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Isaac: I cannot believe that you're freezing me out when all I did was defend you to Hal Munson!

Bonnie: Who said I needed defending?

Isaac: I explained this to you. All I knew at the time was you were down at the police station.

Bonnie: To speak to Lieutenant Munson because he hadn't heard from Jennifer and he was worried about her.

Isaac: And how was I supposed to know that?

Bonnie: You weren't. But until you actually knew what the emergency was, there was no reason to panic, was there?

Isaac: "To panic"? Since when is trying to lend a hand panic?

Bonnie: I was perfectly fine, Isaac, until you came in there, barging in there with that same gangster act you pulled on my friends in New York.

Isaac: See, now, the key word there is "act." "Act." Do I even look like a gangster?

Bonnie: The jury's still out. For whatever the reason, you came in there ready to jump on anyone in a uniform. Either that, or you feel you have some sort of claim on me.

Isaac: Please. You are so far from being one of my responsibilities.

Bonnie: Good. Then stay out of my business.

Kim: What is that? A labor dispute?

Lisa: Oh, it's just an ongoing struggle. What do I say to convince you, hmm?

Kim: Oh, honey, it's nothing against Java. It's just that the hospital has had a benefit here already, and the board wants someplace new. That's all.

Lisa: Well, why don't you just take an unofficial poll and see if the members of the board -- if they're really wedded to your idea.

Kim: Well, actually, there's only two people involved anyway.

Lisa: Oh.

Kim: Unless --

Lisa: What, what, what?

Kim: Do you suppose I could get Barbara involved in this?

Lisa: Honey, Barbara's not the woman she used to be.

Kim: Well, she's never gonna be the woman she used to be if she doesn't get out of that house and do something to take her mind off of herself. I mean, otherwise, she's just gonna drift off into never never land.

James: I must say, your enthusiasm brightens my day.

Barbara: I believe that you're the one brimming with enthusiasm. Ridding the world of Emily, Rose and Carly is just the kind of project that you love. I'm just waiting to find out what kind of role you're going to assign me to play.

James: Barbara, for now, the less you know, the better, you see, since no one needs to know our connection.

Barbara: So what do I do? Sit around and wait? Read about your exploits in the paper?

James: Well, I want you to resume a normal life as soon as possible. As soon as Paul moves out, officially, fire the housekeeper and the gardener. That way, it'll be more difficult to detect my comings and goings here at Fairwinds. Ah. A little something for you.

Barbara: The wheel spins. I don't know this title.

James: Doesn't anyone read anymore? Barbara, think of it as a film. The lady vanishes or The three ladies that vanish. Poof.

Barbara: You do love your little games, don't you?

James: A bit of a vice. Anything to make you smile.

[Knock on the door]

Jack: Barbara?

James: I'm in Canada.

Jack: It's Jack.

Barbara: Hello, Jack. You seem to be making a habit of this.

Jack: You don't mind, I hope.

Barbara: No, come on in.

Jack: Am I interrupting something?

Barbara: Interrupting?

Jack: Well, I just -- you're more peppy than usual. I thought maybe I caught you in the middle of working on something for B.R.O.

Barbara: No, no, that seems to be Carly's province these days. No, no, no. No hard feelings. Life's too short to carry a burden like that.

Holden: Molly, I don't want you blaming yourself for everything that's happening with Abigail.

Molly: Then who am I supposed to blame, Holden?

Holden: What about Jake? Is Jake around? Abigail respects him.

Molly: He's dropping the twins off at Donna's. And she's not interested in anything Jake has to say anyways, because she caught him talking to Adam at the station. And then she blamed us that we were lying to her about it. And -- well, I sort of was. And everything's just getting out of hand, and that's why we need you.

Holden: Me? I'm no better off than you are, though. I told Abigail that I wanted to get her a new horse. She decided that you asked me to bribe her.

Molly: Sometimes I just wish that I had a switch I could flip and make that kid see the light. But she's 18. So there's no way that she's gonna see the danger she's in with a guy like Nick Scudder.

Holden: Molly, you are doing everything that you possibly can. And I know it's not easy. Especially telling her about Nick and your history with Nick.

Molly: I know. I thought that would be enough to send her running from him as fast as she could.

Holden: Maybe she just has feelings for this guy already. Maybe she's already in too deep.

Molly: I should've told her everything right from the start, because now, I don't think she's gonna believe anything from me.

Holden: All right. All right, where did she go?

