ATWT Transcript Thursday 1/10/02

As the World Turns Transcript Thursday 1/10/02

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Isaac: I was wondering where you were. What are you doing back here?

Bonnie: Taking inventory.

Isaac: And avoiding me.

Bonnie: Why would I avoid you?

Isaac: Well, I've been asking myself that exact same thing. But ever since the benefit, I walk into a room and you walk out.

Bonnie: Well, I've been busy.

Isaac: Busy job hunting?

Bonnie: I was just checking out the listings for a friend.

Isaac: For a friend, huh? Any luck?

Bonnie: You never know.

Isaac: For a minute there, it looks like you might be looking for a job for yourself.

Bonnie: Should I be looking for employment elsewhere?

Isaac: Do you want to?

Bonnie: I asked first.

Isaac: I'm not going to tell you what to do.

Bonnie: Well, that's a first.

Isaac: What do you want from me?

Bonnie: A straight answer might be nice.

Isaac: If you're asking me if I want you to stick around, I do.

Bonnie: Okay, fine.

Isaac: Fine. Satisfied?

Bonnie: No. Tell me why.

Isaac: Why what?

Bonnie: Why do you want me to stick around? Is it my work ethic? My sparkling personality? My people skills? Or is there some other reason?

Abigail: Excuse me. I'm looking for Nick Scudder -- where he's buried. Is this the right place?

Grave digger: Scudder -- Scudder. Yep, Scudder, Nicholas.

Abigail: There's no funeral?

Grave digger: No, not when he's being laid to rest by the Department of Corrections. We don't get too many visitors out here. Family?

Abigail: No. I'm a -- just someone who knew him. Is it okay if I stay a while?

Grave digger: Take all the time you need.

Abigail: How could this happen? I don't understand. It seems like just yesterday we were saying hello to each other, having the time of our lives. I thought you were my best friend. I thought that we knew each other better than anyone else in the entire world. I was wrong. But no matter -- no matter what terrible things you did, no matter what awful things happened, you didn't deserve to die. This never should have happened. I'm so sorry.

Margo: Adam, if there's something, if there's anything that you've forgotten to tell me about the night that Nick Scudder was murdered, now's the time to do it, okay?

Adam: How many times do -- all right, mom, I've already told you everything I know, okay?

Margo: Well, I keep asking because it's obvious that you know more than you're saying. Adam, I know you. I know when you're telling the truth, and I know when you're lying.

Adam: Well, I am telling the truth.

Margo: The whole truth?

Adam: I am telling you the whole truth. You know everything I know. Is that enough?

Margo: I wish.

Operator: The number you have dialled is not available at this time.

Barbara: Damn you! Where are you when I need you, James?

Will: Mom?

Barbara: Will?

Will: Who is James? And what did he do to make you so angry?

Paul: Jack.

Jack: Been waiting long?

Paul: Oh, no problem. Bring the picture?

Jack: Yeah, I got it out of his file.

Paul: I bet I can count on two hands the number of times I've seen my father's face in photographs.

Jack: All his exs take a pair of scissors to their wedding albums?

Paul: Do you blame them? No, it's more like the vampire effect, too evil to be captured on film. But not too evil to be responsible for the disappearance of three women.

Jack: Did you find out anything from Barbara that would link him to the case?

Paul: Nothing solid. But if that waitress can I.D. James as the last person seen with Rose -- we're one step closer.

Jack: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's do it.

Rose: Hmm -- oh. Come on. Come on, D'Angelo. Come on, stay awake. Open your eyes. Focus. Oh, concentrate. You got to stay awake so you can figure out where in heaven -- or hell --

Barbara: You heard me yelling into thin air.

Will: I heard you say James. Who's James?

Barbara: James Jones. Our plumber. You've met him. Well, anyway, I have him doing some work over at Fairwinds, and every time there's a problem, he turns invisible.

Will: Kind of like the opposite of a superhero.

Barbara: Right. The anti-superhero plumber. Anyway, enough about him. How about you? Are you hungry?

Will: Starving.

