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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 11/16/01

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Simon: So, would you marry me again? This time, for real. No rushed wedding vows, no friends and relatives trying to talk us out of it. It will be - we'll have invitations and traditions and the richest, most fattening wedding cake you've ever seen.

Katie: My dream wedding? You really want to do all that?

Simon: I want to do all that and more. I want to make all your wildest dreams come true.

Katie: Yes! Of course. Of course, I'll marry you again - on one condition.

Isaac: Yeah. All the times I bailed you out, you can't cover for me on one night? No, no, be like that.

Ben: Staff trouble?

Isaac: Ben.

Ben: Isaac.

Isaac: Yes, yes, yes. See, Lisa, she's running late, my bartender's - he's got the flu and me, I've got a trip to New York, so you are it.

Ben: I'm what?

Isaac: Next in line for the throne.

Ben: Whoa, whoa, wait - you want me to tend bar?

Isaac: You're smart. That's what I like about you.

Ben: Oh, come - you're gonna go to New York and chase after that high-maintenance waitress that you swear you're not attracted to?

Isaac: So you'll do it?

Ben: No, I'm not a bartender.

Isaac: What do you mean? All you got to do is - mix up a little of this, a little of that, and before you know it, you'll be a crowd favorite.

Ben: No.

Isaac: Come on. You're gonna love it. Just relax. It's not like you're doing brain surgery or anything.

Ben: If this were brain surgery, I'd be your man.

Isaac: Wait, man. Hold on. Can you pour a beer?

Ben: Of course I can pour a beer.

Isaac: Then we're golden.

Ben: No, wait a minute. No, no, no, I can't do this any more than you can do brain surgery.

Isaac: Now, now, now - don't worry about what you can't do, worry about what you can. Now, you like to party, don't you? Look around, this is the biggest party in the city. If you like to tell those jokes, tell them to some of the fellas here and maybe, if you're lucky, you can flirt with some of the females. Everything is going to be fine.

Rose: Hey, hey, Isaac! Are you ready to go?

Isaac: Yeah. I was just giving Ben a couple last-minute tips on how to tend bar.

Rose: Oh, that's great. But, you know, we're gonna miss the flight to New York. Miss the flight to New York, we don't go see the fashion show. You're not getting cold feet, are you?

Isaac: No. No, I'm not. But it sounds like you're the one with second thoughts.

Ben: Yeah, it sounds like neither one of you are too sure about New York, so I'm just -

Isaac: You're not going anywhere. And you - don't you want to see Paul Ryan?

Rose: Well, yeah, I want to see him. But he's been so secretive about this fashion show thing. Maybe I'm the last person in the world he wants to see.

Isaac: Who is this woman? This is not Rose. This is not Rose D'Angelo, because she's fierce, she doesn't make excuses. She likes to go and -

Rose: Yeah, I know all about it, but, you know, maybe he has this woman in New York he sees every time he's away? You know, one in every port.

Isaac: Wouldn't you rather find that out now?

Rose: You think he's keeping something from me? Because -

Isaac: Rose, you're the one that just said that he was -

Rose: You're stalling. So come on, let's go. Go.

Isaac: Ben - hey, Ben, take care of my baby.

Ben: No, no, no! Isaac! You're not really gonna leave me like this, man! No, come on.

Isaac: Have a good time!

Rose: If he can operate on a brain, he can pour a couple of drinks.

Isaac: Come on, Rose.

Rose: Bye.

Ben: Isaac! What do you want?

Paul: Everybody? Ladies? Can I have your attention? All right. Just a couple more minutes before we go out there and make fashion history. Okay, there's a huge crowd out there just waiting to watch you work those clothes, so when you hit that catwalk, have fun. Have the time of your lives. Okay? Don't let them look away. Okay? Get out there and have fun. Good luck.


Jennifer: As if I weren't terrified enough already.

Paul: No, come on. You're gonna be great out there.

