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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 11/26/01

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Emily: Good morning, guys.

Hal: Hey. I was wondering where you've gone off to.

Emily: Parker. What, did you wind Will up and let him go already?

Hal: Yep, first shift is fed and out the door. And the second shift is in the pancake chair.

Emily: Pancakes? Excuse me. Are you gonna save any for me, Parker?

Hal: We have your table reserved, madam.

Emily: Oh, reserved? I'm a regular, should I be getting used to this? Yeah? Okay.

Hal: So what you been up to?

Emily: Well, I checked in at the office. And then I wanted to get my hand on every single New York newspaper I could find. There she is.

Hal: Wow.

Emily: Yep.

Hal: "Elegance, wits, style, and new faces dominate B.R.O. Show." Is that my daughter?

Emily: I can't believe it. Yes, it is. She looks amazing.

Hal: That dress is a little flimsy, isn't it?

Emily: No, it's stunning is what it is. Look at this. I gotta hand it to Carly, she's an incredible designer. Parker, look, this is your mommy. Okay -- pancake syrup.

Hal: "In the show's most stunning development, B.R.O. executive, Paul Ryan, admitted Barbara Ryan, the famed designer, was not the architect of the evening's designs. That honor belonged to the newcomer and rising star, Carly Tenney."

Emily: "Carly Tenney."

Hal: Ouch.

Emily: Wow, Carly's getting kudos over Barbara. There is trouble in river city.

Hal: Hey, little man, preschool waits for no man, little or big. You had enough? 'Cause we gotta go. Okay? Come on. Just grab this, there you go. I'll see you later, right?

Emily: Highlight of my day.

Hal: Mine, too.

Emily: You okay?

Hal: Why?

Emily: Well, last night, you know, Barbara was here, and she stormed off. And you didn't follow her --

Hal: Book bag.

Emily: Oh, sorry, here, Parker.

Hal: Yeah, well, that's gonna weigh on me a little bit. But you know, just now, I was thinking how much I hated waking up and not feeling you next to me.

Emily: That's sweet.

Hal: Well, good, because I'm serious.

Emily: I know.

Hal: No, really serious. As in, I don't want to wake up that way again.

Emily: I know. I just didn't want to wake you. I figured I'd just sneak out.

Hal: I'm not going to ask you to sit down for this, but you can at least put down the forget, okay?

Emily: What -- what's going on, Hal?

Hal: I want your car parked in the driveway every night from now on. I want to share the same clothes hamper with you. And I want you sleeping in my bed with Daniel sleeping right down the hall, you get it? I don't know if that's a look of shock, or happiness, or what, but I assume you'll at least think about it.

[Emily laughs]

Carly: Good morning.

Craig: Good morning.

Carly: What time is it?

Craig: Time to open those beautiful eyes and read the reviews.

Carly: What?! You have them?

Craig: Every one I could find.

Carly: Give me the robe, would ya?

Craig: But why?

Carly: Get me the robe, would ya?! Ah, you see, that smile, that usually tells us you know something the rest of us don't.

Craig: True enough.

Carly: Is that your playful side?

Craig: No, this is.

[Carly gasps] read and weep with joy.

Carly: That's a whole page!

Craig: That's true, all about you.

Carly: I don't believe this.

Craig: "Elegance, wit, and style -- newcomer and rising star, Carly Tenney --"

Carly: I think I did it.

Craig: Yes you did.

Carly: I did it, didn't I?

Craig: Yes, you did.

Carly: Last night was one of the best nights of my entire life.

Craig: Of mine, too. And it's not just because we made love. But I realized something.

Carly: What's that?

Craig: That you love me.

Mrs. Flanagan: One day soon, it'll be your picture hanging on that wall.

Paul: Mrs. Flanagan, am I wrong, or aren't you supposed to be on a beach somewhere enjoying early retirement?

Mrs. Flanagan: The Sales Department called me this morning. They begged me to come back.

Paul: We're looking good?

Mrs. Flanagan: I haven't seen this much business since Barbara first started.

