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Katie: Ah! My husband and I are getting married today. I know it sounds weird. We were actually married a year ago, but this is the actual ceremony, and it's supposed to be a surprise, but I found out it's going to be today, so I'm asking you, do you have anything blue?

Holden: You're telling me Nick Scudder, this guy from your past, is trying to hurt Abigail? Why would you let him anywhere near her in the first place?

Jake: She didn't, okay? Listen. He got hired at WOAK. He was helping Abigail out with a school project, and Molly hadn't seen him in years.

Molly: I never should have trusted him again. I always thought if I ever saw the guy again, I'd want to kill him. Instead, he ended up at our house for dinner.

Holden: Dinner? How'd that happen?

Molly: Kim was pressuring me to give Nick a fighting chance when he first started at the station, and you know, he was minding his own business, and he was working hard, and so, eventually, I was convinced that he'd changed. And I thought I'd changed, why not him?

Jake: Right, and it ended up hitting her where it hurt most, with Abigail.

Molly: He's trying to turn Abigail against me.

Nick: Here you go.

Abigail: Thank you. I'm so sorry I came crashing in like this. I just -- I didn't know where else to go.

Nick: I didn't think you knew where I lived.

Abigail: Oh, I did once you said you lived in a boarding house and it was a few blocks from WOAK. I mean, there's not that many in Oakdale. Oh, I'm sorry. I should have called first.

Nick: No, I love - I love a good surprise. But I don't love to see you in tears. What happened, Abigail?

Abigail: I took your advice, and I went to see Adam.

Nick: Well, good. Good. And you came here to let me down easy, right? Is that it?

Abigail: Don't say that.

Nick: Abigail, what happened?

Abigail: Adam was with another girl. He had sex with her. It was awful.

[ Abigail cries ]

Nick: Oh Abigail, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Matthew: More tea, madam?

Lucinda: Yes, please, Matthew. Oh, good heavens. This cannot be!

Matthew: Is there a problem?

Lucinda: He's back in town. James Steinbeck is back.

Matthew: Why?

Lucinda: Matthew, I don't know why. I really don't. Get Fenwick. Tell him to bring the car right around. I'm going to find out why and possibly in the process wring his vulture's neck.

Barbara: Yes, I agree. That's quite an impressive number. Many more orders than last year. I agree as well. Carly Tenney is very gifted. Quite an inspiration. I'll make sure that I pass this along to Paul. Thank you. I'll tell him all about our resident "genius."

[ Barbara remembering ]

James: Now, I think you need to start reconnecting with family and friends.

Barbara: No, I can't do that. I'm much more content without them.

James: Be that as it may, but Barbara, you see, the closer your ties with other people, the more

you'll be removed from our project. It's a way of protecting you, nothing more.

Barbara: I'll do whatever you want, James. Whatever it takes to get rid of Carly and the rest of them.

Craig: May I sit down?

Rose: I knew Carly would stay true to form.

Paul: Form being?

Rose: Jack the gent is replaced by Craig the creep. That broad is always going to pick the bad apple.

Paul: Let's just hope you're wrong.

Rose: But me -- me on the other hand, I got it right this time.

Carly: Don't even try to make me feel guilty. I didn't tell you about my meeting with Jack because it wasn't any of your concern, and you know something? It still isn't.

Craig: Well then, let's talk about what does concern me -- you. Sweet, talented you and this offer Paul made you.

Carly: You read this?

Craig: Well, I want to protect your interests, don't I? And all I can say is don't even think about signing that.

Paul: You know what I'm thinking?

Rose: Yeah, the contract.

Paul: No, it's not that.

Rose: The contract, you gave it to Carly. Then why does Craig have it?

Paul: If he thinks he's going to run her career --

Craig: Let me show you. It's right here in black and white.

Paul: What's going on?

Carly: We're having a not so pleasant, private conversation, Paul, that's none of your business.

Paul: If it has to do with B.R.O.'s offer to you, it is my business. What are you trying to do? You're trying to scavenge off her talent the way you did with my mother, huh?

[ Craig laughs ] don't let him do it.

Simon: Hi. Is my gorgeous wife here yet?

Maitre d': No, Mr. Frasier, just her brother. Would you like to be seated at his table?

Simon: No thanks.

Maitre d': Fine. Please follow me.

