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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 11/13/01

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Simon: Good morning, Mrs.. Frasier.

Katie: Good morning - again. You hungry?

Simon: I am starving.

Katie: A-ha. Look what I have.

Simon: Oh, look what you have there.

Katie: Stop it! I don't mean that. I'm talking about this.

Simon: Okay. When I said I was hungry, I meant -

Katie: I know what you meant. Hold that thought and look.

Simon: Okay, so what is this, dessert?

Katie: It's not the dessert. Here. I think that will help you. Look familiar?

Simon: Hmm? It looks like a wedding cake.

Katie: It's our wedding cake.

Simon: We didn't have a wedding cake.

Katie: Yes, we did. Do you think I'd get married without a cake? There was cake.

Simon: The cake? That must have slipped my mind.

Katie: Of course, it wasn't layers and layers of sponge sugar, but it was ours. Now, there's a tradition where you freeze the top of the cake - in our case, a slice - and you feed it to each other on your one-year anniversary.

Simon: Okay, but we've got a little bit to go before our wedding anniversary.

Katie: Close enough. Ready?

Simon: All right, so I get a bit of cake here.

Katie: A bit!

Simon: That's incredible.

Katie: My kisses?

Simon: Yes, that, and that almost a year ago, I made the greatest mistake of my life.

Katie: I was a mistake?

Simon: No. Oh, come on. You know what I meant.

Katie: No, I don't. Why don't you tell me?

Jessica: Thanks.

Bonnie: Can we talk about this calmly?

Jessica: I'm calm.

Bonnie: I have the unique opportunity to model for B.R.O. in the spring fashion show.

Jessica: And I have the unique responsibility to refuse. I meant what I said. You're not going anywhere.

Bonnie: Give me one good reason why not!

Jessica: What part don't you understand?

Bonnie: Mom, it's not as though I'm going off to Europe to marry royalty, which, might I add, any other parent would be very, very proud of. I am living the American life, Mom. I am getting a job that supports the lifestyle to which I've become accustomed, even if it is for just a day. Why can't you just be proud of me?

Jessica: Bonnie, I am proud of you, but if you're going to accomplish anything, you have to stick with things.

Bonnie: I stick with things!

Jessica: You're staying here in Oakdale. You're keeping this job. Case closed.

Bonnie: And if I don't?

Jessica: If you don't, I hope that modeling job comes with a big, fat paycheck, 'cause Mommy's done footing the bill.

Bonnie: Do you mean you're totally cutting me off?

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Bonnie: Well then, I'll just have to go back to Scotland.

Jessica: Oh, no. The days of the free ride from Daddy are over. You don't believe me? Call him.

Bonnie: Oh, this has to be a nightmare.

Jessica: Huh-uh. We discussed it at length, and we agreed. Bonnie takes another detour, Bonnie's on her own.

Craig: Billy?

Billy: Hello, Craig. You busy?

Craig: No. Come on in. Come on in. Something on your mind?

Billy: I wasn't honest with Bryant when he was alive. I think it's time that I told you the truth about everything.

Craig: I'm listening.

Billy: I know that you're afraid what people are going to say if they found out about me and Jennifer.

Craig: Small town.

Billy: And I thought if I broke up with her that it would end all the rumors before they got started, but -

Craig: That's the honorable thing, under the circumstances.

Billy: But it was the dumbest thing I've ever done. I'm going to go back with Jennifer, if she'll have me.

Jennifer: Mm, lunch.

Hal: Yeah, Emily and Daniel dropped by. Okay, what's up?

Jennifer: Nothing, just another day.

Hal: Yeah? I can't tell you when the last time was I saw that smile.

Jennifer: You got me. You think you and Will could do without me for a couple of days?

Hal: Never. Why? You going someplace, hmm? What, I got to yank a confession out of my own kid, huh?

[Jennifer laughs]

Emily: Jennifer, is that you?

Jennifer: Oh, hey, Emily.

Emily: Hey.

Jennifer: Is Daniel sleeping?

Emily: Yeah, he's sleeping, for the moment. Rejuvenating himself, as it were. I'm interrupting something, aren't I?