Barbara: Me, too. How would you feel if I managed to cook your favorite dinner?

Will: My favorite, favorite?

Barbara: Favorite, favorite.

Will: Deal! This is so cool.

Barbara: What is?

Will: You making dinner. It's so normal -- but in a good way.

Barbara: It's more than that. How would you feel if things were gonna change a lot around here?

Will: Like you moving back in for good? But what about dad when he finds Emily and they come home again?

Barbara: Well, when and if that happens, we'll just deal with it. So, what else is new around here, huh? Is there any good mail there?

Will: Nothing really. You know, the usual -- dad always saying, "bills, bills and more bills."

Barbara: That's what your dad says.

Will: Hey, look at this. This is new.

Barbara: What is it?

Will: Oh, it's a postcard for Parker from Carly.

Jack: Do you recognize this man?

Waitress: Should I?

Jack: This may or may not be the older gentleman who escorted Rose D'Angelo out of the diner on New Year's eve. Now you said she was tipsy, that a man joined her and helped her leave?

Paul: Now take a good look.

Waitress: I don't know. Could be. I told you I didn't get a good look at him.

Paul: Okay, just please take another look. This could be a matter of life and death.

Waitress: I told you I can't give you a for sure. That's as sure as I'm gonna get. I mean, I can't -- how many times I got to tell you --

Jack: Thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. "Could be," Paul, is not a lot to go on.

Paul: Yeah, well, maybe not, but she didn't say no. So I'm staying with James on this one.

Jack: You still think he's behind the disappearances?

Paul: With or without my mother's help.

Adam: Why are you acting like I did something wrong?

Margo: Because you're acting like you did something wrong, honey.

Adam: Mom, if you'd just stop being a cop for five minutes.

Margo: Sometimes, Adam, people do the wrong things for what they think are the best reasons on earth. And they do it out of loyalty, they do it for love, and they say the hell with the consequences.

Adam: Molly already confessed. So what is my crime?

Margo: There's just something about this case that doesn't quite fit together, honey, and if you have a piece of the puzzle, then you need to tell me despite the consequences.

Abigail: Jake, you scared me.

Jake: I'm sorry.

Abigail: Were you following me?

Jake: No, no, I just heard in the newsroom that Scudder was being buried today. I wanted to see who showed up to pay their respects. You okay? You want to be here?

Abigail: He was a liar, and he was a coward, and he used people who cared about him. But he didn't deserve to be killed for it. He didn't deserve to be buried near a place that he hated without a service, without family, without friends. It's just really sad.

Jake: I never liked cemeteries. Of course who does? Last time I was in a place like this, I was saying good-bye to Vicky. But they're good for some things like letting go or saying you're sorry. I'm sorry.

Abigail: For what?

Jake: Oh, where do I begin? For going off the day that Nick died on you, for going ballistic when I found you at the boarding house with Margo. For not taking care of you, for not paying attention to what you need.

Abigail: You're married to Molly, not me.

Jake: Yeah, you're part of Molly. Molly says the best part. I should've known -- I should have known why you had to go back to that place, why Margo needed you to go back there, because -- everybody is looking for answers on Nick's death.

Abigail: I need answers. I need to remember everything that happened.

Jake: You will, honey -- when you're ready.

Abigail: I know. One day -- one day I'll remember every detail. That's what I'm afraid of.

Isaac: How'd I wind up getting the third degree? I thought I was the one asking the questions.

Bonnie: I'm just curious. After all, you said we should go our separate ways after the benefit.

Isaac: That was your bright idea.

Bonnie: Yes, which you agreed to without any hesitation.

Isaac: That was before.

Bonnie: Before what?

Isaac: You know perfectly well what I'm talking about.

Bonnie: I don't think so.

Isaac: Before the kiss.

Bonnie: What kiss? I don't remember any -- oh, that kiss!

Isaac: Yes, that kiss.

Bonnie: I must have forgotten about that.

Isaac: What are you -- forgot?

Bonnie: Yeah, must have slipped my mind.

