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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 12/14/01

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Paul: What's that smell?

Barbara: What do you mean?

Paul: Has James been here? That's cigar smoke.

Barbara: Yes, it is.

Paul: Where is he?

Barbara: Paul, calm down! Your father hasn't set foot in this house since the day that we threw him out.

Paul: What, so this is some sort of hallucination, mom?

Barbara: I found his cigar butt out in the gazebo. I threw it in the fireplace. It's obviously still burning.

Paul: I can't stand the stench of that man in this house.

Barbara: No, no, no, no, no. No, Paul. No, stay away from the fire. Get away from the fire!

Paul: Okay, okay, okay. I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine. Come here, come here.

Barbara: I'm sorry. Just seeing you so close to those flames -- Ben Harris said that I would have some post-traumatic stress. I guess he was right. I wouldn't even have a fire in here if it weren't so cold.

Paul: Okay. Can I get you anything?

Barbara: No, I'm fine. Your mail -- your mail. You still have mail being sent here. It's not all being forwarded to the Lakeview. Something wrong?

Paul: It's postmarked from Atlantic City.

Barbara: Now, who do you know in Atlantic City? Besides Rose, of course.

Paul: I -- well, I met a bunch of her friends at her party, and one of them said that they were going to send me some pictures.

Barbara: How nice. Oh, you're right, Paul. Good photo?

Paul: No. No, I wouldn't say it was good at all.

Rose: Hmm. Definitely one for the circular file. Ah. Ooh, ooh. Toss it. Oh, you. You were so out, you're in. Thank you, Madonna. I'll keep that. Oh, Vince, what am I going to do about you?

[Phone rings] Rosie's place. Hello? If you're looking for Cal, he doesn't live here anymore. Hello? Vince, this better not be you.

[Phone disconnects]

Carly: You have a lot of nerve saying something like that to me. If I leave, you have nothing left to live for? Please.

Craig: Hey, I just opened my heart to you, woman. This is the trench warfare of love. A man has to open up, admit what he feels, right?

Carly: That's right, but the problem is, by the time the man gets around to doing that, he thinks it's going to make some kind of miraculous difference. Well, luckily for me, I do know who I'm dealing with. You expect me to believe that you're going to keel over and stop breathing the moment I get on that plane?

Craig: Well, not immediately, but I will admit to a certain creeping desperation --

Carly: "Desperation"? Your life is an exercise in desperation, Craig. If it's not the money you need, then it's the love you need.

Craig: The love I need comes from you.

Carly: Oh, stop it!

Craig: Carly, the woman who can make me whole is about to get on a plane and leave me behind, okay? If now is not the time to throw caution to the winds, then I don't know when it is. Can't you see that it is impossible for me not to love you?

[Craig groans] hey, hey, hey.

Carly: No. As a matter of fact, all I see is your bloated ego, always thinking you're going to come up with the ultimate gesture that sweeps me off my feet.

Craig: "The gesture"? I'm talking with my heart here, Carly. You and I are meant for each other.

Carly: You're pulling out all the stops, I'll give you credit for that.

Craig: I'm speaking truth to power here, Carly, because I know that what you and I have is powerful, and so do you. Say it. Say it.

Carly: I hate you.

Craig: No, you don't.

Carly: Yes, I do.

Craig: Carly --

Carly: Craig, get off me!

Craig: Despise me, adore me, I'm the one sitting next to you on that plane to Paris.

Emily: Oh, Daniel? Daniel, sweetie, answer mommy! Daniel, answer your mother!

Waitress: Is this his?

Emily: Yes. Oh, my God. Where did you find that?

Waitress: Right here by the door.

Emily: Oh. Daniel?! Daniel?! Daniel?! Everybody stop what your doing! Please, just listen to me! My son is missing! His name is Daniel! He's a little, red-headed boy! Has anybody seen my son?! Oh, you had to have seen him. He was sitting right here.

Waitress: No, I was in the kitchen. I didn't see him.

Emily: I was on the phone for 30 seconds! Somebody had to have seen my son!

Waitress: I'm sure he didn't go far. Just let me look around. Daniel! Daniel!

