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As the World Turns Transcript Thursday 11/15/01

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Jennifer: What are you doing here, Billy?

Billy: I'm working, just like you.

Jennifer: But - but you didn't say -

Billy: Well, the tech director back in Oakdale liked what I was doing with the set. So he gave me a try, and I took it.

Jennifer: Hmm, so that's why you're here.

Billy: Now do you think I would be here if you weren't? No. And do I know that you're busy and that you need some time and space to figure out your life? Yes. But would I miss you walking down this runway? I don't think so.

Jennifer: You know, I'm probably just gonna fall on my face.

Billy: No, you're gonna do great. You're gonna set the air on fire. Now come on, admit you're at least happy to see me.

Simon: Hey. Whoa.

[Rose laughs]

Simon: What was that for?

Rose: I'll have you know, you just kissed a VP.

Simon: A VP of what - good for you. Good for you.

Rose: Thank you. I'm very happy.

Simon: I know, you look happy. Why else are you smiling'?

Rose: Nothing, just the job.

Simon: Yeah, right. Liar.

Katie: Ah, you decided to go to New York, huh?

Craig: Well, I just can't sit here.

Katie: We're in your way, aren't we? I knew it. We're gonna leave, we will, just as soon as we can afford it - which we can't yet. So in the meantime, is there anything else I can do?

Craig: No, I will let you know.

Katie: You know, I know a really good little ashram in boulder.

Craig: Well, lucky for me there's plenty of fresh air right here in Oakdale.

Katie: Yeah, but, Craig, you need some sanctuary, some spiritual solace.

Craig: No, I need a way - I need a way to derail Barbara, Paul and this fashion show in New York without hurting Carly.

Paul: All right, now relax. This is just a run through.

Carly: Right.

Paul: The clothes are beautiful. The press is on board. All we have to do is be calm.

Carly: And fend off your father and your mother and anybody else who wants to see us to fail.

Paul: Okay, look, the show's tonight. Nothing's gonna stop us now.

Rodney: Paul.

Paul: Hey, Rodney, good to see you, man.

Rodney: Great to see you. Great to see you. How's your mom?

Paul: Oh, she's tired. You know, excited.

Rodney: I have known these two since Paul was just an infant.

Paul: Carly, Rodney Alexander.

Carly: Hi. No, I know - I know who you are. I think your work is incredible.

Rodney: Oh, and she has taste as well as talent.

Paul: Carly's my assistant.

Rodney: Aren't you lucky.

Paul: Hey, have you seen the press kit?

Rodney: No, but I'd love to.

Paul: Okay, well, I'll run and get it, and then we got to get out of here, okay?

Rodney: Understood. B.R.O. always has the cleverest copy.

Carly: Yes, well, they have some pretty great people working in PR.

Rodney: Don't they. Tell me, darling. Rumor has it that "assistant" doesn't quite cover what it is you do. That in fact, the clothes are more Carly Tenney than Barbara Ryan. True?

James: Paul hired Carly Tenney to design the show. They're in league, Barbara, to take over B.R.O. with Paul as president, Carly Tenney as designer.

Barbara: No, that's a lie. Paul would never betray me.

James: No, not even for your own good? He hired Jennifer behind your back, and when you confronted him, what did he say? He was protecting you. He was shielding you.

Barbara: Jennifer would have told me if Carly was involved.

James: Perhaps. I mean, if she knew.

Barbara: This is speculation. You're trying to feed on my anxiety.

James: Then why are you anxious? I mean, certainly you've overseen every aspect of this show in New York. You've been on the phone to your production staff, you discussed price points, samples, designed an advertising campaign. Certainly Paul has involved you in every step of the way.

Barbara: I trust my son.

James: To do what, Barbara? What is his mission? Is it to save B.R.O.? If that's it, then isn't it conceivable that he could make a mistake? Not knowing Carly Tenney, not knowing that it's you, your work - your work is more important than even your company to you.

Barbara: But he knows how I feel - that my designs and my designs only will represent B.R.O.

James: Mm-hmm. That dress you received the other day, Barbara, the cocktail dress, do you remember?

Barbara: What of it?

James: It's one of yours?

Barbara: No.

James: But it's a - it's a Barbara Ryan Original.

Barbara: That's impossible.