Isaac: Well, if that's the way you feel about it, then --

[Bonnie laughs] you know, you're nothing but trouble.

Bonnie: Oh, yeah, like I've never heard that before. So what, you're not gonna put me in my place?

Isaac: I doubt that any man could ever put you in your place. That's one of the things that drives me mad about you.

Bonnie: Mad -- in a good way, or a bad way?

Isaac: Guess you'll never know unless you stick around.

Bonnie: I guess I'm staying.

Isaac: Suit yourself. Do whatever you want. You always do anyway.

Bonnie: Yes. Yes! Finally a man who really understands me. You know, if you had an actual filing system here, you might be able to find what you came down here looking for.

Isaac: I don't need a system. I'm having no trouble putting my hands exactly where I want.

Bonnie: What was that for?

Isaac: What, I need a reason? Let's just say I rate kissing you up there with one of the world's greatest wonders.

Bonnie: Oh, so now you're well-traveled? Well, be careful. Too many visits, and you might wind up bored or jaded.

Isaac: By this sight? Never. Like Victoria Falls or Kilimanjaro, that type of thing a man could see a million times and never get tired of.

Bonnie: I bet you tell all your women that.

Isaac: I never had a reason to.

Bonnie: No, you know --

Isaac: "No" what?

Bonnie: I just think we need to take things really, really slow, you know?

Isaac: "Slow"? All right. Sure. I mean, slow is good. I like slow. Yeah, let's take it real slow.

[Door opens]

Bonnie: Lisa, oh, my God. He can explain.

Lisa: Well, if this is what they mean by "taking inventory," I say sign me up!

[Lisa laughs]

Margo: Honey, there's just something I can't figure out, and I'm hoping that maybe you can help me here. I'm trying to put together a time line, okay? Now, you overheard a message that Abigail left for Molly, and that's when you took off for Nick's, right?

Adam: Right.

Margo: That call came in at 9:55 p.m..?

Adam: I picked up Abigail, and I brought her home.

Margo: I know, and I also know that you and Abigail didn't get back to Jake's until 11:10 P.M.

Adam: What, now you've got spies following me?

Margo: No, better -- the security camera outside of Jake's. Honey, what took you and Abigail so long to get back to Jake's?

Adam: I don't know. Maybe I talked to her a little bit before I got her in my car. Maybe I hit some traffic. I wasn't exactly checking my watch, you know?

Margo: All right, all right. Now, just -- just go through it slowly.

Adam: Okay. Abigail was wandering around in front of the boarding house, and she looked like she was about to fall apart. I was scared, mom. I was trying to figure out what to do. I'm sorry if I wasn't paying attention to the time, but I just wasn't thinking in those terms, that's all.

Margo: You said you found Abigail in front of the boarding house?

Adam: Yes.

Margo: In your previous statement, you said you found her one or two blocks away.

Adam: Look, whatever!

Margo: No, Adam. No "whatever." Was it one block away, was it two blocks away, or was it in front of the building? Where was it?

Adam: I was worried about Abigail. I wasn't concerned about where I was. I didn't kill Nick, and whoever it was, is totally justified in doing it.

Margo: We know who it was. Molly confessed.

Adam: Right.

Margo: Then why did you just say "whoever killed Scudder"?

Paul: My mother's going to shut down completely. You're not going to get anywhere with her.

Jack: I'm not her son. I'll get my answers.

Paul: What are you going to do?

Jack: I'm going to talk to her.

Paul: No, Jack. You can't.

Jack: Look, I want to find Rose, Emily and Carly as badly as you do.

Paul: Yeah, but you can't use Gestapo tactics to get the truth out of someone.

Jack: The woman I love is gone without a trace. Whatever I have to do to find her, I'll do it.

Will: Wow. Parker's first postcard. This is neat. He must miss his mom.

Barbara: I don't know. John probably has him so spoiled, he doesn't even realize his mom's out of town.

Will: He did on Christmas and his birthday. Hey, can I take this over to John's later?

Barbara: You know what, honey? Why don't you go wash your hands for dinner, and I'll take care of this, okay?

