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Simon: There we are.

Katie: Oh, thank you so much, Simon. I love them. They're so soft. And faux fur, very pc.

Simon: Yeah, well, that's me. Okay, where's mine?

Katie: Now you open mine.

Simon: Come on. Okay. Wow! Just what every real man should have.

Katie: That's right.

Simon: Look at this. Awesome. I haven't seen one with so many attachments.

Katie: Well, that's because I got you the sportsman carpenter executive safari model.

Simon: Mmm.

Katie: See, this thing right here is for cutting through metal.

Simon: Mm-hmm.

Katie: And this right here is a wire cutter and a lock pick.

Simon: For getting out of Maltese prisons?

Katie: Yeah, but not quite as fun.

Simon: Thank you.

Katie: Just the perfect gift for an international man of mystery.

Simon: Well, well, well. There's nothing now I cannot do. Thank you, pussy galore.

Katie: Oh, yes, that's me. You're beautiful, adventurous and it helps you fight evil. And when business is slow --

Simon: Business is pretty slow right now. Come here.

Katie: Ooh, wait. I almost forgot. One more thing for you, mister.

Simon: What do you mean, one more thing? Don't show me up. I only got you one present.

Katie: It's okay, baby. You have given me everything I have ever wanted. Let me get you this one special thing, okay?

Simon: Okay.

Katie: Okay. Let me just get ready. And of course, I have to set the proper atmosphere.

I thought of this myself!

Simon: Yeah, well, that's almost never a good sign.

Hal: You know, I -- -- can't believe Emily would just pack her bags, write the world's shortest good-bye note and just leave. I mean, I know she was upset, but --

Barbara: Did you two have a fight?

Hal: No, it wasn't anything like that.

Barbara: I'm not trying to pry, Hal.

Hal: Tom's been leaning on her hard. It's like any mistake that she makes with Daniel, he acts like it's proof that she can't be trusted with her son. And tonight -- tonight, things just got way out of hand.

Barbara: I've always thought for all of Emily's sins that she was a pretty devoted mother.

Hal: She is! She is. That's why this thing with Tom and Margo -- it doesn't make any sense.

Barbara: What happened tonight, Hal?

Hal: They're convinced that Emily tried to kidnap Daniel and take him out of the country.

Barbara: Oh, that's unbelievable! I'm sorry.

Hal: Well, don't be. Because I'm not convinced that she tried to leave me. And I think that it'll snow in July before she'd walk out on Daniel.

Barbara: If there's anything that I can do during this difficult time, please tell me.

Hal: I'm just glad you're here. Thanks for bringing the present for Will.

Barbara: I'm his mother. I know I haven't been acting much like it lately. I'm sure you'll find a good spot for this under the tree. And I think I'll be on my way, 'cause I'm sure I'm the last person you want to see right now.

Hal: Why do you say that?

Barbara: Because lately I haven't given you anything but pain. No one knows that better than me. So -- I think I'll be on my way. And I hope -- I hope things get better, Hal.

Hal: Wait. I want you to stay.

Holden: Abigail, don't. Don't challenge me on this, because you're gonna lose.

Abigail: I may be 18, but you intend to force me to do what you want, and there's nothing I can do about it? How is that fair?

Holden: I don't care about fair. I care about you. I care about keeping you safe. That's why I'm taking you to Rotterdam tomorrow.

Abigail: So you can return me to my adoptive parents? That's great, Holden. I don't know what I have done to deserve this kind of treatment.

Holden: Nothing. You haven't done anything wrong.

Abigail: Oh, so this is all Nick's fault? You know, why don't we just blame the recession and the depletion of the rain forest and any future earthquakes on him, too?

Holden: I'm not gonna stand here and debate with you whether or not Nick is a great guy. But I will say this -- Nick is an older guy, and you are only 18. It would be very easy for you to make a bad judgment call here.

Abigail: A bad judgment call. I love him. And as you said, I am 18 -- an adult, Holden. So there is no reason to argue here. The case is closed. I am leaving.

