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Simon: Good morning, brother-in-law.

Craig: Hi, brother-in-law.

Simon: Come on. Come on. Aren't you gonna wish me a happy wedding day?

Craig: Okay, well, yes. Good luck again.

Simon: I don't need it -- again. So did anyone call to RSVP?

Craig: Well, you can check the machine yourself.

Simon: You're closer. Ouch. No one's called, and the ceremony's this afternoon.

Craig: Have you seen the yellow pages?

Simon: Oh, yeah, it's in my room. I needed a florist.

Craig: Oh, can you get it for me, please?

Simon: No, I can't, I can't. Katie's in there getting ready, and I can't see her before the ceremony.

Craig: Well, all right. I'll get it myself.

Simon: Hey, wait. Where you -- no, she's getting dressed.

Craig: I'll close my eyes.

Simon: I'll pull them out.

Craig: She's my sister.

Simon: Oh, well, I'm glad you remember. So why aren't you giving her away like I asked you to?

Craig: Simon, you're already married, and Carly is leaving for Paris without me!

Simon: Look -- relax, relax. Okay, I know a sure-fire way to make things right with Carly.

Craig: How?

Simon: Stop being such a selfish, spoiled pig!

Emily: What do you want?! Molly, hi. I'm sorry. What?

Molly: No, hi. I'm sorry for just dropping in like this, but I need Hal.

Emily: Hal is not here, and I've got three hours of work to do in the next 45 minutes. My mother is bringing Daniel over, so --

Molly: Do you have any idea when he's due back?

Emily: I have no idea what his schedule is. All I know is mine is overflowing, so I'm sorry.

Molly: No, Emily, I'm sorry. Just tell Hal that I -- I'll tell him. Never mind. Just -- I'm sorry I disturbed you.

Emily: Okay, yeah, sure, no problem. Molly? Come back. I'm sorry. This thing you want to talk to Hal about -- is it urgent? It sounds urgent.

Molly: Yeah. Yeah, it is. I'm losing my daughter to this guy that tried to ruin my life. And this nasty piece of work's name is Nick Scudder, and I thought that Hal could help us.

Emily: Okay. Well, come on in. Don't stand out in the cold. Come on in. Sit here and wait for him here.

Molly: Are you sure?

Emily: Yeah. Sure.

Molly: Because I can see you're up to your eyebrows here.

Emily: Yeah, I am. But you know what? Sit down, take off your coat. Let me grab you some juice. We'll have a little chat.

Molly: Thanks. Is this a sudden attack of kindness, or do you think you're gonna get a juicy story?

Emily: Why not a little of both?

Adam: Billy, you called. What's up, man?

Billy: I'm checking out films that are playing down at the college this weekend.

Adam: That's great. So why are we standing out here in the cold?

Billy: Brandy.

Adam: Where? Where?

Billy: It looks like your one-night stand from hell has a thing for cappuccino. Look, come here. Stand over here so she can't see you. Just stay right there.

Adam: What? Why? If I catch her by surprise, she might spill everything.

Billy: Adam, leave Brandy to me, okay?

Adam: How are you gonna prove that she and Nick set me up?

Billy: Just trust me. I'm gonna take care of this here. Just stay out here. I'll be right back, all right?

Adam: Okay.

Billy: Excuse me -- is this seat taken?

Brandy: It is now.

Billy: Well, must be my lucky day.

Carly: And so every day, you open a different door, a different window this on advent calendar, and you get a different surprise.

Hal: Neat.

Carly: Want to open this one? This is today.

Hal: Ooh.

Carly: It's mouse.

Hal: A mouse with a candle.

Carly: And then tomorrow, daddy will open one with you. Okay? And then when you get to the 24, well -- it's Christmas!

Hal: It's a big one.

Carly: And you know what the next holiday is after Christmas.

Parker: My birthday!

Carly: It's your birthday!

Hal: Yes, your birthday!

Carly: And you know what? When you open that door on new year's eve, I'm gonna be standing there ready to celebrate with you. Now, are you gonna be a good boy for daddy?

Hal: We will be on our best behavior, won't we?

