ATWT Transcript Monday 1/7/02

    As The World Turns Transcript Monday 1/7/02

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[Knock on door]

Hal: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Hey. You got a minute?

Hal: I got a lot more than that since I'm light years too early for my flight.

Jack: Right -- the trip that stole my leave of absence.

Hal: Hey, Jack, I'm under the gun here. If I don't get Emily back here, there's no telling what Tom and Margo are going to charge her with. The legal situation's bad enough as it is.

Jack: Where do you think she is?

Hal: I'm guessing Atlanta. I spoke with Ellen Stewart.

Jack: Emily's grandmother?

Hal: Um-hmm. She's holding out on me.

Jack: You think she's hiding Emily?

Hal: Well, that's what I'm gonna go down and find out.

Jack: Sounds like a plan. Meanwhile, as far as I can tell, Carly stepped off her flight at Degaulle airport in Paris and just dropped off the planet.

Barbara: Hey, Jack. I thought I heard your voice.

Jack: Barbara?

Hal: Barbara's gonna be staying with Will while I'm away.

Jack: Oh, good for you, Barbara. I know he's missed you.

Hal: Jack went to pick up Carly at the airport last night and she wasn't on her flight.

Jack: Or the next one. It's like she just vanished.

Hal: No. Carly's in Paris. Emily vanished.

Jack: Anyway, I came by to pick Hal's brain before he took off.

Barbara: Well, why don't you pick mine?

Hal: Why? You got a hunch about this?

Barbara: Well, I'm no detective and I don't want to step on any toes, but has it occurred to either of you that Carly and Emily are exactly where they want to be? Out of sight and out of mind?

Lily: Thank you for meeting me, Paul.

Paul: You said you had some important news.

Lily: Yes I do. Lucinda found Vince -- in the army.

Paul: The army? What'd he do? Go AWOL?

Lily: He's stationed in Germany. He's been under supervision since he's been there -- for an entire year. He hasn't gone anywhere. He hasn't sent Rose anything.

Paul: What about the flowers? And the letters? And what -- who made the phone call? Who did she leave with last night?

Lily: Now you're asking the right questions.

Ben: Your office away from the office?

Jessica: No fax, no phone, endless cups of caffeine -- it's perfect. How are you this morning?

Ben: Oh, better, now that I've run into you. You have time to share a cup?

Jessica: For you? I'll make time.

Ben: Ooh, I like that. Ahh. The Molly McKinnon case. Man, I couldn't believe it when I heard that on the news this morning. That's gonna be a tough one.

Jessica: She's being arraigned this morning.

Ben: No, wait. I'm keeping then.

Jessica: No, no, sit. Sit. The assistant D.A. is handling it. I'm a little swamped right now, to really give it a full-court press.

Ben: Then why all the notes?

Jessica: Well, I have to advise on what the charge should be, and it's a not decision I'm looking forward to making.

Ben: Yeah, it's gonna be a touchy one. Molly -- well, she's a celebrity now. The court of public opinion will be on her side.

Jessica: Exactly. But the buck stops here. Ben, did you ever get a patient you wished had called another doctor?

Ben: Oh, I've got one like that right now.

Jessica: Yeah, well, I wish this had happened in somebody else's jurisdiction. Because whatever the decision I make, whatever the charge will be --

Ben: Hmm?

Jessica: This thing's gonna be public and it's gonna be messy.

Ben: Well, that's why it's a good thing the decision rests in your delicate hands.

Margo: Well, I'd offer you some coffee, but I don't think you need any more caffeine.

Jake: Well, I usually have my first hit with my wife, anyway.

Margo: Have a seat. Your routine's gonna be kind of crazy with Molly in custody.

Jake: Well, between teenagers, the twins and the laundry, my life is kind of crazy anyway. Love is the little things, you know?

Margo: Yeah. You're a devoted man, Jake.

Jake: To the woman who gave me a second chance in life and the mother of -- the only mother that my twins have ever known, who adore her as much as I do, yeah.

Margo: Then I'm surprised that you'd lie to her.

Jake: I don't, Margo.

Margo: Yeah, you told her that you were going to get a $500,000 and you show up at Scudder's with nothing but a gun.

Jake: I think I told you last night that I tried. I mean, all the banks were closed and you don't exactly get that kind of money at an ATM machine.