Holden: You know what's tough about being an adult? You have to listen to both sides. This case is not closed. Not until you hear the rest of it.

Molly: You'll leave my daughter alone, but it's gonna cost me? What's that supposed to mean?

Nick: You know, I admire you, Molly. You know, you rose above your rap sheet. You made something out of your life. You're a real inspiration to an ex-con like me.

Molly: We were talking about Abigail.

Nick: Oh, we were? Oh, but you're the one that got out of jail, found your long-lost daughter. You sucked up to Kim Hughes, and that was great, because you got yourself a terrific job.

Molly: I earned that job. And I earned my daughter coming back in my life. I have worked for everything I've got.

Nick: Oh, yeah, yeah, I know. You really had to scrape and claw, didn't you? Do you have any idea what it's like to be a man, Molly? How difficult it is in the world when you don't have something to shake or big eyes to bat at everyone?

Molly: That's what I did to Kim Hughes. Yeah, she was really impressed by that.

Nick: And, you know, while the whole world was fawning over this little cute broadcast girl, I was getting spit on. I was getting laughed at, rejected.

Molly: Come on, Nick! Kim gave you a great chance, and you blew it.

Nick: Kim didn't give me a damn thing, okay? I was just another one of her, like, good deeds. She's just trying to get herself into heaven and doing it by giving me a job. No, I don't need charity. You know what I want? I want a future, like you've got.

Molly: What are you talking about?

Nick: You know, you've earned yourself a really nice life, Molly. And it got a whole lot nicer when you married Jake McKinnon. Rich Jake McKinnon.

Molly: Wait. First we were talking about Abigail, then me, now Jake. What does Jake have to do with this?

Nick: Well, everything. Because I need someone rich to give me the future that I want. You see, I am going to the front of the line. And your husband is the one that's gonna get me there.

Molly: Money? Everything you've done, all the lies you told Abigail, it's all been about money?

Nick: Well, you know what they say, kitten. It's the root of all evil.

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Nick: Why is it so tough for people with fat bank accounts to understand that everyone else would like to have one, too?

Molly: That I can believe. But what I can't believe is how low you would stoop to get it. You would actually hurt my precious baby girl for a buck?

Nick: Oh, no, Molly. Not for a buck. For half a million of them.

Molly: You son of a --

Nick: Oh, that's good. That's good. That's just the right blend of righteous indignation and superiority. You know, if someone met you right now, they might actually think that you're a lady. Not some little tramp that grew up -- uh-uh-uh. Easy. See, it's business first. And then if you're a good little girl, maybe we can have some fun later on.

Barbara: It's all right, Hal. You don't have to be polite or spare my feelings.

Hal: That's not why I asked you to stay.

Barbara: If you'd rather be alone --

Hal: Barbara, I feel like somebody sucker-punched me in the gut right now. The last thing I want to be is alone.

Barbara: Thank you.

Hal: For -- ?

Barbara: Giving me a second chance. Not many people would after everything I've done.

Hal: You know, we go way back. We've been in and out of love, in and out of marriage. But one thing we've always been is friends. I need a friend right now.

Barbara: I'm here. I'll make us a cup of tea. And you can talk. You can talk about the kids and work and -- Emily. Or you could not talk. But if you want to, I'm here.

Hal: This whole thing with Tom and Emily just escalated so fast, I -- I just don't get it. I don't understand it.

Barbara: Break it down. Maybe it'll be clearer.

Hal: Emily was feeling desperate. Tom was putting the squeeze on her, and Emily was terrified that he was gonna take Daniel away. Now, you see, this is the part that bugs me. Because if she was afraid that she was gonna lose him, why leave town? Because now she doesn't have her son, and she looks guilty.

Barbara: Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but do you think maybe you're giving Emily too much credit?

Hal: Barbara --

Barbara: This isn't personal. I'm just looking at a pattern. You told me that people always have a pattern. That when a detective tries to out-think someone that they're looking for, they look for the pattern. Do you remember telling me that?