Paul: Terrific.

Mrs. Flanagan: You know back then, every single line your mother created was an absolute knockout. I believe this is a new beginning.

Paul: Glad to have you back on board.

Rose: Hey, you know what they say -- it's a sin to drink your morning coffee without a decent bagel in this town.

Paul: I will never get tired of seeing your face bright and early in the morning. You were so cute this morning when I left.

Rose: Oh, thank you.

Paul: You were sleeping so peacefully.

Rose: Yes, I was. But, you know, sleeping next to you, I'm getting used to that. I woke up, but you were gone. Very lonely. So what's the story, morning glory?

Paul: The phones are ringing off the hook.

Rose: Ah!

Paul: Yes, they are. The show was an unqualified success.

Rose: Oh, look at you, hitting a home run like that. They're going to throw a big parade for you back in Oakdale.

Paul: Well, Rose, I was -- I was thinking.

Rose: Oh, that's very dangerous.

Paul: What if we didn't go back?

Rose: All right. We could stay a couple days. Sight see, maybe? See my pop.

Paul: Huh-uh. No, I was thinking something more permanent. How would you like to move to New York?

Barbara: Uh! This stupid rag. That show is going to haunt me the rest of my natural life.

James: People are haunted by worse, Barbara.

Barbara: Don't you ever knock like a normal person? And don't you dare think about lighting that damn thing.

James: You know, I've been called a lot of things in my life, normal's never been one of them. You see, I really couldn't knock, because I never left.

Barbara: You slept here?

James: Barbara, you were in a very shaky state last night. I thought it best not to leave you alone. I hope you don't mind.

Barbara: I always lock my bedroom door, James.

James: Not in very good humor this morning. Am I interrupting something?

Barbara: I've been making a list. I know I should be aspiring to higher things in my life right now, but I just keep imagining how I can get rid of all the people who made my life so miserable.

James: Give that list to me, Barbara. I'll get rid of them for you, and love doing it.

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Barbara: What's in it for you, James? Why would you want to help me?

James: I have a soft spot for you, Barbara. After all you've been through, don't you think you deserve some satisfaction?

Barbara: Is that a forked tongue whispering in my ear?

James: Rose D'Angelo turned your son against you. Emily Stewart has captured Hal. Hal really loved you, Barbara. And Carly Tenney is finally succeeded in stealing your company. Aren't you due some measure of revenge?

Barbara: Wanting revenge is one thing. Planning it is another.

James: Why settle for the fantasy when you can have the real thing? But your life, your life, whatever makes you happy, Barbara.

Barbara: Even if I eliminated those three witches somehow, my life would still be in a shambles, like my face. If you really want to do something for me, James --

James: Oh, I do.

Barbara: -- Then you can turn back the clock to when Craig Montgomery started promising me a life of bliss. That's when this started. That's when I made every wrong decision.

James: We can destroy Montgomery right now if you really wanted to do.

Barbara: How so?

James: Take Carly Tenney away from him.

Carly: There is no way on God's green earth that either one of us is ready for the "l" word.

Craig: I know how you feel. It's not a word that you throw around easily.

Carly: Well, you threw it. Why did you throw it?

Craig: Hey, listen, you knew this job was dangerous when you took it.

Carly: What job is that?

Craig: Loving me.

Carly: Stop it! Now, cut that out. You -- you never even use that word unless you're talking about money.

Craig: No. No, no, the last time I said "I love you" to a woman and meant it was Sierra. But after last night, hey, listen, I know what I know.

Carly: Craig, last night was --

Craig: Delicious.

Carly: Craig.

Craig: Delicious.

Carly: In one night I've created pepe le pew.

Craig: No, no, pepe le pew started in Hong Kong when you stole my wallet.

Carly: This is the same craziness you came to me with after the trial. Do you remember that?

Craig: Hey, hey, you know about craziness. You know, you can always dance with a stranger, but you don't make love to somebody you don't love, even if it's just a little bit.

Carly: Craig, making love with you --

Craig: Hey, I was there.

