ATWT Transcript Tuesday 1/8/02

As the World Turns Transcript Tuesday 1/8/02

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Katie: No, no, no, no --

Simon: Katie, get back in that bedroom! I haven't finished with you yet.

Katie: You are never finished. How long can you kiss my neck?

Simon: Well, I was working my way down, wasn't I? Yes, I was. Wait, wait, wait. What's that?

Katie: What? [Katie screams] You are so bad. I have errands to run.

Simon: Yeah, me, too.

Katie: No, you don't. And we can't spend the whole day in bed.

Simon: Yes, we can. I called the office, told them I was sick --

Katie: You should never use the words "Simon Frasier" and "office" in the same sentence.

Simon: I didn't use them in the same sentence.

Katie: You know what I mean. You are not an office worker. You're an adventurer.

Simon: Yes, well, this adventurer is getting pretty sick of sponging off your brother.

Katie: We're not sponging. We're living off our investments.

Simon: What investments?

Katie: Our investments in our future.

Simon: Okay, wait -- yeah, there you go. You've lost me.

Katie: I just don't want you to worry about money, okay? Because pretty soon, we're gonna have tons of it.

Simon: I've heard that before. But have you got any idea how this is gonna happen?

Katie: Specifically?

Simon: Yes, specifically.

Katie: No. But it is gonna happen because we're smart, and we're hard workers and I think that my neck needs a little more kissing.

Simon: Good. Finally, a concept even I can understand.

Craig: Your aunt Katie and uncle Simon. You can say "hi" when they come up for air.

Barbara: Well, what a pleasant surprise -- three of my favorite men waiting to greet me. Is something wrong?

Hal: Everything's fine, Barbara. How are you?

Barbara: I'm wonderful. No smiles? No kisses?

Paul: Sorry.

Jack: It's good to see you, Barbara.

Barbara: You too, Jack. Okay. Okay. What is going on around here? I'd rather hear it now than later.

Hal: Oh, we were just comparing notes on some people in our lives who've gone missing. Emily's gone, you know that.

Jack: Carly's also disappeared.

Paul: And now Rose.

Barbara: Wait a second. Carly's in Paris.

Jack: Carly was supposed to be back last night. She never made it.

Barbara: Emily left you a note, Hal.

Hal: It was fake. If Emily was gonna leave, that's not how she would have done it.

Paul: And Rose didn't even leave that much.

Barbara: Oh, honey. Rose does not have a great track record for predictability. She arrived out of nowhere, and I'm sure she'll leave in the same fashion.

Paul: Well, I was about to believe that myself. But not anymore.

Hal: So we were just wondering if maybe there was a connection between the disappearances -- maybe an enemy they all have in common.

Barbara: And that's when I walked in.

Hal: Oh, it just caught us off guard, that's all.

Barbara: I see. Well, I guess there's no point in denying it. Arrest me.

Jake: Just a formality. You're gonna be out -- out on bail and home within the hour.

Molly: Don't count on that.

Jake: What happened?

Tom: The D.A. is playing this strictly by the book. They're charging Molly with murder in the first degree.

Jake: That just -- it doesn't even make any sense! Is that the assistant district attorney? I think it's time we had a little chat. Hi, my name is Jake McKinnon. I'd just like to find out if it's true that you are charging my wife with first-degree murder.

Evelyn: I'm Evelyn Hart, and, yes, that's correct.

Jake: That implies premeditation.

Evelyn: Correct again.

Jake: Would you mind telling me how you came up with that conclusion?

Evelyn: Yes, I would.

Jake: Well, would you do it anyway?

Evelyn: Look. All I can tell you is that there is sufficient evidence to warrant the charges and no proof to the contrary.

Tom: The D.A.'s office could make this very rough on us. So if there's anything you remember about that night, now is the time to tell me.

Molly: There's nothing else, Tom. I've already told you everything.