Will: Okay.

Carly: Dear Parker --

I just landed in Paris, and in a few minutes,

a flying horse will take me to my hotel.

Not a real flying horse. The name of the limousine

company is "Cheval Volant" - flying horse.

Funny, huh?

I love you, little man, and I miss you to pieces.

Love, mommy.

Barbara: Oh, yes. I will take very good care of this.

Rose: Hello? Oh, is somebody here? Hello? Oh, a door. That's good. Oh, I can finally get out of here. Oh. Oh, come on!

[Rose screams]

Carly: Let's keep it down to a dull roar, huh, Rose?

Rose: Carly Tenney. I thought I heard your voice before, you know? I've been having some weird dreams, so -- isn't that something else, huh? Here I am, I'm thinking somebody through the fog, it's gonna be brad Pitt maybe, you know. Or George Clooney, that would have been nice. But this is like a nightmare. No dream. Since you're here -- since you are here, will you please tell me where the hell we are?

Barbara: The woman has rearranged everything in my kitchen! In my kitchen, that little parasite!

[Knock on door] Jack. Hi, what a nice surprise.

Jack: You got a few minutes for me?

Barbara: Sure, what's up?

Jack: Well, I just came by to apologize for earlier. We were a little rough on you when we were asking if you knew anything about Carly and Rose and Emily.

Barbara: Oh, Jack. I was a cop's wife for years. I know how you boys get when you're trying to solve something. But I appreciate the apology. And you're forgiven.

Jack: You can understand why we're stumped on this one -- especially with Emily and Carly. What kind of woman just walks off and leaves her kid?

Barbara: There are some mothers whose lifestyles and habits become a liability for their children. I wouldn't want to say that these children would be better off without their mothers --

Jack: Well, I certainly hope not.

Barbara: No, no, I wouldn't say that. I have absolutely no special insights to that whatsoever. But I'll tell you, I don't know why these women ran away, I really don't. But I am rather busy right now, so if you don't mind, I have a starving boy upstairs.

Jack: This'll only take a minute.

Barbara: Jack, I just don't have anything else to say. I really can't help you.

Jack: Oh, I'm not asking for your help, Barbara. I'm offering you mine. I want to be your friend.

Jake: Think if I let you sit out here and shiver in the freezing cold, I'd never -- I couldn't live with myself.

Abigail: Thanks.

Jake: I hope you -- heard what I said to Margo earlier about you being my daughter.

Abigail: I heard.

Jake: Maybe I should have ran it past you before I said it to someone who wasn't you, but I tell everyone that will listen that I've got three of the most gorgeous daughters in the world. And if that -- you know me. If that's being too presumptuous or if I'm taking you for granted, then I'm sorry, because I know you've got Mitch and Holden.

Abigail: They say the third one's the charm. And I'll tell anyone who will listen that I have three of the greatest dads to ever walk the face of the earth.

Jake: Abigail, if you need anything, ever -- I -- I will move mountains for you. If you were my own flesh and blood, I don't think I could love you more.

Abigail: I love you so much, Jake.

Jake: What you said earlier, about being afraid to remember -- if you want to see a therapist or --

Abigail: No, no. I think it's -- I don't think I'm ready for that.

Jake: Like I said before, it'll probably come back in time.

Abigail: I remember these bits and these pieces. I remember his voice. I remember the music box song. It's almost like it was happening to someone else.

Jake: When I got here earlier, you said that you were sorry. What is it that you're sorry for?

Abigail: I'm sorry I believed him. I'm sorry that I trusted him almost that I chose him over you and Molly. I'm sorry that he's dead. Can I ask you something? Did you ask me that question because you think I'm the one who killed Nick?

Adam: I thought I was gonna just have a nice little chat with my mom. What's with this interrogation?

Margo: Could you just give me an answer about the snag in my time line?

Adam: Abigail and I didn't pay attention to every precise moment of that night. Abigail, she was upset, totally out of it. So I'm sorry if I didn't write down every single movement.

Margo: Well, no, of course you shouldn't.

