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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 11/14/01

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Ben: You have got your finger on the pulse, little brother. You realize what a great idea college night is? Isaac?

Bonnie: Quatre, trois, deux, une. Yes! Au revoir, Oakdale. Bonjour, New York.

Isaac: You certainly look ready for the world. Have a great time.

Bonnie: Thanks, Isaac - for everything. Jennifer!

Jennifer: Hey!

Ben: What was that?

Isaac: What?

Ben: "Have a great time." "Thanks, Isaac."

Isaac: I am capable of civility.

Ben: Oh, sure, you're capable of a lot of things. But with Bonnie - civility has not been on the list. So what's up? What'd she do to you?

Isaac: She kissed me.

Jennifer: Okay, so the company is sending us a car.

Bonnie: A driver?

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

Bonnie: Oh, my life is so looking up right now. I haven't had a driver since Glasgow.

Jennifer: Well, the car's gonna be here in a few minutes. Are you ready?

Bonnie: Do you think I would step into the design capital of the world in Java polyester? I'll be right back. My stuff's in the back.

Jennifer: Haul it, let's go. Come on! Oh, great, Adam.

Adam: Hey, Dad said you'd be here. How you doing'? Let me get a good look at you before you go off to that big job in New York.

Jennifer: Oh, Adam.

Adam: Oh, no, don't get gushy on me. Come on, now. All right, look at me. I just want to memorize your face, 'cause I know you're gonna be on the fashion page in some goofy-looking outfit, and I'm not gonna be even able to recognize you. Come on, Jen, you knew I had to say good luck. Come here.

Jennifer: Oh.

Brandy: It's totally great. We're not gonna let Oakdale's very own auteur spend a dime, right?

Abigail: Oh, you guys, you're so nice. Thank you.

Brandy: You know, Abigail, I'd pay admission to see that film. Cutting from the Ruxton hills crowd, all suvs and prada bags, to the Milltown group standing in front of that boarded-up shop - it was genius.

Abigail: Yeah, that was my favorite part, too, actually.

Brandy: Better than being the first freshman ever to win the Oakie award for best documentary?

Abigail: I'm the first? Really?

Brandy: Oh, listen to you, miss modest. "Really?" See, that's what's so cool about you, Abigail. No ego. Very rare for a freshman.

Abigail: Oh, thanks guys. You're so nice.

Molly: So, suddenly now I'm ogre mom.

Carly: Abigail didn't say that, did she?

Molly: Not in so many words, but Nick told her that he couldn't be friends with her anymore because I'm pressuring him to stay away from her.

Carly: Well, excuse me, but why does some 30-something-year-old man need to be friends with a kid barely out of high school?

Molly: Hello, no reason. Except reasons that give me the creeps.

Carly: Right. But you - you can trust Abigail, right?

Molly: Right.

Carly: But?

Molly: But I'm just remembering what it's like to be 18, Carly. Don't you remember?

Carly: Yeah, you better lock her in her room.

Molly: Carly!

Carly: Well, here, would you sit on this for me?

Molly: Of course.

Carly: So why don't you just tell Abigail the real reason you don't trust Nick?

Molly: What, because he set me up to go to prison?

Carly: Yeah, that - and that the two of you - slept together.

Molly: And relive the misery of what we went through with Chris Hughes? I can't. I can't do that, Carly. No way, it would kill her.

Carly: Then why don't you tell Jake?

Molly: I did. I did. And he told Nick not only to butt out, but to pretend like it was his own idea.

Carly: Ah, Jake - husband, father, equalizer.

Molly: How is it you always know the one word that makes my life seem so much simpler?

Carly: I have no idea. Okay. That's that. New York, here i come.

Molly: Ah, this is so exciting - you back in the fashion world.

Carly: Am I really back in it? Or am I just hiding behind B.R.O.?

Molly: Behind, around - it doesn't matter. You're where you're supposed to be.

Carly: Really? Secretly designing for some woman who's sworn to have my head?