Jennifer: Oh, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this show, Paul.

Paul: Yeah. Well, your boyfriend seems to think I'm putting you in an unfair position.

Jennifer: I don't have a boyfriend.

Paul: Well, okay, the guy that was kissing you, professing his undying love, who isn't your - whoever he is. Maybe, maybe he's right.

Jennifer: Right about what?

Paul: Maybe I shouldn't have put you in this position, lying to mom.

Jennifer: You know, that wasn't Billy's decision. It was mine.

Paul: You having any regrets?

Jennifer: None. None at all. Do you have any idea how much I needed this? After all these months, I just - I just needed something good in my life.

Paul: "So don't let anything go wrong, Paul," right?

Jennifer: Well, you know, I do kind of think about mom - what if she finds out?

Paul: Well, by the time she finds out those clothes are Carly's designs, the show will be over, the spring line will be launched, and she'll realize it was for her own good.

Carly: Barbara - what a surprise!

Barbara: Why shouldn't I be here? B.R.O. is my company, this is my show.

Carly: Yes. I only meant -

Barbara: Did you think I was going to miss the big event? After all the hours at my drafting table? The weeks of anticipation? My new collection? My comeback?

Carly: Does Paul know you're here?

Barbara: He'll learn soon enough.

Carly: Hmm? Why don't I just give him a call, okay?

Barbara: Why don't we wait? I want to make a grand entrance, show everyone that Barbara Ryan is still a contender. That I won't let my injuries, or anything else, get in my way.

Carly: Oh, that's impressive.

Barbara: So you see, Carly, the real question isn't what am I doing here, it's what brings you to New York?

Jack: Molly, it's Jack. Pick up, okay? It's urgent. All right. Look, I'm about to land in New York. I need the name of the hotel where Carly is staying. I got to find her fast. So, call me back as soon as you get this message.

Flight attendant #1: Excuse me, sir. The pilot's requested all cell phones be turned off.

Jack: Yeah, okay, I'll be - I'll be done in a second. Just call me back.

Flight attendant #1: You're gonna have to wait until we land.

Jack: Hang on, Carly. I'm on my way.

Flight agent #1: Welcome to New York. Enjoy your stay.

Craig: Thank you. I plan on it.

Carly: I'm in New York because - well, you know that I've always wanted a career in design.

Barbara: I just never realized how far you'd go. All the way to New York?

Carly: Yes. Well, for a career in politics, you go to D.C. Right? And to break into fashion -

Barbara: You study at the feet of the master.

Carly: Not quite. And there was a time we worked together, side by side. Remember? But I have always been an admirer. Tell me, again, how you got into my room.

Barbara: Marilyn, my stage manager, was kind enough.

Carly: Ah, she should have checked with me first.

Barbara: No harm. After all, this is a show. And show business makes strange bedfellows. One big, happy family. How did you say you managed a suite in the center of the B.R.O. contingency?

Carly: Paul. He was kind enough to let me tag along.

Barbara: So like my son. Oh, are those my press kits?

Carly: Yeah, Marilyn should have taken those to the tent already.

Barbara: I can't wait to see the photos! Paul's been guarding these with his life!

Carly: No! You can't!

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Jessica: Hey, ben, has anyone here heard from Bonnie? Because I tried to catch her on her cell phone, and it's turned off. And she's not at her hotel. What are you doing?

Ben: What's it look like I'm doing?

Jessica: Well, that's why I'm asking.

Ben: I'm - I'm doing a favor for my brother. You know, last-minute plans to New York.

Jessica: Really?

Ben: Really.

Jessica: Mind if I ask what you're making?

Ben: Yeah, I'm - it's - Long Island iced tea. Something tells me this isn't it.

Jessica: You should listen to that inner voice. There is no tea in Long Island iced tea.

Ben: What's in it?

Jessica: Mind-numbing amounts of alcohol. Five liquors, sour mix and cola.

