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Lily: Molly? Hi.

Molly: I'm really sorry, Lily. Is Abigail here?

Lily: No, I don't think so. I haven't seen her.

Molly: Where's Holden?

Lily: He's at the stables. What's -- come on in. What's -- what's wrong?

Molly: What's wrong? I've been everywhere. I've been all over town. She's not anywhere. I can't find her.

Lily: Is everything okay?

Molly: No. Yeah. I don't know. We had another fight, a really bad fight, and she ran out of the apartment.

Lily: Oh? Oh. But she's a good driver, Abigail -- don't worry about it.

Molly: It's not that. I'm not worried about that.

Lily: Well, then what is it?

Molly: I don't want to think it, let alone say it.

Lily: Well, obviously you're thinking it, or else you wouldn't be here. So what is it?

Molly: I'm scared to death that Abigail ran off with Nick Scudder.

Abigail: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Molly.

Barbara: Where have you been?

James: Toiling away for you. Where else?

Barbara: Details, James. I want details.

James: Hold that thought. You are about to have a visitor.

Barbara: Who? This I why I need to know what's happening.

James: Just -- not now, Barbara. Not now.

Barbara: What have you unleashed, James?

Rose: You never give up, do you, Barbara?

Barbara: Rose D'Angelo. What a pleasure.

Rose: Oh, save it! I know what you're up to.

Barbara: I'm glad one of us does.

Rose: You're messing with me and Paul. And this time, you're gonna pay.

Emily: Hal? Anybody home?

Cop: Lieutenant Munson, per your request, a squad car has been dispatched to 724 Pinewood Lane --

Emily: 72 -- 724 Pinewood, that's Tom's.

Emily: Oh, Daniel! No!

[Door slams]

Hal: It's Emily's.

Tom: She tried to kidnap my son.

Hal: You know, you need to stop doing that, Tom. He's her son, too.

Tom: Oh, and that gives her the right --

Hal: To drop a glove? Because that's all we've got at this point.

Margo: Oh, come on, Hal. Emily's a loose cannon. The fact that she's allowed to be in charge of a child, any child -- you and I both know that kids need structure, and Emily can hardly take care of herself.

Hal: And your opinion of Emily somehow proves she tried to kidnap Daniel?

Margo: Goes to motive. Tom pointed out her irresponsible parenting -- she knew she was going to court -- and the next thing we know there's a ladder leaning up outside our house?

Hal: Speculation, Margo. Pure speculation, which is inadmissible in court, right, Tom?

Tom: What are you, a lawyer?

Hal: I'm a cop.

Tom: Then why don't you act like one! 'Cause all I've heard from you so far are excuses that sound like they're coming from her lover!

Barbara: I'm sorry, Rose, but I honestly don't know what you're talking about.

Rose: Vincent Patrick O'Malley. Ring any bells?

Barbara: Should it?

Rose: Oh, yeah. It should, since you got him sending me letters and flowers, and taken up at the Lakeview -- stealing my underwear. It should ring some bells.

Barbara: Mr. O'Malley, is it? Is he from Atlantic City, by chance?

Rose: I don't know how you found him. I don't know how much you paid him. I don't know if he even knows what's going on, 'cause he's so stupid, but it's got to stop now.

Barbara: Rose, if you're having difficulties with someone named O'Malley, don't you think you should handle it yourself? You're not exactly a shy girl.

Rose: See, I can't find him.

Barbara: Didn't you just say that he's at the Lakeview?

Rose: No, I said he's registered at the Lakeview.

Barbara: Oh, well, I'm sure the staff could leave a message for him.

Rose: But, see, he won't pick it up because he's not there. He's a ghost, Barbara. Yeah, see, he doesn't exist. At least, not here in Oakdale. But you -- you found him somehow and made Paul think that I'm involved with him again.

Barbara: I still don't understand.

Rose: Neither did I, because it doesn't sound like Vince at all. Messages -- weird messages, and mysterious calls, and flowers -- this guy couldn't even fill out his unemployment papers. Not his M.O. at all, uh-uh.

Barbara: And you're blaming me?