Carly: You promise me? Okay. You know, one of the reasons I'm taking this trip is because of a promise I made to you. Do you remember when I told you that I was gonna get a really great job and we wouldn't have to worry about anything ever again? Well, this could be that chance. Keep your fingers crossed. Cross them. Good job.

Hal: Good job.

Carly: Now give me the world's biggest hug. Mmm. Oh, I'm gonna miss you so much, honey. And Hal, I don't know how to thank you.

Hal: Well, you can walk through that door on New Year's eve. That would help.

Carly: That's a promise I intend to keep.

[Door bell chimes] that must be my taxi. Can you believe it? For the first time ever, I'm actually ready to go. Jack.

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Jack: Hi, Carly.

Carly: Hi. What are you doing here?

Jack: I wanted -- my chance to say good-bye.

Carly: You do?

Jack: We're friends, right? That's what friends do.

Carly: Yeah, we're friends.

Jack: Actually, I've had some things on my mind that I wanted to talk to you about. Can I come in?

Molly: You're at the bottom of the barrel when you hook up with a guy like Nick Scudder. Okay, he said all the right things. He was charming, he was funny, he was available. And then he robbed a convenience store and let me take the rap for it. And I was hoping I'd never have to see him again in my life.

Emily: So why do you think he came back to Oakdale?

Molly: He just showed up. And then he swore up and down that he was a changed man. And then, he became the most -- important person in Abigail's life and tried to convince her that he's in love with her.

Emily: And she believes him?

Molly: And I tried to keep it from snowballing. I got Jake to talk to him. I even got him fired from the station.

Emily: Whoa, wait a minute. He worked with you? And let me guess. This was all a big coincidence, right?

Molly: Oh, yeah. But even I believed he changed -- until I saw what he was doing to Abigail, and then I knew I had to do something. But nothing I'm doing is working. She refuses to see him for what he is, for the way I see him.

Emily: You know, this is probably none of my business, but as a former teenager who made acting out a real art form, I have one thing to say to you.

Molly: What's that?

Emily: In Abigail's mind, you've turned this guy into the hottest thing in pants.

[Brandy and Billy laughing]

Brandy: Oh, I cannot believe I wasted my money and two hours of my life going to see that movie.

Billy: That was the funniest movie I saw all month.

Brandy: It was a horror film!

Billy: Could've fooled me. You know, there's not even real comedies anymore.

Brandy : I know.

Billy: Now, give me anything on the Marx brothers --- they knew funny.

Brandy: "Duck soup"?

Billy: Classic.

Brandy: Guess what. Actually, the film society on campus is showing "Duck Soup" this Saturday night.

Billy: Are you kidding?

Brandy: Huh-uh.

Billy: That's, like, my all-time number one fave.

Brandy: Well, the guy's got taste.

Billy: Sweet. So what do I have to do to get a ticket? Be a student? Or --

Brandy: Or the guest of one -- if you spring for dinner, stranger.

Billy: Billy.

Brandy: Brandy.

Billy: So your nights aren't spoken for?

Brandy: Yeah, right. By whom?

Billy: That guy I saw you with at Java underground. Adam or something?

Brandy: Oh. Him.

Billy: It looked pretty intense.

Brandy: Intensely temporary.

Billy: What do you mean? Blind date?

Brandy: More like stupid favor. That's so over.

Billy: Oh, so you do this sort of thing often?

Brandy: What sort of thing?

Billy: You know, you find a kid, play with his mind, make a bet with friends on how long it takes him to fall for you?

Brandy: Oh, first, last and only time.

Billy: Hook him, reel him in.

Brandy: Catch and release program.

Billy: Why?

Brandy: Actually, it wasn't really a bet. This guy I know needed me to -- well -- divert Adam's attention while he got to know this girl, who happened to be Adam's girlfriend.

Billy: Oh, that was pretty rank.

Brandy: Yeah. Do I look proud? Please.

Billy: This friend that put you up to the favor --

Brandy: Oh, not a friend. A mistake.

Billy: What did you say his name was?

Craig: Simon, you've made a career out of marrying for money.

Simon: Oh, see? We have a lot in common, don't we? But you know, I owned up to what I did. Didn't I? So come on, tell me what's wrong with Carly this time? What's going on?

Craig: A minor obstacle.

Simon: Right. Oh, I know. And you need the right gimmick to pull her back in.