Ben: There's coffee in Irish coffee, right? I mean, why don't they just call this stuff what it is?

Jessica: New job getting you down, Ben?

Ben: You know what? Brain surgery? Piece of cake. But this? You can have it.

Jessica: Step aside, doctor. It's time for a specialist.

Jennifer: So, um, let's talk through this. The fashion show is a big hit. Every store in the world wants B.R.O.'s new spring line, and mom finds out she had nothing to do with its success - when?

Paul: I'm working on it.

Jennifer: How do you think she'll react when she hears the truth?

Paul: It's not gonna be easy.

Jennifer: You know she's gonna hate me even more than she already does, if that's in any way possible.

Paul: Jen, she doesn't hate you. Okay? And I'm taking full responsibility for this. So, you might want to tell your "non"-boyfriend.

Jennifer: She's still gonna go nuts.

Paul: Well, I knew that when I hired Carly. Nothing I can do about it now.

Jennifer: Have you thought about how you're gonna tell her?

Paul: I'm taking suggestions if you got any.

Jennifer: I do not envy you, really. Actually, this would be a good time to apologize for being so hard on you since you came home.

Paul: Well, it hasn't been easy on any of us since the accident.

Jennifer: No. What I mean is, I've seen how hard you've been working to keep B.R.O. together and keep mom's spirits up. And, well, I know if it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here today. So, thanks. She'll forgive us.

Paul: Yeah, I hope you're right. But we got big things to accomplish tonight. So, you go out there and shine. Go get them.

Barbara: Am I forbidden to see my own press releases?

Carly: You don't want to see those photos.

Barbara: Why not?

Carly: They just don't do your designs justice at all.

Barbara: All right. I'll wait to see them in the show. "In the flesh," as it were.

Carly: So it won't bother you then, being surrounded by hundreds of spectators?

Barbara: What do you mean?

Carly: Just that tonight might not be the best night to make your cameo appearance. It might be stressful for you.

Barbara: Paul gave me the same excuse.

Carly: Well, Paul is very concerned about you.

Barbara: Is he? He needn't worry. I'm much stronger now, and tonight is the premiere of my new collection. I have every right to be there.

Carly: Why don't I give Paul a call for you?

Barbara: Why don't we just surprise him?

Carly: Because, Barbara, no one really wants any surprises tonight.

Barbara: Okay. I think this is a very opportune moment, don't you? Shall we? We can catch up. You can tell me everything that's been going on since my absence. We can go down to the tent, take a peek backstage.

Carly: No, really, I'd rather not.

Barbara: Afraid to be seen with me? You needn't worry. All eyes will be on me.

Craig: Let her go, Barbara. Now.

Katie: The most crucial element of planning a wedding, especially ours, is choosing the right date. We need to get a hold of a numerologist -

Simon: Katie, give me that.

Katie: What are you doing?

Simon: I knew you'd come up with a thousand complications. Everything would be wrong - wrong time, wrong place, wrong day, wrong country, wrong planet, wrong horoscope, wrong -

Katie: Simon, we need - we need a calendar.

Simon: No, we don't. We don't need anything.

Katie: How are we gonna plan it?

Simon: Leave everything up to me.

Katie: My wedding?

Simon: Yes. Your wedding, it's gonna be everything that you've ever wanted.

Katie: Yes, well, the wedding I've always wanted includes a day, a time and a place -

Simon: Okay, I'll tell you it'll have a specific time on a certain day, in a definite place.

Katie: You're not gonna tell me anything?

Simon: No.

Billy: Jen - I made you a little something'. A star for a star.

Jennifer: It's beautiful, Billy.

Billy: I figured you could put it on your mirror, give you something to smile about.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Billy: And also, it's an apology. I mean, you and your brother know what's best for your mother. I should have kept my mouth shut.

Jennifer: Look, nobody knows what to do about my mother. So don't worry about it. Besides, I know you were just trying to help.