Carly: It was terrific.

Craig: Yeah?

Carly: But --

Craig: But what?

Carly: You are still a man who's grieving the loss of his son. And I am a woman who is starting her life anew. Can't we do something that we've never done before?

Craig: I think we've already done that.

Carly: Oh, stop it, don't be such a pig. I'm being serious here. Can we at least try to be careful with each other? If we can't, then this budding romance of ours -- it's over.

Jennifer: Billy, hey.

Billy: Oh, you found me.

Jennifer: It's freezing in here.

Billy: Yeah, they don't turn the heat on for the hired help.

Jennifer: I'm really sorry about last night.

Billy: Hey, super models drink coffee? It's on me.

Jennifer: You know, I tried to look for you after the wrap party, but you -- you had disappeared so --

Billy: Well, I'm here now. You know, seeing your face walk out on that runway was like watching the birth of a whole new person. I mean, everybody knows you're beautiful and everything. But when you hit that runway, the look that you had on your face, you took over the place. I mean, you were definitely in your element.

Jennifer: Thanks. I just feel bad about not taking that modeling contract that Paul offered me. You know, he goes out on a limb and trusts me with the success of the entire show, and I couldn't do the one thing that he wanted.

Billy: Signing that contract means dealing with your mom, okay? And he has to understand that that's hard for you.

Jennifer: Yeah, not that I'm gonna know what to say to her after the way she treated me.

Billy: Look, don't worry about that. Okay? You got a taste of the modeling thing, and now you can get back to your real life.

Gordon: Whoa. Puff the magic dragon, come over here.

Jennifer: Excuse me?

Gordon: The eyes, my dear, the eyes. Obviously rebelling after last night's festivities.

Billy: Wait, wait, excuse me here. We're in the middle of something, okay?

Gordon: Socialize on your own dime, Ms. Munson. Hair and makeup are in the dressing room.

Jennifer: Wait, Billy. Billy!

Billy: What's going on? Okay, I thought you came here to see me.

Jennifer: I was hoping that you'd be here.

Billy: But you weren't sure.

Jennifer: This huge magazine offered me a job last night. This is my first assignment.

Billy: Okay, so I'm not first in line this morning. I understand that. I can deal with that, but why the sad face?

Jennifer: Well, they want me to do a couple more shoots.

Billy: Well, that's -- that's great.

Jennifer: In Europe.

Billy: That's far away.

Jennifer: I want you to come with me.

Gordon: Jennifer, let's go.

Jennifer: Look, look, please, don't go. Okay? Wait for me. Please?

Emily: No, no, I'm gonna be in later today, I promise. I may be a little late, so get those photos on my desk. Okay? Thanks. How'd it go with Parker?

Hal: We got in one round of duck duck goose. We were on time for that. Listen, I dropped a bombshell before I left.

Emily: Yeah, I sort of noticed.

Hal: I was embarrassed about it as soon as I walked out the door. Emily, sharing my life -- moving from crisis to crisis with me and Jennifer and Will and Parker -- it's a lot to ask. Add to that my being a cop, and -- well, it's not exactly the kind of life that any woman would confuse for an ideal living situation.

Emily: Yeah. And especially a catch like me, right? Come on. I'm slogging through this life with an illegitimate kid, a string of failed relationships. Not to mention a truckload of debt from The Intruder.

Hal: Oh, well, what I see is a brave woman raising Daniel by herself who has turned a newspaper that most people would use for fish paper into something legitimate and --

Emily: Wait, wait, wait! Excuse me -- did you just -- did you just say brave?

Hal: Yeah.

Emily: You called me brave? You're a cop, Hal. You risk your life every day to keep -- to keep this world safe, and then you managed to come home and raise a litter of children and -- and actually have time for me. That's beyond brave. It's saintly.

Hal: Well, it sounds like we respect each other.

Emily: I don't know where you get this wonderful idea about who I am, but it makes my life sweeter every single day.

Hal: Now, that sounds suspiciously like a yes. Are you moving in?

