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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 11/28/01

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Jake: Do you think you can make that two cups of coffee? I think I need maximum fortitude this morning.

Molly: Jake, we have a flag on the play that we planned. It's Scudder's day off.

Jake: Well, it looks like I'm gonna have to pay Nick a visit at home.

Molly: That's a fantastic idea, except it won't work.

Jake: And why's that? They don't allow visitors under the rock in which he lives?

Molly: If we go visit Nick and we go talk with him, he's gonna run right to Abigail and tell her that her vigilante parents are on a rampage. And then, she's gonna not -- she's gonna cut us out of her life, and I can't take that chance.

Jake: She trusts us enough to have breakfast with us this morning, right? And she's gotta risk going to class and running into Adam.

Molly: Adam!

Jake: Adam. What's going on?

Adam: I was -- I was trying to --

Molly: Yeah, well, I think it's a really bad time to just run into Abigail right now.

Adam: Yeah. You know, I know I'm the last person in the world she wants to see, but --

[Adam sighs] forget it.

Jake: You got a minute before you go to class?

Adam: No.

Jake: Good, good. Why don't you step into my office? I'll be gentle.

[Door closes]

Abigail: Nick? Nick?

Molly: Abigail, wait. Don't go in that room.

[Doorbell rings]

Luke: I'll get it.

Rose: Oh, hi, handsome!

Luke: Hey, aunt Rose.

Rose: Oh, you give the best hugs ever, you know that? Now, what are you doing home at this hour? I didn't think you were old enough to even think about playing hooky.

Luke: No way.

Rose: No? Well, then the next option is you've got the mumps or the chicken pox, and you just gave them to me, because I gave you a hug and a kiss.

Luke: No. We have half a day today.

Rose: Oh.

Luke: For teachers' meetings. So I get to spend the morning with my dad.

Rose: Oh, that's great. You guys have special plans?

Luke: Yeah, we're buying Abigail a new horse.

Rose: Oh?

Luke: Wanna come with us?

Rose: You know how much I love going shopping, you know. I don't think these shoes are really ready for shopping for a horse.

Luke: What kind of shoes are those?

Rose: You like 'em?

Luke: They're girl shoes.

Lily: Ooh, I'll say -- serious girl shoes.

Rose: You like them?

Lily: I love them. It looks like the trip to New York really agreed with you.

Rose: Best city in the world -- oh, next to Oakdale.

Lily: So tell me, how was New York? How was Paul?

Rose: Incredible.

Lily: Well, that explains why you're dressed like a million bucks before lunch.

Rose: Used to be a showgirl, right? No future, hell of a past. Now, VP of a major company. I'm dating this guy who's this big deal in the fashion industry. I'm getting a new address soon. My life has turned into a big, fat miracle.

Lily: New address?

Rose: Yeah. I'm looking for a new place. I'm looking.

Lily: How did this happen?

Rose: Your mom laid a big, fat paycheck on me. Yeah, this wage earner is gonna be a home earner.

Lily: Well, that's fantastic. Do you have any idea where you wanna live?

Rose: No, not a clue. I was kinda hoping you could go with me, you know, show me what to look for, how to avoid, like, a bidding war. Like, I've heard about those things.

Lily: No, I can't do that.

Rose: Why not?

Lily: Because I have the perfect place.

Margo: Jack, you have no idea how good it is to see your face across this desk again.

Jack: Oh, you miss me?

Margo: Not a bit.

[Jack laughs] coffee from Al's. Welcome back.

Jack: Well, thank you.

Margo: Well, you can buy me lunch. What are you working on?

Jack: Oh, just my favorite case.

Margo: "James Steinbeck held overnight for questioning."

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Margo: Well, at least they don't mention anything about him losing the tail we put on him.

Jack: Well, he won't be gone -- not for long, anyway. And I have a feeling once he surfaces, we'll find him at his favorite haunt.

Margo: Barbara's.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Margo: Yeah, and if Barbara had just pressed charges, we could have arrested him and put him away -- put him out of her misery.