Rose: See, you're smart, Barbara. You know your son. You know he gets a little jealous, he's a little insecure. You dig up an old boyfriend of mine, make it look like we're hot and heavy again, and then -- worse. You make it look like I was lying about it. But you made a mistake, a big mistake, Barbara. That voice on the answering machine? I know voices -- it wasn't Vince's. So I got you, Barbara. I got you good, 'cause you are the only one who will benefit from me and Paul breaking up. So, it had to be you.

Barbara: Rose, I'm not going to pretend that I'm happy about your relationship with my son, but I promise you, I had nothing to do with this Mr. O'Malley.

Rose: Don't waste my time, all right? Listen, we had a deal -- I don't tell anybody that you were blackmailing me, and you stayed out of my relationship with Paul. Let me tell you something, lady. You're getting an early Christmas present, because your stocking is gonna be empty and I'm getting Paul. And your relationship with him is over. Got it?

Barbara: Rose, wait! Wait, wait! You have to believe me. I had nothing to do with this.

Rose: Why? Why should I believe you?

Barbara: Because I know who did this.

Molly: Abigail, honey, I'm really glad you're here.

Holden: Abigail was down at the stables, tending to her new horse, when I got there. Unfortunately, I'm not gonna be able to help her out much, until my knee gets any better.

Molly: Her new horse? Honey, I didn't realize you took Holden up on his offer.

Abigail: Well, I didn't realize I had to clear it with you.

Molly: You don't. It's just --

Abigail: Why is it a problem?

Molly: It's not a problem. I just -- last I heard, you considered it to be a bribe.

Abigail: Why is it when anyone does anything nice for me, you can't stand it?

Holden: You know what? I think that we can -- find a better way to talk about this.

Molly: Do you know how frustrating it is to have an ex-con undermining you at every turn, Holden?

Holden: Still -- Molly, it's not working.

Molly: I know. You're right. I'm sorry. Abigail, you know how I feel about Nick.

Abigail: The whole world knows how you feel about Nick.

Holden: Okay, we got a problem. But we're gonna work it out. Abigail, your mother's attitude toward this guy comes from some bad experiences that she had with him.

Abigail: Look, yeah, "a," she's playing games -- serious games with the truth, and "b," he's changed.

Molly: Do you see, Holden?

Holden: I don't think that she would lie. Which leaves us with the possibility that he's changed, and maybe he has. But don't you think that you owe it to yourself to get a little more information about this guy? Especially if you're gonna make this guy a part of your life?

Abigail: Only if you stay, too.

Molly: Great. That's a great idea. Maybe Holden will come up with a solution.

Hal: Oh, that's nice, Tom. That's really nice. Broadcast it in front of Adam.

Tom: Oh, trust me, Adam already knows. In fact, the whole town knows!

Hal: Knows that you've got a problem with Emily? Knows that this whole crusade started when she moved in with me? Knows that you're so determined to punish her, you'd take her son away?

Tom: I don't care if she goes to the moon with Johnny Depp, as long as she doesn't have my son with her.

Margo: Guys! Can we just stick to the facts, here? Now, Emily lost Daniel at Al's.

Hal: Oh, for the love of God!

Margo: Which is why Tom stepped in. Now, the next thing we know, she shows up here with a ladder.

Hal: That has not been established, Margo. Billy, did you see Emily with a ladder?

Billy: No, sir.

Hal: Adam?

Adam: No, but --

Tom: But what?

Adam: She seemed upset.

Hal: Did she say why?

Adam: Yeah, she said she wanted to see Daniel.

Hal: And, did you find that unusual, Adam? That a mother might be upset because she was separated from her son at the holidays?

Margo: Oh, Hal --

Hal: Margo, we have a problem here. Somebody tried to kidnap Daniel tonight, and we're not gonna find out why if we assume we already know the answer. What happened next, Adam?

Adam: Well, I told her he was asleep. And then she said that she wasn't gonna wake him, or anything, she just wanted to go -- hang out with him, give him a good-night kiss.

