ATWT Transcript Tuesday 12/4/01


As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 12/4/01

Provided by Stephanie
Proofread by Gisele

Isaac: Oh oh, no, I know I didn't leave the place like this. 

Isaac: Somebody there?

Bonnie: Isaac!  You scared me to death!  What are you doing bulking around like that?  I thought you were a burglar. 

Isaac: Ditto.  You almost took a serious bump on your head. 

Bonnie: Not before I conked you first, Mr. Tae Kwon Do. 

Isaac: Are you okay? 

Bonnie: Yeah. 

Isaac: What are you doin' sneakin' around here like that? 

Bonnie: Panic.  Obsession.  I positively couldn't sleep.  And you know what?  It's all your fault. 

Molly: Thanks, Kim.  Thanks a lot.

[hangs up]  Abigail, good morning.  You're not gonna leave on an empty stomach, are you?  The bakery had awesome blueberry muffins this morning.

Abigail: No, that's all right, thanks. 

Molly: So you have your early schedule today? 

Abigail: Actually, I don't have any classes this morning.  There's something I have to do. 

Molly: Like what? 

Abigail: You know, if you want to know so bad, why don't you just follow me like you did last night? 

Molly: Abigail --

Abigail: For the record?  I'm not going to Nick's.  And you can stop with the blueberries and pretending everything -- that it's okay, 'cause it's not. 

Molly: Yeah, I got that part.  But, Abigail, I gotta make sure everything gets okay and soon, okay?  I'm gonna do anything I can to make that happen.  I hope you know that.

Abigail: Why should I believe that, Molly?  When all you've been telling me is lies ever since Nick came into my life. 

[Door slams]  

[Phone rings]

Nick: Hello? 

Molly: Nick, I need to see you right away before you go to work.  My place, half an hour. 

Nick: What's the point, Molly?  If Abigail chooses to believe my version of what happened between you and me, I can't stop her, can I? 

Molly: There are no versions, nick.  There's only the truth.  Show up, half an hour.  If your future means as much to you as you say it does, you'll be here. 

Carly: I found it.  An earring here, a jacket there.  Keeping track of my stuff is getting ridiculous.

Craig: Come here. 

Carly: Mm-hmm. 

Craig: Come here, come here, come here. 

Carly: I have to check my messages at home.  What are you doing? 

Craig: Yes, I'm doing a little of this.  And a little of this.  Last night was nice. 

Carly: Yes.  It was, but today is a new day, and I have a lot to do. 

Craig: So why don't you move in with me again? 

Carly: What? 

Craig: I'm serious.  Why don't you move back in with me?  That way, you'll always know where your things are. 

Carly: Craig --

Craig: Huh? 

Carly: It's morning. 

Craig: Yeah?

Carly: Stop dreaming.  I have to call Hal.  I have to see if he can pick up Parker this afternoon. 

Craig: Would you remember the perks of life up here in the sky?  Don't you, Carly?  Sitter service at the punch of a button, messages directed right to your door, eggs benedict miraculously appearing on a tray.  It's good service, Carly.  It's tough to beat good service.

[Carly is on the phone checking her messages] 

Carly: I don't believe this. 

Craig: What?  What happened? 

Carly: Shh! 

Craig: Is it Parker?  What?  What?! 

Carly: That was Jean-Claude Rimbaud.  The Jean-Claude Rimbaud.  His voice was on my answering machine.  He's only one of the most famous designers in the entire world.

Craig: So what'd he say? 

Carly: He wants to fly me to Paris immediately. 

Craig: Well, first class, I hope.  I hope he puts you up in a good hotel.  The George Cinq is always nice. 

Carly: That's what he said!  That's exactly what he said.  He said he was putting me up in the George whatever.  He wants to talk to me about designing for his company!  Craig, I'm going to Paris! 

Craig: Indeed, you are. 

Carly: You don't seem very surprised. 

Craig: Well, I gave you his phone number, didn't I? 

Carly: Yeah, well, I haven't had a chance to contact him.  It's like he knew that I was gonna -- Craig?  Did you do this for me?

Craig: I told you life would be better with me in it, Carly.  And this is just the beginning.  

Jack: You know, then life throws you a curve.  Okay, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, full count, you're at the plate, two outs.  Right?  You're swinging away.  You're thinking, "this one's mine!" And then -- woosh!  Right by you.  Out.  No second chances, Mitzi. 