Craig: Actually, no.

Simon: And that's why you need the yellow pages. Good thinking, Craig. Always thinking. Up here in the middle. Use your fingers for the walking. Good luck, man.

[Door closes]

Katie: Simon?

Craig: It's all clear! He's gone.

Katie: Oh, good. 'Cause if he even gets one little peek at me -- going somewhere?

Craig: I've got an errand.

Katie: Oh, well, I hope it has something to do with a certain sister's wedding. 'Cause it's in only a couple of hours, and it is gonna mean the world to me to have my big brother there to give me away.

Craig: Katie, I've got to run.

Katie: Oh. But you're gonna be there -- Craig, you can't.

Craig: You're beautiful.

Katie: But you're gonna be there, right? I mean, you're gonna be there, at least. Okay.

[Katie humming "Here comes the bride"]

Carly: I am gonna miss you. You remember to be a good boy, okay? And I'll see you New Year's eve. All right?

Hal: Come on. Say bye.

Parker: Bye.

Hal: See you, Jack.

Carly: Bye.

Hal: Bye, come on.

Carly: Bye, thank you.

Jack: So are you okay? You need me to do anything for you? What can I say? I got precision timing, huh? I wanted to see you, because I was thinking about the last time you told me you were going to Paris to become a designer.

Carly: Right. And I was being kidnapped to Hong Kong. Missed the wedding of a lifetime. But it's nothing like that this go around.

Jack: That's good. Then I wish you all the best. Everything you want -- I hope it happens for you, Carly.

Carly: Thank you. And you know that I wish the same for you. I think we both should get exactly what we want.

Jack: I think I'd have a luckier time winning the lottery, to tell you the truth.

Carly: What does that mean?

Jack: Because the minute you walk out that door, everything I want goes with you.

Carly: You! You lousy, insensitive creep!

Brandy: Check the phrase "total loser reject" in the personality dictionary. There's a full-page diagram of him.

Billy: Now, who did you say this guy was?

Brandy: The guy who wanted the favor? Just some older dude who wanted to hook up with a teeny-bopper.

Billy: "Older dude"?

Brandy: Yeah, you know. He smiles, he charms, but he has definite shadows hanging over him, if you know what I mean.

Billy: Hmm, sounds twisted.

Brandy: Do I regret what I did? 100%. Now, do I allow regret to rule my life? I try to keep it low.

Billy: Yeah, we all make mistakes. Right?

Brandy: Sometimes the only thing you can do is brush yourself off and move on.

Billy: Yeah, speaking of moving on, you know, I got to jet. My boss is a real pain about being on time. I'm self-employed.

Brandy: What do you do?

Billy: Renaissance man.

Brandy: Well, Mr. Do-it-all. Here's my number. "Duck Soup," Saturday night. Don't forget.

Billy: How could I forget a beauty like you?

Waitress: Hi.

Abigail: Hi.

Waitress: Do you know what you're having this morning?

Abigail: Can I hold off for a minute? I'm waiting for a friend.

Billy: Did Abigail see you?

Adam: No, no chance.

Billy: What the heck is she doing here?

Adam: I don't know. Probably looking for Scudder. I mean, that's all she thinks about nowadays anyway, you know.

Billy: Well, not much any longer. I think we got it.

Adam: Really?

Billy: Yes.

Adam: All right.

Billy: Come on, let's go.

Simon: Excuse me there, bag lady, you wouldn't have happened to have seen my wife, would you?

Katie: Psst, it's me.

Simon: Oh.

Katie: But no staring, only a glance. I'm pushing this superstition to the breaking point as it is.

Simon: Okay, I will do my best not to stare. Any other rules that I should be aware of?

Katie: Let's see -- no staring, no touching, no kissing, no nothing, until we say "I do" for real.

Simon: As you wish. Getting nervous?

Katie: Ah, ah, ah, no. I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. Have you ever wished so hard for something to happen that you were sure that it never would?

Simon: Yeah, I guess. What were you wishing for?

Katie: Nothing now. I have everything that I've ever wanted. But when I was a little girl, touring around with my mom, I did a lot of wishing. I used to create these elaborate weddings with all my dolls and my animals there.

Simon: You took animals with you on the road?