James: Oh, yeah, right, and you would know, wouldn't you? Because you're going to be there in New York. You're gonna inspect every garment. You're gonna know exactly what's going out there on that runway, right?

Barbara: But I'm not going to New York. Paul said I shouldn't go to New York.

James: Of course Paul said that. He wouldn't want you there. He wouldn't want to see you devastated when that cute little dress came floating down the runway under the B.R.O. banner. Hmm? All the fashionists applauding, heralding the new era of B.R.O. right? Oh, Barbara - Barbara who? No, not any longer, haven't you heard? It's Carly Tenney now.

Barbara: You never change, do you? This isn't about me or B.R.O. or my career. It's about Paul. It's the same old game. Paul loves me, and you can't bear it, so you would drive a wedge between us to get back at me.

James: Paul would never turn to me now. That day's long gone, and you know it, Barbara.

Barbara: So what is this - spite? You would destroy what's left of my life?

James: Barbara, if I wanted to see you crumble, I would have stayed away. I opened your eyes for one reason, and that is to see you be strong again - you, you with Paul.

Barbara: So we can live happily ever after?

James: Why not? I mean, it's a possibility. I mean, for as long as it lasts.

Barbara: And I should believe this from you, the man who has hurt me more than anyone in my entire life? You are here to put things right for me?

James: No, Barbara, no. You're going to be the one that puts things right - you.

Jack: Barbara, it's Jack.

Barbara: Jack! Jack, he's here! Jack! Jack, James is here!

Jack: Barbara?

Barbara: He's gonna hurt me!

Jack: It's okay. All right, it's okay. Calm down.

Billy: There's other jobs, Jen. I could go back to L.A.

Jennifer: No. I think I want you to stay.

Bonnie: My, my, my. Look who's here.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. The tech director needed some help.

Bonnie: And no one else in New York knows how to use a hammer?

Billy: Or wear a dress? I'll catch you later.

Bonnie: Now, see, that's the trouble with men. You want to kill them, but then, they look so good walking away.

Prue: Your arm. Jennifer?

Bonnie: Excuse me. Can you tell me where the dresser is, because I'd like to give instructions to her before the run-through.

Prue: Here's how it works, sweetheart. You put on the clothes, you show the clothes, you take off the clothes all by yourself. Think you can handle that?

Bonnie: And where are the clothes?

Prue: The clothes will be on your rack. Now, take this off. You thought modeling was fun and glamorous, and you'd be the next Naomi? It's long hours and hard work. You're just a hanger with legs. Jennifer, I can't alter that dress if you're not in it.

Jennifer: I know. I don't mind taking this off. I just don't know where.

Prue: Here, now.

Jennifer: You mean, in front of all these people?

Prue: Get used to it. You'll be stark naked before half the staff before the night is out.

Rodney: I promise I won't breathe a word. Well, maybe one or two. Tell me, dear. If you've done the work, you deserve the credit, don't you think?

Carly: What I think is that you are much, much too charming for a simple girl like me. Of course, I'd like to claim the clothes. I mean, they're beautiful. But all of the credit goes to Barbara.

Rodney: Generous to a fault, and just what this company needs. It has been a pleasure meeting you, Carly.

Carly: The pleasure's mine, Rodney.

Rodney: Thank you.

Carly: That was Rodney Alexander, Paul. Rodney Alexander! He said that the clothes were great, and would I please confirm the rumor that they're mine!

Paul: And what's the bad news? Carly, the clothes are great, okay? The whole industry is going to be out there.

Carly: And no one will know that they're mine.

Paul: Oh, come on. Be smart, Carly. I mean, you've done it. You're a success. You can do anything you want in this industry now.

Carly: What's that?

Paul: You may not get the credit, but I want you to know your work's appreciated.

James: Bravo, bravo. Very convincing, don't you think, Jack?

Jack: I told you to stay away from her.

James: Indeed you did, but you see, I had a message for her, and dare say she's very grateful.

Barbara: He burst in here uninvited and made all kinds of slanderous accusations about my son, and I wouldn't listen, so he attacked me. Thank God you arrived when you did, Jack.

Jack: All right. It's all right, Barbara. I'll take care of this. Let's go, old man.

James: Go where? Last I heard, you were no longer an officer of the law.

Jack: Well, I tell you what - you can either come with me, or I can call the station.