Carly: That is enough! I told you, this is my decision and my decision alone, so just butt out!

Rose: Way out!

Carly: And Rose, on that very cold day in hell when I would like your input, I'll be sure to ask you for it.

Rose: You know what? I'm just trying to get some solidarity here. What the heck is that?

[ Here comes the bride plays ]

Katie: Thanks for the gown.

Carly: That's my dress from the show. What does she mean, "thanks?"

Katie: Craig, this would be a good time to start walking down the aisle. Oh, I know it's not exactly an aisle, but you know where I need to end up, right?

Maitre d': Mrs. Frasier, we're not set up for this.

Katie: Oh, sorry. Excuse me, everyone. I know this is a little bit of a surprise, but it's supposed to be. I'm Katie Frasier. Welcome to my wedding.

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[ here comes the bride plays ]

Katie: Hey!

Carly: Get out of my dress!

Katie: My husband bought this for me.

Simon: Katie, excuse me. What are you doing?

Katie: How do I look?

Simon: You look beautiful --

Katie: Even though the dress is a little long?

Carly: It's long. It wasn't made for you.

Katie: So what if he bought it off the rack?

Simon: I didn't buy it.

Carly: He didn't buy it. It's a one of a kind from my collection, Katie.

Katie: You borrowed a haute couture gown?

Simon: No, I didn't borrow anything.

Katie: Don't worry, I won't get any wedding cake on it, so relax.

Carly: Relax?

[ Carly laughs ] she's your sister. Fix this.

Craig: I thought you didn't want me involved in your business.

Carly: This isn't business, Craig. This is a nut job who's gotten her hands on a dress you were supposed to have signed for.

Craig: Well, I don't know how Katie intercepted it, but I'm sure it will get back to you as good as new.

Carly: You just wedding march yourself upstairs and get yourself into another outfit!

Katie: Just as soon as I get married. Okay, should we get this thing started?

Simon: Yeah.

Katie: What's so funny?

[ Simon laughs ]

Simon: You, sweetheart. Wait a second. Excuse me. Folks, look, please, just go back to your lunches and enjoy. There's nothing more to see here. No more wedding bells, just false alarms.

Katie: Oh, you mean this isn't -- ?

Simon: Yeah. No, not today. No, we're not. Okay, let's get out of here.

Carly: And make sure you hang that dress up! If I find it in a heap on the floor, I'll have her head.

Craig: Well, the wedding isn't today. Now, we have time to settle this contract thing.

Carly: Oh, Craig, it's already settled. Don't even think about following me.

Paul: Carly, I need to talk to you.

Carly: Not here.

Paul: I need to know if you're still signing with B.R.O.

Carly: Paul, I don't know.

Paul: If he told you that the contract wasn't fair, he's lying.

Carly: It doesn't have anything to do with anything that Craig said.

Paul: Then what is it? We can work it out.

Carly: I've been thinking about your mother and how much she hates me. She was willing to destroy her own company's fashion show just to get revenge on me. She took shears to my dresses, Paul, and didn't even care. If she doesn't want me designing under B.R.O.'s umbrella, this is not going to work.

Paul: Okay, if I can promise that I can keep my mother under control, will you sign?

Carly: If you can do that, then I will have a lawyer look at the contract.

Paul: Okay, great.

Carly: But unless I know that your mother has made a complete 180 about having my name on her label, we don't have a deal, and I need proof from Barbara, not from you.

Lucinda: Barbara? Barbara?

Barbara: What are you doing here, barging into my home?

Lucinda: Where is he?

Barbara: Where is who?

Lucinda: James -- James.

Barbara: And why are you seeking James?

Lucinda: Well, you might say this was an exercise in self-protection. If he's come back to reclaim me, he can just forget about that, all right? But you tell him something from me. He's to get himself out of town or I will muster all my forces, moral and legal, and we will finally put a stake through that vampire's heart.

[ Barbara laughs ]

Barbara: Oh, thank you. Thank you. That was the first good laugh I've had in a very long time.

[ Lucinda laughs ] you're not angry that James is back. You're angry that the woman he came back for is me.

Holden: So what do you want me to do about it, Molly?

Molly: I want you to try to talk to her, because Nick has her convinced that I'm the enemy. And well, she doesn't really know much about my history with him.

Holden: So you never told her the truth about what happened between you and Nick?

