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As the World Turns Transcript Thursday 12/20/01

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Lucinda: Sierra, Craig could have stashed Lucy almost anyplace in this country by now!

Sierra: Mother, would you stop being so dramatic? You know, she hasn't seen her father in months.?

Emily: Right, but there's got to be some kind of surveillance camera outside of Al's diner. What about the bank across the street? Okay, no, no, no. How about Commerce Street, the 200 building? There's gotta be something there.

Hal: Hang it up, Emily.

Emily: Shh.

Hal: Emily, hang up the phone.

Emily: Hal, this is Intruder business. My work? I'm sorry. I need to call you back. I have a newspaper to get out. You have no right interfering.

Hal: And you have no right putting Tom Hughes under surveillance.

Emily: Did I even mention Tom Hughes?

Hal: Em, do you know how long I've made my living seeing through people's little fabrications? You just gave Tom Hughes' office address to whoever it was on the phone. You're telling me that was a coincidence?

Emily: No. No, I am telling you I have to find something to stop Tom from getting full custody of my son.

Hal: So what are you gonna do, watch hours and hours of surveillance tapes to track his every move?

Emily: You think he's not watching me? How do you think he managed to snatch Daniel out of Al's diner, huh?

Hal: Are you still trying to talk yourself into that cockamamie scenario? I don't care what you think of Tom, Emily, but he is not the kind of guy to stage stealing his own son to make you look bad.

Emily: Wanna bet?

Hal: Emily, you don't have a shred of evidence.

Emily: Well, that's why I need to get some. Tom did this, Hal. Whether you want to believe it or not, he did this. He set me up to look like I was some sort of irresponsible parent. I'm gonna get my son back, and while I'm at it, I'm gonna get Tom Hughes out of his life permanently.

Tom: Adam, did Daniel ask for a bottle before he went down?

Adam: A bottle for the danster? No way, he did his big boy thing the whole way.

Tom: Did you give him his blanket? Because he does not sleep well without his blanket.

Adam: Dad, he's already asleep, and I have the baby monitor right next to me.

Tom: Turn the TV down so you can hear the baby monitor. He's been waking up with nightmares.

Margo: Adam has been taking care of Daniel since he was born.

Tom: Your mom just told me I'm being too intense. So I'm gonna leave this in your capable hands, okay? I love you, buddy. So you think I'm overprotective? What is that?

Margo: It just turns me on when you go into that big ol' papa bear thing. It's very sexy.

Tom: No, it doesn't. You're trying to distract me.

Margo: Is it working?

Tom: Yeah!

Simon: Hey, there. Hope we're not too late.

Margo: No, no, no. You're just on time. Hi, Katie.

Katie: Hi.

Tom: Simon, Katie -- so how is married life? I mean, real married life.

Katie: It's great. One big adventure after the next, you know? And this is one big milestone, I have to say. With all the friends you guys have, you invite me and Simon for our first couple night out.

Simon: Yes. Yes, it is. Thank you.

Tom: Actually, I'm gonna go check on the table.

Katie: Why don't you go with Tom? And take your time.

Simon: Wow, that was subtle. I mean, if you want to spend some alone time with Margo, you just have to ask, that's all.

Katie: I want to spend some alone time with --

Simon: No! Take your time.

Margo: Wow, he is crazy for you, huh? So what's up?

Katie: Okay, I need your advice on the wedding announcement that I put in the paper. Simon didn't like it, and I don't want to stuff it in his face.

Margo: Katie, why on earth did you announce to the world that Simon had been married four other times?

Katie: Isn't it obvious? To tell all those other Mrs. Frasier to back off. Simon's mine.

Rose: You gotta promise me you will not tell Paul that I was at the Lakeview.

Mitzi: Rose, who do you think you're talking to? I would never tell Paul anything you asked me not to.

Rose: Hello, you just told me you told Paul on the qt how much I loved him.

Mitzi: Well, now, that's different. Paul already knows how much you love him. It's no secret, like the Lakeview thing.

[Knock on door]

Mitzi: I bet that's Paul, coming to make up with you.

Rose: Or it's Vince, coming here to screw things up for me. Here goes nothing. Oh, baby, am I glad to see you.

Rose: Look at me. Look at my man standing in the doorway. Come on in.