James: Oh. Well, Barbara, it looks like we'll have to cut our visit a bit short, but I'm sure you'll remember what I said. In fact, I'm sure you won't rest until you find out for yourself.

Jack: Let's go, James. Are you going to be all right?

James: Well, you'll be all right now that guard dog Jack is here.

Barbara: Get him out of here.

Simon: Come on. Not even a tiny, small, little hint?

Rose: Oh, you know. VPs don't kiss and tell.

Simon: Okay. We're getting somewhere. There's been some kissing.

Rose: There's been kissing. That's not why we're here, you know? It's supposed to be a business meeting. You wanted to talk to me about something.

Simon: No. Whoever he is, wherever he is, I'm happy for you.

Rose: Thank you. I'm happy, yeah.

Simon: Good.

Rose: What did you want to talk to me about?

Simon: All right. Well, Katie and I have decided to make a go of it.

Rose: Wow.

Simon: Which is great.

Rose: That's great. I'm happy for both of you then.

Simon: And the only thing is we're living at the moment under Craig's dime, which I hate doing, and the last time I saw Lucinda, she mentioned something about -

Rose: Oh, wait, wait, wait. Say no more. Ms. Walsh owes you for what you did for Holden, Luke and Lily. Don't worry. I'll talk to her. We'll set you up with a nice job, something nice. I'll take care of it.

Simon: That would be great. I'd really appreciate it.

Rose: No problem. Hey, you know what? Let's open a bottle of champagne and celebrate your future with - Katie.

Simon: Katie.

Rose: Yeah, Katie.

[Rose laughs]

Simon: Isaac, the lovely lady would like some bubbly.

Rose: What's going on with him?

Bonnie: So to be a model, you have to be gorgeous, emaciated and know somebody and have arms the lengths of Kansas. Hello? Can I get some help around here? Excuse me. Jennifer - Jennifer, the world is waiting. The home team can easily wait in line.

Billy: You're gonna do great.

Bonnie: Jennifer -

Jennifer: Hmm?

Bonnie: I thought you said you wanted to concentrate on your work.

Jennifer: I did, and I do. It's just - but then he showed up, and you know, that thing that always happens happened.

Bonnie: Ew, here in the office?

Jennifer: No, no, but it definitely could have. Oh, every time I'm near him, I just - ooh, you know?

Bonnie: Yes, I do know that feeling. But anyway, first things first, honey. Lover boy can wait, because if he doesn't, he'll just have to take a number.

Prue: You missed your cue!

Bonnie: What cue?

Prue: Go out there! And watch out for the rack of - accessories.

Bonnie: Sorry, sorry.

Jennifer: So, is it okay?

Prue: If your mother designed that dress, then I'm a blind woman.

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Prue: Jennifer, I've been a fitter here at B.R.O. since before you had braces. This isn't her style. She does set in sleeves, darts front and back - classic tailoring. This is somebody else's work, and if they think the industry won't know -

Jennifer: Won't know what?

Prue: That they brought someone in to do the work.

Jennifer: Look, if you repeat one word of that to anybody, I will have my brother fire you. Got it?

Prue: I'm not trying to hurt you, Jennifer. And by all means, talk to your brother. Somebody has to. The clothes are obviously designed by someone else. And the sooner -

Billy: I think you need to keep your expertise to yourself.

Prue: And you would be?

Billy: A friend. I'd appreciate it if you would back off.

Prue: Think about what I said, Jennifer.

Billy: Are you okay?

Jennifer: She's right.

Billy: About what?

Jennifer: My mother didn't design these clothes.

Billy: She's passing off someone else's work as her own?

Jennifer: No, no, no, no. She wouldn't do that. She - she doesn't know. My brother didn't have the guts to tell her. Now, she thinks that all these clothes are hers, and she's making a comeback, but it's all a lie.

Billy: And you're a part of all this?

Hal: Mr. Steinbeck, long time no see.

James: Lieutenant, it's always a pleasure.

Margo: You knew he was here, and you didn't tell me?

Hal: I heard a rumor he was around, but like most rumors, I was hoping he would just go away.

Jack: He was at Barbara's. She claims he forced his way in and assaulted her.

James: Well, Barbara's always overreacted. I mean, you know that, Hal. And these days, well - let's just say that she overreacted when I stopped by. Certainly that's no reason for any kind of charges, is it?