Billy: Because?

Jennifer: Because you care about me.

Billy: Right, now you're catching on. So now remember, I want to go out sometime - dinner, dancing-

Jennifer: Vaguely.

Billy: So I figure later on, you know, we could go listen to some music, have some alone time together.

Jennifer: I'm there.

Bonnie: Sorry, Billy. Girlfriend, we have work to do. If you hurry, maybe we can get on that runway without being stark naked.

Rose: Look at us - jetting off to New York City.

Isaac: For no good reason.

Rose: For no good reason. When are you gonna stop pretending you don't have a thing for the waitress from hell?

Isaac: Rose, stay out of my business.

Rose: Just a question.

Isaac: Well, if your next question is, "why are you going to New York?" The answer is I feel I need to see this fashion show thing through.

Rose: So you've been deeply involved in the B.R.O. fashion show from the beginning, have you?

Isaac: Well, you could say that, actually. You know, I'm responsible for Barbara having her fashion show a couple years back at Java underground. Her and Carly had a joint venture.

Rose: Carly Tenney and Barbara Ryan working together - that is something I would pay to see.

Isaac: If you're a fan of high drama, you should've been at Java underground a 'couple nights ago when a dress went missing.

Rose: Oh, yeah, what happened?

Isaac: I thought Paul and Carly were gonna lose their minds!

Rose: Carly? Carly was there?

Isaac: Yeah.

Rose: What does Carly have to do with my Paul?

Isaac: Nothing. I mean, she was involved with the show -

Rose: How involved was she?

Isaac: I don't know -

Rose: You seen them a lot together - more than once?

Isaac: Well, every time Paul had a question, he'd come to Carly. As a matter of fact, when that dress went missing, Carly was so upset you could've sworn that she had designed it.

Rose: Repeat what you just said.

Craig: You all right?

Barbara: What fun! Craig's just in time for our little party. We're on our way down to see my collection.

Craig: That's enough, Barbara.

Barbara: I'm just getting started, Craig.

Craig: Can you tell how she found out about your designs?

Carly: Yes, I think I figured it out along the way.

Barbara: Such a clever girl. She didn't think I'd figure out that my son and the town tramp were conspiring behind my back?

Craig: The world is eternally conspiring against you, Barbara.

Barbara: I was bound to find out sooner or later. Even your co-conspirator couldn't keep his mouth shut.

Carly: You told her?

Craig: No, she found out. Apparently, she has other sources of information.

Barbara: He only confirmed my suspicions in the most unkind way. He tried to hurt me because I had told him the truth.

Carly: The truth about what?

Barbara: Keeping secrets doesn't bode well, Carly.

Craig: She felt compelled to try and distort my son's feelings for me.

Barbara: No, I told the truth. I told him that Bryant signed his trust fund over to my daughter because he didn't want him to get his hands on it. And then Jennifer signed it over to me.

Carly: Whoa, wait a minute. You have Bryant's trust fund?

Barbara: I have the money that he siphoned off of my account. So everybody gets what they deserve. I have the money, and he gets to live with the fact that his son died knowing his father was a thief.

Carly: How can you be so cruel?

Barbara: He put me through hell.

Carly: No, he didn't. You had an argument about money, Barbara. But the rest of it - the accident, your face, that's Owen Dever's fault. The trial - your fault. You lied to the D.A. and all of this, the show, me stepping in for you - this was designed to protect you. Do you know that? So you wouldn't lose your company. Because for some reason, I felt sorry for you. We all did.

Barbara: If you think this justifies stealing my company, you're wrong. You won't get away with it, Carly.

Craig: Barbara, if you came here to make trouble that's not gonna happen. All right? You've vented. You've purged. You've been noticed. Now drag yourself back to that mausoleum you call home.

Jack: Paul.

Paul: Jack?

Jack: Where's Barbara?

