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Lisa: Kim, honey? This is Lisa. Look, there's some trouble brewing down here at Java, and I need the lowdown on this man that works for you. I'm talking about that Nick Scudder? Something about him, I don't know, just rubs me and some other people the wrong way. Just please get back to me as soon as you can before things get out of hand here. Thanks a lot. Bye.

Adam: You sent Abigail to look for me that night that I was with Brandy. You wanted us to break up. It was all part of your plan. You set me up! Why don't you just admit it?

Abigail: Adam, have you lost your mind?

Adam: Yes. You know what? I'm really starting to think so.

Abigail: Well, it sounds like it. Adam, you had sex with another girl, and now, you're making it Nick's fault?

Adam: No. No, it's my fault. And it's also my fault that I didn't tell you this guy was slime the minute I smelled him. And it's also my fault that I didn't stop the creep sooner.

Abigail: Adam, just leave. Nick, I'm so sorry.

Adam: No, Abigail. Do not apologize to this guy. He's been playing us against each other from day one, and it's going to stop right here, right now, tonight.

James: I thought you would enjoy "the tale of the vanishing ladies."

Barbara: I will enjoy it much more when the fiction is turned into fact. Carly and Rose and Emily are supposed to be vanishing, too. Tell me when?

James: All in due time, Barbara. All in due time. I'm making progress.

Barbara: With whom?

James: Carly Tenney, for one. 'Cause you see, even as we speak, our son is attempting to forge a deal between Ms. Tenney and B.R.O.

Barbara: Tell me something I don't know, James.

James: Well, no matter what Paul puts on the table, it won't come close to matching what she's being offered by Rimbaud in Paris.

Barbara: Jean-Claude Rimbaud? Jean-Claude is making offers to a woman with no experience, no class, no clue?

James: Yes, and he's willing to do anything to get Carly over to Paris. All thanks to Craig Montgomery.

Craig: Hey, Max?

Max: Yes, Mr. Montgomery?

Craig: Would you do me a favor? You know the champagne and the onion rings I asked you to bring over? Would you bring them up to my room, please?

Max: Your champagne will be awaiting your arrival.

Craig: It's not for me, actually. It's for my guest. And would you do me a favor and take this note up with it?

Max: As you wish.

Paul: All right. B.R.O. is offering you a clean business deal, Carly, with everything stacked in your favor. Can you say the same thing about Craig? Do you really want to be indebted to him for the rest of your life?

Carly: Thanks for the advice, Paul. When it comes to Craig, you're preaching to the choir. I know he's going to put a price on introducing me to Rimbaud, and it's a price I'm not going to pay. He's not going to control any part of my life.

Paul: I hope you're right about that.

Carly: I'm going to Paris, and that's that. Can you just wish me luck, and we can stay friends?

Paul: Yeah, of course we can stay -- I'm your biggest fan here, and that's exactly why it's so difficult for me to give up on this beautiful future we could have.

Carly: Oh, come on. Paul, I've made up my mind.

Paul: You belong with B.R.O. okay, there. The fashion spotlight is on you, and that's exactly where B.R.O. will keep it. There's not a woman in the world -- not a woman alive who's not going to have your name in her closet. You will make just as much money here as you could in Paris, except you'll be here -- here, Carly, with your son, your family, friends, Jack Snyder.

Carly: No fair, Paul.

Paul: I'm just offering a friendly reminder.

Carly: Of what?

Paul: Just something you already know. Jack is what you wanted all along.

[Knock at door]

Carly: This isn't about Jack.

Paul: Okay.

Carly: Yeah?

Room service: Room service for Ms. Tenney.

Carly: For me? What -- are those onion rings?

Paul: Not bad. You don't even live here anymore, and you're still getting room service?

Carly: "Congratulations, Carly. You and B.R.O. will be very happy together."

Paul: Who's it from?

Carly: No signature.

Paul: From my mother?

Carly: No. I'd say this is from our favorite loudmouth. Just stay right there. I'll get your tip.