Jack: Margo, put this gentleman on ice. Hal.

Margo: You touch me, and I'll lock you in a cell overnight with Lucinda Walsh.

James: You always did like to torture me, didn't you, Margo, hmm?

Jack: Paul hired me to keep an eye on Barbara while he was away. He had an idea that Steinbeck was up to something. Turns out he was right.

Hal: He put his hands on her?

Jack: She says he did. I arrived after the fact. Look, Hal, whatever we can do here to jam this guy up for a couple of days. Carly's got a lot riding on this fashion show in New York.

Hal: What's Carly got to do with this?

Jack: I can't get into that. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.

Hal: We don't know what Steinbeck was doing there.

Jack: He's been here for weeks. What he's up to, I don't know.

Hal: Take him through it, Jack. I'll see what I can do.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you.

Hal: Is Barbara there, please? No, no message.

Jack: So this was a social visit? You drop in on Barbara on the night her company has a make-or-break showing in New York?

James: Lieutenant, I'm worried about your boy here. He's delusional. He still thinks he's a police officer. Of course, I guess once a cop, always a cop, right?

Margo: Once a bucket of slime, always a bucket of slime, right?

James: Well, this has been all my pleasure, but since there are no charges on me, and I'm not under arrest, I'll see you gentlemen later.

Hal: Oh, we can fix that. Jack, do you want to do the honors?

Jack: My pleasure.

Hal: Mr. Steinbeck, you are under arrest.

James: On what charge?

Hal: Oh, let's see - assault, trespassing.

Jack: Littering.

Hal: Littering.

James: Littering?

Jack: $250 fine in most states. The cigar on private property, James.

James: You should convene a grand jury.

Hal: Mr. Steinbeck, you might as well make yourself comfortable, because you're gonna be here for awhile.

Craig: Here's the thing. Barbara's sitting on a chunk of stock which I need, and she won't sell it to me. And as long as B.R.O. is successful, she can hold out. So what do I do? Do I derail the show knowing that Carly's a lot better off working for me, or do I let it go on, getting no closer to my stock and watching Barbara come down on Carly?

Katie: When in doubt, do nothing. My guru had that embroidered on her tent.

Craig: Which is why ashrams don't have stock portfolios.

Katie: But they do have really good lotus root tea.

[Knock at door] oh, I bet that's Simon. He'll know what to do. Barbara - actually, Craig -

Barbara: I need to talk to him alone.

Craig: What do you want, Barbara?

Barbara: Leave, Katie.

Katie: You do anything to hurt him, you'll have to answer to me.

Barbara: How do you convince every female in this town to come to your defense?

Craig: What do you want, Barbara?

Barbara: Did you leave a dress for me at Fairwinds?

Craig: I don't know what you're talking about.

Barbara: But you do know what I'm talking about, don't you? Dammit, Craig. If anyone in this town knows what Carly Tenney is up to, it's you. I knew it. Carly's designing at B.R.O. Paul hired her behind my back to do the spring line.

Craig: Oh, dear. You weren't supposed to know that, were you? Oops. Cat's out of the bag.

Craig: What was poor Paul supposed to do anyway? You obviously gave him nothing to work with. The good news is that Carly is very talented, don't you think?

Barbara: Are you enjoying this?

Craig: We used to give each other enjoyment, Barbara, but now I guess it's just pain.

Barbara: I didn't hurt you. Your son hurt you.

Craig: No, my son loved me. But somehow, you felt compelled to come over here the day after I buried him and try to take that away.

Barbara: You can't change the facts. Bryant signed his trust fund over to my daughter.

Craig: That was about Jennifer. He was trying to protect her. Was he trying to protect her from you?

Barbara: My daughter loves me.

Craig: I'm sure she does, but she'll be wearing Carly Tenney designs on that runway, won't she?

Barbara: I'm sure she knows nothing. I'm sure she doesn't realize anything.

Craig: With Carly doing the fitting, she knows. Everybody knows, Barbara. Tomorrow morning, you can read all about it yourself.

Barbara: You're lying!

Craig: No. Go to New York and see for yourself - your daughter, front and center, wearing Carly Tenney Original.

[Door slams]

Katie: Whoa!

Craig: Will you deliver a message for me?

Carly: What's this?