Abigail: I still can't remember everything from the night Nick was killed. And I thought that if I went back to his place, it might make it easier.

Adam: Well, you're wrong! It's only gonna make things worse.

Abigail: Right now, Adam, I don't think that's possible.

Margo: I think Adam's right. I think that you should just go on home, and we'll deal with this another time. Okay?

Abigail: I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Margo, that if I don't do this now, everything that's locked up in here is gonna get lost. Maybe forever.

Adam: Abigail, going back to Nick's isn't gonna help you remember. You can remember at home just as well.

Abigail: I've tried that. All I get out of it is just a bad headache.

Margo: Believe me, Abigail, I understand how frustrating a memory loss like that can be. But if I take you back to Nick's, it could be very painful for you.

Abigail: I don't care.

Margo: It's a crime scene. If I take you in there and it traumatizes you, it's not gonna be good for either one of us. I'm sorry, I just can't -- I can't allow it.

Abigail: Margo, whatever Molly did, she did it to protect me. And I want to help her, and it seems the only way that I can probably do that is to go back to Nick's. You can't say no to that, Margo, not when Molly's whole life is at stake.

Margo: You really feel that strongly about it? Okay, I'll take you.

Adam: No, mom -- you can't do that.

Margo: Adam, this is Abigail's decision, not yours.

Adam: She is not in any shape to make a decision right now. Abigail, listen to me -- the only thing that's gonna happen by going back to Nick's is you torturing yourself.

Margo: Adam, you're scaring her. Stop it.

Adam: Think about it. If you're in that room and all those emotions are welling up inside of you, you might lose it, and then you might say something that you really don't mean. But my mom, she's gonna have to record it, because she's a cop.

Abigail: Is that true?

Margo: Well, you have to understand that I'm not neutral. I want to help you, but I do have a job to do.

Abigail: I understand. But I still want to go.

Margo: All right. I got to tell the front desk where I'm going. We'll leave when I get back.

Adam: Abigail, you've got to trust me on this, okay? When my mom comes back, just tell her you changed your mind.

Abigail: Why? Adam, why are you so against this?

Adam: Because you might remember something that you wish you didn't.

Abigail: You mean about Molly killing Nick?

Adam: Yeah. You might -- you might remember something that'll hurt Molly's case and then she'll have to go to jail forever.

Abigail: Adam, I was in that room the night the man I thought I loved was killed. And everything that I can remember about it is a blur. I can't walk away from that. I want to remember everything that happened that night. I have to remember.

Adam: The truth isn't always what you want it to be. Are you ready to face that?

Abigail: I am.

Tom: I've defended hundreds of people. Oftentimes, stories change along the way, not because someone failed to tell the truth, but because new information came to light.

Molly: What are you looking for, Tom?

Tom: Someone to corroborate your story that Nick attacked you.

Molly: It's not a story. It's the truth.

Tom: What about the landlady in his building? Is there any chance that she saw what happened?

Molly: None.

Tom: Any sounds, noises, shouting, a neighbor that might have heard something that would help?

Molly: Nick wasn't one to raise his voice and I didn't say much. I'm sorry, Tom. I wish I could give you more. But I've already told you everything I know.

Tom: So what about Abigail?

Molly: What about her?

Tom: There are holes in your story. Perhaps she could help fill them.

Molly: She can't. I've already told you. Abigail wasn't there when it happened.

Katie: I can't believe it. How did you get so grown up?

Craig: That's what happens to most of us, Katie, you, of course, being the notable exception.

Katie: Anyway, Simon, this is Lucy Montgomery, my niece. Lucy, this is my husband, Simon Frasier.

Simon: Welcome.

Lucy: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Simon: Good to meet you.

Lucy: So, how long have you guys been married?

Katie: Oh. Well, that's actually an interesting story --

Craig: Actually, we don't have time to hear the entire ballad of Simon and Katie. Lucy and I have a little light retailing to do.