Katie: Ah, ah, hey, hey.

Simon: Sorry. Sorry.

Katie: No, they were stuffed. But they were real to me. My animals were the ones that I could tell my dreams to.

Simon: What? Like teddy bears? Things like that?

Katie: No, actually. Pretty much everything but bears. I had two little lambs and little kittens and piggy. And I used to pretend that right before the ceremony was about to begin, they would all become real, because I loved them so much. It was like my own personal miracle from God. All my friends were there, my family, my little lambs and piggy -- they were filling the seats of the most beautiful church, all there to watch me marry the love of my life. Second thoughts yet?

Simon: Not a chance. It's incredibly sweet.

Katie: Oh, there's one more miracle, actually. After the vows -- snow.

Simon: Snow?

Katie: Mm-hmm. I know, it sounds kind of crazy. All in the church, like magic.

Simon: Look, Katie, I don't know how many of these miracles I'm gonna be able to provide, but you know, today's a miracle in itself, right? No matter what the weather, no matter who shows up, underneath here, you probably got the most amazing gown that Carly made --

Katie: Why do I have a feeling that you're not telling me something?

Simon: Okay, I'm not telling you something. The most important thing of all -- I am gonna spend the rest of my life making every single one of your dreams come true.

Jack: Oh, I'm a creep now because I told you what's on my mind?

Carly: Yes, you are a big, fat creep. You -- you make me so mad, I don't know whether to cry or smack you!

Jack: What did I do?!

Carly: Nothing! You did nothing! That's the point! Don't you understand? I gave you every opportunity to tell me to stay in Oakdale, to take the job with B.R.O., to live happily ever after. All you had to do was give me some kind of sign, Jack! Raise an eyebrow, wink an eye or scratch your ear. Something, anything to let me know that you wanted me to stay, and that suitcase would be empty right now and under my bed. But instead, what did you do?! You said, "oh, Paris, Carly. Well, that's an opportunity of a lifetime."

Jack: And I meant every word of it!

Carly: And now that I'm packed, I'm ready to go, and I'm committed, you finally come to my doorstep and tell me these things that I wanted to hear?! Well, forget it. It stinks, and I don't have to listen to it.

Jack: Oh, okay, okay. So you're running out of the country now, taking my heart with you, and I don't even have a chance to tell --

Carly: Don't you talk to me like that!

Jack: Why, I'm batting 1.000 with my last-minute declarations here. Aren't I? If you had asked my advice six months ago, I would've begged you to stay. No, no, I take that back. I wouldn't have begged you. I'd have told you to do whatever you thought was right. And then at the same time, I would've made it clear, without saying as much, that I -- that I didn't want you to go.

Carly: Well, if you wanted to be part of my life, you did a heck of a job fooling me.

Jack: I wanted to keep my distance so I wouldn't stand in the way of your dreams. Okay. I step aside, and look what happens -- world-famous designer. Come on.

Carly: I just got lucky.

Jack: I got out of your way. I couldn't let you go without telling you to knock that Paris fashion world on its derriere.

Carly: Merci.

Jack: You promised Parker something about his birthday.

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, when he opens this door, I'm going to be here.

Jack: Well, when that happens, you think you'll find some time to sit down and have a piece of birthday cake with an old friend? Maybe some talk about the future.

Jack: Can you shut the door and say something before we both die of old age and pneumonia, please?

Carly: Say something? You want me to say something after you just drop a word like "future" into this conversation like a ton of bricks?

Jack: Can we shut the door at least?

Carly: No. I need this cool, fresh air, or I think I'm gonna pass out.

Jack: Well, that's -- that's okay, too. I know CPR.

Carly: Well, that would just give us a whole other set of problems, wouldn't it?

Jack: I know it's a lot to lay on you like this, but today you're -- you're a couple blocks away, and tomorrow you'll be a couple thousand miles away. And I just had to let you know. I still feel the same way that I always have, Carly. Nothing's changed. Can we just shut the door partially, please?

I wanted a chance to tell you everything that I've been thinking about, stuff that's been on my mind.

Carly: Well, you've told me a lot, right?

Jack: If you've got room left in your heart for me -- I want to be a part of your life again, Carly. Wherever you go, whatever you are, I want to be there.

