ATWT Transcript Tuesday 1/15/02


As the World Turns Transcript Tuesday 1/15/02

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Ooh, there's another one. Hey you're just on time.

Lucy: When you said Al's diner was crawling with jocks, I thought you were crazy.

Katie: Well, the gym's right down the block. They come in here to carbo load.

Lucy: You're a marketing genius, aunt Katie. And you sure do have an interesting life.

Katie: An interesting business life. We are only contacting these guys for one reason -- to make my aerobics class look so good that the ladies flock to me. All right, here are the first ten sign-ups. Copy down their names and their numbers while I go work on number 11.

Lucy: He's not even gonna know what hit him.

Katie: Hey.

Jock: Hey.

Katie: So, what'cha order?

Jock: Protein shake.

Katie: Hmm, makes sense. Goes with the muscles. May I?

Jock: Sure.

Katie: Nice. You must do a lot of weight training.

Simon: I'll give you a word of advice, mate -- lay off the aminoes and go for the ginseng, 'cause that's what you're gonna need to keep up with this one, here.

Katie: Simon, hi.

Simon: Hello, sweetheart. Want to tell me what you're doing here picking up strange men? Again.

Margo: Hal, you're here. I thought you'd be looking for Emily at least a couple of days.

Hal: I ran out of leads.

Margo: I'm sorry. I know how much you wanted to find her --

Hal: And I know how much you and Tom don't care if I ever do, so let's cut the small talk. Why don't you give me an update on the Nick Scudder murder, so I can get the D.A. off my back.

Margo: We have the murder weapon.

Hal: Matches the wound?

Margo: Yes, Molly McKinnon has confessed. She says she used it to hit Scudder, during a struggle.

Hal: So, what's the problem?

Margo: Molly claims self-defense, but the wound was to the back of the head.

Hal: Oh, life's little inconsistencies.

Margo: Well, and that's not the only one. Molly's story places Abigail in the room before the murder, but supposedly not during, Abigail can't confirm. There's a substantial period of time she can't remember anything at all. And to top it off, that's not the only chunk of time that's unaccounted for.

Hal: And when's that?

Margo: The half hour or so between time of death and the time that Molly called it into 911.

Hal: Oh, great. All right, let me go call the D.A.'s office and break the news to them.

Margo: Hal there is one more thing. We found a key on the premises.

Hal: Prints --

Margo: It doesn't match any of the prints that we already have on file.

Hal: Want to tell me who it does match?

Margo: Our son. I think it's Adam's thumb print.

Adam: Hey, I thought you wanted to be alone tonight. What happened? Did you remember something?

Abigail: No, not one big thing. Just fragments.

Adam: When was the last time you got some sleep?

Abigail: Every time I close my eyes I just see pieces of things. And I've tried everything -- I've tried books, I've tried music, I've tried TV and nothing gets my mind to stop churning. And I don't like what I'm coming up with, Adam. Tell me that I didn't kill Nick.

Adam: No, you didn't. That's impossible.

Abigail: Tell me that Molly's not covering for me.

Adam: Abigail, you didn't kill Nick. You weren't even in the same room when he died.

Abigail: Then why can't I remember what happened?

Adam: He hit you.

Abigail: Not that hard.

Adam: Hard enough to make you want to block it out. That's what happens, it's a post-traumatic-stress thing.

Abigail: Just from being hit? I don't think so. What else happened? What happened that's too awful for me to remember?

Jack: Just tell me where you are, Phil. No one said anything about jail. You know what? This will go a lot faster if you just calm down.

Chauffer: I never laid a hand on that lady. You got to believe me.

Jack: What were you doing at Fairwinds in the first place?

Chauffer: 'Cause I got involved in something, all right? Something bad. I went looking for the guy who got me into it. I wasn't expecting to run into anybody else, and I certainly wasn't looking to get attacked. Which is what happened. She attacked me.

Jack: I'm going to help you, Phil, but you have to start at the beginning. This guy you're talking about -- when did he first approach you?

Chauffer: Are you crazy? I can't tell you now. He listens in on phone calls.

Jack: Who?

Chauffer: Just meet me at the old mill.

You know where it is?

Jack: Okay, I'll be there, but Phil --

[dial tone] hello?

Paul: What?

Jack: He hung up.

Paul: What did this guy say? Did he turn himself in?