Paul: A bonus - to thank you for your hard work, your cooperation and most of all, your patience.

Carly: Well, it's not that I don't appreciate the opportunity, Paul.

Paul: Carly, think about where you were last summer and where you are now. Look, if there's one thing I've learned in this business, Carly, it's that it's never about one collection. The top designers, which is what you want to be, keep producing season after season.

Carly: Yes, I - thank you. I know.

Paul: Okay. Well, keep the check. I really meant it to be something, though.

Carly: Thank you. And when are you going to tell your mother? I think I need some warning.

Paul: She's going to be angry, but she'll get over it. The bottom line is, after all, the bottom line, right? Come on. We have to critique the run-through. Wait till you see the clothes under the limelight.

Jennifer: Actually, my mother hasn't fully recovered yet, and she did do some designs, but they weren't - they weren't ready. And Paul was afraid of losing the company, so he asked Carly to do some designs, and the clothes work. And I swear, I didn't even know anything about it until they hired me for this modeling job, and only then did Paul have to tell me.

Billy: Jen, you know if she finds out -

Jennifer: What, she might actually speak to me? Oh, yeah. I went over to tell her that I was hand-picked to be the Barbara Ryan Original, and all she could talk about is why Paul didn't consult her with this decision, like some new employee that she doesn't like.

Billy: Look, I don't know much about your mother, but I know you, Jen, and it was hard for you to lie to Bryant, and this is much worse, okay?

Jennifer: Truthfully, no. No, it isn't. I'm actually having fun. And if my mother finds out that I knew, I doubt she'd even care. Billy, I am nothing to her. I'm like someone she once knew.

Billy: That's not true.

Jennifer: Look, I'm telling you. She sees me, she's polite. She pats my cheek, and then she goes back to moping around her house. And you know what? Fine. Let her mope. But I'm going to ride this chance as far as it takes me.

Bonnie: Jenny - Jenny, look who I found - the designer, Rodney Alexander!

Jennifer: Hi!

Rodney: Jennifer and I go way back.

Jennifer: Oh, hello.

Rodney: How are you, sweetheart?

Jennifer: Pretty excited, actually.

Bonnie: Jennifer is the new Barbara Ryan Original.

Rodney: So I have heard. It is the perfect choice. You're made for these clothes. But then, that would make sense, wouldn't it, if your mother designed them.

Craig: Katie, this "do nothing" thing has got possibilities. You just wait for the right opportunities and grab them.

Katie: Hey, can we get room service, me and Simon, while you're away?

Craig: You can get the whole menu if you like. I've got a plane to catch.

Katie: Oh, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Craig: Yeah?

Katie: If I go and tell Jack about Barbara, isn't he going to just run to Carly's rescue?

Craig: Yes, but he'll be too late. Barbara, by that time, will have already done her patented worst. The show will be a disaster. B.R.O. will fail, and I will have my stock.

Katie: But what about Carly? She's going to be upset, don't you think?

Craig: It depends. If I can head off Barbara, I'll be a hero. Carly will be a success and ready to celebrate.

Katie: Yeah, but what if you're too late?

Craig: Then I'll be there for her. Listen, will you wait about half an hour before you go see Jack? That way, he can miss the next flight. Meanwhile, show time.

Katie: Good luck.

Simon: To Rose and whoever plucked her thorns.

Rose: Oh, good one. Will you stop, please?

Isaac: Give it up, Rose.

Rose: Paul Ryan.

Isaac: Mm-hmm, I knew it. I knew it the other night.

Rose: You know, this is why I don't want to get started with this. Please.

Simon: So where is he now?

Rose: He's in New York.

Isaac: And what are you doing here?

Rose: He's on business.

Simon: So?

Rose: "So?"

Simon: So?

Rose: He's gonna be, you know, doing business, not being distracted by me with footsies.

Isaac: All work and no play -

Simon: Exactly. Surprise him. Pack a bag. Walk up on his doorstep.

Isaac: That would work on me.

Simon: It worked for Katie. I got to go.

Rose: Married man.

Simon: A happily married man.

Isaac: Will you stop campaigning?

Simon: Never. Maybe you'll know what it feels like one day.

Rose: What was that all about?

Isaac: Me.

Bonnie: Can you believe how hot it is under those lights? You need sun block.