Molly: She didn't really say. I was hoping she went to Jennifer's, but --

Holden: But you think maybe she went to Nick?

Molly: Holden, Jake found out that she's been visiting him alone.

Holden: Where's this guy living?

Molly: Some boarding house somewhere. But to top it off, the landlady told Jake that she saw Abigail and Nick kissing.

Holden: Okay, fine. All right. I think we should call this guy and see if she's over there.

Molly: No, you know what? I -- no. Because I don't really know what Abigail's up to right now, but I do know if she thinks that I'm checking up on her, that I'm gonna lose her forever.

Abigail: Tell me.

Nick: Abigail, I don't see why it matters.

Abigail: Yes, you do. I mean, first, Molly says nothing. And then she lies to me, and then she says -- swears she's telling me the truth to protect me from you. So just answer the question. Were you and Molly lovers?

Nick: There's no easy way to say this.

Abigail: Just -- just say it.

Nick: Your mother lied to you again.

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Holden: Hi, this is Holden Snyder. Is this Will? Hey, Will, how you doing? Good, good. Listen, I have a question for you. Is Abigail over there visiting Jennifer? Okay. Ah, okay. All right. Thanks, Will. Bye-bye. Abigail is not over there because Jennifer is modeling in Europe.

Molly: I'm gonna go get her, go find her.

Holden: Let me go with you.

Molly: No, Holden, she's gonna think we're ganging up on her. You know what? This is my mess, so let me try to fix it.

Nick: Can I get you something?

Abigail: No, I'm all right.

Nick: No, you're far from all right.

Abigail: I just -- I wish I was handling this better.

Nick: So much of this is my fault.

Abigail: No, you haven't done anything wrong. And I don't see why anyone can't see that.

Nick: I was being too harsh when I said that Molly lied, okay?

Abigail: I mean, she did, didn't she?

Nick: Well, it depends on how you look at it. I mean, maybe Molly was just telling the story the way that she sees it.

Abigail: What's the difference?

Nick: It depends on what she said.

Abigail: She said that you two knew each other and that you robbed a store. But it was all your idea, and then you basically gave her up to the cops.

Nick: Oh. Well, that's very convenient.

Abigail: So it's not true?

Nick: Abigail, I want you to do something for me, okay? Just forget that you're mad at Molly, and put yourself in her shoes for a minute. I mean, your daughter just found out some things about your past that you're ashamed of. What would you do?

Abigail: I would -- I would be up-front about it, especially if I respected my daughter enough to not treat her like a child.

Nick: Yeah, but you're embarrassed. I mean, you're completely humiliated by something that happened when you were young and stupid. Wouldn't it be easier not to take any responsibility for who you used to be and just bank on the life that you have now?

Abigail: I never thought that Molly was that kind of person.

Nick: I -- I know.

Abigail: I'm obviously wrong about that.

Nick: What else did she say?

Abigail: Exactly what I told you. That the two of you were lovers.

Nick: Huh.

Abigail: What?

Nick: You obviously want to be treated like an adult, and that's how I'd like to deal with this -- like two adults. Can we do that?

Abigail: Yes. I mean, you seem to be the only person who wants that besides me.

Nick: No, I know Molly is your mother, so if this makes you uncomfortable, just stop me.

Abigail: Okay.

Nick: All right. Well, when I first met Molly, she was hot. I mean, not that she isn't now, but in those days, she had this wildness about her. She loved to party. And I was definitely into her. And I thought things might work out for us down the road.

Abigail: Did it?

Nick: Well, we hung out. We did a lot of drinking and some things that I'm actually not too proud of. But I had something going with another girl at the same time. So whatever Molly told you about her and I, that might be the way that she remembers it, but that's -- that's not what happened.

Abigail: So, that's a no?

Nick: Yeah.

Abigail: I knew it! I knew it.

Nick: Abigail, listen --

Abigail: No, Molly -- Molly knew. She's been lying to me about you ever since you came to town. I didn't wanna believe any of it, but she knew that this lie -- this one in particular -- would real freak me out.

Nick: Why do you say that?

Abigail: Because of everything that happened with Chris Hughes.

Nick: Who's Chris Hughes?

Abigail: He's someone I loved. He's the first person that I loved. And Molly had an affair with him and didn't tell me about it.

Nick: Really?

Abigail: Yeah, and she knew that the one thing that she could say to crush me was that you two were lovers.

Nick: I didn't know that she could be so cruel.

