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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 12/10/01

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Barbara: Atlantic City. Something to do with Rose? Ah, Vincent O'Malley. Well, well, well -- James, you have been busy, haven't you?

Jack: Barbara? Jack Snyder again. I want to talk to you about James.

Rose: Tell me -- what is it about a new place that makes guys so hot?

Paul: I don't know. Some primal, territorial -- I don't know. What makes you think I'm so hot?

Rose: Because you tackled me the second we walked in the door.

Paul: I didn't tackle you -- hard.

Rose: So, tell me, come on -- what do you think of my new place?

Paul: It's, uh, it's different. What do you -- what do you call the decor here? "Lewis and Clark"?

Rose: Yeah. It's a bit masculine, I know, but --

Paul: You could warm things up with some of your stuff.

Rose: Oh. Oh, we can do that. Maybe we can warm it up together.

Paul: Okay.

Rose: You know -- you know when you're a kid, and you play tag, you know, and you have this safe place that you can go to where nobody can touch you? I want this to be our safe place. Right here, where no one can find us.

[Knock at door]

Rose: Oh.

Paul: So much for our safe spot --

Rose: Right. Yeah. Hold that thought. Oops. Hey! Hi.

Emma: Hello, hello, hello.

Rose: Come on in. Emma Snyder, you know Paul Ryan.

Emma: This is Paul Ryan?

Paul: Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

Emma: Can't be. Oh, my goodness. I haven't seen you in such a long time.

Paul: Emma -- Emma Snyder -- that's right. I just got back to Oakdale a few months ago. It's good to see you.

Emma: Well, yes, I heard. I heard. It's really lovely to see you. A big man now, my goodness. You'll have to come out to the farm some time and come for dinner.

Paul: Sure.

Emma: And be sure to bring a pretty, pretty guest, if you'd like to.

Paul: Oh. Oh, yeah. Oh, of course, we'll be there.

Emma: Okay, I didn't mean to intrude, but this letter came for you.

Rose: Oh.

Emma: And I thought maybe it was from Joe. I thought I'd bring it by.

Rose: Oh, doesn't look like pop's handwriting. But thanks.

Emma: Oh, by the way, they're getting calls from the neighbors, the welcome wagon wants to come by and see you. Would this weekend be a good time?

Rose: Yeah, yeah, but not too early, okay?

Emma: I'll call before I come.

Rose: Okay.

Emma: Okay. Well, I'll see you soon.

Rose: Okay.

Emma: Bye-bye.

Rose: Thank you.

Paul: It was nice to see you.

Emma: Bye-bye.

Rose: Bye-bye.

Paul: Oh, she's a nice lady.

Rose: She's the best. Um -- yeah. I got mail! My first letter at my new place. This is great. Maybe I won the lottery. Maybe I'm gonna get some special gifts in the mail from -- oh.

Paul: What? What's the matter?

Rose: It's from Vince.

Emily: So, what do you think, huh? You like it?

Hal: Hey, it's great. As long as it doesn't have one of those loud, annoying horn sounds.


Emily: Oh, you mean like that?

Hal: That's the one.

Emily: Oh, I bet you that's them.

Tom: Here is the man.

Emily: Hey, hey, here you are.

Tom: Hey, Hal, how ya doing?

Emily: Oh, I missed you.

Hal: Not so bad. How about yourself?

Tom: I'm fine, thanks. So, you all moved in?

Emily: Yeah, just about. Come on, I want to hear all about your day.

Tom: Look, I don't want to start a war about this, but would you like to know why we're 30 minutes late?

Emily: Sure, if you want to tell me.

Tom: Well, I took Daniel over to the preschool in person, hoping that they would accept him.

Emily: Yeah, well, what happened?

Tom: Well, they wouldn't budge. Since they didn't get our application, they gave the spot to another child. You know, they received nearly a hundred applications, Emily. And ours was the only one they didn't get.

Emily: Wow. It must have gotten lost in the mail.

Tom: Well, so you said.

Emily: Well, if you have another explanation, I'm open to hearing all about it.