Lucy: Daddy's buying me a coat -- a storm coat, whatever that is. But I'm pretty sure it sounds like it has built-in gloves.

Katie: Oh, Craig, that sounds awful.

Lucy: See?

Craig: She's been living in the tropics, Katie. She needs something warmer than a sarong.

Katie: Well, don't buy anything. I'll take you shopping tomorrow.

Craig: No, no, no, no, no -- you just stay out of this.

Simon: Well, that's like asking the sun not to be hot.

Craig: Tomorrow, Lucy starts Oakdale Latin.

Katie: Oh. Well, then we don't have a lot of time. Can you be ready in two minutes? Because I saw the cutest coat in the lobby boutique that would be perfect on you.

Lucy: Great. I'll be right back.

Craig: No, this was gonna --

Katie: No, no, no, no, no -- ah, ah, ah -- zip.

[Craig groans]

Craig: That coat better be warm or you're going to be living in it.

Katie: Oh, a little overprotective, are we?

Craig: Lucy's not as cheerful as she seems. She's still trying to get over Bryant's death, assert her independence from her mother, adjust to life here.

Katie: Live with an overbearing father.

Craig: No! She actually likes me, you know. This is not a problem for her. She accepts me, she enjoys my company.

Simon: Wow, that must be a nice change.

Craig: Well, yeah. But --

Katie: But what?

[Craig sighs]

Craig: I've broken the heart of every girl who ever cared for me. And if that happens to Lucy, I won't be able to live with myself.

Hal: Can the dramatics, Barbara. Nobody's accusing you of anything.

Barbara: It certainly seems like it.

Paul: We're just searching for solutions here. The three of us have a lot at stake.

Barbara: You know, it is no secret that Carly and Emily are not two of my favorite people. And Rose and I have certainly had our problems. But to think that I would orchestrate their disappearances -- I don't know whether I should laugh or cry.

Hal: You don't have to defend yourself.

Barbara: It certainly seems like I do.

Jack: It was a coincidence, Barbara. We were just spit-balling, trying to find some common ground. You happened to walk in at the wrong time.

Barbara: Has anyone received a ransom note? Have you thought about maybe the fact that they were kidnapped?

Jack: It's unlikely with this kind of setup. Whoever's behind this even sent me a fax from Paris in Carly's name.

Barbara: Uh-huh. Has anyone talked to Craig? I mean, he'll do anything for money. We all know that.

Hal: Craig is a swindler, not a kidnapper. An operation like this would be way too rough for him.

Barbara: Oh, okay. So let me get this straight. You have no evidence, no motive, no suspects and no victims. And yet, the three of you think that there's been a crime.

Hal: What we are doing is following every lead that we've got, trying to figure out where these women have gone and why.

Barbara: Well, I'm very sorry that you have all lost someone who means so much to you. But you know what? It's not my fault. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm settling in upstairs.

Hal: Gentlemen, we still don't have an answer. Let's get busy.

Jack: For what it's worth, I'll question Craig.

Paul: Yeah, and I'm gonna meet with Mitzi. She has new information about Rose.

Hal: Good. I'll go see Parker, and then I'm off to find Emily.

Jack: Let's go.

Hal: Hey. One last thing. And I probably don't need to say this, but for the record, whoever did this is sick and they're dangerous. So nobody plays the hero and nobody acts alone.

Jack: Got it.

Hal: Make no mistake about it. We're gonna bring these women home. Let's go.

Katie: There's nothing to worry about, Craig. You're not gonna hurt your daughter.

Craig: And you know this because?

Katie: Because if you do, I'm gonna have Simon dangle you out of the window by your shoelaces.

Craig: Thank you, Katie. Your sensitivity is exceeded only by your grasp of a difficult situation.

Katie: Thank you.

Lucy: Okay, I'm ready. Can't wait to see that coat.

Katie: Oh, dad?