Paul: You know, that card is right. You could be very happy at B.R.O.

Carly: Paul, I've made up my mind. Thank you for the generous offer.

Paul: Okay. Well, it won't be the last. I'll leave you alone for now. See you soon. You can count on it.

Carly: So where exactly is Mr. Montgomery?

Room service: In the dining room, miss.

Carly: Thank you.

Room service: Thank you. Shall I uncork this for you?

Carly: Oh, no, no. No, this I will take care of myself.

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Carly: Sit down, Craig, so I can crack this bottle over your head!

Craig: Why? That's a wonderful champagne.

Carly: This was your way of butting into my business with Paul. You don't control me, Craig! You say one word, and I will clobber you. I dare you.

Craig: Sorry.

Carly: Sorry? Sorry that you continue to play these games, or sorry that you continue to get caught?

Craig: No, I'm sorry you're so upset.

Carly: Why did I even imagine it, Craig, that you would leave the most important decision of my life up to me and me alone?

Craig: I was just trying to help. I couldn't resist.

Carly: Well, learn to, or learn to live your life without me, because every time you pull another one of these he-man stunts, you become less and less attractive to me. In fact, frankly, you're making me sick.

Craig: Join me, will you? If we were, hypothetically, to open that bottle of champagne, what would we toast to? Would we toast to your signing with B.R.O. or to having a friend like me?

Carly: Listen to me. You have no right to talk to Paul about me.

Craig: I am just trying to keep you from selling your soul to a lousy deal, Carly. B.R.O. has all the power, and you get nothing, all right? You want another apology for setting Paul straight? Fine. I am just doing this for your own good.

Carly: That's your apology?

Craig: Should I apologize for wanting only the best for your career?

Carly: You want to own my career as well as every other part of my life.

Craig: No. But you do need me.

Carly: Need you? You can't even manage your own life. How are you going to handle mine?

Craig: Which of us has more business experience? So why don't you let me put that to good use?

Carly: Because, Craig, what we have is not a business arrangement. What we have passes for romance, I suppose, but that's it.

Craig: "Romance"? All right! Romance, pure and simple.

Carly: Nothing about us is pure or simple.

Craig: That's what makes it fun.

Carly: This is fun? This is fun for you?

Craig: We do make a heck of a team.

Carly: Oh, I have had it with you, and I've had it with Paul, too -- both of you.

Craig: So I'm guessing you didn't sign with B.R.O.?

Carly: That is not the point.

Craig: All right, all right. The point is, I'm still yours, you're still mine.

James: You see, Craig has done us a great favor getting Carly that offer in Paris. It makes my job a lot easier.

Barbara: Sounds to me like your job is being done for you. Carly goes to Paris, Craig follows, and you're not needed. I love it. Leave.

Paul: Mom?! It's your number one son. Do you want some company?

Barbara: Hello, darling.

Paul: Hey. I thought I heard some voices.

Barbara: Voices? No, no. Tell me I'm not talking to myself already. It must be the empty nest syndrome.

Paul: Things quiet around here?

Barbara: I've had a wonderful day. I've been doing some sketching, thinking about summer.

Paul: Terrific.

Barbara: Just knowing that your father's in Canada has made all the difference.

Paul: Well, that's the best news I've heard all day.

Barbara: So, are you in negotiations with Carly?

Paul: Well, that's why I'm here.

Barbara: Don't tell me -- she's dragging her feet, demanding more money.

Paul: Worse. She turned us down flat.

Barbara: You're kidding. Turning down her own line? Did she give a reason? She must be crazy.

Paul: She got a better offer from Rimbaud.

Barbara: No!

Paul: Yeah, courtesy of Craig. He hooked them up, made a match.

Barbara: And the rest is history.

Paul: No, the rest is me doing whatever I have to do to get Carly to change her mind.

Adam: I'm responsible for what I did. I'm sorry. I regret it every second of the day. But, Abigail, please, just do the math on this one. Nothing adds up!

Nick: Look, I know you're having a tough time, okay? Your girlfriend wins a film award, and you're struggling with some self-esteem issues.