Emily: A moving truck carted my things over before you made it out of the driveway this morning. And I'm just sort of waiting to hook up my crock pot. Hurry up before you change your mind, right?

Hal: We're really gonna do this? We're really gonna do this?

Emily: You asked for it. Oh.

Hal: Emily -- Emily, there's one thing that you have to know before we do this.

Emily: What?

Hal: I love you.

Emily: Oh.

Paul: You could get a job here at B.R.O.

Rose: Oh.

Paul: We could work together, play together. We'll start everything off with a whirlwind trip to Europe. We'll stop by every B.R.O. office and tell them we're back on top.

Rose: Oh, really? Meanwhile, we avoid your ma. Which is the point, right? Look, I don't know how I feel about shoving off on this life together to avoid your ma.

Paul: I'm not avoiding her! I mean, you saw what happened. She went crazy. It was my fault.

Rose: What?! Wait a minute. No, no, no. No one asked Barbara to show up here and act like a maniac. She's slashing everything, all the clothes she could get her sights on.

Paul: I don't blame her.

Rose: Why not? You wanna be mad at me? Fine. But I think you've been RSVPing to that pity party she's been throwing ever since you came back in town.

Paul: It's not that cut-and-dry, Rose.

Rose: No? Really?

Paul: No.

Rose: She's got kids that love her. She doesn't want to talk to them. She's got this beautiful house that she lives in -- a mansion -- and she won't let anybody come over. Now, you have profits showing in her company that she's never seen before. So, what are you running from?

Paul: I -- I guess part of my decision has to do with James being back in town. I mean, Jack thinks it's only a matter of time before he does something dirty. Look, I don't want either one of us to be there when that happens.

Rose: Let the old man do his worst. You can handle it. Look what you did with B.R.O., dealing with your crazy parents. It's a cinch.

Paul: Yeah, I'd like to think so.

Rose: And also you gotta think about this, too. If you don't go back to Oakdale, Craig and Carly are gonna take your company away from you. They're gonna just -- take it right out of your pocket.

Paul: You really look out for me, don't you?

Rose: Well, it has become one of my favorite pastimes. Look, I will go anywhere in the world with you, Paulie. But for the right reasons. And I want to go home with you, of course.

Paul: Home, being Oakdale.

Rose: Mm-hmm. I'm not messing this up. A guy like you comes around like once every 25 years.

Paul: A woman like you is even more rare. You're on my side, but yet, you keep me thinking.

Rose: Mm-hmm. My pop says that's a woman's job. So, it's up to you. I mean, it's your decision, of course.

Paul: I know, I know.

Rose: So, aren't we gonna enjoy these bagels on the way to the airport?

Paul: Oakdale, here we come. But --

Rose: Aw.

Paul: -- We're still going to Paris, by the way.

Rose: Really? Okay.

Paul: Come on.

Rose: Oh, goodie.

Carly: This is absolutely unbelievable.

Craig: No, no, no. You are officially the princess of Seventh Avenue.

Carly: Well, it is time for her eminence to jump in the shower and get out of here. I want to be back in Oakdale in time to pick up Parker from preschool.

Craig: How are you so level-headed for a newly minted mogul?

Carly: A mogul and a mommy. Which is why I want this affair of ours to have no strings attached.

Craig: You know how found I am of strings.

Carly: Well, you're gonna have to get over that. No strings. No plans. No assumptions.

Craig: No love?

Carly: That's right. We're just going to exist together in space.

Craig: Nude. All right. Whenever you get over this love thing, I hope I'm still available.

Carly: I think you will be. Would you like the shower first?

Craig: Not without you.

Barbara: How nice of you to stop by and see me. Obviously, you've heard about my latest embarrassment in New York.

Bob: We saw the papers.

Kim: Why would you be embarrassed?

Barbara: You don't know all the details. I'll make us a pot of coffee and tell you all about it. There've been plots afoot, Kim.

Bob: Barbara, actually, this is not a social call.

Barbara: Oh?