Molly: I was afraid I'd lose her. And now --

Holden: Well, it seems to me like a guy like Nick shouldn't be working at WOAK. A guy like that -- if he lost his job, maybe he'd leave town. Maybe we should talk to Kim.

Jake: Molly tried. Kim defended him.

Molly: I'm gonna try again.

Jake: Kim's gonna need some proof. I'll see if I find something to convince her. I'll go work on that. You go home and stay by the phone. Okay?

Molly: Okay.

Jake: Thanks, Holden.

Holden: Any time.

Molly: I know what you're thinking. And I think you might be right.

Holden: What am I thinking?

Molly: You're thinking that I should've let Abigail stay with you.

Holden: Molly, you have been terrific for Abigail, and so has Jake. And for what it's worth, I don't think I could've handled the situation any better myself.

Molly: Thank you.

Holden: Now let's fix this before our daughter gets into real trouble here, okay?

Nick: Are you feeling any better?

Abigail: Yeah. I'm sorry I keep breaking down like this.

Nick: Well, it sounds like Adam gave you a pretty good reason. Did you tell Molly about all this?

Abigail: Yeah, but you know, she was --

Nick: Well, she was on your side, I hope.

Abigail: Not when she was sticking up for Adam.

Nick: Well, maybe she thinks if she sticks up for him, you'll stay away from me. She's trying to protect you. And she's right.

Abigail: No. She's wrong. She's been wrong about everything. Adam isn't so wonderful, and you aren't so -- whatever. Molly doesn't know what she's talking about.

Nick: Yes she does, Abigail. I am no good for you. And this friendship, it just -- it cannot go on, okay?

Abigail: Why? Why? Nick?

Nick: Abigail, you have to go.

Abigail: No, not until you tell me why. Why? Why can't this friendship go on?

Nick: Because -- I'm in love with you. Now, go, go. You've gotta get out of here now.

Abigail: No.

Nick: Abigail, wait, wait.

Nick: Wait, wait. Just wait.

Abigail: What?

Nick: Wait.

Abigail: I'm not a child.

Nick: All right, look. When we make love -- I mean, if we make love --

Abigail: No, you were right the first time.

Nick: Okay, I just -- I don't want it to be because some other guy hurt you. Okay?

Abigail: I'm not doing this because of Adam.

Nick: Okay, all right. I -- I don't wanna rush any of this. Okay? We should take all the time in the world. And I don't wanna have to worry about getting to work. I want us to be completely focused on each other. Okay?

Abigail: Okay.

[ Cell phone rings ] I'll turn that off.

Nick: No, no, it's okay. Go ahead. Just answer it.

Abigail: Are you sure?

Nick: Yeah.


Holden: Hey, honey. How are you?

Abigail: Holden. Hi.

Holden: Listen, I haven't seen too much of you since I've been back. And I got some time this afternoon. I was hoping maybe you could stop by?

Abigail: I don't know.

Holden: We can saddle up the horses, go for a ride. What do you say?

Abigail: Oh, all right.

Holden: Okay. Why don't you come on out to the house and we'll both go over to the farm together. Okay?

Abigail: Okay, I'll see you soon.

Holden: Okay, I'll look forward to it. Bye-bye.

Molly: She's on her way over here now?

Holden: Mm-hmm.

Molly: All right,. I better get a move on, Holden, because Abigail can't know that I put you up to this.

Holden: You didn't. She did. The day that I found out that I was her father.

Molly: Thank you. For everything.

Abigail: My dad wants me to go riding with him.

Nick: Well, that's great.

Abigail: Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not really sure I feel like going.

Nick: Well, I really don't feel like letting you go either. Believe me. But I have to get to work, so --

Abigail: Okay.

Nick: You know what? Call me? Okay. If you feel like you -- you know, you wanna do this again. All right?

Abigail: Well, you know I do. Something to remember me by.

Rose: So I was thinking maybe gold lame on the walls and some sequins. What do you think?

Paul: Nice.

Rose: Hey. Hey, hello?

Paul: Huh.

Rose: You haven't been listening I've been talking about -- my new home there.

Paul: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry, I just -- I wanna hear all about it, 'cause I'm gonna be spending a lot of time there. So, go ahead.

