ATWT Transcript Friday 1/11/02

  As The World Turns Transcript Friday 1/11/02

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Molly: We've been over this, Tom, and I told you why I killed Nick, how I killed Nick.

Tom: I don't care if we have to go over it a thousand times.

Molly: It was self-defense. What more do you want?

Tom: Well, I want something, anything that will help me prove that.

Molly: I'm out of answers. Are we done? 'Cause I'd like to go back to my cell.

Tom: We haven't even scratched the surface of what it's going to take to defend you.

Molly: That's your job.

Tom: Molly, how can I help you if you're not willing to help yourself?

Margo: Tell the lab to put a rush on it. I'm looking for any prints that match the key we found at the crime scene. And Turner, the report comes directly back to me. No one is to see the results but me.

Jake: Detective Hughes. Face-to-face with the uniform. What's going on? Do you have some new evidence?

Margo: Nothing that concerns you.

Jake: Oh, no, no? That doesn't concern me? That's just the love of my life, the mother of my children.

Margo: If you want to help Molly, back off.

Bonnie: We can't be locked in here. It's ridiculous. Step out of the way, please.

Isaac: What are you going to do, kick it down?

Bonnie: I would not be surprised if you don't know how to work a doorknob. Now, please. It's jammed.

Isaac: Oh, I see. I say, "it's jammed," and it's ridiculous. You say, "it's jammed," it's a brilliant deduction. Where is your cell phone?

Bonnie: It's in my bag under the bar. What about yours?

Isaac: If I had my cell phone, I'd be on the phone with the jaws of life right now. Why don't you try screaming? Maybe some hero out there will come running.

Bonnie: We're closed for inventory, Isaac. Nobody is going to hear me. I don't believe this. It's like Oakdale has become like my personal ring of hell.

Isaac: Now, now, don't panic. They say the worst thing you can do in a situation like this is panic.

Bonnie: Or how about staying out of stupid situations like this in the first place? It was you that slammed the door and locked us in here.

Isaac: Well, if you hadn't picked a fight over something as trivial as a little black book, we'd never be here.

Bonnie: Trivial? I was trying to stay away from a guy who rates women like movies. The one good thing is at least I didn't find my name in that book of trash.

Isaac: Oh, so you went straight to the Ms, huh?

Bonnie: What's the matter? Am I not good enough to be included? Or do you have bigger plans for me?

Isaac: I haven't decided yet.

Bonnie: Then how about now. Let's figure this out. Where do I fit in, Isaac?

Isaac: Into what?

Bonnie: Your life, maybe.

Jack: Carly sent a postcard to Parker? I didn't know that.

Will: Yeah. It came today. It's got a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it.

Jack: No kidding? Can I see it?

Will: Yeah. Mom, do you have it?

Barbara: Um, honey, it's over here on this stack of mail. It's right over here. I forgot all about it. Where is it? Where is it? Here it is. Here it is. You know what? Darling, dinner's not quite ready, and you've got homework, why don't you get upstairs and get it done, okay?

Will: Do I have to?

Barbara: Yes, you have to. You always feel better when you have your homework done before dinner. I'll call you when it's ready, all right? Okay.

Jack: "Dear Parker -- I just landed in Paris, and in a few minutes, a "flying horse" will take me to my hotel. Not a real flying horse. The name of the limousine company is "Cheval Volant" -- "flying horse." Funny, huh? Love you, little man. Miss you to pieces. Love, mommy."

Barbara: A sweet note.

Jack: It's also the first clue we've gotten about Carly being missing. Were you going to share this with the Police?

Barbara: Of course I was.

Jack: When?! Because I'm thinking it wasn't in the cards, Barbara -- not if you could help it.

Carly: I can tell you where we are, Rose, but you are simply not going to believe it.

Rose: Would you try me, because I've been tricked, drugged, dragged. Just God knows what this place is. A steam bath or a prison? Which one is it?

Carly: I could explain it to you, or you could just see for yourself. Come on.

Rose: Oh! Holy cow!

Carly: It is something, isn't it?

Rose: Look at all that snow! Wow! We're up really high. We're not in Illinois anymore, are we?

Bonnie: You may not have gotten the chance to rate my performance -- not that you ever will -- but don't I at least merit an entry? I mean, you do have my phone number, right?

Isaac: You're missing the big picture here. I don't care about any of the women in that book.