Bob: I consulted with Dr. Schuster. He has the results of your skin graft tests.

Barbara: Why didn't he call me? More bad news. I'm stuck with this face forever, aren't I?

Kim: Honey, just listen to what Bob has to say. It's not as bad as you think.

Barbara: Forgive me my disappointment. How foolish of me to think that modern medicine could change a face like this.

Bob: Barbara, that's why I wanted to come and tell you in person, and make it very clear that a lot of the damage can be repaired.

Barbara: But not all.

Bob: I'm afraid not. There will be some permanent scarring.

Kim: You know, just the right makeup.

Barbara: Oh. And painted like a clown for the rest of my life.

Bob: I know that this is a setback. You expected to be able to look the way you did before the accident.

Barbara: Actually, I didn't think that anything would be the same again. I just don't wanna frighten little children in the street.

Kim: Oh, come on, boo. That's not how people react.

Barbara: You don't know.

Kim: What? And you do? I don't know how you lock yourself away from the world in this house. You hardly see anyone here. You won't go out.

Barbara: Not true. I made my triumphant return in New York last night. But I was a little difficult for everyone to take.

Bob: Barbara, there are advancements in plastic surgery all the time. The discipline is very refined. If you're not comfortable with Dr. Schuster, there are contacts that I have all over the world.

Barbara: Thank you so much for coming to see me. Seeing both of you --

Kim: Honey, we love you. We just wanna see you get well.

Barbara: Thank you. You both have been so good to me and so loyal. A trait that's not very common these days.

Kim: Well, is there anything that we can do now?

Barbara: Give me some time.

Bob: Of course.

Barbara: Let me figure out how to proceed.

Kim: Well, maybe you -- you want us to call somebody? Paul or maybe even Hal?

Barbara: No. Everyone's getting on with their lives. I need to do the same.

Kim: Okay. I love you.

Barbara: Thank you. A monster. A monster for life.

Jessica: Good morning, Ben. I thought I might find you here.

Ben: Hey. Good morning, counselor.

Jessica: We haven't met yet, but I am an officer of the court. And I think you're supposed to be in school.

Curtis: That's where I'm heading.

Ben: Jessica, this is my son, Curtis. Curtis, this is Ms. Griffin.

Curtis: Nice to meet you, ma'am.

Jessica: Quite the nice young man, too.

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: Very nice to meet you, too, Curtis.

Ben: Ms. Griffin is Bonnie's mom. I had the pleasure of escorting her to the fashion show yesterday.

Jessica: Oh, the pleasure was all mine. Did you see this?

Ben: Oh, check it out. "New stars of the runway." Hmm?

Curtis: Wow. Bonnie's famous now? And Isaac is hanging out with her, too? Oh, man, that's nice.

Jessica: I haven't talked to Bonnie this morning. Have you heard from Isaac?

Ben: Not a word.

Isaac: I got a few choice words, all right. But I shouldn't repeat them in front of my nephew. Shouldn't you be in school?

Curtis: I'm going, I'm going.

Jessica: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that your mood has something to do with Bonnie?

Isaac: No -- no offense, Jessica, but whatever Bonnie ends up doing with her life, I hope it includes never setting foot in Oakdale again.

Gordon: Look at the lens. Nice. It's like you've done this a thousand times, girl. Very nice.

Very nice. Keep the chin down. Beautiful. Take five, Jennifer. Don't muss yourself. And don't let the construction worker muss you either.

Billy: Well, like I said, you're a natural.

Jennifer: Ah, Gordie was just saying that. So whatever. I'm just having fun.

Billy: Yeah, but that's why you're so good at it. So is this Gordon guy a good photographer?

Jennifer: Yeah, one of the best.

Billy: Nice guy?

Jennifer: Yeah, he's okay. What?

Billy: Oh, nothing. I was just thinking he wouldn't make it two seconds in the real world, without getting his butt kicked.

Jennifer: Yeah, he probably needs a good butt-kicking. Right? You know, I have to admit, though -- I kind of like his world. You know? The excitement of it, the glamour.