Carly: You cannot possibly be this dense, can you? What part of "it's over" don't you understand?

Craig: The part that refuses to believe what's in front of us, Carly. The part that refuses to see how in love I am.

Carly: Craig, you tried to sabotage that fashion show for me. You betrayed me. You stabbed me in the back. Is any of this getting through to you?

Craig: Is that your interpretation?

Carly: You want me just to forgive and forget that you tried to harm my career?

Craig: Look, the flight takes what, ten hours to Paris? I think by the time we land, you'll feel differently about that. Here, let me get my ticket.

Carly: No, please don't bother. Could I have a refund for this, please?

Craig: What are you doing?

Carly: I will rot in Oakdale working for B.R.O., or I will go out on my own, but I will not fly off to Paris with you nipping at my heels.

Craig: Carly, now is not the time to bluff.

Craig: Call me on it then, Craig.

Craig: Carly --

Carly: You are blatantly ignoring what this opportunity means to me. Don't you see that this is my first real chance to do something important, something important and mine?

Craig: And who wanted to give you that opportunity?

Carly: All right, you may have asked Rimbaud to meet with me, but my designs are what impressed the man, and if he wants to work with me, it will be because he respects what I can do.

Craig: Which is exactly what I want for you. So why are you so afraid of having me there?

Carly: I meant what I said. If you try to push your way into this arrangement, I am turning in my ticket.

Craig: Is that what you're looking for, Carly? Are you looking for a reason to stay?

Carly: What are you talking about?

Craig: There's no emancipation for you in cashing in that ticket, Carly. Staying here is just another run back to Jack, isn't it?

Carly: If you loved me the way Jack Snyder loves me --

Craig: No, don't.

Carly: If you loved me that much, you would be man enough to let me go.

Craig: Carly, please. Hey, look, I just lost my son. Don't let me lose you, too.

Paul: "Vince and Rose. First anniversary. 12/7/99." One whole year. Lucky you, Vince. "Mr. Ryan, you don't know me, but we have somebody in common. My name is Vincent O'Malley. Rose D'Angelo was the woman I planned to marry. When she disappeared, I went crazy. I spent months and every cent I had trying to find her. Then I saw a picture of you two in a newspaper. Just seeing Rose, even with another guy, was like getting my life back. I couldn't wait to send her flowers, let her know how much I still care. I plan to keep sending her these things until she realizes I'm serious about getting her back into my life. So why am I telling you this? Since you two seem to be friends, I wanted to let you in on what to expect. You need to know I'm not some crazy stalker. If you and my Rosie have something going on together, take a good look at that picture I sent. It speaks for itself."

[Phone rings]

Rose: Hello?! Hello?! Whoever this is, just cut it out! Vince, if this is you -- I know Ms. Walsh gave you the number, and I already chewed her out about that one. So if you have to say what you've got to say, just say it and leave me alone please.

[Phone disconnects] oh, you dog. That's it. I'll just hunt you down like the dog that you are.

Operator: The previous call to this number cannot be dialed.

Rose: Shoot.

[Phone rings]

Emily: Come on, Hal. Pick up, Hal. Hal!

Hal: Emily, I was just about to call you.

Emily: Daniel's gone! He was here. I turned around, then he was gone. I found his mitten on the floor. He's not here.

Hal: Where are you?

Emily: I'm at Al's. I was supposed to meet a source here, and I don't know what happened. He went to the wrong place or something. He was two feet away from me. I don't know what happened.

Hal: How long has he been missing?

Emily: I don't know, five minutes?!

Hal: Did you call 911?

Emily: No. I didn't know. I didn't think, I just called you. He's just gone.

Hal: Okay, okay. Emily, listen. You did the right thing by calling me, and we're going to fix this, but I need you to take a breath, okay?

Emily: I can't. I can't.

Hal: Emily, focus. I need details. What was Daniel wearing?

Emily: Oh, God. He was wearing a navy blue sweater shirt and blue corduroys and new tennis shoes my mom bought him.

Hal: Was he wearing his jacket?

Emily: No. My God, no. No, he's not wearing a coat. It's freezing outside! Hal, he doesn't have a jacket. Hal, he could freeze to death. I got to go find him.