Hal: No, no, no, no. Jennifer has an announcement.

Emily: Okay. Well, don't mind me. I'm just looking for Daniel's -

Jennifer: Oh, no. Emily, please stay. I want you to hear this, too.

Hal: So, so, come on. What's the good news?

Jennifer: Okay. I am modeling in the B.R.O. spring fashion show in New York, and you are looking at the brand new Barbara Ryan Original, which is, you know, the girl you see in all --

Emily: Oh, come here! Congratulations! That's fantastic!

Jennifer: I know, isn't it incredible?

Emily: Wait a minute. The spring shows, aren't they, like, right around the corner?

Jennifer: Yeah. I leave tomorrow. What do you think, Daddy?

[Jennifer groans] there is something you should know about my dad. His silences are bad.

Emily: Bad. Yeah, bad.

Hal: I'm just a little surprised at Barbara's 180 on this issue. She was never crazy about you modeling in the first place, and now, she wants you to be the company's centerpiece? That just makes you wonder.

Barbara: What other decisions have been made without my knowledge or consent?

Paul: Every decision I've made has been for the good of the company.

Barbara: Even the ones I don't know about? How could you launch an ad campaign starring your sister?

Paul: Jennifer's a beautiful young woman. She's perfect for the ads.

Barbara: How long did you plan on keeping that secret, Paul?

Paul: Well, if I'd known you were gonna act like this -

Barbara: You would have secured her secrecy.

Paul: Mom, I have -

Barbara: Is that right? "For the good of the business"?

Paul: I'm not doing anything I haven't done in the past.

Barbara: Business as usual.

Paul: That's the way it had to be.

Barbara: Fine. "Business as usual." I'm going to New York.

Paul: No. No, Mom. No, you don't have to do that.

Barbara: I want to.

Paul: Why, because you don't trust me?

Barbara: No, because I am prepared to take my place at the head of B.R.O. again. The last 24 hours has given me great strength. I know who I am again and what I'm capable of. Barbara's back in town, Paul, and things are going to be different now.

Paul: Meaning what? Jennifer's no longer going to be the Barbara Ryan Original?

Barbara: No, she can have that job. I won't take her wrath. But I will go to New York to supervise my show and to keep tabs on my daughter.

Paul: Mom, if you go to New York, it might be the last business decision you ever make.

Paul: Mom, have you thought about how you're going to handle the Press?

Barbara: You're going to handle that, son.

Paul: No. They're going to be much more interested in you than business. They're going to want to know all the nitty-gritty details, Mom. The whole Barbara Ryan journey from hell.

Barbara: Okay. Don't be so dramatic.

Paul: Well, what's more dramatic than a recluse designer finally making her public appearance? I mean, as soon as you say that you're coming back, they're gonna be all over you.

Barbara: It won't be that bad.

Paul: You won't mind all those cameras stealing the focus from your new line? I mean, what are you going to do then?

Barbara: I will consult with my business partner and take his sage advice as I always do.

Paul: Be prepared for the worst.

Barbara: And how do I do that?

Paul: We call a Press conference. Ms. Ryan?

Jennifer: Well, it wasn't Mom's idea for me to model in her show.

Hal: It wasn't?

Jennifer: No. Paul set it up. She actually didn't even know until I told her.

Hal: And how did she take the news?

Jennifer: Well, let's just say she hasn't changed. I mean, we still didn't agree about whether or not I should model, but we agreed about the money, so -

Hal: What money?

Jennifer: Well, that was the other part of my announcement. Bryant signed over his trust fund to me before he died.

Hal: To you?

Jennifer: Yeah. I didn't even know about it until after the accident. He must have left the papers in our mailbox before.

Hal: Jennifer, why didn't you tell me?

Jennifer: Well, I didn't know what to do. I was so freaked out. I didn't know what to say or who to tell. I just knew that it was Mom's money, so I put it back where it belonged. What?

Hal: Come here. I am so proud of you.

Emily: Oh, me, too. I want to be just like you when I grow up.

Hal: As if you'll ever grow up. I'm so proud of you. I'll get that. Hey, Tom. Good to see you.

