ATWT Transcript Monday 1/14/02

As The World Turns Transcript Monday 1/14/02

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Molly: I'm not clear on how my concern for Abigail's well-being makes me a liar.

Jake: Because you're holding back on me.

Molly: No, I'm trying to hold it together. If I could just see Abigail, I could make her understand --

Jake: Why don't you just tell me -- tell me whatever it is that you would tell Abigail.

Molly: You still don't trust me.

Jake: With my heart, my life, my children's life. But something -- something is not right, Molly.

Molly: How do you expect me to react, Jake? You tell me that my daughter's still deluded enough to think that she might have killed Nick Scudder, and I'm supposed to just shrug it off?

Jake: Well, that's not the only news I dropped on you, now, is it? I told you to look at the evidence -- evidence that might go against you, and all you can worry about is Abigail?

Molly: Yeah. You said it.

Jake: Who said it?

Molly: I'm worried about Abigail.

Jake: Why is it you're worried about Abigail's pain and not your own murder charges? Because there's something you need to tell me. So just tell me.

Waitress: Hey, you need anything, all you've got to do is holler.

Abigail: Thanks.

Brandy: Hi, Abigail. Long time no see. Mind if I join you?

Abigail: As a matter of fact, Brandy, you're the last person I want to see.

Brandy: I know. And I'm sorry, okay? About everything. You have no idea.

Abigail: Can you just leave?

Brandy: I'm trying to apologize. Look, I know how hard it must be for you right now. Your mother in jail for Nick Scudder's murder. I can't even imagine.

Abigail: No. No, you can't. You have no clue. There are a million theories and rumors floating around. No one will give me one moment of peace.

Brandy: The only theory that really makes any difference is the cops', right? And they seem to have decided what happened. What are they telling you that they're not telling the rest of us?

Barbara: Who are you? Don't take another step closer.

Chauffeur: Where is he?

Barbara: Who? Who are you talking about?

Chauffeur: No more games, lady. Tell me where Steinbeck is. Now.

Barbara: Steinbeck?

Chauffeur: Yeah, James Steinbeck. Where'd he go?

Barbara: I don't -- I don't know. I don't know.

Chauffeur: Steinbeck!

Barbara: Did you arrange to meet him here?

Chauffeur: I know he's here, lady. I just heard you talking to him.

Barbara: I don't know.

Chauffeur: Tell me where he went.

Barbara: I don't know. I don't know.

Chauffeur: No, but you know plenty about that Limo service in Paris, right? Cheval Volant. That ring any bells?

Barbara: How do you know that name?

Chauffeur: I know plenty. From what I heard, it sounds like you do, too. Listen, I was Steinbeck's driver in Paris and everywhere else the three ladies went. So now, you can tell me where that slime bag is.

Barbara: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. The last time that I saw him --

Chauffeur: Who were you talking to?

Barbara: No one. I wasn't talking. I heard something and I came outside and I thought maybe it was James, but no, it was you. It was you.

Chauffeur: So where is he?

Barbara: I don't know. What is your business with him?

Chauffeur: I've got a message for him. You can tell your friend, Steinbeck, my next stop is the cop shop. And I've got his name on the tip of my tongue.

Rose: Look at her. She's in some sort of zone. And you're not much better off.

Emily: I'm fabulous. Thanks for asking.

Rose: Smiling. That's very good. Could you please tell me something? What do you know about this place?

Emily: What don't I know? The facials are fit for gods, the hydro massage is out of this world and the food here is --

Rose: Yes, I know. I know all about that. What I'm talking about is, where are the telephones? Who's in charge? How do we get out of here?

Emily: I don't know. I really never thought to ask.

Attendant: Everything satisfactory, ladies?

Carly: Paradise.

Rose: Get up -- get up -- I've got to talk to you about something. Come on. Hey, hey, come on. I've got to work with what I know here. Okay, Carly's supposed to be in Paris. Instead, she's here, vegging out, having steam baths. Doesn't remember much of in-between. What about you?

Emily: Limousines. I got in.

Rose: I got into a limousine, too, waiting for me. And Carly, you said there was one waiting for you at the airport in Paris, right?

Carly: Yes, that's right. Long, black one.