Mitzi: What is it with guys and sports, huh? 

Jack: What do you mean? 

Mitzi: Saying what you really feel gives you chest pains, so you turn everything into smacking little balls around? 

Jack: No.  It's just a way of drawing a picture, that's all. 

Mitzi: Right.  A picture of you and Carly.  You're the batter, could've hit a home run.  Instead, you struck out.

Jack: No, I -- I was just talking about life in general. 

Mitzi: Sure.  Whatever you say, Jack.  Look, it's okay.  I know the score.  You've only been talking "in general" about Carly for the last eight hours. 

Jack: I'm sorry, Mitzi.  I ask you out for a burger, and you end up staying up all night listening to me yammerin' on about my love life, or the lack thereof. 

Mitzi: It's all right.  You know, I once dated a guy whose idea of a fun night was takin' me to his alma mater to watch him jump hurdles. 

[Jack laughs]

Mitzi: Seriously!  Artie Golinski.  30 years old, drunk as a skunk, right?  Trips over the last hurdle, breaks his leg.

Jack: Really? 

Mitzi: I wound up staying all night with him in the E.R. 

Jack: Oh. 

Mitzi: Believe me, sunrise with Artie wasn't nearly as pretty as it is here. 

Jack: Oh, right, so I'm just second most boring? 

Mitzi: Would you stop?  You're not second in line for anything.  Except maybe another chance, you know. 

Jack: No, I don't know. 

Mitzi: Well, there is such a thing as getting to try again. 

Jack: You figure? 

Mitzi: Sure.  Take Rose.  Her ship has finally come in. 

Jack: Oh, okay, yeah.  But who can tell when fate is gonna send a ship your way, you know? 

Mitzi: Heck, Rose didn't even know there was a ship.  The point is -- life tossed her another ball, and she ran with it.  You know?  You may have struck out this time, Jack.  There's always another inning.

Jack: Okay, I think I ruined you with the sports analogies.  I'm sorry about that. 

Mitzi: I'm just getting warmed up. 

[Jack laughs]

Mitzi: Yours is coming, Jack. 

Jack: You think so? 

Mitzi: Sure.  Thing is -- you can't just sit around and wait for things to happen.  You gotta go out there, grab the ball and make it happen. 

Jack: Take it to the hoop! 

Mitzi: Score! 

Carly: Say this isn't one of your practical jokes.  Tell me this is for real. 

Craig: Listen, if Jean-Claude wasn't interested in working with you, he wouldn't have called you.  All right?  You earned that with your own talent.  Hmm?

Carly: What am I gonna do? 

Craig: You're gonna pack up your sketchbooks and go to Paris! 

Carly: Hal is not gonna believe this.  He -- he told me that something really good was gonna happen.  You know, I should call him.  I have to find out if he can watch Parker for the next few weeks.  Right?  I mean -- what am I thinking?  I can't just fly off to Paris. 

Craig: Well, you probably do have to pack something. 

Carly: I have a zillion other things to take care of! 

Craig: Like? 

Carly: Like Paul Ryan. 

Craig: Every time I think you're ready to be your own woman, you go and invoke somebody's name.

Carly: Just stop it, Craig. 

Craig: This is your moment, Carly!  Carpe diem! 

Carly: I didn't say that I would never go to Paris.  I just said that I wanted to settle things with Paul first. 

Craig: You didn't do that already?  Are you caving on me here? 

Carly: No, I'm not "caving." One of my messages just now was from him. 

Craig: So? 

Carly: So he's -- he's cleared things up with Barbara.  She's willing to let me design for B.R.O.  Now, and he wants me to sign those papers. 

Craig: And this is a dilemma because? 

Carly: Because I like Paul.  And I don't wanna leave him in the lurch.

Craig: "In the lurch"?  Carly, I cannot believe that after all this time, I may have underestimated you. 

Isaac: My fault? 

Bonnie: You roped me into planning this hospital benefit. 

Isaac: If I recall, you were the one with all the b I ideas. 

Bonnie: Because somebody had to say something that made sense.  You couldn't have floundered more even if you were on a hook. 

Isaac: Which is the perfect reason for you to take control of the thing.  Besides, that doesn't have anything to do with why you're here early in the morning sneaking around. 