Adam: Abigail's life is in a shambles. Her mother is in jail. So if I'm not a big help to your time-line, maybe that's why -- because it doesn't make sense. None of it does.

Margo: You're right. I'm sorry, you're right. If you tell me that you're telling the whole truth, then I trust you. Because you wouldn't lie to me.

Shanks: Detective? I thought I might find you here.

Adam: I'm gonna go -- go make a phone call.

Margo: What've you got for me?

Shanks: I got this forensics report you were waiting for.

Margo: There were no prints at the scene?

Shanks: No. The place was wiped clean. But they did check out that key that was found in the deceased's room.

Margo: Yeah?

Shanks: It's the key to the editing room at work. It's Scudder's former workplace.

Margo: You mean they didn't ask for his keys back when they fired him?

Shanks: That's what we thought, too. But actually, there is a partial print on the key, and it's not Scudder's. And it doesn't belong to anybody who we know was in that room the night Scudder died.

Margo: Did you run it?

Shanks: Yeah, yeah. Nothing came up.

Margo: Well, that key could have been there for days.

Shanks: It could have been, or somebody could have dropped it tonight.

Margo: And if that's the case, then somebody other than Abigail or Molly or Jake was in the room the night that Scudder was killed.

Lisa: Please forgive me for interrupting.

Bonnie: You're not interrupting anything.

Isaac: No, no, we were just --

>> Lisa: I know. You were "taking inventory."

[Lisa chuckles] Isaac, as long as you keep the crowds coming in and generating all this wonderful pr, you can take "inventory" wherever and whenever you like.

Bonnie: I think I better get back out to the bar. Excuse me.

Lisa: I think you better stay. No, no. It's all covered anyway. I've got news.

Bonnie: Good news, I hope.

Lisa: Yes. The City Times wants to do a story about our benefit that we did for the hospital. And they want to do a little blurb about me.

Isaac: That's terrific.

Bonnie: That's great, Lisa.

Lisa: I just feel so shy, I'm kind of embarrassed about the whole thing.

Isaac: What are you talking about? You've got to let that light shine. And when you do, don't forget to mention your charming business partner, without whom none of this would be possible.

Lisa: That's true. That's true. By the time I'm through with them, they're going to have "java underground" tattooed on their little brains. Believe me, there is no pr like free pr.

Isaac: All right. Have fun.

Lisa: That's my middle name.

Bonnie: What is this supposed to be?

Isaac: That? Where'd you find that?

Bonnie: I asked first. What is this, Isaac?

Isaac: It's my address book.

Bonnie: Which is strangely devoid of addresses. But there are plenty of women's names and numbers. And stars next to their names.

Isaac: Okay, just hand it over.

Bonnie: Don't tell me this is your "little black book"?

Isaac: No, it's my address book -- which also happens to be navy blue -- and it's none of your business.

Bonnie: None of my business?

Isaac: None of yours.

Bonnie: Good. Because I'm glad. I wouldn't get involved with someone who would carry one of these "player" handbooks.

Isaac: No -- just hold on. Hold on.

Bonnie: You know what? I think I'm gonna be sick. You're disgusting.

Isaac: Bonnie, come on.

Bonnie: You can keep your harem and your fan club of barflies and get the hell out of my life.

Isaac: Bonnie! Bonnie, come on -- don't be like that.

Jake: Do I think that you did this to Nick? I seriously doubt that you could hurt anybody intentionally. But I do know from my own experience that whenever somebody has got their back against the wall, when somebody's got them running scared and they don't think there's any way out that anything can happen.

Abigail: What about Molly? You don't --

Jake: Molly would have done anything to protect her daughter. She loves you more than you know.

Abigail: I love her, too. I love her so much. I've tried, but I can't remember. I swear. I want to remember. I do!

Jake: It's gonna be okay.

Abigail: How? How?

Jake: How? Because you and I are gonna make a pact, okay?

Abigail: Okay.

Jake: If I find out anything new, you're gonna be the first person that I come to, and you do the same with me. We'll just keep each other in the loop.