Emily: Tom, hi. I'm sorry. I sort of lost track of time.

Tom: Is Daniel ready?

Emily: He's sort of still sleeping. If you would just - I'm sorry. Tom, please don't wake him up.

Jennifer: Well, I guess I'd better go. I've got a zillion things to do before -

Hal: Anything I can do to help you?

Jennifer: That's what I love about you, Dad. You may hate what I'm doing. You may want to lock me up in my room until I'm 30, but you never stood in my way.

Hal: You're not trying to butter me up, now are you?

Jennifer: No, of course not, because I know you're happy for me.

Hal: More than you know, sweetheart. More than you know.

Jennifer: Thank you, Daddy. I love you. I'll see you real soon.

Hal: Okay.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Tom: Well, still asleep.

Emily: Which I told you when you first arrived.

Tom: You were supposed to drop him off an hour ago.

Emily: Yeah. Well, if you'd given me a chance to explain -

Tom: I know something came up. Are you aware that my time is just as valuable as yours? How hard is it for you to make a phone call?

Emily: Okay, if you would stop talking for five minute -

Tom: Would you please save it? Because I'm supposed to be in court in a half an hour. Now, what if I hadn't seen your car parked outside?

Hal: She would track you down, apologize, and we'd all get on with our lives. There's no need to go ballistic, Tom.

Tom: You're telling me not to go ballistic? Could you please wake my son up and dress him and get him ready to go?

Hal: Can I get you anything while you're waiting?

Tom: Sure. One good reason why you're still spending time with her?

Hal: I'll give you two - I like her, she likes me.

Tom: The woman is nothing but trouble.

Hal: I know from trouble, Tom. It ain't Emily.

Craig: But you know, there's something else going on here.

Billy: What?

Craig: I would think long and hard about going back to Jennifer if I were you.

Billy: Craig, people are going to talk, okay? So let them talk. But I'm not going to change my life and deny how I feel.

Craig: Do you know she made Bryant sign over his trust fund before his accident?

Billy: What?

Craig: He wrote her a letter the night before he died saying how much he hated me.

Billy: No. Bryant would have never said that or wrote that or thought that.

Craig: Well, that's what I thought, too, but Barbara Ryan was here last night saying it was not only true but legal.

Billy: Wait. Jennifer's mother?

Craig: Exactly. Like mother, like daughter.

Billy: You must have heard wrong.

Craig: She showed me documents.

Billy: Then there must be a mistake, because Bryant would never say anything against you.

Craig: Well, that's what I thought, too.

Billy: Look, uncle Craig, I know you're going through a rough time. We all are. But no matter what Ms. Ryan said or however you took it, Jennifer is a great person. And as far as Bryant hating you, well, then there must have been some kind of mistranslation, okay?

Craig: Well, why else would he sign away his trust fund to a girl who betrayed him if he didn't hate me?

Billy: Well, it was a mistake that he didn't have time to correct, and all I know is Jennifer wouldn't ask for it. Bryant didn't hate you.

Craig: But I'll never know for sure.

Billy: Uncle Craig, I know. Okay, listen. The night of the accident, Bryant said he needed your advice. He said he had to talk to you.

Craig: He did?

Billy: Yeah. I will never forget that night.

Craig: Well, what words did he use? What did he say?

Billy: He said, "I need to talk to somebody. I need to talk to my dad."

Katie: So I'm a mistake?

Simon: No. Hey, hey. Come here. Come here. No, that's not what I mean.

Katie: You better start digging yourself out of this one fast.

Simon: Look, the mistake I made was not appreciating you, not showing you sooner how much you mean to me, not realizing that this - this is where I belong.

Katie: In bed?

Simon: If that's where you are, then yes. Baby, I'm crazy about you. I have no idea what I'd do without you.

Katie: Well, you don't have to worry about that, 'cause we belong together, and that's exactly where we're going to stay.

Simon: That's pretty good cake for a year old.

Katie: Oh, yeah? You like it?

Simon: Yeah. I love it. So what else have you got hidden on ice?