Tom: Adam, I thought you understood --

Adam: Yeah, and I also explained to her that I did not think that this was a good idea at all, especially considering you two were not home. But you know, she -- you know what? Right now, all I care about is Daniel. I'm not --

Tom: And she shouldn't have put you in this position.

Hal: Don't you lay this off on Emily, Tom! You created this situation --

Margo: All right, all right! Adam, what happened next?

Adam: I let her upstairs.

Billy; well, I kind of leaned on Adam to let her do it. I felt bad.

Tom: Oh, sure, she knows how to play the sympathy card. But what she was really doing was scoping out the house to figure out where to put the ladder!

Hal: Of course, she really needs to "scope out" this house, Tom. Like she doesn't know the room you keep Daniel in?

Margo: Okay. How long was she upstairs? Five, ten minutes?

Billy: Ten minutes.

Adam: Ten.

Margo: Ten minutes. Did you hear anything?

Tom: Anything at all? A window opening?

Hal: She always opens the window. It's called fresh air, Tom. Something in short supply in this house.

Margo: Oh, please! Did you guys hear anything unusual? Did -- did you hear anything over the baby monitor? What?

Billy: She told us to turn off the monitor.

Margo: Oh.

Tom: Of course she did.

Hal: Maybe she wanted a little privacy with her son, Tom.

Emily: You don't have to defend me, Hal. I can do that myself.

Tom: At the station. I want her taken down for questioning.

Barbara: I had a visitor a few days ago. Lucinda Walsh. She had heard that James was back in town and she was furious with me for not pressing charges.

Rose: Why didn't you?

Barbara: Because I wanted him gone! But Lucinda took it personally. She felt that I had put her at risk, and you at risk -- she was worried about you because of your involvement with Paul. And she felt that the only reason that James was back in town was because of Paul.

Rose: But why? Why use me then? What -- I don't understand. Why try to break us up? Why not go after B.R.O.? Or -- or Paul?

Barbara: But she is going after Paul. Don't you see? She knows his history. She knows that he has a tendency to become involved with women who have let him down, which is why fidelity is so important to him. Lucinda thought if she could get him to think that you had betrayed him, that he would leave you and Oakdale.

Rose: Lucinda was there when the flowers came, and she did make sure that Paul saw them.

Barbara: Ah-hah!

Rose: No. Not "ah-hah," no. Because no, she would never do that -- that's not her. That's -- Lucinda is a straight-shooter. If she doesn't like something, you know it.

Barbara: But what if she's being thwarted? She'd already gone to you, to no avail. She came to me, to no avail. So what if, in desperation, she came up with this scheme?

Rose: What? No, it's too nasty. No. No, she'd go behind my back, talk to you, talk to Paul, she's done that. But stealing underwear -- not her style.

Barbara: Besides, I have too much at stake. I love my son, and though you may not be my choice for him, I would never jeopardize my relationship with my son just to keep you apart. You would sacrifice me in a second, I know you would.

Rose: That wasn't the plan, Barbara. But if you stand in my way -- yeah.

Barbara: I'd never risk that.

Rose: If it wasn't you, and it wasn't Lucinda, who was it?

Barbara: Let's think. You've just told me that your friend, Mr. O'Malley, was having some difficult times. You said something about the unemployment office. Isn't it possible he heard about your success, and decided he could cash in on your cushy life if he could just get Paul out of the way?

Rose: Mmm. Maybe.

Barbara: Rose, I just want to assure you I had nothing to do with this.

Rose: Right. All I know is you don't want to lose your son. But neither do I.

Barbara: Good luck!

Molly: Some of this you know already. I waitressed when Nick tended bar. He admitted at least that much, right?

Abigail: And?

Molly: I need you to understand this. Abigail, I was broken inside. Giving you up -- you just never recover from that, okay? And at that time in my life, I didn't know what was wrong with me. So, I was just wandering around, looking for something, anything, to stop the pain. And I found Nick. Or he found me, I don't know. He was really good at picking up on pain. And we worked together every night. And I thought he was different. He didn't hit on me, he just talked to me. We talked. He complimented me. Not on the way I looked, not at first, anyway. He'd just told me that I had a spark, that I shouldn't be waitressing in this dive on these -- he told me that I was destined for better. And I laughed. But he kept it -- he kept it up. And then he started walking me to my car, buying me coffee, and then before I knew it, he was looking at me like I was the only girl in the world. You know what that feels like, don't you honey?