Rose: Yeah, no, later. You got a lot on your mind right now, so -- I know I need to talk to my mom about this contract with Carly. Until I do, it's --

Rose: Oh. Yeah, and I need to get back to Lucinda. And she's not paying me for hanging out with my guy.

Paul: Your "guy," huh?

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Paul: So that's what I am?

Rose: Yeah. And a whole lot more. And you know what it adds up to?

Paul: You do the math.

Rose: Everything. You're my everything.

Paul: Well, that makes us even. Because you're definitely mine.

Barbara: Look at you. You're all hot and bothered. I just wish he was here to see this performance.

Lucinda: Oh, but he isn't here? But he was here. And you opened the door, didn't you? You opened the door. You welcomed him. Don't you know anything about vampires, darling? They have no power whatsoever unless you invite them in.

Barbara: I did not invite him in. I had him arrested.

Lucinda: But you -- the charges were not pressed. He was released! Is it hard, Barbara, for you to play professional victim? Or is it something that comes naturally?

Barbara: Get out!

Lucinda: And what about your daughter? What about your relationship with James? What about your four sons?!

Barbara: Get out of my house!

Lucinda: Your house? This house is a mausoleum! And I'm glad to go. Just one thing, though, my darling. One thing -- whatever is going down, whatever James has planned, you better hope that you are the only one that's gonna pay the price. Because if he touches anybody in my family, I'll get him. And then I'll get you.

Lucinda: Matthew? Has -- oh, take it off, Matthew. Has Ms. Rose arrived?

Matthew: Yes, madam. Tea, madam?

Lucinda: No, I don't want any tea, for heaven's sake. Everybody's offering me tea, and I don't want tea.

Rose: Hey.

Lucinda: Oh.

Rose: You think I've been slacking off, but I haven't. I got some number here for you -- the sales numbers that you might wanna look at.

Lucinda: Darling, let's forget about that for the moment. I just have one simple question that I wanna ask of you. How serious are you, really, about Paul Ryan?

Rose: It's great. We were gonna live together, believe it not, but then I found my own place. Lily found it for me, actually. Very nice. I thought maybe I'd take things a little slowly with Paul. I don't wanna rush into it. He was so sweet. He kind of made me cry a little bit. He gave me this beautiful kiss, and then --

Lucinda: Okay, okay. Darling, how important to you is your new job?

Rose: Very. Why?

Lucinda: Well, if you value your new job, you will break it off with Paul Ryan. And you will not look back!

Craig: Carry your bags, ma'am?

Carly: Only you, Craig, would use Parker's new school clothes as a way to get into my apartment.

Craig: Well, how do you know that I was not once a boy scout? How do you know that I do not do the occasional, spontaneous good deed? Huh?

Carly: All right. No tricks.

Craig: None necessary. My, my, my. Where is the tiger? Huh?

Carly: He's at school. Thank you. Get out.

Craig: All right. Well, before I leave, I wanna say I'm sorry.

Carly: Yes, that's true. You are. You are sorry. You are a sorry excuse for a human being. Now, leave.

Craig: All right, listen. I'm going. But I was concerned about you, all right?

Carly: You were concerned that you wouldn't be able to run my life! Now we slept together one single time. That does not give you the keys to the Carly kingdom. Do you know that? I run my life. I run my life my way. And if you try to take me over, I swear -- I will be gone faster than you can pound your chest and say, "I'm the man!"

Craig: But I am the man. The man for you.

Katie: What are you doing?

Simon: Making sure your brother doesn't interrupt us.

Katie: Oh, no, no, no. If you think even for one minute that --

Simon: Come here, baby!

Katie: -- I'm going to do anything romantic with you, you're nuts!

Simon: Yeah, I may be nuts, but if you were really angry with me, you would've already stormed out the door by now. Ah, ah, ah! Ow!

Katie: Surprise.

Simon: Ow, what has gotten -- what was that for?

Katie: It's hard not to know what's coming next, isn't it?

Simon: All right, I'm sorry.

Katie: Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was? In front of all those people? Am I supposed to just be embarrassed every day until the day that we get married because I don't know when we're gonna get married, because you don't have the common decency to tell me about it?

Simon: Katie, you're right. You're right.

Katie: I mean, I wanted to be the most beautiful bride that you have ever seen. So forgive me if I'm walking around with my hair and makeup all done in borrowed wedding gowns.