[Jennifer laughs]

Paul: Okay, everybody - everybody, can I have your attention? Okay, first of all, thank you. You were terrific out there.

Carly: Yeah!

Paul: All right, now, a couple of things. We've changed the lineup, so if you have any questions, talk to Prue.

Bonnie: Good luck.

Paul: And make sure you pay attention to your cues. Big one - make an entrance, ladies. The clothes deserve it and so do you. Now, I know Carly has some things that she wants to say, so -

Carly: I do.

Paul: Yes, you do, now get up there -

Carly: All right. Ladies, makeup - you're all so pretty the way you are, but we need more color. Okay? These clothes are not shy. Oh! And accessories, I'm going to be making some changes, so be sure you check each garment. Okay?

Stage manager: If I may?

Carly: Yeah?

Stage manager: Some of the girls don't seem to realize that it's their responsibility to return the accessories.

Bonnie: As if I'd wear plastic in real life.

Stage manager: They're strewn all over backstage.

Bonnie: Well, then pick them up. And by the way, there's some sugar needed over there by the coffee.

Stage manager: You want to fit into these clothes? Lay off the sugar.

Bonnie: Well, if these clothes were cut correctly -

Carly: Hey, Bonnie? You have a choice. You can go get your accessories or you can go home. Okay, well, thank you. That was great. Hey, Jen - I want to - I need to tell you how fantastic you were out there. Now, you shouldn't be surprised when the offers come rolling in.

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm sure you'll know all about that.

Carly: Look, Jen, when I took this job, there was an agreement that your brother was going to tell your mother that I was designing the clothes. But he couldn't just bring himself to do it. You saw her sketches, right? The company would have gone under. And yet, this is a break for me. And I really need the money. But I didn't create this mess.

Jennifer: I know.

Carly: Okay. So maybe we can work together, make this a success for everybody.

Jennifer: Look, I didn't mean to be nasty. This is just - this is really getting to me, you know?

Carly: I know, I know. But that'll help.

Jennifer: I don't believe it.

Carly: Honey, it's just the beginning.

Paul: Okay, now, you have to cue off them as much as they cue off you. Some of these girls have never done this before.

Technical director: We'll keep it tight.

Paul: Okay, otherwise, it's all good.

Technical director: Thanks.

Billy: Paul?

Paul: Yep?

Billy: I don't like what you're doing to Jennifer.

Paul: I'm sorry?

Billy: Look, if your mom finds out what you're doing, it's going to ruin what's left of their relationship, okay?

Paul: And who are you?

Billy: Billy Ross.

Paul: Oh, yeah, you're the boy who spoke at the funeral, Montgomery's nephew. What right do you have to tell me what to do?

Billy: 'Cause I'm in love with your sister.

James: Lieutenant?

Hal: Something I can do for you?

James: I'd like to exercise my right to telephone my attorney.

Hal: Sorry. The phones aren't working.

Margo: Jack, that was Katie on the phone. She wanted to know if you were here.

Jack: Did she want to talk to me?

Margo: No, she was on her cell phone, it cut out.

Hal: I don't know how much longer we can hold him.

Jack: Talk to Barbara, maybe if she presses charges -

Hal: The cleaning lady can't find her.

Jack: I'll go over there. She likes to take these walks on the grounds -

Katie: Oh, Jack, I'm so glad I found you!

Jack: Hey, Katie -

Katie: Craig sent me. He's really worried about Barbara.

Hal: What about Barbara?

Katie: Well, she came by to talk to him. I saw her. She was acting weird - even weirder than usual. It seems she found out something about Carly designing for B.R.O.?

Hal: That's what Steinbeck was doing at her house.

Jack: I've got to warn Carly.

Katie: No, wait, don't - actually, Craig already took care of that. He was wondering if you'd go check on her, on Barbara. He's afraid.

Hal: Afraid of what?

Katie: That she might hurt herself.

Hal: I'll get the car. Margo, you keep trying her at the house.

Jack: I'm going with you. Thank you, Katie. Thanks.

James: Oh, but they don't know you the way I do, do they, Barbara? You'd never hurt yourself while you still could hurt somebody else, would you now?

Simon: Hey, where have you been?

Katie: Hey. Doing my part for the economy.

Simon: Wow, looks like it.

Katie: You like?