Abigail: He was trying to be your friend. Is that a crime?

Molly: It depends on what he wants.

Abigail: He wanted to help me -- and he did. He is the reason I won that award, because he believed in me, because he respected me.

Holden: Abigail, you made a wonderful film, no one's disputing that.

Abigail: Yeah, but she's twisting everything.

Holden: Look, just hear her out. And then we'll talk about it. Okay?

Molly: He was kind to me, honey. Okay? I thought that I'd found someone that really understood me, who I could trust. And then one night he saw me crying in the walk-in, and I was gonna be okay. I was pulling it together. But he wouldn't let up. So, at the end of my shift, I told him. It was your birthday, and I'd given you up. And I also told him that everybody kept telling me that "time heals all wounds." Well, you know what? That just wasn't true. Because it was getting worse. I felt like my heart would never stop breaking.

Abigail: So he listened to you pour your heart out? Somehow that's a bad thing?

Molly: He wasn't my friend, Abigail. He took my secret and he used it against me. He made me feel like I lost you all over again. And don't you see? Don't you get it? I don't want that happening to you.

Hal: I'm still in charge here, Tom, and nobody's going anywhere until the techs have finished working up this house.

Emily: All right. Where -- where's Daniel? Is he okay?

Margo: He's fine. He wasn't hurt by the flying glass.

Emily: What flying glass?

Tom: When you broke the window.

Emily: I didn't break anything.

Hal: He's upstairs in their bedroom.

Tom: Not a chance.

Emily: I want to go see my son.

Tom: Oh, like you wanted to see him earlier?

Margo: Look, he's fine. He's sleeping. Why don't we let Adam and Billy go check -- you check on Daniel, okay? Go.

Emily: What is going on? I saw the ladder up against the -- the house. Who did this?

Hal: We're still collecting evidence, Emily.

Tom: Can you give us an idea of your whereabouts when you left here earlier tonight?

Emily: Can you?

Tom: Yeah. I was at the Lakeview with Margo.

Emily: Yeah, right. While a friend of yours staged this -- this "attempted kidnapping" that your trying to pin on me.

Tom: Oh, that's insane.

Emily: You would do anything to get full custody.

Tom: I would do anything to keep Daniel safe!

Emily: That is right, yeah. Like keeping him away from me -- having him kidnapped from Al's to make me look like some kind of bad parent.

Tom: I did no such thing.

Hal: Time out!

Margo: Tom did not have Daniel kidnapped!

Tom: And I have a right to answers --

Hal: And Emily has a right to an attorney --

Emily: I do not need an attorney. You can ask me anything you want.

Tom: Where were you?

Emily: Riverfront Park.

Tom: Well, that's convenient.

Emily: I went to look at the tree.

Tom: Oh, the tree. How nice.

Hal: Did anyone see you, Emily?

Emily: Oh, I don't know. 20, 30 people.

Hal: Anyone you knew?

Emily: No. I just went to walk around, to clear my head a little bit.

Hal: Did you stop anywhere? A drug store? A gas station?

Emily: No. I went right home.

Margo: So no one can vouch for your whereabouts.

Emily: Do you really think I would try to kidnap my own son?

Margo: You're asking me? You, who got up on the stand and tried to make it look like I killed Alec Wallace? You, who bloodied your own knees to make it look like you'd been mugged? You, who broke up my marriage and got yourself pregnant? You're asking me if I think that you could kidnap your own son? Yes.

Emily: I'm -- I'm not -- I'm not that person anymore.

Margo: Really? What's changed in you?

Emily: I've -- I've got someone in my life who expects something better of me. And -- and knowing that and living up to his vision -- I've changed. And whether you believe it or not, I really don't care. I mean, I -- I barely believe it myself, but -- when somebody just sees the good in you, you don't want to let 'em down.