Molly: It's fate. Just look at how many times your and Barbara's paths have crossed, Carly. And do you know what? Next stop - Carly Tenney Originals. Think about that.

Carly: I hope you're right.

Molly: I know I'm right. So why do you look like you want to walk a plank instead of a runway?

Carly: Technically, Molly, it's the models that walk the runway.

Molly: Ah, it's a technicality. You're nervous. So tell me. Is it Craig or Jack?

Carly: It's Jack. But it's not what you think.

Molly: Try me. Carly, come on. I'm not gonna let you leave town with a big, fat secret.

Carly: Off the record?

Molly: Of course, we're family, not a business.

Carly: This is gonna sound completely insane.

Molly: So, when don't we?

Carly: That's true.

Jack: Did Barbara realize it was Carly's?

Paul: No, I let her believe that it was Craig, taunting her. I don't know. We've been missing that dress since the model auditions at Java and - which means he was there. James was there, two bar stools away, and I didn't -

Jack: He's getting bolder.

Paul: Why does he care so much about our New York show, Jack?

Jack: I could make 1 million guesses, Paul, but they'd be just that - guesses.

Paul: What do you want me to do?

Jack: Protect your family.

Paul: I am, Jack. Why do you think I got Carly ghosting for the company? I got my mother convinced to stay here in Oakdale. I called you. What do you want from me?

Jack: Cancel the show.

Abigail: Guess we should take a seat, guys. What do you think?

Jennifer: Cool. How's this?

Abigail: Cool.

Jennifer: You know, I thought you were working on that project with Abigail?

Adam: Yeah, I guess you could call it creative differences. We both handed in separate versions.

Jennifer: How'd you manage that?

Adam: How did Abigail manage it? Nick Scudder - he cut and pasted that award-winning, record-breaking documentary. Mine is just mine.

Jennifer: Oh, Adam, I didn't know.

Adam: Oh, and don't get that "poor Adam" tone in your voice.

And do not tell Abigail about this. Everybody does what they got to do. You know what I'm saying'? And what I've got to do is get a soda. So -

Jennifer: Abigail?

Abigail: Hi, Jen!

Jennifer: Congratulations. I'm so proud of you.

Abigail: Thank you. Guys, this is my best bud and future supermodel, Jen Munson.

Brandy: Hi, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hi, guys.

Brandy: Nice to meet you.

Abigail: Hey, I thought you were going on a plane with a couple of cover girls.

Jennifer: Oh, no, your timing is perfect. The car is just about to pick us up in a few minutes.

Abigail: Oh, so you're really going for it. How do you feel?

Jennifer: Great. Great. It's the first time in a long time I've actually been able to get out of my own head, you know, stop obsessing about my mother and - the rest of my life.

Abigail: Yeah. Well, it's gonna be so many new faces and new people.

Jennifer: Mm-hmm. I don't know if I'm gonna want to come back, you know.

Abigail: Hey, you're gonna have to come back some time.

Jennifer: Maybe.

Abigail: Jen, I'm behind you 1000% on this, but please, go there, regroup, come back. Don't run away.

Jennifer: Yeah, but I'm happy about this, Abby. Name one happy thing I have to be happy about here.

Abigail: Me!

Jennifer: Besides you.

Abigail: Billy. Hey, has he called?

Jennifer: I just don't know whether or not I can trust him, you know? I mean, when we're together, it feels - it used to feel perfect. And I know he wants to start dating again, you know, real dating this time. And I want to, I do. It's just, you know.

Abigail: I know. It's not always gonna be this hard, though, or this confusing. Hey, if I can give advice on the only thing I'm experienced on, it's this. When I ran away to New York, what did it get me? Sleeping on the floor of an abandoned movie theater -

Jennifer: It's okay, you can say it. I know what you're thinking.

Abigail: Well, being in New York, the time with Bryant, it taught me that as hard as you run away from your problems, they always catch up to you.