Craig: You think I'm giving you my credit card? I'd rather leave it on a bus. Here, get whatever you want, but no add-ons at the last minute for auntie Katie.

Katie: Aw, come on, Craig. I need warm clothes, too. It's cold.

[Knock at door]

Craig: Ask your husband. Maybe he'll take up knitting in his copious leisure.

Simon: I prefer needlepoint.

Craig: Jack. Well, hey, everybody, Detective Jack is here.

Jack: I have to ask you a few questions.

Craig: Official business or a spiritual matter?

Jack: It's probably best if your daughter isn't here.

Craig: Ask away, Jack. I'm not gonna clear the room for you.

Jack: Fine. I've been tracing Carly, Emily Stewart and Rose D'Angelo without any luck. And I was wondering if you had anything to do with their abductions.

Lucy: Daddy?

Craig: Well, why don't you two go shopping?

Katie: Yeah, come on, let's go shopping.

Lucy: I'll stay if you need me.

Craig: No, no, don't worry about it. Accusations like that, Jack, are the stuff my lawsuits are made of.

Jack: Hey, you're the one who didn't want to clear the room. Answer my questions and I'm out of here.

Craig: I don't know anything about Emily or Rose, and I assume Carly's still working in Paris with Jean-Claude Rimbaud.

Jack: You're wrong about that. Rimbaud never offered Carly a job. In fact, he never contacted her.

Craig: What?

Jack: What's more, Carly disappeared the minute she got to Paris.

Molly: Do you know where Abigail is?

Jake: When I left her, she was at the Police station. I'm sure she went straight home. You know, honey, why don't I call her?

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: We're hearing "State of Illinois vs. Molly Conlan McKinnon." Prosecution, please state the charge.

Evelyn: First-degree murder, your honor.

Judge: Defense, how do you plead?

Tom: Not guilty, your honor.

Judge: Bail arguments, Mr. Hughes.

Tom: Mrs. McKinnon is an exemplary citizen. She's a public figure, mother of two small children and a teenager. The defense requests that you release her on her own recognizance.

Judge: Ms. Hart?

Evelyn: The state requests that bail be denied and that Mrs.. McKinnon remain in jail until trial.

Abigail: I don't know how to do this.

Margo: Can I make a suggestion?

Abigail: Please.

Margo: Don't think. All right? Don't try to figure anything out. Just be very still, and just listen. Just listen for the memories.

Abigail: Okay.

Margo: It's okay. If it becomes too much, we can leave anytime.

Abigail: No. I have to do this.

Abigail: Nick told me that I was his only love. He said that he would never lie to me. I found the music box over there. It had an inscription on it, and -- I read it when he wasn't looking. He had the nerve to tell me that it was my Christmas present. And I knew that was a lie, obviously. And I was so angry with him!

Margo: All right, all right, all right. Don't -- don't focus on the anger. Just go back to the music box, all right? Go back when you were reading the inscription, afterwards did you -- did you hold on to it or did you put it down?

Abigail: I don't know. That's all I can remember.

Margo: It's all right. It's all right. Don't be discouraged, don't be discouraged. We'll just move on to something else.

Abigail: I hear the music from the music box. And Nick -- he was -- he was looking at me. His eyes were so cold. I knew that we were gonna fight. And I knew that it was gonna be awful.

Tom: Your honor, this is preposterous. There's no sound reason why my client should be denied bail.

Judge: Ms. Hart?

Evelyn: Mrs. McKinnon is being accused of murder in the first degree.

Tom: And we strongly disagree that there's any indication of premeditation, but be that as it may, Mrs.. McKinnon is not now nor has she ever been a danger to her community.

Evelyn: But she is a flight risk. Mrs. McKinnon's husband is very wealthy and well connected. He could send her out of the country or pay whatever it costs to keep her there.

Tom: Well, that is slanderous and patently untrue. Mr. McKinnon and his wife both have the utmost respect for the law.

Evelyn: The defendant has already served a jail sentence for armed robbery. Her respect for the law is dubious, to say the least.