Bonnie: I told you, I couldn't sleep. 

Isaac: Well, maybe if you quit mainlining my caffeine, you could.

Bonnie: Oh, please, I was wide awake long before I made that coffee. 

Isaac: Doing what? 

Bonnie: Lying in bed thinking about all the things I have to do to get this place in shape for an upscale benefit.  I mean, I had to come in here and try to figure some things out.  I have to devise a floor plan, do a new decor, publicity --

Isaac: You're really gettin' into this thing, aren't you? 

Bonnie: As if I had a choice. 

Isaac: But now that you're involved, and you're taking it seriously? 

Bonnie: I'll feel like a complete idiot if I don't pull this thing off. 

Isaac: Painful as it is for me to say this, I am impressed. 

Bonnie: What?  That I woke up before noon?

Isaac: I'm impressed at this determination you have.  I didn't know you had it in you. 

Bonnie: Well, there's a lot of things, Mr. Jenkins, that you don't know about me. 

Isaac: Well, Ms. McKechnie, there's a lot of things I'd like to learn, given the opportunity. 

Bob: Hi, Isaac.  Bonnie. 

Isaac: Dr. Hughes.  Perfect timing.  Long time, no see. 

Bob: Good to see you. 

Isaac: You remember bonnie? 

Bonnie: Of course.  Good to see you, Dr. Hughes. 

Bob: Good to see you, too. 

Isaac: So, what can I do you for? 

Bob: Well, Kim tells me there's a plan afoot to have the benefit for the burn unit here. 

Isaac: Yes.  Bonnie was actually -- she's been up early this morning hammering out the details.

Bob: Well, I hate to disrupt your plans, but that idea's not gonna work. 

Molly: Thank you for coming over, Kim. 

Kim: My pleasure, but what's so confidential that we can't talk about it at the studio? 

Molly: I know this seems very cloak and dagger, but I really don't want this all over WOAK. 

Kim: Something happened? 

Molly: In a way, yeah.  Yeah, and it's probably all my fault.  Kim, I could kick myself for believing Nick's story that he's turned over a new leaf. 

Kim: Nick?  Again? 

Molly: My gut told me not to believe his reform story, but I did, and now I'm sick about it, because the fact is he hasn't changed at all.  He's the same user he always was, only he's even more dangerous.

Kim: What has he done to you? 

Molly: Not to me, to Abigail.  And I've run -- I've run out of ideas of how to help her, Kim. 

Kim: What?  What happened?  What did he do? 

Molly: He's seducing her.  He's gotten her to fall in love with him, and without your help, I'm afraid she's gonna be very badly hurt. 

Carly: You think I'm being stupid?  I'm outta here.

Craig: I'm sorry if I'm offending you, Carly, but if you're gonna sabotage your whole career for a little Paul, then "stupid" is the only word for it.  After what you did for him, of course he's gonna tie you into a slave contract. 

Carly: You didn't let the fine print escape your eagle eyes, did you? 

Craig: You better believe it. 

Carly: It's my contract, Craig! 

Craig: And you will be selling your soul if you sign it. 

Carly: Listen to me.  He's giving me my own line! 

Craig: Under Barbara Ryan --

Carly: Would you stop it?  This is supposed to be a monumentally happy moment in my life, and you've given me a headache.

Craig: Okay, fine.  Do what you think is best. 

Carly: I didn't say that I was definitely gonna sign the contract, Craig.  Just that I should give Paul some consideration. 

Craig: Okay. 

Carly: He's giving me my own line.  He has gone out of his way to sell me to Barbara, who'd just as soon see me turn blue and die.  I just think it'd be rude if I didn't hear him out. 

Craig: Oh, I understand.  I understand.  Go ahead out to Fairwinds.  Listen to him. 

Carly: Actually, I don't -- I don't have to.  He's in a room here at the hotel. 

Craig: Well, great.  Go downstairs and listen to him beg you to save his bacon again.  And turn him down, come back here, make plans with me for Paris.  Huh?  Laissez la bon temps roulez!  Our first stop will be dinner at la Tour D'Argent.  A stroll across the Pont Neuf to Ile St.  Louis.  Huh?

Carly: Just a second, monsieur.  "Our plans"? 

Craig: Well, you don't think I'd let you go to Paris alone, do you? 

Bob: I'd like nothing better than to throw the business to you and Lisa, but I'm not certain that Java is the place. 