Tom: Well, I just don't think you realize the problems this is going to cause. For the next two weeks I'm gonna have to hustle overtime to make sure that Daniel gets into another preschool.

Emily: Well, I'd be happy to help you.

Tom: I don't think that's a solution.

Emily: Well, then, what is? Attacking me because some preschool administrator refused your demands?

Tom: No, but I'd like to see some changes -- I mean, some real changes, starting now.

Craig: You know, if I weren't so crazy about you, I'd be highly insulted.

Carly: Why? Because I'm asking you for the truth?

Craig: No, because you're assuming I didn't tell it.

Carly: I spoke to Barbara. She said it herself.

Craig: Carly, Barbara is wandering around aimlessly in black chiffon. She is deranged, okay? You think I would stand around in your New York showroom the night of your big show and have to urge her to destroy your dresses, huh? If you don't believe me, why don't you ask Mr. Truth there?

Carly: Who's that?

Craig: It was Jack, right?

Carly: Oh, so that would be okay with you, if I spoke with Jack?

Craig: I would drive you to Milltown.

Carly: Craig, when Barbara showed up at your suite, why did you tell her that I'd been working for B.R.O.?

Craig: I already explained that.

Carly: Explain it again.

Craig: She knows. She already knew. And somehow, she felt compelled to come and press me on the issue. I thought if I confirmed it, she would slink on back to Fairwinds.

Carly: So, you're telling me that the possibility never occurred to you that she would go to New York and try to destroy the show?

Craig: Well, yes, that occurred to me. And of course I considered it. That's why I told Katie to tell Jack. What?

Carly: Craig, I'll give you this -- you are slick.

Craig: Well, what did I do now?

Carly: You could have wanted Jack informed, because you anticipated the conversation we're having right now. You needed to cover yourself and that was the best way to do it.

Craig: I think you're giving me too much credit here, Carly.

Carly: Yes, I am, for the wrong things.

Craig: Carly, watching you on that stage that night, getting all that applause that you deserve, was so beautiful for me. I ached for your success, I did everything in my power to help you. So, how could I do that and sabotage you at the same time?

Carly: Because of Barbara. Because you hate her that much.

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[Knock at door]

Katie: Who is it?

Bonnie: It's Bonnie.

Katie: Oh, good. I know this is weird. Thank you so much for coming.

Bonnie: No problem. I came as soon as my shift ended. This isn't about a wardrobe rehab, is it?

Katie: No, Simon and I are getting married again tomorrow. And I need a wedding dress, and I don't have anything.

Bonnie: Have you ever heard of a dress shop?

Katie: I couldn't.

Bonnie: Why not?

Katie: Because Simon and I haven't done anything conventional up to this point, and if I start now, it's gonna throw everything out of whack.

Bonnie: Okay -- I can see your point. Almost. Well? It's white.

Katie: It's a tennis skirt. "Malibu Katie" -- no.

Bonnie: Well, there has to be something here. What in the world --

Katie: Don't ask.

Bonnie: Okay, look, it doesn't really matter, Katie. All that matters is how the bride and groom really feel about each other. The fact that you're gonna stand up in front of family and friends and devote your lives to one another. The dress isn't really that important. It's simply a means to an end.

Katie: I really hate it when people talk to me like that.

Bonnie: Like what?

Katie: Like I -- like I'm a complete idiot.

Bonnie: Is that what I was doing?

Katie: Let me put it this way -- if it was you getting married tomorrow, would the dress be important or would the ceremony be enough?

Bonnie: Without the right dress, there would be no ceremony.

Katie: Exactly my point.

Bonnie: Okay, so what do you want me to do?

Katie: You have to help me find a wedding dress by tomorrow -- even if we have to steal one.

Paul: Vince from New Jersey again? The same guy who sent you those flowers?

Rose: Yeah. Do we have any firewood out there? Let's make a nice fire, big blaze. Throw this right in there.

Paul: What did he say in the letter, Rose?

Rose: Nothing. Which is exactly what he means to me -- nothing.