Adam: Are you looking for a fight, man? 'Cause I'm right here --

Abigail: Hey, no. Adam, it sounds like you're looking for a fight.

Nick: Abigail, Abigail, it's okay. It's all right. The kid is hurting. I understand. No hard feeling, all right?

Adam: Go to hell, all right?!

Abigail: What is -- what is wrong with you? Nick is being much nicer than you deserve.

Adam: It is an act! Would you wake up?

Abigail: Adam, he's my friend! Nick has never turned his back on me, unlike some selfish, immature people I know.

Adam: Yeah, tell me about it. He was probably sitting there with his arms wide open, being everybody and everything you needed him to be.

Abigail: I cannot even talk to you anymore. This is ridiculous.

Adam: Okay, Abigail, I saw Nick here tonight with Brandy. They were just talking away like they were old friends. Weren't they, Billy? He saw the whole thing with his own eyes. If you don't believe me, ask him.

Abigail: I'm not gonna believe either of you.

Nick: Okay, think about this, Abigail. A graduating senior, a virtual stranger who thinks that freshman is a total waste of oxygen, out of the blue she decides to hang out with a bunch of first-years. I get into a fight with you, because what else have we been doing lately? And in a bar full of good-looking guys with beautiful cars, IDs.. and all the right lines, Brandy decides to hone in on me. Now, why's that?

Nick: Well, there's no accounting for taste.

Adam: Yeah, you're living proof of that, aren't you? Let me ask you something else. Why did you look for me that night?

Abigail: 'Cause I wanted to make --

Adam: No, no, no, no. Did somebody suggest that you look for me?

Abigail: What does it matter?

Adam: Was it Nick? Yeah, see. You don't even have to say anything, because I know the answer. He wanted you to find me, and you knew where I'd probably be, and he knew what I'd probably be doing. Doesn't any of this seem a little bit suspicious to you?

Abigail: You know, Nick has never lied about who he is. But you? You've finally showed your true colors, Adam. And I think that you need help. You need serious, immediate help.

Lisa: Abigail? Honey, let Isaac show you to your table so you can collect your thoughts and --

Abigail: I'm fine.

Lisa: No, this is not -- this is not a request, sweetheart. I want a word with you, Nick.

Nick: Okay. I'll see you in a minute, all right?

Adam: Nice going, Scudder.

Nick: Want to explain to me why this is all my fault?

Adam: Do you really need me to draw you a diagram? You don't belong here, Nick. You don't belong in this bar. You don't belong in this town. And you don't belong within 1,000 miles of --

Billy: Come on. Look, look, let it go. Let grandmother do what she has to do. Come on.

Nick: You know, I know what it's like to be that age. So confused, and you don't really know what's real, running on emotions the whole time. I just wish there was something I could do to help the situation --

Lisa: I think you've done quite enough. Please don't worry about Adam. He's gonna be just fine. Abigail's gonna be fine, too, 'cause she's young, but she's a very smart girl, and she's so intuitive. It won't take her long to find out just what kind of man you really are, that you're just a fraud. And when she realizes that, she'll know that Adam has been telling the truth. You see something -- I really believe Adam and so does my very dear friend, Kim Hughes. I know this is gonna come as such a surprise to you, but I know that you were fired because you tried to seduce a young girl -- somebody who's just half your age. Oh, you'd just be so surprised at the things I know. You'd be surprised how I can find out all of this stuff. You see, it's a very small world, and it's just getting smaller and smaller all the time. What I'm trying to tell you is that you're no longer welcome in this club or in any decent place in Oakdale. I think, if I were you, I would take that young, impetuous boy's suggestion -- move it on out, okay?

Nick: Well, if you want to believe everybody else's version of the truth, you go right ahead.

Lisa: Oh, believe me, my friends are the most reliable sources in the world. And any friend of theirs is a friend of mine. And anybody who is not -- well, there's the exit.

Abigail: All of a sudden, Nick, this is the last place I want to be.