Mitzi: Hi, Paul.

Paul: Hey, Mitzi.

Mitzi: I'm so glad you decided to take my advice. You came to say something to Rose, huh?

Paul: I -- suppose, yeah --

Mitzi: Oh, you don't have to worry about keeping our little chat a secret. Rose knows. This is so romantic! Now, I gotta get back to Ms. Walsh's. If I'm not back on the dot, she locks up the place and I'll wind up camping out with the gatekeeper. Bye, you two.

Rose: Bye. Hey -- you okay?

Paul: Fine. How are you?

Rose: Good. I guess I thought I was okay until I saw your face. I guess we're still in a fight. Hey, what are you doing all the way over there? Come over here and kiss me.

Paul: Rose, I think you and I have some things we need to discuss.

Rose: Paul, that's one of the things I love about us, you know, the way we talk things out. It'd be such a shame -- you know, we're in sync right now -- to get so crazy over some silly picture. That's no reason for us to break up.

Paul: I wouldn't walk out over a picture, Rose.

Rose: Good. Good, because that picture you found of me and Vince, I was gonna tell you about it -- just not the second you walked through the door. I've been completely up-front about everything. Honest.

Paul: And that's what I love about you Rose -- your honesty. I came by to see you earlier.

Rose: Oh, I wasn't here.

Paul: I know. Where were you?

Rose: I was at Lily's.

Paul: Lily's.

Rose: I was talking about you and me, actually. Lily's -- the Ann Landers of sisters.

Paul: Yeah, I bet she is. Where'd you go after that?

Rose: The gas station. The drug store.

Paul: The Lakeview.

Margo: So Simon's ex-wives are coming back to haunt you?

Katie: No, not really.

Margo: You just want me to check into his past a little bit?

Katie: No, no, no, no. It's not that bad, it's just --

Margo: It's just enough to worry you.

Katie: I just don't understand why he got so upset about it. He threw it in the trash.

Margo: You don't think it embarrasses him to have his other wives listed for the whole world to see?

Katie: Well, it shouldn't. Our marriage is the only one that should count. It's weird, it's like he wanted to keep it secret or something.

Margo: You don't think that Simon is still married to one of those other women, do you?

Katie: No, no. The I.N.S. would have found out a long time ago. And plus, I totally trust him now. Every time he looks at me, I know he's just thinking of me.

Margo: Hmm, you two have come such a long way. It's amazing. So, what? You think that Simon thinks that this announcement is sending up a red flag?

Katie: Exactly. Like one of his ex-wives is gonna come crawling out of the woodwork or something.

Margo: Well, that'd get sticky. You know what they say about a woman scorned.

Katie: Oh, and she better watch out because I will totally take her on if she comes sniffing around.

Margo: Oh, you are so tough. But, Katie, what if one of those exes is dangerous?

Katie: You are always thinking like a cop, you know that?

Margo: Yeah, I am. And while we're on the subject -- don't get me wrong -- I like Simon, I do, finally. But what do you really know about him?

Katie: I know he loves me.

Margo: Katie, my little sister, take it from someone who has been married for a very long time, both happily and unhappily -- when the going gets rough, sometimes love just isn't enough.

Emily: I can't do this anymore, all right? I can't fight with you anymore.

Hal: I am not fighting with you, Emily. I'm just trying to make you see reason.

Emily: I don't want to be reasonable. I just want my son back!

Hal: You think I don't understand how you feel, Emily, but I do. You wanna know what I think is really going on here?

Emily: I don't know. What, you think I'm a raving lunatic or something?

Hal: No, I think you miss your kid. I think you miss him, and it would be a good thing if maybe you saw him.

Emily: Yeah, well, it's not on Tom's new schedule. I told you that he refuses to let me see him any time by myself. I told you that.

Hal: What, you can't go over to Tom and Margo's and kiss him good-night? Read him a bedtime story?

Emily: Go to Tom and Margo's? And then I'd have to leave him there? I'd leave my son -- I can't do that. It just hurts too much.

Hal: Em, you can't stay away just to keep yourself from getting hurt, otherwise, you just end up making things worse. And for Daniel, too. He needs people to be consistent in his life right now, Emily. Even though he's staying at Tom and Margo's mostly right now, he needs to know that you haven't deserted him.