Hal: Mm-hmm. And you said that you would stick to looking at dress patterns.

Barbara: I'd have done better listening to you. I just keep going back to Emily's pattern. When she's up against something, she makes one of two choices -- fight or flight.

[Tea kettle whistling] and this time, Hal, I think she flew.

Hal: She wouldn't do that! She would not leave Daniel or me. We were moving towards something, Barbara. We were really getting to know each other.

Barbara: Hal, people always think that they know Emily -- until she sucker-punches them. I'm sorry. You deserve more than this.

Holden: Nick Scudder is trouble. And Molly and I, we have a responsibility here.

Abigail: You guys also have a responsibility to be honest with me. And Molly has been anything but. She's told me lie after lie.

Holden: Molly told you about her whole history with Nick.

Abigail: Her version. Nick told me the truth.

Holden: Are you sure about that? See, you don't know if what he's telling you is real or not real. Honey, he's hurting you.

Abigail: No. He's the only one that's not hurting me. You and Adam and Molly and Jake, you all snuck behind my back. I love Nick, and what I can't understand is how you can hate someone that makes me so happy.

Holden: I don't hate him. I just do not like this game that he is playing with you right now.

Abigail: Oh, okay, so now he's playing a game. What kind of game is he playing, Holden?

Holden: I don't want to talk about it, Abigail.

Abigail: No, if you're gonna send me off to Europe, I deserve to know why!

Holden: You want to know why? Because you're my daughter, I care about you and I love you. Period!

Abigail: That is not an answer. Look, I'm calm. I'm listening. Isn't that the mature, responsible thing that you want me to do?

Holden: No, I want you to do the immature, irresponsible thing, the 18-year-old thing. I want you to roll your eyes at me, think that I'm a jerk, but let me be the guy who takes care of you.

Abigail: Why are making me choose between you and Nick? Why, Holden? Why are you so right, and I'm so wrong?

Nick: Let's just make this easy, Molly, okay? You get Jake to give me $500,000, and I will disappear without your daughter.

Molly: Have you forgotten what time of year it is, Nick? Banks are closed. What's Jake supposed to do, go to the nearest ATM machine and take out half a million dollars?

Nick: You know what? That's not my problem. It's yours. But fortunately for you, your husband's rich, and he's very resourceful. So you know what? He'll think of something. At least you better hope he does.

Molly: If Jake can get the money -- and I'm not saying that he --

Nick: I know how much money your old man's got, okay? Don't play games with me.

Molly: What's he supposed to do with it?

Nick: Well, make sure it's in small bills, put it in a suitcase and hand it to me before tomorrow, midnight. Then you can kiss me good-bye. See, once you hand me the money, I will be out of your lives forever.

Molly: What happens if I decide to tell you to go to hell instead?

Nick: Well, then it's Abigail that you better kiss good-bye, because I will yank her out of Oakdale so fast it'll make your head spin. And I promise you, you will never see your daughter again.

Simon: Come on, Katie, come out. I'm ready. Katie? This music's starting to get very -- very weird. Katie? Okay, I'm ready. You can come out any time you want. Any time, just come on out. Okay, what are you, the mad executioner, or -- ?

Katie: I am the ghost of Christmas yet to come.

Simon: Oh, great, I had to ask, didn't I?

Katie: Simon Frasier, this is your gift. Open it up, and your future will be revealed.

Simon: Look, baby, you didn't have to get all dressed up for me to take the garbage out. You know, I would have done it.

Katie: I meant our future. Open the bag, and you will see our future.

Simon: Okay. Our future. A dog? Our future has a dog in it.

Katie: It is a golden retriever named Rex.

Simon: Rex. Rex. Down, Rex. And a -- ooh, a pink house. Look, I don't know, Barbie. I'm not really --

Katie: We can paint. We can paint it.

Simon: Okay. And a -- and a car, a car, a key chain, a --

Katie: It's a Lamborghini.

