.

Jessica: That's it?

Bonnie: Isn't that enough?

Jessica: Sweetheart, if this is only about kissing, I don't understand what the problem is.

Bonnie: I'm not sure I understand it, either.

Jessica: Bonnie, from the very beginning, you've been determined to resist the man. And obviously, a part of you does not want to resist the man.

Bonnie: How do you know?

Jessica: Sweetie, it's written all over you. And if I can see it, I'm sure Isaac can, too.

Bonnie: No. No, don't say that, mom. If he knows I'm falling in love with him, I'm a dead woman!

Ben: You're falling in love with her? I thought Bonnie drives you nuts.

Isaac: She does.

Ben: So?

Isaac: So, maybe I can't help myself, all right?

Ben: Oh, man.

Isaac: Yeah. Yeah, everything was going fine until the hospital benefit. And you know| we were feeling pretty good about the way things were going. And then all of a sudden, before I could stop myself, I did the stupidest thing I could've done.

Ben: You kissed her.

Isaac: How do you know?

Ben: Come on, man, I know stupid. In fact, there's something going on in my life now that is --

Isaac: Yeah, whoa, whoa, whoa, that can just wait, bro. That can just wait, because -- then the next day, we got locked in the storeroom at java. And, well, she found my address book.

Ben: Your address book?

Isaac: Yeah.

Ben: Your address book, the little black address book. I thought that thing would be too heavy by now to actually carry around on your person.

Isaac: Oh, you got jokes. That's funny. No, so we go back and forth about it, back and forth. And then finally -- well, you can guess what she did.

Ben: No, I --

Isaac: She destroyed it, Ben! She destroyed ten years of glory. Gone like that.

Ben: Oh, man. My condolences. Seriously, seriously. For you, man, I know that has got to be as bad as it gets.

Isaac: Yeah, you see. You understand. So what should I do?

Ben: What should you do? There's only one thing you can do. You've got to tell the woman how you feel.

Hal: Come on, Jack. What could Barbara possibly have to do with this guy being drowned?

Jack: Hal -- he attacked Barbara at Fairwinds yesterday.

Hal: Is she all right?

Jack: No, she's -- she's fine. A little shaken up, no damage done.

Hal: Where is she now?

Jack: She's at your place with Paul.

Hal: I haven't been home since I got back. Wait a minute. If he attacked her at Fairwinds, how'd he end up here?

Jack: He escaped before I got to Fairwinds. And then he called me, and he asked me to meet him here. He claims that Barbara attacked him.

Hal: Oh, that's good. That's original. What'd he want to do, press charges? Well, don't tell me you believed him.

Jack: There's more. When I brought Barbara down here to I.D. the body --

Hal: You brought Barbara here?! Why?

Jack: I wanted to see if she'd look surprised when she saw him dead.

Hal: Ah, and did she?

Jack: Yes.

Hal: Which proves?

Jack: Nothing. But she had this look on her face like she might've known who killed him.

Hal: Oh. You know, these are very rough times, Jack, for all of us. Carly gone, Rose and Emily, the Scudder murder getting more complicated by the minute. But Jack, let's stay professional. Let's wait for the coroner's report before we start pointing fingers at anybody, all right?

Jack: She knew his name, Hal. She told Paul that her attacker's name was Phil. When I followed up on it, she had this weird explanation for his introduction.

Hal: While he was mugging her?

Jack: No, before. But you should really hear her tell it. I don't think I'll do it justice.

Hal: I suppose it was possible, if this guy's not too bright, Jack.

Jack: No, he was smart enough to know that he needed to protect himself and to know that someone was coming after him.

Hal: He told you this over the phone?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Hal: What else did he say?

Jack: Well, he said he needed to talk to me in person because, and I quote, "he listens in on phone calls."

Hal: Any idea who "he" meant?

Jack: No, nothing conclusive, but I think he could be talking about Steinbeck.

Hal: You think everything points to Steinbeck, Jack.

Jack: Look, I've got to warn you, Hal -- if I find out that this Auster guy's at all connected with Carly's disappearance, I'm coming' after Barbara with everything I got.

Hal: Just slow down, Jack. First, this corpse is connected to Barbara, then to Steinbeck, and now you're throwing Carly into the mix?

Jack: It's from Carly in Paris. I contacted the limo service. They're for real. But they don't have a record of picking up Carly.