Jack: I don't know. Maybe.

Paul: What does that mean? This guy's got to have some kind of story.

Jack: Yeah, that's what's so incredible. He's got a story, only it's completely different from Barbara's. Somebody's lying, Paul. I'm going to find out who it is.

Jack: I've got to go meet this guy. But I'm warning you if his story is at all credible, I'll be back.

Paul: Huh-uh, you accuse my mother and get to walk out of here? Huh-uh. I don't think so.

Jack: I work for the city, Paul, not for you, so don't give me orders.

Paul: Just tell me what the jerk said.

Jack: That your mother attacked him.

Paul: Jack, that's ridiculous. I saw him. He was attacking her --

Jack: You saw them struggling. You didn't see how it started.

Paul: I don't believe this.

Jack: Maybe you don't want to believe it.

Paul: Hey, Jack, I'm not scared of the truth.

Jack: Okay, then let me tell you what made me a believer -- Phil wouldn't go into detail about who he was working for because he said, and I quote, "he listens in on phone calls." Now, who do you think he was talking about?

Paul: I don't know.

Jack: Oh, come on, Paul. I have my suspicions. And so do you.

Paul: If my father wanted to terrorize my mother, he wouldn't hire some low-rent mugger. He's more subtle than that.

Jack: All right, so our boy, Phil is lying? Someone's got him running scared, Paul.

Paul: Maybe he's paranoid.

Jack: Or maybe it's your father. Face it, Phil may be what links Barbara and James, and that's what I'm going to find out.

Paul: All right, well I'm going with you.

Jack: No, wait, you know, I've got a better idea. Why don't you stay here and question your mother. 'Cause like it or not, she's part of whatever's going on here.

Paul: I've told you everything.

Jack: Yeah. And it doesn't match up. See, I have a feeling that Barbara knows why Phil is running scared.

Paul: All right, now, don't make them partners, here? She said she had never seen him before tonight.

Jack: Then how come she knows his name? Why don't you find that out and then get back to me. I'd do it myself, but I have an appointment.

Paul: All right, so in essence, I tell my mother that she's lying to me. That ought to go over real well, Jack.

Jack: And you better get a straight answer, too, or I'll be back, and I guarantee you, I won't be nearly as nice.

Jock: The lady and I are friends.

Simon: Well, the lady and I are married.

[Simon laughs] well, he's kind of nimble on his feet for a weightlifter.

Katie: How could you do that?

Simon: Me do what?

Katie: You totally scared him off? He was supposed to be the 11th guy --

Simon: Oh, why don't you make it an even dozen. What are you talking about?

Katie: I was getting gym advice. 'Cause I'm probably gonna join a gym. You were jealous!

Simon: Whatever.

Lucy: That is so romantic.

Katie: And I am so innocent.

Simon: Innocent, innocent? You weren't innocent the day you were born. And I'm gonna stick to you like -- like something really sticky.

Katie: Oh, really?

Simon: Yes.

Katie: Is that what you were doing? Checking up on me?

Simon: No. No, actually, I was on the way to the station to see Jack. And I was about to cross the street, and I looked in here and I see you squeezing some guy's -- some guy's muscles.

Lucy: Are you helping the Police, uncle Simon?

Simon: Well, actually, Detective Snyder is helping me with the whole Paris gig.

Katie: Oh, well you shouldn't keep him waiting. Ready to go, Lucy? We'll see you later.

Simon: Ash, what do we have here?

Katie: Nothing that would interest you. Nothing that would interest you.

Simon: Well, that's where you're wrong, my love.

Adam: Abigail, you are not the bad guy here, Nick is.

Abigail: I don't know that -- not until I get my memory back.

Adam: It's not good to try and force these things, all right? Just let it go.

Abigail: Don't tell me to let it go, Adam. Help me remember it, okay? Just let me go over with you -- okay? I remember Nick hitting me, but everything after that begins to swim --

[music box plays] the music, I can hear the music box playing -- that was the murder weapon. Do you think that means --

Adam: Abigail, it would have been ruined after -- you know what, everything that you're remembering happened before Nick died.

Abigail: Unless -- unless I hear the music playing before --

Adam: Before what? Abigail, you didn't kill Nick. Listen to me, you are not guilty of anything.

Abigail: Yes, I am.

Adam: Of what?