Simon: A lam --

Katie: And we're gonna get one.

Simon: A Lamborghini? How and when are we gonna get a Lamborghini?

Katie: When we get rich!

Simon: You are a freak!

Katie: A good one, though, right?

Simon: Yes. You know I hate to disappoint you, but --

Katie: Oh, what, you don't like your gifts?

Simon: No. I love -- I love the gifts, and I love you even more. It's just that, look -- I only got you mittens and a hat.

Katie: And a scarf.

Simon: And a scarf, yes, because we're broke! We're living here, off your brother, and I can't seem to get a full-time job.

Katie: It's okay, things will get better.

Simon: Yeah, maybe they will. Maybe Lucinda will get me a job, I don't know.

Katie: See? And I'll get a job, and then we'll be rolling in it.

Simon: Whoa, wait, wait -- whoa, wait. What's this about you getting a job?

Katie: I can work. Are you a secret sexist?

Simon: No. No. I think you can work. I think you can do whatever you want to do. But how are you gonna afford a Lamborghini?

Katie: What? Don't you think I can bring home the bacon?

Simon: Absolutely. You can get any job out there. Now, holding onto it, you know, that's a different story.

Hal: Barbara, I don't want you to think that I don't appreciate everything that you're doing, but maybe it just ain't such a good idea for us to talk about Emily.

Barbara: Well, I'll take that as my cue. I would like to look in on Will, though.

Hal: Oh, Parker fell asleep in his bed.

Barbara: Parker? Parker's not with Carly? She's missing Christmas with him, and his birthday, too?

Hal: Carly's in Paris.

Barbara: Oh. Oh, of course. Carly's meeting with Jean Claude Rimbaud. You know, after she turned down Paul -- he just couldn't believe that she would turn down an opportunity like that. We thought she'd be designing for B.R.O. for years.

Hal: Well, I know it was a very difficult decision for her.

Barbara: How are things going for her over there? Have you heard?

Hal: Oh, I don't know.

Barbara: Not a word from her?

Hal: She only called once, and that was right after she arrived.

Barbara: Nothing since then? I don't think I'm going to wake the boys. Would you please tell Will that I hope he loves his gift, and that I love him, too.

Hal: Sure.

Barbara: Hal? I hope you don't think that I was prying earlier. It's just that I was feeling overprotective of you. You look so miserable. Would you call me if you need anything?

Hal: Thanks.

Barbara: Merry Christmas. James!

James: Now you see how completely I had your interests in mind.

Barbara: You're good -- very, very good.

James: But when I'm bad, I'm horrid.

Molly: You take Abigail, and I will have the FBI tracking you so fast --

Nick: Yeah, and when they catch me, what's Abigail going to tell them, huh? She's gonna say that she's 18 years old, and that it was her choice to run off with me. That's the end of the manhunt.

Molly: She didn't have a choice, Nick, because you conned her -- temporarily. You think you have control over her, but you don't, not really.

Nick: Yeah? Then what are you doing here? You see, Abigail will do anything that I tell her to. You remember what that feels like? Oh, I thought you did. You see, the big bad wolf is standing outside the front door and your little girl is inviting him in.

Molly: She's too smart!

Nick: She is just like you, okay? And when she cries and begs for me not to leave, she could be her mommy. Or when she presses up against me like she did tonight, and offers me the greatest Christmas present -- ohh - that was a mistake.

Molly: I'm not scared of you.

Nick: Well, then you are dumber than you look. Do you understand me? And if you ever think that you can fight me again, I will withdraw our little deal here. And you know what? I will take your Abigail, tonight.

Molly: This is blackmail. I'm gonna call the cops.

Nick: Go ahead. Tell 'em. Get the judge on the phone. Tell 'em that this big bad guy is blackmailing you. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm just gonna sit there and I'm gonna smile and tell them that this conversation never took place.

Molly: Maybe the judge would be interested in hearing what Hal and Jack have to say.