Hal: This is addressed to my house. Why do you have it?

Jack: Well, I was there when Will mentioned it, and it's a good thing. Otherwise, I don't think Barbara would've showed it to me.

Hal: Why do you think that?

Jack: Well, because when Will mentioned it, Barbara got all edgy and defensive. And then when she finally handed it over, it was obvious that she'd been hiding it.

Hal: Give me a reason.

Jack: Okay, I've got two. Either she hates Carly so much that she didn't want to share the card out of spite, or she knows what happened to Carly. And she figured that the postcard would tip us off.

Hal: Ah, so Barbara flew to Paris, stole a limo and whisked Carly away.

Jack: Come on, Hal. I don't know the circumstances! All I know for sure is that Barbara lied to me three times last night -- about the postcard, her reason for sitting on it and about this Auster guy.

Hal: That still doesn't prove that Barbara had anything to do with Carly's disappearance.

Jack: Maybe not! But if breaking this case means leaning on Barbara, I don't want you tying my hands.

Hal: Hey, you're the only one putting her in the middle of this, Jack. Nobody else.

Jack: You know what? You know, I know how you feel about her, and this can't be easy for you.

Hal: No, you don't know anything, because I don't know myself!

Jack: No, I know you protected her in the past! Will you at least admit to that?

Hal: Do not accuse me of letting personal feelings interfere with a professional investigation.

Jack: What, you don't like it?! Neither did I!

Hal: Touché. I guess we both got a good one in there, huh? Now can we get back to work?

Jack: Yeah.

Hal: All right. Let's run a background check on Auster, see what connections that leads to. And also look into that limo company in Paris. See if you can make any more headway there.

Jack: I'll get on it right away.

Hal: Okay. Oh, and Jack?

Jack: Hmm?

Hal: If it turns out that Barbara had anything -- and I mean anything -- to do with Carly, Rose and Emily being gone, I will come down on her with everything I've got.

Jack: Hey, you guys just about done here? I want to get a few things over to the lab as fast as --

Paul: Excuse me, Jack? Can I have a word?

Jack: Yeah, how's it going'?

Paul: Not that well. But I'm not here to discuss me.

Jack: Paul, if this is about your mother --

Paul: It is. Stop leaning on her. She's been through enough.

Jessica: Bonnie, please. It can't be that bad. Besides, being in love can be a beautiful experience.

Bonnie: You're not gonna break out into song, are you? Because I would not be able to handle it.

Jessica: Sweetie, I'm just trying to help you. You know, I have been there a couple of times.

Bonnie: That's not very much.

Jessica: All right, well, I prefer quality over quantity. And, you know, on that very subject, you'll never guess --

Bonnie: Oh, please, mom, please! I cannot listen to someone else's perfect romantic life when mine is just in such a mess.

Jessica: Okay. So you think you might be falling in love with Isaac. Now, what is so awful about that?

Bonnie: Are you kidding? How much time do you have? The man is completely devoid of sophistication. His clothes are an embarrassment. He keeps making jokes, only of which one-third are actually funny. And worst of all, he has the morals of a barnyard rooster.

Jessica: And you still have strong feelings for him.

Bonnie: Disgust is strong. Hostility is strong.

Jessica: Well, if that's how you feel, why don't you just tell the man straight out you don't want to be bothered and move on?

Bonnie: I tried to do that after the first kiss. But then, the second one came, and -- it shocked me how gentle he was. He was so gentle, but not too gentle. It was as if he were saying, "I'm here, I'm ready. But this is something we have to do together." So I did. I mean, we did. Together. And it was like all of a sudden, we were in this place where nothing -- nothing existed but the two of us. Damn that man! Dammit! I wish I never laid eyes on him.

Isaac: You want me to tell Bonnie that I love her? You're supposed to be talking me out of this.

Ben: No, I can't do that.

Isaac: Why not?

Ben: Come on, man. You know me. You always accused me of falling in love too fast. And you're right, okay? I'm working on that. But you, on the other hand, every time it starts to get real, you split. Love is not something that you run away from like it's a warrant for your arrest. No, you open your arms, and you welcome it. You embrace it. You share it. For example, the hospital benefit --

Isaac: You're right.