Simon: You win.

Katie: I mean, whoever heard of a surprise wedding? Come on, Simon -- what did you say?

Simon: What? Oh, I said "ow, ow, ow" 'cause you tried to Vincent van Gogh me. And then I said -- I said, "you're right." And then I said -- oh, yeah, "you win."

Katie: I win?

Simon: Yes. Look, I only wanna give you the most perfect wedding ever, not drive you crazy. Okay, so here it is. Listen up. Your wedding is gonna be on --

Katie: No, no, no, don't you dare tell me! I don't wanna know.

Jake: Never leave home without it.

Landlady: Wouldn't a key be easier?

Jake: You know, the thing of it is -- that's not my apartment.

Landlady: Go on.

Jake: See, what was happening was, I was walking past. I heard some things, noises in there. So I just -- I, you know, walked over wanted to see what was going on. Just trying to be kind of neighborly.

Landlady: That's so nice.

Jake: Yeah.

Landlady: Too bad you're not a neighbor.

Jake: Right, well, you see, the thing about that is that I --

Landlady: The editor of The City Times? I've seen your picture by your byline.

Jake: You're a fan, I hope. All right, listen. I need to get in here. I need to get here and find out about this guy.

Landlady: Nick Scudder?

Jake: Yes, has he had a young woman come to visit?

Landlady: Sure. Which young woman would you like to know about?

Jake: Well, hold on. Hold on one second here. You're telling me that he has more than one woman come to visit him.

Landlady: Just two at the moment. One's kind of weird. You never see her without a scarf and dark glasses. Now, what's she's up to, I wanna know. But the other one's a sweetie pie.

Jake: "Sweetie pie"?

Landlady: Well, a little too young for him. Well, maybe she's older than she looks. The prettiest little brunette you ever did see.

Jake: Abigail.

Landlady: Is that her name? I hadn't seen her before this morning. Now, she didn't stay long. But as she was leaving, what a good-bye kiss. Let me tell you. I had to turn down my thermostat. What's the matter?

Jake: I gotta get in that apartment. Is there a possibility that you have a passkey or something?

Landlady: Mr. Scudder changed the lock when he moved in. Now, he said he'll be giving me a copy, but so far -- sorry.

Jake: Kissed her. Scudder kissed her. Come on, Molly, pick up. Hey, how you doing, honey? I'll give it to you quick and easy. It's worse than we thought.

Abigail: You know, I always think I remember how great riding is, and then it always is better.

Holden: So tell me -- you miss having your own horse?

Abigail: Yeah, but it's okay. I've been so busy with college.

Holden: Yeah, and winning film awards.

Abigail: Oh, yeah, all those acceptance speeches really keep me hopping. Yeah, I have a feeling that I'm not gonna have much time to ride from now on.

Holden: Well, only one way to find out.

Abigail: What do you mean?

Holden: Well, Christmas is coming. And I'm pretty sure you have all the CDS and all the clothes you need. But I know that you're short a horse. So what do you say?

Abigail: Do you mean it?

Holden: Do I ever say anything I don't mean?

Abigail: Oh, that's so awesome. Oh, Holden. I've really missed having my dad, and it's not because of the presents. I promise.

Holden: Oh, I've missed you, too. I don't even know what's going on in your life anymore. So tell me -- you still with Adam? You dating Adam?

Abigail: No, we kind of broke up.

Holden: Are you "kind of" seeing anyone else?

Abigail: Why? Did Molly say something? Don't lie to me, Holden. What'd she say?

Holden: She did mention something.

Abigail: Whatever she said about Nick Scudder is a lie.

Holden: Well, look, I just -- I think I should know about it. I'm your father. And if it's a big deal, I should know.

Abigail: Yeah, it's a big deal to me, but I don't think that you really care. I don't really think you care how I feel. You probably just wanna lecture me like Molly does.

[ Doorbell chimes ]

Holden: Wait here.

Molly: Hey, how'd it go with Abigail? Did you finally get through to her? Is she -- oh!

Abigail: I knew it! I knew you were in on it!

Molly: I just knew, um, that you were going riding. And I don't know. I just -- I didn't see your car. I didn't see your car.

Holden: Her car's out back. We just got home.

Molly: I didn't mean to --

Abigail: You didn't mean to what, Molly? Turn my own father against me?