Rose: You see what I mean here? See what's going on? What else?

Emily: I was angry. I was very, very angry. And I was very sleepy. I slept and I slept and -- and then I came to in a steam. Have you had a steam?

Rose: That's how I came to, too. The steam.

Attendant #1: Ladies, time for your tea.

Carly: Tea.

Rose: Tea? Don't mind if I do. Excuse me. Oh, look at that. I'm so clumsy. Sorry. Whoo. Can I help you with that?

Attendant #2: No problem. Please sit. Enjoy. Relax.

Rose: Go that way.

Carly: Go where?

Rose: There, into the room.

Emily: I just -- I really don't think we should be going in here. Okay, all right, all right, okay.

Rose: All right, now that muscle beach is busy, we can have some little privacy here. Now, I know it's very hard for the two of you to focus into reality, but this is not your fault. There's something in the water here.

Carly: But Rose, it's mineral water. It's the best water in the world.

Rose: Right. What I'm saying is, there's something wrong with this place. It seems nice, it's really pretty, but did you look out the windows there in the solarium? All that snow? That ain't the Pocono's.

Emily: Okay, okay, so where are we?

Rose: Far away. Far, far away from everybody that we love and we care about. And no one's coming to look for us. So it's up to us. We have to find a way home.

Jack: Who's there? Listen, I'm a police officer. You come out now, slowly, with your hands up.

Jack: I'm only telling you one more time -- this is the police. You come out now with your hands up.

Craig: Don't shoot, Jack. It's just me.

Jack: You trying to get your head blown off?

Craig: I've lost my head before. May I?

Jack: Very funny. Yes. How'd you get in here?

Craig: You talking mano a mano or copper to perp?

Jack: Just answer the question.

Craig: I came in through the bathroom window. Mystery solved?

Jack: Hardly. Do you make a habit out of crawling through Carly's bedroom window?

Craig: Well, I wouldn't say "habit," per se.

Jack: Oh. Well, you know, breaking and entering, that's the worst habit of all.

Craig: But I'm not the only one who got in here without a key. How 'bout you?

Jack: Well, I heard a noise, I broke in to investigate, you resisted arrest -- that also explains the black eye.

Craig: Oh, come on, Jacko. Who are you talking to? We're both here for the same reason.

Jack: You think so?

Craig: I came here to find a clue that'll lead to Carly, and so did you.

Barbara: You're going to the Police?

Chauffeur: Yeah, I didn't sign on for this. I only took this gig 'cause it paid well. And Steinbeck made it sound like a reality TV gig. When you're an actor, you don't turn down work. But I don't want any part of hurting people.

Barbara: Oh, you're an actor. That's why you arrived armed for battle?

Chauffeur: The first two ladies, everything was like clockwork. You know, but that third one, she freaked, he drugged her and then I heard her call him a killer.

Barbara: Rose D'Angelo. She's hyper-emotional. Don't pay any attention to her.

Chauffeur: Lady, give me a break. I know fear when I hear it. And at the diner today, some waitress said the cops are looking for a missing woman. When they trace their limo, they'll track down the driver, run my prints and I'll take the heat for whatever Steinbeck's done to the ladies.

Barbara: Nothing's been done to them.

Chauffeur: Oh, yeah? Where are they?

Barbara: I don't know.

Chauffeur: So don't act like you know they're safe. You don't. Something's the matter with that Steinbeck guy.

Barbara: What do you mean?

Chauffeur: Last time I saw him, he was out of control. A guy like that is capable of anything. And if he's not here, then it's time for me to go to the cops.

Barbara: The Police don't take kindly to having their time wasted with paranoid delusions.

Chauffeur: This is no delusion. If something happened to the ladies, I want to make sure the cops know who to look for -- James Steinbeck. Now, why are you trying to throw me off the track? Are you in on it, too?

Barbara: No. No, don't be absurd.

Chauffeur: Oh, nice performance. Yeah, I'm an actor, remember? I know when someone's playing a part. You're in on this up to your armpits.

Jake: Nick Scudder can't hurt you anymore, but new evidence can. It's time for you to worry about what they have against you.