Ben: -- I'm there --

Isaac: You're right. I mean, what -- what am I afraid of? I mean, Bonnie's nothing but a mere woman.

Ben: Well, that's not exactly what I said.

Isaac: I mean, if I put my heart on the table and she rejects it, is that my loss or hers? Am I right? Of course I am, because my heart can't be broken if I don't have anything to lose. So I do. So I love her. What's the big deal in that?

Ben: Okay, well, you're making some good points there, but you got to --

Isaac: I got to get to java right now. I got to get to java right now. This has been good between us. And I promise, if it works out, I'll never dig on your love life again. Assuming you have one. Later!

Ben: So, the bottom line is this. Jessica and I are dating each other again. Oh, well, thanks, thanks. No, no, really. I knew you'd be pleased. Yeah, right. Yeah.

Tom: Let's see if we can find her in here. Ah, ah, ah.

Margo: Ah, ah, ah. Is that my favorite trooper? Hi!

Daniel: Hi.

Margo: How are you?

Daniel: Good.

Tom: Here you go.

Margo: Hi, baby. How's my beautiful husband? How's Adam?

Tom: Well, he wouldn't talk to me, said he'd been interrogated enough for one night.

Margo: Oh, man. Did you see him this morning?

Tom: I did, but he was still sleeping when I left.

Margo: Oh, questioning my son has got to be the hardest thing I've ever done. But Hal and I discussed it, and it's a murder investigation, and we didn't have a choice.

Tom: You know what? He'll get over it. He's just got a serious case of teenage indignation going on right now.

Margo: I know, honey, but he's such a terrific kid. To think that he's mixed up in something like this is just -- sometimes this job makes me do such strange things.

Tom: Oh, yes, it does. Like working all night, then having your husband drop off a four-year-old for you to watch.

Margo: Oh, no, that's not a problem. I got a babysitter to cover while I get some rest before my next shift.

Tom: Oh, good, good.

Margo: Hey, what's up?

Slocomb: Excuse me, Detective Hughes. Would Daniel like to ride in one of our chairs?

Tom: No, Daniel said he didn't want to do that.

Daniel: Yeah.

Margo: Yes, he does, he does, he does, he does.

Tom: Hey, you have fun.

Daniel: Okay.

Tom: Hey. I know how much you care about Daniel. And you have been wonderful. And I mean wonderful ever since Emily disappeared. But, this schedule's gonna kill us soon. We have to do something to change it.

Margo: Well, why don't we call Susan and ask if she can help?

Tom: No, no, no. Not Emily's mother. There's way too much up in the air.

Margo: Okay, then we'll hire somebody. You know, it'll be -- it'll be expensive, but I'm sure we can swing it.

Tom: Yeah, I know, but I don't think that's gonna solve the problem.

Margo: Which is?

Tom: Does Daniel cry for his mother when he's with you?

Margo: Sometimes. Yeah, yeah, a lot of the time. And I didn't want to say anything to you. I didn't want to upset you.

Tom: Well, he does the same thing when he's with me. He cries for her when I put him down to sleep. And the first thing he says in the morning is, "where is my mommy?"

Margo: Oh, that poor baby. I mean, how do you explain something like that to him?

Tom: Well, I think there might be a way. I have been telling Daniel that his mother is going to return, and -- that's starting to sound like a lie to me, so I don't want to do it anymore.

Margo: Plan b?

Tom: I want to start telling him that things have changed -- that his mom is gone and she's not coming back.

Barbara: Here, I'll do that. Oh. You know what? If that fever of yours stays down, you can go to school tomorrow.

Will: Can I stay down here for awhile? It's starting to get boring upstairs.

Barbara: I bet it is. Yeah, you can stay down here with me, keep me company. Mind helping me straighten up the kitchen?

Will: Do I have to?

Barbara: No, you don't have to. You can sit right over there and rest.

Will: Mom?

Barbara: Hmm?

Will: Are you gonna stay here from now on?

Barbara: I don't know, Will. Would you like it if I did? Yeah, I'd like that, too.

Will: You think it'll happen?

Barbara: I don't know. But I think it could. Maybe. If everything works out.

Hal: Oh, please, don't let Jack be right about her.

Jack: I had every reason to bring your mother down here to identify that body. We're talking' about a possible homicide here. She was attacked by the guy hours before he died.