Simon: Okay, let me see if I can understand Katie logic here. You don't want the wedding to be a surprise, but you also don't wanna know when or where it is. Is that right?

Katie: Well, that way we keep the laws of the universe in balance.

Simon: Okay, you lost me at hello.

Katie: It's one of the mysteries I learned at the Ashram.

Simon: Oh, the Ashram. Okay, Katie, cosmically --

Katie: Yes?

Simon: -- You were only there for about four seconds.

Katie: Yeah, well, I'm a quick study. See, this is what's called the law of compensation. If I do something, you have to do something that matches it or the whole world gets out of whack. See, that's what been happening here. So I'm always surprising you. Now it's your turn to surprise me. Just don't make it too big of a surprise, 'cause I don't wanna get married on a sheep station or something.

Simon: What, no sheep station? Oh, no, I'm gonna have to give in ? To marry a woman so extraordinary that she makes me both proud and humble all at the same time. And I never thought that such a woman existed until -- until I met you. And there has never been a time that I haven't looked into your eyes and known that you have loved me. And I have given you every reason to wonder if that love was ever gonna be reciprocated, but you never flinched. So on our wedding day, I'm gonna give you all the proof that you'll ever need. 'Cause when you walk down the aisle, Katie, I am gonna be waiting for you. And when you look into my eyes and see that love, the love that you see there right now, it is gonna be there, for a lifetime.

Carly: I don't know what it is I have with you, Craig, but I do know it is not enough for you to start laying down the law.

Craig: What law am I laying down?

Carly: Oh, please. How transparent were you when you found out I was having lunch with Jack?

Craig: Well, evidently not transparent enough for you to read my intentions. Okay? And by the way, I do see the way you look at Jack.

Carly: I'm sorry. I cannot change the way I feel to suit you.

Craig: No, and I can't change my reaction to that. All right, but I will try. Huh, how's this? Live the life the way you wanna live, and if you wanna go ahead and work for B.R.O., go ahead. I don't care.

Carly: Oh, really?

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Carly: I thought you told me not to sign the contract. Why's that?

Craig: You wanna spend the next five years doing black scarves for a wacko? Huh? I'm trying to help you.

Carly: I don't want your help.

Craig: No, and you don't want my love either. Which is kind of tough, because I'm having a hard time trying to stop caring about you. All right?

Carly: Craig.

Craig: No, no, I'm not gonna tell you I love you. All right? And I will not interfere with your business with B.R.O.

Carly: Well, good. That's a really good start.

Craig: But -- I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try to help you, so I made a phone call -- which might change your life. But you may not wanna hear about it.

Rose: Where does it say in my contract that the CEO of the company can decide who I date?

Lucinda: Oh, honey, you just don't understand, dear.

Rose: No, you don't understand, Ms. Walsh. I love this job. It's very important to me. I never thought I'd be doing something so important. But it's not more important than my life. I'm sorry.

Lucinda: Dear, I am worried about you.

Rose: What? Me?

Lucinda: Yes.

Rose: Why didn't you say that instead of giving me ultimatums?

Lucinda: I personally would feel a whole lot better if you stayed way away from Paul Ryan -- Steinbeck, Ryan and his grim mother. At least for now, honey, at least for now.

Rose: Ah, this is about James Steinbeck? That guy? No. I'm not afraid of him.

Lucinda: Dear, that's because you have not experienced him. This is a dangerous man.

Rose: He's old. He's old. He's old like my pop. My pop -- he's a scary guy. He's really dangerous.

Lucinda: What's age got to do with anything, darling? I'm old. I'm old enough to be your mom. And yet, I can be dangerous if I'm unfeathered.

Rose: Hmm. Very good point. You can be scary. But you know what? That has nothing to do with it, because Paul doesn't want anything to do with his father. At all, nothing. So I am safe.

Lucinda: Sit. Now, let me tell you a story about one of the biggest bogeyman around.

Paul: Hey. How are things?

Barbara: I just spoke to the New York office. They gave me the final numbers on new orders.

Paul: Hmm.

Barbara: Impressive.

Paul: Incredible.

Barbara: They said that Carly Tenney is an inspiration.

Paul: Well, yeah. I -- I wanted to talk to you about that, mom. I wish there was an easy way to say this, but in order to get Carly to help us, I had to guarantee that I'd give her her own line as part of B.R.O.'s collection.