Tom: Your honor, that was years ago and has no bearing on this trial.

Evelyn: It most certainly does and counsel knows this.

Tom: I don't need you to tell me what I do or do not know. Furthermore --

Judge: That's enough!

[Judge bangs gavel] we'll continue this discussion in chambers.

Jake: Hey, you. Listen, there's no reason to get nervous. That smell in the air is the prosecution blowing smoke.

Adam: Hey, guys. How you doing?

Jake: Oh, we're great, we're fine. We just -- hit a little speed bump. But once we get ahead of steam, we're just going to go right over it.

Molly: Honey, I'm really glad you're here. Do you know where Abigail is? I have to know that she's okay.

Jack: I don't care if you believe me or not, Craig, but I've already confirmed that Carly didn't receive a job offer from Rimbaud.

Craig: I was here when she spoke to him. I'll prove it to you. It's --

[cell phone rings]

Simon: Ah, that's me. Hello?

Paul: Simon, hey, it's Paul Ryan. I told Lily I'd call you, keep you up to date on the Rose situation.

Simon: Great, what've you got?

Paul: Lucinda Walsh got information that Vince O'Malley joined the Army. He's been in Germany for the past year. So, in other words, there's no way he could have been with Rose the night she disappeared.

Simon: All right, okay, where are you now?

Paul: Al's diner. You know, I could sure use some help kicking this around.

Simon: Yeah, sure, see you soon. Uh, you boys behave, okay? I've got somewhere to be.

Craig: How refreshing for you. A-ha! Here's the note she was writing on when she was speaking to him. Here it is. You were saying, Paris, Rimbaud?

Jack: Someone pretending to be Rimbaud. The man himself never called.

Craig: And how do you know?

Jack: I spoke to his assistant. He verified that you called about Carly. But according to Rimbaud, he never followed up.

Craig: Rimbaud's lying?

Jack: That would require a motive. I just don't see one.

Craig: Well, why would someone do this?

Jack: Get her out of town, away from the competition.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: You think that I would blatantly fool her, under false pretenses -- dupe her to get her away from you?

Jack: You know, I have learned the hard way, Craig, that you will do just about anything to get what you want.

Craig: I thought Police procedure was supposed to be objective. But everything you do is filtered through that jealous muck between your ears.

Jack: Well, see, at this point, the abduction scenario is just a theory. But there are lots of ways to back this up.

Craig: Really? Really?

[Craig laughs] Really? I would like to know how and why I got rid of Emily and Rose.

Jack: Do you want motives? Your sister's husband is fighting Emily for custody of Daniel. It's possible you wanted to make that easier for him. As for Rose, making her disappear would hurt Paul Ryan, the man who wanted to bury you for Barbara's accident.

Craig: Genius. You gonna press charges?

Jack: No.

Craig: I didn't think so. So why don't you go out and look for her, because if she is missing, you are wasting valuable time.

Jack: I'll find Carly. Don't leave town.

Craig: Paris, please. I'd like the number for Jean-Claude Rimbaud.

Paul: I'm sorry to take so much of your time. But now that you've had awhile to think about it, is there anything else you can remember about the couple we were talking about?

Waitress: Well, now that I think of it, there was something. The man was a lot older than the woman. I mean, he could've even been her father.

Paul: If I showed you a picture, would you recognize him?

Waitress: I don't know. I got to get back to work.

Paul: Hey, thank you. Thank you. You've been very helpful.

Waitress: Come back with the picture. I'll do the best that I can.

Simon: All right, all right, so, so? What picture are you gonna show her? Which one?

Paul: My father's.

Mitzi: Paul, I'm sorry I'm late. I'm so worried about Rose, I took a wrong turn on third.

Paul: No, it's okay. It's okay. I'm glad you're here.

Mitzi: Me, too. We're gonna find her, right? Real soon?

