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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 11/6/01

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Katie: Okay. Make yourselves at home. Let's see. We can order from room service, and until then, there's all of this to drink. I don't think there's anything organic in here, but what moon doggie doesn't know won't hurt him.

Rainbow: He really misses you, you know. He's the one who sent us to bring you back.

Simon: Well, she's not going back with you, okay? Especially to some dude called Moon Doggie.

Aretha: No offense, but your old man is giving off some bad energy.

Katie: He'll be fine if he and I can just talk briefly for a moment. They came all the way here. I can't just send them back without at least offering them something to eat.

Simon: Well, if they think you're going to go with them to feed free-range chickens and stir free-range compost, they can use the free-range door.

Katie: Shh! Okay, one hour. One hour, and then I promise, you and I will have some very good free-range alone time. Oh, you already ordered from room service?

Aretha: Are you serious? There is not one thing in here with millet or spelt. It's all additives. Luckily, I found a health food store in the neighborhood, and they are lending us a juicer.

Katie: Oh, so you're going to juice things here? That sounds like it'll take awhile.

Rainbow: Yeah, but when something's really worth waiting for, who minds an extra hour or two?

Craig: We've always been able to comfort each other, Sierra.

Sierra: Maybe that was our problem.

Craig: I want to come with you when you pick up Lucy.

Sierra: Please don't make a scene here. We've already discussed it.

Craig: No. No, you made a decision not to tell her till she returns. That's fine, don't. But I am going to be with my daughter.

Sierra: Nobody's preventing you from seeing Lucy. I just don't want you there when I tell her.

Craig: Why, because you're angry? That's not fair.

Sierra: Maybe if I'd stop being fair and bending over backwards and giving you second, third, fourth chances --

Craig: Oh, please.

Sierra: It's always about you, Craig, and what you need. This is about Bryant and Lucy, and maybe if I put them first -- well, you're just going to have to fend for yourself.

Billy: I know you don't understand, Jennifer, but you know I'd do anything if this could be different. But there's more at stake than just me and you, okay? I mean, do I want us to be together? Yes. But is it possible? No.

Jennifer: Why?

Billy: Because it would make my family upset to have people talk about Bryant in a certain way, okay?

Jennifer: Wait, if people have nothing better to do with their lives than talk about someone --

Billy: People don't have to talk, Jennifer. Okay, if all they ever remember of Bryant is walking in on his girlfriend and cousin and then getting into his car and driving into a tree -- is that how you want to remember Bryant?

Rose: Say that again?

Paul: I'm falling in love with you. Rose?

John: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What's going on?

Lucinda: Oh, my heavens.

John: Take it easy. What happened? What happened?

Rose: What?

John: Are you all right?

Paul: She fainted.

Lucinda: Let me get some water. Water, water.

Mitzi: What's with her? Is she okay?

John: Rose, how many fingers do you see?

Rose: Four.

John: That's right!

Rose: You know, you should -- you should go.

Lucinda: Mitzi, forget the water. Paul, darling -- Paul will get you some water, darling, won't you?

John: She should be all right.

Lucinda: All right. And it's just the strain of the day, or possibly she had no lunch. Why don't we elevate her feet, Mitzi? That's a good girl. We just elevate her feet, and John and I will go and get a cool cloth to put on her brow.

John: It doesn't take two people to get a cool cloth.

Lucinda: Did you learn nothing in sensitivity training?

Rose: Is he gone? Is he gone?

Mitzi: The coast is clear. Why the swan dive?

Rose: He said the "l" word.

Mitzi: Limousine?

Rose: What are you talking about? No, no. I mean, how am I ever going to leave this guy now that he said something like that?

Mitzi: Simple -- you don't.

Jack: So you decided to come.

Carly: I figured I'd pay my respects. Sierra has been very decent to me.

Jack: Mmm. But you're worried about how the rest of them will react, and you're mad at yourself that it still matters.

Carly: Still reading my mind.

Jack: Go on in there. You deserve to be in there as much as anyone. Craig will be really glad to see you.

Lily: Hey. Hi, Jack.

Jack: Hey.

Lily: Carly.

Carly: Hi.

Lily: Thanks for coming by.

Carly: Well, I'm just -- I'm so sorry about Bryant.

Lily: Thank you.

Jack: So where's Holden?

Lily: He's home with the kids. Luke has been through so much the past couple of months.

Jack: Right. It's probably best that he stays home.

Lily: I'll see you inside.

Carly: She was just nice to me. Imagine that, for no reason.