Nick: Yeah, I know how you feel. You want to go see a film?

Abigail: I'll go wherever you want me to.

Nick: Well, that sounds perfect. Here you go. And you have yourself a nice night.

Adam: I got to go. I can't just watch him walk out --

Billy: Adam, where are you going?

Adam: I'm going with them. Are you coming with me or not?

Isaac: You're not going anywhere.

Barbara: So she turned us down. She's not the only designer in the world.

Paul: I know.

Barbara: I hear you can get a sweet deal on Barbara Ryan.

Paul: Yeah, well, Carly was helping us move in a different direction.

Barbara: Carly got lucky, and we reaped the benefits. Now, let's leave her to her bottom-feeding friends.

Paul: Not yet. It's only fair that you know, I've given her fair warning, and I'm not letting her go without a fight.

Barbara: Paul, how much more could she want? What could she want? My first-born son? I hear he's taken.

Paul: Well, we're not out of options. There's still one thing I have left that she can't refuse.

Barbara: What could that possibly be?

Paul: A partnership.

Carly: Why must everything be a competition with you?

Craig: What competition? I'm simply trying to protect the interests of someone I care about. So I'm supposed to be unhappy you've finally come to your senses about an idiot like Paul?

Carly: All I said was that I'm fed up with Paul. I'm fed up with you, too. I'm fed up with everybody.

Craig: I am happy to let you make your own decisions.

Carly: Oh, thank you very much.

Craig: As long as it's the right one.

Carly: It is.

Craig: Right for you or who?

Carly: Don't push it.

Craig: Just do me a favor, will you? Before you sign that contract with B.R.O., run it by a lawyer.

Carly: There's no need.

Craig: What, you're signing a contract without a lawyer? Are you nuts?

Carly: Look, there's no need for me to show the contract to a lawyer, because I'm not signing it. I didn't sign it, okay? I said no.

Craig: You did?

Carly: Yes, I did. No signature, no deal, nothing.

Craig: Well, good. I just -- finally seeing things my way.

Carly: Wait a second. Let us just get one thing straight, okay? You and your way had nothing to do with my decision.

Craig: Whatever makes you happy.

Carly: I chose Paris because it was the smart thing to do. And don't you gloat. If I see you gloating, I will crack this over your skull.

Craig: I won't gloat. You have my word.

Carly: What's that worth these days?

Craig: I guess a lot more than you think. Now, do you want to go upstairs and put this on ice? Or do you want to celebrate some other way?

Carly: Maybe I should let you in on decision number two before you get all carried away.

Craig: Tell me.

Carly: I'm taking the Paris gig, but I'm not taking you with me.

Craig: Paris is a big town. I'll stay busy.

Carly: You'll stay here. I need to be able to focus while I'm there, okay?

Craig: I can be your inspiration.

Carly: You would be my distraction. You're a master at that.

Craig: Under different circumstances, that would be a compliment.

Carly: Not under this circumstance. I need to outdo myself, you know? Whatever I come up with for Rimbaud has to be miles beyond some silly spring show for B.R.O. So, you see, this is not a bring your boyfriend kind of affair.

Craig: No, that's fine. Paris, Rimbaud and you. I'll stay out of the way.

Carly: No, you'll stay here!

Craig: You know, if you bring me, you can bring your son, too.

Carly: Bring Parker to Paris?

Craig: Yeah. Hal's busy at work, with Emily. He's got his hands full with Emily. He could probably use the break.

Carly: Parker would have nothing to do in Paris.

Craig: The tiger boy, are you kidding? All those parks and the funny words. And when you are not working your oh-so sweet derriere off, we can climb the tower at Notre dame, have pastries on champs-Élysées, get lost at the Pompidou.

[Carly laughs] what? What is so funny?

Carly: It's funny just picturing you chasing after Parker through the streets of gay Paris.

Craig: Parker's crazy about me.

Carly: You'd do that? You'd baby-sit my son in a foreign country just so you could be around me?

Craig: I'd put on a beret and carry you piggyback through the bois de Boulogne.