Carly: I don't believe this is happening.

Jack: Not exactly the response I was looking for. But maybe our time's run out.

Carly: This is just like you, Jack! You know that? Why couldn't you have said this before?

Jack: Before what?

Carly: Before I got involved with Craig.

Molly: So I was thinking that Hal could have a little chat with Nick's parole officer and say what he's been doing in his free time.

Emily: Sure. And then Abigail blames you, accuses you of harassing Nick. It won't work.

Molly: There's got to be something I can do.

Emily: Ah, here it is.

Hal: Molly!

Molly: Hey, surprise --

Hal: Hi.

Emily: How are you, sweetheart? What happened? Did you get caught up with Parker at preschool?

Billy: Lieutenant Munson, Adam and I have to say --

Hal: Carly's taking off today so it took a while to say good-bye.

Molly: What? Oh, my God, Carly! I totally forgot! I --

Hal: Well, she's got company right now.

Emily: "Company," like Craig company?

Hal: No, not Craig. Definitely not Craig. I'm sorry. You guys were saying?

Billy: Adam and I have some information. We did --

Adam: Billy and I have totally --

[both speaking at once]

Hal: Hold it! Hold it! Wait one second. What is everybody doing here anyway?

Billy: Me and Adam have been doing some investigation, and we need to tell you guys something.

Molly: I'm here to talk to you about Abigail.

Emily: She's having trouble with an ex-con. I told her you'd solve all of her problems.

Hal: You did?

Adam: I think I have some pretty important news here about what's going on.

Molly: Thanks anyway, boys. I'm sure --

Adam: No. We have proof that Nick wanted me and Abigail to break up and that he did everything he could to make it happen!

Simon: Just a few more steps, okay. All right. Stop. Are you ready?

Katie: Ready.

Simon: So what do you think?

Katie: It's absolutely beautiful. You did all this for me?

Simon: No. I did all this for my gorgeous wife.

Katie: This is so unbelievable, isn't it? We've been together this whole year, but today, we stand in front of this altar, we get married all over again.

Simon: For real.

Reverend: Mr. And Mrs.. Frasier?

Simon: Hey.

Reverend: Good to see you.

Simon: You, too.

Katie: It's so exciting to be here.

Reverend: Yes. Well, are you all ready to renew your vows?

Katie: Are you kidding? Does a bear --

Simon: Shh. Yeah. Yeah, we're ready.

Katie: Just as soon as the guests arrive, we'll be all ready.

Reverend: That's wonderful. Now, just out these stairs, down to the dressing rooms, and you can change. I'll be back in time for the ceremony.

Simon: Fantastic.

Katie: Call me crazy. Maybe this is just last-minute jitters or something, but there will be guests here. Won't there?

Simon: Yeah. People are gonna show up. Look, your sister's handling all that end of things. All right? Your job, Mrs.. Frasier, is to be happy and to look beautiful. Because today in this church, this whole place is gonna be full of love. Full of love, I promise.

Katie: Oh, this is gonna be the most beautiful day of my entire life!

Simon: Okay, please -- do not let her be alone. Please? Not today.

Jack: If this isn't gonna go my way, if you realize that you're in love with Montgomery, then I'm just gonna have to find a way to deal with that.

Carly: No, Jack --

Jack: I have been waiting for months to say this, and I'm not gonna let you leave the country until I tell you. No matter who you love and no matter where you go in the world, no man will ever love you as much as I do. Ever.

Carly: Jack -- you have no idea how long I have waited to hear you say those words.

Jack: Oh. What are you gonna do about Montgomery?

Carly: That's done. It's already done. I told him. We've already said our good-byes. I told him it's over.

[Car horn blares] but you know Craig.

Jack: Yeah. Which means, we haven't seen the last of him.

Carly: You know, I never would've given him a second look -- I wouldn't have looked twice at that man if I'd known that you hadn't given up on us, Jack.

Jack: Shh, shh. We've got a lot to talk about. What do you say to that birthday cake when you get back?

[Car horn blares repeatedly]

Carly: Hey! Would you shut up down there?! There are people up here trying to have a life-changing conversation! Jack, this is my return information. Would you -- maybe you would pick me up at the airport?