Bonnie: So let me get this straight. In order to secure a place in Isaac's coveted, little black book, you have to be a woman that he doesn't care about.

Isaac: No, that's not what I meant. I wasn't trying to romance these women. We were just having fun. It was a fun way to pass the time.

Bonnie: Oh, I see.

Isaac: I don't think you do. Those women mean -- meant nothing to me.

Bonnie: How many?

Isaac: How many what?

Bonnie: How many women -- or should I say "meaningless women" have you been with?

Isaac: You want a number?

Bonnie: You do know how to count, don't you?

Isaac: Bonnie, I --

Bonnie: Listen, we were just saying how we were going to venture slowly into something that resembles a relationship, right?

Isaac: Yes.

Bonnie: Well then, I have the right to know what I might be getting myself into.

Isaac: I really don't have a number.

Bonnie: Okay. Look, if it would make you feel any better, I'll go first. No details, just how many men I've been seriously close to -- very, very close. Close as in getting --

Isaac: I get it. How many?

Bonnie: One.

Isaac: One?

Bonnie: Mm-hmm. Now you. Go ahead.

Isaac: A couple.

Bonnie: Only a couple?

Isaac: A couple hundred? No, I'm kidding! I'm kidding! I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Maybe I lost track awhile back.

Bonnie: It doesn't matter. It's still probably the population of a small town.

Isaac: Come on, Bonnie. Don't be like that.

Bonnie: Don't "come on, Bonnie" me! I've been burnt by a lothario before, so whatever you were thinking, forget about it. I am not about to make the second mistake with you.

Barbara: How can you believe that I've been keeping information about Carly from you?

Jack: What else does it sound like, Barbara? You should have told me about this postcard the minute I walked in the door!

Barbara: It would have spoiled my surprise, Jack.

Jack: Your surprise?

Barbara: Yes. I thought that maybe I could do a little detective work myself and prove that I wanted to help.

Jack: Really? Rallying to the cause? How?

Barbara: I've been doing business for years in Paris. I have an entire rolodex full of contacts.

Jack: Do you know anything about this "Cheval Volant" limo service?

Barbara: No, I don't, but I thought that maybe I could make a few inquiries. Perhaps I could find out who the chauffeur was.

Jack: When was all this going to happen?

Barbara: It's the middle of the night in Paris right now, Jack, and I don't know. Maybe tomorrow morning.

Jack: This is a Police matter, Barbara, not a game of clue.

Barbara: Unbelievable. Even my good intentions get bashed!

Jack: No, you're not impressing me as someone who's trying to help. You strike me more as a woman who's -- who's covering her tracks.

Rose: You better start spilling' right now. Where did they find these people? It's like that spa channel on cable, except I'm not sitting in front of my television in my beanbag chair eating chocolates. Can you please tell me how I got from Al's diner to this place?

Carly: I do not know, but you're going to like it. Just you trust me.

Rose: Would you please get real? People do not kidnap you and ship you off to a five-star resort. Ask Lily. This is not what it looks like.

Carly: I would keep my voice down if I were you. Loud noises around here are a no-no.

Rose: Oh, you know what? Ask me if I care! Somebody better clue me in right now, or I'm going to start going jersey, and that ain't pretty!

Carly: Stop it. Would you just stop it? I promise you, I will tell you everything as long as you promise you will shut up.

Margo: Look, Jake, I know that you're worried about Molly, but you want to take it down a notch or two before I book you?

Jake: Oh, what are you going to get me on, "felonious intent to help my wife"?

Margo: Interfering with an ongoing investigation.

Jake: Give me a break, Margo.

Margo: Did you see the yellow tape at Scudder's before you burst in there? You know what it means? It means, "it's a crime scene." It means, "stay out." And now, you're eavesdropping on an official conversation right here in the precinct?

Jake: Sorry. I went off on you when I found you and Abigail at the boarding house. But I am a reporter. If I happen to hear something that's going to impact my family, I'm not going to cover my ears. Now, please tell me.

Margo: Would you just don't push me? I don't have time to be nice. I got a dead body. Look, you want to do something, your good deed to help Molly's defense? Why don't you go in the interrogation room? She's right in there with Tom. Just go.

Jake: Any advice or help for a friend?

Margo: I don't want to see Molly go down for this. I mean, you two are newlyweds. You should be spending a long and happy life together.

Jake: What about a tip?

Margo: I can't. Molly's got so many gaps to fill in. She's got to give Tom something. The D.A.'s got her for murder one, and there's nothing I can do.