Molly: I don't understand what more they need. I told them what happened. He came after me, I hit him, he fell and I called the Police.

Jake: Molly, what about the time gap? There's no way it could have happened the way that you said it happened, and there are detectives out there putting it together second by second, and it does not add up.

Molly: The silver lining in all of this is the fact that my new husband can't serve on the jury. You'd send me to the chair.

Jake: I'm trying to believe you.

Molly: Is it really that much of a struggle?

Jake: It is if my wife can't look me in the eyes for ten seconds.

Molly: Is that better? Well, it better be. Because this is as believable as I get when I feel trapped between a doubting husband and a doubting lawyer. This is the best I can do, which is more than I can say for you.

Jake: I've let you down?

Molly: No, honey, you've let Abigail down. Instead of traveling to graveyards with her, why don't you try helping her get past it?

Jake: So what --

Molly: Be home with her.

Jake: Oh, I shouldn't be here with my wife, who's on trial?

Molly: You keep saying you want to help me.

Jake: I do.

Molly: Then convince Abigail that she had absolutely nothing to do with Nick's death. That's what I want, Jake. That's all I want.

Abigail: Why all the questions, Brandy? Are you shooting a documentary?

Brandy: I'm just curious about what's going on with your mom and all.

Abigail: Well, then, buy a newspaper.

Brandy: That's just the thing. I mean, they're not giving out any details until the trial starts, and I figured, hey, if you want to know the truth, go to the source.

Abigail: I'm not your source for anything. But it wouldn't surprise me if nothing happened the way it seems.

Brandy: Why are you looking at me like that?

Abigail: Should I suddenly believe that you're my friend?

Brandy: No. No. That would make me the sickest of all hypocrites.

Abigail: Compared to what I would call you, that's a compliment. What are you doing here? What do you want from me?

Brandy: Will they ask me to testify?

Abigail: I don't know.

Brandy: Well, just, for what it's worth, it would so decimate my personal and professional life if anyone found out I even remotely knew that reject.

Abigail: How did this all become about you, Brandy? My mother is in jail.

Brandy: Oh, I realize that, but there are other innocent victims here.

Abigail: Oh, you call yourself "innocent"?

Brandy: I barely knew the guy.

Abigail: You knew him well enough to do whatever he asked. And when Nick asked you to go after my boyfriend, you couldn't wait to spread your -- charm.

Brandy: Right. Right. Yeah, I know this story. The boyfriend strays and it's the other woman's fault. There is another side to the story.

Abigail: Adam told me the truth. Nick hired you to break us up. But it didn't work. And as far as your name being linked with Nick's, that is your problem. All that matters to me right now is my mother.

Brandy: You don't understand. I'm graduating in June, and if I am even the teeniest part of a scandal like this -- look, I'm on the short list for NYU film school.

Abigail: I guess you should have thought of that before.

Adam: Hey, Brandy. Remember me? Hey, hey, where're you going? Stick around. There are some things I've been dying to tell you.

Craig: Any leads yet?

Jack: Just this. Sent by Carly to Parker. It's proof she landed in Paris, but that's where the trail ends. As you can see, she mentions a limo she was supposed to take.

Craig: Oh, yes, Cheval Volant. They're very good. They'll know her destination, they'll know her driver.

Jack: They should, probably do. Unfortunately, I talked to the company. They're not sharing.

Craig: Well, then, someone has to go to Paris and straighten this out tout suite.

Jack: Well, since Carly, Emily and Rose all left for what appear to be viable, personal reasons, there's no apparent crime. It makes it hard to mount an official investigation.

Craig: Well, Jack, if you could conduct a manhunt, who would be at the top of your list?

Jack: That's Police business, okay? My point is, my hands are officially tied.

Craig: Interesting. Then we proceed unofficially and send someone there. I'm not going. I've arranged to send Simon Frasier.

Jack: Good luck.

Craig: We'll have a lot more luck if you can arrange an official contact for him in Paris.

Jack: Share classified information with you and your brother-in-law? Right.

Craig: Jack, there's no official Police investigation. Ergo, nothing is classified. You know of a better way to bring Carly back?

Carly: I don't understand why you are so determined not to enjoy yourself, Rose. Don't you know how to take a deep breath? And relax?