Billy: Yeah, it's good money. You have to get your cookie jar and start saving.

Jennifer: You're -- you're not going with me, are you?

Billy: Jennifer, look at me. What am I gonna do hanging around with guys like Gordon?

Jennifer: Well, you'll be hanging around me.

Billy: No. The scene's too weird. So, when are you leaving?

Jennifer: They booked me a flight for tonight.

Billy: So I guess this is good-bye.

Jennifer: I really wish I didn't have to choose like this.

Billy: Well, it looks like you've already done the choosing. Just go.

Jennifer: You know, I haven't even talked to my dad about this yet. It's just -- I'm worried that if I go back to Oakdale, I'm just gonna become Will's baby-sitter and work at Al's diner all day and spend my nights waiting for you to call.

Billy: You'll be gone a few weeks. So fine. I'll find a job in Oakdale and hang out until you get back.

Jennifer: Really?

Billy: Jen, go do what you have to do. You know, get away from your family and your old life. And come back when things look good. I'll be waiting for you.

Jennifer: Then what?

Billy: I don't know. But I meant what I said. I'm not letting you go. Now don't let me muss you.

Gordon: Jennifer?

Billy: Go.

Jessica: So Bonnie's still in New York?

Isaac: I left before the whole plan had been formed, but I have a feeling she's hobnobbing it with some of her upper east side friends. Jessica, listen, I don't mean to be so negative. I know this is your child we're talking about.

Jessica: No, no, I know how Bonnie can be. I love her madly, but there are those moments when I don't like her personality very much.

Ben: Well, Bonnie's probably just excited to see some old friends, fall into old habits.

Jessica: Yeah, well, I had hoped by her being here in Oakdale and working here that, you know, she'd snap out of it.

Isaac: I hoped, too. Not like she was my project or anything, but I know what you wanted for her.

Jessica: Yeah, I gotta get to the office.

Ben: We gotta get you to school. I'll walk out with you, Jess.

Jessica: Okay.

Isaac: Big brother, thank you.

Ben: Any time, bro.

Isaac: Little man, I'll see you later.

Curtis: Bye.

Isaac: You sure are beautiful on the outside.

Bonnie: Where is everybody? I just passed a very, very large truck with a huge delivery for us. I know. You're speechless. Good, because I don't wanna hear really what you have to say anyway.

Isaac: You're back?

Bonnie: Brilliant observation. Now, don't we open any minute?

Isaac: What about your friends?

Bonnie: Oh, they redefine boring.

Isaac: I thought you felt that way about Oakdale.

Bonnie: Guess you were wrong.

Isaac: Usually being wrong makes me feel bad.

Barbara: Well, I certainly didn't expect to see you two. I imagined you'd still be celebrating your victory from last night.

Rose: Orders are going through the roof. How you feeling, Barbara?

Barbara: Betrayed. Under siege. Sad that my son has deceived me after everything we've been through all these years.

Paul: Sorry about that, mom. I didn't think I had a choice.

Barbara: You always have choices in life, Paul. The trick is making the right ones.

Paul: Well, some decisions need to be made on where we go from here.

Barbara: Meaning you and me, or B.R.O.?

Paul: Both, actually. I wanna move corporate headquarters to Oakdale. Keep New York office, to serve that region.

Barbara: I've often thought about moving the front office to Oakdale. I'm all for that. Now what about us? Can you possibly forgive me for my behavior last night?

Paul: I can if you can.

Barbara: That's a possibility. And if Rose can spare you, my son and I can have dinner together tonight and possibly right this ship.

Paul: Maybe tomorrow. Rose and I are meeting with a realtor tonight.

Barbara: Of course, more office space.

Paul: Yeah well, that and -- I've been thinking it's probably best for everyone if I move out of here.

Barbara: And move in with Rose?

Paul: That's the plan.

Craig: Okay, okay.

Carly: Oh, my!

Craig: Lookie.