Abigail: Neither did I.

Nick: Seeing you cry, watching your heart break like this, I -- do you trust me?

Abigail: You know I do.

Nick: Then you must know that I would've told you right from the start if Molly and I had been lovers.

Abigail: Yeah. I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Nick: Don't do anything. Just be here with me.

Barbara: Once a cop, always a cop.

Jack: What do you mean?

Barbara: You're giving me the once-over, Jack. Maybe there's a reason that I'm so animated today.

Jack: What's that?

Barbara: James has left the country.

Jack: That's funny, Barbara. I came by to tell you that, actually. We found out that Steinbeck crossed the border into Canada a few hours ago.

Barbara: Music to my ears.

Jack: Oh, I can imagine. But then again, you already knew that. How's that work?

Barbara: Excuse me?

Jack: Did you have a police scanner in here I don't know about? Because we just found out that Steinbeck left the U.S.

Barbara: James was here earlier today. Paul was here, too. It was a very ugly scene. My son and I told his father that we wanted him out of our lives forever.

Jack: I see. So Steinbeck turns tail and says, "I'm off to Canada."

Barbara: Hmm. Oh, come on, Jack. What is this? You should be as happy as I am about it.

Jack: I am. There is one problem, though.

Barbara: You always seem to be dealing with problems, don't you?

Jack: I still can't figure out what Steinbeck was doing here in the first place. And now that he's gone, I wonder if he got what he came for.

Barbara: I don't give a damn about his motivations. All I care about is that he left me alone. That's the first good thing that's happened to me since the accident. Paul and I are safe.

[Jack clears his throat] and we both have to get beyond this. You have to heal as well, too, Jack.

[Jack coughs]

Jack: I know.

[Jack coughs] I'm happy to hear you say that.

Barbara: Are you all right?

Jack: Yeah. But, you know, I could use a cup of water, actually if you don't mind.

[Jack coughs]

Barbara: I'll be right back.

[Jack coughs]

[Jack coughs]

Jack: Thank you very much.

Barbara: Mm-hmm. Better?

Jack: That's good. Thank you. Um, I should really be going. So soon? You must have found what you were looking for.

Barbara: You manipulated me out of the room so that you could rummage through my belongings?

Jack: I meant no disrespect. I didn't come here to pry.

Barbara: Of course you did. That's the only reason you come here.

Jack: Well, I'm sorry, Barbara. I know how much you value your privacy.

Barbara: Isn't the suspect's right to privacy the first thing the cop throws out the window?

Jack: You're not a suspect, Barbara. But I am looking for answers. Steinbeck coming to Oakdale and then mysteriously leaving has me scratching my head. I can't help looking for some clues about what he was after.

Barbara: You won't find any clues here, detective.

Jack: You'd feel better if I did.

Barbara: And why is that?

Jack: Because if James didn't get what he was after, he'll be back. If he tries to contact you again --

Barbara: I'll call. You can let yourself out.

[Door slams]

James: A do-gooder. What a nuisance.

Barbara: He's also a good detective.

James: It won't matter.

[Phone rings]

Barbara: Hello? Kim, how nice to hear your voice. I -- I don't think I possibly could accept a visitor. Well, maybe just for a short while. Lisa, too? All right, I will expect you shortly.

James: Auntie Kim request an audience?

Barbara: They wanna talk to me about some kind of benefit for the hospital.

James: Perfect. Entertain them, and by the time they leave, the good ladies of Oakdale will be well convinced that you are on the mend. Do you really need this?

Barbara: These are my life-long friends and family. They know me. I don't want them observing me too closely or --

James: Barbara, I want the world to see you for what you're about to become.

Barbara: What are you doing?

James: No more veils.

Isaac: Hello, how are you?

Kim: Oh, my word.

Lisa: Sweetheart, I'm trying to convince Kim that the benefit that the hospital is going to throw -- it should be here at Java underground. It's for the Burn Unit, hmm?

Isaac: Oh, absolutely.

Lisa: Yeah.

Isaac: Absolutely. Our wish is your command, Mrs. Hughes. Whatever you need, let us know. I mean, we're more than willing to be flexible.

Bonnie: Isaac, you, flexible? Give me a break. I couldn't help from overhearing --

Isaac: That's funny how it works with you.

Lisa: Well -- you remember Bonnie, my little goddaughter.

Kim: Of course. Of course I do. How are you, dear?