Emily: You know, we'll be going home soon enough, Rosie. Back to the daily grind, paying bills, stressed-out skin, oxygen-deficient air.

Carly: I do not see what the rush is.

Emily: Hmm-mm.

Rose: You don't see much of anything anymore, do you? Hello? Is anybody home? Look at you. You think you're gonna be here for a day or two. Do you know how long you've been here, honey? Weeks. Weeks. Can you say the word? Weeks.

Carly: Weeks.

Rose: Good.

Carly: But does it really matter? Isn't it true that time is all relative? I think -- I think under the extremely scrumptious circumstances, we ought to enjoy every moment.

Emily: I'm with Carly.

Rose: Do you hear yourself? You've never been "with Carly" under any circumstances.

Carly: Rose, Emily here -- Emily and I have decided to give peace a chance. We think that the entire world would be a lot more peaceful if we all took a steam every day, a peppermint wrap to ease global tension, a nice mineral bath to cleanse us and a long afternoon nap to complete the vacation.

Rose: This isn't a vacation, Carly. This is a lobotomy. Aren't you itching a little bit just to get back to Parker or Jack -- dare I say it -- Craig Montgomery? You don't even know how long you've been here.

Emily: Time doesn't really matter here. I mean, take a look around. Not a clock, not a watch.

Rose: Yes, right, but the world does live by clocks. And the people back in Oakdale, they're counting the minutes and the seconds since you disappeared.

Emily: They are? Why?

Rose: Because they love you and they've missed you. They don't know why you're gone. They don't know why you've disappeared or where you are.

Emily: Sure they do. The spa contacted them. Yeah, Daniel and Hal and Tommy and Margo and mom. They all know I'm fine. The spa people took care of everything.

Rose: Including your will to live.

Carly: Well, if this ain't living, I don't know what is.

Emily: No, no, I asked, and they told me they -- they took care of every single detail.

Rose: Yeah, I'll bet this mysterious person took care of everything. Next, he's gonna take care of us.

Carly: Do you mean you know who brought us here?

Rose: Not brought us here. Kidnapped. They kidnapped us and are keeping us from the rest of the world.

Emily: Do you know who this somebody is?

Rose: James Steinbeck.


Barbara: You're worried and afraid. That's understandable. That's what James inspires in people.

Chauffeur: Oh, you know a lot about him, huh?

Barbara: Oh, yes, I do. And I can help you if you don't hold me accountable for what he's done.

Chauffeur: Well, why should I think otherwise?

Barbara: Because I've been through enough hell in one lifetime.

Chauffeur: Okay. Well, how are you gonna help me?

Barbara: By giving you valuable advice. What's your name?

Chauffeur: Phil.

Barbara: Phil. Listen to me, Phil. You get as far away from here as you possibly can, and you forget that you ever met James Steinbeck.

Chauffeur: That's your big solution? Run?

Barbara: I wouldn't waste any time if I were you.

Chauffeur: Yeah, so if I get caught -- no, when I get caught, then I look guilty as sin. No way.

Barbara: So don't get caught. Without proof, the Police won't believe you. Did you sign a contract?

Chauffeur: No, I didn't sign a contract.

Barbara: Of course you didn't. And he paid you in cash, didn't he? So there's not even a paper trail to establish that you even knew James Steinbeck. That's his genius. Your word against his. And when they are reading you your rights, he's already gone. In fact, that's what he told me. He told me if I didn't see him here tonight, that he would be gone. He would be out of the country, which leaves the Police with only one suspect with no proof that he was even working alone.

Chauffeur: You're full of it, lady. Steinbeck is here. I know he is.

Barbara: What makes you think so?

Chauffeur: Because the night I drove away the second lady, I asked him what the deal was. And you know what he says? He starts making threats against me. So I follow him in case, you know, down the line, I need to find him. Well, guess what? He came here.

Barbara: He's not here! I told you I haven't seen him!

Chauffeur: Well, then, maybe the cops will have better luck finding him.

Barbara: Oh, no, oh, no, you're not leaving! No, no, no!

Chauffeur: Get off me! Get off me! Get off!

Paul: Mom? You all right? Mom!