Margo: You have a lot of connections here, and in Bay City.

Jake: Not that could come up with that kind of money. I tried, I failed.

Margo: So if you couldn't come up with the money, why show up at all?

Jake: I guess I wanted to get to Scudder first, see if I could reason with him.

Margo: And if words didn't work, you could use your gun?

Jake: Well, a picture is worth 1,000 words, now, isn't it?

Abigail: Molly?

Molly: Abigail? You're here?

Abigail: Yeah. I had to come.

Molly: Well, you shouldn't have, because you've been through enough already.

Abigail: I couldn't stay away. You're right, Molly. You were right about Nick all along. He didn't love me, he was using me.

Molly: Abigail, shh. You don't need to say any of this right now. Are you all right?

Abigail: Um, just -- I have a little headache. He hit me. Did they tell you that?

Molly: I'm so sorry. That's another reason you should be home, taking care of yourself.

Abigail: I'll -- I'll be -- I'll be okay. I just -- I need to talk to you.

Molly: I'm gonna be out on bail by this afternoon, so we'll talk at home, okay?

Abigail: It can't wait.

Molly: What is it?

Abigail: I have these huge holes in my memory. After -- after Nick hit me, I think I went blank, and I've been doing a lot of thinking, and trying to piece everything together. But I can't. I just -- I just need to know something. Are you covering for me?

Molly: I don't understand what you mean by that.

Abigail: I need you to be straight with me. Are you saying that you did this, saying that you killed Nick, because you know that I actually did?

Molly: Abigail, I am not covering for you. I don't want to hear you say anything like that ever again, okay?

Abigail: But everything that happened at Nick's, it's so foggy. I can't --

Molly: What's the last thing you remember?

Abigail: Hating him enough that I wanted something really bad to happen to him.

Molly: Adam told me the reason you went over to Nick's in the first place was to get the truth from him.

Abigail: Yeah. But, Molly --

Molly: You never intended to hurt him, right? Right. So stop thinking crazy like this, okay? Listen to me. Do you remember the morning that Bridget and Michele took crayons to your term paper, right when it was due? You were really upset. And you -- you didn't yell at them. In our worst fights, you could barely slam the door.

Abigail: But, Molly, that was different. I had never been so mad at anybody than I was at Nick.

Molly: Nick Scudder deserved your anger. Because he was a spiteful, manipulative monster.

Abigail: Well, I swore that he was a great guy. I don't know how I could have been so blind.

Molly: You weren't blind, Abigail. You were looking at the world through the lens he gave you.

Abigail: But I should have listened to you. I was so stupid, I was so stubborn!

Molly: Nick was a con artist, Abigail. Do you know what that means? Confidence. Talk about somebody who could gain the trust of a vulnerable young woman -- Nick was the master. He practiced it his entire life. And he had impeccable timing. You were just starting college, Jake and I just got married, Bryant died. He took advantage of you at a time in your life when everything was changing at once.

Abigail: I just wish that I could remember everything that happened.

Molly: I'll tell you. You want to know everything that happened? When I got to Nick's, you were gone, but he was very much alive. And I saw your purse there. So I got scared, okay? So I started yelling at him, and yelling at him, and -- obviously it ticked him off, because, before I knew it, he was getting physical with me -- threatening. So I grabbed the nearest thing I could find and I hit him with it. The music box. I just never knew that I was capable of hurting somebody so much. I mean, let alone -- Abigail, I -- forgive me for saying this, but when I saw him on the floor, I remember saying to myself, "if Nick Scudder is dead, that's one less cockroach the world has to deal with." And that's what happened. You probably hate me for saying that about him, don't you?

Abigail: How could I hate you? I'm just so glad that he didn't hurt you -- or worse. If anything ever happened to you, Molly, I'd just die. I know I would.

Margo: You and Molly came to see Jack Snyder last night, right?

Jake: That's right. And we told him about Scudder's blackmail plan, and Holden was there, too.

Margo: And the plan was that Molly was going to wear the wire when she delivered the money to Scudder.

Jake: That's right.

Margo: So when you couldn't come up with the money, did you call Jack and tell him that?

Jake: No.

Margo: Why not?

Jake: I don't know. I guess I was just anxious to get the whole thing over with. I didn't think I needed the money to convince Scudder to leave town.