Tom: I'm not mincing words with you, Molly. I need many more details about what happened that night.

Molly: Well, you've heard everything I'm going to say.

Tom: And that is not good enough!

Jake: I thought we're all on the same side here.

Molly: Well, Tom's not happy with what I've been giving him, but I don't know what more I can say.

Tom: You need to prove to a jury that you're innocent. You can't act like this is all just going to go away.

Molly: Tom, you may not like the chances that every single one of your clients has, but does that keep you from doing your job?

Tom: My job is to explain your behavior on the night in question, and you can't even fully explain it yourself.

Molly: I don't want to go through this again.

Tom: What am I not doing?

Jake: Rewind here, guys. Rewind. Is there something that I missed? Did I miss something here?

Tom: I got the medical examiner's report. It places the time of Scudder's death between 10:00 and 10:15 P.M.

Jake: What's going' on?

Tom: Well, Molly didn't make her 911 call until 10:45, so I need to know what she was doing for half an hour before she made the call.

Jake: Molly?

Isaac: Look at you. You're all bent out of shape over nothing. A little black book. Boys will be boys. You can't expect them to be eunuchs.

Bonnie: What is that, an excuse to bed anything with a pulse?

Isaac: Now, hold on. I don't know about this legendary duke you were involved with. What did you call him, a lothario? But that ain't me.

Bonnie: Either way, it doesn't matter. You're a little too well-seasoned for my taste.

Isaac: I'm a healthy, red-blooded American man who's enjoyed the company of a few women. End of story.

Bonnie: Okay. What if that little black book were mine, filled with names and numbers of guys that I've been with just for fun? No romance, just pure, physical, hot, steamy, non-commited, sexual --

Isaac: You're really kind of turning me on right now.

Bonnie: Think about it, Isaac, really. You don't look too happy. Big surprise.

Isaac: No, no, wait. I wouldn't have a problem with it. I'd be fine with it.

Bonnie: Liar, liar! If that were my book, you'd be disgusted. I would not be able to get away with "girls will be girls," none of those macho, platitude stuff you've given me. Why? Because in your possession, you are red-blooded and healthy. In my possession, that book, I'd be a slut.

Isaac: All right. Look, you've made your point. You're right. There is a double standard at play here, but hear me out. Where I grew up, sexual conquests were part of becoming a man. I'm not saying that it was right or that I'm proud of it or that it's something I'm even going to teach my own son.

Bonnie: Or warn your daughter about.

Isaac: It is what it is, Bonnie. I mean, it's a part of me, sure.

Bonnie: The worst part.

Isaac: But only a part. It doesn't mean that I can't be in love or that I can't commit.

Bonnie: Then why were you so busy not looking for love? Why were you wasting your time just playing games on these women?

Isaac: No, I didn't play any games with these women. I'm an adult. So are the women that I date. They wanted to be with Isaac Jenkins, lucky them. If not, have a nice life.

Bonnie: Please, do not refer to yourself in third person like some over-achieving sports star. Bonnie McKechnie hates that.

Isaac: You know what I really think?

Bonnie: I don't want to guess.

Isaac: I think that on this planet, there is only one person, one entity who's perfect for you in every way. I'm talking emotionally, spiritually, physically. That's what I believe in my heart. This book is childish. I know that. I should have thrown it out a long time ago, but it's one of those things that a boy thinks he needs to be a man.

Bonnie: Well, if you really, really believe in true love, stop fooling around. Now, are we or aren't we something?

Isaac: This is one of those trust things, isn't it?

Bonnie: There is no trust between us as long as that book exists.

Isaac: All right. Poof. It's gone. I'll throw it away.

Bonnie: When?

Isaac: When we get out of here.

Bonnie: After you photocopy the pages? No. Huh-uh. If you want to prove that there is actually something between us, then destroy it now.

Isaac: Now?

Bonnie: Yeah. Come on. You're a changed man.

Isaac: Can I have a minute to mourn?

Bonnie: Instead of weeping, why don't you think about how nice it would be to be with me?

Isaac: You're right. Rip it.

Bonnie: Really?

Isaac: Tear it up, girl. I only have eyes for you.

Bonnie: And I don't want you coming back in here with a bunch of tape trying to put it back together again, okay? Huh-uh. You know what? I've got a better idea. The only way to destroy this nightmare here is to burn it.