Paul: Well, obviously, you still mean something to him. So come on. Come on, I have a right to know what my competition is doing.

Rose: All right. Knock yourself out.

Paul: "Dear Rosie, congratulations on your new job. Always knew you had it in you. Will be coming to Oakdale soon. Can't wait to get together again. Love, hugs and kisses, Vince." Well, it seems like this guy thinks you guys are still an item.

Rose: Thinks? Oh no. Vinny doesn't do much in the thinking department.

Paul: Okay. Well, I have a question and all I want is -- is an honest answer.

Rose: That's all I have.

Paul: This O'Malley guy, is he the reason why you didn't want to move in with me?

Emily: Changes? Tom, what makes you think you can dictate my behavior?

Tom: You know, Margo and I were talking --

Emily: Oh, Margo? I rather you consulted a voodoo priestess.

Tom: Emily, could we please avoid the personal insults?

Emily: You know what? I can already see where this is going, so let me just stop you right there. All right? I filled out that preschool application. It was picked up from my desk and taken out with the rest of my mail. It is not my fault it didn't get there, so stop implying that it is.

Tom: So, why didn't you follow up? Just make a phone call, see if they got it.

Emily: Do you do that, Tom? Do you follow up on every letter that you send out?

Tom: Yeah, that's what I do. When it's important --

Hal: Wait a second --

Emily: Because you're perfect, I keep forgetting that.

Hal: Anybody for me taking Daniel upstairs?

Tom: That's a good idea. Hey, I'll be here tomorrow. I love you. You be a good boy, okay? He's pretty exhausted.

Hal: We'll do something quiet.

Tom: Thanks.

Emily: Okay, buddy, go upstairs and play with Hal. Okay?

Hal: Come on, Danny.

Tom: Can we please take this down a notch? I'd like to discuss this calmly.

Emily: "Calmly," could have fooled me.

Tom: All I'm asking, Emily, is that you just be a little more considerate of Margo and me.

Emily: Okay, you know, how's this for a deal? I'll be considerate of you and Margo, when you're considerate of me.

Tom: It's not a competition. I don't desire to fight with you, but I'm not gonna let my life fall victim to your carelessness.

Emily: And I have refused to live by standards you and your little wife decide to impose. So, now that we have all that out of the way, why don't you just back off and get the hell out of my house?

Craig: Listen, believe me, I enjoyed revealing the truth to Barbara. Kind of shocks her all twitchy. But does that mean that I was trying to hurt you?

Carly: If you told Barbara about Paul and me and the B.R.O. show, then you couldn't help but hurt me. And you knew that, Craig. You just didn't care.

[Phone rings] hello?

Katie: Carly? Hi, it's Katie. Um, I was wondering if you could do me a really big, really important favor?

Carly: Well, that depends. What is it?

Katie: Remember that wedding dress you designed for the B.R.O. Fashion show in New York?

Carly: Yes, the one you showed up in at the Lakeview?

Katie: Yeah, that one. Um, I was wondering if I could borrow it again because Simon and I are really actually finally getting married again tomorrow, and I don't have anything to wear. I promise I will be extra careful with it.

Carly: I'm sorry, I can't lend you that dress. It belongs to B.R.O. and besides which, it doesn't even fit you.

Katie: Yeah, I know, but I thought, you know, a couple pins here and there -- I won't tell if you won't.

Carly: Okay, I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that, okay? But like I said, I can't lend you the dress. I'm busy. I have to go. I hope everything works out okay for you. Good-bye.

Craig: Phone calls from my sister can be challenging.

Carly: She wanted to borrow the dress -- the wedding dress I designed for B.R.O.

Craig: And you refused? Why?

Carly: Well, that wouldn't be fair to Barbara and Paul, would it?

Craig: Are you serious? Why would you remain loyal to those two shellfish? It's a total waste of time.

Carly: I'm trying to find a way to relate to them. That's all.

Craig: Why, why, why? Why? You know how cruel that woman can be, don't you? Well, you will. The night Bryant died, she comes to me in the hospital -- Barbara comes to me. He's lying there, I'm crumbled, and she comes up and she says, "I hope you feel like that for the rest of your life."