Hal: Stay where you are. I'm going to call the station. I'm going to give his description to every cop down there. I'm on my way. But I'm also going to send an officer down there to get more information from you. They may get there before I do. So you just sit tight.

Emily: No, I can't. I can't. I got to go find him.

Hal: No, Emily. I need you there to give the officer more information, okay? I'm on my way.

Emily: Hurry, hurry, hurry!

[Emily cries]

Carly: You miss Bryant. That's what this is about. This is about Bryant. It isn't about me.

Craig: No, no. Don't try to minimize my feelings for you, Carly.

Carly: When was the last time you spoke to Sierra?

[Craig laughs]

Craig: You want to send me back to my ex-wife?

Carly: She lost her child, too, you know? Have the two of you tried to help each other come to grips with this?

Craig: Well, when we get past blaming me, then maybe we'll speak. I don't know.

Carly: I think it's time that you two helped each other, because that is what families do, you know? And that includes Lucy. Don't you think maybe it's time you actually let yourself feel something instead of using me or anything else to block it out?

Craig: Oh, come on. We've got a plane to catch.

Carly: When was the last time you saw Lucy?

Craig: Sierra won't let me see Lucy, okay?

Carly: Have you spoken with Sierra? Maybe she's changed her mind by now.

Craig: No, no, no. But come on. I fly with you to Paris. By the time we get there, she'll cool off, and then, maybe we'll see how it goes.

Carly: This is ridiculous. You are carrying around so much baggage, the plane would never be able to get off the ground.

Clerk: Ladies and gentleman, Flight 0211 to New York with a connection to Paris will begin boarding shortly.

Craig: What do you want me to do? What do you want me to say, Carly? Just let me come.

Carly: Please, Craig. For once in your life, don't say anything. Don't do anything. Just let me go.

[Knock at door]

Rose: Who is it?

Mitzi: Rose, it's me, Mitzi. Oh, you taking batting practice now?

Rose: I thought you were somebody else.

Mitzi: Somebody you don't like very much, huh?

Rose: Thank you for the answering machine.

Mitzi: Well, you sounded like you wanted it pronto, so I went straight to the mall.

Rose: How much do I owe you?

Mitzi: Oh, come on. I told you, it was a housewarming gift. I wanted to get you something you could really use.

Rose: Help me put it together here?

Mitzi: It's no big deal, Rose. You just plug it in.

Rose: Yes, yes, yes. Modern-day convenience, the answering machine. Would you like a cup of hot chocolate maybe?

Mitzi: What's going on?

Rose: What do you mean?

[Phone rings] oh!

Mitzi: You're not going to answer that?

Rose: No, no!

Mitzi: Why?

Rose: Because someone's been calling me.

Mitzi: Who?

Rose: "Who?" Guess who?

Mitzi: Vince? Vince O'Malley?

Rose: I don't know. Whoever it is isn't saying bubkes, and it's freaking me out, as you can tell. The phones been ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing.

Mitzi: Who is this? Oh, sorry. Yeah, hi. She's right here. Hold on. It's Lily.

Rose: Oh. Hey, Lily. I'm sorry. Yeah? Oh, I can't come over. I have some other plans. Yeah, Paul might come over after work. Can I take a rain check? Oh, thanks. Tell the kids I said hello, and give them a big kiss for me, okay? Thanks. She wanted me to come over and have dinner with her and the kids.

Mitzi: You should have gone, maybe.

Rose: No. I can't, I can't. I can't let her see me like this. I feel bad.

Mitzi: Okay, so this person who may or may not be Vince, how long has he been calling?

Rose: I don't know, a half hour or so?

Mitzi: Well, you want to take your toothbrush and come over to ms. Walsh's guest house with me?

Rose: No. I'm not going to do that, no. I'm not going to let some prank caller run me out of the first house I've lived in by myself for years and years. I mean, if it is Vince, right, he's not dangerous.

Mitzi: He never used to be.

Rose: Right.

Mitzi: But I think you were right to get the machine. Okay, I'm going to stick around, and we'll listen when it picks up the next call, and we'll see if he leaves a message.

Rose: Yeah.

Mitzi: Rose, if you don't want me to stay, just say so.