Bonnie: Hey, Abigail. Ready, Jen?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. Thank you so much. I'll see you in a couple of days.

Abigail: Okay.

Jennifer: Bye. I'm gonna go say good-bye to my brother real quick.

Jessica: Hi, I'm glad I caught you before you left.

Bonnie: No way. No, mother, you are not doing this to me, not after you gave your word. I'm going to New York whether you like it or not.

Carly: What are you doing?

Molly: If you think I'm letting you go anywhere with the teensiest chance that James Steinbeck might be after you -

Carly: No, Molly, James Steinbeck barely knows me.

Molly: What, Carly! That maniac has terrorized plenty of people that he barely knew. And one fashion show is just not worth it.

Carly: Molly, it isn't just "one fashion show."

Molly: Enlighten me.

Carly: Why don't you go look in my fridge? Look in my cupboards. Let them enlighten you.

Molly: How?

Carly: They're full! For the first time in a long time, I've been able to buy enough groceries to fill them. I'm not just doing this fashion show so my name can be on the cover of "Vogue." I'm doing it so Parker and I can have a normal life. And this is my chance. It may not be the best chance, but it's the only one I've got. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some bogeyman, who may or may not be lurking in the shadows, scare me from providing for my child.

Molly: There's nothing I can do to make you stay?

Carly: How could I look Parker in the eye if I didn't do my best? If I ran from our future? You wouldn't do that, would you, if Abigail needed you?

Molly: You're right, I wouldn't. Okay, you call me. Twice a day you call me, okay?

Carly: I know, I will.

Molly: And if you forget - if you forget even once -

Carly: I will call you.

Molly: You sure you don't need a ride?

Carly: Paul's gonna pick me up. You go ahead.

Molly: Okay. Oh, one more thing.

Carly: Yeah?

Molly: Whatever happens - I am so proud of you.

Paul: Canceling the show is not an option.

Jack: Not an option you want to consider. Think, Paul. First James leaves those pictures of you and Carly here for Barbara to see. Then he sends Barbara one of Carly's dresses. He escalates. What's next?

Paul: Jack, I've worked too hard for this. Okay, all right, Carly and I have worked too hard.

Jack: Yeah, she's saved your butt.

Paul: Yes, and I owe her - more than just a paycheck.

Jack: Then repay her. Cancel the show.

Paul: Look, I'm not trying to argue with you on every point here. Okay, I didn't even listen to you when you told me James was back in town. And, you know, B.R.O. is hanging on by a very thin thread here. It's the last chance I have to return my mother's company to her in a decent shape. If she loses this, she loses everything. She is my only concern here, not James Steinbeck.

Jack: Then protect her!

Paul: I - I am by going to New York and making B.R.O. a success.

Jack: No, no, that is a stupid mistake.

Paul: How? I called you here, didn't I?

Jack: To tell me to back off.

Paul: No, to tell you to put your instincts to good use.

Jack: What do you want from me?

Paul: I want you to watch my mother.

Jack: Watch her how?

Paul: When I leave town, she's gonna be all alone.

Jack: So what, you're hiring me?

Paul: Yes. I'm hiring you to protect my mother. Protect my mother from my father.

Jack: Okay, let me get this straight. You want me to sit in a car with a pair of binoculars and watch your mother while Carly could be walking into a set-up?

Paul: I've hired a top-notch security firm, made sure the hotel is safe, okay? But meanwhile, my mom's gonna be here all alone. Might as well give James an open invitation to come over here and harass her.

Jack: Why don't you hire that top-notch security firm for your mother and leave me the hell out of it.

Paul: You're in this, Jack. You've been in it ever since you went to meet my mom at the boathouse. She needs protection. She needs it from you, not some stranger.

[Jack thinking]

Barbara: James was here?

Jack: Yeah, right here in the gazebo like he was waiting for you.

Barbara: Waiting for me.

Jack: That's right.

Barbara: How could you think that I would have anything to do with James Steinbeck after what

he put me through all those years.