Tom: Oh, that's a touching story.

Margo: Yeah. Did you come up with anything else outside?

Cop #1: Ground's frozen solid.

Margo: So, no footprints.

Cop #1: No. We're trying to lift prints off the ladder, the windowsill --

Emily: Well, they won't be mine.

Margo: No, because you were wearing gloves. We found one of your gloves under the ladder.

Emily: Ever lose a glove, Margo?

Margo: Not while committing a crime, Emily, no. Can you wait for outside?

Emily: Go with him. I know you're dying to search my car. Go ahead. Search my pockets, anything you want.

Margo: Well, Emily, if you're serious, I wouldn't mind going through your bag.

Hal: You don't have to do that, Emily.

Emily: I've got nothing to hide.

Margo: Good.

Hal: Are you satisfied?

Margo: Airline tickets. You want to explain this, Emily?

Emily: I have never seen those tickets.

Margo: Well, it looks like you and Daniel are planning a little vacation, Emily.

Emily: Those are not my tickets!

Margo: They have your name on them. They were paid for with your credit card. Did you know about this, Hal? That Emily was planning to fly out tonight?

Emily: I never bought these tickets. I never made any plans. You have to believe me! I don't know how they ended up in my purse -- unless Tom planted them.

Tom: That is absurd!

Hal: Emily, was your bag out of your sight any time tonight?

Emily: I don't know. Maybe, I'm not sure.

Margo: Hal, I have respect for you. I'm going to let you take her home tonight, but I want her at the station first thing in the morning, with counsel, prepared to answer questions.

Hal: Like why she would have shown you the contents of her purse if she knew those tickets were in there?

Tom: Well, who knows how her mind works -- she was bluffing and we called her on it.

Margo: 9 A.M., Hal.

Hal: Get your stuff, Emily. We're getting out of here.

Emily: No way. I'm gonna get my son.

Tom: Not gonna happen!

Emily: I did not try --

Tom: Not gonna happen!

Emily: -- To kidnap my son! You have no business keeping him from me!

Hal: We'll settle this later. Come on, Emily. Say "good-night" to Adam for me?

Margo: Of course.

Hal: And until this thing is settled, you guys keep a close eye on Daniel.

Molly: Abigail, I know I hurt you when I gave you away. Nick's picking up on that.

Abigail: All Nick talks about is my potential and how I could be if only -- you know.

Molly: If you left home. Abigail, look, I know that Nick was there for you when Bryant died. And he comforted you when you were disappointed with Adam, and that's not bad -- if that's all it was. Support. Friendship. I could even handle romance. Believe it or not, I'd be fine with that even with someone older than you -- if Nick were right for you. But, Abigail, he uses romantic feelings to take advantage.

Holden: Molly, why don't you just stay with what happened to you and let Abigail make up her own mind.

Molly: Abigail, I started spending a lot of time with Nick because I could talk to him about you. I told him my dream -- my biggest dream in the world was to find you again. And he said I better be careful, not to disappoint you, that if a long lost mother shows up, she better be rich.

Abigail: Yeah, that's his sense of humor, I know -- I know him.

Molly: No, Abigail.

Abigail: Well, if someone said that to me, I'd probably say the same thing, you know. You're working in a scuzzy bar. He was just trying to get you to make something of yourself --

Molly: No, he was just trying to get me to help him rip off the bar. He told me that I needed money, and he knew a sure-fire way to get it. He said that we'd double-team the bar owner -- that I would distract him and Nick would just skim off a couple hundred dollars every night after his shift and we'd split it.

Abigail: He is not like that anymore.

Molly: You know, I'm really glad that you can't even imagine being close to someone who'd do something like that.

Abigail: I'd know if he was like that.

Molly: I told him I wouldn't do it, Abigail, that it was wrong. And I also told him we couldn't be close anymore. And you know what he said? You know why he said he wanted to steal? Because he wanted to help me find you. He told me that I would never find you, that it would never happen, unless I helped him do this. He used my most precious dream, Abigail, to try to make me commit a crime. That's who Nick Scudder was, and that's who he still is.