Bonnie: Great. So the hospital's having a benefit here?

Kim: Well, we haven't actually made up our mind yet.

Bonnie: Is it the animal prints?

Lisa: Oh, now, Bonnie, it's --

Bonnie: Well, Lisa, they're not everybody's cup of tea. I know this for a fact. I was just curious why Mrs. Hughes hasn't made a decision yet.

Isaac: Bonnie, there's a pile of invoices that we were gonna start on earlier. Why don't you get started on them?

Bonnie: In a moment. Wouldn't you like to see an eclectic group of people attending? Not just the powers-that-be, but service-minded, young people as well? It could be a way of attracting a whole new generation of new donors.

Lisa: Well, that's exactly what we wanna do.

Bonnie: Oakdale needs to smile. This year has been trying for so many people. The holidays are a way to count our blessings. And what better place to lift your spirits? This event could actually be a symbol of healing. I mean, isn't that what the Burn Unit is really all about?

Kim: Actually, you're right on the mark, and I'm sold.

Lisa: Well, yes. Bravo, Bonnie! Give the woman a raise. Come on, darling, let's go see Barbara. Let's strike while the iron's hot.

Kim: All right. See you both later.

Bonnie: Bye, Mrs. Hughes.

Kim: Bye-bye.

Isaac: Your mouth actually accomplished something other than insulting me. I -- how's it feel to do something worthwhile?

Bonnie: Isn't this when you say, "thank you, Bonnie. You've opened up a whole new dimension to my business"?

Isaac: I didn't ask you to help me any more than you asked me to help you at the Police station.

Bonnie: Oh, but there is one difference.

Isaac: Which is?

Bonnie: You were drowning. "Oh, Mrs. Hughes, our wish is your command." Didn't you mean her wish is your command?

Isaac: You know what? Fine. It's all yours.

Bonnie: What is?

Isaac: The party. You wanna be the B. Smith of Oakdale, go right ahead. The party is all yours -- from the toothpicks to the petite fours.

Bonnie: That's petite fours.

Nick: You're cold. It kills me to see you like this. Especially since I'm the one who caused it.

Abigail: No. You're not the cause of anything bad in my life right now.

Nick: Why I came to Oakdale, I have no idea.

Abigail: I like to think that you were sent here for me to be the kind of friend that I've never had. And if you hadn't have come, I would've missed out on finding someone -- the one person that I can trust to tell me the truth.

Nick: That's not true, Abigail. I know you're having problems with your family, but you still have Adam.

Abigail: Right, Adam. I should really congratulate him on losing his virginity to a total stranger.

Nick: Oh. I'm -- I'm sorry about that.

Abigail: You know what? He's no worse than Molly. Only she lies and tries to control my life at the same time.

Nick: I think you're being a little bit harsh.

Abigail: You know, you came to Oakdale just in time to help me see people for who they really are. At least I'm not fooled anymore. My face must be so puffy from crying.

Nick: Here.

Abigail: Thank you.

Nick: No, no, it's perfect. Your complexion -- it's like something from another era. A renaissance painting.

Abigail: What do you know about paintings?

Nick: Well, what else was I gonna do in prison? Read crime novels? Other than the editing stuff, they had a couple of art books, and I used to look at them. This is stupid.

Abigail: No, it's not stupid. It's not stupid at all. What paintings do you like?

Nick: Well, a lot of the women in those books were angels. And I used to stare at them for hours. I'd imagine -- well, I'd actually let my mind fall into the pages. I'd imagine that some of those angels might pull me out of that hell hole that I was in. And I never thought that I'd -- I'd meet a real angel when I got out.

Abigail: No one's ever called me an angel. "Nice" -- "nice girl," maybe.

Nick: Beautiful woman.

Abigail: Thank you.

Nick: You might not be an angel, but you're as close to heaven as I'll ever get.

Abigail: Oh, no, don't. You say that I'm a woman. I want you to treat me like one.

[Knock at the door]

Molly: Nick, open this door, now!

[Pounding on the door]

Molly: Nick? Nick, are you there? It's Molly.

Nick: We could let her knock.

Abigail: I've thought about kissing you for a very long time.

Molly: I know someone's in there. I'm not leaving.

[Knocking continues]

Abigail: Let her in.

Nick: Are you sure?

Abigail: Yeah.

Nick: Okay.

[Knocking continues]

Molly: Get up. I'm taking you home.

Abigail: I knew you'd check up on me.