Katie: Oh, bridesmaid's reception, five-piece band - froze it all when I was 13. I used to have this little porcelain box where I would hide all these little slips of paper with every idea that I had for my perfect wedding.

Simon: Including the groom?

Katie: Especially the groom.

Simon: Really?

Katie: Yeah.

Simon: Okay, what did he look like?

Katie: No!

Simon: Come on.

Katie: No, no, no, no.

Simon: You have to tell me. Please.

Katie: You wouldn't believe me.

Simon: Try me.

Katie: Okay. He was tall, dark and handsome. Definitely exotic, kind of a sense of adventure, and he had an accent, just like you. See, who says dreams don't come true?

Simon: What else did you have planned?

Katie: Everything.

Simon: Yeah?

Katie: Engraved invitations, and a one of a kind ceremony. What the flowers would look like - the dress, of course. And Craig would walk me down the aisle.

Simon: Oh, God.

Katie: And would be sweet and supportive, and he would say just the right thing when I got nervous. Whoo! Aren't you glad we don't have to go through that?

Simon: Are you?

Katie: I have what matters. Share a shower?

Simon: Yeah. Heat it up. I'll be there in a flash.

Katie: Okay. Who knew showering could be so much fun?

Craig: Oh, means a lot to hear that. I know he was trying to reach me, but you say he was trying to talk to me? My son was reaching out to me?

Billy: Yeah. You should have never doubted that he loved you.

Craig: Well, we didn't have the easiest relationship, so -

Billy: Yeah, but you know what, uncle Craig? He always knew, no matter what, you'd be in his corner. I mean, you didn't always agree with him, but there was always this deep love and respect.

Craig: Oh, I always loved him.

Billy: That's why I know you'll understand when I tell you that I'm going to go back with Jennifer.

Craig: But I thought Jennifer -

Billy: I changed my mind. Staying away from her doesn't make me want her any less.

Craig: Do you love her?

Billy: You know, I don't think she's ready to hear that. I mean, she's got a lot on her plate. She's doing that B.R.O. fashion show in New York, but when she gets back, I think that I'm going to -

Craig: Things may change for her, you know.

Billy: Uncle Craig, I'm not going to give up on her, okay? Look, thanks for hearing me out.

Craig: Billy, be careful.

Billy: What are you talking about?

Craig: Bryant tried everything he could, but Jennifer was never satisfied. She swore she loved him. She swore she'd spend the rest of her life with him.

Billy: You don't know the whole story.

Craig: Then you came along. Yes. How long did it take for the two of you to sleep together?

Billy: She's not like that, okay?

Craig: She's going to drop you for the next guy that catches her eye.

Jennifer: Hey.

Bonnie: The greatest thing about being an only child of a divorced couple is gone.

Jennifer: What happened?

Bonnie: I used to play one off the other like an art form. Mommy says no? Go to Daddy. Daddy says no? Try again. But now, they're on the same side.

Jennifer: Which side is that?

Bonnie: If I change jobs or change my mind, they're totally cutting me off.

Jennifer: Well, have you tried calling your dad? Maybe -

Bonnie: I did. The first word out of his mouth was no. I mean, he didn't even try to listen to my side of things.

Jennifer: Which is?

Bonnie: That my lovely mother would like to commit me to a life of drudgery here in this place.

Jennifer: Wait, wait, wait, wait. So does this mean that you're not going to ew York now?

Bonnie: Oh, no. I'm going to New York somehow, someway. Got any ideas?

Jessica: It's a little early in the day for that. I asked for coffee.

Isaac: If I give another cup of coffee to a patron who's obviously over her caffeine limit, I could be arrested. I'd lose my coffee license. Try that.

Jessica: Mr. Jenkins, if you're saying that I'm a little tense this morning, it has nothing to do with my caffeine intake and everything to do with my daughter.

Isaac: So I overheard.

Jessica: She has so much potential. If she'd just stay in one place and apply herself, commit to something.

Isaac: Spoken like a guidance counselor.

Jessica: No, spoken like a D.A. who's sick of seeing over-privileged kids in trouble because they haven't learned to or won't take care of themselves. I raised Bonnie to be responsible. She's got to learn.