Emily: No, I haven't.

Hal: And you -- you need to hold your kid.

[Emily sobbing]

Lucy: It's time for me to get to know my father. And if I never live with him, that's never gonna happen.

Lucinda: Craig, did you put her up to this? Now, what have you promised this child in return for this mutiny?

Sierra: Mother, come on.

Lucy: Daddy had nothing to do with my decision. I made it on my own.

Craig: You don't have to defend me, sweetheart.

Sierra: Would the three of you please stop. Craig and I are gonna go out to dinner.

Lucinda: Why?

Sierra: Because obviously we need to discuss this, alone.

Lucy: But Daddy and I have plans to make and --

Sierra: No, this is for your father and myself to decide, not you -- and not you.

Lucy: So there is something to decide? You'll think about me moving in with Daddy.

Sierra: No. Your father and I are going to discuss you going back to school after the holidays and how he can best support that.

Lucy: But --

Sierra: No "buts," Lucy, okay? That's it, that's the last word. Final. Now say good-bye to your father.

Lucy: Good-bye? You mean I can't see him again while we're here?

Sierra: Not if this is the discussion that we are gonna have to have after every visit.

Lucinda: Finally! Finally, the voice of reason!

Sierra: Mother, would you let me handle this, please?

Lucinda: I'm not going to put my two cents in because you're doing it splendidly.

Lucy: This is so not fair! Daddy, talk to her, make her listen.

Sierra: Lucy, this is your choice. You either abide by my decision, or you forfeit whatever little time you have with your father left. Now, what's it gonna be?

Adam: Go, go, go, go!

Billy: Get outside!


Adam: Wait -- shh! Did you hear that?

Billy: I didn't hear anything.

[Knocking] oh, here, let me get it. Emily.

Emily: Hi.

Billy: Happy holidays. Come on in.

Emily: Not too much Christmas cheer going on here. Your guys losing, huh?

Billy: Yeah, by 27 points.

Adam: Hi, Emily.

Emily: Hi, Adam. I wanted to say good night to Daniel, okay?

Adam: Oh, well, he's already asleep. Not a peep for about an hour, so --

Emily: Oh, that's okay. I won't wake him up. I just want to peek in on him.

Adam: The only thing is my mom and my dad aren't home right now, so --

Emily: I don't mean to give you any grief, but I need to see my son, okay? Just for one minute, please?

Billy: Come on, Adam, she is Daniel's mother. I think it'll be okay.

Adam: Tom left me specific instructions. Sorry.

Billy: What, not to let her see her own kid?

Adam: She's not supposed to see Daniel unless Tom is here. I'm sorry, Emily.

Emily: All right, you know what? I'm gonna lose it here in a minute here, so -- I'm sorry. I don't mean to put you on the spot, guys, but -- I just need to see my son. I just need to watch him sleep for a few minutes. It's what we mothers do. So can you just bend the rules a little. Please?

Billy: What could it hurt?

Adam: Okay, okay. Just for a few minutes.

Emily: Thanks. Thanks. Is that thing on?

Adam: Yeah, of course.

Emily: So if I sing Daniel a lullaby or something, you guys are gonna be listening?

Adam: Oh, no, no, no. It's not like we're gonna be eavesdropping on you, no.

Emily: Can you give me a little private time, please?

Adam: You want me to turn this off?

Emily: Yeah. It's not a problem, is it?

Billy: Look, come on. Enjoy your privacy.

Emily: Thanks.

Tom: Okay, they are booked solid. But our table will be ready in 15 minutes.

Katie: Oh, great. That'll give me time to powder my nose.

Margo: Oh, yeah. Look at the shine on my face.

Tom: What?

Margo: I don't know.

Simon: Hey, look, I'm sure I washed.

Tom: So what is the big confab?

Simon: I don't know, but I suspect it's about me.

Tom: You guys aren't having troubles already, are you?

Simon: No, not at all. Look, we just don't agree on me continuing to work for Craig.

Tom: Why, I thought he'd been very generous. It's gotta beat living next to that garage, right?

Simon: No, it's been fine. It's just, Craig's pretty slippery, he's sly --

Tom: I think this is the point where I tell you that I have agreed to become Craig's attorney again.