Jack: Okay, so that's Sierra, Craig, Lily, me. Sounds like you have a whole crew in there. Come on. Anybody gives you a hard time, I'll bite 'em.

Hal: Well, here he is --

Carly: Hi.

Hal: -- With Carly.

Carly: Hi.

Hal: You guys headed out?

Isaac: Yeah. We're going to take Curtis to the movies.

Ben: He's a little shook up after what happened with Bryant.

Hal: Well, kids think they're immortal, you know? But then, they're supposed to, right?

Carly: How's Jennifer?

Hal: Well, she's had a lot thrown at her, but we're all here for her.

Ben: Wasn't sure this guy was going to make it.

Isaac: I almost didn't.

Adam: Hey, Bonnie, what's up?

Bonnie: You know, every once in a while, it pays to be a pain in the butt. How are you?

Adam: I'm good. Actually, I wanted to introduce you to Abigail, but she's not here. Hold on. I'll be right back.

Bonnie: Okay.

Lucinda: Oh, my darling.

Rose: Oh, thank you. Oh, I'm feeling better, thank you.

Lucinda: No need to explain, darling. It's a woman's prerogative to faint.

Mitzi: Hey, where's Paul with that water, anyway?

Rose: Would you stop?

Lucinda: Well, come on, honey. It wouldn't hurt. A sip or two, it won't kill. It pays to show them that they're needed, you know?

Rose: What am I going to do, huh?

Mitzi: I'll tell you what you're going to do. You're going to keep your makeup dry because you want to look your best when lover boy comes back.

Rose: Hello, earth to Mitzi. If I say ditto to Paul in the love department, his mother is going to blab to everybody. You think Ms. Walsh is going to be bringing me wet towels when she finds out that her new vice-president was arrested for prostitution?

Jack: Hey, Rose. Mitzi.

Mitzi: Hi, Jack.

Jack: So you talked to Paul?

Mitzi: No, and the guy is crazy about her.

Rose: Would you stop again with that?

Mitzi: I don't know what you're so scared about all the time. You've got me and Jack in your corner. What could happen?

Jack: Is he here, Paul?

Mitzi: He went to go get some water for our favorite girl -- that way.

Jack: Great.

Mitzi: Relax, will you, okay? Men know how to put these things.

Rose: I don't want him putting anything anywhere.

Mitzi: Listen, do you trust me, Rose?

Rose: No.

Mitzi: Well, then do you trust Jack? 'Cause I do.

Jack: Paul.

Paul: Look, look, I've got to go check on Rose.

Jack: No, she's fine. I just talked to her.

Paul: Well, you saw her? She's okay?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, she's with Mitzi. She's fine. Listen, about your father --

Paul: All right. Jack, I know you mean well, but my father is long gone.

Jack: No, he's not. He's here. He's in Oakdale. I talked to him.

Katie: Wow, it's going to be some juice. Look at all those ingredients.

Simon: Katie -- hey, sorry, Star Shine. I can't keep up with the changing rules, you know? Touch, don't touch. Make love, don't make love. What's going on?

Katie: Oh, okay. I'm sorry. No more rules, I promise. I don't know why I was being so ridiculous thinking that we had to wait for some karmic reason to make love again. I promise no more rules. We don't need it. We only need each other.

Simon: You mean that?

Katie: Of course I mean it.

Simon: What?

Katie: Of course I mean it! I'm so hot for you right now, I can barely stand it.

Aretha: It's a good thing that this isn't a love potion. Doesn't look like you need it. Chugalug. And if you drink that all down, I will read your fortune.

Jennifer: This was Craig's idea, wasn't it, that we split up?

Billy: What do you mean?

Jennifer: I saw you talking to him earlier.

Billy: Of course I was talking to him. He's my uncle.

Jennifer: Look, all he cares about is himself.

Billy: No, that's not true, okay? He cares about Bryant, and so do I.

Jennifer: And I don't?

Billy: Look, do you think I like this? I mean, all I can think about is how it is when we're together. And I close my eyes, and that's where I go. That's how I'm getting through all this.

Jennifer: Great. Craig Montgomery, the man who has cheated on every wife he's had, who married my mother only for her money and who only cared about Bryant when he needed something -- that Craig Montgomery is passing judgment on me?

Billy: Jen, it was my decision, okay?

Jennifer: Prove it then. Look at me in the eye and tell me you don't love me.

Billy: I can't. But that shouldn't change what happened, okay? Look, maybe someday --

Jennifer: No, there is no someday, okay? People die, your whole life can change overnight, and if you don't get that, then Bryant died for nothing.