Rose: I'm sorry. I know I'm blowing this out of proportion and everything, but I kind of wish Paul was here right now.

Barbara: You seem distracted.

Paul: Do I? I'm just thinking about Carly. I did manage to have a word with her before she took off.

Barbara: And what did she say?

Paul: She's pretty much jumping ship.

Barbara: Well, Paul, you didn't really expect her to turn down an opportunity to work in Paris, now did you?

Paul: I was hoping.

Barbara: Hope, my son, is overrated. What you need to do is take off those rose-colored spectacles that you're always wearing. A little pragmatism can be a great comfort.

Paul: I wasn't kidding myself, mom. I mean, that's why I had you work on that press release so Carly's leaving wouldn't be a defection. You did a great job, by the way.

Barbara: Thank you. I think we'll do just fine without Carly. I know that you think that my skills aren't up to where they should be right now --

Paul: Oh, come on now, mom. You're a wonderful designer. Stop.

Barbara: But we both know that I have not been in top form lately. I have been working on the summer line, and as soon as the preliminary sketches are finished, I will show you.

Paul: Fair enough.

Barbara: But I want you to be honest with me, and if you think that B.R.O. needs some support, we'll bring in Carly or anyone else. I will step aside. What?

Paul: Well, I'm not used to you being so compliant.

Barbara: Paul, we both have the same goals here. We both want the company to succeed. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that. I didn't create and build B.R.O. for my own ego. I did it for our family. And so whatever becomes of B.R.O., I just want you to be happy.

James: Barbara, you've outdone yourself.

Cop: What was your son wearing, Ms. Stewart?

Emily: A navy blue sweater, blue corduroys and tennis shoes.

Cop: Physical description?

Emily: He's 35 pounds and 3'3." Why would he have identification on him?! He's always with me or my mother. I did write his name on the inside of his -- I can't think of the name of the stupid word on his waistband -- on the waistband of his pants! Tom -- Tom Hughes. You know Margo, right? That's his stepmother. Hughes. Has she been contacted yet? Do you know? Yeah, I've got a ton of pictures of him right here. We came here for dinner, and actually, I was supposed to have a business meeting here. No, I didn't yell at him about anything. How's he going to reach up to that phone even if he knew how to make a call?! Sorry. Here, here. I got it! Use this instead. It's more recent. He has a birthmark, a tiny little birthmark on the back of his calf. You have someone out there looking for him, right? I mean, there are people out there looking for my little boy right now? Didn't you just ask me that? Why do you keep asking me the same questions?! Tom, it's me. There's been a situation here. Daniel's missing. I'm at Al's with the police. Listen, pick up your cell phone, okay? Because Daniel might remember your number, and someone might try to call you. I'm sorry. What was the question?

Cop: I have everything we need to know.

Emily: You're going to find my son, right?

Cop: We'll do our best.

Hal: We'll find him.

Emily: Oh, Hal! Oh, Hal!

Hal: Did you get everything that you need?

Emily: I don't know. I think so. I think --

Hal: You know what to do.

Emily: Just follow the waitress. Ask the waitress. She saw me walk in with him.

Hal: Did you call Tom?

Emily: Yeah, I got his answering machine, and I didn't call my mother, because I figured she would just call. Where is my son?! Oh, Daniel! Oh, God! Where have you been?! Where have you been, my baby?! Are you okay? Stand up.

Hal: Why didn't somebody call me to let me know that Daniel was safe?

Margo: Well, there was a bit of a mix-up. Atchison found him crying on the front steps of the police station.

Hal: Atchison? The new recruit?

Margo: Yeah. So he brought him inside to calm him down. He had no idea that Daniel was my stepson, and I was almost halfway out the door before I heard him crying.

Hal: Aren't you leaving out the part where you don't call me because you want to dole out a little punishment?

Margo: Excuse me?

Hal: Margo, you knew that Emily would be going crazy.

Margo: I didn't call because I'd rather spend my time calming Daniel down in the car on the way over here.

Hal: Oh, don't give me that.

Margo: How did she lose track of him in the first place? Because all he could say is that he was very cold, and he wanted his daddy.