Abigail: Of betraying Molly's trust -- of cutting you out of my life. Of believing a guy like Nick, when everyone else could see right through him. I am so guilty!

Adam: Okay, you know what? If you're determined to suffer, then okay. But don't accuse yourself of murder.

Abigail: I just wish that I could reach inside my head and pull out pictures of what happened that night.

Adam: Give it time. It'll come back.

Abigail: I don't have time, Adam. Molly could be in jail for something that I might have done. I'm going to see a doctor.

Adam: A doctor?

Abigail: Yes, a psychiatrist, someone who does hypnosis.

Adam: Abi, no --

Abigail: It's all inside me.

Adam: No, no!

Abigail: I just need someone who knows how to help me get it out.

Adam: No, no, I'm not going to let you!

Hal: Nick Scudder has been murdered -- and now you're telling me you think our son might be involved? Well, thank you for breaking it to me so gently.

Margo: Come on, Hal. You come in here looking for a fight, and I don't even care, because I'm so relieved to see you. Because I need to talk to our son's father, okay? Adam is holding out on us.

Hal: What makes you so sure?

Margo: I don't know. Maybe 18 years of being his mom. Maybe knowing how his throat tightens up when he fudges on something. He can't meet my eye when he's not leveling with me.

Hal: Well, being a mother doesn't make you infallible.

Margo: All, right, Hal, you want us to be enemies because Tom and I going for custody of Daniel, fine. You think that Emily left town because of us, fine. You're having trouble with the D.A. And you won't come down here and just be my boss, fine. But could you please, for one minute, be our son's father. 'Cause I think Adam's in terrible trouble, and I'm scared.

Hal: I am sorry, Margo. I was out of time. Please, please, tell me everything. What did Adam say?

Margo: Thank you. Adam was over at Jake and Molly's when the message came in from Abigail for Molly. She needed help, and she was scared. So Adam went to pick her up, and he found her walking around outside, disoriented.

Hal: So, what's the problem?

Margo: Adam says that he was never in Scudder's room.

Hal: I'm missing something, here. What's the discrepancy?

Margo: It's just it - it didn't sound right coming from Adam. He's - he's - he's defensive.

Hal: Everybody is defensive when they're being grilled, Margo. I mean, I've known Adam to fib about something like not filling the tank up with gas, but he would never lie about a matter of life and death.

Margo: That's what I thought, too.

Hal: And so, what changed?

Margo: I took something to the lab - a glass that Adam had used.

Hal: For prints?

Margo: Against the one we found on the key.

Hal: His own mother?

Margo: Of course I would do that. If Adam's print is on that key, that puts him in the room, and he is going to need my help. Yours too.

Hal: Adam has never lied to us before, Margo. Why would he start now?

Margo: To protect Abigail.

Cop: Lab results, Detective Hughes.

Hal: Margo - even if this print does turn out to be Adam's, it doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Margo: It means a lot, Hal. It means our son lied -- about a murder.

Chauffer: Where is that cop? I should tell him it's about Steinbeck. Detective Snyder? Is that you?

[Stick snaps] hello? Someone here?

[Footsteps] who is it? Who's there? I'm armed. So don't try anything. Oh, no. No, no!

Lucy: Dad? It's okay, he went out.

Katie: Oh, good. No offense to your dad, but Craig is the last person you want knowing your secrets.

Lucy: Maybe I should have stuck around. You know, he seemed kind of down tonight. You don't think he's out drowning his sorrows or anything, do you?

Katie: No, he's fine. Besides, I needed you. Tonight we have a little bit of time to ourselves, so, we're gonna make up a great routine to impress those workout divas. "Lunge your way to leanness." Fantastic. It's gonna be a long night.

Lucy: I'll order something from room service.

Katie: Oh, get me a hot fudge sundae and a soda.

Lucy: Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, you have to wear spandex to work.

Katie: Make it a diet soda.

Simon: Honey, I'm home.

Katie: Hi.

Simon: Hello, sweetheart.

Katie: Hi. I thought you were working with Jack tonight?

Simon: No, he didn't show up. So what are you two planning? A movie marathon?

Lucy: Yes! Right, aunt Katie?

Katie: Right.

Simon: What do we have here -- "dirty dancing," -- "break dance two," -- electric boog-a-loo," nice -- and "flash dance," you maniac.