Isaac: It was the place two years ago when we raised thousands of dollars for Breast Cancer research. 

Bob: Yeah, I remember when you opened the game room, and you were very generous about donating all the proceeds to the hospital. 

Isaac: So what's the problem? 

Bob: Well, the hospital itself is going to do the organization work here.  And some of our patrons are very conservative. 

Bonnie: Excuse me.  I hate to interrupt, but I thought we straightened this out with Mrs.  Hughes.  Java underground is the perfect place, because we thought we'd attract a more younger crowd who was possibly interested in the idea of charitable giving.  It's cool, it's hip.

Bob: Well, maybe a little too cool.  The last time I was here, a couple of guys jumped out of a cake. 

Isaac: That was a horrific mistake at a bachelor party.  As come on now, Bob. 

Bonnie: And this time, we were considering more refined entertainment. 

Bob: Oh, really?  You have somebody already lined up?  You know, usually the committee attends to that. 

Bonnie: Well, yes, I know, but Isaac and I are very, very well-connected in the music world, and we thought we'd save the committee some legwork. 

Bob: Anybody I'd know? 

Bonnie: Well, that depends.  What's your playlist like? 

Bob: Oh, well, it's a little shaky after Steve and Edyie.  But who knows, why don't you try me?

Bonnie: Huh-uh, not so soon.  I just -- I want you to be surprised, and I don't want to get you too excited before we've actually finalized the agreement. 

Bob: You drive a hard bargain, Bonnie McKechnie. 

Bonnie: Don't worry, Dr. Hughes.  When your donors realize who we have performing, the tickets will absolutely sell themselves. 

Bob: Well --

Bonnie: Say, "Yes." Please? 

Bob: Okay.  We'll give it a shot. 

Bonnie: Great. 

Isaac: Well, all right.  Why don't I show you around?  We did more than just have a face lift here.  We have a new kitchen, a new wine cellar.  Nice save.

Abigail: Hi. 

Bonnie: Hi, Abigail. 

Abigail: Bonnie, I was wondering if you knew how I could get in touch with Jennifer in Rome. 

Bonnie: No.  I haven't talked to her since she got the big modeling gig.  But her dad was trying to contact her.  Have you talked to him? 

Abigail: Yeah.  He hasn't heard from her. 

Bonnie: Me neither.  I'm sorry. 

Abigail: Oh, boy. 

Bonnie: Oh, my goodness.  Abigail, what's the matter? 

Abigail: I just really need to talk to my best friend right now.  You know, who else can you talk to when your life is falling apart? 

Molly: Nick took his time.  So it seemed innocent enough at first, right?  I mean, he started out as her sympathetic older friend.  Then he started helping her with her school projects.  But then he started telling her, Kim, how mature she was and how talented she was.  And then, there wasn't a single event in Abigail's life that he didn't make himself available for.  Her "friend." So now there's nobody in the world that she thinks she can trust but him.

Kim: You said that he seduced her.  Do you think that he's been -- ? 

Molly: Oh, I don't know.  I mean, Abigail says no, but I -- I don't think so, not yet. 

Kim: Well, maybe she just has a crush on him. 

Molly: I was hoping that was the case, but he's crossed the line. 

Kim: How? 

Molly: She's been to his room alone.  The landlady at the boarding house told Jake that she saw Abigail and nick kissing.  And now, if you ask Abigail, she's in love with him, and nick says he loves her, too. 

Kim: I don't believe this.  I mean, I'm the one who gave them free access to the editing room after hours. 

Molly: Kim, it's not your fault.   If he didn't have the pretense of helping her with her schoolwork, it just would've been something else.

Kim: So this is just calculated on his part.  This isn't just two people who lost track of what's appropriate? 

Molly: Oh, no.  It's deliberate. 

Kim: How can you be so sure? 

Molly: My history with Nick. 

Kim: You mean because you two were lovers?  Well, did you tell Abigail? 

Molly: Yes, but only after I'd found out that this -- this friend thing had gone way too far.  And so now Abigail won't believe a single word I say. 

Kim: Well, but wait a minute.  If Abigail knows about it, then nick has no choice but to back off. 

Molly: He won't.  And Abigail went to him, and he lied to her.  

Kim: He what?