Paul: What we're talking about is a mugger who had the bad luck to come down here and fall in the water. Anything else comes from your imagination.

Jack: Wait a minute. Are you saying that all of this falls into place for you? You're not the least bit suspicious?

Paul: All right, I admit. It's a little weird. But my mother swore to me she didn't know this guy, and that's good enough for me.

Jack: Well, not for me.

Paul: Why not?

Jack: Want reasons? How 'bout Barbara's the only person in this town with an active connection to James Steinbeck.

Paul: All right, he's not here, Jack. He's in Canada or --

jack: Or? Or where? That's exactly my point. With Steinbeck, you're never quite sure where he is. For all we know, he's right under our nose, working with Barbara.

Paul: All right, now that's an outrageous accusation.

Jack: Yeah, I know that. But your mother's story is shaky, at best, and I'm gonna keep kicking at it until it falls down.

Paul: She's your friend, Jack. How can you do this to her?

Jack: I've got nothing to prove about my relationship with Barbara. I've defended her, I've protected her. I've stayed up nights worrying if she was okay. You think I like suspecting that she had anything to do with Carly's disappearance? I don't, but I can't turn my back on what I believe is the truth. That, I will not do for anyone!

Jessica: Okay, I think I've heard enough. And if you want my advice -- and even if you don't -- this is what I think you should do. I think you should stop looking at Isaac for who he isn't and look at him for who he is.

Bonnie: A man with a dream -- to make rayon our national fabric.

Jessica: A man who has turned his life around and made something of himself, who loves people and might even love you.

Bonnie: That's impossible.

Jessica: Why is that impossible?

Bonnie: Because he doesn't know how, mom. To Isaac, love is like a disease he doesn't want to catch.

Jessica: All right, well, I don't know the man that well. But, I do know from what I've seen and heard that he cares about you.

Bonnie: It's just not what I -- expected.

Jessica: I think that you and Isaac are on the verge of something that could be very nice. So, I think you should just go for it. Have fun. Some good old spontaneous, see-wherever-it-takes-you fun. And here's your chance. Good luck. You following me?

Margo: Look, Tom, I know that this is really frustrating. But cutting Emily out of Daniel's life, that's a really drastic step.

Tom: Honey, what? I know, I'm aware of that.

Margo: But are you sure maybe you're not acting too quickly?

Tom: I think we've gone as far as we can go. We've been hiding the truth from Daniel, operating under the assumption that his mother's coming back. Well, the time is up. We haven't heard a thing from her in weeks. It's time for us to take action.

Margo: Oh, but it's gonna hurt him so much. No baby wants to hear that their mommy's not coming home.

Tom: Honey, I know it's gonna hurt him. My heart aches just thinking about it. Isn't it going to hurt him more promising him that his mom's gonna return?

Margo: Well, look, if Emily does come back, I mean, she's facing felony charges, breaking and entering, possible kidnapping. There's gonna be a trial. She's looking at time.

Tom: I've thought about that, too. And that is why I think we need to lay groundwork now, instead of waiting for things to get worse.

Margo: All right. All right. All right, what's the next step, then?

Tom: Tomorrow, I file papers stating that Emily has abandoned her son and is therefore unfit.

Margo: Oh, that is just gonna make Susan furious.

Tom: She is going to put up a fight. She's not the one I'm worried about.

Margo: Hal?

Tom: That's right. He will do everything in his power to fight this.

Will: Dad!

Hal: Hey. Hey, son, good to see you.

Will: I'm glad you're back.

Hal: Me, too. Hey, how's that cold? Any better?

Will: It's all gone. Hey, guess what?

Hal: What?

Will: I got the scanner working, and I made mom a card on the computer.

Hal: Wow, that's terrific.

Will: I could show you how it works. It's got all kinds of purposes.

Hal: Yeah?

Will: Yeah.

Hal: Okay. Well -- well, you know what? I'll tell you what. Why don't you go up? You fire that thing up, and I'll be up in a second, okay?

Will: Okay. I'll tell you when I'm ready.

Hal: All right. Teach me something. Show me all about it. Hello to you, too.

Barbara: Welcome home.

Hal: Looks like you and Will are doing just great.

Barbara: We've had a lot of fun. And I think he's even forgiven me for all those months. How could I have abandoned my family?

Hal: Barbara, you're bound to shut down when things just get too tough. But you never stopped loving' your son, and he never stopped loving you.