Isaac: No, no, no. I wouldn't --

Bonnie: Oh, yes. See? I knew you were bluffing. I knew it!

Isaac: No, Bonnie, Bonnie, I wouldn't --

[Bonnie screams] as I was saying, if you light it, the sprinklers are going to go off.

Barbara: I thought we had a friendship. I guess that doesn't matter to you anymore.

Jack: Just tell me why you were hiding the postcard.

Barbara: I wasn't hiding it. It was there in a stack of mail that arrived today. Do you understand that? Jack, you desperately want this to be a Police matter, but it is not. You want the fact that those women disappeared to be a matter of foul play, but it is not. This is not evidence. It is a postcard that was addressed to my house to Hal's son. Now, I really don't care about Carly's vanishing act, but I thought maybe I could help somehow, Jack.

Jack: Why the sudden turnaround, Barbara? You despise Carly.

Barbara: It was the only way that I could prove to you, to Hal, to my son and to anyone else in this town that I had nothing to do with those missing women.

Jack: No one's accusing you.

Barbara: Don't insult me. You put me in the same league as James Steinbeck. That's an accusation. How do you think it makes me feel?

Jack: I'm not really sure I want to try with you at all anymore.

Barbara: You know what? I guess this was pretty foolish of me. All I was trying to do was to get the snakes to stop from whispering in the grass, but you know what? Can you really blame me? Can you blame me for looking out for myself.

Carly: I had some time to kill in the airport when I got to Paris, so I wrote Parker a little postcard, and then a limousine driver showed up. He was very French, as I recall, and very handsome, and he told me that Rimbaud had --

Rose: That's the fashion guy, the big deal, right?

Carly: Yeah. Yes, the fashion guy. He told me that Rimbaud had changed his plans, and I wasn't going to a hotel but to his chateau.

Rose: Is that what this is? Are we at his chateau right now?

Carly: I don't know. I don't think so.

Rose: You don't remember how you got here?

Carly: I had a glass of champagne in the limousine, and I think that's what made me fall asleep. And then, when I woke up, I was here.

Rose: You still haven't told me where here is.

Carly: Rose, it's a spa.

Rose: Well, I got that part, Sherlock.

Carly: It's actually pretty terrific, too. They have a thalasso therapy regime that is out of this world.

Rose: You know what? You've better get a hold of yourself right now. This may look like heaven, but they're not handing out wings at the door.

Carly: I was like you. I was just like you. I was concerned, and I was confused, but I'm feeling so much better today.

Rose: Today? How long do you think you've been here?

Carly: Oh, a day, maybe two perhaps.

Rose: Oh, dear, see, that's the problem right there, because I was there when you left for Paris, because Paul went to the airport after you. That was before Christmas.

Carly: And so, what day is it today.

Rose: January.

Carly: January? Oh, is that right?

[Carly laughs] wow. Well, time certainly flies when you're getting a foot massage every hour. Have you tried the fruit juice? Oh, it's the red kind. It's like you've got a strawberry growing inside your mouth.

Rose: No, thank you. Last time I drank something, it had a Mickey in it. Excuse us. We have got to find a phone or else I'm putting a parachute on my back, and I'm jumping off this mountain. I've got to get out of here.

Carly: Rose, Rose, there are no phones. It's that ringing. It induces a stress response.

Rose: What's the matter with you? Doesn't this seem strange? It seems freaky to me.

Carly: Huh? I never looked at it that way. Do you mean like "freaking' great"?

Rose: I don't understand why. I mean, you and me, two girls from Oakdale, Illinois who never even knew places like this even existed. What I can't figure out is that you don't even seem to care about all those beautiful things that you left behind.

Carly: No, Rose. I guess I don't.

Rose: We have been locked up in a glitzy-ritzy prison. This doesn't bother you?

Carly: Well, they've been treating me quite nicely here, Rose.

Rose: Hey, hey, they've stolen your life. You were on the verge of a hotshot career. You had two guys fighting over you, like pigeons with popcorn, you don't seem to care.

Carly: Blowing this out of proportion, Rose.

Rose: What about your child? You've got a little son, who wants to see his mommy.

Carly: You know, Parker is with his father. He's fine, I'm sure. And as for Jack and Craig?

[Carly laughs] let's not even go there, shall we? Let's hope that after all this time, they've really been in love with each other.

[Carly and Rose laugh]

Rose: That's funny.