Katie: It's a theme movie marathon.

Lucy: And the theme is sweat.

Katie: Got lots of movies with people sweating.

Simon: Right, and these are your top three perspiration pics? All right, Katie, it's time for you to tell the truth. What are you up to?

[Knock on door] go away.

Katie: Come in. Oh, wrong room.

Dahlia: Oh, great news! Oh, cute. Is he yours?

Katie: Yes, he is my husband, Simon Frasier.

Dahlia: Well, you have a remarkable wife. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Simon: And you, too. And you are?

Katie: She is the reason that I'm spending my life in spandex.

Margo: It's a match, isn't it?

Hal: The print on the key is definitely Adam's. So he did lie.

Margo: Well, I'm sure that he was just trying to be a good and loyal friend -- just like we taught him.

Hal: All this is for Abigail?

Margo: Oh, yes, yes. He'd do anything for her. So we have to take ourselves off the case, you know that don't you? We'll just hand it to Jack.

Hal: Adam needs us, Margo.

Margo: To be his parents. Now, even if he wanted us to handle the case, the D.A. would never allow it. We'd jeopardize the case. And the media coverage, Hal, it would be a nightmare. "Top cop's kid suspect in ex-con's murder."

Hal: Adam is not a suspect. He is our son.

Margo: Exactly. And as a parent, yes, I agree with you, there is no way that Adam could be a part of someone's death. But as detective -- we have to find the evidence, and we have to find the truth.

Abigail: It's the only way, Adam. I have to go to a shrink.

Adam: If the court says so, but don't go looking for trouble.

Abigail: How is getting someone to help me remember looking for trouble? Unless -- unless you don't want me to remember for some reason. Are you secretly afraid that I did kill Nick? Is that what it is, Adam?

Adam: No -- it's just -- it might hurt Molly, you know? I mean, what if something you remember backfires and ends up making things worse for her?

Abigail: How could it make things worse? Molly's already going to be on trial for killing a man.

Adam: Yes, yeah, I know, I know. I wasn't there in the room, okay. But what if Molly is leaving something out? What if Nick didn't necessarily violently come at her, but she panicked and then she hit him in the head with the music box and you saw the whole thing.

Abigail: I never thought of that.

Adam: You don't want to remember something that's gonna keep her from arguing self-defense.

Abigail: You're right. I have already made things so bad for Molly, I can't make them worse.

Barbara: I just spoke to Mrs.. Meyers. She said she could stay all night with Will, if necessary. I thought the Police would be here by now.

Paul: Yeah, Jack came by. He left.

Barbara: Without speaking to me?

Paul: Yeah, I told him everything that we knew about the attack.

Barbara: But was that enough? The man is dangerous, he needs to be stopped.

Paul: Yeah, well that man contacted the Police. Seems like he wants to turn himself in, that's why Jack left without interviewing you.

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: What is the world coming to when criminals contact the Police?

Paul: Mom, I need to ask you a question, okay?

Barbara: Of course.

Paul: This guy that attacked you, how do you know his name?

Jack: Phil? It's Detective Snyder. I came as soon as I could. Phil? No. Phil. Hey man, come on. Phil, oh, my God. Phil. Come on, buddy, talk to me. Yeah, this is Detective Snyder, I need an ambulance down at the old mill ASAP. Possible drowning. No, I don't think so. I can't hear anything. Right. Come on, Phil. Come on, Phil, stay with me. One, two, three --

Margo: If we hand the case off to Jack, the D.A. will be happy and Adam will have a good, fair, honest detective looking for the truth.

Hal: Adam needs someone who is totally focused on this case. Right now, Jack is more focused on finding Carly than anything else.

Margo: And you? Until Emily shows up, you're not exactly focused, either.

Hal: I already talked to Jack. He doesn't want to handle this case, and I do, with or without you.

Margo: If you do not recluse yourself, I will go directly to the D.A.'s office and I will explain to Jessica our conflict of interest.

Hal: Well, why don't you just hand Adam over to her with handcuffs on, Margo? How guilty do you want the kid to look?

Margo: He's gonna look guilty with his two cop parents trying to cover for him, right?

Hal: You go to the lab, you get prints, you place him at the crime scene and now what are you gonna do? Just walk away and leave the kid to handle this on his own?