Molly: Yeah.  Made her think that I made the whole thing up just to keep them apart.  So now, Abigail is barely speaking to me.  I'm sorry.  This is my personal mess, and I hate to get you involved. 

Kim: No.  No, this isn't just your personal life.  It's that he works at my station, and his relationship with an 18-year-old girl is inappropriate by anybody's standards.  All right.  All right, I guess it's time I had a little heart- to-heart with Nick. 

Molly: I -- I called him already.  And he's on his way over here. 

Kim: Oh, my goodness.

Molly: I'm sorry, because I didn't mean to step on your toes.  I just --

Kim: No, don't be silly.  You didn't.  You did the right thing.  I should be here when you talk to him, and you need to protect yourself. 

[Knock at door]

Molly: That'll be Nick. 

Kim: Let me do the talking. 

Molly: Thanks for coming. 

Nick: Molly, look, I -- what's goin' on here? 

Kim: What's going on here is that you are fired. 

Nick: What?  Why? 

Kim: I think you already know.  But let me clarify just so there's no mistake later on.  You have encouraged an inappropriate relationship with your colleague's teenage daughter.

Nick: Abigail? 

Kim: Exactly.  Abigail.  Now, I hold myself accountable for allowing you to help Abigail with her video project.  But you -- you, nick, have shown extremely bad judgment.  You have created a potentially damaging situation.  You are terminated as of now. 

Nick: I was on my way to work, and now I'm cleaning out my desk. 

Kim: Well, you're wrong there, too.  I will see that your desk is cleared and the contents sent to you. 

Nick: I see.  You don't even bother to ask my side of the story, huh?  Well, it's obvious that Molly has spun this into making me some kind of predator.  Well, congratulations, Molly.  This is what you've always wanted, isn't it? 

Molly: You really think I called Kim over here just to get you fired? 

Nick: Yeah, of course you did.  Ever since I took this job, you've been trying to get back at me for mistakes I made years ago. 

Kim: Just a minute.  Just a minute.  Excuse me!  Molly did not ask me to fire you.  That was my decision. 

Nick: Yeah?  Well, what about my parole?  What if my parole officer finds out that I don't have a job? 

Kim: Well, pal, you should've thought about that one a long time ago. 

Nick: Well, this is just great.  If this ambush is over, I think I'm gonna split.

Molly: Nick, wait. 

Nick: Haven't you done enough already? 

Molly: Kim did you a big favor. 

Nick: Yeah?  And what warped world do you live in? 

Molly: She made it really easy for you to leave town.  So if you've got a brain in your head, you'll do it. 

Nick: You know what, Molly?  You're the one who's inappropriate, not me.  I haven't done anything to Abigail except be her friend. 

Molly: You lied to her about us, and that is completely unforgivable! 

Nick: You know what?  Get a life, Molly. 

Molly: I've got a life.  All right, Nick?  And it includes a close relationship with my daughter.  So I don't know why you're using her, trying to turn her against me, but it wouldn't work anyway.

Nick: What are you talking about? 

Molly: Abigail's my daughter.  She's smarter than I was at her age, okay?  You might have been able to mind-trip me, but sooner or later, I figured it out.  With Abigail, with her brains, it's gonna be sooner.  You've got no hold on her. 

Nick: You sure about that, molly?  Maybe you don't know your daughter as well as you think. 

Abigail: Thank you.  I'm sorry.  I -- I didn't mean to lose it.  You and I barely know each other. 

Bonnie: Oh, please.  I've lost it in front of more people than I can count.  Except, I'm usually more of the scream and yell type.  Whatever the problem is, it seems kind of major.  If you wanna talk --

Abigail: I wouldn't even know where to start. 

Bonnie: Well, first things first.  It's probably about a guy, right? 

Abigail: Sort of.  I mean, yes.  Someone is in my life.  It's someone incredible.  It's like, he's not like anybody I've ever known before. 

Bonnie: Smart and good-looking, no doubt? 

Abigail: And so sweet.  You know, I can tell him anything.  He really listens. 

Bonnie: Sounds incredible. 

Abigail: He is.  He is.  He tells me things.  He opens up to me.  He trusts me.  He encourages me.  This is gonna sound weird.

Bonnie: Try me. 

Abigail: I fell like he's shown me me, you know?  Like, I've never known who I was until I got to know him.  That sounds so crazy. 