Jack: I'll be there with bells on.

Carly: Well, you ought to know by now. I don't need bells or whistles. Just you. Just be there.

Jack: No matter what.

Billy: So Brandy told me that some "older dude" was trying' to hook up with Adam's girlfriend. And he was the one that put her up to all this.

Molly: She admitted this?

Billy: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah.

Molly: This is fantastic. Wait till Abigail finds out about this.

Hal: Did Brandy happen to mention the name of this "older dude"?

Billy: No, but --

Molly: But, Hal, this is not a court of law. All we have to do is tell Abigail what Billy found out. Right?

Emily: Everything you do to make Nick look bad is gonna make matters worse, Molly.

Billy: Well, I could've got more information out of Brandy, but then Abigail walked in in the middle of it, so --

Molly: Abigail was at Al's? She promised me she was going to class this morning.

Hal: What was she doing?

Billy: Well, she told the waitress that she was waiting on somebody.

Molly: That would be Nick. No matter what I do, she keeps going back to this guy!

Hal: I need you to do something for me.

Billy: Anything.

Hal: Go back to Al's, see if Abigail's there, who she's with, and then get back to me as soon as you can.

Billy: Okay, I'm on it.

Hal: Can I have a minute alone with Molly?

Emily: Anything you want. And I won't even mention the fact that I have a paper to get out and a major crime investigation has just broken in the middle of our kitchen. All right, you. Come on. Teach me how to beat Will at that video game. Will you?

Adam: You're on.

Molly: All righty. So what's the game plan?

Abigail: Hey. I was beginning to wonder if you were gonna show.

Nick: Yeah, I'm sorry. I got held up at a job interview.

Abigail: Oh, really? Well, how'd it go?

Nick: Not too good. I don't know how I'm gonna get another job with zero recommendations. And I need one immediately, otherwise I'm violating my parole.

Abigail: I'm really sorry.

Nick: Sorry for what?

Abigail: You've worked so hard to change your life, and now you're in all this trouble because of me.

Nick: Well, trouble doesn't scare me anymore. What does is, when someone who knows me better than anybody in the world, somebody who I care more about than I ever thought I could doesn't trust me anymore.

Abigail: I do trust you.

Nick: No, look, it's okay. I understand. I --

Abigail: No, it's not okay, and you don't understand! Nick, I asked you here so I could apologize for asking those questions about Brandy. It was stupid of me to ask, and after the words left my mouth, it was just too late.

Nick: You've known Adam a lot longer than you've known me. I can understand why you would take his side over mine.

Abigail: I'm not taking any sides!

Nick: Okay, all right. But whatever it is -- I just have to get it through my head that no matter what happens, Adam is going to win.

Abigail: It's not a competition.

Nick: Well, you know what? It feels like it.

Abigail: Then you've won. 'Cause when you got kicked out of Java, who went with you?

Nick: Yeah, but Adam said all those things about --

Abigail: Adam was trying to make you look bad, and it did not work.

Nick: You're the only person that knows me. If you don't believe in me, then I don't --

Abigail: Nick, I do. I do believe you. You're the only person I trust. You're the only person that I want to be with. Please, forgive me.

Katie: Simon?

Simon: Wow. You look incredible.

Katie: Really?

Simon: Yes. Beyond stunning. I see you found the bouquet.

Katie: You got this for me?

Simon: Yes. Every bride needs a bouquet, right?

Katie: The perfect groom will do.

Reverend: Mr. and Mrs.. Frasier, I hope there hasn't been any confusion among your guests about the time of this wedding.

Simon: No. No, not at all. We're expecting them any minute, actually.

Reverend: You do have witnesses, yes?

Simon: Witnesses?

Katie: You know, most people bring a maid of honor and a best man to sign all the papers and stuff.

Simon: Yeah.

Katie: But it's no big deal. Is it?

Simon: No, no. I mean, it's no big deal, 'cause they -- they are gonna be here any minute. Very soon. Any minute.

Katie: Any minute, Simon?

Simon: Yep.

Katie: I don't even have the right to expect any guests to show up. And a maid of honor for me? Please. I'm not exactly honorable, and I have, like, no friends.

Simon: What are you talking about? What about me?