Margo: I am not abandoning him. I am trying to protect him. My God, if I could take him to the hills and hide him, I would, but I can't. Look, I raised him. Hal, we raised him to take responsibility for his actions. Now, if he was in Scudder's room that night, he's going to have to explain it. And I want to be there when he does, and not as an investigating officer, but as a mother who loves her son.

Hal: Give us one last chance, Margo. Before we pull ourselves off this case, we have to at least talk to Adam.

Margo: Why -- why are you so adamant about doing this yourself?

Hal: Because that is how I protect our son. He's 18. We think of him as a kid, but the law -- the law thinks of him as an adult, Margo. If Jack refuses to take this case, you know who's gonna take it? The state Police, Margo. And they're gonna know why we pulled ourselves off this, and they won't let us anywhere near Adam when they grill him.

Margo: You're right.

Hal: Okay. Now, if we can't get through to Adam, you win. But we can't give up before we've even started.

Adam: Try to sleep, Abi, okay?

Abigail: I just keep having these terrible dreams. And then, when I wake up -- they don't go away. Just -- I just wish things could be the way they used to be, you know? Before Bryant died. Before I fell for Nick. Before Molly was in jail. I just wish everything could be good again.

Adam: It will be. I promise it will be.

[Phone rings] hello?

Margo: Hi, Adam. Hey, your dad just got back in town and we wanted to see you.

Adam: Right now?

Margo: Yeah, it'll just be a few minutes. Down at the station.

Adam: Okay. I'll be there in about ten minutes. That was my mom. She and dad want to talk to me at the station.

Abigail: About what?

Adam: Nothing to worry about.

Abigail: Do you want me to come with you?

Adam: No, no, no, no, no. You stay here, just chill out, okay? Think about all the good times. You and me and Jen and Bryant. And then go to sleep. I'll tell you what's going on later. Take it easy, okay?

Abigail: Adam -- thanks for staying in my life.

Katie: Play along, okay? Just play along.

Simon: What did you say? What did you say?

Katie: Me?

Simon: Yes. What did you say?

Katie: I said they're playing our song. Dahlia and her boyfriend are getting married, and I'm her personal trainer. There, that's the secret. I'm helping her out on her big day. She's a little touchy about her hips.

Dahlia: What did you say?

Katie: No loose lips. 'Cause this is a secret. It's a surprise for her fiancÚ.

Lucy: And that's why Katie was at the diner with all those jocks. She was researching other gyms.

Simon: Well, that makes sense, yes.

Lucy: Yes.

Katie: So there's the whole story. What do you think?

Simon: I think I'm gonna teach you how to lie better. Later. Dahlia, best of luck with married life.

Katie: Oops.

Lucy: I didn't realize marriage was so much work. I'm going to bed. Good night.

Katie: Good night. I'll see you in the morning, okay? Okay, now, I don't want you worrying about what just happened.

Dahlia: Doesn't your husband approve of your working?

Katie: Oh, of course he does. It's just, we had this bet going', and I need to win and I need to have him not know what I'm doing until I know I've won.

Dahlia: Okay. Well, can you still teach those extra classes this week?

Katie: Oh, yes.

Dahlia: I mean, we were counting on you.

Katie: No, no, I know. No, I will be there for sure. Don't worry about me. Besides, Simon's gonna be in Paris, so he won't know any different.

Dahlia: Oh, really? You're a confident wife.

Katie: What do you mean?

Dahlia: Well, if I had a husband that good-looking, I'm not sure I'd let him go to church by himself, let alone a romantic city like Paris.

Jack: Rigby, do a search on our perp, Phillip Auster. I want addresses, employers, priors, family contacts, girlfriends -- I want everything and I want it yesterday. Got me?

Cop: Got you.

Jack: What's your story, Phil? Who did this to you?

Paul: You did say that the name of the guy who attacked you was Phil, right, mom?

Barbara: Phil, -- I didn't think to ask for his I.D.

Paul: And you're absolutely positive you've never seen him before?

Barbara: Paul --

Paul: I'm sorry.

Barbara: What is this?

Paul: I believe you, okay? But it's Jack. He wants to know when this guy told you his name.

Barbara: What do you mean, when?

Paul: Well, I assume it was before the attack. But if this guy's hidden in the bushes and he jumps out to mug you, when exactly does he have time to introduce himself?