Jack: You're right, Paul. Maybe I am the only man for the job.

Paul: So you'll do it?

Jack: Give me a couple of hours to get my gear together.

Paul: Thank you. And Jack - my mom can't know about this.

Jack: What do you think I am, new?

Paul: I don't need to give her another reason to be afraid.

Jack: And you - you - I'm holding you personally responsible for Carly's safety. You got that?

Paul: She'll be safe.

Jack: If anything, and I mean anything, happens to Carly in New York, I'm gonna give you a reason to be afraid.

Jessica: First of all, careful how you talk to me. And secondly, why do you assume I've come to stop you?

Bonnie: Experience, mother. There's always a caveat lurking in whatever you promise me. But if this isn't one of those times, I'm sorry if I jumped to conclusions.

Jessica: No, I don't blame you. It's my own fault. I just can't seem to get my mind around the fact that you're all grown up, a woman. And I've been focusing on all the wrong things.

Bonnie: We're leaving, mother.

Jessica: I know, I know. But when I see the papers tomorrow and I see this strong, independent, beautiful woman strutting down that runway, it's gonna be the proudest day of my life. Because it will be you, my baby - my baby girl up there -

Bonnie: Oh, Mom.

Jessica: Who I've nagged ever since she got back, instead of telling her how amazing she is and how much I love her.

Bonnie: I love you too, Mom.

Jessica: Now don't you sign any contracts until I look them over first.

Bonnie: Yes, ma'am, counselor.

Jennifer: Okay, the car's here!

Bonnie: Then let's do this!

Jessica: All right, ladies, good luck.

Jennifer: Bye, Ms. Griffin!

Jessica: Bye-bye.

Bonnie: Bye, Mom.

Jessica: Bye, ladies.

Ben: Hey, brother.

Isaac: She kissed me.

Ben: Yeah, I think that kiss was just Bonnie's way of saying thank you for convincing her mom to let her go to New York.

Isaac: When you get older, you'll understand. There's thank yous, and then there's thank you.

Ben: Yeah. She got to you, didn't she?

Isaac: No, what she got was my attention. Because now I have to figure out a way to professionally deal with an employee that obviously has the hots for me.

Ben: Oh, yeah, obviously. I mean, look, she couldn't even stop saying good-bye to you.

Isaac: She is rude, definitely, but that doesn't mean she's not crazy about me.

Ben: While you, on the other hand, you don't have a thing for her?

Isaac: No, of course not.

Ben: Of course not, that's why we've been standing here for the last half hour talking about one measly little kiss.

Isaac: It wasn't measly.

Ben: You know, I think you need to reconsider. I think there's something there.

Isaac: Like what? I mean, the duchess and I - we haven't done anything except fight ever since she got - ever since I first laid eyes on her, as a matter of fact. Now how do you explain that?

Ben: Foreplay?

Isaac: No. She's regal, used to royalty. Okay? I'm not in her league, and she's nowhere close to mine.

Ben: Right.

Jessica: Paging Dr. Harris.

Ben: Hey.

Jessica: What do you prescribe for overprotective mothers whose daughters have grown up overnight?

Ben: Well, if they're old friends, I buy them a drink.

Jessica: Bourbon.

Ben: All right. I think that we're gonna have to wait till my brother gets over himself.

Jessica: Oh, okay.

Ben: So what happened to you?

Jessica: Bonnie Louise McKecknie happened.

Ben: Must be an epidemic.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Paul, you're early. Just a sec. Oh, hi.

Jack: Hey. I know you're getting ready to leave. I don't want to hold you up.

Carly: No, come on in. I thought you were Paul.

Jack: Yeah, he said he was picking you up.

Carly: You saw him?

Jack: Earlier. He told me about the missing dress, Carly.

Carly: Has it been found?

Jack: By Barbara.

Carly: Barbara has it? How?