Paul: You're watching her in Oakdale, keeping her away from my father. What the hell are you doing here?

Jack: He got to her before I could stop him.

Paul: Damn it. Where is he?

Jack: Under arrest. Barbara met with Craig some time after her chat with James. I hear she wasn't too happy.

Paul: Yeah, that's an understatement.

Jack: She chartered a flight to New York. That's where I lost her trail.

Paul: What am I supposed to do?

Jack: Hey, I told you to cancel this show. If you'd taken my advice then - hell, if you'd listened to me the first time I told you James was kicking around Oakdale, we wouldn't be having this conversation. You're gonna listen to me now, though. As soon as we find your mother, you're setting her straight. You're telling her the truth about everything. And then you're gonna make things right with Carly. You got that? Whatever it takes.

Paul: Marilyn? Find my mother now.

Stage manager: I just saw her. Barely recognized her.

Paul: Where?

Stage manager: At the hotel - Ms. Tenney's room.

Jack: Let's go.

Isaac: You're pretty quiet over there.

Rose: Don't mind me, I'm doing a little math.

Isaac: What kind of math?

Rose: Adding things up, you know? Paul sees Barbara's sketches. They're not up to snuff. Paul's such a great son, doesn't have the heart to tell his mother the truth - that her sketches are terrible. But he needs a spring line to keep the business in business, you following' me?

Isaac: No, but don't let that stop you.

Rose: So Paul, he gets very upset. He's gotta find a ghost designer to keep the business running, so he doesn't lose everything. So what's he do?

Isaac: Finds that designer.

Rose: Not just any designer - Carly Tenney. Carly Tenney draws up a couple of sketches, pretends to be Barbara, and Barbara never knows a word. I can picture it now. Carly and Paul, up all night, drinking champagne, talking about fashion shows. Working together for weeks, and never saying a word.

Isaac: You know, this game was a lot more fun without you doing math.

Rose: I'm a party in a can, aren't I?

Isaac: You want to catch the next flight back?

Rose: No, no, no. That would just make it harder.

Isaac: Harder to what?

Rose: Harder to wring Paul's neck.

Barbara: I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here, and I'm gonna stop that show before it begins. And then I'm gonna charge you with attempting to defraud my company.

Carly: Are you kidding me?!

Craig: And what do you hope to gain by that, Barbara?

Barbara: Satisfaction, justice, vengeance.

Craig: Let your friends and colleagues know that you're not up to snuff anymore? That you've run out of ideas, is that what you want?

Paul: Mom?

Craig: Barbara.

Paul: What are you doing here?

Carly: He's here to protect me from her.

Jack: Are you okay?

Barbara: Do you have something to tell me, Paul? Or did you plan on keeping me in the dark until you handed my entire company over to this whore?

Carly: Oh, for Pete's sake! Would you just stuff it?!

Paul: Carly -

Jack: Well, I'll let you two have some time alone.

Carly: Can I speak with Jack alone, please?

Craig: Yeah, sure. Sure.

Carly: Thanks.

Jack: I'm sorry. I tried to stop her.

Carly: What happened, Jack?

Jack: Steinbeck. He's in Police custody in Oakdale, but I couldn't stop him before he talked to Barbara. I couldn't.

Carly: You were right all along. Steinbeck strikes again, huh?

Jack: I'm just glad that Craig was here to run interference. You okay?

Carly: Yeah, I mean, I've been down for the count so many times. I'm used to it.

Jack: What happens now?

Carly: She goes crazy, makes some threats, pulls the show, destroys my designs. Who knows?

Jack: Now, you don't know that.

Carly: I was never gonna get any credit anyway, Jack. So really what difference does it make? At least I got paid, right?

Paul: I was trying to help you!

Barbara: To what, an early grave? Did you really think involving Carly Tenney was a good business decision?

Paul: We did what we had to do to keep B.R.O. in business.