Jack: Yeah, well, I'm keeping an eye on her, too. Well, now that Carly has her success and her talent, I hope she runs with it, as far from B.R.O. as possible.

Margo: You know, the only place Carly needs to be is with you.

Jack: Oh, Margo, please no lectures. I mean, you of all people telling me to be with Carly?

Margo: Look, I'm not thinking that she's turned into a great humanitarian overnight, but you love her, right?

Jack: I am pleading the fifth.

Margo: Oh, so you're just gonna let Craig take away the woman you love?

Jack: She's a grown woman. She can make her own choices.

Margo: As far as I'm concerned, the smartest choice she ever made was you. So go after her, Jack. Don't be stupid. Don't let Craig manipulate her into doing something like marrying him.

Katie: Hello?

Craig: Hello?

Katie: Craig, is it safe?

Craig: Is what safe for whom?

Katie: Is it safe for me to come in the room?

Craig: Well, I suppose.

Katie: You're sure I'm not about to spoil something?

Craig: Besides my appetite?

Katie: You know what I'm talking about. My surprise wedding.

Craig: Ah, how could I forget?

Katie: Simon's planning my dream wedding, and you're part of it, so drop the act.

Craig: Oh, fine.

Katie: Okay, just tell me this -- am I getting married this morning?

Craig: I don't know, but I do have an appointment with the woman in my life.

Katie: Who, your accountant?

Craig: Carly.

Katie: Does she know about this?

Craig: You're out of the loop, Katie. Carly and I have graduated to coupling. It's been official since New York.

Katie: You're kidding?

Craig: You're surprised?

Katie: Well, I just figured since Jack did all that troubleshooting at her show in New York, she would have gone running back to him.

Craig: Maybe, but I am the one who straightened things out for Carly.

Katie: That's not the way I heard it. Yesterday's Intruder.

Craig: He's a bouncer, glorified doorman.

Katie: He looks like a hero to me, and I'm sure Carly saw it that way, too.

Carly: Hey, Paul. Come on in quick, before they catch us on "candid camera."

Paul: Oh, there's no reason to hide anymore. The truth is out, and the press loves you. I hope you can handle the fame, you overnight sensation, you.

Carly: That depends. How much fame? How much do they love me?

Paul: We're up to our eyebrows in orders for the spring collection. I have no idea how I'm gonna fill them, but I'm gonna enjoy finding a way.

Carly: Are you serious?

Paul: Uh-huh. I never kid around about business.

Carly: Paul, this -- that is unbelievable.

[Carly laughs]

Paul: I assume those flowers come with an agenda from one of our many competitors trying to steal you away from me?

Carly: These are from Jack. And do you know what his agenda is? Just to see me happy. He's congratulating me. I'm finally getting my big break.

Paul: Jack's the reason you got that big break. He is the one who's been telling me to tell the truth the whole time, that you deserve all the credit. He's the one I finally listened to. It was all Jack.

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Carly: Jack is the person responsible for my name being out there as B.R.O.'s designer?

Paul: Yeah. And aside from being your number one fan, he was the one responsible for calming Barbara down after she shredded your dresses. He got her out of there, and we were able to put the show back on the catwalk. So I mean, in short, he pretty much did the impossible.

Carly: And I never even thanked him for the flowers.

Paul: Well, now that we're being totally honest, I hope you'll sign this contract with B.R.O. I'd hate to think where we'd be without you.

Carly: Does Barbara know?

Paul: Yes. So all you gotta do is look at it, have your lawyers look at it and get back to me.

Carly: Okay, I will. I'll do that just as soon as I can. I'll do it.

Paul: Carly, this is a big-time contract, you know. This is a new designer's dream, right? Can't you enjoy it?

Carly: It's Jack. I don't know what to do.

Paul: Well, what do you wanna do?

Carly: All the things that never work. I want us to pretend that we see the world the same way. I want us to pretend that it doesn't matter if we don't. I want us to tell each other that we'll try again, that we'll try harder.