Carly: You're out of your mind.

Craig: Come on, you can't do Paris without me, and I can't face Oakdale without you.

Carly: I don't know about you, Montgomery. I really don't.

Craig: Yes, but you're learning, like I'm learning about you every day. We could have a lot of fun in Paris.

Carly: I don't think this is something that we can settle here in public.

Craig: Funny you should mention that, you know? Because I happen to know a quiet spot -- the quietest of quiet spot.

Barbara: You want to make Carly Tenney a partner, a co-owner of my company?!

Paul: It's just a suggestion.

Barbara: Whose suggestion?! Carly's? Craig's? It certainly can't be yours, Paul.

Paul: It's not that dire. Just hear me out.

Barbara: Oh, I'm dying to hear you. I'm dying to hear exactly why you think, at this point in my career, that I need a partner, that my work is subpart, that my tastes are outdated!

Paul: No, no, no, your dresses are classic. They're timeless.

Barbara: Oh, you just think that we need to get into a more sluttish arena? If that's the case, then Carly Tenney's just the woman for the job.

Paul: All right, look -- you can veto this if you want, but --

Barbara: What is the master plan?

Paul: We bring Carly into the company, okay? And we bring her on as an equal partner, okay? She'll have a vested interest in the success of her line. And we'll give her a little more say in the operations and get a lot more work out of her. That's it.

Barbara: And what do we call this new venture? C.T.O. -- Carly Tenney Originals? Does that say it all? Go on, I'm listening.

Paul: The company will still be B.R.O. It will always be B.R.O. That will never change.

Barbara: Then why am I not feeling reassured?

Paul: As a partner, Carly would be able to --

Barbara: To leave her stain on my life's work. Just the very fact that you are considering the idea of a partnership shows that you have no idea what kind of woman Carly Tenney is.

Paul: Mom, unless we make it profitable and worthwhile for Carly to stay, we'll lose her for good.

Barbara: Would that be so catastrophic?

Paul: Yes! If we don't capitalize on the success of the fashion show, yes, it will cripple this company, even with the orders we've already filled with Carly's designs. We will lose B.R.O. if she leaves. We will lose B.R.O., mom, and I know you don't want that, and I don't want it either. All right, you know what? Just drop it. Forget I said anything.

Barbara: Forget? How am I supposed to forget? It's one thing to do what's best for the company, and it's another to give away the store and consult me as an afterthought!

Paul: I haven't done anything.

Barbara: Yet. You just remember something, Paul. While you were so busy doing what's best for B.R.O, I am B.R.O.

Paul: I know. I know, I'm sorry.

Barbara: How sorry?

Paul: Sorry enough to know that it's a bad idea. We'll find somebody else to help us.

Barbara: I don't need any help. I'm getting stronger every day.

Paul: Great. I knew you would. See you later.

Barbara: Where are you going? I thought maybe you'd be staying the night again.

Paul: Why, are you afraid? James is gone. You said you felt better.

Barbara: Right --

Paul: So I was just gonna stay at the house tonight. Unless --

Barbara: No, it's all right. I'll call Kim or Lisa and chitchat on the phone about what's happening to them. You go. I'm sure you want to be with Rose.

Paul: Fine. See you tomorrow.

Barbara: Good night, son.

James: Barbara, no, no, no, no. We don't get mad. We get even.

Isaac: Don't make this some sort of personal thing between you and Nick Scudder.

Adam: What am I supposed to do, Isaac?

Isaac: Take your suspicions to Jake and Molly.

Adam: Those two don't trust me as far as they can throw me lately. I mean, not that I can blame them.

Isaac: You can beat yourself up as much as you want, but you still have a better track record than Nick Scudder.

Adam: That's not hard. This guy's got a rap sheet.

Billy: He's done time in prison?

Isaac: Adam?

Adam: Billy, I'll be careful, all right? All I need to do is just prove that Nick and Brandy know each other and that she was taking her orders from him.