Jack: Apparently, James Steinbeck sent it to her. He was at the auditions, Carly. Probably scoping out you and Paul all along. He sent the dress to Barbara in a gift box.

Carly: But if Barbara has seen one of my best designs - what did she say? Are we sunk?

Jack: No, no, no. Relax. She still doesn't know that you're designing her line. Paul covered and took it back.

Carly: Then I guess you're here to warn me off this trip just like everybody else. Right?

Jack: I'm not like everybody else, Carly. I know that when you set your sights on something, it's almost impossible to turn you around. I came to wish you luck. You've worked like crazy for this chance. You've got to be excited.

Carly: Do you remember all those dresses I used to pin up in the living room? And now there's a whole bunch of people creating what I've designed. My clothes - I'm gonna have a show in New York, Jack, and okay, nobody will know it's me. But I'll know it's me. I've made it, Jack. I finally made it.

Jack: See, that smile. I had to see it, just like I imagined.

Carly: It means a lot that you believe in me.

Jack: I should have done it from the start.

Carly: Do you know what I think?

Jack: Hmm?

Carly: I think that after all this panic, everything is gonna go like clockwork.

Jack: I hope so. But meanwhile, Paul's arranged security.

Carly: Really? Good, 50 more people to trip over.

Jack: And I'm going to be staking out Fairwinds just in case James shows up. Barbara being alone is a perfect opportunity he won't pass up. And if he does show, I'll be waiting for him.

Carly: Maybe Barbara will be, too.

Jack: Then we'll know where she stands.

Paul: Okay, Mom, it's that time. Can I get you anything before I leave? Hey, don't worry about the show. After the show, B.R.O.'s gonna be back on top where it belongs.

Barbara: Paul? I was very angry with you for hiring Jennifer without consulting me.

Paul: I know.

Barbara: I never should have spoken to you that way.

Paul: It's okay. Jen's a beautiful young woman, she's gonna be fine in the show.

Barbara: Is there anything else that I should know?

Paul: All right, Mom, we've been over this. Okay?

Barbara: Reassure me.

Paul: Everything I've done since I've been back in this town has been for you.

Barbara: I know you believe that.

Paul: What, you don't?

Barbara: Have you answered my question?

Paul: I think I have.

Barbara: A lie told with the best of intentions is still a lie.

Paul: You're absolutely right. I learned that from my father. We both did, didn't we? I'll call you when we land.

James: I'm a realist, Barbara. It's high time you got a dose of reality.

Jessica: What prissy remarks did Bonnie throw your way?

Ben: Oh, no, no, no, no. Nothing like that. I mean, I've hardly even talked to her. She's quite a character.

Jessica: Oh, you're being kind.

Ben: I know she has a way of getting under people's skin.

Jessica: Yeah. She pushes until you want to throttle her, and as soon as she's gone, you miss her like crazy.

Ben: So how is she adjusting to life with the commoners?

Jessica: It's a challenge for her.

Ben: Yeah? Has she heard from that duke of hers?

Jessica: Not to my knowledge. Why?

Ben: I'm just curious.

Jessica: What exactly does Isaac want to know?

Abigail: Adam! Are you leaving?

Adam: Yeah. Congratulations. I guess I forgot to say it.

Abigail: Well, you know, I didn't make this movie alone.

Adam: Yeah, well, tell Nick I said congratulations, too.

Abigail: Is that how it is? Two words, and then we're back to Nick? Adam, you could have been in on this award with me if you hadn't been so insanely jealous.

Adam: So that's what you think, that your ex-con has gotten me jealous?

Abigail: I can't - I can't do this anymore. I am tired of defending Nick to everybody in my life. I haven't done anything wrong to make everybody so mad at me.

Adam: He got right in the middle of a pretty good thing that you and I had going on.

Abigail: No, you're paranoid, Adam. Guys, I'll see you later.

Adam: I guess Nick just can't wait to see that award that he won for you, huh?

Abigail: I can't talk to you anymore. And for the record, when I said that I didn't win this award on my own, I didn't mean Nick. I meant you.