Barbara: Really?

Paul: Yeah. And she said that she wouldn't sign unless you're totally on board with her being on the team.

Barbara: Well, if Carly doesn't want to sign, we don't need her to be successful. Do we?

Paul: Actually, mom - we do.

Barbara: So my contributions to my company are no longer necessary?

Paul: Mom, you're in the early stages of a tough recovery here. And just signing Carly to a contract would cover us no matter what.

Barbara: Of course. Of course, it makes perfect sense. Just tell me what I have to do to get her to sign.

Paul: There's a sudden change in attitude.

Barbara: Well, isn't this what you want? My cheerful cooperation?

Paul: Yeah. But who are you doing it for -- me or James?

Molly: Abigail, wait. You're right. Okay, there are some things that I should've told you that I didn't.

Abigail: I really don't wanna hear excuses.

Molly: That's because I always feel that I have to protect, but I should've told you everything right from the start. So give me another chance.

Abigail: Why should I?

Holden: Because she's your mother. And everything that she's ever done for you in the past, she has done out of love. You used to know that. Has Nick Scudder changed that?

Abigail: I'll let you explain.

Molly: Can we do it at home?

Abigail: Fine. I'll meet you there.

Holden: It's just a teenage infatuation. They burn out. But what you and Abigail have -- that will last forever.

Molly: I hope you're right. But if I can't save what I have with my daughter, let me tell you this -- I will save her from Nick Scudder. There is no way that I am gonna let that man hurt my daughter the same way that he hurt me.

Craig: An old acquaintance of mine wants to meet you.

Carly: This is a world-renowned designer.

Craig: Mm-hmm. Kind of makes B.R.O. look like the half-price rack at the superstore, don't he?

Carly: I've been waiting for a chance like this my entire life.

Craig: Here it is. But you may not wanna take it. Parker's all settled in nursery school. Dad and siblings all around -- you may not wanna take him away from all that.

Carly: Yeah, you're right.

Craig: Of course, being an internationally famous designer, you may never have to worry about how to provide for your son, ever again. This may only be your greatest chance to get out of Oakdale. Huh?

Carly: You know something, Craig? You did okay.

Craig: Huh? Oh. "Okay" get me a prize?

Carly: What sort of prize are you interested in?

Craig: A kiss?

Carly: Maybe. What are you doing? I said a kiss.

Craig: Yes, but you didn't say where. See, you need to read the fine print.

Carly: Yes, I think I do. This time I'll just pay the price.

Rose: Yeah, okay, James Steinbeck is grade-a louse. I got it.

Lucinda: You just don't listen to a thing I say.

Rose: No, I got it. I heard what you said. He tried to kill Holden and he clobbered you instead. And I'm sorry, but it doesn't matter, because I've done nothing to tick the guy off.

Lucinda: Oh, nothing?

Rose: Nope.

Lucinda: You're just with his son? That puts you in his orbit, and that's a very unhealthy place to be.

Rose: Nah, I'm taking my chances. I am not giving up Paul for no bogeyman. Big or small, Paul is too important to me.

Lucinda: Okay, honey. All right. I've done my duty. I just want you to be careful. Would you please be careful? And if he contacts you, get in touch with me, too. Okay?

Rose: I will. I will. Stop worrying. Come on. I worked in Atlantic City. I dealt with tough guys. James Steinbeck doesn't scare me a bit.

Lucinda: That's my point. He should.

Rose: I can handle him. I can handle him.

Barbara: I know I've done some terrible things these last weeks, but only because I was afraid of losing you.

Paul: Mom --

Barbara: And yet, you stayed, Paul. Which is why I'm listening to your plans for B.R.O. It has nothing to do with your father.

Paul: Mom, I wanna believe you. I do, but this is an abrupt change. Now, I was expecting you to raise hell when I suggested Carly join the company.

Barbara: And because I didn't, because I'm listening to your point of view, that means that I'm your father's accomplice?

Paul: No, it's not just that. There are other things.

Barbara: Such as?

Paul: Such as the fact that my so-called father's been hanging around here for weeks. That Jack Snyder finds him in this house and you refused to press charges. I think it's about time we had a serious talk about James Steinbeck.

James: Sounds like I should be a part of that discussion.

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