Margo: Because you had a gun. Did Molly know that you were planning to bring a gun?

Jake: No. No. I mean, I didn't even know she was gonna be at the boarding house. I was just trying to get to Scudder before the midnight deadline.

Margo: And did you tell Molly about this?

Jake: If I would have talked to Molly, I'd have known the deadline was moved up, wouldn't I? No. She had no clue I didn't have the money, and she definitely did not know about the gun.

Margo: It's lucky for you, Scudder's landlady saw you come to the door after Scudder was already dead.

Jake: "Lucky" would have been finding my wife defending herself from that ape. Then we wouldn't be sitting here trying to figure out what's going on, and my wife wouldn't be in a cell.

Margo: Jake, were you prepared to use that gun for anything else other than waving it in Scudder's face?

Jake: That's from my phone machine. That's Abigail begging Molly to come to Scudder's and help her.

Margo: So that's what happened to that. Adam said that there was a message, but no tape.

Jake: Well, it kind of gives you an idea of what was going on that night.

Margo: Still, my question remains, Jake. Were you gonna use the gun?

Jake: I think I would have done anything to stop that piece of dirt.

Jessica: You know, it's times like this when my job makes me a little crazy.

Ben: Yeah. Because you get all those details that nobody else knows?

Jessica: Um-hmm. Like Nick Scudder, a real bottom feeder. But bottom feeder or not, he had rights. On the other hand, if he had gone after my daughter the way Molly said he went after Abigail, I don't know what I'd do.

Ben: Look, it's natural to have doubts about prosecuting a case like this, isn't it?

Jessica: Natural, maybe. But, it is my job to uphold the law, regardless of my personal feelings.

Ben: Yeah? Even if it means standing up for bottom feeders like Nick Scudder?

Jessica: You can't strip a person of their rights just because you don't like them. If that were the case, you and I would be riding in the back of the bus.

Ben: Ouch! I stand reminded that you are a woman of ethics as well as compassion.

[Jessica laughs]

Jessica: "Ms. Ethics and Compassion" blew her last big case.

Ben: Oh, come on, now. Everybody makes mistakes.

Jessica: Yeah, well everybody wasn't convinced that Craig Montgomery had tried to kill Barbara Ryan. But I sure was. And I was dead wrong.

Ben: Now, wait, wait. This is the way I remember it. You were determined to discover the truth. And when the truth was revealed, you accepted it, didn't you? And gracefully.

Jessica: You know, I don't know what bit of luck brought you in this morning, but I'm so glad it did.

Ben: Oh? Well --

[pager beeps] ugh. That patient I wish I hadn't taken on?

Jessica: Hmm?

Ben: Ah, I'd better go. Listen -- any time you want to talk, about the case, anything, you know? You know how to reach me.

Jessica: Well, thank you, kind sir. I'll take you up on that offer.

Ben: Okay.

Jessica: Oh, and Ben? Last night at the benefit? I haven't had that much fun since a certain spontaneous trip to New York.

Ben: Ooh. You are toying with my emotions, Madame DA.. You know, it wasn't luck that brought me in here just now.

Jessica: Oh?

Ben: I saw your car in the parking lot.

[Ben laughs]

Jessica: Oh.

Paul: Lily, if Rose were here right now, she would look at me with those big green eyes and say "Preppy, you're an idiot." I let her down.

Lily: Do not beat yourself up. It doesn't help anything. Let Rose do that when we find her.

Paul: How? We have no idea where she could've gone!

Lily: I called her father, Joe, in New Jersey, first thing.

Paul: Lily?

Lily: I did not tell him that she was missing, because we do not know what's going on, but I could tell that he has not heard from her.

Paul: Okay. What about Mitzi?

Lily: Nothing. She's heard nothing. And none of her friends in New Jersey have heard from her, either.

Paul: What in the hell is going on here.

Lily: Somebody went to a lot of trouble to make it look like Vince and Rose left together.

Paul: Well, I fell for it.

Lily: What did you see, exactly, when you were here last night?

Paul: The place was pretty empty. I saw two coffee cups and her scarf was lying on the seat.

Lily: What'd the waitress say?

Paul: That she was so drunk that the guy she was with helped her out of here.

Lily: The guy -- that guy is the key.

Paul: Whoa, whoa -- there she is. That's her.