Abigail: Okay.

Jake: And we do whatever it takes to get Molly out of jail.

Abigail: I'll do anything. I'll do anything to help her, Jake.

Jake: Sounds like a deal to me.

Abigail: Do you think she'll forgive me?

Jake: For what?

Abigail: For not listening to her, for calling her a liar, for not believing her when she said that Nick was using me.

Jake: Of course she's gonna forgive you. You're her daughter. She loves you.

Abigail: I loved Nick so much.

Jake: No, you didn't. You loved the man that Nick pretended to be. You're young, honey, and you're generous, and you've got an open heart. When you fall in love and it's right, you're gonna know it. Do me a favor, though. When Molly and I give you some advice, you give us the benefit of the doubt, okay? Okay?

Abigail: Yeah, I'll try.

[Jake chuckles]

Jake: Come on. Let's take you home.

Abigail: Jake. Not yet. There's something else I have to do.

Jack: When you deal with a criminal long enough, you get to know their habits. You can spot their handiwork in a heartbeat.

Barbara: And what does your instinct tell you, Jack?

Jack: Well, when we start peeling back the layers on this case, we'll find that everything points straight to James Steinbeck.

Barbara: You tell me why James Steinbeck would come all the way back to Oakdale after all these years to kidnap Carly Tenney, Emily Stewart and some woman he's never laid eyes on.

Jack: No. I think he came back for some other reason -- some agenda that revolves around you.

Barbara: Jack, let me tell you something. I find anything having to do with James Steinbeck as distasteful as you do. And I don't know why -- why you think that I would be an object of some agenda of his after all these years.

Jack: Well, I hope for your sake, you're telling the truth, Barbara.

Barbara: I just don't know what any of this has to do with being my "friend," Jack.

Jack: I care about what happens to you, Barbara. So I'm giving you fair warning. If you know anything about the disappearances of these women, it's time to tell the truth. Because I guarantee you, whatever punishment James Steinbeck receives, there will be plenty left over for you.

Isaac: So is this cold shoulder treatment a permanent thing or what? Because it's a stupid phone book, and every guy has one.

Bonnie: No, every player with no respect for women and a complete fear of inadequacy has one!

Isaac: It's completely innocent.

Bonnie: Oh, innocent? Really? With all the names and the pretty little constellation? What do the stars mean?

Isaac: What stars? I don't --

Bonnie: Let's see -- Rhonda Morgan. Three stars. Explain.

Isaac: Three stars. That's easy. She was very high-maintenance and wouldn't go to a restaurant with less than three stars.

Bonnie: Okay, let's try it again. Rhonda Morgan, three stars. This time, the truth, please. Please.

Isaac: The stars were a rating system to rate the nature of the encounter -- I don't know why I'm standing here explaining a phone book that I have not used since we met.

Bonnie: It's disgusting.

Isaac: It's not the issue.

Bonnie: Well, it wouldn't be the issue if you threw it in the garbage can where it belongs.

Isaac: That's what I was going to do. After I started looking at us in a -- a different way.

Bonnie: Well, allow me to do the honors.

Isaac: Whoa, wait a minute. What if we don't work out?

Bonnie: We're obviously not already working out.

Isaac: So it's my fault that you're overreacting?

Bonnie: No, it's your fault you don't know how to treat a woman. It's my fault that I expected any more from you. Excuse me.

Isaac: Not before we talk this out.

Bonnie: I don't have anything else to say to you. Now, will you please excuse me? Excuse me. Isaac?

Isaac: What is it this time?

Bonnie: Isaac. Oh, you really did it this time. Brilliant move. We're stuck.

Isaac: It's probably not stuck. You're just so used to people doing the work for you, you've lost your strength.

Bonnie: Oh, yeah, well -- please, Mr. Schwarzenegger. Please. While I get out of your way.

Isaac: Nothing would make me happier than to get out of here.

Bonnie: Yeah, nothing except for Babette Morgan, or whoever, little hoochie mama.

Isaac: Is there a "mute" button on you?