Barbara: "We"? Who is "we" - you and Carly? Carly doesn't give a damn about me. Or you and Jennifer - that's what this modeling gig was all about, wasn't it - to buy her silence.

Paul: Jennifer loves you. She's been through enough. If you want to blame someone, blame me. Besides, nobody even knows about it.

Barbara: Except Craig, Carly, Jennifer, Jack -

Paul: Okay, I kept it as quiet as I possibly could, mom.

Barbara: You lied to me!

Paul: It was either that, or lose the company.

Barbara: So, in your opinion, my designs were no good.

Paul: Yes. And I think, if you were honest with yourself, you would agree with me.

Barbara: But they were still mine - good or bad B.R.O. is mine.

Paul: And it still is yours. This is a temporary solution, mom, okay? Just until you get better.

It's still Barbara Ryan Originals. Nothing has changed. And no one's gonna even know that those aren't your designs up there.

Barbara: I need some time.

Paul: Okay. You need to rest.

Jack: I'll make sure she gets home safe.

Paul: That'd be great. Mom, I'll call you la -

Carly: So - she knows the designs are mine, and she still gets the credit.

Paul: I'm not gonna hurt her any more than I already have.

Katie: Simon, you can't do this.

Simon: Do what? What are we talking about? Oh, the wedding. Look, if I tell you about the wedding then you're gonna find a million ways to complicate it, and your dream is gonna turn into my worst nightmare. No way.

Katie: Yeah, but what if I'm in the wrong place.

Simon: Look, one - this is what's gonna happen. One day, you're gonna open the door, and there it is. Bam, your wedding, just as you dreamed it.

Katie: That is the most romantic idea I've ever heard. I love it, and I love you.

Simon: Love you, too.

Katie: Well, if you do, you must love me enough to tell me one itsy-bitsy little hint?

Simon: No, sorry.

Katie: You've got to tell me something.

Simon: Okay, what am I gonna tell you - hmm, all right, your husband's gonna get a job.

Katie: Really? You're gonna go work at Burt's garage?

Simon: No, I'm gonna go work for Lucinda.

Katie: This has got to be a joke.

Simon: No, it's not. Look, I want to have - I want a home, a place where we can be happy, live our own life. What's wrong?

Katie: What are you doing to me?

Simon: Uh - I don't know, a novel idea - trying to make you happy.

Katie: No one in the world could make me as happy as you do.

Simon: Terrified, huh? I know the feeling. God, here I am, planning my future with my wife. There's no reason to be upset, okay? This is just the beginning for us.

Katie: I know. But what if -

Simon: No, no more "what ifs" or - sometimes you just got to let go. You got to take a chance. It's the best thing I ever did.

Ben: Hey, you really know what you're doing.

Jessica: Absolutely. Equal parts gold schlager, coffee liquor and tonic. A moderately popular shot that is not as much poured as it is built layer upon layer -

Ben: And enjoyed with a straw from the bottom up, hmm? Oh, you cheat!

Jessica: Guilty.

Ben: Oh, man, if I'd have known about this book - a slippery nipple?

Jessica: Oh, I'm not touching that.

Ben: No, hey, look I am a beer and wine man. I will leave the exotic drinks to you, okay?

Jessica: I could do this for a living.

Ben: Oh, yeah, you make a mistake nobody's life is on the line. You just pour it down the drain.

Jessica: Absolutely. Memorize ingredients, become a comedian/psychologist a few hours a night.

Ben: Hey, of course I have to go to school for mixology -

Lisa: I just don't believe what I'm hearing. A neurosurgeon and a district attorney, fantasizing about being world-class bartenders?

Ben: Hey, well, you know, if you're gonna do something, you might as well be the best.

Jessica: Absolutely, a second-rate bartender - bite your tongue. If you're gonna do something, do it well or don't do it at all.

Ben: Here, here.

Lisa: I don't mean you have to change careers. I just wish you were a little bit more spontaneous.