Lily: Who?

Paul: That's the waitress -- the same one I saw last night. And she saw Rose and the guy she left with.

Hal: Carly and Emily have willfully abandoned their families? That's your helpful hunch?

Jack: Carly wouldn't desert Parker. Not now -- not in a million years.

Barbara: Maybe I didn't say exactly what I meant to say. Look, Carly's made no secret of how important a career is to her. And designing for an international house like Jean-Claude Rimbaud? I'm sure she was prepared to make all kinds of sacrifices for that, including time with her son. And Emily? Well, if Tom and Margo are planning on pressing criminal charges against her, and she thought she was gonna lose Daniel, anyway, isn't it possible that she just ran because she didn't want to face reality? Never mind. It's just a thought.

Hal: Well, Barbara, I know you mean well.

Barbara: Yeah. I'm -- I'm sorry. It's really none of my business. I didn't mean to offend anyone.

Jack: No, Barbara, you're not offending anyone. I think it's just wise that Hal and I talk this one out alone.

Barbara: Yeah, you're right. I need to get over to Fairwinds to pick up a few more things, anyway. Oh, Hal. Will said the most wonderful thing to me this morning. He said, "mom, I'm so glad you're gonna be here." And then he reached up and he touched my face, and he said, "your scars, they don't scare me anymore."

[Door closes]

Jack: It's a good thing she's out of that mausoleum, anyway.

Hal: Yeah. Well, I think she's spent just a tad too long cooped up in that place, if you know what I mean. Oh, don't get me wrong, she's done a great job taking care of Will and everything, but I think he's forgotten a couple of things in the human resources department.

Jack: No, it's okay, Hal.

Hal: No, it's not, Jack. But, never mind. Listen, hey, were you able to get in touch with the guy who hired Carly -- Claude Rimbaud?

Jack: I have been on the horn since 8 am Paris time. I couldn't get past the receptionist.

Hal: Well, push your credentials!

Jack: I did! I told her this was an official police investigation. She agreed to have someone call me back.

Hal: Well, good. At least you're getting somewhere. At least you have some idea of where Carly is. Me? I'm in the dark. Emily just vanished. And I'm flying by night with this guess about Atlanta.

Jack: Well, I don't know --

[Phone rings]

Jack: Snyder. Yes, this is Detective Snyder. Jack Snyder, that's right. No, no, go ahead. I can hear you. Yeah, I've been calling about a woman who's been meeting with Monsieur Rimbaud. Her name is Tenney. Carly Tenney.

Margo: Okay, Jake, I'm not gonna file charges against you. But I do want to hang onto your gun.

Jake: That's fine with me. I've got no use for it now. Anything else?

Margo: Not at the moment. And we will see you at the arraignment later this afternoon?

Jake: You even have to ask?

Margo: Hi.

Assistant DA: Was that Jake McKinnon?

Margo: Yeah, I just finished in questioning him.

Assistant D.A.: Good, I just finished looking at his wife's case. What do you think?

Margo: I think he is a hothead, and he is absolutely crazy about his wife, but there is nothing to indicate that he's party to Scudder's death.

Assistant D.A.: Well, according to Molly McKinnon, Scudder was blackmailing her?

Margo: Yeah, according to molly, he demanded $500,000 or he was gonna leave town with her 18-year-old daughter.

Assistant D.A.: What, kidnap her?

Margo: No, more just ruin her life. According to Molly, Scudder had maneuvered Abigail into a really hot and heavy relationship, all just to extort money from the family.

Assistant D.A.: Well, can anybody else corroborate this threat?

Margo: Apparently, Molly's the only one who heard it. But she and Jake and Holden Snyder came to the station last night to file a complaint. And this was hours before Scudder was killed.

Assistant D.A.: Yeah, I saw Jack Snyder's notes about that. He got a court order from Judge Blanchette so that Molly could wear a wire when she delivered the blackmail money.

Margo: Yeah, then apparently, Jake went off to try and get the money together. Holden Snyder went home, and Molly went back to her place to wait for the order.

Assistant D.A.: And is that when she found out that Abigail had gone to see Scudder?

Margo: Oh, yes. Scudder had called her and told her that Abigail was there, and he was demanding the money early.

Assistant D.A.: Then why would Molly take off for Scudder's without the money? And without alerting the cops?