Nick: Yeah, weren't they both recently suspended for taking the law into their own hands? Yeah, why don't you call 'em? I'd like to tell the judge how they were harassing me because you thought that I was gonna hurt your little girl, even though you didn't have one shred of evidence.

Molly: You can't do this.

Nick: Oh, I am doing this. And you know what? Abigail thinks you're a liar, because every time you tell her some sordid piece of our past, I tell her the truth. You know that cheap little stupid ring you gave me years ago? I knew that would freak you out if you saw her wearing it. You see, you've gone too far this time. Even Abigail thinks you're pathetic.

Molly: That is a lie.

Nick: Oh, yeah? She knows everything that you have done to hurt me. And now all she wants to do is lick my wounds. And you know what? I'm gonna let her do that, unless you pay me not to.

Molly: I don't have the money, Nick!

Nick: We, then get it from Jake.

Molly: It's not his child. She's my responsibility.

Nick: Oh, come on. Please. I made your stupid wedding video. I've got him on tape, saying that he would be there for her whenever she needed. Well, you know what, Molly? She needs it now. So what's it gonna be, huh? Give me $500,000 and watch me disappear, or lose your daughter forever? And you know what? I will ruin her, okay? And if she ever finds her way back to you, it's gonna be too late. Because she will never want to see or hear from you ever again. So what's it gonna be? Huh? Do we have a deal, kitten? Or don't we?

Molly: When I first met you, you were nothing but a two-bit coward willing to hide behind a girl.

Nick: Watch it!

Molly: But you know what? You've really grown, Nick. Now you're a full-fledged sicko. But you're still a wimp -- still very careful not to pick on anybody your own size. But you know what? When you decided to go after Abigail, you crossed the line. And you know who's on the other side of that line? Jake.

Nick: Yeah, well, he'd better have half a million dollars over there.

Molly: No. You know -- you know what he has? He has zero tolerance for jerks -- pigs like you who go and prey after little girls. When he finds out that you callously and coldly and maliciously went after and used his stepdaughter, he will go ballistic. And he will drop-kick you so far and so fast into the next county, you won't be able to wipe that smirk off your ugly face.

Nick: Yeah? Well, I'd like that. Because then I'd get to have Abigail sitting next to my hospital bed, calling me her hero. And when I tell her you sicced Jake on me, just imagine -- just imagine, Molly, how she's gonna leap to my defense. Go ahead, Molly -- call him.

Molly: I will.

Nick: You know what I learned in prison? How to survive a beating. And you do that by curling up in a ball, lying there, and thinking of something else. Well, you know what else I'm gonna be thinking about? How sweet it is going to be to seduce your little girl.

Abigail: Everything that you have heard about Nick Scudder has come from Molly, and if she hadn't come here crying and making up stories, you'd probably be inviting Nick over for eggnog.

Holden: Molly loves you.

Abigail: I know.

Holden: She just wants to help you. Why can't you just let her do it?

Abigail: Because sometimes it takes more than love. Sometimes it just takes someone believing in you.

Holden: We do, Abigail. Molly and I both do.

Abigail: No! You believe in some mythical future that you have decided for me. But what about the future that I want to have? And that is why I have to leave.

Holden: Don't go.

Abigail: What? Holden, you can let me leave or you can lock me up. You can make me a prisoner in a place that used to be my home and then you can force me to get on a plane and leave tomorrow. Is that what you want?

James: It was no easy task prying Emily Stewart away from her child and a newfound happy hominess with your ex.

Barbara: But you managed.

James: Yes. Well, you see, it's -- it's an old trick. You threaten that that is precious to someone, and then offer a solution. Works every time.

Barbara: Hal doesn't seem to know that Carly's among the missing, too.

James: Oh, but he will. For very soon, you see, all of Oakdale will be buzzing about how Ms. Tenney has deserted her child, yet again.

Barbara: Tell me about Ms. D'Angelo. When will she be departing?