Simon: I love. Thank you.

Katie: Nice. You're welcome. Well, thank Craig actually. I did him a little favor, so he said we could treat ourselves. We have full run of the place while he's gone. We can order room service. And I am going to take a bath.

Simon: Before you do, could you just - Katie, just sit down one second.

Katie: I hate when people tell me to sit down. What's wrong? Something's wrong. I knew something was wrong. I knew this was too good to be true.

Simon: No, no, no - no, just shh! Sit.

Katie: Can I just say something? This is starting to look -

Simon: Look, if you keep interrupting, then I'm not going to do this.

Katie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Simon: Just, just - breathe, breathe.

Katie: Okay. In with the good, out with the bad. Okay, I'm okay.

Simon: Katie, you're an absolute angel. Any other woman would've tossed me out a long time ago, but you didn't. You hung in there. And I'm so glad you did because you gave me enough time to realize what I really want. And that's you in my life. I don't care what it is or whatever it's like - as long as you are in it, it's worth it. Katie, will you do me the honor of becoming my real wife?

Katie: You're asking me to marry you for real?

Simon: Yes. Yes. If you'll have me. I want to give you the wedding that you have always wanted, the wedding you have been planning since you were this high.

Katie: You are so worth the wait.

Simon: I love you.

Katie: I love you, too.

Paul: I don't have time to argue with you right now. Besides, what Jennifer does with her personal life is her business.

[Jennifer clears her throat] Jennifer, I suggest you drop this and concentrate on your work tonight.

Jennifer: Well, that was heroic.

Billy: Are you okay with what he's doing?

Jennifer: Look, it's not that simple, okay? And in any event, you can't keep rescuing me. Where are you going?

Billy: I'll be backstage. Don't worry, I'll be watching.

Isaac: Hey, we all walk around in our orbit till one day, there she is, out of nowhere.

Rose: You talking about me and Paul still or what?

Isaac: Anybody, you know. You look up, and maybe this person has already been in your life. But you never really realized how perfectly they fit. And your whole life, you've been running away from - well, opportunities. You can't do that. You just can't do that anymore. You owe it to yourself to go after him.

Rose: You know, you're right. You're right! Ms. Walsh can do without me for a couple of days. I'm going to New York.

Isaac: Me, too.

Rose: What?

Isaac: Yeah. You only live once, right?

Rose: Oh, yeah! You getting a hunkering to go to a fashion show in New York?

Isaac: Something like that. Come on. Let's book us plane tickets to New York.

Housekeeper: Ms. Ryan went to New York.

Jack: When? How?

Housekeeper: Just a little while ago.

Hal: Can you tell us which airline she took?

Housekeeper: That I don't know. Now, gentlemen, if you don't mind.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you. You've been great. Hal, you've got to keep Steinbeck under wraps, at least until I get back.

Hal: You'll never catch her, Jack.

Jack: I got to try. I owe that much to Barbara - and Carly.

Hal: All right, you got it.

Jack: Thank you.

Flight attendant: Extra dry, two olives.

Craig: Thank you. You remembered. Well, here's to you, Barbara, and your big night. And to you, Carly - a night to remember.

Barbara: Marilyn? It's me.

Stage manager: Ms. Ryan? Oh, I'm so sorry. I have so much on my mind. Did I know you were coming to the show? Because I don't think I -

Barbara: It was a last-minute decision.

Stage manager: Of course. Would you be looking for Mr. Ryan or Ms. Tenney?

Barbara: Ms. Tenney. It's a surprise.

Stage manager: Sure. Come on in. I have the key. I was just dropping off some flowers for her from Mr. Ryan. She's down overseeing the run-through. Here we go. Will you be okay in here by yourself?

Barbara: Just fine. Thank you.

Stage manager: You need anything, you just let me know.

Barbara: These are not my dresses.

[Door opens]

Announcer: Tomorrow, Barbara's world -

Barbara: B.R.O. is my company. This is my show.

Announcer: - Is spinning -

Barbara: Were you planning on keeping me in the dark until you have handed my entire company over to this whore?

Announcer: - Out of control.

Barbara: You didn't think I'd figure out that my son and the town tramp were conspiring behind my back?

Announcer: Now, what she does next -

Barbara: I'm gonna stop that show before it begins.

Announcer: - Is everything.

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