Carly: That's terrible. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Craig: Listen, listen, Barbara's an idiot. She's a self-obsessed idiot, and she lied. You know, she swore she saw me blow her up in the boathouse, too. She lied. She lied then, she's lied now.

Carly: I told you, I can check this out. You know that.

Craig: Because of Barbara you're going to check to try and catch me in a lie?

Carly: I want the truth, Craig. And I'm not so sure I've been getting it.

Craig: That's what I've been telling you. I don't know how to do this any better.

Carly: Right. How many times have I heard those words out of your mouth? And then, after I begged and pleaded and threatened -- you finally admit that you've been lying. I'm not gonna do that anymore. I need to find a new way.

Craig: All right, I need for you to accept every word I have said without hesitation.

Carly: I can't do that.

Craig: Well, you better try. You better try, because otherwise all this time that we have spent together will have been meaningless.

Tom: Well, I was hoping we could discuss this like adults.

Emily: No, you weren't. You were hoping you could push me around. You and Margo. Let me remind you of something. Margo is not Daniel's mother. I am!

Tom: That is true. But she is one of his principal care-givers, and that does give her some rights.

Emily: What, to snipe at me from behind my back? I don't think so.

Tom: Look, Emily, Margo and I do most of the legwork as far as Daniel's care is concerned -- shopping for school clothes, doctor's appointments, yes, even finding him another preschool. In fact, we're responsible and consistently on time while you are consistently not on time and late.

Emily: I run a newspaper. My schedule seems to change every once in a while, okay?

Tom: You know, we both have careers. We seem to manage.

Emily: This is incredible. This is a joke. I feel like I'm being lectured by my homeroom teacher.

Tom: Being on time is only part of it. I mean, every time Daniel comes to me after from being with you, all his things are a mess.

Emily: He's a little boy, Tom. They get dirty. So what?

Tom: You know, you can make any excuses you want. But can we just stick to some kind of schedule that we set? From now on, when you bring him to my house just make sure his clothes are clean, his toys and his books are all in one piece. This is for Daniel's benefit, not just ours, and I'm not gonna tolerate it any longer from you.

Emily: Are you finished? Is this lecture done? I'm getting really bored. Does it come with a slide show or something?

Tom: No, I said what I came here to say.

Emily: You know what your problem is? You are a know-it-all. You think your way is the only way of doing things. Your opinion's the only one that matters. You know, God forbid you come across somebody who has a little style, a little different rhythm than yours, and all you want to do is prove them wrong.

Tom: I am trying in the nicest way I can to set some rules about our child that we can live. Now if that offends you so much, we can go another way.

Emily: Like what, Tom?

Tom: Well, we've been to family court once. I guess we could give that another go.

Jack: I know it's late. I wanted to make sure you were okay.

Barbara: And why shouldn't I be?

Jack: I've been tracking Steinbeck's movements ever since he left the U.S. My contacts lost him once he got to Montréal.

Barbara: And you think that he'd be back here already?

Jack: With him, anything's possible.

Barbara: For what reason, Jack?

Jack: Unfinished business. You mind if I have a look around? Maybe check out the grounds?

Barbara: No, no, I don't mind at all. The more safe I feel, the better off I'll be. But I promise you, you won't find anything here. No evidence.

Jack: Why is that?

Barbara: Oh, Jack, don't forget -- I was married to the man long ago. And even though it was a rather sick relationship, I understand him. When Paul and I threw him out of here earlier today, perhaps for the first time in his life he doubted himself. I don't think he'd come back here and risk rejection again.

Jack: Interesting theory. I hope you're right.

Barbara: I'll promise you, if I smell one whiff of cigar smoke, I'll call you immediately.

Jack: You'd better, Barbara. I'd hate for anything to happen to you.

Barbara: Nothing will, as long as you're by my side.

Jack: I'll call you tomorrow. Make sure all the doors and windows stay locked.