Simon: Oh. Sorry.

Tom: No, no, I knew what I was getting into. Besides, I thought Lucinda was gonna hire you.

Simon: How'd you hear that?

Tom: I heard it from the queen bee herself. What happened, did that fall through?

Simon: I don't know, I haven't heard a word from her since she first mentioned it. Are you gonna be seeing her anytime soon?

Tom: I'm sure I will. I can tell her you're still interested, if you like.

Simon: That'd be great. The sooner Katie and I get off Craig's ticket into our place, the better.

Tom: Really? What's the rush? Don't you guys want to save some money first?

Katie: We're back.

Simon: Yes, you are. And incredibly un-shiny.

Katie: Oh, how noble of you to notice.

Sierra: I want you to repeat the choice that I just gave you, please.

Lucy: You'll cut the time I have with Daddy short if I keep talking about staying in Oakdale.

Sierra: Thank you. I just want to make sure that we were on the same page.

Lucy: Sorry for giving you grief, mother.

Craig: Sierra, do you think Lucy and I could have a couple of minutes alone together before dinner?

Sierra: As long as there's no plotting.

Lucinda: Don't mind me, I've just gotta --

Sierra: No, no, no, no. Let's go, mother. Mother?

Lucy: I blew it, didn't I? Sorry.

Craig: No. No, no, you mounted a valiant effort. I'll fly down to Montega, we can snorkel and scuba and look for all the other sharks named Lucinda.

Lucy: She's always like that with you. But Mom -- why does Mom hate you now?

Craig: Your mother hates me? I don't think so. We're about to go out to dinner.

Lucy: Come on, Daddy, something's changed. Ever since Bryant died, she's been so angry. And the awful looks she gives you sometimes -- what did you do?

Craig: Why would a change in your mother's attitude have to be my fault?

Lucy: Isn't it always? It has something to do with Bryant, doesn't it?

Craig: Yeah.

Lucy: Talk to me, Daddy.

Craig: I'm not sure I want you hearing about my lapses in judgment.

Lucy: It doesn't matter what you did. I'll still love you. Don't you know nothing's gonna change that?

Craig: I went to see Bryant the night he died. I was preoccupied with a project. I asked him for a loan from his trust fund.

Lucy: He turned you down?

Craig: No.

Lucy: You guys argued?

Craig: No, in fact, he promised me the money right there.

Lucy: Then I don't get it.

Craig: Your mom is angry at me because she feels I should have been more of a father to him then. I should have noticed he was upset and done something.

Lucy: She's so -- so self-righteous. It's that crazy "freedom fighter" thing. She's truth and justice, and the rest of the world is full of bad guys.

Craig: Your mother has been very forgiving.

Lucy: Maybe so, Daddy, but still --

Craig: But -- she's right. I did let Bryant down. And maybe she's right about this. You know, maybe the safest place for you is away from me.

Rose: So you knew I was at the Lakeview when you're asking me all these questions? You spying on me?

Paul: Why, would I have to? I mean, you're always so honest. So, Rose, how's Vince? Has he changed much since that last time you saw him? Still got those anchor tattoos all over his body?

Rose: I never saw Vince at all!

Paul: Oh, come on, Rose. We both know you were with him this afternoon.

Rose: No, no! No, that's not true!

Paul: You went to his room!

Rose: Yeah, I went to his room -- to tell him to leave me alone. But he wasn't there! I never saw him at all!

Paul: You gonna lie to me about where you were?

Rose: I didn't lie. I swear, I didn't lie.

Paul: Is this some kind of Jersey technicality?

Rose: No. All right, you want the whole story?

Paul: The truth would be nice.

Rose: All right, he called me at Lily's. We got disconnected somehow.

Paul: Star-69.

Rose: Yeah, I know. I tried to call him back, but he wasn't answering any of his phone calls. So I decided to go over to the Lakeview, see him face-to-face and tell him to stop bothering me, to leave me alone. But he wasn't there, Paul, I swear!

Paul: At this point, why keep stringing me along, Rose?

Rose: Why are you so crazy about some guy I haven't seen in, like, over a year?

Paul: Oh, that's how long it's been, is it?