James: Barbara, you have to admit that the chef that I brought in is far superior to the one that Paul found.

Barbara: I'm happy you're happy.

James: Really?

Barbara: Rose was here. But then, you know that.

James: What did she want?

Barbara: She accused me of setting up the Vince O'Malley thing.

James: And you were able to tell her honestly that you had nothing to do with it, right?

Barbara: Oh, I was innocent. Bring on the academy award. I was even able to cast doubt on Lucinda.

James: Better and better.

Barbara: Rose left here convinced that I had nothing to do with it.

James: Oh, I'm not so sure this is gonna satisfy her. I mean, Rose is a tough customer, street-smart, shrewd.

Barbara: You're giving her too much credit.

James: I don't know about that. Let's consider this -- not much more than a year ago she was a second-rate showgirl in Atlantic City and today -- vice-president of Worldwide. I'll have to think up something very special for our Rose.

Barbara: Such as? Come on, James. After my performance today, I deserve full disclosure.

James: What? And ruin all that innocence? In due time, darling. In due time.

Rose: Nah. Nah, you couldn't pull this off. You don't have what it takes upstairs. Sorry. So that means if someone is posing as you, the only way to prove that is to find the real McCoy, or the real O'Malley.

Abigail: So did you rip off the bar?

Molly: No.

Abigail: Did he?

Molly: He helped himself from time to time, when he thought he could get away with it.

Abigail: And you never did anything wrong?

Molly: I never used emotional blackmail against anybody, no.

Abigail: Look, Molly, maybe that's how you felt about it, but I can guarantee you that Nick does not see it that way.

Molly: And how do you see it?

Abigail: He's told me he did some bad things when he was growing up, but that all that changed when he was in jail.

Molly: You can step in any time here, Holden.

Abigail: What! Look, I listened to you.

Molly: Yeah, but you're not hearing me, Abigail! Nick Scudder is going to use you.

Abigail: What, because it didn't work out for you? Nick has never been anything but good to me. I've told you that. He loves me.

Molly: He's only telling you that to try to get you to leave town.

Abigail: You do not know that.

Holden: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa -- Nick Scudder asked you to leave town with him?

Molly: Yes, Holden. And I don't care how old --

Holden: I asked Abigail.

Abigail: Molly's made it impossible for him. She got him fired, she got cops to threaten him. He's in violation of his parole if he doesn't have a job. She knew that. So he has to leave town in order to find work.

Holden: Okay. Abigail, you to listen to me very carefully. Whatever problems you've had with your mother, and I know the situation has been difficult -- you have both had your differences -- but I am your father, and there's no way I'm letting you leave town with this guy. I would rather lose you than let that happen.

Abigail: What do you mean?

Holden: I'm going to call your adoptive parents.

Abigail: What? No, look. Holden, Molly and I have talked about this. It's just gonna make them upset.

Holden: Well, it's upsetting.

Abigail: Holden, they're so over-protective.

Holden: And right now, you need protecting. So I'm going to call them and then I'm going to book us two seats on the next flight out of here.

Molly: You'll take her?

Holden: Yes.

Abigail: No. You don't have to do that. You should be here, home on the holidays with the kids.

Holden: Abigail, you're my daughter. And I would do anything for you.

Abigail: Look, what I meant was -- you don't have to call the Williams'. I won't leave town with Nick. All right? I mean it. I'll -- I'll tell him I won't go.

Holden: You'll give me your word?

Abigail: Don't you trust me?

Holden: If you look me in the eye and tell me that you're done with him, I'll believe you.

Abigail: I'm done with him. Now, you're not gonna call my mom and dad, right?

Molly: We'll think about it.

Abigail: Okay. Can I go? I need to take a shower. I smell like horse.

Molly: We'll both go.

Abigail: I have my car. Just, meet at home. Molly, either you trust me or you don't.

Molly: I'll see you at home.

Holden: And I'll see you tomorrow. So we can start taking bucephalus through his paces, okay?

Abigail: Okay. Sure. Can you tell Lily I said "good-night," and "good-night" to the kids?

Molly: You know she's going to him.