Paul: Well, it seems to me that Jack likes you just fine the way you are.

Carly: No, that's temporary insanity. It never ends up that way. We end up hurt and angry and looking for the nearest exit.

Paul: Oh, come on, Carly. You can take one look at the man and tell that he's still in love with you.

Carly: I love him, too. But if Jack and I were meant to be together, he would be the one here telling me everything that you just told me, that he convinced you to do the right thing. But instead of taking me in his arms, he lets me go to Craig while he secretly makes everything all right? I don't get that. What is that?

Paul: I don't know. I don't know. I mean, but keeping secrets even about the good things? It's not a way to live. And I'm finally beginning to learn that, thanks to Rose.

Carly: Meaning?

Paul: No, but Rose speaks her mind. No holds barred, right?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Paul: It's rubbing off on me.

Carly: So what -- you say you have some painful truth you need to tell me?

Paul: Yeah. What if you were honest with Jack, told him how you felt, tell him you wanted him?

Carly: I might if he made the first move, if he could tell me that it's for keeps, that we're forever this time. Then maybe -- maybe we could start again.

Paul: Carly, the only way you can start again is by picking up that phone.

Jack: I almost called Carly last night.

Margo: Well then, why didn't you?

Jack: I woke up, Margo. I took a look at her and Craig together, and she doesn't seem unhappy, Margo. She just doesn't. In fact, it finally looks like she's enjoying her life. And if Craig is the one to make her happy, then who am I to stand in her way?

Margo: The man who loves her.

Jack: The man who had her life circling the drain on more than one occasion. Look, all I do -- all I've ever done, even with the best of intentions, is put Carly through hell.

Margo: Jack Snyder, you listen to me. Just hear me. Just hear me. I love my brother because I know that deep down inside of him -- deep down inside of him -- he's capable of doing great good. But he's also capable of doing great harm. Now, he may think that he loves Carly, but does he make her happy, Jack? I mean, happiness is -- happiness is. Well, it is. Happiness is when you're holding the right person's hand, Jack, and you're not looking for anybody else, and you're not looking for anyplace else to be, and I've seen Carly Tenney happy, and it's when she's with you. So don't be stupid. Go after her.

Jack: I have, a million times.

Margo: Well then, go after her a million more times. Give her a chance to tell you what's in her heart, and don't stop until she does.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Detective Snyder speaking.

Carly: He is?

Jack: Hi, Carly. Yeah. Uh, yeah, I'm back on the job. What's up?

Carly: The flowers. They're beautiful, Jack. Thank you.

Jack: I'm glad you like them.

Carly: I was thinking, if you're free, I'd like to take you to lunch.

Jack: Yeah. I'd like to see you.

Carly: Really? Great. Good.

Jack: You wanna meet at Al's?

Carly: How about the Lakeview?

Jack: Great. The Lakeview it is. I'll see you in a few.

Carly: In a few it is.

Jack: I'll be there.

Craig: Jack is a cop. Not a bad thing, but he'll never be able to give Carly the undivided attention she needs. I can.

Katie: She's going to be getting plenty of attention, Craig. She's a big name designer now. She has a thriving career. She's gonna be making tons of money. And you're just gonna be the guy she got tangled up with before she became a star.

Craig: Yes, and who's going to pay her?

Katie: B.R.O.

Craig: She had a single job contract. Now that she's a free agent, she'll need connections.

Katie: Oh, yes, and you are the man to give her those connections.

Craig: Ah. A deduction, Mrs. Frasier. So there is something besides air in that beautiful head.

Katie: Yes, there is. There's dreams and desires and hope. There's love, there's romance, and I think it's disgusting that you're playing games to get Carly in a relationship with you.

Craig: What games? And since when did you become Carly's defender?

Katie: She's a fellow woman, and when we fall in love, we want it to be spontaneous and from the heart and head over heels. You're playing games and planning strategies.

Craig: What I'm trying to do is build something with Carly. I don't want just another mindless fling.

Katie: Do you tell her that you love her?