Molly: Yeah, well, that never used to be a bad thing, Abigail.

Abigail: Just so you know, I did go to Jen's, but she wasn't there.

Molly: Yeah, I know. We called.

Abigail: Why am I not surprised?

Molly: I wanted to trust you.

Abigail: "Trust." You're talking about trust? That's ironic, Molly.

Molly: I see I was right to worry.

Abigail: Why? Because I'm here?

Molly: Let's go.

Nick: Molly, listen --

Molly: Not one word from you, so help me! Now, Abigail!

Abigail: Why? So I can hear more lies about your sordid past?

Molly: What have you been telling her?

Nick: Apparently, you're the one who's been doing all the talking.

Molly: So you denied it all. Am I right? So everything that happened had nothing to do with what a low-life con you really are.

Abigail: Stop it! Why are you all of the sudden acting like the injured party? You should be apologizing to Nick for all the nasty things that you said!

Molly: You know what? We are not gonna have this conversation here. Come on.

Abigail: I have my own car.

Molly: Yeah, well, we'll leave it here, and we'll pick it up tomorrow.

Abigail: What if I say no?

Molly: You better stop what you're doing, or I'm gonna make you so sorry they ever let you out of your cage.

[Door slams]

Jessica: You must have been completely obsessed in med school.

Ben: No, I'm detail-oriented. I'll admit it.

Jessica: About bartending? Please. You're a neurosurgeon.

Ben: I don't care. I memorized half the bartending guide last night.

Jessica: Get out of here.

Ben: Yes, ma'am. What would you like to drink? Would you prefer a perfect martini? A pisco sour? A wild mustang? A little between the sheets, hmm?

[Jessica laughs]

Jessica: Oh, I don't believe I just hit you. I'm so sorry. We've been hanging out together too much.

Ben: No, no, no, this is good. Us over-achievers need to stick together.

Jessica: Yeah, well, if we're gonna start a club, you definitely get my vote for president.

Ben: All right. Listen, until Isaac finds somebody to replace his bartender, it's a nice change from performing hemangioblastomectomies.

Jessica: Spell that and I will chug a pisco sour while hopping on one leg, whistling the "Stars and Stripes Forever."

Ben: H-E-M-A-N-G-I-O-B- L-A-S-T-O-M-E-C --

Jessica: Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. It looks like the bell has rung for round 54.

Bonnie: You can't just force me to be in charge of some hospital benefit. It's your bar.

Isaac: Of which you're an employee.

Bonnie: I quit.

Isaac: I don't accept your resignation. Look, you had some good ideas over there.

Bonnie: Get used to it. All of my ideas are good. But if I wanted to work that hard, I would've stayed in New York to model.

Isaac: I didn't ask you to leave your little socialite friends to come back here to work. If you don't wanna be here, that's fine. Quit. I don't care.

Ben: Wow, bro, you really know how to turn on the charm.

Jessica: You know, you two should start charging admission.

Bonnie: This is the thanks I get for not staying in New York?

Jessica: I totally expected you to stay a while anyway. I thought Oakdale was the bane of your existence. Guess not, huh?

Bonnie: Why are you smiling?

Jessica: Because we both now why you came back, don't we?

Barbara: Give that to me.

James: No.

Barbara: Don't ask me to expose myself, James. Lisa and Kim will take one look at this face, and they'll know that I didn't want them to come through the front gate.

James: Nonsense. Your performance for Paul was masterful. It even had me fooled there for a minute.

Barbara: James Steinbeck -- he who knows all, sees all --- had a crisis of confidence?

James: Barbara, if you can convince your own son, Lisa and Kim will be a walk in the park.

Barbara: You think so? You try to spend time with people who'll spend the whole time with you trying to figure out where to look. You try knowing that all they're doing is try to keep from being sick at the sight of you.

James: Barbara, I'm tired of this. I'm tired of that argument. It's not doing either one of us any good! Now, I want the world to see you how I see you. I see you as a beautiful survivor.

Margo: Hey, it's confirmed. James Steinbeck is in Canada. How'd it go with Barbara, huh?

[Jack sighs]

Jack: Oh. She swears that she has no ongoing contact with him.

Margo: You believe her?

Jack: I'd like to.

Margo: But?

Jack: But our friend Barbara is lying through her teeth.

Jack: I have seen Barbara a fair amount of times since the accident. I've gotten to know her moods. Wired hasn't been one of them. Not until tonight. She was amped, Margo, no question.