Carly: 7th Avenue, here I come.

Jack: You'll dazzle them, Carly. I know you will.

Carly: Thanks. And you, you will be staking out a creepy old mansion with an even creepier old broad inside.

Jack: Not everyone can live the glam life. What can I say? I know you're nervous about this trip.

Carly: Well, it's my first New York show.

Jack: It's not the show, Carly. It's what I said. I know I frightened you, and I'm sorry about that, but if it's made you even a little bit more cautious -

Carly: Then you would do it again.

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: I do know you pretty well, Jack Snyder, and I think this is the part where you ask me if you can stay behind and secure my apartment.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: You do know me.

Carly: Yes. So just give the keys to the super.

Jack: All right. Watch your back.

Carly: I always do. Bye, Jack.

Nick: Relax, babe. We can't rush this. Trust me, trust me. Molly's kid will play right into my hands. No, I'm not going to have to do anything else. She'll come to me. So you get my point? Good. Then I won't have to say "I told you so" later. Sorry. Direct feed edits are always a nightmare. What can I do for you?

Abigail: I'm sorry. I know you said we shouldn't see each other, but I had to come.

Nick: No, it's okay. I've been thinking about you, and there's something that I wanted to talk to you about.

Abigail: Really?

Nick: Yeah. But what have you got there?

Abigail: It's an Oakie.

Nick: Really? For best documentary?

Abigail: Oh, so you've heard of it? Apparently, I'm the first freshman to ever win it.

Nick: Get out of here. That is terrific.

Abigail: Well, that's why I wanted to come. I wanted to tell you. I mean, you've been such a great help on it.

Nick: Oh, Abigail, I am so proud of you. Look, I know this is bad timing on my part, and I know you just dropped by because you were so excited, but this - but this doesn't really change anything.

Abigail: What do you mean?

Nick: You still can't be here.

Abigail: Why? Did Molly say something else?

Nick: No. No, this is all me.

Abigail: No, I don't believe that for a minute. Molly and I had a big fight about us being friends. That's why you're pushing me away.

Nick: No, it's not Molly. She didn't say a word.

Abigail: Then what? Who, Jake? It was Jake. What did he say to you? Oh, he pressured you, didn't he? Yeah, he said for you to tell me to stay away and pretend it's your idea, right?

Nick: Jake is just trying to protect you, but he's not making me say this.

Abigail: You know, this is insane. This is insane! First Molly, then Adam, and now Jake? I mean, doesn't anybody just trust me? Doesn't anybody believe that I'm smart enough to know decent people when I meet them?

Nick: Abigail, please.

Abigail: No, I want a straight answer. I just want a straight answer.

Nick: Maybe this is better for you, okay?

Abigail: I'm tired of everyone protecting poor, fragile me as if I can't bear to hear the truth. You know, I've been there with Molly before, and I am not reliving it, so just please tell me. What is this big secret that everybody but me seems to know?

Nick: You're so sweet. You're going to make me say it, aren't you? I care for you, Abigail - a lot more than I ever should have allowed myself to. You wanted the truth. Well, that's it. I care for you, and that's probably what everybody's been worried about. I am way too old for you. I'm an ex-con.

Abigail: No, don't say that.

Nick: And I let my feelings go way too far, and I am not proud of that. But hey, it doesn't really matter now anyway, does it?

Abigail: No, it does matter. Nick, these past few months, I have never felt so - so important, so inspired, so listened to. You're a real friend to me. No, you're more than a friend, and I am not going to let you walk out of my life, not without a fight.

Brandy: Adam, right?

Adam: Yeah.

Brandy: We haven't formally met, but I'm in your video class.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. I remember you. I've seen you, right?

Brandy: Hey, I don't mean to pry, but I couldn't help hearing some of the things you were saying to Abigail.

Adam: Yeah. Do all freshmen make a big scene like that?

[Brandy laughs]

Brandy: Don't feel bad. I totally get it.