Barbara: How was your trip? Any success?

Hal: Not even a little.

Barbara: Oh, I'm sorry. I know that you were hoping to find some clue to lead you to Emily.

Hal: Not a clue, not a trace. It's like she just vanished into thin air.

Barbara: I wish there was something I could do to help.

Hal: I know.

Barbara: What are you doing?

Hal: I'm just grabbing' some cereal.

Barbara: No, you don't. If you're hungry, I will make you eggs.

Hal: No, no need to go to all that trouble.

Barbara: I will make you eggs. Over easy, rye toast, no butter.

Hal: Well, if you're gonna make my favorite, how bad is this?

Barbara: It's gonna take me a couple minutes.

Hal: Amazing.

Barbara: What is?

Hal: How natural you look -- under this roof. With Will and me.

Isaac: Your mom seemed in a real hurry.

Bonnie: Yeah, she's probably sending someone to death row. It's not the kind of thing you want to be late for.

Isaac: Right.

Bonnie: Just kidding.

Isaac: Right, right, I knew that. Well, I'm surprised to see you here today.

Bonnie: Why wouldn't I come in?

Isaac: Our little disaster in the storeroom.

Bonnie: I'm sorry, I don't remember being in the storeroom with you.

Isaac: You don't?

Bonnie: Are you sure it was me? Maybe you got me mixed up with another server.

Isaac: Is that supposed to be funny?

Bonnie: I'm sorry, Isaac. I -- fill me in. What happened?

Isaac: Nothing happened. The more I think about it -- you're right, nothing happened. 'Cause if that was you that I saw there, I'd have to go running the other direction.

[Bonnie laughs] what?

Bonnie: Well, obviously your sense of humor went out the way of that little black book. I'm sorry, you're right. You're right, it was horrible. It was terrible of me to try and have a little fun with you.

Isaac: Well, I wouldn't say that. I'd never say that.

Bonnie: Why not?

Isaac: Because the more I get to know you, the more incredible I realize that you are.

Bonnie: I should get back to work.

Isaac: Hold on, wait. There's this little restaurant I sometimes go to. It's done up like an old French bistro. The food's good, the people are lively. I was thinking maybe it was somewhere you would like.

Bonnie: Are you asking me to dinner?

Isaac: I guess so.

Bonnie: Alone? Just the two of us?

Isaac: Well, it's about time. Don't you think?

Bonnie: Yes, I do.

Jack: It's my opinion that Auster went to Fairwinds to talk to your mother, not hurt her in any way. He told her his name. They got into it somehow. Now, I think he knew who your mother was, and he died because of it.

Paul: That's not evidence. That's speculation.

Jack: Informed speculation is very different from a wild guess, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, well maybe. And maybe you need to do a little fact finding before you go around upsetting innocent people!

Jack: Don't you think I have been doing that?! I've been working here all night!

Paul: Hey, hey, hey, I know you're a hard-working guy. And you've come through for my mom whenever she's needed you. But what you did to her last night was cruel and unnecessary.

Jack: Wait -- wait a minute. Let me ask you a question. Whose idea was it for you to come down here? Hers or yours?

Paul: What difference does it make?

Jack: I'm just curious, that's all. I mean, come on. What drove you to come back down here and have this conversation with me?

Paul: I don't owe you a detailed account of my evening, all right? I'm here, and that's all that matters.

Jack: You're a good son, Paul. I admire that. But Barbara is playing you like a fiddle.

Paul: That's not true.

Jack: Hmm. Well, didn't you come to me a while back 'cause you had concerns about your mom? I mean, didn't you have doubts of your own about what she was doing and with whom?

Paul: That has nothing to do with what happened last night.

Jack: No, it's all connected, Paul. How, I'm not sure, but I'm gonna find out.

Paul: Hey, I know you want to find Carly, all right? But if it's clouding your judgment, maybe you need to take a step back.

Jack: Take a step back from finding someone who I care about? Who disappeared without a trace? How would you like it if I told you that about Rose?

Slocomb: See you, Danny boy.

Daniel: Bye.

Tom: Hey, thanks.

Margo: All right, so -- I'm gonna go to breakfast at Al's. You want to join us?

Tom: I have a client in 20 minutes.