Jessica: I'm spontaneous every Tuesday and Friday.

Ben: And I have a life that's very full and exciting, thank you very much.

Lisa: Yes, I know. Of course you do. What I'm trying to say is you don't have to start setting up this - oh, a chapter of the over-achievers anonymous. Instead - all right, just forget it. You're not Isaac, you're not Rose.

Jessica: She didn't mean that as a compliment, did she?

Lisa: What I mean is throw away these rule books and well, just take off - take off wherever the heart may direct you. That's one kind of people. Then others, of course, just stick around.

Ben: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. So what are you trying to say? That we are not the spontaneous, fun-loving type of people?

Lisa: Well, let me see. I just happen to have - well, two seats reserved in my name at the B.R.O. Fashion show. They're totally going useless - wasted.

Jessica: So you're saying just hop on a plane, go to New York? No planning, no luggage.

Lisa: Right. Mm-hmm.

Ben: Well, you know, Curtis is having a sleepover tonight.

Lisa: Oh, but you've got plans, you've got obligations.

Ben: Yeah, yeah, yeah, who's gonna cover the bar.

Lisa: Don't worry about it.

Ben: Front row seats - your daughter's first fashion show, New York City, what do you say?

Jessica: Let's go.

Lisa: Well, give my regards to Broadway. And just enjoy yourselves! Slippery nipple?

Bonnie: Wait, Jen, do you remember when we would raid our mother's closets for backyard fashion shows?


Jennifer: Oh, man, this really is like a dream!

Bonnie: Well, in my dreams I'm not actually working. But this is a close second.

Willow: Jennifer? The Barbara Ryan Original. Willow Wyndham, Women's wear weekly. Do you have a few minutes?

Jennifer: Yeah, sure. What do you want to know?

Willow: How does your mother feel about you modeling?

Jennifer: What mother wouldn't be proud, right?

Willow: Which agency are you with?

Jennifer: Agency?

Willow: Well, you at least need a manager. Do you want to do print work, runway? What you really want to do is act, right?

Jennifer: No, no, I'm just helping out my family.

Willow: With that hair and those eyes? You're a natural. You'll be the toast of the season for seasons to come.

Jennifer: Well, this is just - really just a one-shot deal.

Willow: You're priceless.

Jennifer: Did I say something funny?

Willow: You really have no idea what's about to happen to your life, do you?

Jack: You have to go this next leg of the trip on your own. There's something I have to take care of here first.

Barbara: Something named Carly? She has more than enough men handling her tonight.

Jack: I'll make sure there's someone waiting for you on the other end.

Barbara: Someone with a badge and a gun, I'm sure.

Jack: So I'm overprotective.

Barbara: I love you for it, Jack.

Jack: You'll be okay from here.

Flight agent #2: Boarding passes, please?

Jack: Yeah, I'm just gonna see her to her seat?

Flight agent #2: Passengers only, sir.

[Jack sighs]

Barbara: I'll be fine.

Jack: You sure? Okay, have a great flight. I'll check in with you as soon as you land.

Barbara: Thanks for everything.

Jack: Yeah. Listen, I need a favor. That woman I was with - I want you to alert the flight crew. They're not to let Barbara Ryan out of their sight.

Carly: Wow. You clean up.

Craig: Well, I try. Not too formal, do you think?

Carly: Well, that depends. Where are you going?

Craig: You didn't think I'd come to New York and miss your triumph, do you?

Carly: Some triumph. I do all the work, and Barbara gets all the credit.

Craig: Well, then let's drink to survival - survival of the fitter.

Carly: I'm not feeling very fit right now.

Craig: Well, why don't you let me be the judge of that.

Carly: You never quit, do you?

Craig: No. Aren't you glad I'm here?

Carly: I have a lot to worry about. What would you like me to say - that I'm grateful you came?

Craig: That would be a nice start.