Rose: Yeah. And here you are, acting like I've been throwing back shooters with him all night long. That's why I didn't tell you about the picture of him and me. I just want to get rid of the whole subject of Vince O'Malley altogether! I don't want to bore you with the stupid details. I know how upset you would be.

Paul: Aren't you just the definition of compassion? Appreciating how upset I might get that the woman I love is sleeping with her ex-boyfriend right under my nose.

Rose: You think I'm sleeping with Vince?!

Paul: What am I supposed to think, Rose? I mean, you tell me one story, I shoot holes all through that one and, boom, you drop a second one and it's just as equally ridiculous.

Rose: No, that is the truth! That is the truth and nothing but. I swear to you! I went over to see Vince, he wasn't there, end of story.

Paul: Really? Then explain why this was in his hotel room.

Billy: All set?

Emily: Yeah. I can't begin to tell you what seeing that little face does for me. Thank you, Adam.

Adam: No problem.

Billy: Would you like me to walk you out to your car?

Emily: Oh, no, no, no. Don't be silly, I'm fine. You guys have a merry Christmas.

Adam: You, too.

Billy: Thanks, you, too. So I take it she's not your favorite person.

Adam: I can take her or leave her.

Billy: So what'd she ever do to you?

Adam: She practically ripped my family apart. She got pregnant with Daniel on purpose to break up my mom and dad.

Billy: She didn't get pregnant alone, Adam.

Adam: Oh, I guess so. I like Emily. I mean, she's been really good to my dad and Will and I. Maybe I should just cut her some slack, you know?

[Glass shatters] what was that?

[Baby cries]

Both: Daniel!

Lucy: You and Mom are so sad and hurt about what happened to Bryant, you're totally blind to reality.

Craig: And what don't we see?

Lucy: That you taught Bryant and me everything you know. You're the -- the all-time wheeler-dealer, Dad.

Craig: You like that.

Lucy: It means what happened to Bryant isn't your fault.

Craig: Well, I'm sure there's logic there.

Lucy: If Bryant had wanted to say no to you, he would have. You taught him how. He knew how to handle you and his money. Is Mom afraid you're going to come after my trust fund, too?

Craig: Oh, I would say that's probably a safe assessment.

Lucy: Well, I'll tell you how it is, Daddy --

Craig: I have no doubt.

Lucy: If you come to me for a loan, I'll be asking major interest and a non-negotiable repayment schedule with substantial penalties attached.

Craig: That's my girl.

Lucy: You've just forgotten. Mom, too. But I haven't. You'd never hurt me.

Craig: Oh, never, ever, ever, ever, ever. But the truth is, I think I did hurt Bryant. I didn't mean to, but I did. And you shouldn't resent your mother for being scared I might hurt you.

Lucy: That's so unfair. I've already lost my brother. Why do I have to lose you, too?

Craig: Oh, hey.

[Phone rings]

Tom: Oh, come on -- prepare yourselves. This might be an evening for three.

Margo: No, no. It might just be Shanks with tonight's transports. Now, think positively.

Tom: Happens all the time.

Margo: Margo Hughes. Oh, hi, Adam. What's -- everything okay?

Adam: Well, Daniel was a little upset when it first happened, but he's okay now, so --

Margo: When what happened?

Adam: Well, I'm not really sure, but the window in Daniel's room is broken, and, Mom, somebody put up a ladder outside the window.

Margo: A ladder? Did you call the police?

Tom: Hey, what's happening?

Adam: Yeah, yeah. I called them.

Margo: It looks like somebody tried to break in. Adam, you didn't touch anything, did you?

Adam: No, no, no. I know the drill.

Margo: Well, why don't you and Billy take Daniel and get out of the house.


Adam: Oh, the cops are here.

Margo: All right, we're on our way.

Tom: Come on, tell me about it in the car. Sorry, guys.

Margo: Sorry, guys. Another time.

Simon: No, we understand.

Katie: Go, take care of your family. Call us later. Whoa. That was weird.

Simon: Look, I'd better go cancel our reservation. I haven't even enough money to cover the bar tab.

Katie: Don't worry about it. I know how to handle this. You just shoo. Hi, we're gonna have to put our drinks on my brother's tab. That's Craig Montgomery, penthouse 4.

Bartender: I'm sorry, ma'am, this is only my second night here.