Paul: Yes, we will definitely find Rose.

Mitzi: That's what I like to hear -- confidence. So -- I got something kind of sensitive to tell you. So -- I really don't want anybody else knowing.

Paul: It's fine, Simon's been helping me.

Mitzi: I'm sorry, but it's gonna have to remain strictly between us. No offense.

Simon: Hey, hey, fine, none taken. Good luck.

Katie: I can't get over how great that coat looks on you.

Lucy: Me, either. Thanks for taking me to the perfect place.

Katie: It is my pleasure. Isn't that what family's for? I do something for you. You do something for me.

Lucy: Is that how they ask for favors around here?

Katie: Favor?

Lucy: What do you need?

Katie: Okay, when I take you back to the Lakeview, I need you to tell Simon some great excuse why I'm not with you.

Lucy: Where are you going to be?

Katie: I have a job interview that's gonna change my life, and if he finds out that I have one, then he's going to want to get a job, too.

Lucy: Wait, but wouldn't that be a good thing?

Katie: Under normal circumstances, yes. But I don't want him just to get any job. I want him to focus on his chosen profession.

Lucy: What does he do?

Katie: He's an adventurer. International.

Lucy: I didn't realize that was an actual job.

Katie: Well, for Simon, it's a way of life, if you know what I mean.

Lucy: Okay, I get it. I'll tell him you went to the library.

Katie: That's a start. I'd rather have you tell him something he's gonna believe, though.

Simon: Well, hello, ladies, what a pleasant surprise. What's going on?

Katie: Simon, hey, what are you doing here?

Simon: Oh, I had a meeting, it's been postponed. Whatever. Are you hungry? Come on, sit down, let's grab a booth.

Katie: Don't you have to get back to the Lakeview?

Simon: "Get back to the Lakeview"? Hmm? I'm unemployed. Sit down, come on. You have a really pretty coat, Lucy. Did Katie pick that out? Nice shade of red, that's Katie's color.

Lucy: Yeah, I don't know how, but she just knew it looked good on me. And when I tried it on with her hat -- your hat. I left it on the counter at the store.

Katie: My -- my hat -- it's my favorite one.

Lucy: I'm sorry. Do you want me to go back for it?

Katie: No, no, no, no. I'll go get it. It'll give you guys a little chance to get to know each other.

Simon: Katie? Katie? Katie, it's no big deal. It's still going to be there. Just give them a call.

Katie: Oh, no. But if I call them and they find out that, that beautiful hat is missing, then they are going to keep it for themselves. Can you take Lucy home for me?

Lucy: Aunt Katie, I don't need a sitter. I can get there myself.

Simon: It's fine. I will -- I'll deliver her personally.

Katie: Fabulous. Thank you so much. Bye.

Simon: So, Lucy, do you want to tell me what your aunt Katie's up to?

Lucy: Um -- why would you think she's up to something?

Simon: Oh, because I know her, that's all.

Mitzi: Remember that first big romantic night you and Rose had planned? You got a room at the Lakeview and somebody broke your windshield?

Paul: Yeah, of course I remember, yeah.

Mitzi: Well, that windshield wasn't exactly bad timing. I mean, somebody had it broken on purpose, to get you out of the room.

Paul: Why would anyone do that?

Mitzi: Well, it wasn't just anyone. It was your mother. She came right after you left, waving Rose's arrest record in her face, telling her that if she didn't break up with you on the spot, she was gonna go public with the whole solicitation thing.

Paul: Yeah, and that's why Rose was so cold to me when she came back in the room.

Mitzi: Your mother plays it real dirty, Paul. If she could do something like that --

Paul: Then she could have something to do with Rose's disappearance.

Mitzi: That's what I was thinking.

Paul: Mitzi, you did the right thing by telling me. Thank you.

Mitzi: Let me know if I can help.

Paul: You already have.

Barbara: Hi. How did it go with Parker?