Isaac: Amen. But have you considered she might learn more by going to New York?

Jessica: Mr. Jenkins -

Isaac: No, please. Call me Isaac.

Jessica: Isaac, if that's the career advice you're giving my child -

Isaac: Listen, listen. No disrespect, Ms. Griffin, really, but you do realize that Bonnie's a grown woman, don't you?

Bonnie: We have two tickets going to New York coming our way no matter what my mother says.

Jennifer: Well, we have to find a way to convince her and fast. We still have to pack, you know.

Bonnie: And say a million good-byes.

Jennifer: No, not a million. Just fathers and brothers.

Bonnie: Ah, but what about Mom and boyfriend?

Jennifer: Boyfriend? I'm as free as a bird.

Bonnie: And Mom?

Jennifer: Trust me, I don't even think she'll notice I'm gone.

Paul: Ms. Ryan, we've heard all about your recent marital problems and your injuries that you sustained due to the horrendous accident. Would you mind telling us about the setbacks and how it's affected your work?

Barbara: I don't see them as setbacks but challenges. And as you can see, I am completely recovered. I'm very grateful to be here, and my line speaks for itself.

Paul: Yeah, well, it must have been very difficult to drag yourself back to the drafting table, right?

Barbara: No, not at all.

Paul: Well, tell us about your recovery. How has that been?

Barbara: Painful at times.

Paul: Yeah, but I'm sure your family has been helpful, right? And it must give you great comfort to have your daughter, Jennifer, here with you. Would you mind if we got a picture of you two together?

Barbara: No. No, I'd rather they would not photograph -

Paul: How does it feel to be surrounded by hundreds of beautiful women from around the world and see your daughter's beautiful, unscarred face?

Barbara: I'm so happy she has this opportunity.

Paul: It must be profoundly difficult to reconcile your previous image to the damaged face you now see in the mirror.

Barbara: I would expect those words from Craig, not from my own son.

Paul: Mom, it's either here with me or in New York with a bunch of strangers.

Barbara: How could you say those things to me? You know what I've been through. You know what I've been through.

Paul: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but you know, this is not easy for me, either. I mean, this is coming from someone who loves you very much. I mean, what are you going to do when it's in front of strangers in public?

Barbara: Fall apart.

Paul: Not if we rehearse until you are comfortable.

Barbara: No, no, no, no. No interviews, no.

Paul: Mom, the moment you show up -

Barbara: I will not be shred into pieces in search of the evening news.

Paul: Then what am I supposed to do with the reporters?

Barbara: Hire a bodyguard. Hire two.

Paul: Oh, recluse with an entourage. That's nice.

Barbara: Fine! I won't go because I can't go. Is that what you want me to say?

Paul: It's your decision to make.

Barbara: I can do this. Why should I fear strangers when my friends are attacking me right outside my door?

Paul: Mom, you barely leave the house.

Barbara: I did stop Craig from taking over Worldwide. I am not a complete recluse.

Paul: You know, when they start asking you questions, are you gonna fall apart just the way you did with me?

Barbara: No. I'll be a complete professional.

Paul: Okay, how about we - how about we call aunt Kim? Okay? Get her to send a reporter down her from Woak. You know, maybe a camera crew.

Barbara: Cameras? Why cameras? I don't want any photographs.

Paul: If we're gonna control this, Mom, we - I wanna know what we're up against. You know, I wanna know what lighting to put on you, hair, makeup, everything. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Barbara: No, no! I will talk to anyone, but no pictures, please!

Paul: I can't stop that, okay? I mean, with the freelancers and paparazzi - where's Kim's number? Oh, here it is. Okay. While I'm on the phone, why don't you get in touch with the doctor?

Barbara: I've already been cleared for travel.

Paul: Well, to be on the safe side, I will call uncle Bob.

Barbara: No, stop. Stop!

Paul: Mom, we don't have time!

Barbara: Put the phone down! I'm staying home.

Craig: Carly, it's me. You know, it's not too late to change your mind, and I know you want me to go to New York with you. Call me.

Simon: Are you okay? Nice.

Craig: New York, why?