Barbara: Help! Help me! Help me! Help me, Paul!

Paul: Come here, come here, come here. You okay? I'm right here. I'm right here. Shh.

Barbara: Thank God you're here. Thank God you're here. Thank God you're here.

Paul: It's okay. It's okay.

Barbara: It was so awful. Thank God you're here, Paul. Thank God.

Paul: All right, all right, you okay? You okay? All right, look, tell me what happened.

Barbara: He jumped at me. He jumped at me out of the dark and he was strangling me. And I don't know what he wanted, but I think he wanted to kill me, Paul.

Paul: Okay, okay, come here. Take your time. Catch your breath, okay? He's out cold. He's out cold. He's not gonna hurt you again. I'm right here, okay?

Barbara: Okay.

Paul: You know who he is?

Barbara: I've never seen him before. He said his name was Phil. Phil.

Paul: Okay. Okay. All right. Mom, go inside, okay? Just go inside. It's cold out here. Okay. All right, yeah. This is Paul Ryan, Fairwinds Estate, 100 Stone Winds Road. I have an intruder on my property. No, he's out cold. He ran into my fist. He'll be here when you get here, okay? All right, thank you. Mom, why don't you go inside? Hey, hey.

Barbara: No, no, he's coming to. He's coming to. He's coming to.

Paul: Hey, hey, hey, you stay right there, pal. The cops are on their way.

Chauffeur: Who the heck are you?

Barbara: Paul Ryan Steinbeck.

Chauffeur: Steinbeck?

Paul: I'm her son. You came to the wrong place, pal.

Barbara: No, no! No! No! You cannot leave me alone! No! You can't leave me alone, Paul!

Paul: Okay, okay.

Barbara: I was alone in the fire. Don't leave me alone.

Paul: Okay, I'm right here.

Barbara: Don't leave me alone.

Paul: Okay.

Craig: Jack, we need all the help we can get, and Simon has extensive experience in working --

Jack: Yeah, I know he helped Lily find Holden and Luke in Malta, but that hardly qualifies him as a P.I., Craig.

Craig: So what? He was successful. Let him try. You do your part on the home front, and maybe we can get Carly back where she belongs.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Excuse me.

Craig: Yeah.

Jack: Snyder. When? I'm on my way. Yep. I've got to go.

Craig: Any message for Simon?

Jack: Tell him -- tell him I'll be in touch. I'll find a contact for him to work with in Paris.

Craig: Good. I'd hate to take all the credit for helping Carly.

Jack: Oh, I bet. After you.

Molly: Jake, Abigail wasn't there when Nick died. He hit her, she ran. Thank God she ran. She wasn't involved. Could you make her believe that?

Jake: Oh, she'll believe it when she remembers it that way. I mean, I can comfort her, I can love her, but I cannot reprogram her.

Molly: You can keep her from dwelling on it. You can persuade her that -- that it's just pointless to keep terrorizing herself by revisiting that night again and again and again.

Jake: Persuade her how? She's just like her mother. She's as stubborn as a stump. When she starts thinking about this, all the pieces around Nick's murder are gonna start falling into place.

Molly: Well, they don't need to, because I know what happened.

Jake: And she'll know it, too, soon enough, when she finally remembers what it is that you're trying to hide.

Brandy: I didn't come here to start anything.

Adam: You shouldn't have come here at all. I see you, and I think about all the things that I should have said and all the things that I shouldn't have done and how stupid I was to have walked into that trap that you and Scudder set.

Brandy: Please, don't even say --

Adam: He hired you to make me look stupid. And when I did, I hurt the girl that I love. And I can assure you that is never gonna happen again.

Brandy: Look, if it makes you feel any better, I'm only here because I wanted to --

Adam: Nothing makes me feel better. And I don't care why you're here. You need to go. Oh, oh, and one more thing -- if you ever see me and Abigail ever again, you cross the street and walk in the opposite direction.

Abigail: I wish I had said that.

Adam: What was she doing here?

Abigail: She was asking questions about the murder. She's all freaked out that the Police are gonna link her name with Nick's -- which makes me wonder.

Adam: What?