Holden: She gave her word.

Molly: And you believe her? Holden, do you have the Williams' number in Rotterdam? Because we need to call them now.

Margo: Wouldn't it be great if I could teach myself to do that?

Tom: What? Sleep like an angel while the world around you's in chaos?

Margo: Yeah. How are you, baby?

Tom: Look at that face.

Margo: It's one of the sweetest faces God put on this earth.

Tom: And if Emily had been successful tonight, we might never have seen it again.

Margo: Do you think she really would have done it, though?

Tom: We both saw the plane tickets.

Margo: I know, I know. And I can even imagine her getting all the way to the airport, but then, maybe-- do you think she would really leave the country with him and not come back?

[Tom sighs]

Tom: If coming back meant she might go to court and lose him -- I don't know. I mean, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what Emily would and would not do. But I'll tell you, when -- when people are cornered, they can surprise you. She's desperate -- and I probably made her that way.

Margo: Oh, Tom. Don't, don't.

Tom: And I'm not saying that I would walk through this minefield differently if I had it to do over again. I just --

[Tom sighs] I hate this place, this ugly place -- where I feel the need to protect my son from his own mother.

Margo: I know.

Tom: And Daniel -- well, he can sleep through right now because he's just -- he's too little to understand. But one day, he will be Adam's age. And if he doesn't have his mother --

Margo: He'll ask you for an explanation, and you'll give him one.

Tom: And what if that is not even enough? And you know what I'm talking about. I mean, how many times have you brought in some kid for, I don't know, shoplifting, and there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason because they've got family and food in their stomachs. They go to a decent school. But there's this hole inside that just can't seem to be filled.

Margo: It's really, it's not always about a missing parent, Tom.

Tom: No. I mean, so many times in family court we get these chronic behavioral problems that seem to come out of nowhere. But seven times out of ten, there is some form of parental abandonment.

Margo: Yeah. But what about when it can't be helped? What about when the child's mother is somehow a danger to that child? I mean, what else can society do but keep her away, keep her from harming him?

Tom: Well, you're good at that.

Margo: What?

Tom: Trying to make me feel like I'm not some kind of a monster.

Margo: Oh, no, Tom. Come here. Everything that you are doing now, everything that you have always done, and everything that you will always do is for this person. You love him with everything that you've got in that big, fair, wonderful heart of yours.

Emily: Hal, I know I left my bag. When I got to Tom's house, I drove in the driveway and I just ran in the front door. I left everything on the front seat -- my bag, my gloves. Somebody had to have broken into the car, and -- and planted the tickets and stolen my gloves. I know I didn't have my gloves because my hands were freezing at the park.

Hal: I'm gonna go upstairs, get the sitter's number, and -- call her and say "good-night" to Parker and Will --

Emily: Oh, wait, wait -- you believe me, don't you? I mean, think about it, Hal. I'm not strong enough to -- to carry a ladder around the house.

Hal: It's aluminum.

Emily: Meaning what? You think I did it?

Hal: Meaning that we can lift a couple of prints off it, maybe. Assuming whoever did this didn't wear gloves.

Emily: You have to believe me. I didn't do it. You can't --

Hal: Emily, one thing I know as a cop is that problems don't go away. They'll be here tomorrow morning after we all get some sleep. It's gonna be okay.

Emily: What is with him? How can he not believe me? I'm gonna -- I'm going to lose him because he doesn't believe me.

[Cell phone rings] hello?

Voice: Emily Stewart?

Emily: Who is this?

Voice: I saw what happened at Al's diner.

Emily: What? When my son wandered off?

Voice: He didn't wander anywhere. There was a guy, he got him to leave the diner.

Emily: Who? Did you recognize him? Listen, they're trying to prove I'm negligent. They're gonna revoke my custody if I can't prove somebody took him away. If you have any information at all --

Voice: I won't testify.

Emily: Fine. You don't -- you don't have to testify. You can meet me. You can meet me here?

Voice: No. Someone could see me.

Emily: All right. Well, then just tell me what you want me to do. I'll meet you anywhere. Hello?