Katie: Oh, no, it's okay. Don't worry about it. We do it all the time. Craig doesn't mind.

Bartender: Still, I'd better check with the manager.

Katie: Okay.

Dahlia: I knew I recognized you. And then when I heard your voice -- you were on TV, right?

Katie: Oh, well, yes, I was the star anchor at WOAK, but that was over a year ago.

Dahlia: That's right. And you were remarkable. I mean, I remember so clearly. You were so cheerful, so upbeat.

Katie: Well, that's me.

Dahlia: So, why aren't you behind the news desk any longer? You moved on to bigger and better things?

Katie: In fact, I have, if you call falling in love bigger and better. I got married.

Dahlia: Oh, that's too bad.

Katie: Why?

Dahlia: Oh, no, I just had a great idea. Why don't you come work for me?

Rose: Where did you get this?

Paul: Your ex-boyfriend's hotel room.

Rose: You saw Vince?

Paul: I didn't punch him, if that's what you're worried about.

Rose: Well, I'd like to see him. I'd like to get him alone for a few minutes -- him and a 2x4. Vince gave this to you? He lied and gave you this?

Paul: No, he didn't give it to me. He was out, but I managed to get into his room anyway.

Rose: Are you sure that it was his room?

Paul: 221, right? That's what you told your bartender friend in the lounge.

Rose: You've got this gumshoe thing down, don't you?

Paul: I didn't want to believe it. I wanted to be wrong. When I forced myself in the room, that's when I saw the whole display.

Rose: You're losing me.

Paul: The champagne, lipstick on the glass, the slip.

Rose: This isn't mine!

Paul: It's yours, Rose. I mean, I've undressed you. Your perfume is all over it, I know it's yours. Just the thought -- the thought of you with this -- I mean, is he the only one?

Rose: How dare you? How dare you accuse me of something like that? You are wrong! You're dead wrong!

Paul: Just admit it. Just admit it, Rose!

Rose: There's nothing to admit! Oh, I was so afraid to tell you the truth about my arrest, because I was so afraid -- afraid you were going to use it against me, because I trusted you. And now you're accusing me of sleeping around. I am no whore! I've done things, and I have done -- I've been on the edge, but this is not me!

Paul: I want to believe you.

Rose: I want you to believe me, too.

Paul: But I need -- I need better answers.

Rose: No, you need to trust me. You need to believe in me. And you need to love me enough not to need proof.

Paul: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Rose, but I need it. I just do.

Rose: You want proof? I'll give you proof.

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going?

Rose: To find my slip. It's in the top drawer.

Paul: I don't know if I want you to do this.

Rose: We're still new. We're still figuring each other out. We're still thinking about the hurt we have from other people. We don't want to be hurt again. When I come back, you better be ready.

Paul: Ready for what?

Rose: To get on your knees and apologize to me. And make me a promise --

Paul: What promise?

Rose: -- To love me forever.

Katie: Dahlia?

Dahlia: That's right. And you're Katie Peretti.

Katie: Katie Peretti-Frasier now. So this your business, huh? An exercise studio?

Dahlia: That's right. You see, I'm looking for an aerobics instructor to lead a class a couple of days a week. I just thought since you're not working at the moment --

Katie: Oh, I've never taught aerobics before.

Dahlia: Oh, that doesn't matter. You look like you would be fine in a leotard. I'll make up a class for you, give you some moves. It's your notoriety that I'm interested in.

Katie: Really.

Dahlia: Sure. I mean, I'm always hearing people saying, "where is that cute little anchor girl from WOAK?" We'll make them pay to get the answer.

Katie: Hmm. Well, I have been thinking about starting a new career.

Dahlia: Then it's perfect. Of course, you know that it obviously doesn't pay like television.

Katie: Oh, that's okay. The money's not important to me. I don't really need a job. You see, my husband does really well for himself.

Dahlia: Oh, I'm sure.

Katie: I don't want to be one of those old-fashioned kitchen wives, you know? So -- well, I'll take your card and think about it and give you a call.

Dahlia: Great. One more little thing?

Katie: Sure, what's that?

Dahlia: Could I have your autograph?

Katie: Oh. Of course. Oh, gosh, to think that I used to do this dozens of times a day.