James: Oh, no, no, no, Barbara, Barbara -- you know my rule. Until the event actually takes place, I say nothing. Now, I never lied to you. I mean, not our history and in the past and all that -- I mean, now, I have not lied to you -- and I won't. But as you can see, all three ladies are vanishing.

Barbara: Yes, they are.

James: Oh, there's a certain excitement in your eyes. Is that about our vanishing ladies? Or does that mean -- I'm closer to having you?

Barbara: Now, don't get ahead of yourself, James.

James: Now, how am I to stay motivated without the occasional reward?

Barbara: As you often say, all in good time. And when I am sure that Rose has joined the ranks of the vanished, then perhaps I will consider restoring our relationship to an old level. But you're going to need my help getting rid of Rose.

James: And I'll have it. Because, you see, tomorrow night, you'll go to the benefit. You'll be involved -- in ways that you can't even begin to imagine.

Barbara: I wonder if Hal's going to be there.

James: Oh, Hal will be at home, pining away, holding a vigil for Emily.

Barbara: I was surprised how hurt he was by her disappearance. But I can take care of that.

James: Now, wait a minute. Don't tell me you're getting sentimental about Hal. After everything we've accomplished -- everything we're going to accomplish. I mean, you wouldn't think about stepping over me for Hal?

Barbara: James, you have so many women to worry about. I don't want to add to your burden. Good night.

James: Hmm.

Hal: Oh, come back to me, Emily. Please come home.

Holden: This is hard enough. Please don't make it any harder.

Abigail: If you send me away, Holden, you would have won this round, but you will have lost me for good.

Holden: Please, Abigail. Don't make ultimatums.

Abigail: I'm not. I'm just trying to be honest with you. Look, right now, everything is okay. I still love you very much. But if you put me on that plane tomorrow, I'll be headed on the one right back for the States. But I will not be coming home, I will be going to Nick's. And you will never see me or hear from me again.

Holden: You can't be serious.

Abigail: I am! I swear that I'll have nothing to do with you!

Holden: You know, there are so many things that I have missed in your life. And I don't want to miss any more. I want to be there when you graduate, I want to see you start your first job, I want to watch you get married -- I want to be there for everything, Abigail. But, more than any of that, I just want to make sure that you stay safe.

Abigail: So you would send me back to my adoptive parents, knowing very well you would never see me again?

Holden: Yes, I would do that to protect you.

Abigail: And that is your idea of love?

Holden: Yeah. That's my idea of love. If you cut me out of your life, I will never get over it. You can hate me, but you're gonna always be in my thoughts, you'll always be in my heart, I will always think about you, I will worry about you, and I will love you until the day -- that I die.

Molly: Can we take this back a few steps, Nick?

Nick: Take it back to where?

Molly: To when you came to WOAK. I keep thinking about how determined Kim was to make me see another side of you. And you know what? After some time, I did.

Nick: Yeah, right.

Molly: No, I mean it.

Nick: Uh-huh.

Molly: You were good at your job, Nick. And people at the station, they liked you. Because in you, somewhere, there's humanity -- something that people could respond to. Don't lose that, Nick. Don't go back to taking the easy road.

Nick: Look, I'm just a guy trying to make a living, okay? And I don't need any charity here.

Molly: My daughter is special, Nick. I know you've seen it. She's innocent and she's sweet, and she's not like me, okay? She's got a future, a wonderful future, ahead of her, so I'm begging you not to hurt her!

Nick: Who said I was gonna do that? I agree with you. She's great! And she's smart --

Molly: Let her go!

Nick: -- And she's funny.

Molly: Please!

Nick: And she's compassionate. But you know what I like best about her, Molly? She's really pretty. You see, this is a win-win situation for me. If you and Jake decide to keep the money, I get to keep this great consolation prize -- this pretty little girl to call my own. Gee, I hope I don't lose her in a card game somewhere down the road.

Molly: Oh, God, I can't believe this is happening.