Carly: Parker, would you look at these flowers?! Aren't they beautiful? Are you gonna keep exceeding my expectations?

Craig: Yes, but I can't take credit for the flowers.

Carly: They're not from you?

Craig: Listen, after your show, half the world's gonna be sending you gifts. Read the card. Huh?

Carly: They're probably from Molly and Jake. "You made me so proud last night. Keep knocking 'em dead."

Craig: Who's the admirer?

Carly: Just a token from Jack.

Craig: "Token"? On his salary? That arrangement would cost a fortune.

Carly: We're still good friends. You! I missed you so much. I have been thinking and planning for your favorite dinner tonight. What do you think? You think you can stay for some mac and cheese and French fries?

Craig: Eating light, huh? No, no. I wanna get home and get in touch with Lucy.

Carly: Okay. So I guess -- I'll see you tomorrow?

Craig: Oh, yeah. So long, Parker. Eat up. Huh? Bye.

Carly: Bye.

[Door closes] oh, Jack.

Craig: Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack. Still trying? Not for long.

Emily: It's just -- I don't think a girl who's on the verge of a big modeling career is gonna wolf down a plate of your fried chicken and waffles.

Hal: I don't care what you say.

[Phone rings] she's still my little girl, and she still loves my food.

Emily: Okay.

Hal: Hello?

Jennifer: Hi, dad. It's me.

Hal: Oh, hello, me. Speak of the little fried chicken-loving devil. We were just talking about you.

Jennifer: "We"?

Hal: Emily's here.

Jennifer: Oh. Tell her I said hi.

Hal: She says hi. So it's in all the papers. You were quite a sensation last night.

Jennifer: Can you believe it?

Hal: Yes. When are you coming home? We're making fried chicken and waffles to celebrate.

Jennifer: Oh, my favorite.

Hal: Is everything okay?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, everything's fine. Great, actually.

Hal: What's going on? Paul said you'd be home tonight.

Jennifer: I got another modeling job.

Hal: Another modeling gig? That's great.

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, it is. I'm gonna get to see Europe for the first time. Dad?

Hal: I'm here. Where in Europe?

Jennifer: I'm leaving for Rome tonight.

Hal: Rome?!

Jennifer: Look, dad, before you go all ballistic on me -- this is once in a lifetime opportunity. And I mean, they really like me. Please tell me that you understand, dad. Please.

Hal: How can I understand when I'm just learning about it on your way to the airport?

Jennifer: Everything's just happening so fast.

Hal: Yes, it is, honey. For all of us.

Barbara: Is this some kind of punishment for my bad behavior?

Paul: Since when is me deciding what I wanna do with my life a punishment for you?

Barbara: You're abandoning me, Paul.

Rose: Hey, that's not fair, Ms. Ryan.

Paul: I blame myself for what you did last night. I lied to you about what was going on with the company. I thought there'd be more time to prepare you for the decisions I was making.

Barbara: You thought of me? How comforting.

Paul: Oh, now don't pull that on me, mom. I was trying to save your company! I did save your company. I mean, you have a future as a designer again. Whereas before, you were -- look, I wanna have a better business relationship with you, mom, and the only way we can do that is if we separate the business from the personal.

Barbara: That must be music to your ears, Rose.

Paul: Don't bring Rose into this.

Rose: Ah, it's okay. I know this is very difficult for you to accept. It's very easy to see me as the enemy here, because you think I'm stealing your son. But this is Paul's decision.

Paul: And it's not up for discussion. Mom, I love you. And I've never done anything to hurt you, but I will live my life my way -- the way I want and with whom I want.

Barbara: Apparently so.

Paul: And it's time for you to start living your life for yourself. You're gonna get reconstructive surgery soon. You're gonna be as beautiful as ever, be able to face the world again. And I will stay here until I find a place. But after that --

Barbara: Go. I understand. You don't wanna be late for a real estate agent.

Paul: It's gonna be okay. I promise.

Barbara: The plan you have for Carly, Emily and Rose?

James: Yes?

Barbara: Do it.

James: I love you like this.

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