Craig: She doesn't want to be burdened with that right now. She needs time.

Katie: I disagree. I think you need to tell her your feelings. All that stuff's icing.

Craig: You ice your cake. I'll ice mine.

Katie: Fine. Ignore the best advice anyone ever gave you. I have places to be.

Craig: Expecting rain?

Katie: I have a ceremony to attend. It could be any time, any place. The elevator doors could open, and bam! A storybook wedding.

Craig: Good luck.

Katie: I'll see you there.

Rose: Cal Stricklyn's place. Our grandfather's. For me?

Lily: Of course for you.

Rose: With or without the jukebox?

Lily: With the jukebox and antlers -- lots of antlers.

Rose: I always wanted to hang Christmas ornaments from those antlers.

Lily: So will you take it?

Rose: I would love to! Oh, thank you! Thank you so much! Paul is going to be thrilled!

Lily: Paul being the reason for the girly shoes and the new outfit.

Rose: Of course, of course. You know me too well. And of course, I'm late as usual. I'd better fly.

Lily: I'm so glad things are going well between you two.

Rose: Better than ever.

[Doorbell rings]

Lily: Holden probably forgot something.

Rose: Oh, Simon.

Lily: Simon? Hi.

Simon: Hi. Oh, I'm sorry. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Rose: Oh, no. I was just on my way out. I'm thinking about that job for you, too, don't worry. Don't worry. Thinking about it.

Simon: Thank you.

Rose: All right. Ciao.

Simon: Bye.

Lily: Hey. Can I get you a cup of coffee or -- ?

Simon: No, no, no, no. I'm fine, thanks. Can I come in?

Lily: Sure. Yeah. Everything all right?

Simon: Yes and no. You see, Katie --

Lily: What, did she do something?

Simon: No, no, no. She's done nothing, actually. Everything's great. I'm just having a little trouble planning this dream wedding of hers.

Lily: Oh, you two are gonna get married again?

Simon: Yeah. You didn't -- ?

Lily: No. Great.

Simon: Yeah. We just kind of -- I know it seems crazy. I spent the whole last year trying to convince her that our last wedding was a mistake. Look, I need to go all out. I want to show her how much she means to me.

Lily: Oh, wow. Wow, that's -- that's sweet. Do you have any idea what Katie has planned for this dream wedding? You know, maybe you two should talk about it.

Simon: No, no. There's no -- no, me and Katie are not sitting down together. I don't want her involved. I want this to be a complete surprise, which is kind of why I'm here. I need your help.

Look, I know there's a lot of reasons to say no to a guy who's asking you for help getting married to another woman, especially when that other woman played such a unique part of our history, so if you don't --

Lily: I'd love to do it.

Simon: You would?

Lily: Absolutely.

Simon: Okay. Wow. That was easier than I expected.

Lily: Knowing Katie, I would say that the ceremony would be the most typical part, so let's see what you have already.

Simon: First, before you laugh, this is not mine.

Lily: You're kidding? Wow. Pink.

Simon: This is Katie's plans for her dream wedding back in the illustrious '80s.

Lily: Oh! Oh, my.

Simon: Yes, I know.

Lily: For the processional, "Like a virgin." How subtle of her.

Simon: I know. Well, obviously, a few things have changed since then, especially since her time at the spiritual retreat.

Lily: I'm sorry. What did you just say?

Simon: Please, don't ask.

Lily: Okay.

Simon: Okay, I just fear if Katie has a part in this ceremony, then we're going to have sitar players and breaks for yoga and meditation, and the bridesmaids will be carrying incense and playing tambourines.

Lily: You really, finally understand your wife.

Simon: Speaking of bridesmaids, do you know any friends of Katie's? Has she got any?

Lily: I'm sorry. Friends -- no, I don't know any friends.

Simon: Hey, Luke, buddy. How are you, man? Long time no see. Wow, look at you. You are growing up like nobody's business.

Holden: Yeah, tell me about it. What's up, Simon?