Hal: He wandered away while Emily was called to the phone. I am not going to justify this to you.

Margo: Good, Hal, because I don't want to hear it. All I know is that Daniel was out in the cold all by himself.

Tom: Emily --

Margo: Nothing can justify that.

Tom: Oh, hi. We were so worried about you. Hey, hey. Was he hurt in any way?

Emily: No. Actually, you know, I think he's fine.

Tom: I wasn't talking to you, actually.

Margo: He's just a little shaken up, Tom, that's all.

Tom: Well, I'll bet you were. Was that scary? I'll bet that was scary.

Emily: I don't know how you got away from me so fast.

Tom: "Got away?" Emily, he's not a dog.

Emily: That's not what I meant, Tom.

Tom: You know what? You are safe now, because you're with daddy, and daddy's going to make sure that nothing like this, nothing this scary ever happens again, okay?

Emily: You know, he was just sitting right over here, eating his French fries like a good little boy. I don't know what happened. I mean, I was distracted for a minute, I barely got a chance to say hello on the phone. And I turned around and he's --

Tom: You were on the phone? What, getting a scoop and ignoring your son?

Emily: No.

Hal: Tom.

Emily: No, no, it wasn't like that.

Tom: You know what, I want you to take him to the hospital, my dad may be on call. And I want him checked from head to toe.

Emily: You know what, Margo's gonna take you to the hospital, go say hi to grandma Susan, okay? He's fine, Tom.

Tom: You don't even know how long he was gone. What happened to him out on the street -- he was on the street, Emily.

Hal: Tom, I understand that you're upset, but --

Tom: You have no claim, so do me a favor, keep it to yourself.

Margo: Emily, did you call 911, because we didn't get anything at the station?

Emily: No, I did not. I called Hal.

Tom: What! You didn't even call 911?

Hal: The chief of detectives isn't good enough for you?

Tom: No, if it's my son, I want the national guard.

Emily: What and you think I don't?

Hal: Look, Tom, your boy is safe. We've all got kids, they've all gotten lost for a few minutes one time or another.

Margo: I can vouch for that. I remember when I lost Casey at the mall. Do you remember that, Emily? You took our son and had everyone worried sick.

Hal: Is that necessary?

Emily: Excuse me, are you insinuating that I intentionally left my child on the street. Why would I do something so insane?

Margo: So that you could have a big strong cop come and rescue you.

Emily: Excuse me?

Margo: Well, everyone knows you'd do just about anything when it comes to a man, Emily.

Hal: Are we taking Daniel to the hospital or not?

Tom: Yes, we are. I will meet you there. Here you go.

Margo: Come on, baby.

Emily: Wait, let me get my keys.

Tom: Don't worry about it, you're not going.

Emily: It is my day with Daniel. He is spending the day with me and Hal.

Tom: Daniel is coming home with me.

Emily: You're not taking my son, I will not allow it.

Tom: Allow it? Well, you're nothing but nerve.

Emily: Okay, I understand that you're upset with me right

Tom: I don't care what you understand. You're not getting Daniel until I'm satisfied that what happened today will never happen again.

Emily: The visitation order states --

Tom: That order will be ruled null and void if the custodial parent is found to be negligent.

Hal: You are not the judge here, Tom.

Tom: And you have no legal status, so keep your opinions to yourself.

Emily: I did not desert my son.

Tom: We will let the judge decide.

Emily: He was sitting right next to me --

Tom: We will let the judge decide what you did and did not do. But until then, Daniel stays with me.

Emily: You know, if this had happened to you and Margo --

Tom: That's the point, it wouldn't have happened with me and Margo!

Emily: He can't keep me from going to the hospital. Where are my keys. Where are my keys, I got to go to the hospital!

Hal: You're coming to the hospital with me. I'll take you. Come on, let's go.

Paul: All right, thanks for the press release. I'll call you tomorrow if there are any changes.

Barbara: All right, you won't be staying for dinner?

Paul: No, I can't. But are you gonna be okay?

Barbara: I'm fine, you don't need to worry about me.

Paul: I'm starting to believe that.

Barbara: Don't you ever smoke one of those filthy things in this house again. Paul is not a fool. You take too many unnecessary risks.