Barbara: They always do. Good night, Jack.

Jack: Night, Barbara.

James: Nicely done. Nicely done. That business about my self-doubting was a bit thick.

Barbara: It got rid of him, didn't it? That's all that matters.

James: You know, he cuts such a sorry figure, scurrying about trying to track me down. He doesn't have a clue what's going on.

Barbara: He's not the only one. I have no idea.

James: I'm about to rid your life of Rose, Carly and Emily. As I recall, you said the particulars weren't that important.

Barbara: I've changed my mind. It's practically all I can think about.

James: That's not very healthy, Barbara.

Barbara: Can you blame me? I wake up in the morning, and I wonder what -- if anything -- is going to happen to those three today. I want to enjoy this with you when it happens, not later when it's all over. So tell me, this page from the Atlantic City telephone book -- what does this mean? Oh, come on, James, you can't blame me. Everyone's fascinated with how your mind works.

James: It means Rose has an admirer from the past. It means there'll be confusion. It means we're on our way.

Paul: Rose, you and I were headed toward a commitment. You know, we talked about moving in together. And, you know, we were right on track. And then all of a sudden, you changed your mind. Which -- I mean, which was fine. You know, your reason made total sense. But now, with this letter, I can't help but think maybe this Vince O'Malley guy has something to do with it.

Rose: It doesn't.

Paul: Well then, you know, you said you never officially broke up with him. And so maybe you're having trouble moving on and committing to someone because of that.

Rose: Did you ever think of being a shrink?

Paul: No.

Rose: Then don't.

Paul: Well, I want a reason.

Rose: I already gave you a reason.

Paul: Yeah, let's not leap head first into domesticity when we can savor romance.

Rose: Yes! Romance, yes! That's what I want! I want you to see the best in me. You know, no pillow hairs and morning breath and flannel pajamas without elastic in them. And -- yes, I want romance, a little bit of romance, maybe a little glamour before we take that next step. Vince O'Malley -- ugh, part of my past. I'm looking towards the future -- future with you. I may not be moving as fast as you like, but I'll get there. I promise. I promise.

Paul: I'm sorry I doubted you.

Rose: Forget it.

Paul: That still doesn't resolve the bigger problem.

Rose: Ah, what, the on-again, off-again heat in this place? We'll just stay under the covers.

Paul: No, this Vince guy said he was on his way to Oakdale. What happens when he gets here?

Carly: Without honesty, we have nothing. So why don't you tell me the truth?

Craig: I have done that, over and over. What do you want me to do? You want me to confess to something I didn't do?

Carly: We made a deal, remember? No more games, no more schemes. I'm surprised I have to remind you of that.

Craig: You don't! I kept my word! Don't you see what is going on here, huh? Barbara is using you to try to get at us.

Carly: If we were as strong as you say, then she wouldn't stand a chance.

Craig: We are strong, Carly. Huh? We are strong. We have built something good. We have built something --

Carly: We're not strong. This can't be strong. Because with you, even when it seems like you're doing something for me, it's really just all about you.

Craig: Well, I got you connected with Jean-Claude. What is in that for me?

Carly: I go to Paris, I'm unavailable to B.R.O., they have a bad season, they need some money, they sell you their Worldwide stock.

Craig: So I've got millions of dollars to spend on you, Carly. You're the motor that's driving me. Can't you accept that?

Carly: I can't -- I can't do this anymore. I have to move on with my life.

Craig: Well, I thought that's what we're doing.

Carly: No, no, no. Not our life -- mine.

Craig: Well, what does that mean?

Carly: It means, Craig, that you're not coming to Paris with me. Just wish me luck, get out of my way.

Craig: You're playing right into her hands, you know?

Carly: Come on! If it weren't Barbara, it would be someone else. It would be some other situation, and this doubt would start creeping into my head. I won't -- I can't live like this.

Craig: All right, well listen. Just ask Jack, will you? Just ask him what happened.

Carly: Why? Whatever Jack says, you'll have an answer for that, too.

Craig: Just ask Jack.