Simon: Oh, I'm just here because your wife actually is coming to my rescue.

Luke: You are?

Lily: Yes. I'm going to help Simon plan his wedding.

Molly: Honey, I just don't want you to go in that room.

Abigail: Why not?

Molly: Because there's a high-level, high-intensity meeting going on in there. So what are you doing here?

Abigail: I need to edit my video.

Molly: But you did, and you won an award for it.

Abigail: Right, but the professor's submitting it to a new contest, and I need to shave some time off of it.

Molly: Honey, I'm so proud of you. That is the best news I've heard in days.

Abigail: It's just a submission. I haven't won anything yet.

Molly: But this is the professor that doesn't give anybody compliments or praise, especially freshmen, right?

Abigail: Yes, it's the same.

Molly: Great. So tell me about it over lunch.

Abigail: Well, there's nothing to tell. It's no big deal.

Molly: Well, it is a big deal to me, so burgers at al's, hmm?

Abigail: I need to see Nick.

Molly: It's his day off.

Abigail: Oh. Well then, it looks like I won't get any work done.

Molly: Well, you can edit at school, right?

Abigail: And run into Adam? I don't ever want to see his face again. I don't want to see him. I don't want to hear his name. And please don't tell me to calm down or cut him any slack, all right?

Molly: Did I say that? I did not say that, okay? Just calm down and catch your breath, and when you're ready, we'll go wherever you want, okay?

Adam: Does she want me dead?

Jake: Abigail or Molly?

Adam: That pretty much answers my question.

Jake: Yeah. Look, my advice to you is to give her some time -- as much time as she needs. And don't try any stupid guy rationale.

Adam: Yeah. I'm prepared to give her as much space as she needs.

Jake: Good.

Adam: Have you ever wanted to go back in time and erase the dumbest mistake you've ever made?

Jake: They don't make a big enough eraser for me.

Adam: So I guess I'll just stay out of her way.

Abigail: You lied to me again? When is this gonna stop?

Craig: How's my favorite designer handling stardom?

Carly: Well, I've been practicing for this for my entire life. I'm not doing too bad at all. I do have some bad news, though. And you already ordered.

Craig: I got hungry. What's the bad news?

Carly: I can't stay.

Craig: Mi casa es su casa.

Carly: Thanks. Adios.

[Door slams]

Craig: Five years?! Of servitude to B.R.O. in your little dreams, Paul.

Rose: Hi.

Paul: Hi.

Rose: Sorry I'm late.

Paul: No, you're fine. I'm early. I gave Carly a lift.

Waiter: Ms. D'Angelo, Mr. Ryan, right this way.

Rose: Thank you. Me, regular at the Lakeview?

Paul: Do you mind?

Rose: Thank you. Do I mind? Now I know what it's like to go first class all the time. I hope I don't like it too much.

Paul: You deserve to go first class because you are first class, Rose.

Rose: Thank you, and a little country, with antlers and a jukebox, actually.

Paul: Okay. Keep dropping hints, and when it starts to make sense, I'll whistle.

Rose: Lily found a place for me.

Paul: Oh, okay. Great.

Rose: Yeah, you're gonna love it. It's like quirky decor. I love it. I can't wait for you to see it.

Paul: Well, me, either. Thank you.

Rose: Oh. Champagne?

Paul: Yes. It was for my good news, but now, it's a shared celebration.

Rose: You found a place, too?

Paul: Yes. A few flights up. A real sweet suite. So we've got some housewarming to do.

Rose: Mm-hmm. Wow. One little conversation, and our lives change forever.

Carly: Thanks.

Jack: Hi.

Carly: Hi. It's good to see you again, Jack.

Jack: Well, we just saw each other in New York.

Carly: I'm not like this in New York. I didn't realize some things that I know now.

Jack: What would that be?

Carly: Everything is finally falling into place, and I finally know how I feel.

Carly: I heard something about you this morning.

Jack: All good things, I hope.

Carly: I heard that you had something to do with Paul giving me credit at the fashion show for designing the spring collection.