Simon: No, no, nothing. Come on. Can't I wonder what my favorite brother-in-law is up to?

Craig: If I'd known you were such a bad liar, I wouldn't have hired you. What do you need?

Simon: It's about your sister's happiness.

Craig: Ah. I'm listening.

Simon: Well, I wanna give her the wedding that she's always wanted, and since you are her only father figure - God help her - I want you to be a part of it.

Craig: Absolutely.

Simon: Great!

Craig: But foot the bill? No. That's your job now.

Simon: Wait, wait. So that's it?

Craig: You got money. Spend some of it on that dream wedding.

Bonnie: I can't wait.

Billy: Well, it's a little early for happy hour, isn't it, guys?

Bonnie: Hey, Billy.

Billy: How's it going, Bonnie?

Bonnie: You know, to tell you the truth, we're actually closed till inventory's finished.

Billy: Oh, I'll stay out of the way.

Bonnie: Okay.

Billy: Can I talk to you for a moment, Jen?

Jennifer: All right.

Billy: I just got back from uncle Craig's. I told him a lie about Bryant and the truth about you.

Jennifer: What lie did you tell him?

Billy: I told him that Bryant needed his advice the night he died. Jen, he had to hear it.

Jennifer: And the truth you told him about me?

Billy: That us breaking up was a mistake. And that I wanted to try to patch up things. You know, start over, try again.

Jennifer: Billy, I really don't know if that -

Billy: Look, Jen, I know I hurt you. I'm sorry.

Jennifer: Hurt me? Billy, you told me that you cared about me. And then you told me it was all over, good-bye. Remember? At Bryant's funeral? One of the hardest nights of my life?

Billy: It wasn't easy for me, either, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Well then, why did you walk away?

Billy: Well, I was just trying to fix - I don't know! And Bryant dying, of course I can't, but I just couldn't see uncle Craig hurt like that.

Jennifer: You know, we can't, okay. We cannot do this again.

Billy: Why not?

Jennifer: Because what happens next time you decide that it's time to move on?

Billy: I won't.

Jennifer: And you're so sure of that?

Billy: Yes, I am.

Jennifer: How?

Billy: Because I love you, Jen. I love you.

Hal: Are you checking up on me, Tommy?

Tom: I'm trying to make sure you don't make the same mistake I did.

Hal: There's a difference, Tom. There's no wife involved, just two consenting adults.

Tom: Oh. So what about your kids? I mean, I bet you she's pretty tight with Jennifer right now.

Hal: She's become a great friend.

Tom: Yeah, probably Will's best buddy. Watching videos with him, helping him with his homework.

Hal: The point being?

Tom: You mean when she's through with you and starts trashing your life? Well, what is that going to do to Will and Jennifer? Don't you think they've been through enough already?

Hal: I know how to take care of my family, Tom. Thank you.

Tom: All I'm saying is that -

Hal: I know what you're saying.

Tom: I've been there. I've defended her, and I've ignored all the warning signals.

Hal: What warning signals? She's been like a life saver around here.

Tom: I know. Everything that you want her to be. Witty, charming, fun when the sun goes down. Well, what happens when you cross her? Or the day you realize you're involved with your own fatal attraction? Well, I hope that day comes sooner than later, because you might find yourself on bended knee proposing to a world-class user.

Hal: You can stop wasting your breath, Tom. I'm not saying you and Emily were innocent victims in the thing that you had going, but you got a hell of a kid out of it, Tom. So why don't you just put it behind you and get on with your life, all right?

Tom: She is gonna do the same thing to you that she did to me.

Hal: No, she won't.

Tom: Really? How can you be so sure?

Hal: Because what have I got? Five kids and a cop's salary. She's the one that's the catch, Tom. She's got a paper now that's selling like crazy. She is a wonderful mother, and I am lucky to know her. And those are the facts.

Emily: Okay. Look who's awake.

Tom: Hey, buddy.

Emily: Here you go.

Tom: How you doing, my friend? Are you ready to go? Come here, come here, come here. Hello, hello, hello.

Emily: I want you to have a wonderful time with your daddy. Here's your bag and your coat. Please put your coat on. I love you the most.