Masseuse: Madam, care for a massage of the feet?

Rose: No, no! Thank you. Get your fingers away from me!

Carly: I think Rose you really ought to try it. These guys, they know all these pressure points. It's phenomenal!

Rose: Really? No, nope! I've been manhandled enough, thank you very much. No touchy.

Carly: You're destroying the ambience.

Rose: We were not brought here, Carly, because we won the foot massage sweepstakes. We're in jail. We're incarcerated. This is a trap and I know who set it.

Carly: Jail is for the bad people. We are not the bad people.

Rose: No, we're not, but bad people brought us here. I don't know who brought you here, but I know who brought me here. James Steinbeck.

Carly: James Steinbeck!

[Carly laughs and hums scary music] Rose, let me tell ya, you are an absolute scream.

Jack: No one's trying to peg you as the villain here, Barbara. Kidnapping is Steinbeck's style.

Barbara: How could he do that? He's out of the country.

Jack: Oh, he doesn't have to be in the country. And who's to say he never came back? Maybe he never left.

Barbara: You said he was in Canada.

Jack: After he saw you.

Barbara: And that makes me guilty of what?

Jack: Can you blame me for wondering if you've had contact with him since? Especially when you've been so secretive, so inaccessible.

Barbara: I've been in recovery.

Jack: Try to look at it from my perspective, Barbara. I come over here and you've got evidence that could break this whole thing wide open. And you're holding onto it.

Barbara: Do I have to beat this into your head? Jack, I was trying to help. I thought perhaps I could solve the mystery.

Jack: Explain it however you want, it's weird. Now, I know that you've had your share of problems. And I appreciate that you're trying to piece your life back together.

Barbara: But you still think that I'm lying about that postcard.

Jack: Do I accept your explanation? No, your ex-husband is the chief of detectives. If you were seriously trying to help, you wouldn't have wasted any time. You would have picked up the phone and you would've called him the minute you got the postcard.

Barbara: How could I do that, he's out of town. He didn't leave me a number. My mistake was not calling you. But you know, I'm a little desperate to try to prove that I had nothing to do with this. Now, if you have evidence that I somehow secretly got to Paris and did something to Carly or the other women, then arrest me. If not, leave. I have no need to care about what you think of me anymore.

Jack: I'll be taking this postcard. I'll see to it that Parker gets it. Maybe it won't keep him from crying himself to sleep every night, but maybe it'll help us find his mom.

Barbara: I hope so. What am I doing? What am I doing? James, James, it's all falling apart! What am I doing?

Molly: I don't know why I waited so long to call. I don't know, maybe I was in shock.

Tom: So, you came out of shock 30 minutes later to call 911?

Molly: Why are you attacking me?

Tom: The prosecution's questions are going to be a lot tougher, Molly.

Molly: Score one for the prosecution, I guess.

Tom: Any suggestions?

Jake: Tom, could you -- how are you doing on time? Do you think that it would be possible to ask Margo if we could just have a little private chat.

Tom: I could see if I could get her to bend the rules.

Jake: And she was out there speaking to a uniform. I'm sure there's some new evidence -- good, bad, I don't know.

Tom: All right, I'll nose around. Hey, Molly, this is your life, your future, please fight for it. That's all I'm trying to do.

Molly: I can't wake up. I keep trying, but I can't.

Jake: You know what I just told Tom about that evidence? You know anything about that?

Molly: How would I? It doesn't matter anyway, because anything that Margo finds isn't going to change the facts.

Jake: So you're saying that there's nothing that ever gonna come forward that would point to someone else? Okay, how about witnesses? Anyone who can corroborate your self-defense story?

Molly: I did it. All right? I did it to protect my daughter. Haven't you said that you would do the same thing, Jake?

Jake: Couldn't stop thinking about it when I left Abigail.

Molly: Is she okay?

Jake: She was at Nick's grave.

Molly: Why would she go there?

Jake: She's just sorting stuff out. Starting to have some doubts about that night -- feeling guilty.

Molly: Well, that's crazy. She got absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.

Jake: She's got a lot of holes on her memory there, Molly. I'm thinking she's wondering if there's a whole different truth to this story.

Molly: Well, I think you need to tell her to stop wondering and accept what is. In fact, I think a lot of people need to do that, including you.

Molly: Sorry. I didn't mean to snap. Everything is just very intense right now.

Jake: Well, hey, it's not how you said what you said. It's what you said.