Abigail: Maybe Brandy's somehow connected with what happened. You know, what -- what if I saw her and Nick kissing, and then after she left, I attacked him?

Adam: No, no, Abigail, no. That -- that's impossible.

Abigail: How can you be sure.

Adam: Because. Because. It's like I told Brandy before. I love you. And there is no way that these hands would hurt a soul. These hands are freezing.

Abigail: I know. I know. I haven't been able to get warm ever since -- ever since I went to Nick's grave. I felt so alone.

Adam: Well, you're not alone, Abi. I'm here. It's gonna be okay.

Abigail: Whoa --

Adam: Abigail? Are -- are you okay?

Abigail: Yeah. I just -- Adam, I remembered something.

Craig: Ah, just the man I needed to see.

Simon: Yeah, Paris is canceled, you've decided to go find Carly by yourself. That's --

Craig: Neither, neither. All systems are go, adventure man, so don't get cold feet. What's wrong?

Simon: I've just got an odd feeling about Katie.

Craig: You have an odd wife.

Simon: Look, who's going to keep an eye on her while I'm gone? She's -- she's up to something.

Craig: Katie will do whatever Katie wants to do. You're better off not knowing. Now, listen, I've just come from Jack. He's agreed to arrange a police contact for you in Paris, so you go get Carly and you bring her home.

Simon: I've got a better idea. You go to Paris and find Carly yourself. You'll be her hero.

Craig: I'd love nothing better, but I can't go to Paris or anywhere else while Lucy's with me.

Lucy: I went from apple of your eye to thorn in your side in no time flat.

Craig: My bunny has big ears.

Lucy: If you stay in Oakdale because of me, I'll regret it. You'll regret it. And you could miss out on the chance of a lifetime. You have to go to Paris.

Paul: Hey, Jack, thanks. Thanks for getting here so fast.

Jack: Yeah, how's Barbara?

Paul: She's -- she's pretty shaken up. She's inside.

Jack: Does she know who the attacker was?

Paul: No, she's never seen him before.

Jack: All right, well, why don't you tell me what you know, and I'll get a statement from Barbara later.

Paul: All right, she said he attacked her right about here. I was dropping by for a visit, I heard some commotion and when I saw what was happening, I came here, I knocked the guy out, he came to and he took off.

Jack: Did you give chase?

Paul: I wanted to, but my mom begged me to stay with her.

Jack: All right, all right, you got any vitals on the guy? Height, weight, hair, anything?

Paul: Six feet tall, about 175 pounds, dark hair.

Jack: Well, did you get any indication from him that he knew Barbara or vice versa?

Paul: I told you, he's a stranger. I don't know how or what happened. I just know he was attacking my mother, I stopped him, end of story.

Jack: Okay, I'm sorry if I come across as insensitive. It's just --

Paul: That's all I know, Jack. That's all I know.

Jack: Okay.

Paul: Hey.

Jack: Yep.

Paul: Wait, whoa, whoa. There's one thing. She said his name was Phil.

Jack: She knew the attacker's name?

Paul: Yeah. It was probably not his real name, but --

Jack: Wait, wait, wait, so did Phil I.D. himself before or during his attack on Barbara? It had to be one way or the other, right?

Carly: We're not laughing at you, Rose.

Emily: No, we weren't, really.

Carly: It's just the idea of James Steinbeck being responsible for 24 hours a day of unadulterated bliss.

Emily: Somebody stop him! I'm being pampered to death!


Rose: I'm glad you girls didn't lose your sense of humor.

Carly: You'd laugh, too, Rose, if you knew anything at all about the guy.

Rose: I know about him. I know enough. I sat across from him. He drugged me and kidnapped me.

Emily: James Steinbeck's in Oakdale? Wow.

Rose: Hey, you know what? The real Emily Stewart, if she heard about this James Steinbeck news flash, she'd be burning jet fuel back to The Intruder like that.

Emily: Well, that's the beauty of this place. Worries of the work day just melt away.

Rose: Steinbeck made up this cover story about this ex of mine, Vince O'Malley, and made it look like I wanted to be with him, like I couldn't live without him, and Paul found out about it, and he walked out on me.