Margo: No, no, she did. She tried to get ahold of Hal and Jack, but she couldn't get through.

Assistant D.A.: So then why didn't she ask for somebody else?

Margo: Because she's jittery. Because she's a mom, and she was scared for her kid, and she didn't think she could wait for the cops.

Assistant D.A.: Maybe. Or maybe she didn't want any witnesses.

Jake: I heard somebody down here needs a double latte.

[Jake kisses Molly]

Molly: I needed that more.

Jake: You know, one good thing about sleepin' in your clothes is you always wake up dressed.

Molly: Did you forget a change? Jake, I can't go to court in the same clothes I slept in.

Abigail: Molly, he's teasing. He's just trying to cheer us up. See, they're right in this bag.

Jake: You're too smart for your own good, you know that? I got everything right here. Excuse me, sir, you moonlight at "The City Times" on security, right? You -- would you mind?

Cop: Sorry, the young lady has to step out. Only one visitor in the cell at a time.

Abigail: Sir, please, we're family. Can we just be together just for a minute? It's really important.

Cop: All right, just a few minutes.

Molly: Thank you so much.

Molly: You okay?

Jake: I'm fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine. How 'bout you? How did -- how'd you sleep?

Molly: Great. Great. I've been here before, remember? Felt right at home. How are the twins doing? I miss them.

Jake: They are being spoiled rotten by Donna and Marley.

Molly: Bridget needs her cough syrup twice a day.

Jake: Donna has it under control.

Molly: And I told them that I was gonna take them to buy them finger paints. It feels like days ago. I just wish I could go home.

Abigail: Jake, when is Molly gonna be arraigned?

Jake: Well, I talked to Tom this morning, and he said that he'd be here as soon as he heard the charge.

Abigail: I feel so awful about this.

Molly: Stop it. Abigail. I keep telling her to stop. Jake, tell her to stop blaming herself.

Jake: Look, nick is the one that turned our lives upside down, not you.

Abigail: I'm just so sorry.

Molly: Stop it. Don't be. For what? What are you sorry for? The second you saw Nick for who he was, you got out of his apartment and out of his life.

Abigail: Did I? I wish that I could remember leaving. I don't know what I said or what he said. All I know is how bad I feel.

Molly: If there's anybody to blame, it's me.

Abigail: Why?

Molly: For ever letting that man into my life. I'm the reason he came back to Oakdale.

I'm the reason he ever set sights on you. Abigail, none of this is your fault. Do you hear me? You are completely blameless.

Waitress: Identical, huh? Wow. I noticed the resemblance when you two were in here together.

Paul: Okay, tell us about the guy she left with. What'd he look like?

Waitress: Like I said, he had dark hair. To tell you the truth, I didn't get a really good look at him.

Lily: Was he tall? Was he short?

Waitress: I don't know. Medium, I guess. I mean, to tell you the truth, his back was to me most of the time. I didn't get a really good look at him.

Paul: All right, what made you think she was drinking?

Waitress: She told me she'd been hitting the champagne with a friend of hers, and she was trying to sober up with some coffee.

Lily: She was drinking when she got the call to come here to meet him, but she was not drunk.

Waitress: Well, she sure was plastered when she left here. Her friend had to practically carry her to the door.

Paul: Rose never drinks like that.

Lily: I'm telling you, when I saw her before the benefit, she wasn't drunk.

Waitress: Maybe she had a flask. I mean, I've doctored up my coffee once in a while, you know, waiting on a guy. And she waited for a long time. She seemed really nervous, too.

Paul: Okay, look, if you have any more information, no matter how small, just give me a call, okay?

Waitress: Sure.

Lily: Thank you very much.

Waitress: No problem.

Lily: Okay. Now all we know is Vince is in Germany, and whoever this guy was that Rose was with made her nervous. You know, my mom, she has these crazy theories. She's got a private detective. Me, personally, I cannot think of anybody who'd want to hurt Rose.

Paul: I can. Let's go.

Jack: You're sure about that? No, no, thank you.

Hal: Jack?

Jack: That was Rimbaud's assistant. He says Rimbaud never offered Carly a job.

Hal: That's impossible.

Jack: Never sent her a plane ticket, never booked her into that fancy hotel.