James: I like to keep things interesting. Oh, your performance -- remarkable, remarkable. "Don't go near the fire." Brilliant, brilliant.

Barbara: It was true. I don't want anything to happen to my son. Long after you've taken care of Carly, Emily and Rose, I plan on having a close, loving relationship with him.

James: Don't let me interfere.

Barbara: You won't.

James: Good, now, darling, if the sniping and threats are over, I'm famished. What are we having for dinner?

Barbara: Lamb. And if you continue toying with me, I will lace your mint sauce with arsenic.

James: What a woman.

Craig: If I let you go now, I don't know if I ever get you back, Carly.

Carly: I'm leaving my son behind. Of course I'm coming back.

Craig: Okay, okay, well, let's make a deal here. I promise not to go to Paris with you --

Carly: If?

Craig: If when you come back to Oakdale, you come back to me.

Carly: I can't say I'm gonna do that. I'd be lying if I said I knew what was gonna happen when the time comes.

Craig: All right, so lie, just say something. It doesn't matter, if you don't know what's going on. So much the better, it means that there's still hope.

Carly: Haven't we played this game enough times to not leave maybes hanging in the air?

Craig: Okay, you don't want me? Do you belong with Jack?

Carly: I've got to go.

Craig: You won't answer one simple question about Jack?

Carly: I haven't promised Jack anything.

Craig: Yes, you have. I heard you.

Carly: You heard me what?

Craig: Outside your door today. I heard you tell Jack you would give him another chance. You even gave him your return flight information. You asked him to pick you up at the airport.

Carly: So you're testing me now?

Craig: Look, you've been unforgiving to me because you didn't think I told you the truth about what happened in New York. The difference between us, Carly, is that I will always forgive you. No matter what. How many lies do you think Jack will stomach before he pushes you out of his life?

Carly: This is so sick. Do you see that my life, with you in it, is just diseased.

Craig: No, no, no, no. It is healthy and once you realize that, you will come knocking back on my door, not because your life is boring without me, but because you realize that I am the one person on this planet who will accept you as you are. I can't say good-bye, Carly. Good luck.

Carly: Wait.

Mitzi: Here we go. A nice sugar fix, you'll feel just like yourself again.

[Knock at door] why are you hiding' that?

Rose: Shh, how do I look?

Mitzi: You know you got it bad, Rose. You don't even know if that's Paul.

Rose: Oh, are you a sight.

Mitzi: Hi, Paul. Bye, Paul.

Rose: Thanks a million.

Mitzi: No problem. Just drink that hot cocoa before it gets cold.

Rose: Okay.

Mitzi: Oh, and you're all set with the machine.

Rose: Oh, I'll -- thanks.

Paul: Machine, what machine?

Rose: Um, a home warming present from Mitzi.

Paul: Oh, this thing?

Rose: Yeah. Did you have dinner yet? I made some ziti and I got some nice wine.

Paul: I haven't eaten.

Rose: All right, then just take off your shoes and your coat, hang it on an antler and enjoy the best meal of your life, and maybe a little bit of me for dessert. You on a diet? Lost your sweet tooth?

Paul: Is there something you don't want me to know, Rose? I mean, I ask you a simple question about the housewarming gift from Mitzi and you get a look on your face like it's a state secret.

Rose: It's nothing, honest. It's -- we'll talk about it later. We'll just wait on questions that can wait. Right now, just let's focus on no cloudy moods, no wasted moments, just making each other happy?

Paul: Okay, I can do that.

Carly: Okay, since we're calling each other on the carpet, I have a question for you -- why did you marry Sierra, Craig?

Craig: What?

Carly: Don't knock yourself out trying to find the right answer. Just be honest with me, if at all possible --

Craig: Why do you want to know?

Carly: I've just been pondering your life's motivations.

Craig: Motivations? Well, money's a nice one.

Carly: I don't think so, not with Sierra. I used to think that maybe you married her for money, but then I met her. And it hit me -- you just married her so you could figure one thing out.

Craig: Which is?

Carly: Sierra had integrity, real class, you know. And you didn't, so you needed to get as close to that as possible because you were trying to become a good person.