[Carly and Emily sigh] Paul thinks that I left him, all the people that I love and I care about on this job that I have through this loser, Vince O'Malley. Steinbeck wanted it that way. He wanted Paul to think that I left him -- left him for good. That's what he said. He basically admitted the whole scheme.

Emily: What did he say next?

Rose: I don't know, because I was so looped up on the coffee that he drugged, I couldn't remember anything. But I know if he brought me here, he brought all of us here. Does that sound like the James Steinbeck that you know?

Emily: You know, we ought to start asking some questions.

Rose: Yes.

Carly: I did. I asked a question when I got here.

Rose: What did you find out?

Carly: You know the mountains and lakes and such? It's quite possible we're in Europe.

Rose: Why don't you lay off the tea a little bit, see what happens, okay? And maybe we should start snooping around a little.

Hilda: Ladies, how are you today? You look so rejuvenated. If there's anything you need --

Rose: There's something I need, all right. Your name, for starters, please?

Hilda: I'm Hilda. So happy to have you with us.

Rose: That's one of us.

Hilda: Please, follow me for snacks and tea.

Carly: Snacks. Refreshments. You have to love this place, Rose. They give you things even before you know that you want them.

Emily: And those pomegranate things --

Carly: Strawberries. Strawberries.

Rose: Hey, hold it, Hilda! I'm not through with you, not by a long shot.

Molly: I've already been questioned, Jake. I don't need to be interrogated by you, too.

Jake: You know, I know you, Molly. I know when you're scared and I know when there's more to the story.

Molly: I don't need to hear this.

Jake: No, I think you do.

Molly: What do you want me to tell you?

Jake: Like you didn't know. Tell me beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're not covering up for somebody else. 'Cause I know how much you love her.

Molly: Go home. Go home and tell her that.

Jake: Is that right? Think that's gonna make it better? You think she's gonna be able to go on with her life?

Molly: She has to.

Jake: Would you? Would you if you were in her shoes, carrying around that kind of guilt?

Molly: Guilt? She doesn't have guilt. Why won't you believe that?

Jake: Because you fought harder when you were in a coma. You think I'm gonna give up, let me tell you something about the guy you married. I don't take broken promises lightly.

Molly: What promise?

Jake: We are supposed to be together until death got in the way, remember that? Remember that? "As long as we both shall live"? We were supposed to grow old together. We were supposed to raise those two beautiful, beautiful girls. What do I know about women, anyway? Except I am not gonna let this one leave without a fight.

Adam: What do you remember?

Abigail: You were holding my hand, and you said that everything was taken care of, that everything would be okay. Where were we?

Adam: What do you mean, "where were we?"

Abigail: I can almost see it, Adam.

Adam: I -- I was taking you home from the boarding house. Remember? I found you wandering around on the street, you were totally out of it, I took you home.

Abigail: It feels like there's something more.

Adam: No, that's it. Look, Abigail, stop pushing yourself like this.

Abigail: I have to push myself like this, Adam. I have to remember and I have to make this make sense. I'm gonna -- will you hate me if I go?

Adam: Where are you going?

Abigail: I want to go home. I just want to get into a zone where there's no interruptions. Maybe I can fill in the blanks.

Adam: Okay. I'll drive you.

Abigail: No. I'm gonna walk. A walk maybe will shake some of these cobwebs out of my head.

Adam: Okay. Is there anything else I can do?

Abigail: You're already doing it. Wish me luck.

Adam: Good luck.

Craig: You trying to get rid of me?

Lucy: Never.

Craig: Then why the sudden desire to send me to Paris?

Lucy: Somebody has to find Carly, right?

Craig: Uncle double-oh Simon, one-man search and rescue team.

Simon: Yeah, never fear, Frasier's here.

Craig: And while he's on the case, I am with you. I promised your mom I'd watch you like the stock market.

Lucy: It sounds like I'm stuck with you.

Craig: Oh, yeah. Yeah. And while we're here, why don't we order up a mess of room service. Simon.

Simon: Yeah?

Craig: Mess of room service.

Lucy: I'd love to. Any night but tonight.

Simon: Really? What, you've got a hot date?

Lucy: Yeah. Hot date with aunt Katie.

Simon: Really? Yes?