Katie: I'm your wife, Simon. You have to tolerate me.

Simon: Do you have any idea how unbelievable you are? Katie, you turned my world around. You -- God, you perplex and amaze me. And I -- I love you for it so much.

Katie: Too bad you're the only one.

Simon: Look, I'm sorry.

Katie: No, no, no, don't, please. Don't you apologize about anything. This is all so beautiful, and it's all you. It's not your fault. It's mine.

Simon: Your fault? What are you talking about?

Katie: When I moved to this town, I was so dead-set on being somebody. Well, I became somebody -- somebody who would steal a job from Molly, who would pretend to be stalked, who would go after Holden, try to get him away from Lily, who would lie to her husband about one of the most precious things in the world -- a baby -- just so you wouldn't take off. I wouldn't blame anyone if they wanted to boycott the wedding of someone like that.

[Door opens]

Simon: Hey, hey, hey, listen. Do you hear that? Huh? The guests are arriving.

[Sheep baaing]

Katie: Simon? Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Simon: Yeah, they're sheep.

Katie: My little lambs. They did come to my wedding. I can't believe it. Lambkins and Larry, hi!

Reverend: Mr. Frasier, I'm afraid that we -- oh, no, how did they get in here? Come on now. Shoo, go back to where you belong.

Katie: No, no, no. Mr. Elkins, they're supposed to be here.

Reverend: No, they're not. They're supposed to be at the farm down the road. I mean, sometimes they wander into the garden, but this is their first time inside the chapel.

Katie: They're here for my wedding. I know it sounds crazy, but it's really simple. I've done a lot of -- awful things in my life. But I confessed and repented, and now all of my dreams are coming true.

Molly: So what do want me to do?

Hal: Go home.

Molly: That's it? "Go home"?

Hal: Yeah, go home. Just be there when Abigail arrives. Don't debate, don't engage her. Just listen. You let me handle Scudder.

Molly: What are you gonna do to him?

Hal: Well, with any luck, make him too afraid ever to see Abigail again.

Molly: I just hope we're not too late.

Hal: Just go home. I'll be in touch.

Molly: All right. Thank you.

Nick: You want me to forgive you, Abigail? Well, I can't do that.

Abigail: What?

Nick: Because there's nothing to forgive.

Abigail: You mean that?

Nick: Yeah, I do. Actually, I overreacted. When you get kicked around as much as I've been, especially lately, you can jump when you see a shadow. And I'm actually the one who should be sorry.

Abigail: Let's just call it even.

Nick: You know, you are such a gift. And speaking of presents, I have got something for you. Yeah, I didn't know if you wanted me to give it to you, so I don't have it with me.

Abigail: A Christmas gift?

Nick: In a way.

Abigail: Where is it?

Nick: It's back at my place.

Abigail: Oh, okay. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go.

Nick: Okay. I'm telling you -- you are gonna love it.

Abigail: I can hardly wait.

Katie: Aren't a bride's dreams supposed to come true on her wedding day?

Reverend: Mrs. Frasier, I am most happy to try to fulfill your wishes up to a point. But I have to draw the line at farm animals in the sanctuary. The lambs will have to go, immediately. And if your guests aren't here in the next five minutes, we'll have to postpone the ceremony. My Bible study class is due to arrive in the next half hour.

Simon: Okay. That's fine. Thank you.

Katie: It's not gonna happen, isn't it? We don't get to remarry on our wedding day. No witnesses but lambs. Who doesn't love a lamb?

Simon: I am so sorry. You know, I tried to --

Katie: No, no.

Simon: -- Make today so -- no, please.

Katie: No, don't. No, don't, please, Simon. I guess my dreams are just silly. You know -- Simon?

Simon: What the --

Katie: It's snowing! I can't believe it! Simon, my miracle! It's all coming true.

[Car horn blaring]

Carly: I should go.

Jack: Yeah, you'd better. Those airport security checks could take a while.

Carly: If I didn't know better, I would think you were trying to get rid of me.

Jack: Well, it's good thing you know me better. The sooner you go, the sooner you'll be back.

Carly: And I have a lot to come back to.

Jack: Hmm. Ready to go?

Carly: Ready for anything.

Craig: That's why we could never talk about love. It was always Jack.

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