Jack: I just said what I had to say.

Carly: Uh-huh. And then when Barbara was on that rampage and out for my blood. I don't even wanna think about what would've happened if you hadn't been there, Jack. I owe you.

Jack: You don't owe me anything.

Carly: Yes. Yes, I do. And I want you to know that I will never forget what you did for me. That's why I wanted to see you. Thank you.

Jack: To thank me? Well, that's great. Well, you know, you're always welcome. It's part of the job. Carly, you know, if that's why you wanted to meet me, you didn't have to waste your time.

Carly: It isn't a waste of my time, seeing you. Is it a waste of yours?

Jack: Of course not. It's just -- as far as the thing with Barbara goes, the reason I was in the right place at the right time is because I knew it was a volatile situation. I mean, you and Barbara. You gotta be careful, Carly. I know I keep saying that, but it bears repeating.

Carly: Is that why you agreed to meet me instead of turning me down? So you could warn me about Barbara?

Jack: Well, Barbara's at a bad place right now. Even worse now that Steinbeck's back in her life. The Steinbeck place is my first priority.

Carly: And I'm just part of a case now.

Paul: How do you feel about seeing more of each other?

Rose: How much more is there to see?

Paul: You know what I mean.

Rose: Right.

Paul: We need to make time to be together.

Rose: Like pen each other into each other's schedules?

Paul: Yeah. You just wait to see how fast this new job devours your free time.

Rose: Really? Well, I am available for meals and all night long.

Paul: I think I can squeeze that in somehow.

Rose: Okay, good. Hey, somebody's got designs on your designing woman.

Paul: Yeah, Carly. She said she's gonna meet Jack this afternoon.

Rose: I wonder if she told Craig.

Paul: Craig knows nothing about it, and that's the way I like it.

Rose: You like it?

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Rose: What did you do? What did you do?

Paul: Nothing. Nothing. All right, not much.

Rose: Okay.

Paul: I just told her the truth, that Jack was the reason why she got credited at the show. And hopefully she'll realize if her life's going in the right direction, Jack's the reason why.

Rose: She should know that. She should know that, right?

Paul: Yeah.

Maitre d': How may I help you?

Katie: I'm looking for the reception.

Maitre d': I beg your pardon?

Katie: My wedding reception. Is it scheduled for this afternoon or this evening? There are ceremonies by candlelight, you know?

Maitre d': There aren't any receptions scheduled.

Katie: Oh, if you're worried about letting the cat out of the bag, don't worry. It's out.

Maitre d': What cat would that be?

Katie: Oh, come on. Nice try. You know what? I have to go. But I'll be back.

Holden: Hey.

Lily: What?

Holden: You sure you wanna get involved in this wedding business?

Lily: Oh, sure. Yeah, it's the least that I could do.

Holden: Yeah, for Simon. But with Katie, everything she gets involved in leads to a disaster.

Lily: I know. And I'll keep that in mind. Okay? Don't worry. I love you.

Holden: I love you.

Lily: Okay, have fun.

Holden: Okay, we'll see you later. Come on, buddy.

Lily: Now, where were we?

Simon: Lily, look, if this is gonna cause any friction between you and Holden and your family --

Lily: No, no, no. No. Please, no, I wouldn't even have my family if it wasn't for you and what you did for us in Malta. Please, no, come on. It's the least that I could do. And if Katie wants a wedding, a wedding she shall have.

Simon: Great, and I -- you know I thought this folder would help. But, you know, it seems that the guy's done every ugly job under the sun. You know, the Jack of all trades has finally bitten off more than he can chew.

Lily: Oh, I don't know about that. Since when do you ever give up? The Simon that I know never says die. And I won't let you this time.

Abigail: I can't believe you did this.

Molly: Abigail, we didn't know that Adam was gonna come down to the station.

Abigail: He and Jake were having a private conversation in there, and you knew, didn't you?!

Molly: Well --

Abigail: Just give me a straight answer! Did you or did you not know that they were talking about me?