Craig: Are you suggesting I failed?

Carly: All I'm suggesting is that, we both want to be worthy of something in this life, and that's not going to happen if we're together.

Craig: I want to be worthy of you. You're my best buddy in the sandbox.

Carly: But if I stay with you, I will always be what I've always been.

Craig: Beautiful, charming, intelligent --

Carly: No, petty, vindictive.

Craig: Oh, that's such a small part of what you are.

Carly: Well, it's not quite small enough. I want more out of my life than what I've put into it so far. And I'm seeing this so clearly, right now, for the first time.

Craig: Thanks to me?

Carly: Well, you said you wanted to make my life better?

Craig: With me in it.

Carly: It's not going to happen. I'm sorry, but thank you. I know that I won't be coming back to you, and I know why.

Craig: Well, I can't say you're welcome.

Carly: That's okay. I do appreciate what you've done for me.

Rose: You want some espresso?

Paul: That'll keep us up all night.

Rose: That's the point. I'll be right back.

Paul: Matches -- matches.

Rose: Oh, mood lighting? I like it.

Paul: What's this?

Rose: That is a picture of my very, very ex, ex, ex-boyfriend, I told you about.

Paul: Yeah, the one you didn't love, but didn't take the time to break up with?

Rose: I don't know what pop was thinking putting this in the box -- where are you going?

Paul: So you didn't love him, but you keep a picture of him hidden in your drawer?

Rose: Why are you getting -- ?

Paul: I don't have time, Rose, to figure out what else you're hiding from me. I thought we cared too much to make each other do that.

Craig: No.

Lucy: Hi, Daddy.

Craig: Oh, you are always the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Lucy: I would have been here sooner. Mom made me wait till school was out for the holidays.

Craig: Oh, no, no, no. My sweet, sweet girl, your timing -- your timing is perfect.

Chauffeur: Is this your first time in Paris, mademoiselle?

Carly: No, but it's going to be the happiest time of my life, I can tell you. The only thing missing is my little boy. So how far is it to the hotel?

Chauffeur: I understand you must be very tired. Oh, I almost forgot, there is a letter to you from Monsieur Rimbaud.

Carly: Oh, they're not sending me packing already, are they?

Chauffeur: I believe there has been a change in the destination.

Carly: We're going to his chateau? For a whole week?

Chauffeur: The entire design staff will be there. Monsieur Rimbaud does these things once in a while. You will be very pleased, the chateau is -- c'est magnifique.

Carly: I'm sure it is. Great. I should just call home so they know where I am.

Emily: So what about your boys, are they home?

Hal: Oh, I'll get Parker later. Will's next door doing homework. Which means, he's actually playing video games. Come on in, let me get you something.

Emily: He's gonna take my son away from me. And he's right, you know? I shouldn't -- he shouldn't be with me. Hal, I should have never turned my back away from my son.

Hal: Emily, what happened to you today happens to every parent at least once. Tom will get over it. Just give it time.

Emily: I don't think so.

Carly: Hi, Hal, it's Carly. Well, I made it to the city of lights. First things first -- tell Parker that I love him very, very much. And you can also tell him that mommy has a chauffeur. They actually sent a limousine to pick me up at the airport, can you believe that? Listen, there's been a change of plans. I'm not going to be at the hotel right away, but you can just leave messages for me there. And because of the time difference, it might be kind of tricky for me to call. So don't worry if you don't hear from me for a couple of days, okay.

Hal, my phone's about to give up here. Just be sure that you give Parker a kiss from me, okay?

Hal: Carly, Carly?

Carly: Why does it always do that?

Chauffeur: Problem?

Carly: My phone cut out.

Chauffeur: We're moving out of the city. But you'll be able to call again when we get to the chateau.

Carly: The chateau -- that has such a nice ring to it.

Barbara: What do you want?

James: To be with you. I mean, hiding out there, that's no fun. We can keep each other company.

Barbara: Have you news for me?

James: All of your requests are being met. Rose is without Paul. Emily is without her son.

Barbara: And Carly?

James: Bound for parts unknown.

Barbara: Carly's really gone?

James: And then there were two.

[Barbara sighs]

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