Carly: I'd like you to go.

Craig: You're throwing me out? We haven't resolved anything here.

Carly: No, we haven't, but I really don't think we will. Please would you go while I still have some decent feelings for you left?

Craig: All right, all right.

Carly: And I expect you to honor our agreement.

Craig: Which one?

Carly: Not to interfere with my opportunity with Rimbaud.

Craig: I wouldn't do that.

Carly: So you say.

Craig: Listen -- we have this other agreement. All right? And I know I'm not supposed to say this -- I know we're not supposed to say this -- but I love you, Carly, and I know you love me. And I am not gonna let anyone take that away from us. Jack, this is Craig Montgomery. Listen, if you're not in the station house, I'm on my way there. I will meet you there. I need to talk to you about Carly. It's important.

Bonnie: Huh-uh-uh. Katie, come on, get up. We are not ready to accept defeat.

Katie: I wasn't gonna hurt the dress. The least Carly could have done was just let me borrow it for a couple hours.

Bonnie: Carly shmarly. She's old business. We have to decide on what we're gonna do right now. First things first. We need to call Fashions and see if they'll sell you a dress on credit.

Katie: No.

Bonnie: Okay, well, I just thought maybe I could sneak it past you.

Katie: Yeah, nice try.

Bonnie: What about the Salvation Army? That's not too unconventional for you, is it?

Katie: Okay.

Bonnie: Good, then I'll call them, and every other thrift store in town.

Katie: And what if they don't have anything?

Bonnie: Then we'll just have to start calling family and friends and see if you can borrow a dress.

Katie: Margo already offered.

Bonnie: She did?

Katie: Yeah, but it has water damage from being in the attic.

Bonnie: How bad?

Katie: Let me put it this way -- I'm not gonna get married with a big green stain across my butt.

Bonnie: Okay, well then, we'll just have to figure out something.

Katie: No, we won't. I'm ruined. This wedding is gonna be a disaster, just like the one before. I got to call Simon.

Bonnie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Call Simon?

Katie: I have to postpone!

Bonnie: No, Katie. Don't do that. Postponing a wedding is serious business, even if you are already married.

Katie: I know that! Don't you think I know that? But what am I supposed to do? It's not like a wedding dress is just gonna drop out of the sky.

Carly: You're doing the right thing, Carly. Tomorrow you will land in Paris and start a wonderful new life. Hmm. I'll have somebody pick this up. Oh, Jack. I was supposed to marry you in this. Well, I think it's time to make new arrangements.

Emily: Don't -- don't you threaten me. You don't want to go to family court any more than I do.

Tom: That is true. I would like to settle this amicably. But I'm not gonna work harder just because your life is in constant turmoil.

Emily: My life has never been more settled.

Tom: You and Hal may be on course for the moment. But I don't foresee that lasting too long.

Emily: Boy, it's a good thing I don't need your blessing, Tom. Hal loves me. We're very committed to each other.

Tom: That's a discussion I'm not gonna have. I'll tell you what, let's put it this way. Have Daniel at my house at 10:00 am. tomorrow. Don't be late, no excuses. Is that understood? You're pushing it, Emily.

[Door closes]

Hal: I heard most of it. Are you okay?

Emily: Is Daniel asleep?

Hal: Yes.

Emily: I'm gonna go see him.

Hal: No one's taking your son away, Emily. Get that thought out of your head right now.

Emily: How do you know that?!

Hal: Because it's not a fight that Tom wants. Besides, he knows that Daniel should be with his mother.

Emily: Then why is he coming on so strong, huh?

Hal: To be honest, Emily, I don't think it's entirely his fault.

Emily: Then whose is it?

Hal: It's yours.

Emily: Please, don't do this. I mean, if you are not on my side, tell me right now, and I will be out of here by morning.

Hal: Of course I am on your side. And you're not going anywhere.

Emily: But you think Tom was totally justified in attacking me?

Hal: "Justified"? No, but I do understand it, Emily. Look, you and Tom and Margo had a system that was working -- not perfectly, but at least everybody kind of knew what to expect. Now you changed that.