Bonnie: No.  It sounds really rare and very, very special.  So what's the problem? 

Abigail: My mother. 

Bonnie: She doesn't approve? 

Abigail: Hmm, that's an understatement.  She's way over the top.  She's -- man, she'd do anything to keep us from seeing each other. 

Bonnie: You can't let her, Abigail.  Trust me from experience.  The minute you let your mother start running things, that's the end of your life. 

Mitzi: You think Rose'll believe me?  Rollin' in at the crack of dawn, tellin' her nothin' happened?  Not even a kiss?

Jack: You understand if I'm a little scandal-shy at the moment. 

Mitzi: With that local rag puttin' you on the cover every other week, I don't blame you. 

Jack: Hmm. 

Mitzi: You're -- you're a good guy, Jack Snyder.  You got a good soul.  It's not so easy to come by these days, you know. 

Jack: Oh, I'm not so sure about that. 

Mitzi: I am.  And if I, a mere Atlantic City cocktail waitress, can see that, I'm sure Carly can see it, too.  Don't let a chance with her pass you by. 

Jack: Sad thing is, Mitzi, I think I already have.  Craig's seeing Carly now. 

Mitzi: Please.  That lip-smacking, scarecrow-like phony with the Bart Simpson hairdo?

Jack: Wow. 

Mitzi: A girl does not fall in love with a guy like that.  She just puts up with him until the real thing comes along.  And believe you me, you -- you're the real deal.  It's true.  Ask any girl with half a brain.  Better yet, ask Carly. 

Jack: Thank you, Mitzi.  You know, "mere cocktail waitress" really doesn't cover it.  I owe you one. 

Mitzi: Yeah?  You wanna even the score? 

Jack: Now? 

Mitzi: Sure. 

Jack: Okay. 

Mitzi: Look, I know you got it bad for Carly, but if you ever change your mind, you got my number. 

Carly: Could you be any more presumptuous?  You won't "let me" go alone?  Since when do you "let me" do anything?

Craig: Oh, I'll let you do plenty.  What could be more romantic than a sunset cruise on the bateaux mouches?  Huh?  Sipping cafe in our suite overlooking the place de la Concorde? 

Carly: Hey, would you stop being a travel brochure, please?  You're not going with me, Craig. 

Craig: Well, pourquoi, mon petit croissant? 

Carly: Because if I show up in Paris on the arm of Craig Montgomery, Rimbaud isn't gonna see me as Carly Tenney, hot new designer.  He's gonna see me as his American friend's hot new accessory. 

Craig: Give the man some credit, will you?  And give me some credit.  I won't be in your way.  I'll be invisible.  Except at night, when I'll be forced to ravage you in the dark, ma petite pamplemousse.

Carly: Hey.  Hey?  Hey! 

Craig: What? 

Carly: I don't need you tagging along. 

Craig: Yes, you do.  Yes, you do.  Calamity has a way of following you around like a lost dog. 

Carly: You know, you --

Craig: What? 

Carly: You're beyond insulting. 

Craig: What?  Remember New York?  Huh?  When Barbara, the black lagoon, almost sabotaged your whole thing before the first dress strutted down the runway?  You needed help. 

Carly: Yeah, and I got it, too, didn't I?  From Jack. 

Craig: Oh, well, okay.  Back to Jack.  Huh?  Carly the yo-yo -- up and down and up and down --

Carly: Craig?  I didn't mean to bring Jack into this.  I shouldn't -- I'm sorry.  I hope I didn't hurt your feelings. 

Craig: Look, I'm not gonna try to pretend to be your Sir Lancelot the way Jack does.  As good as I look in tights, it's just not me. 

Carly: Then why can't you see that I am -- that I am not some maiden in distress that needs rescuing? 

Craig: Will you just drop the Camelot thing, okay?  You and I are cut from the same cloth.  Nobody's gonna stand us anyway.  So let's go to Paris and start a new life together. 

Carly: I will not even begin to address that "starting a new life together" bull. 

[Craig laughs]  You should know better by now. 

Craig: All right.  Where're you going? 

Carly: I have a life, Craig.  I'm gonna go and lead it. 

Craig: Well, good.  Go talk to Paul.  It'll give him plenty of time to beg and then cut him off at the pass. 

Carly: Stop it.  I need to talk to somebody sane. 