Hal: Oh, come on, there's got to be some mistake. Has he got the name right?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. He even confirmed that Craig Montgomery called to ask Rimbaud to consider Carly as a designer, only Rimbaud didn't need anybody, so he never followed it up.

Hal: That is crazy, Jack. Carly never doubted that offer. She spoke to the guy, right?

Jack: A couple times, as far as I know.

Hal: Which means --

Jack: Which means someone went to a lot of trouble to make it look like this was Carly's big break, but --

Hal: Oh, Jack.

Jack: I know, Hal, I know. From the moment Carly got that first phone call, she was walking into a set-up.

Margo: You think Molly lied about going to Scudder's without money or a wire?

Assistant D.A.: I'm just asking questions.

Margo: Yes, but they're questions that lead to premeditation.

Assistant D.A.: According to her statement, when Molly arrived at Scudder's apartment, her daughter wasn't there.

Margo: So?

Assistant D.A.: So if the kid's out of harm's way, why get in Scudder's face?

Margo: Because of the handbag. The handbag. Molly had gone to Scudder's to try to reason with him, to try and get him to leave Abigail alone once and for all. And when she got there, she saw Abigail's purse, but no Abigail, and she was afraid that Scudder had done something to her.

Assistant D.A.: Well, it's too bad Abigail can't add anything to the story.

Margo: Because Scudder hit her, knocked her down.

Assistant D.A.: But not out.

Margo: Yes, but there is a gap in her memory.

Assistant D.A.: But no report of concussion.

Margo: Well, memory loss can be due to psychological trauma, as well. This kid was crazy for him.

Assistant D.A.: Then he hits her?

Margo: Exactly my point. It fits Molly's psychological profile of him.

Assistant D.A.: What, charming, smooth con with a nasty violent streak?

Margo: Look, Adam had found Abigail wandering around a few blocks from Scudder's apartment. 

Assistant D.A.: Adam's your son, right?

Margo: Yeah.

Assistant D.A.: And a good friend of Abigail's?

Margo: Oh, so that discounts his statement?

Assistant D.A.: I'm not saying that, Margo.

Margo: Look, Molly had gone over to Scudder's, looking for her daughter. All she found was the purse. She had no idea that Abigail had made it to safety. She was out of her mind with worry and fear.

Assistant D.A.: You sound like a lawyer for the accused. Isn't Tom defending her?

Margo: I have done a good job. I've found out that Scudder was a dirtbag who beat on this kid who he seduced. It doesn't take a great leap of faith that he would try the same thing with Molly.

Assistant D.A.: How? By backing into her? You saw the medical examiner's report on Scudder's injury.

Margo: Yes, I did.

Assistant D.A.: Then you know that the injury that killed Scudder was to the back of his head.

Margo: Yes, I saw that, and -- and I don't know what to make of that, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. And while you're busy poking holes in my investigation, let me save you the trouble of bringing up the matter of the murder weapon.

Assistant D.A.: The music box?

Margo: Yes, it has some engraving on it, with the inscription "Me."

Assistant D.A.: You're working on finding out who "Me" is?

Margo: Yes.

Assistant D.A.: Look, I have to go back to the office and talk with Jessica before we can make a decision on these charges. You've done good police work, Margo. You know I see that. It's just my job to find the holes.

Margo: I know. Thank you.

Assistant D.A.: This isn't gonna be easy.

Margo: Nope.

Tom: Hey, slow down, buddy.

Adam: Hi. Didn't see you.

Tom: I can see that. I thought we were supposed to talk this morning?

Adam: Yeah, I had a Biology lab that I totally forgot about. I got out early, so --

Tom: Well, how 'bout now?

Adam: Actually, I'm on my way to the police station. Abigail wanted me to meet her there. Mint tea and cranberry muffins.

Tom: Well, I'll make sure it doesn't get too cold. Come on, sit down.

Adam: Okay.

Tom: So you and Abigail are gettin' close again, huh?

Adam: Yeah, real close. We had a long talk.

Tom: Yeah? Well, Molly asked me to defend her.

Adam: Well, that's great. She should have the best.

Tom: So I kinda need your take on what happened last night.

Adam: Well, it all happened so fast. Well, I was sitting at home doing absolutely nothing -- Biology -- when Molly called me to see if I could come over to her place to be with Abigail.