Barbara: I don't like your tone.

Paul: I -- mom, I'm sorry --

Barbara: I heard something outside, I think it's you, I'm calling your name and saying, "Paul, is that you?" And this man jumps out at me, he said, "no, I'm not Paul. I'm Phil, lady. What's it to you?" Then he throws me down on the ground and he jumps on me --

Paul: Okay, all right, all right, all right. I just wish you had told me before that you had spoken to him.

Barbara: I didn't speak to him. I said a few words, he said a few words, hardly a conversation.

Paul: Okay, well, next time we talk to the Police, you just tell them everything you just told me, okay? Maybe this guy thought he knew you. Maybe that's why he mentioned his name.

Barbara: Or maybe he was a criminal who came here to rob the place and I stopped him.

Paul: Well, if he was gonna steal something, why would he introduce himself to you? That doesn't make sense.

Barbara: I didn't realize I was responsible for my attacker's words and deeds. The next time somebody jumps out in the dark at me, I'll say, "stop, stop, don't do anything I can't explain!"

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: This is Paul.

Jack: It's Jack. I need you and Barbara to come down to the old mill right away.

Paul: Did you catch the guy?

Jack: He's here. I need the two of you to come down here and clarify something for me.

Paul: We'll be right there.

Cop: If you're ready to release the body, the coroner's here.

Jack: Just tell him I need a few more minutes. Our boy, Phil has one last job to do.

Barbara: I'm not going anywhere. If Jack has found the man who attacked me, he should throw him in jail.

Paul: Mom, it's gonna look very strange if we don't cooperate. We press charges, we have to follow up. It's gonna be just fine. I'll be with you, okay? Now, let me go lock up.

Barbara: What am I going to do?

[Barbara remembering]

Chauffeur: Something's the matter with that Steinbeck guy.

Last time I saw him, he was out of control.

A guy like that is

capable of anything. If he's not here, then it's time for me to go to

the cops.

Barbara: Couldn't you have just disappeared? Why did you have to go to the Police? What did you tell them?

Adam: Hey, dad, how you doing? Good to see you back. Just couldn't wait to see me, huh? A lot of people have it that way, too. I mean, it's just the face. It's just got a celebrity quality or something. I don't know.

Hal: Where have you been?

Adam: Abigail's. Why?

Margo: How's she doing?

Adam: Not too good. She's got a lot on her mind now, remember?

Margo: Did she remember anything else about what happened the night that Nick was killed?

Adam: Nothing that you guys don't already know. Just the music and words, you know. What's going on? You guys seem pretty ticked. Am I gonna have to call my lawyer or something?

Margo: Adam, do you recognize this?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah. That's the key to the editing room over at Woak. All the interns get one.

Margo: Where's yours?

Hal: Where's yours, Adam?

Adam: I'm not -- I'm not really sure.

Margo: I think we're looking at it. It has your prints on it.

Dahlia: Plus, the PR that you've been doing has been a total success. I mean, I'm getting dozens of calls about your class. Keep it up, Katie, and I'll have no trouble getting the green light on our video deal.

Katie: Great.

Dahlia: What's wrong? I hope it wasn't that random comment about your husband. I mean, I really, I was just kidding around. I'm sure that your faith in him is completely justified.

Simon: Katie -- hey, I'm sorry, guys, I thought you'd be done by now.

Dahlia: See, he can't stay away. We were just nailing down our next session. Good night.

Simon: Good night.

Katie: Good night.

Simon: Well, talk about nailing down -- why don't we go to the bedroom and have a little session of our own?

Katie: Hold on a minute, Mr. Love 'em and leave 'em. Tell me something. How many women do you know in Paris, anyway?

Barbara: I don't know quite why I have to come down here and defend myself against a criminal's lies. Where is he, Jack?

Jack: We just need to clear up a few things, Barbara. Now, you're sure you never met Phil before?

Barbara: We don't run in the same circles.

Jack: So there's no chance that the two of you had any business contacts in common?

Barbara: No. None. Now, may we please go? It's been a long night.

Jack: Sure. Right, right. Sure. All that's left is for you to make an identification.

Barbara: It was dark Jack. I didn't get to see his face very well.

Paul: Don't worry. Don't worry, mom. I got a good look at him. So if this is the guy, I'll know him.

Jack: Is this your attacker, Barbara?