Voice: The train station parking lot. How soon can you be there?

Emily: Soon. It's just a few blocks away.

Voice: Good. If you leave now and walk fast, it shouldn't take you more than ten minutes.

My car will be the only one in the lot.

Emily: I'm on my way.

Holden: Molly, I don't know about making this call. We gave her the impression that we would back off. How can we expect her to keep her word if we don't?

Molly: Holden, dealing with whether or not Abigail trusts us right now -- that is a luxury. What we have to worry about is Nick Scudder taking our daughter across state line, convincing her to have sex with him, and then moving on to the main event -- getting her arrested for a crime that she's powerless to stop. We can't risk our daughter going to jail, Holden. We have to do something about it. Right now. Make the call.

Nick: Abigail? I never thought I'd see you again.

Abigail: I'm sorry, I can't stay long. But I just wanted to tell you that -- when you leave town, I'm going with you.

Emily: I ran all the way here -- where is he? Look, I got a call from a guy telling me to meet him at the train station parking lot. He didn't say anything about a limo, though.

Chauffeur: My employer can't afford to be seen with you. He asked me to pick you up and bring you to a more private location.

Emily: Oh, wait, wait. Wait a minute. I don't like this.

Chauffeur: Suit yourself.

Emily: Wait! Just wait. Where are we going?

Chauffeur: Look, my instructions were to call from the highway. All right? My employer will tell me where to meet him.

Emily: Okay. Drive.

Chauffeur: Yes, ma'am.

Barbara: I've always been hands-on, James.

James: I know, Barbara. But, I mean, you wouldn't want to get your fingers dirty on this one. I mean, if you had known, Rose would have been able to see it. Ah, it's much better this way.

Barbara: I wouldn't be quite so proud of yourself just yet. Carly left on her own, but she has a child here. Obviously, she will be back. And I was able to keep Rose at bay, but she's not going to give up Paul. And Emily?

[Cell phone rings] Emily's living in my house.

James: Yes? Go right on as planned.

Barbara: What plan? Who was that? Damn it, James!

James: And then there was one.

Rose: Do you know -- have any idea how long Bernie and Agnes are gonna be in Myrtle Beach? Did they leave a number where they could be reached, Mrs.. Shapiro? I mean, they trust you so much with those house plants.

[Rose sighs] all right. Please just tell them that I called, and please give them my number. And tell them it's very important. It's about their son, Vince. God bless you, too, Mrs. Shapiro. Oy!

Lily: Who was that?

Rose: The upstairs neighbor of the most hated woman in America -- Agnes O'Malley.

Lily: Who is a relative of Vince's?

Rose: That would be his sainted mother.

Lily: What is it with you and these mothers?

Rose: Oh, you mean Barbara? Oh, no, no, no. No, they're nothing alike. Agnes? She's this tiny little bleached blonde, keeps pushing cookies in your face. But then you go to reach for one, she stabs you with a fork. Barbara, on the other hand, gives you the cookie, but it's filled with grounded glass.

Lily: So, that's why you called Agnes? To find Vince?

Rose: Not my first option, believe me. But I got to find Vince and nobody has seen him.

Lily: So, Vince is still a problem?

Rose: Oh, yeah, according to Paul. He walked out on me tonight.

Lily: Because of the phone calls?

Rose: Long story short -- there's somebody out there -- somebody out there making it look like I'm two-timing Paul with Vince. And the only way that I can prove that it's a lie is to track Vince down and beat the truth out of him.

Lily: Look, Rose, I know how important Paul is to you, but --

Rose: I'll be careful. I promise. So, what're you doing out here in the middle of the night? Don't you got family that needs you?

Lily: Emma's with the kids. And Holden and Molly are having a little pow-wow with Abigail.

Rose: Is everything all right? Lily?

Lily: Is there a way to keep Luke and Faith small forever?

Rose: Yeah. Sit on 'em.

Lily: Right. I should go.

Rose: Call me tomorrow?

Lily: Absolutely.

[Door closes]

Rose: Paul Ryan's room, please? Baby, pick up, please. I'm not giving up on us. And that's a promise.

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