Craig: Well, you coming back here tonight? 

Carly: If you're lucky. 

Craig: Ah. 

Carly: And only then will I tell you my decision about B.R.O.  My decision.  Understood? 

Craig: Understood.  Understood.  Listen, when you make the plans for Paris, put my seat on the aisle, will you?  Don't sign a thing for B.R.O., Carly.  It won't be good for you or for me.

Kim: Molly, do you think it's possible that nick isn't really using Abigail?  Maybe he truly fell in love with her. 

Molly: I've considered that.  Because it'd be easy to see how anybody could be crazy about Abigail. 

Kim: I mean, don't misunderstand me.  I absolutely stand by what I just did.  I mean, nick's behavior is totally unacceptable, whether it's innocent or not. 

Molly: I've asked myself, "okay, so this guy, who you used to be in love with, who used to be in your life, and your daughter -- they connect.  Is that really so bad?" And I guess my answer is no, that somehow I guess I could handle it.  But if this really is so innocent, then why did he lie to her?  Especially after I'd just told her the truth?

Kim: Exactly.  That's exactly the point.  I mean, what is he trying to do? 

Molly: He wants to damage my relationship with my daughter. 

Kim: But why?  I mean, for revenge? 

Molly: Maybe.  But what's to avenge?  He's the one that wronged me.  Maybe this isn't about me, Kim.  Maybe he truly is pathological. 

Kim: You mean getting his kicks from purposely seducing the daughter of a woman who used to be his lover?  Ew.  Ugh.  You should've fired him a long time ago. 

Molly: Gives me the creeps. 

Kim: Okay.  I want you to put this out of your mind.  Nick doesn't have a job.  He has no reason to hold him here.  He's gonna be out of your life, and of Abigail's.  Permanently.

Abigail: Thank you. 

Bonnie: Sure. 

Abigail: Bonnie, have you ever been in love? 

Bonnie: In love?  I was engaged once.  To a duke.  Yeah, right before I came here, we actually had the engagement party at his family's castle and everything. 

Abigail: Wow, that's really romantic. 

Bonnie: Yeah, for about two seconds. 

Abigail: Why, what happened?  Did he -- he cheated on you? 

Bonnie: He cheated on me with jewelry and charm more than anyone I've ever known in my life.  Let's see, with his first indiscretion, I received a diamond bracelet.  And then when he cheated on me with the Norwegian bimbo, I got a pair of diamond earrings.  And then each lie after that was worth about four carats.  Until I caught on.

Abigail: What'd you do? 

Bonnie: I dumped the diamonds in his lap.  I know.  Trust me, I regret it every day.  And then I dumped him.  Trust me, Abigail, I would've been so happy if my duke was half as caring as your little mystery man. 

Abigail: Yeah, I think about him from the time I wake up in the morning to the time I go to sleep. 

Bonnie: Then trust me.  You can't cave into your mother's pressure.  The last time I caved into my mom's pressure, I ended up working at this dump. 

Abigail: Well, what about the modeling?  Didn't you like that? 

Bonnie: Yeah, it was a blast. 

Abigail: Well, why didn't you follow it up?  You could've been on your own.  What happened?

Bonnie: I don't know.  I guess I was possessed by the same demon that made me give back those diamonds.  Regardless, coming back was what was seemed like a good idea at the time. 

[Cell phone rings]

Abigail: Oh, sorry. 

Bonnie: Sure. 

Abigail: Hello?  Hey, you.  You won't believe it -- I was just talking about you.  Yeah, I was thinking I could come by the station later. 

Nick: Well, if you do, I won't be there. 

Abigail: Why?  Where will you be? 

Nick: I don't know.  You think it's too soon to start sending out my resume? 

Abigail: What do you mean? 

Nick: I got fired. 

Abigail: What?!  Well, did Molly make this happen?

Nick: Abigail, don't --

Abigail: Didn't she?!  Tell me the truth. 

Nick: Well, the truth is, Kim did it.  It was her decision. 

Abigail: Wait, Nick, can you honestly tell me that you don't think Molly talked her into it? 

Nick: No, I can't -- since it happened at Molly's house and molly was there. 

Abigail: She just won't quit, will she?!  She will stoop to anything to keep you from seeing me!  Are you home? 

Nick: Yeah. 

Abigail: Well, stay there.  Don't go anywhere or do anything.  I'm on my way over.  Are you -- are you gonna be okay? 