Tom: Yeah, he will. I'll call you tomorrow.

Emily: I'll see you. It's been a real pleasure, Tom. I love you!

Emily: I'm sorry about that.

Hal: Well, you don't know the half of it.

Emily: Actually, I - I heard all of it.

Hal: You what?

Emily: I couldn't help it. I overheard everything.

Hal: Oh, Emily, I'm sorry. You didn't hear that garbage. That was Tom being - well, I could tell you what it was Tom being, but I try not to use that kind of language around ladies these days.

Emily: Yeah, well, I'm not feeling much like a lady right now.

Hal: Emily, please tell me you didn't take any of that to heart.

Emily: Not really. But Tom's right about me. Every word he said is true.

Bonnie: Here's an item-by-item inventory of practically everything in the bar. If you need me, I'll be in the ladies' room on my hands and knees counting the floor tiles.

Jessica: You call that a mature woman?

Isaac: I said "woman." I didn't say nothing about mature.

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Isaac: But she is old enough to make her own decisions.

Jessica: Oh, Bonnie's made a million decisions, most on impulse. Few are very good. You know, I won't encourage her to go off to New York to be some glorified clothes hanger. I thought by her working here for you she might develop some kind of work ethic.

Isaac: I wasn't always a workaholic, either. You don't believe me, you can have a conversation with my brother.

Jessica: I won't allow her to take a job that can't last forever. It has no future, no stability.

Isaac: No, I hear you. But it could be the right decision for Bonnie right now. I mean, this modeling gig is an opportunity for her to stand on her own two. That is the reason why you kept her in Oakdale, isn't it?

Jennifer: If you ever break my heart again, Billy, I -

Billy: I won't walk away from you again, Jen.

Jennifer: I better get going.

Billy: Is it something I said?

Jennifer: No. No, it's just this modeling thing I have to do, and I have to leave for it soon.

Billy: Okay, listen. Before you go, just let me know that things aren't too messed up to pick up where we left off.

Craig: I gave you plenty of money a few months ago. Why don't you throw some of that -

Simon: It's not even a part, not even a fraction of what you owe me.

Craig: Spoken like a man who's already piddled away a small fortune.

Simon: I have not piddled anything away. I spent most of it hunting down your sister.

Craig: Your wife. You had the ceremony.

Simon: That was - Craig, that was a quickie. That was a justice of the peace. We can't even remember what we said. She wants more.

Craig: Well, get used to it. In the meantime, why don't you think about getting a job? You know, millions of people get up every morning, go right to work.

Simon: Oh, yeah, and you'd know something about that.

Craig: Simon, I don't have time to discuss the food chain with you at the moment. I have more pressing needs.

Simon: And Craig, listen, Katie's gonna get that wedding whether you like it or not.

Katie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, boys. It's getting loud in here. Is there a problem?

Simon: No.

Katie: Oh, yeah, there is a problem and I know what it is. I miss Bryant, too, Craig. It's okay. Times like this that we really understand how much we need each other.

Craig: Yeah, well - now look, we can talk later. Thank you. We can talk later, okay? I have something I have to do.

Katie: Yes, well, distractions are good sometimes, but why be alone if you don't have to be? Why don't you let me and Simon help?

Barbara: I'm sorry I doubted you.

Paul: Oh, it's crunch time. It's allowed.

Barbara: It's just that I've worked so hard on this line. And if anything goes wrong -

Paul: It's not.

Barbara: - I don't know what I'll do. But I do know what I'm gonna do with this dress. And I'm gonna find a very creative way to return this to Craig.

Paul: No, Mom. Come here. No, you don't have to. Don't waste your time with that. I'll take care of it. Okay?

Emily: Want to hear the sordid truth about me and Tom now?

Hal: Emily, we don't have to do this right now.

Emily: No, you know, I think it's time we did, Hal. Everything he said about me was true. "World-class user," "opportunist," "home wrecker," I've done it all.

Hal: Not to me.

Emily: No, I've tested you a few times.

Hal: And don't tell me I don't call you on it.