Molly: The only reason that I didn't tell you --

Abigail: Oh, stop, just stop. Just stop it.

Jake: Let me handle this.

Abigail: Jake, you know, I don't really wanna hear anything you have to say right now. What are you doing here, Adam? Are you trying to win points with my parents? Because you know what? It's not gonna work. They don't run my life. I do.

Adam: No, no. I came here to see you.

Abigail: Do you think that I'd want to see you? Do you think that I would want anything to do with you?

Adam: If you'd just listen to what I had to say --

Abigail: -- I've had enough lies for a lifetime. Believe me.

Adam: I wrote you a note. Maybe it'll ex -- I'll be around if you wanna talk, okay?

Abigail: Thanks for the warning.

Molly: Abigail?

Abigail: You know, I gotta go.

Jake: No, you're not going anywhere. Not until we talk this out.

Abigail: Who are you people? You swear that you're on my side. You wipe my tears. You tell me everything's gonna be okay, and then you lie to my face. You took his side!

Molly: How could you possibly think that?

Abigail: How could I think anything else? Adam sleeps with a girl he hardly even knows, and do you care about how I feel? No! You have a heart-to-heart with him, and you don't even think about how that might affect me!

Molly: Honey, I know that you are really, really angry at Adam right now. And rightfully so. That's what I was -- I was trying to save you the pain of seeing him. That's what I was trying to so. I was trying to help you.

Abigail: You were trying to manage my life. You were trying to decide what's best for me. But you don't have a clue, Molly! You can't protect someone by lying to them! You only make things ten times worse!

Molly: I know. I'm sorry.

Abigail: Are you really sorry? Are you sorry for forgiving Adam for breaking my heart? Are you sorry for treating Nick like he's the monster when he is the only one who has not hurt me?

Molly: We need to talk about that.

Abigail: No, you know what? I don't wanna be lied to again. Thanks anyway.

Molly: Honey, if you just calm down, we need --

Abigail: You know, just stop it! Just stay out of life! Just stay out of it.

Molly: Abigail? Abigail?!

Jake: I'm gonna go talk to her.

Molly: No, don't!

Jake: What?

Molly: Because anything we say, everything we say, everything we do -- it's gonna drive her closer to Nick, Jake.

Jake: We can't just let her walk out like that.

Molly: If she can't talk to us right now maybe she can talk to her father.

Carly: That's it, isn't it? You agreed to have lunch with me so you could do your whole "be careful" routine.

Jack: If you signed a contract with B.R.O., you need to know that you're walking into dangerous waters.

Carly: Craig told me just about the same thing.

Jack: Oh, really? Who'd a thunk it, huh? Me and Montgomery, on the same page about something?

Carly: Yeah.

Jack: He tells me the two of you are together now. Wasn't much doubt what he meant by that.

Carly: Jack?

Jack: Just tell me one thing, Carly. Tell me he's making you happy.

Katie: This is driving me nuts! Okay, if you were a wedding, where would you be?

Craig: Well, maybe that's Simon's plan. He wants you to hallucinate your dream ceremony.

Katie: Did I ever tell you you're hilarious? 'Cause if I did, I lied.

Craig: Make yourself comfortable, please.

Katie: What are you doing? Why are you looking at Carly's B.R.O. contract?

Craig: I'm keeping her from making a mistake. When she gets back from her interview, I'll tell her.

Katie: You know what? Just forget everything I said about her. Just forget about her. Don't tell her you love her. Get over her.

Craig: Any particular reason?

Katie: Because I just realized that woman is way too much like you. It should be illegal for you guys to be together.

Craig: And why are we so alike?

Katie: Because she can't be trusted. I just saw her downstairs being interviewed by her favorite detective.

Craig: The deuce, you say? Stay here, will you? I'll be right back.

Katie: Hey, if you run into my wedding while you're out, will you make sure I find out about it?

Craig: Yeah.

[Simon sighs]

Lily: You know what Katie really wants, Simon?

Simon: 90% of the time, I haven't got a clue.