Dahlia: Thank you so much, Katie. You have been more than kind. Thanks.

Katie: Sure. Craig -- just the man I was looking for. Oh, and Sierra.

Sierra: Hello, Katie.

Katie: Didn't see you. Didn't mean to be rude. Okay, here's the deal -- Tom and Margo invited Simon and me out to dinner, and then they had to take off. And we didn't have enough money to pay the bill, so Simon's actually probably at the ATM right now.

Craig: Low on funds again?

Katie: Well, you haven't exactly paid Simon all the money that you owe him. And by the way, why does that bartender not know that I'm on your tab? I mean, all we had were a couple of drinks. It's so embarrassing --

Craig: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- Katie. I'll take care of it.

Katie: You're the best.

Craig: When I'm paying, right?

Katie: No. I gotta go find Simon.

Craig: Bye.

Sierra: What did you just do?

Craig: I think I just bailed my sister out of an embarrassing situation, I imagine.

Sierra: Are you sure that's all?

Craig: No. But with Katie, it's better to say yes, otherwise, she just wears you down eventually.

Sierra: You know, just when I think that you are absolutely irredeemable, you do something so sweet that I actually think that there's hope for you.

Craig: And then I show my true dastardly colors? So what is your conclusion?

Sierra: There's always a chance you'll break my heart. And I can't take that chance with Lucy.

Tom: Hey, where's Daniel?

Adam: I put him up in your room. He went right to sleep, even after all this excitement.

Tom: I'm gonna go check on him.

Margo: All right, what -- Hal.

Hal: Everything okay here?

Margo: I don't have any details yet. Tom and I just got here. What do you guys got?

Cop #1: Yeah, somebody moved a ladder up against the house, broke the window in the kid's room.

Adam: Yeah, Billy and I heard a big crash, so we tore right upstairs as soon as we --

Hal: Forensics working on that ladder?

Cop #2: Yeah, chief.

Tom: Hey, Hal? What are you doing here?

Hal: Shanks called. He said Adam called in to 911. I just wanted to stop by and make sure everything was okay. I was worried about Emily.

Margo: About Emily?

Hal: She was supposed to stop by here. She did stop by here, right?

Adam: Uh, yeah.

Tom: What? What did I specifically tell you?

Billy: No, wait, wait, wait. It's my fault. I talked Adam into it. She wanted to see her kid. But she left before any of this happened.

Margo: Mm-hmm. How long before?

Hal: Oh, come on, Margo. Don't even go down that road.

Margo: Any good cop would, Hal.

Hal: You think Emily would try to steal Daniel? She wouldn't do something like that.

Tom: You come on. Who else would have done it but Emily?

Simon: Hey, there? Do you have the Hughes' tab?

Bartender: It's been handled.

Simon: Who handled it?

Bartender: The gentleman over there.

Simon: Oh. Do you know where my wife disappeared to?

Bartender: The pushy little blonde?

Simon: No, she's not really blonde, is she?

Katie: Au naturale. Right, honey.

Simon: Oh, hello, baby. What's got you looking so happy?

Katie: Oh, things are just looking up, that's all.

Simon: "Things?" Things? What are things? What things?

Katie: You, me, our future. I just have a feeling everything's going to work out.

Simon: You are the eternal optimist, aren't you? No doubt one of the reasons why I love you so much?

Craig: What chance would you be taking with Lucy? I'm her father.

Sierra: She needs discipline, Craig. I cannot give in to her every demand.

Craig: And what if the demands are reasonable?

Sierra: Moving in with you is not reasonable. And besides, she's already enrolled in school.

Craig: A lot of things aren't reasonable, Sierra. Bryant's death wasn't reasonable. And maybe this is just her way of trying to come to terms with that. Now, she realizes life is short and that she needs to keep her connections up. She misses her father. It's been years since we've had more than a couple of days together.

Sierra: Well, I don't mean to be harsh, but you had plenty of opportunity to bond with Bryant, and you didn't make it happen.

Craig: That's not fair. And whatever mistakes I made with Bryant I learned from. Besides, Lucy and I -- we have a special bond.

Sierra: Little girls have weaknesses for their fathers.

Craig: And I have a weakness for her -- especially now. Sierra, you have a long line of admirers. I don't. And Lucy loves me unconditionally. I've never had a love like that.