Isaac: Do you hear yourself? Do you hear yourself speak right now? Now, I've dealt with people like Nick Scudder. He has been to prison, Adam. He's not scared to play rough with you. One day, he wrapped you up with this Brandy chick. Next time, he can pull you into something a lot harder to get out of.

Adam: Okay, my parents are detectives, and Tom is a lawyer. I think if I need backup, I've got it.

Isaac: Were they any help when you got in deep with Abigail? Did they smooth things over for you? No, they did not. Leave Nick alone.

Adam: Okay, okay. So while I'm taking the nonviolent approach, who's gonna make sure that Abigail is safe?

Isaac: Her parents. Let them handle it.

Adam: I can't. I can't just do nothing, man.

Billy: You've done plenty. I mean, you dealt Scudder in a pretty public way today.

Adam: Yeah, man, I just wanted to rip that smirk right off his face, you know? But what good did anything do?

Billy: Abigail heard your side of the story.

Adam: But she still believes Scudder. He wormed his way into her life. And what scares me most? Soon he's going in for the kill.

Nick: Here, let me take that.

Abigail: Thanks.

Nick: Why don't you sit down, try to relax and can I get you anything?

Abigail: All I really want right now is some peace, you know?

Nick: Well, then you've come to the right place.

Abigail: Maybe a couple of aspirin?

Nick: Aspirin? No, you don't need aspirin. Not when I've got these.

Abigail: Oh, Nick, you don't have to --

Nick: Come on. Come on.

[Abigail sighs] how's that? Better?

Abigail: Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: You know, you can actually do whatever you want here at Nick's hideaway. You can yell as loud as you want. You can cry if you want to.

Abigail: I don't know what I'd do without you. I feel so safe in your arms. But, you know, I didn't come here to hide or to cry or to yell. I came here for something else.

Nick: Then maybe you shouldn't be here.

Abigail: That's what they keep trying to tell me. What? Did I do something wrong?

Nick: No, no, it's not you. It's me.

Abigail: No, you didn't do anything wrong.

Nick: Is this really what you want?

Abigail: Yes. Yeah.

Nick: There's nothing that you want to ask me? There's no lingering doubts about what Adam said tonight?

Abigail: I'm here, aren't I?

Nick: That's -- that's not what I asked. Look, if you've got worries or questions, you have to ask me now. We will never be together the way I want us to be if we lie to each other or if we hide our feelings. I want more for us than that. And you can tell me, Abigail. You can tell me anything.

Abigail: I guess there's something --

Nick: Okay, okay. Well, what is it?

Abigail: You never -- what I mean is -- you don't know Brandy, do you?

Adam: All I have to do is prove that Nick and Brandy were working together. That's all.

Billy: Let's say you do. Adam saves the day, and then Nick's knocked off his pedestal.

Adam: Billy, I'm not doing this to be a hero or something. I just want Abigail to know the truth about this creep.

Billy: So even if she still hates you for cheating on her, you're fine with that?

Adam: No, I'm not fine with that. But I just want her getting conned by this guy. That's all, you know?

Billy: So what did Brandy say when you cornered her about Nick?

Adam: Of course, she said that she had no clue who this guy was. And then -- oh, get this -- she said, when she was whispering into his ear, she was only asking him about the time. And then I pointed out -- "oh, yeah, you're wearing a watch."

Billy: Right, yeah.

Adam: So when I called her on the watch thing, she got real nervous, and she just took off.

Billy: So what if you --

Lisa: How are you two gentlemen doing?

Adam: We're doing better. Thank you. We're okay. Sorry it got loud before.

Lisa: Oh, honey, don't give it a second thought. I think Nick Scudder got what was coming to him.

Billy: Well, you haven't heard all of it yet.

Lisa: No, I guess not. But I don't even care to. It makes me sick. Anyway, I want you to know that I told him to stay away from you and to stay away from Java. And so should you, darling.

Adam: What are you saying?

Lisa: As much as I hate to do this, it's for your own good.

Adam: She's kicking me out!