Paul: What kind of game are you playing, Jack?

Jack: Is this Phil, Barbara? Any idea how he might have died?

Jack: I realize it's upsetting to identify a dead man, but we've got to figure out how he got that way. And try as I might, I'm having a hard time with this baby. A stranger stalks you at Fairwinds, waits on the ground until dark and then he attacks you. Why, Barbara? Why was he so careful to keep his face hidden if he was just gonna tell you his name?

Paul: You seem to be forgetting who the victim is here. She needed protection from this man.

Jack: That's not what he said. He said you attacked him.

Barbara: That's ridiculous.

Jack: He said he had gotten himself into a dangerous situation. Do you have any idea what that situation would be?

Paul: Why should she?

Jack: And then he winds up dead.

Barbara: I don't know what happened here, Jack, and that's the truth.

Paul: Let me ask you a question -- how do you know this guy was murdered?

Jack: I don't. The medical examiner will probably rule it as an accidental death, say he leaned over too far and he lost his balance. Too bad I don't see it that way.

Paul: So you spring this corpse on my mother and scare her half to death and you don't even know if this is a homicide?

Jack: I know. And soon, I'm going to know a whole lot more -- like why he was running scared, why he wanted to talk to the Police, and why, Barbara, why he was so interested in you.

Simon: Let's forget gay Paris and talk about something a little more home-grown, like, oh, Al's diner. What were you doing there with all those gym monkeys?

Katie: Lucy told you. I was researching gyms, so I could help out --

Simon: Ah, ah, ahh --

[Simon clears throat] let's try again. I've always learned with you that it's a good idea to dig a little deeper.

Katie: Okay, so you don't trust me?

Simon: About some things, implicitly. About everything? No. I mean, I still can't figure out what would involve Dahlia, videos and a bunch of -- a bunch of muscle heads. But I will find out. I'll crack the code. Never fear.

Katie: From Paris?

Simon: Mm-hmm.

Katie: How? I thought you were going to be spending all your time looking for Carly. Well, that is, if you have any time left over after you hook up with all of your mademoiselles from your bachelor days.

Simon: Oh, come on, you -- please. Don't you get it yet? My bachelor days are over. I'm officially in my married ones. And there's not one mademoiselle on this earth who can hold a candle to you. You know, I miss you so much already, it hurts. And I refuse to sit here and argue when we could be doing something else.

Katie: Okay, how many women do you know in Paris?

[Simon sighs]

Simon: Let me think.

[Simon counts in French]

Katie: Hey!

Simon: But you, my love, are the only one that I caress, kiss and love.

Katie: Mmm?

Adam: So, you guys tested that key against my fingerprints? Nothing like having parents in law enforcement. Dad, you were cool with this?

Hal: Just answer your mother's question, Adam.

Adam: The key has my fingerprints on it. Yes, it's probably mine.

Margo: Then we have a problem, Adam, because it was found in Scudder's room.

Hal: Were you there that night?

Adam: I already told you I wasn't.

Hal: You told us that you lost your key. We were wondering how it turned up at the murder scene.

Adam: No, see, I never said that I "lost" it. I told you that I did not have it.

Margo: Who did?

Adam: Abigail. I gave the key to her that day, so she could give it to Molly because my internship at Woak was almost over. How the key got in the room, I don't know. Maybe -- maybe Abigail dropped it when she was trying to run away. I don't know.

Hal: Is that the truth?

Adam: I was not there! I swear! Okay, why couldn't you guys have told me this at home? You had to bring me in here like I'm one of your little perps? You know what? Thank you very much for a wonderful evening! This is one of them that I'm sure I'm never gonna forget.

[Door slams]

Hal: Any other prints on that key?

Margo: No, just Adam's.

Hal: Well, it's winter. Abigail -- Abigail could have been wearing gloves.

Margo: She almost definitely would have smudged the print. Hal, it was a clean, perfect match.

Hal: He sounded so sure.

Margo: Do you believe him?

Hal: I don't know.

[Abigail dreaming]

Abigail: That's music. Oh, stop it! Stop! It's real. I'm not imagining it. Anyone here? Jake? Adam? Where is it? Who's doing this?

[Loud knock at door]

[Loud knock at door]

[Abigail gasping] oh! Oh! I saw you die. Oh, my God, Nick! I saw you die.

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