Margo: Ohh. Well, then, it's just you and me. Is that okay? Say, "yes, sir."

Tom: She's not a sir.

Margo: Do you want me to tell Hal what's going on?

Tom: No, I will handle that. You have enough on your plate.

Margo: Okay, well, don't be surprised if he doesn't object too much.

Tom: What is that, wishful thinking? He will fight anything that implies "you know who" is gone for good.

Margo: Yes, but he's been out looking for her for a long time and hasn't found a trace of her. Maybe he's realizing that she's not gonna stick around.

Tom: You think so? Wow. Does the Hal you know give in like that? I will see you. Have a good time.

Daniel: 'Kay.

Barbara: I was worried about moving back in here while you were gone. It's been a long time since I've slept in this house. I look different. I am different. Jennifer is gone. Will has had to do without his mother for so long. And you -- have just done the best you can under the circumstances. But when I realized that things had changed, I realized a lot of things had stayed the same. And so, if I look natural in this house, it's because that's the way I feel.

Hal: I know you've been through a lot, Barbara. I know the kind of pain you've been through doesn't go away overnight.

Barbara: It's getting less and less every day. And being with Will has been a miracle cure in itself.

Hal: Hey, you came through for him, just like you came through for Jennifer after Bryant's death.

Barbara: Thank you. I'm pretty ashamed of myself, Hal. I've pushed my children away, living in seclusion. But I've realized that maybe I can make it up to the people that I've hurt. And maybe I can start rebuilding the life I once had.

Hal: That's nice to hear. We've all been waiting to hear that voice of hope again.

Barbara: Well -- I guess I'll go upstairs and start packing.

Hal: Well, where you going?

Barbara: Back to Fairwinds. That was our agreement, wasn't it?

Jessica: Hi.

Ben: Hey.

Jessica: How'd it go with Isaac?

Ben: Ooh, Isaac was -- it was interesting.

Jessica: "Interesting," huh? How did he react when you told him we were seeing each other again?

Ben: Well, I didn't tell him.

Jessica: Why not?

Ben: 'Cause he was so busy talking' about him and Bonnie.

Jessica: The same thing happened to me. Bonnie kept going on and on about her and Isaac that I didn't get a chance to tell her about us.

Ben: So, you think the two of them are gonna end up together?

Jessica: I hope so. I mean, there are some -- some very deep feelings there. At least on Bonnie's part.

Ben: On Isaac's part, too.

Jessica: But she's scared out of her wits.

Ben: Yeah, Isaac is, too.

Jessica: But they want to be together, and yet --

Ben: Wait, wait, wait. Now we're doing' it.

Jessica: What're we doing'?

Ben: We're talking' about them, and we should just be talking' about us.

Jessica: Yeah, well, we tried that, but nobody would listen.

Ben: True.

Waitress: Anything else for you?

Ben: No, thanks.

Jessica: Thank you.

Ben: Hey, excuse me, wait. Actually, yes. What's your name?

Waitress: Kara.

Ben: Kara. I'm Ben Harris. This is Jessica Griffin.

Jessica: Hello.

Ben: And we would just love to share with somebody that we are dating each other again on a regular basis.

Waitress: And?

Jessica: And we're hoping you're happy for us. Are you happy for us?

Waitress: Will it affect my tip?

Ben: No, no, no. Not at all.

Waitress: Then I think it's cool. Have a nice day.

Ben: Hear that?

Jessica: She thinks it's cool.

Ben: It's cool.

Jessica: Then it's cool for me.

Ben: It's cool for me, too.

Paul: My feelings for Rose have nothing to do with this. I'm not a detective letting personal issues get in the way of my job.

Jack: Neither am I.

Paul: Oh, well, you sure do a great impersonation of one.

Jack: Well, you know as well as I do there's something very off about a man getting murdered right after he called the Police.

Paul: You have no proof of that!

Jack: And you know that your mother's been acting suspicious! You want to develop selective amnesia? That's fine, but it's not gonna make this go away.

Paul: Hey, I want to find Carly, too. And Rose and even Emily. But I don't want to hurt other people in the process.

Jack: Well, you know, there might not be a way around that, Paul.

Paul: Not my mother. You got that?

Jack: Wait a minute. Did it ever occur to you if Barbara knew something about what happened to Carly, she might just know something about what happened to Rose? Think about that on your way home.

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