Nick: Yeah.  At least I will be when you get here.

Abigail: I'm on my way. 

Nick: "At least I will be when you get here."

Bonnie: If I'm gonna survive my shift, I think it's best if I get out and get some fresh air. 

Isaac: I agree.  Stay off the caffeine.  I don't wanna have to peel you off the ceiling later. 

Bonnie: Will do. 

Isaac: What's up with Abigail?  It looked like you were giving advice to the lovelorn. 

Bonnie: Oh, I know a thing or two about affairs of the heart, Isaac.  Add that to your list of things you don't know about me. 

Isaac: Yet. 

Bonnie: You know, normally, I would have a very, very snappy comeback, but right now, I'm way too tired to even think about it.

Isaac: Bonnie? 

Bonnie: Yeah? 

Isaac: Once again -- I gotta tell you -- nice save with Dr. Bob.  I never would've thought you had music connections.  But who's the celebrity? 

Bonnie: Beats me.  I had to make up something so we wouldn't lose the booking. 

Isaac: You -- you made up the fact that we have celebrity entertainment?! 

Bonnie: Don't worry about it.  I'll get to it when I get back. 

Isaac: "Don't worry."

Kim: I'll be right there.  Sorry, I gotta get to the station. 

Molly: You know, when I called you for help, I never expected a complete rescue. 

Kim: Oh, well, listen.  That may have been the easy part.  Now comes the hard part.  You have to deal with Abigail.

Molly: It's like she's addicted to him. 

Kim: Well, you get busy and do what you have to do.  And do it quickly. 

Molly: I will. 

Kim: Listen -- you make sure she hears about Nick's getting fired from you, before he puts his spin on it. 

Molly: You're right. 

Kim: Okay. 

Molly: I will.  Thank you. 

Kim: Bye. 

Molly: Abigail, it's me.  You've obviously turned your cell phone off. But please, when you get this message, come home right away.  I need to see you. 

Abigail: I can't believe that molly got you fired.  That's so unfair. 

Nick: Don't blame molly.  She was just trying to protect you.

Abigail: I don't need protecting.  They're not gonna send you back to jail, are they? 

Nick: No.  No, nothing like that.  At least I hope not.  But I should leave town.  You know, it's a big state. 

Abigail: No!  No, you can't! 

Nick: Abigail, I have to.  It's better for you. 

Abigail: How can you say that? 

Nick: Because if I stay here, Molly will always be an issue between us.  And I'll force you to choose between Molly or me.  And I'm not gonna do that.  I've already caused you enough pain. 

Abigail: No, please don't say that.  You are the only thing in my life that makes sense right now, and I'm not gonna let Molly ruin that.  I'm not gonna let her come between us.

Nick: What are you gonna do? 

Abigail: I'm gonna go tell her she cannot control my life! 

Nick: Abigail, just wait.  Wait! 

Abigail: Just -- can you meet me tonight at Java Underground? 

Nick: No, I don't -- I don't know. 

Abigail: Oh, I'll pay. 

Nick: No.  No, you won't.  I'm not so desperate that I have to take money from my girl -- friend.  Look, I'm not gonna take any money from you.  You are so brave for someone so young.  Are you sure you can do this? 

Abigail: Don't you know how much you mean to me? 

Nick: Maybe we shouldn't be seen together.  I mean, it might tick Molly off even more.

Abigail: Ask me if I care. 

Craig: (on the phone) No, meet me in my suite, Paul.  Of course, you don't wanna talk to me, but I have something to discuss with you regarding Carly Tenney's welfare. 

[Craig sighs]

Jack: Carly? 

Carly: Hi. 

Jack: Hi. 

Carly: I guess I'm the last person you expected to see. 

Jack: Yeah.  But it's good.  It's real good.  Come on in.  Sorry. 

Carly: Thanks. 

Jack: You okay? 

Carly: I think so.  I got an offer this morning -- a really fabulous offer to design for a great company. 

Jack: Wonderful.  That's great.  I always knew you'd make it to the top.  So where's the smile?

Carly: I don't know.  All the sudden, my life is full of too much of a good thing, and I just don't feel very smiley. 

Jack: Tough decision? 

Carly: Yeah.  It's pretty tough.  And you were the only person I could think of who could help me make it.

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