Margo: Okay. Was this before or after you told her about Steinbeck?

Jack: The whole time. She was desperate to convince me that everything was okay.

Margo: You don't think that that could be true?

Jack: No.

Margo: Jack, isn't there any way I can get you to drop this?

Jack: No, I can't, Margo. It's this feeling I have.

Margo: All right, Jack, I trust your instincts, but I don't wanna see you go vigilante again. James Steinbeck is gone. If he reappears, I'm sure all the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up. And we'll deal with it then.

Jack: That's just it. The little hairs on my neck haven't stopped standing up.

Margo: Just drop it! We've got ten other real cases on board.

Jack: All right, okay.

Margo: So, how'd it go with Carly? Hmm? How are things?

Jack: What the hell is that? What the -- you can't just segue out of nowhere into my personal life.

Margo: I just wanna know how you two are doing.

Jack: She's with Craig. She seems happy. I have my job. Life goes on.

Margo: Never saw Carly and Craig actually working out, though, you know.

Jack: Maybe Craig fills a void for her right now. I don't know.

Margo: I don't wanna see you trying to free the world of James Steinbeck to fill a void.

Jack: Nothing can do that. I know.

Margo: I hope you do. Because it's a trap, and it is not gonna help you move on, Jack.

Barbara: I just don't think that I could make an appearance like this. I don't think the time is right for me. I don't feel that secure about going outside my own home.

Kim: We just thought this was a cause you would really care about.

Lisa: Oh, yes, honey. You used to always work so hard for the hospital.

Barbara: But you're asking me to make a very public appearance for a Burn unit.

Kim: Well, that's the point. Your presence there would make a powerful statement.

Lisa: Just think of the hope you would give to the people of the Burn unit.

Barbara: I see. So now I'm the patron saint of the burned and disfigured?

Kim: No, no. But reaching out to others would be such an unselfish gesture on your part.

Barbara: You don't know what you're asking me to do.

Kim: Honey, we're not asking you to put yourself on display. This is about reaching out to others. It's about getting back into the world again. It would bless you and everybody involved.

Lisa: Look, let's stop really beating around the bush like this. Sweetheart, we love you so very much. And you have a beauty that is -- you can't imagine. It is still there, and it still shines through, more than you can believe.

Barbara: No one's told me that I'm beautiful for such a long time.

Kim: Honey, you haven't let anybody have a chance at it.

Lisa: Please. Barbara, please, come back to us.

Barbara: Let me think about it.

Kim: Good. We'll do that. We'll check in with you.

Barbara: Okay.

Kim: I love you.

James: You will think about it, and then you'll call them and say yes.

Barbara: I'm not sure I can do this.

James: Barbara, if you want our plan to work, it's the only thing to do.

Ben: Man, will you get off it? All this hot air you're spewing is just your way of saying, "I like her, Ben. Bonnie's my kind of woman."

Isaac: Ah, how could I be so naive? With your vast experience and success with the fair sex, I mean, you obviously have the inside track.

Ben: Look, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on between you and Bonnie.

Isaac: Well, we already asked a neurosurgeon since, and he doesn't know. So, I guess it does. Go mix drinks.

Ben: You wanna know the truth? I'm tired of hearing you whine and moan about the woman. Why don't you just step up, ask her out on a proper date, see where this thing goes?

Isaac: Advice from Dr. Ben's love line? I'll pass.

Ben: You're lying. I can see it in your eyes. You're figuring out where you'd take her if you were to go out.

Jessica: Aren't you leaving something out?

Bonnie: Like what?

Jessica: Like your decision to stay in Oakdale had everything to do with Isaac Jenkins.

Molly: Abigail, listen to me. Whatever Nick Scudder says to you, it doesn't really matter.

Abigail: Oh, that's fair.

Molly: No, it doesn't matter, honey, because I already told you the truth. I didn't want to, and I ran from the responsibility. But in the end, I did it.

Abigail: So what do you want? A medal?

Molly: No. I want you to believe me.

Abigail: I know why you said what you said, Molly. And I told you to stop trying to scare me off, because it's not gonna work!

Molly: You have no clue about the depth of my love for you. And you may never understand that kind of love until you're a mother yourself. And you really don't understand that I'm a mother who's just gotten a second chance with my child. And I see a threat to that child, so I'm scared. And I should've trusted my instincts about Nick Scudder the minute he came to town. And I didn't, and now I'm paying the price for it.