Carly: Okay. Thank you for controlling your ex. Now, out with you. Come on. I have to get changed.

Craig: I'm a whiz with a zipper. I can close my eyes, do it by feel. Banished?

Carly: Just give me a few minutes to make myself beautiful.

Craig: Any more beautiful, I don't think I could take it.

Carly: Go.

Craig: You know, you seem awfully tense. I have an idea for -

Carly: Go!

Bonnie: Hey, Jen, if that scary little fitter comes looking for me, cover for me, okay?

Jennifer: Where are you going?

Bonnie: To take a sneak peek at the VIPs list. While America does not have royalty, I grant you, Brad Pitt and Taye Diggs come painfully close to perfection. And if Clooney is out there - I'm not back in 15 minutes, it could be a very, very good thing.

[Jennifer laughs]

Jennifer: Wait, Bonnie!

Billy: Hey, beautiful.

Jennifer: Now did you come to New York to work or to watch me?

Billy: Well, I'm trying to do both, but since I can't seem to keep my eyes off you.

Stage manager: Back to work, Mr. Carpenter. Hands off the talent till after the party. Keep your mind on your job and your hands off my girls.

Billy: Yes, ma'am.

Willow: Willow Wyndham, Women's wear weekly. And you are?

Billy: Just a carpenter.

Willow: And a close, personal friend of Jennifer Munson's? I saw you two chatting it up backstage.

Billy: Wait, I know this. No comment.

Willow: You must be the boy-next-door from back home?

Billy: Well, I wouldn't put it that way, but, yeah, we're close friends.

Willow: Well, let me put it this way, close friend. Jennifer Munson's two seconds away from being the hottest thing on two legs. You can kiss your hometown honey good-bye. Jennifer's not yours anymore. She belongs to the world.

Paul: Hey, Jack. Hey, thanks for looking out for my mother and me. Did she make that flight?

Jack: And I've arranged for an officer to meet her at the gate.

Paul: Good. I'm glad she knows the truth. I just wish she'd heard it from me and not my father, you know. I wish there was a way I could thank you.

Jack: Oh, I think there is a way you can thank me and Carly.

Paul: Name it.

Jack: Well, now that Barbara knows the truth, it's time everybody else did, too, Paul, it's time to give credit where credit's due. It's time to give Carly the recognition she deserves.

Paul: Look, Jack, I don't have time right now. I got business to take care of.

Rose: So those were Carly's dresses?

Paul: Rose! What are you doing here? Are you a sight for sore eyes!

Rose: You want sore? I'll give you sore.

Craig: My, my, my, my, my.

Carly: Do you like the outfit?

Craig: And everything in it.

Carly: Thank you. Now show me your hands. I can tell you're hiding something. You're making me nervous.

Craig: What could I possibly be hiding?

Carly: Just show me your hands. Both of them. That is a jewelry box.

Craig: Would you rather a plastic bag?

Carly: You can take it back.

Craig: No, no give-backs.

Carly: I don't want it. Oh. "I love New York".

Craig: Yeah, so do I. It was screaming your name.

Carly: Really? This was screaming my name?

Craig: Well, no. This was.

Carly: I can't.

Craig: Oh, yes, you can.

Carly: No, I really can't.

Craig: Yes, you really can.

Carly: It's too beautiful.

Craig: That's what I was thinking - about you.

Craig: Beautiful.

Carly: Craig?

Craig: Hmm?

Carly: I'm really glad you're here.

Craig: So am I. And if anybody tries to ruin this night for you, they will answer to me.

Carly: This may turn out to be a perfect night after all.

Flight agent #2: Make sure you keep an eye on Ms. Barbara Ryan - the lady with the scars.

Flight attendant #2: Where is she? She said she left her medication out here, and she hasn't been back.

Flight agent #2: I promised we'd look after her.

Flight attendant #2: She makes ten times what I make in a year. She can take the next flight.

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