Bonnie: Not that you would find it if I had one. So are we stuck?

Isaac: It looks that way.

Bonnie: What do we do now? Do something, Isaac!

Adam: So are we finished here, or --

Margo: Yeah, you got a date?

Adam: Yeah. I got a hot date with the all the interns over at work. Probably getting raked over the coals for making sub par coffee or the printing machine is printing out splotchy copies or something really urgent like that, you know what I'm saying?

Margo: You're sure it's not that you want to avoid spending more time with me?

Adam: Oh, no, no, no. I wouldn't want to avoid my mother. But these cops, they've been on my back the whole day, even though I tell them time and time again that I'm clean --

Margo: Yeah, yeah, yeah, right. Go to your meeting.

Adam: Okay, I'll see you later.

[Change rattles] look out there, it's your paycheck, big spender.

Adam: I can't even begin to tell you how much stuff I've lost out of this stupid hole in my pocket.

Margo: Leave it home tonight and I'll fix it for you.

Adam: Yeah? You know, you're not that bad as soon as you put that badge down. So we're cool, right?

Margo: Yeah. We're cool.

Adam: I'll see you later.

Margo: I'll see you at home. Yeah, Shanks, it's Hughes. Tell Forensics I want them to do a print check. Top priority. I'm on my way. Thanks.

Abigail: I hope that you're finally at peace, Nick. I hope that you can let go of all that fear and that anger that you were holding onto. Because I think I'm beginning to. I just can't go through the rest of my life hating people. I can't even hate you. It hurts too much. I guess that I just wanted to let you know that I forgive you. And if I'm the one that hurt you -- if I'm the one who put you here -- I wonder if you can forgive me. Good-bye, Nick.

Paul: I didn't order that.

Waitress: It's on me. For getting cranky with you earlier. I'm sorry about the attitude.

Paul: It's all right. No sweat.

Waitress: I just wish I could have been more help to you and your cop friend about that guy in the picture.

Paul: Well, it was a long shot. We'll just have to keep looking.

Waitress: You must really be crazy about that girl.

Paul: I am. Crazy enough to let her get snatched out of my life.

Barbara: Jack, I have told Hal, I have told my son and now I am telling you. I know nothing about these women's disappearances, nothing whatsoever. But I wish you all the luck.

Jack: No ideas or suspicions?

Barbara: I can't help you. I know nothing. Nothing.

Jack: Hey, Will. How's it going, big guy?

Will: Great. Is dinner ready?

Barbara: Well, not quite, darling. We've had a little bit of a temporary setback here. But I'm trying to get back on track.

Jack: I'm sorry, man, it was my fault. Listen, you know, before I go home, I'm gonna go hang out with Parker at Dr. Dixon's. Any messages you want me to send your little brother?

Will: Yeah. Mom, maybe Jack could take that postcard for Parker over from Carly in Paris.

Rose: You hear that? Nothing. Total silence. Nothing but the hiss of the steam coming through. So tell me. Tell me now.

Carly: What? What is it you'd like to know, Rose?

Rose: Everything. Where are we? And why are we here?

Carly: Does it really matter?

Rose: "Does it really matter?" Is that what you just said to me?!

Carly: Yeah! Come on. Don't you like it here? Just relax, take a deep breath, close your eyes and enjoy it. Enjoy the calm and the quiet and --

Rose: Hey, listen! I cannot enjoy anything, because I've been kidnapped. And you -- you're supposed to be in Paris! Are we in Paris? Look at me. Look at me in the eye. Please. Look. What are we doing here? And from the beginning, don't leave out any details.

Carly: Okay. There was a limousine -- a black limousine --

Rose: Right.

Carly: -- That picked me up at the airport in Paris. And we drove for hours, I think, and then I fell asleep. And when I woke up, I was just like you. I was kicking, screaming, demanding answers.

Rose: And then what happened?

Carly: Well, I gave in to it. Not so hard to do.

Rose: You gave in to what? What? The steam? Is it the -- what? What? What the heck is this place?

Carly: Oh, Rose, you are not going to believe this.

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