Sierra: I don't remember it that way.

Craig: It's been a lot of years. I've never had to put on a show for Lucy. Anyway, she reminds me of the few decent traits I have left.

Sierra: What about school?

Craig: Hey, you can't find a finer school than Oakdale Latin.

Sierra: You know, I know that that school has a great reputation, but she's 16 years old. She needs to be well within my radar right now. And, besides, she's already registered for the next semester at boarding school.

Craig: I'll repay the deposit.

Sierra: No. No, she cannot live with you. Not now. She's going on to the next semester at school, and that's final.

Lucy: So, that's when Mrs. Martinez --

Lucinda: Now, let me get this straight. Mrs. Martinez, that's the headmistress, right?

Lucy: Right. She nearly fainted. She still made my English teacher give me an "A."

Lucinda: Of course, she did. An "A" -- of course, you'll get an "A." It's your mother tongue. You'll get an "A" in everything as you forge forward in life, darling. Oh. Oh, I wish that I could spend more time with you.

Lucy: You could talk to Mom about that.

Lucinda: Well -- no way. She has given me my orders. Hands off. Okay, all right.

Lucy: I have a idea, grandmother. Why don't we look at those old photo albums?

Lucinda: Oh, do you remember that?

Lucy: We can make up stories to go along with the pictures, like when I was little. I love your stories.

Lucinda: Oh, I remember. And I love the way you would humor me, because, darling, few people do. Well, let's take a look at them right now. Come on, they're upstairs. Let's go.

Lucy: Can't we look at them down here?

Lucinda: Sure. Why not? I'll be right back.

Lucy: "M," "m" -- Martinez, here it is. Hello, Mrs. Martinez? Yes, this is Sierra Esteban. I'm afraid we've had a family emergency, and Lucy won't be able to attend school next semester. Thank you, for your concern. Yes, Lucy is a lovely girl. She'll miss you all terribly. But we need to make other arrangements for her right now. I'll send you a letter very soon with all the details. Yes, she was heartbroken to find out she wouldn't be returning in spring. But as I said, this can't be helped. The tuition deposit? Tell you what, why don't you apply it to the scholarship fund? You're very welcome. Yes, good-bye.

Lucinda: Hey, honey, you don't have to hang up the phone just because I'm coming in. You were talking on the phone, right?

Lucy: Yes. I was saying good-bye to an old friend.

Paul: You were gone a long time.

Rose: I looked everywhere. I turned drawers upside down and -- I can't find it. Maybe Vince broke in here, and he stole it? I don't --

Paul: Yeah, yeah. Maybe -- maybe he did. Was that before or after he left the message on your answering machine?

Rose: What -- you listened to my messages?

Paul: Yeah, when I came over here like an idiot to apologize to you -- I'm not proud of it, but, yeah, I pushed the play button, and I listened to your messages. And under the circumstances, I'm glad I did it.

Rose: I don't know what you're talking about. I do not have a message from Vince.

Paul: Why? Did you erase it?

[Answering machine beep]

Vince: Hey, Rosie, it's Vince the invincible. I got your message, baby. Congratulations on dumping fashion boy and heading my way. Hey, this Lakeview Towers is pretty cool. You were right. So, get over here. You know the room number. Don't keep me waiting, sexy. It's been too long.

Rose: That's not Vince.

Paul: Yeah, yeah, yeah. First, this isn't your slip. And, now, that's not your boyfriend on the phone!

Rose: Ex-boyfriend. No, no!

Paul: No, no, no. Just stop! Just stop it! Stop lying to me. Vince isn't your "ex" anything. That title belongs to me now.

Rose: No, no, no. No, Paul, please! Paul! Who is doing this to me?!

Hal: I can't reach her. Now, come on, you guys. It doesn't prove a thing. I'm the one who pushed her into coming over here.

Tom: She came here to kidnap my son, but it didn't work. Thank God. She's as bad at that as everything else.

Hal: Isn't that a little bit hysterical, even for you, Tom?

Cop #2: Found this glove wedged beneath the ladder. Recognize it?

Margo: No, I don't. Do you, Tom?

Tom: No, but -- I think Hal does, don't you?

Hal: It's Emily's.

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