Hal: Oh, you haven't seen anything till you seen John Dixon giving a kid a horse-ride around the living room. Parker seems to be pretty comfortable there. So I guess I'm gonna hit the road.

Barbara: You know, I think -- I just feel a little more comfortable, and I know it's none of my business, if I knew where you were gonna be.

Hal: Well, I guess my first stop is to see Ellen Stewart. I think Emily might've paid her a visit. And if not, I'll go to Chicago, and I will check every airport, bus station and railroad station. And I'll keep on checking them until I get a lead, I guess.

Barbara: Well, get home safely. There are people around here who need you, too.

Hal: Well, I'll check in every day and see how things are going. I want to thank you for looking out for Will.

Barbara: You don't have to thank me. I'm his mother. Letting me stay here with Will is the best present you've ever given me.

Hal: Barbara, about your being behind these disappearances -- I know you couldn't do such a thing.

Barbara: Thank you. Look, I have so many friends over in Europe in the fashion business, would you like me to make some phone calls? Maybe we can track Carly down, see if there is somewhere else that she's working, but no one knows about it.

Hal: Yes, that's a good idea, thanks.

Barbara: I'll get on right on it.

Hal: There's one more thing. Well, maybe I shouldn't say it.

Barbara: No, go ahead.

Hal: Having you in the house -- it's kind of dicey. I think we both know that. There's something right about having you here.

Barbara: I feel the same way.

Hal: You take care of yourself.

Adam: Abigail's at home. She's so wiped out from all this, she's taking a nap.

Molly: That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Rest is what she needs right now.

Jack: I heard Tom and the Assistant D.A. Are in the judge's chambers.

Jake: Yeah, they made a motion to deny bail, like Molly's gonna abandon her family or something.

Jack: Well, I know this judge fairly well. He's tough. But he works off the facts.

Jake: You -- are you gonna be here awhile, Jack?

Jack: As long as you need me.

Jake: All right, what's going on?

Adam: Yeah, I didn't tell Molly this, because I didn't want to make her nervous. But my mom took Abigail to see Nick's room.

Jake: Why?

Adam: Abigail thinks that's gonna help her remember what happened the night that Nick got killed.

Jake: Thank you for telling me. Molly, I'll be back in a flash. Okay?

Molly: Okay. Jack, I need a favor.

Jack: Name it.

Molly: I need you to call Carly in Paris. Tell her exactly what's going on, and tell her I need her to come back. Well, I know she's still there. I would've heard from her.

Jack: Sounds about right.

Molly: I know that this is a lot to ask of her, but she has a knack for just making me feel better when the world gets rough.

Jack: I have no trouble making that phone call for you. I have no idea where Carly is.

Abigail: The music box was inscribed from a girlfriend. He admitted that. He said that everything was a lie. And so I -- I tried to leave, but he pushed me back down on the bed. And then he went to -- he went to get a drink of something. And I -- that's when I called home. I was going to run, but then he caught me.

Margo: Is that when he slapped you?

[Abigail remembering]

Nick: Get over yourself, Abigail.

You were nothing but a paycheck from the beginning.

Margo: Abigail, are you hearing the music box again?

Abigail: Yeah.

Margo: And what else?

Abigail: Nick -- he's yelling something.

Margo: It's okay, it's okay. It'll come to you. Just keep listening.

Dahlia: Katie, welcome. I am so excited that we're doing this.

Katie: Me, too. Um, is the outfit okay?

Dahlia: Exquisite.

Katie: And the hair?

Dahlia: Perfect. Shall we begin?

Katie: Begin?

Dahlia: Yep. Ladies, this is your new teacher, the one and only Katie Frasier.

Lucy: So what do you think?

Craig: It's gorgeous. Is it warm?

Lucy: Sweltering.

Craig: Yeah. Good. All right. Where's Katie?

Simon: Yes, exactly. That's what I want to know. Lucy, where's Katie?

Lucy: Excuse me, I have a new coat to hang up.