Nick: Oh, it's happening, all right. It's happening. And you're running out of time. So you know what you need to do? You need to go tell Jake all about this deal we made, and figure out how you're going to get me that money. And I'll wait. But I'm not gonna wait that long.

Molly: I hate you. I hate you like death. You know what? I swear to God, I will never, never let you hurt my little girl!

Nick: Oh, boy, you know how scared I am? Get out of here, Molly. You've got a lot of work to do.

[Door slams]

Simon: I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.

[Barking like dog]

Katie: Could you pass me the red polish? Oh.

Simon: Look, I didn't mean to insult you when I said that you couldn't hold onto a job.

Katie: I wanted "vamp" red.

Simon: It's just that you don't have the best track record when it comes to employment, you know? Hey, exactly -- who am I to talk? Neither do I.

Katie: I just might surprise you one day, you know?

Simon: Oh, baby, come on. You surprise me every single day.

Katie: I'm talking about a job. Remember that newspaper article I showed you? Last year? When it talked about me as a noted television personality?

Simon: I think the word was "notorious."

Katie: Same difference. The point is, there is a market out there for people like me. Okay? And if I get the right job that utilizes all of my talents, I could go straight to the top.

Simon: Yes, you could. And win another Endicott Award.

Katie: Laugh all you want, mister. But I am gonna get a job, a very, very good job. Maybe something in a brand-new field.

Simon; mm-hmm.

Katie: And I'm gonna make so much money that I'm gonna become rich and famous.

Simon: Ooh.

Katie: Care to make a wager?

Simon: I thought you'd never ask.

Simon: All right. So the bet is --

Katie: That I get and keep a job that will pay so much money, all our dreams will come true. By next Christmas we will have that Lamborghini.

Simon: And if we don't? If you lose the bet?

Katie: Black or red?

Simon: Well, I'm kind of partial to orange. Look, I tell you what -- if anyone can pull this off, you can.

Katie: Oh, thanks.

Simon: Yeah, but in between now and next Christmas, we need some cash -- to look after Rex. 'Cause I'm gonna go rob some little kids of their toys and sell 'em off.

Katie: Oh, sounds like fun. Take your time.

[Katie remembering]

Katie: Oh, I've never taught aerobics before.

Woman: Oh, that doesn't matter. Listen, you look like you would be fine in a leotard.

I'll make up a class for you, give you some moves. It's your notoriety that I'm interested in.

Katie: Think I can't get us rich? Think again, sweetheart.

Holden: I just hate this, Abigail. But I have to do it.

Woman: I went shopping. You like it?

Nick: Mmm. I love it.

Woman: It's for Rio. Or Osaka. Or whichever fabulous place we decide to go to once that pathetic Molly hands over the money.

Nick: I thought you were having doubts. When did you become a believer?

Woman: You learn a lot when you stand in the right spot and keep your eyes open.

Nick: Did you get anything else when you went shopping? Like a really, really small bikini?

Woman: [Chuckles] Actually, I got this for you.

Nick: Wow! Thank you.

Woman: Merry Christmas.

Woman: Do you remember that song? That's the one that was playing the first time we made love.

Nick: We have come full-circle, babe. All the plans we made are coming together.

Jake: I wouldn't eat those. The twins made 'em, and Play-doh was involved in the recipe. Not exactly comfort food.

Molly: How about another kind of comfort, then, huh? Oh, don't let go of me.

Jake: My guess is everything is not all right.

Molly: Oh, Jake -- it's our first Christmas together, married, and you had to do it all. You had to hang the stockings, make the cookies, read the stories to the girls -- while I was off saving Abigail from my worst nightmare.

Jake: What happened?

Molly: Not now. In the morning, okay? Right now, you just hold me. Please tell me everything is gonna be okay.

Jake: Would you believe me?

Molly: I'll pretend.

Jake: Good enough. It's Christmas, and the twins are asleep with who knows what dancing in their heads, and you and I are together. A new year is coming. Abigail is going to be fine. She's gonna be fine, I promise.

Molly: [Sobbing] Promise?

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