Lisa: Well, look, since there was no actual violence tonight, why don't you stay and have one soda. And then, baby -- I love you, but you're history.

Lucinda: Paul? Hello! What a surprise.

Paul: Lucinda, is Rose around?

Lucinda: Yes, Rose is here. But she's busy. She's in a training session. But that's just fine, because it gives us time to attack the problem at hand.

Paul: What problem is that?

Lucinda: The problem at hand is your father, darling! James is back in town. When I heard that -- when I heard that, I was flabbergasted. And I was amazed -- and this is an understatement.

Paul: Yeah, I heard about your little visit with my mother. The halls are still echoing. That's a joke.

Lucinda: The problem is that I don't think that any of us really finds it amusing.

Paul: Well, I have good news for you. The crisis has passed.

Lucinda: Really?

Paul: Yeah, James left for Canada. It's been verified by the police.

Lucinda: Oh, well, just as long as the police could verify that he didn't get on another plane and turn around and come back to Oakdale. Because my private investigator couldn't.

Paul: There's been no sign of him, Lucinda.

Lucinda: That means nothing, darling. James doesn't retreat with his tail between his legs. No, no, no. James goes when James gets what he came for. Now, that is my question. What did he want, and did he get it?

Paul: How am I supposed to know that?

Lucinda: Because you're his son. You're his son and you're smart, so make an educated guess for heaven's sake. Why did James come back here?

Paul: To see my mother after the accident at the boathouse. What?

Lucinda: No, no, no. I don't think so. I think he came back to see his only living son. And my problem is that if he has seen you, that means he's seen Rose, as well.

Paul: Okay, Lucinda, look. I know you're worried about Rose.

Lucinda: Yes, I am. I'm very worried about Rose -- both here and at home, everywhere.

Paul: She's important to me, too. And I promise you, she'll be safe.

Lucinda: Well, the only way, in my opinion, that that can be accomplished is if you stay away. You keep your distance from that girl, and you stay out of Rose's life!

Barbara: Getting even is your job. My job is to look innocent.

James: Which you're accomplishing with aplomb.

Barbara: You're used to getting your hands dirty. It's nothing new to you. Why are you having such difficulty getting rid of Carly Tenney?

James: She's on her way to Paris.

Barbara: Because of Craig Montgomery. A temporary solution. What are you doing to get rid of her permanently?

James: Barbara, all you need to know is that Paris is our quick fix to that particular problem.

Barbara: And what about Craig?

James: Well, I didn't factor in that he'd be traveling with her. I need Carly in Paris alone.

Barbara: Dream on, James. The minute that Craig finds out the kind of money that she'll be making from Rimbaud, he'll cling to her like glue. He'll ride her coattails to fame and infamy, just like he did mine.

James: Yes, well, I think you're the one who can stop that.

Barbara: I'm dying to hear how.

James: You have information that can eliminate Craig from Carly's life? Use it. Let Carly know what type of man Montgomery really is.

Craig: Alone -- alone.

Carly: I have a question.

Craig: Something that couldn't be asked in the dining room could very easily be whispered in the bedroom.

Carly: Just answer it. No distractions, no evasions.

Craig: But, of course.

Carly: Good. What if I say no, you cannot come to Paris with me? Would you call your buddy Jean-Claude and try to sabotage my career?

Craig: Now when did I get demoted from rat to heartless monster?

Carly: Just answer the question when you're through being dramatic, please.

Craig: First of all, Jean-Claude is not a buddy.

Carly: So you're not indebted to him then in any way?

Craig: We met at a dinner party in Oslo. I owe him nothing, he owes me nothing. He loves your work. You won his adoration all on your own.

Carly: Okay. So, what if, let's say, I leave you behind?

Craig: I will be missing you with all my heart and soul. I will be a hapless puddle in your absence.

Carly: Just answer the question. Will you try to sabotage my career?

Craig: No.

Carly: Truly? What will you do, then?

Craig: Give you a big send-off, give you a few dozen reasons to come back quickly, and I will wish for your success. That means the world to me, Carly, because you mean the world to me. Of all the so-called "complete" boxed dinners out there,

Billy: So, this Brandy chick -- she hangs out with a lot of college kids, right?