Tom: And about what time was that?

Adam: It was early. I was still watching the game, too.

Tom: So I guess that's when Molly and Jake went to the police station to see Jack. So -- so what happened when you got to Abigail's?

Adam: Well, Abigail was feelin' kind of bad. She asked me if I thought that she'd been a fool to believe in Nick Scudder. And I had known all along that the guy was a total creep. Anyway, we started talking about what kind of a user he was, and it just seemed like for the first time in weeks, she could really hear what I was saying, you know? And then she went on to tell me that she was gonna leave town with him. And, I mean, she had her bags packed and everything. But just right then and there, she seemed to change her mind about him.

Tom: So why did she go back to Scudder's?

Adam: Well, I guess she wanted to get some answers. Molly had been saying that he was blackmailing them, so I guess Abigail just wanted to hear it from him. Make him answer for all the things that he'd done, you know?

Tom: You didn't try to stop her?

Adam: Have you ever tried to stop mom from doing something she just has to do? That's how Abby is, you know? And besides, if that's what she's ready to do, why stop her? So when molly came home, I thought she'd be excited to hear that Abigail had finally seen the light, but she wasn't. She was upset.

Tom: Why? Did Molly think that Abigail had actually run off with Scudder?

Adam: No, Abigail had left her bags home and everything. I think Molly just thought that until Nick had the money, there was no telling what he would do.

Tom: Well, I know molly left again, because she asked you to stay at her apartment in case Jake showed up with the money.

Adam: That's right.

Tom: So what happened next?

Adam: Well, I waited around for awhile, and then I heard Abigail's phone message to Molly, and she sounded awful. I mean, she was desperate. And that's when I decided to go over to Scudder's myself.

Tom: Never thought to call one of your detective parents?

Adam: In any other case, I would have, but all I could think about was getting to Abigail.

Tom: So what'd you see at Scudder's place?

Adam: I never went in. I just drove up, and when I got to his block, I found Abigail wandering around outside. So I got her in my car and just drove right back to Molly and Jake's.

Tom: So after Molly left her apartment, you never saw her again that night?

Adam: Nope.

Tom: You remember anything else?

Adam: Look, dad, I've already told you everything I know, so are we finished? I just - - I just don't want Abigail thinking I forgot about her, you know?

Tom: Yeah. Sure, we're done.

James: Oh, allow me.

Barbara: I assumed your departure was imminent, James.

James: I thought I'd give you the opportunity to persuade me to stay.

Barbara: Generous. But I don't beg for what I don't need.

James: And I don't beg for anything, Barbara.

Barbara: Then why are you still here, James?

James: I had a few details to clear up.

Barbara: Ah. I suggest you speed the process along.

James: Really?

Barbara: I just came from speaking with Hal and Jack Snyder. And guess what?

They're beginning to realize that Carly and Emily were set up.

James: Nerves, Barbara, nerves. I have just the tonic.

Barbara: You don't read me as well as you presume. In fact, I'm quite relaxed. "Hal? You don't suppose that James Stenbeck could have anything to do with Carly and Emily's disappearances, could you?" One word from me, James, and Hal will be on you like tar on your $400 shoes.

James: And you're certain you won't be implicated in any way?

Barbara: By whom? You? Try it. See what happens. See who Hal believes. The career criminal? Or the mother of his children, who has survived fire, scars, alienation from her family -- and you. Better start packing, James.

Tom: Margo.

Margo: Tom. Great, I'm so glad you're here. You can help me go through this perp/victim thing, huh?

Tom: On Molly's case? I think that might be a conflict of interest. How 'bout I just play husband/lawyer? I only got a minute.

Margo: Okay, so I talked to the Assistant D.A. You heard anything from Jessica's office?

Tom: No. But I had a conversation with Adam about what happened last night.

Margo: How'd it go?

Tom: Fine at first. Then, I don't know, he just shut down and got defensive.

Margo: Sounds pretty much how he was with me. What do you make of it?

Tom: I don't know. I mean, he's been through a lot. Don't forget he knew Nick Scudder, as well, and he's crazy about Abigail. And so I guess it makes sense that his fuse is really short right now. [Phone rings] Hello? Okay, right away. The A.D.A. wants to see me right now. They've decided on how they want to charge Molly.