Abigail: Oh, and so once again, it's more about you than it is about me.

Molly: Honey, I'm trying to ask you to forgive me. Okay, I was so blind because I was trying to protect you from the mistakes I made in my life that I didn't -- it never occurred to me that the best protection for you would be the truth.

Abigail: Nick hasn't done anything, not one thing for you to try to "protect" me from him! You make him sound like a maniac from some monster movie!

Molly: He's worse than that, Abigail! He's a monster in real life. The rarest kind of monster. The quiet ones that play on your trust and your innocence and your goodness!

Abigail: But why? What would he get out of it?

Molly: I don't really know. He's encouraging your affections, Abigail, but it's not real. Okay, whatever that man says he feels for you --

Abigail: Well, what about what I feel for him?

Molly: You're confused, honey.

Abigail: No, I'm not. I trust myself, and I know what I feel in my heart is honest and it's real.

Molly: In your heart? Do you hear yourself?! That's it! That's what he wants. He wants to take your precious heart, and he wants to step on it.

Abigail: Now you're the one that's hurting me, Molly, not Nick. He would never do anything like that, and that's one reason why I love him.

Molly: You love him?

Abigail: Yeah, and there's nothing you can do about that.

Barbara: You're asking me to be the centerpiece of a freak show! I can't possibly do what Kim and Lisa are asking of me.

James: Well, then, find a way. It is crucial to our success.

Barbara: Tell me why.

James: Barbara, the night of the benefit, certain events will occur. Now, I want you fully occupied and in public. It's called an alibi.

Barbara: I see. And so, on that night, three ladies will vanish?

James: I won't let you down.

Bonnie: Mother, believe me. Isaac Jenkins had absolutely nothing to do with why I came back to Oakdale.

Jessica: If you say so.

Bonnie: I do.

Isaac: Man, you don't have a clue.

Ben: What's the problem?

Isaac: Two vodkas for table six, please.

Ben: Isaac?

Isaac: Just make the drinks.

Bonnie: Will you please stop cross-examining me?

Jessica: It just seems to me that you guys are at each other so much, there must be something there.

Bonnie: Okay. He can be cute.

Jessica: Ah, "cute."

Bonnie: In that self-absorbed club owner sort of way. And he can handle himself with me, which most guys can't. And I kind of like the way he stood up to my Park Avenue friends.

Jessica: Hmm, do I detect a hint of admiration?

Bonnie: What's the point? He hates me. He thinks I'm useless and shallow. And I can be that way sometimes. But that's not all I am.

Jessica: I know that, sweetheart. And so does he.

Nick: I'm telling you, the kid is totally into me. Yeah, we are so close, babe. Any day now, it's all gonna fall into place.

Molly: Did he tell you he loved you?

Abigail: Yes. Is that so hard for you to believe?

Molly: This is really difficult, sweetie. But you are such a smart girl. Don't you see something wrong with the way this is playing out?

Abigail: No, all I see is you trying to keep me from making the same mistakes that you did. But I am not you, Molly! And I don't know how many times I have to tell you that!

Molly: No, you're right! You're not me. I am desperate. And the last thing in the world I'd ever wanna do is threaten you. But if it takes me sending you back to your adoptive parents to protect you, then I will!

Abigail: You can't just ship me away! The Williamses -- they've been transferred to Europe. You'd send me across the world just to keep me from seeing Nick?

Molly: Yes, I would.

Abigail: I have never done anything -- not one thing that was designed to hurt you!

Molly: Baby, I'm not trying --

Abigail: Don't call me a baby. I'm not a baby! I'm 18 years old.

Molly: And I am trying to treat you like an adult, Abigail, but there are things that are going on here that you are just too young to know how to handle.

Abigail: I haven't slept with him, if that's what this is all about.

Molly: I can't make you believe me. You have obviously decided to choose Nick's words over mine. But I swear to you that I'm gonna do everything I have to, to handle this. Can't you please try to understand me?

Abigail: I do understand. And that seems to be the problem.

[Molly sobbing]

[Knock at the door]

Holden: Is she back?

Molly: She's in her room.

Holden: I guess it didn't go so well, huh?

Molly: Not even close, Holden. Nick has got her wrapped around so tight that I can't get through to reach her. And now, she thinks they love each other.

Holden: Oh, man.

Molly: You know, I've got enough on him to get him fired from the station. And when I'm through, nobody in this town's gonna hire him.

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