Adam: What, you've been tossed aside by the one you want?

Brandy: Oh, my first boyfriend spent almost as much time with his ex-girlfriend as with me, and it drove me nuts! And nobody could understand why I got so upset.

Adam: Hey, you know, with Abigail, it's like I see trouble coming from a million miles away, but I'm the only one waving a flag.

Brandy: That's exactly how I felt.

Adam: So what happened with your ex?

Brandy: You know, why don't you stick around, and I'll tell you all about it.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, why not?

Brandy: Cool.

Jessica: I'm not blind. I see how Bonnie and Isaac go at each other.

Ben: So you can't see them together?

Jessica: Absolutely not.

Ben: Hey, stupid question. Isaac is - he's Isaac, and you're the D.A., so hey.

Jessica: Well, believe it or not, my reservations have nothing to do with Isaac.

Ben: Really? Then what?

Jessica: I love my daughter, but it's no secret the fantasy life she's had. For Bonnie, "no" was a word that other people heard. I've been trying to snap her out of it since she's been back, trying to remind her that the world is not her own private playground, but she's so -

Isaac: Spoiled?

Jessica: Well, that too, but I was going to say "insatiable." Nothing and no one is good enough, rich enough, anything enough. At this point in her life, I don't think any man could give her what she wants or needs. I can't believe I'm sharing that with you. You must think I'm a horrible mother.

Ben: No, no, no. I think you are honest and very perceptive. You know what I think?

Jessica: About love?

Ben: About relationships. I think there is a whole lot of wonderful, talented people out there, out here who just don't know how to share their lives.

Jessica: I think you missed your calling, doc. I think you should be Oakdale's lead philosopher.

Ben: You think?


Jessica: That's me. Excuse me a second. I told my assistant to page me.

Isaac: Are you still here, bro?

Ben: Yeah, yeah. I'm thinking.

Isaac: Oh? I warned you about that.

Ben: I think you should forget about Bonnie.

Barbara: It can't be. Don't be ridiculous.

James: Why not?

Barbara: James, what are you doing here? I told you to leave me alone.

James: Indeed you did. Good thing for you I know better.

Barbara: What do you want?

James: Barbara, I've been playing games with you.

Barbara: Is this any different, showing up here uninvited tonight?

James: You must admit that you've changed. The old Barbara, the Barbara I fell in love with, would have seen it instantly.

Barbara: Seen what?

James: The deception, the lies. Barbara, your wounds go much deeper than your skin. Your instinct has been wounded as well.

Barbara: My instincts tell me that you are still playing games with me. Are my instincts wrong?

James: I'd hoped that that dress would reveal the truth to you, that I wouldn't have to be here to witness your betrayal.

Barbara: No more riddles, James. Explain yourself and get out.

James: You've been deceived, Barbara. You've been deceived by the only one you thought you could trust.

Ben: I'm agreeing with you. Maybe Bonnie is a little too high-maintenance.

Isaac: You think?

Ben: Yeah. Like you said, you like a challenge, but it's got to be worth it.

Isaac: That's what I told you.

Ben: Right, and you were right.

Isaac: First, you egg me on. Now, you throw egg on me.

Ben: No, no, no, no. Look, I'm just looking out for you, okay? I mean, look at you. One kiss, she got you all nervous and everything.

Isaac: I'm not nervous.

Ben: Not nervous? That's the third time you've cleaned the same glass. You're going after that girl, aren't you?

Brandy: You know, I never give my number to a guy who's got no sense of humor.

Adam: It's hilarious, let me tell you.

[Brandy laughs] knee-slapping funny.

Brandy: Hey, you know, there's a party at my dorm this weekend. Why don't you come? You can read my writing?

Adam: Yeah. Look, I just remembered, I've got to go do something, so - see you later.

Brandy: Call me?

Adam: If I get around to it.

[Brandy laughs] okay, bye.