Molly: My heart is crushing at the thought of Abigail torturing herself over scum like Nick. And hanging out at his grave site? That just makes me sick to my stomach.

Jake: She's just looking for some answers.

Molly: Well, she should come to me. So I can tell her that the only tragedy here, is that she was too sweet and too vulnerable and fell in love with a guy that used her.

Jake: I think that she just feels a little guilty that he had to die for it.

Molly: And maybe -- maybe he had it coming. What?

Jake: You.

Molly: Jake, what are you doing?

Jake: Shh. Hmmm, my wife. Sometimes I don't know how lucky I am that that's a fact.

Molly: Jake --

Jake: You know what? Do you remember when we started to take this ride together? We were on opposite sides of this big old chasm, and then we came together and we found our kids. And then we held hands, and we walked off into the future. Then the day we got married it was kind of the same thing, we were separated, remember? I was under the terrace, and you were inside and I reached back and I held your hand. I could feel you. Right then, right then and there, in that moment, before we even said our vows, we shaped who we were gonna be as husband and wife. And now we're sitting here, and your -- there's a divide. I am looking at you. I am touching you and I can't -- feel you.

Molly: Please don't --

Jake: Do you really think that I'm gonna allow you to shut me out? Do you really think -- I want to know what's going on. I would die, I am telling you -- I would die, before I would let any harm come to you. And you -- what is it that you are not telling me?

Bonnie: Don't even peek, unless you want a black eye. Just because I'm stark naked under here, does not mean I'm going to be another statistic in your book.

Isaac: No chance of that. My little friend has passed away.

Bonnie: Sorry.

Isaac: An unsolicited apology? You surprise me. That's a good sign.

Bonnie: Aren't you gonna take any responsibility for this yourself?

Isaac: I do. I set you off.

Bonnie: You always set me off.

Isaac: Well, you give as good as you get. We even?

Bonnie: Did you mean what you said before? You're willing to knock off all other options when it comes to me?

Isaac: You got to have faith, right? Besides, I was ready for a change, anyway.

Bonnie: No more conquests?

Isaac: Just you. And once I win your heart and your trust, I plan to hold on to that ground for a long time.

Bonnie: Is that what I am to you? New territory to plant your flag on?

Isaac: That depends. You have to make -- or want to make me part of your kingdom, as well.

Bonnie: This is -- I don't know, a storage room?

Isaac: Well, our situation will get better, but this ain't bad.

Lisa: Oh! What in -- well, now, okay? First it was a kiss and now, what is this a toga party? Listen my precious little bunnies, I'm all for diversion in a day's work but, now enough is enough.

Bonnie: If you're looking at me, stop. I'm trying to disappear.

Barbara: James? James, if you're here please don't make me wait. Don't make me. You're laughing, aren't you? Foolish Barbara, she only wants what she wants. It doesn't matter how she gets it. Look at her now. Are you happy? I'm frightened, James. The pieces of my dream life are falling all down -- all around me. Jack, Jack found the postcard that Carly sent from Paris. That was a little loose end that you didn't tie up. And he knows the name of the limo service that picked her up from the airport. People are pointing fingers, James. They are pointing fingers, even Paul. They are pointing fingers at me, I'm scared, James! I'm scared --

Jack: Yeah, I already faxed my credentials to your manager. Right, Detective Jack Snyder, Oakdale Police department, in the good, old U.S. of A. Yup, we're looking for records of a passenger you picked up December 14th, 2001. The name is Carly Tenney. Yes, yes, I'll hold.

Mitzi: If this is a bad time --

Jack: No, no, should only take a minute, really. Yeah, I'm still here. You're sure about that? Yes, thank you. All right. What can I do for you, Mitzi?

Mitzi: Looks like you got problems of your own.

Jack: Oh, same shtick, different day. How you holding up?

Mitzi: Thinking I would have heard something by now if anything came up. I just keep praying maybe -- I haven't stopped with these beads all day.

Jack: It can't hurt. Meanwhile, you got to believe me, I'm doing everything I can.

Mitzi: I know. I know. The thing of it is -- Rose is the first and only best friend I ever had. And not knowing what happened to her is making me a little crazy. I keep watching these TV shows, you know, dramatic re-enactments about missing people, 800 numbers you can call.

Jack: Mitzi, you shouldn't watch that kind of stuff.