Emily: Well, what was I supposed to do? Ask their permission? Ask them if it was okay with them if I move in with you?

Hal: No, of course not. But you did make them nervous, and you got to respect that.

Emily: Yeah, well, sorry. I don't.

Hal: Get off the high horse, Emily. You only have farther to fall.

Emily: You do not fully appreciate the situation here. I've been battling Tom ever since Daniel was born. I feel like if I start bending over backwards to see his side, he's gonna roll right over me.

Hal: Once Tom and Margo begin to accept that we are for real, they'll begin to calm down. We'll settle into a new routine, and all this is gonna go away.

Emily: You know, when you say it like that, I -- I almost believe it. I want to believe it, but I just -- how long is it gonna take? You know, how long is it gonna be like this? And then something's gonna happen, something that I have absolutely no control over. And I feel like there's no leeway. I'm five minutes late bringing my son to Tom, and he's gonna shove me in front of a judge! I can't live like that!

Hal: Emily, it's easy to think of all the things that could go wrong. We just have to make sure that things go right.

Emily: Well, it's easier said than done. A man broke into my house, right, and he tried to kill me. Remember? I mean, don't you think that's grounds to take my son away from me?

Hal: Listen, you are a wonderful mother. You do everything possible to give your son a safe and a happy life. No one is gonna take him away from you. Because I am not gonna let it happen.

Barbara: That's it? Rose D'Angelo must have had 100 former lovers. Why this one?

James: I researched him thoroughly. He met all my specifications.

Barbara: Your specifications? Which are?

James: Barbara, I don't discuss my methods. You know that.

Barbara: Let me ask you something. If you weren't here helping me, where would you be right now?

James: I don't know. It's kind of hard to say. Why?

Barbara: Because it's occurred to me that you have no master plan at all, that you're merely toying with me, amusing yourself at my expense.

James: Barbara, I care too much for you to do that.

Barbara: Save it for someone who will believe you, James.

James: You're putting me in a defensive position. It's not one I enjoy.

Barbara: Then tell me. Tell me what's going to happen.

James: I'm gonna eliminate Carly, Emily and Rose from your life. I have a master plan, and I've started to implement it.

Barbara: So you've said, but all you've done is procure a preschool application from Emily Stewart's office, sent a letter and flowers to Rose D'Angelo from some lowlife in New Jersey. How is that going to accomplish anything?

James: These are the first steps, Barbara. We're gonna build on them. We're gonna gain the momentum, and we're gonna realize our objective.

Barbara: Well, it better start happening soon, or the only one eliminated from my life will be you.

Rose: How do I know what's gonna happen?

Paul: You'd have to say something to him.

Rose: What do I say? "I'm in love with another guy, take your tattoos and go back to where you came from"?

Paul: This guy has tattoos?

Rose: He's got a couple of anchors on his back.

Paul: Is he the Navy?

Rose: No, he's got a thing for tattoos and anchors. I don't know why I'm talking about this with you right now.

Paul: Well, because this guy from Jersey is sending my girlfriend flowers and sending her letters telling her he's coming' to visit in Oakdale. I mean, you got to admit, Rose, it sounds a little strange.

Rose: All right, it's mystery number one to me. But what am I supposed to do about it?

Paul: Call him. Tell him not to come.

Rose: No! I don't want to talk to him! I don't want to hear his voice.

Paul: Send him a letter.

Rose: I don't know where he lives. That loser guy has never been out of Jersey in his life. Except the one time he did spend some time in Texas for this forgery -- it wasn't him. But it's not important right now. You know what? Forget it. He's a loser! All right, he's never had a life of his own, and now he's trying to come onto my life. But if he shows up here in Oakdale, bring it on, okay? He shows up, even if he doesn't, I'll deal with him. We'll squash him like a bug. All right? You satisfied?

Paul: I guess I have to be. So -- you and me against Vince the anchor.

Rose: How'd you know that was his nickname?

Paul: Lucky guess, I suppose.