Emily: No, I like when you call me on it. I really do. It makes me feel good, safe. I don't know why, now that you've stripped me of all my slick maneuvers.

Hal: Well, don't worry. I'm gonna add "eavesdropper" to your list of offenses.

Emily: I've heard Tom trash me for years. But when I stood up there and I heard you sticking up for me like that -

Hal: You know what? I know that feeling.

Emily: I just wish I could be her. I'm really trying.

Hal: Be who?

Emily: This woman you think I am.

Hal: Oh, Emily, you already are. You already are.

Jessica: You do know how much I love you?

Bonnie: Enough to say yes?

Jessica: Yes.

Bonnie: You mean it?

Jessica: You have my blessing.

Bonnie: Oh, Mom - Mom, you are the best! You are the absolute best.

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Go to New York, knock 'em dead, do your thing.

Bonnie: Well, you know me!

Jessica: Yes, I do. And I want you to be on your best behavior, missy.

Bonnie: Well, I'll do my best to be my best. I'll behave, mother. Really. What made you change your mind?

Jessica: I think Isaac slipped something in my drink. Let me get out of here before I change my mind. You will be the most beautiful thing on the runway.

Bonnie: Thank you, Mom. You won't regret this, I promise.

Jessica: I better not.

Bonnie: Bye. So, okay, out with it. What did you do? What did you do to make my mother, the most obstinate woman I know, do a complete 180? 'Cause it's definitely a technique I'm gonna need for the future.

Isaac: I spiked her drink.

Bonnie: Huh?

Isaac: No, she's a - she's a reasonable woman. You know, I reasoned with her. I told her that instead of having the little duchess around my club frowning all week, pouting and killing tips, insulting patrons and owners alike, it might be more profitable, financially and otherwise, if you got shipped off to New York.

Bonnie: You're incredible. Incredible, Isaac! I don't know how I'll ever repay you.

Isaac: That's funny you should bring that up 'cause I made a list of stuff that you could do here.

Bonnie: Thank you. Thanks, Isaac, so much. I won't forget this.

Isaac: Yeah.

Billy: I know you're excited about going to New York.

Jennifer: Yeah, I need this. Things have been kind of crazy with Bryant, my mom. And it's not that I don't - well, "appreciate" may be the wrong word. It's just, whenever we're together or close, I can't really think.

Billy: You used to just know.

Jennifer: Yeah, look what happened.

Billy: All right, listen. This is what we're gonna do - when you get back, we're gonna do things the right way. 'Cause I'm dying to take you to a movie or dinner, long drives, long talks.

Jennifer: Oh, you mean like real dates?

Billy: Yes. Like normal people. We just need to figure out all this other crazy stuff.

Jennifer: I think I'd like that.

Billy: I wanna kiss you so bad right now. You think we can kiss and still go about our day? Okay. You'd better go.

Jennifer: Wish me luck.

Billy: Good luck. Hey, it's Billy Ross. Yeah, not bad. Hey, I just wanted to ask you if I'm still on to work the New York fashion shows. Great. Yes, I'm definitely in. Thanks.

Katie: Come on, Craig. If you're having a problem, you know you can share it with me.

Craig: You really think you can help?

Katie: Absolutely. If I can get my husband here to realize how much he adores me, I can move mountains. Well, come on, Craig. Why don't you share with me what's going on with you? Obviously, something's bothering you. Or is it someone? Does this have to do with Carly?

Craig: Thank you for dropping by.

Katie: Ah, okay.

Simon: Oh, so he's going to New York because of Carly.

Katie: Well, you know what you need to do, Craig? Breathe in with the good, out with the bad. It'll come to you, and you will know exactly what to do.

Craig: Thanks for the aerobic tips. But I know what to do.

Barbara: Sending me that dress was a cheap trick, Craig, even for you. Trying to shake my faith in my son. Trying to take my son away from me. Well, if I've pushed you too far this time, it's because you deserve it.

Paul: James! I know you're out here, Steinbeck! Show your face! Is this what you do for kicks, huh?! Mess with people's lives? Well, I'm right here! It's over, Steinbeck! You hear me, Dad?! It's over!

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