Mitzi: But they find people, you know? With Rose, I mean -- a person doesn't just disappear without a trace. You know, even back in Jersey, they found missing people, you know? Even the guys that they threw in the -- with the cement shoes. I just -- I just miss her so much.

Jack: Let me buy you a cup of coffee.

Rose: Now tell me this story isn't scary? I'm sitting there at Al's diner, minding my own business, having a cup of coffee, waiting for my ex-boyfriend to show up. Next thing I know, this shadow comes over me. I look up.

Carly: James Steinbeck?

Rose: Yes, I didn't know it at first, but then he shows me this phoney id, gives me this lame story, and I put it together -- two and two together. Paul's father.

Carly: Why did you go with him?

Rose: We didn't walk out arm in arm. The next thing that hit me was whatever was in my coffee. I didn't know my own name.

Carly: That's a very interesting story, Rose. I really think you ought to write that down someday.

Rose: Whoa, wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Carly: It's time for my seaweed wrap.

Rose: Your brain has been wrapped in seaweed. Yeah, I know, silence is golden in this place. Not quiet, punishable by death. Listen, Carly.

[Rose gasps] oh, my God -- Emily.

Isaac: Come on, Bonnie, Lisa will get over it.

Bonnie: What was I thinking? I must be completely out of my mind. Look at where I am -- fooling around in the back of the bar. Fooling around with you anywhere, in the first place. How could I sink so low?

Isaac: Bonnie, we both know it wasn't like that.

Bonnie: Listen, for all I know, you could have another volume two of that little black book. And I am not about to be your next entry. No way.

Isaac: Bonnie.

Bonnie: Listen, notch someone else in your belt, okay?

Isaac: Someone tell me she's worth it.

Margo: Hey, Tom, before you go I want to give you a heads up on something.

Tom: What've you got?

Margo: It's a new piece of evidence. It will affect Molly's defense. It's circumstantial, but it's bad.

Tom: Well, surprise me. I'm gonna have to wait until disclosure anyway. I don't need any more bad news today.

Margo: It involves Adam.

Tom: What are you saying?

Margo: I hope I'm wrong. But if I'm not, I'm gonna need your help.

Tom: Well, sure I'll be here.

Molly: I'm not hiding anything, Jake. It's just -- Abigail. It's not right that she suspects herself, or is guilty of anything. Because she's not responsible for what Nick Scudder did to her.

Jake: I agree with you. I just -- I -- I'm worried about you.

Molly: And you're never gonna stop worrying about me. That's a given. And I love you for it. But at the same time, I can't have Abigail digging around looking for hidden truths, or anything even close to that. She's a child. And she has been through a horrible ordeal, one that I pray doesn't scar her for life. Do we really have to make it worse?

Jake: I don't know, Margo took Abigail back to the boarding house to do some kind of recall memory or something.

Molly: What?

Jake: What do you mean --

Molly: Without Tom there? She doesn't need to do what the Police tell her to do.

Jake: Abigail wanted to do it herself. She wants to help out. She wants to remember.

Molly: Well, it doesn't mean she should.

Jake: What if it helps out the case?

Molly: It's pointless. Abigail is not gonna be able to corroborate on anything, Jake. She wasn't there. Adam took her home.

Jake: Stop this, all right? Would you just stop it.

Molly: She was not there!

Jake: Stop it, Molly! I know you're lying to me.

Barbara: James?! Who are you?

Mitzi: I just don't see how finding out about this limo service is gonna help you find Rose.

Jack: Three people are missing. And if my hunch is right, it's all the work of one man.

Mitzi: This guy must be something. I mean, that's some trick disappearing three people at once.

Jack: Well, this guy found a way to establish a motive to explain why each woman chose to leave town.

Mitzi: And you can prove it?

Jack: Not yet. But I'm looking for the clue, the connection. I promise you I'm gonna find Rose.

Mitzi: And Emily and Carly?

Jack: All of them. You just gave me an idea. I got to go.

Mitzi: Wait, wait. What idea?

Jack: Before, when you said people don't just disappear without a trace? You were right about that.

Mitzi: Tell me something I don't know.

Jack: Of course people leave traces, Mitzi. You just got to know where to look.

Rose: Emily, thank God you're here. You're tough. You are tough. You never let anybody push you around. So I need your help. I need you to put a fire under Carly. So we can get out of here, find out where we are and leave.

Emily: Rose! It's so nice to see you. Grape?

Rose: Oh, no. You, too? Oh

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