Lily: No, she wants you. All this stuff about bridesmaids standing there in a row -- it has nothing to do with that. What she wants is the man of her dreams to stand up in front of the world to declare his undying love.

Simon: Yeah? Well, I can do that.

Lily: Bridesmaids, flowers, music -- that's just details.

Simon: Yeah, but Katie has spent -- she's spent years planning and dreaming this.

Lily: We all do that.

Simon: Look at this, look.

Lily: We all do it. But what we really want is the man that we love to give us the world.

Simon: Yeah? Well, she's got that.

Lily: What else does she need?

Simon: Oh, come on. We're talking about Katie here.

Lily: Yeah, I know. So why don't you sit down with her and find out what she can't live without?

Simon: Okay.

Lily: And you know what? Remember this is your wedding, too. Right?

Simon: Yeah.

Lily: Anything that you want in particular?

Simon: Yeah. Yeah. I want Katie's friends and family to see her the way I see her. To see the Katie that I fell in love with.

Messenger: Hi. I got a delivery here for Ms. Tenney for B.R.O. Designs?

Katie: Why is she getting stuff delivered here?

Messenger: I couldn't tell you, miss.

Katie: Oh, well, of course. That's how the day's going.

Messenger: If you could just sign right here --

Katie: Okay.

Messenger: All right.

[Phone rings]

Katie: Oh! Hello?

Simon: Hey, baby, it's your husband.

Katie: I love when you say that.

Simon: Hey, you feel like having a little lunch together?

Katie: I'd love to. Why?

Simon: I don't know.

Because I'm starving. And I -- I wanna ask you something.

Katie: I do.

Simon: What was that?

Katie: I'll see you soon. Bye. This is it. This is it. Ahh, today's my wedding day! Simon has everything planned. Oh, what am I gonna wear? I want a dress. I want a real dress. Oh, no, he didn't. That sneaky, little devil. "Delivery for Carly Tenney." Yeah, right! Oh, it's beautiful. I'm a bride! Oh, I'm a real bride!

Holden: Lily?! Lily, you home?!

Molly: Ahem.

[Knocks on the door]

Molly: Knock, knock. Mind if we come in?

Holden: No, no, come on in.

Jake: Yeah, you spare a couple minutes to talk there?

Holden: Sure. It sounds serious.

Molly: Yeah, it is. And it's about Abigail. Do you remember the guy that I went to prison for all those years ago?

Holden: Yeah, Nick Scudder. Some things you just don't forget.

Molly: He moved to Oakdale. And now he's moving in on our daughter.

[Knock on the door]

Abigail: Nick? It's Abigail. Are you home?

[Knocks again]

Abigail: Nick?

Nick: The back exit. The back exit.

Abigail: Nick!

Nick: Go, go. Yeah, one minute!

Abigail: Oh, Nick.

Nick: Shh. Shh, I've got you. It's okay. Everything's gonna be all right.

Paul: Rose, you're staring.

Rose: I'm sorry. Aren't you curious what's going on between the two of them?

Paul: No. I wasn't playing cupid with them. I just gave them a friendly nudge in the right direction.

Rose: The direction opposite of Craig Montgomery. Very good.

Paul: So anything interesting going on over there?

Rose: Well, they do have that look in their eye.

Paul: What look?

Rose: That look. But no visible signs of hanky-panky.

Paul: Hmm. You mean, none of this?

Rose: That's exactly what I was talking about.

Carly: Craig discussed our relationship with you?

Jack: Your "relationship." Wow.

Carly: No, that's not -- did you ask or did he volunteer? When exactly did you have this conversation, Jack? And what else did he have to say?

Jack: It doesn't really matter.

Carly: It does matter, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, I shouldn't have said anything. Okay? I only wanted to make sure he was making you happy.

Craig: Hello, Jack.

Carly: What are you doing here?

Craig: Well, I hope I'm not intruding. You left your contract behind. I thought you might need it.

Carly: Thank you.

Craig: Yeah.

Jack: I got my answer.

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