Lucy: I promised her I'd help her with something. Man. So suspicious.

Craig: Sounds like just the two of us, bucko.

Simon: Are you kidding? I'd never eat again. I'll see you later on.

Craig: Abandoned on all sides. How could things come to this?

Lucy: You'll survive, daddy.

Craig: I don't want you out late on a school night.

Lucy: When I was 6, we stayed up all night on a school night just so I could watch sea turtles hatch. When I was 7 --

Craig: A litany of my sins?

Lucy: Shall I continue?

Craig: You have a dangerous memory. Even so --

Lucy: It's dinner with your little sister.

Craig: Exactly.

Lucy: I've already done all my homework, and it's only late for newborns and nuns. Please, daddy?

Craig: All right, fine. Abandon me for Katie. But just to make sure there's no hard feelings, I'm taking you exactly where you have to go myself.

Lucy: I've been crossing streets by myself for years. But if you'd like to make a contribution, in case aunt Katie takes me shopping again --

Craig: The old surprise and demand, eh?

Lucy: Love you, daddy.

Craig: I love you. I'll see you soon?

Jack: Okay, so let me get this straight -- you interrupt this Phil while he's attacking your mother.

Paul: Yeah. And she's lucky I got here when I did.

Jack: You knock him out, you bring your mother to safety and then -- and then he regains consciousness and takes off?

Paul: Yes. Yes. That's right.

Jack: So it was sometime before you arrived that Phil tells your mother his name.

Paul: Yes. What?

Jack: Since when does any attacker tell his victim his name?

Paul: Don't ask me to explain what kind of man attacks a woman --

Jack: I'm asking you to think about this. Here's Phil. He's waiting. He sees his victim and he makes his move. He attacks. Now, your mother fights back, and meantime during this life-and-death struggle, he just screams out his own name? What kind of sense does that make?

Paul: You've got other theories on how this whole thing went down? Let's hear them.

Jack: We usually don't get formal introductions from perps. I'll get back to you when I get something more concrete.

Paul: What, proof that my mother and her attacker were in this together, Jack?

Jack: I'm not looking for a fight, Paul.

Paul: I know you're not. You're looking for answers. So try this -- instead of blaming the victim, find my mother's attacker before he tries something else.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Snyder. You don't say. Yeah, put him through. You're never gonna believe this. That was the squad room. They've got a guy on the line, wants to talk to me. The guy says his name is Phil.

Hilda: Ladies, please, eat your fill. Our exquisite fruits and veggies are flown in daily from all four corners of the globe.

Rose: Excuse me. You know what? Book me into any of those four corners, would you? Anywhere but here.

Hilda: I assure you --

Rose: You want to assure me? You want to assure me? All right, you assure me. Show me to your boss. Tell me who's in charge here.

Hilda: Why, our guests are in charge, naturally.

Rose: Oh, naturally, naturally. You know, let's cut through the bull, Hilda. Whatever you're selling here, I'm not buying.

Hilda: It is an all-inclusive adventure in relaxation and luxury. Mango? They're delish.

Rose: Does the name James Steinbeck mean anything to you? Ah. What about the term "get Steinbeck"? 'Cause I think that's what's happening to all three of us here, and I am not gonna stand for it.

Hilda: Why stand at all, Ms. D'Angelo? You're here to relax, luxuriate in comfort.

Rose: Get your soft paws off of me, you steroid-heads.

Hilda: Is that a New Jersey accent I detect? Ah, the garden state. A lovely place, yes?

Rose: Oh, you're gonna detect something, all right, right in your face.

Hilda: I do detect tension in your voice. A seaweed wrap will work wonders for that. You'll feel so refreshed.

Emily: She's gonna be okay, right?

Carly: Oh, yeah, of course. They'll be gentle with her. Won't they?

Hilda: She won't feel a thing. And when she comes back, she'll be feeling like a new woman.

Rose: Oh, no, get your paws -- let me go! Let me go! I'm gonna hit somebody, I swear I am.

Hilda: See you soon, Miss D'Angelo.

Rose: Let me go!

Emily: Bye-bye, Rose. See you later.

Carly: Have a good time, Rose.

Rose: Help me!

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