Hal: So Carly walked into a set-up. And Emily just walked out of here into --

Jack: And what? And hopped into the airport to hop a plane to grandma's?

Hal: You know what my guess is? My guess is she hailed a taxi. That's why there's no record of a phone call from here to a car. Pretty hot trail for me.

Jack: You got uniforms on this?

Hal: Yeah. They'll speak to everybody in the neighborhood, drivers, too. But that's all I got to go on, Jack. That and a phony good-bye note.

Jack: With no fingerprints on it?

Hal: Oh, it's got fingerprints on it. It's got mine.

Jack: Well, speaking of phony good-bye notes, I followed up on that fax from Carly saying everything was okay.

Hal: Where was it sent from?

Jack: The Georges Cinq Hotel in Paris. Only no one there remembers sending it, and we already know that Carly never checked in. I'm having the handwriting analyzed.

Hal: Do I need to state the obvious? [Knock at door] Yeah?

Jack: You know what? The more we compare notes, the more bizarre this gets.

Hal: Lily?

Lily: Hi. Hal, I'm sorry I didn't call first, but I --

Paul: There's something we need to talk to you about.

Hal: Well, I really wish I had the time, but unfortunately --

Lily: Please, this is very important.

Hal: Jack and I have not one, but two disappearances on our hands. More important than that?

Lily: So my mother has you working on this already?

Hal: Working on what?

Paul: Rose. Lily's sister, Rose, she's missing.

Jack: Rose is missing, too?

Lily: Too? Who else is missing?

Hal: Carly and Emily.

Lily: Carly, Emily and Rose are missing at the same time. What is this, the world's biggest coincidence?

Hal: It would be pretty unbelievable, wouldn't it? If it weren't true.

James: Ms. D'Angelo's mother's rosary. A precious memento. [James holds up a silver rattle]  "Daniel Stewart Hughes, love, Grandma." [James holds up the diamond necklace Craig gave to Carly]  Montgomery must have paid a fortune for this. Carly would never lose track of this, not under normal circumstances. [James seals the envelope and places it in Barbara’s desk]  Yes, Barbara, your ingratitude is gonna cost you dearly.

Lily: You know, you stay here. I'll go back and look at her address book. And please, Jack, call me if you hear anything.

Jack: I will. I will.

Lily: Please?

Jack: Yep.

Lily: Thanks.

Paul: This is beyond crazy.

[Door closes]

Hal: Or incredibly well-planned. All right, let's settle down and see what we've got.

Jack: In all three cases, the women were supposed to have acted alone, left voluntarily, right?

Paul: Yeah, right. But in Rose's case, I should have known better. I should have known that she wouldn't fall in love with an old flame and leave town.

Jack: Paul, you were set up to believe it was possible.

Hal: Just like Carly went to Paris to pursue a design career and Emily ran away to avoid being charged for trying to kidnap her son. Everybody's motivation was incredibly, perfectly planned, Jack.

Jack: I know what my next question is.

Hal: Mine, too. Do Rose, Carly and Emily have anybody in common? Anybody who considers them the enemy?

Abigail: Margo?

Margo: Hi, Abigail. I thought you were visiting with Molly.

Abigail: She and Jake need some time alone. The arraignment's in a little while.

Margo: Yeah. This must be very difficult for you. Are you okay?

Abigail: Yeah, I'm okay. I'm just worried about Molly. Could you do me a favor?

Margo: That depends on what it is.

Abigail: Well, the police aren't letting anyone into Nick Scudder's apartment.

Margo: Yeah. It's a crime scene, honey.

Abigail: Could you get me in?

Margo: Abigail, your friend, Nick Scudder, was killed there. Why on earth would you want to go in?

Jake: Listen, I'm gonna check in at the office and I'll see you this afternoon.

Molly: Jake, don't be late, okay? I really need to see your face in there.

Jake: Hey, this arraignment is a pro forma thing. You're gonna be home finger painting with the kids by this afternoon.

Molly: I can't wait.

[Jake leaves]  

Molly: Tom?

Tom: I need to speak with my client privately.

Cop: Sure.

Molly: Tell me this is just your morning face.

Tom: I just got finished speaking with the Assistant D.A. yelling, actually. She thinks she can make a case for premeditation.

Molly: What does that mean?

Tom: The D.A. is charging you with murder one.

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