Rose: We've been rolling the dice real good, you know? It's time to cash in. The odds are in our favor, and you never draw on the inside straight.

Paul: Very impressive. I didn't know you could fit that many gambling references in ten seconds flat.

Rose: Here's another one. Let's go for the jackpot.

Bonnie: Simon has done all the planning, you can't just back out now because you don't have a dress.

Katie: That's what you said you would do.

Bonnie: True. But I'm spoiled, I'm rich, and I spent most of my life in Europe. Listening to me will only get you in trouble.

[Knock at the door]

Katie: Hopefully, that's someone who wants to kidnap me. Oh, Carly.

Carly: Hi, Katie.

Katie: Hey, Craig's not here right now.

Carly: No, I know. I checked at the desk to be sure that he was out. Can I come in?

Katie: Yeah, okay.

Carly: Hey.

Bonnie: Hi, nice to see you.

Carly: I -- I brought this for you.

Katie: What is it?

Carly: It's a wedding dress. It's from a wedding that never happened -- my wedding to Jack.

Katie: And you're giving it to me? Why?

Carly: Well, you need a dress, right? And I'm flying to Paris tomorrow. I thought, what better time to pass it on?

Katie: This is incredible. I mean, it's like this wedding dress just --

Bonnie: Fell from the sky?

Katie: Yeah. I don't know -- thank you. Thank you so much, Carly.

Carly: You're welcome. Good luck. I think you and Simon are really gonna make it.

Katie: Thanks.

Carly: Okay, I'm gonna go and finish getting ready packing.

Katie: I don't know -- I don't even know -- I can't believe that -- thank you so much, Carly. And have a great trip.

Carly: Thanks. Enjoy the dress. You're gonna look beautiful in it.

Bonnie: Bye, Carly.

[Door closes]

Katie: I'm getting married tomorrow!

Craig: Jack, Jack, did you get my message?

Jack: You were a little vague on the phone, Craig. What's going on?

Craig: Well, Barbara told Carly that Barbara's rampage at the B.R.O. show was my fault. And now, Carly wants nothing to do with me.

Jack: Well, is it true?

Craig: No.

Jack: Well, did you tell Carly that?

Craig: I told her Barbara was lying. But Carly refuses to believe me. So, uh -- Carly means everything to me, Jack.

Jack: What do you expect me to do?

Craig: Well, I want you to convince Carly that Barbara was lying. See, maybe she'll believe it if it comes from you.

James: I do admire your spirit. Your determination is growing stronger.

Barbara: Do not appease me with compliments, James. And subtle hints will no longer do. I want specifics. I want to know precisely what's going to happen to Carly, Emily and Rose.

James: That's fair.

Barbara: You'll tell me? You'll take me behind the scenes?

James: Anything to make you happy, Barbara. I mean, that's -- that's why I'm getting rid of these three ladies for you. That's why I'm here. That's why I came back to you. Now, Carly Tenney will be taking a trip for a long, long time.

Jack: Okay, you want me to tell Carly what an honest man you are? What gives you the idea that I would even want to do that?

Craig: Now, Jack, I know that we always haven't seen eye to eye --

Jack: If Carly's made up her mind --

Craig: Yes.

Jack: -- It's over. Even if I did step in, she'd probably presume that you pressured me. Then she'd remember that I don't give into pressure.

Craig: Jack, Jack, Carly is leaving for Paris. I'm supposed to go with her. You're my last chance here. I don't have a lot of choice.

Jack: Well, then, that makes two of us, because I don't have a choice either. The answer is no.

James: Carly will travel alone, as Craig Montgomery has been taken out of the picture, thanks to your efforts. Emily already knows how difficult it is to be a single mother. And things will begin to get worse, despite what Hal may think. And Rose is about to find herself irresistibly drawn to an old flame, who will succeed in taking her away from Paul. So you see, darling, the wheels are in motion. Everything's under control.

Barbara: Forgive me. I never should have doubted you.

James: Oh, it pleases me to hear you say that. Anything else I can do to put you at ease?

Barbara: Kiss me.

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