Nick: You wanted the truth, Abigail. As hard as it was, why can't you let it go?

Abigail: Nick, all I know is that when I wanted to cry, I came to you, and when I won this award, you were the first person I wanted to tell. And it's not like I won't walk away. It's - Nick, I can't.

Nick: I can't think straight when you're around. Abigail, please go. No, no. This can't happen.

Abigail: Nick, it's already happening.

Nick: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.

Abigail: No, Nick, please don't be sorry.

Nick: No, this shouldn't have happened. I shouldn't have let this happen.

Abigail: It's okay.

Nick: No. No, it's not.

Abigail: But I want it to. I want to.

Nick: Look, this - this is going to have to be it for the both of us, okay? I mean, we can - we can never do this again. Like taking candy from a baby.

Prue: Where have you two been, sightseeing?

Jennifer: No, we just got here.

Prue: No excuses. Before the final run through, you've got to see the stylist, check in with the stage manager, then I've got to pin you into those new gowns.

Jennifer: Well, 0.0 for personality.

Bonnie: I don't even care. Nothing's going to spoil this. Jen, this is New York City!

Jennifer: Yeah, I guess.

Bonnie: You guess? Oh, come on. Admit it. Billy what's-his-name feels like 100 lifetimes ago.

Jennifer: Billy? Billy who?

Bonnie: That's my girl. I'll be right back. I'm going to go try to find the stylist.

Jennifer: Everything's going to be okay, right, ma? Well, here goes nothing. Billy? What are you doing here?

Carly: Thanks, Paul.

Paul: Okay, if you need anything, I'll be in the room across the hall. Let's say a half hour, we get together, and we'll talk about the lineup?

Carly: Paul -

Paul: Yeah.

Carly: You seem so confident, like the show's really going to happen.

Paul: Well, it is going to happen.

Carly: What if something goes wrong?

Paul: All right. Now, you're starting to sound like Jack.

Carly: Well, if he really thinks I'm in danger -

Paul: Okay, look, I have the most to lose here, okay? I'm completely responsible for B.R.O., and I'm calm, right?

Carly: What about the sample dress? Jack said that James sent it to Barbara?

Paul: I took care of the dress.

Carly: And what about Barbara?

Paul: She believes me. Trust me, Carly.

Carly: I'm just watching my back, that's all.

Paul: Well, after tonight, all you're gonna have to watch is your expanding bank account, okay? We're gonna be a hit out there, and then, you'll have your own line. B.R.O. is gonna be the toast of the fashion industry, and my mother will finally have a future again. Trust me, Carly. We're all gonna be winners here tonight.

Barbara: You're right, James. I have changed. I no longer have any use for your peculiar brand of melodrama. I'm calling the police.

James: Be my guest. And while you're at it, why don't you call your son and find out how the critics are responding to the new spring line?

Barbara: I'm sure they'll be reviewing it fairly.

James: But not with all the facts.

Barbara: Which would be?

James: Your designs, your beautiful drawings never made it to a cutter's table - never made it to a seamstress, to a fitter or on a model's back.

Barbara: How can you lie to me about something that is so important? I'm going to call Paul. I'm telling him that you're harassing me.

James: After all the work, all the sleepless nights? The pain of creating, fighting not to just curl up and disappear? I understand, Barbara. Believe me, I understand.

Barbara: You don't understand. Paul understands. Only Paul understands. He's my support.

James: Your support?

Barbara: Without Paul, there would be no B.R.O.

James: Not one dress on that runway will be a Barbara Ryan Original.

Barbara: What are you talking about?

James: Think, Barbara. Think. Please. Please, think. Who's been clamoring to take your company, hmm? To steal it from you? Who could worm their way into Paul's life? Who could stitch together a second-rate line in just a couple of weeks?

Barbara: No. No, he wouldn't do that. He wouldn't stoop to that. No.

James: Who would happily slap your label on her pathetic designs? Who, Barbara? Think. Who?

Barbara: Carly Tenney.

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