Adam: Yeah, they're here every college night, yeah.

Billy: Friendly girl?

Adam: You might say that, yeah.

Billy: So, a guy might come along, buy her a few drinks, they start to talk -- who knows what you might find out.

Adam: Just a friendly meeting amongst perfect strangers.

Billy: Nobody special. Just someone a little interested who might become a lot more interested.

Adam: You'd do that for me, man?

Billy: If we play this right, Brandy will tell us everything we need to know about Nick. It might work.

Adam: No, it has to work.

Nick: So you believe Adam's story?

Abigail: No, I didn't say that.

Nick: No, you didn't have to.

Abigail: No, Nick, that's not what I meant. You said that I should be honest, and so that's why I asked you about Brandy.

Nick: Yeah, and you want to know if I'm a pimp and a liar. I mean, what else do you want to know?

Abigail: Nick, I want to know who you are! I mean, you're my friend -- my best and probably last friend. Now, I've hurt you. I'm sorry.

Nick: No, I'm -- I'm not hurt. I'm glad that you told me what was on your mind. Look, I know it's not easy for you to trust somebody like me, especially after tonight, you know, with half the town wanting my head on a stick.

Abigail: No, I trust you. You know that I trust you. That's why I didn't stay at Java tonight with all those people who call themselves my friends. I want to be with you. That's why I'm here.

Nick: You know what? I -- I just think that we should take some time and think about what went on --

Abigail: No, I don't need any time. I know what I want. I'm choosing you.

Nick: I'm gonna walk you to your car, okay?

Abigail: You really want me to go?

Nick: No, I don't, but I -- I really think it's for the best.

Abigail: My car's parked out front, so -- You know, Nick, if you want me to stay, I'll stay.

Nick: You know, I'll -- I'll call you, okay? I'll call you soon. Come on. And the Oscar goes to --

Paul: Does she know you've appointed yourself her caretaker?

Lucinda: I think Rose knows how I value her.

Paul: Well, it took you long enough to pay her a salary. And I'm sure it's thousands less than she deserves.

Lucinda: Let's not get testy about it. She knows what she's worth.

Paul: You do? You know how much she's worth?

Lucinda: Yeah, yeah. I do. This is a good girl. She's smart, she's quick, she's great, and she could do better.

Paul: Yeah, she can do better, especially if she's with a company who doesn't have a problem showing their appreciation.

Lucinda: Now you're going to steal away my debutante?

Paul: Yeah, one way or the other.

Lucinda: For heaven's sake. For pity's sake, for Rose's sake, for my sake -- for everybody's sake -- you've got to leave the girl alone. James Steinbeck has done enough damage to enough lives in this town. Oh, my! How gorgeous! Are those for me?

Secretary: Ms. D'Angelo.

Lucinda: Thank you, dear. Lovely.

Paul: Hey, those aren't yours.

Lucinda: Well, they're not yours either, darling. It's not your color.

Paul: Why don't you read the card?

Lucinda: Ah, "roses for my Rosie -- remember." It's signed, "an old admirer." Is that you, darling? Is that your new pen name?

Paul: No, it's not.

Lucinda: Huh? Well, old admirers can be a lot of fun.

Barbara: So it's up to me to eliminate Craig from Carly's life?

James: As far as the law will allow. Tell Carly your secret, and she'll finally know who Craig really is.

Barbara: Are you sure now's the time?

James: Barbara, all you're doing is what everyone's suggesting -- taking your life back. Are you up to it?

Barbara: Don't I look like I am?

James: Then share your secret with Carly. Let the vanishing begin.

Carly: I must be the biggest fool in the world. I think I might actually believe you.

Craig: Kiss me, and you'll know.

Carly: Okay. Maybe I'm not such a fool.

Craig: Oh, no, no. No, see, I'm the fool -- for you. So -- what's it going to be? Paris for three, or are you going to insist on flying solo?

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