Craig: And I have a problem. It seems Jack was right about Carly. Rimbaud never called her.

Simon: All right, then who did?

Craig: That's what we have to find out.

Lucy: So what happened with that detective? Is he always that rude?

Craig: Yes, but he was mistaken.

Lucy: Then why were you slamming the phone down when I came in?

Craig: Because Jack is a friend of Carly's. And he thinks that she's missing, not by choice. And I have a feeling he's right about the.

Lucy: Is she in danger?

Craig: I don't want you worrying about that.

Lucy: If you won't, I won't.

Craig: Come on. When you came to stay with me, I promised myself that I would make the most of all of our time together. And I'm not going to let anything get in the way of that. All right? It would not be fair to either of us.

Lucy: I know how you feel about me being here. It's just as important to me. But if you care about Carly, then she's important, too. If you need to go look for her, I will understand.

Craig: Oh, I -- I already have something worked out.

Barbara: To me. I'm back where I belong. Thank you, James -- and good-bye. Emily must think this is cute. I'll buy new linens in the morning.

[Knock at door] who is it?

Paul: Paul.

Barbara: Oh, darling, I'm so glad you came back. Do you know, I was thinking that while I'm here we could have dinner some night. Will, you and me -- won't it be fun?

Paul: I need to ask you some questions.

Barbara: Sure. Go ahead.

Paul: It's about Rose and blackmail.

Carly: No. No. No. I don't want to go in there again.

Rose: Carly? Carly Tenney?

Molly: Jack, I don't understand. I thought she was in Paris with that designer.

Jack: He never got in touch with her. The whole thing was a setup.

Bailiff: All rise.

Molly: This is it.

Judge: After thorough arguments on both sides, I have a ruling on the matter of bail in this case. Bail is denied. Mrs. McKinnon will be remanded in custody.

Tom: I strongly protest, your honor.

Judge: There are procedures for appeal, Mr. Hughes. I'm sure you're familiar with them.

Tom: This is temporary. I will have it reversed as soon as I can.

Molly: I have faith in you, Tom. Thanks for everything.

Guard: We have to go.

Molly: Of course. Jack, tell Jake I'll call him just as soon as I can. And tell Abigail not to worry. I'm gonna be fine. Jack, find Carly. Don't let anything happen to her.

Margo: Come on, you're getting there, Abigail. Now, stay with it. Come on.

[Abigail remembering]

Nick: Did you really think I'd take you with me?

Did you really think I love you?

Abigail: "Did you really think I'd take you with me? Did you really think I love you?"

Margo: Were you hearing Nick's voice again? Is that what he said to you?

Abigail: Yes. He was so mean, like a completely different person.

Margo: Keep going, keep going, come on. Go on, what happened after that?

Abigail: I don't remember!

Margo: Yes, you can. Baby, it's all in there. It's all in there. Yes, you can.

Abigail: Okay. Okay. Nick -- he was standing over me. He was standing over me. I was so afraid. And then --

Jake: Get away from her, Margo. I'm not letting you do this.

Announcer: Something is happening to the women of Oakdale.

Jack: If you know anything about the disappearances of these women, it's time to tell the truth.

Announcer: They're being abducted.

Emily: Stop the car, I want to get out!

Announcer: One --

Carly: Hey, where are we going?!

Announcer: -- By one.

Rose: Where are you taking me?!

Announcer: What in the world is going on?

Rose: I have been locked up in a ritzy, glitzy prison.

Announcer: Whatever it is --

Rose: This is a trap, and I know who set it.

Jack: Kidnapping is Steinbeck's style.

Announcer: -- We know for sure --

Barbara: It's all falling apart. What am I doing?!

Announcer: -- It won't be pretty.

Barbara: They're pointing fingers at me, I'm scared! James!

Announcer: Coming soon --

Jack: Whatever punishment James Steinbeck receives, there'll be plenty left over for you

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