Billy: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Jen.

Rose: That's all he said, "Bring this to Rose"?

Lily: I thought he wasn't feeling well. He was as white as a sheet.

Rose: I knew it. Jack told him.

Mitzi: He wouldn't do that.

Lily: What's going on?

Rose: Lily, you got to do me a favor, okay? You've got to go find Jack, and you've got to tell him I've got to talk to him really -- like, right now. Please? I told you this was going to happen.

Mitzi: And I told you Jack will handle it. You've got to trust him.

Paul: My father would never come here. He's a wanted man.

Jack: Not anymore. He made a deal with the feds. I went to Hal. You can ask him yourself. The bottom line is, Hal can't arrest him until he tries to hurt someone else.

Paul: I have to warn my mother.

Jack: No, Paul. She already knows.

Katie: Mmm, what can I say? Wild.

Rainbow: Yeah. Now, you get your fortune told. Some people read tea leaves. Aretha reads what's left in the glass when the juice is done.

Aretha: Hmm --

Katie: Hmm, what?

Aretha: You're on the verge, on the cusp of something wonderful.

Katie: I know.

Aretha: But you can't rush it.

Katie: I can't?

Simon: Oh, I can. I can't go through this again.

Katie: No, no, no, wait, wait. Simon, you just need to hear the rest.

Aretha: You made a plan, but you abandoned it. Why?

Katie: Was that wrong?

Aretha: When we work the land, we learn to hear the rhythms of life. You were trying to hear the rhythm of yours. Love is beautiful, but the time must be right for celebration when you can't hear the music. Rainbow, we need to go. Our work here is done.

Katie: Well, thank you. Good to see you. Take care.

[Katie sighs]

Simon: Okay. We were going to make love as soon as they left. That's not going to happen now, is it?

Katie: Well, you heard Aretha.

Simon: Oh!

Katie: We're on the verge. We're on the cusp.

Simon: Yes.

Katie: We've done everything right. We just need to wait till the right moment to make love again, and then we'll hear the music -- our own music that belongs only to us. Oh, wait. I have to call him before he leaves. Burt? Hi. It's Katie Peretti-Frasier. Do you remember me? You remember? Yes, hi. You remember that old convertible Cadillac that Simon was working on last year?

Simon: Forget about it, Katie.

Katie: You what? Who bought it? You have got to be kidding me. No, no, thank you. That's okay. Where there's a will, there's a Katie.

Simon: Why don't you just forget this whole thing? Can we go now next door?

Katie: Do you want our marriage to work or not?

Simon: Well, given the last year, I don't seem to have much to say in the matter.

Katie: "H," "h" --

Simon: Wait, wait, and wait. You are going to call up a perfect stranger and ask them if we can borrow their car so we can -- ?

Katie: Consummate our marriage?

Simon: Yeah.

Katie: Absolutely. Besides, we're in luck. This Cadillac lover is no stranger.

Simon: Oh -- oh, you have got to be kidding me.

Paul: My mother is terrified of my father. She'd have nothing to do with him, and if she were in contact with him, Jack, I'd know about it.

Jack: I've been watching out for Barbara for weeks, ever since I spotted Steinbeck at the wedding. First I found a cigar, the kind he used to smoke --

Paul: Jack, that proves nothing to me.

Jack: -- Out by the gazebo with a clear view of the house.

Paul: Are you saying he's at Fairwinds?

Lily: Oh, Jack, I've been looking all over for you. Sorry. I'm sorry. Rose just wanted me to find you, Jack.

Jack: Right. Tell her I'll be right in. Thanks.

Lily: Will do.

Nancy: I just had the strangest phone call.

Kim: Where? Here at Lucinda's?

Nancy: On my cell phone. It was forwarded from home.

Lisa: Oh, aren't we up to date?

Nancy: I'll say. Now, I have to go meet someone.

Kim: Tall, dark and handsome, I assume?

Nancy: Do you think I'd bother if he weren't?

Kim: Oh, you go, girl.

Craig: Sierra --

Sierra: Just leave me alone.

Carly: She's not herself.

Craig: I thought you weren't coming.

Carly: I figured you could use a friend right now.

Billy: Aunt Sierra, can I ask you something?

Sierra: Would you mind if we make it another time?

Billy: Sure. I just wanted to take back what I said earlier about not wanting to say anything about Bryant.

Sierra: I'm not following you.

Billy: I want to say something now.

Sierra: Here, now?

Billy: Why not? All the people that love him are here.

Craig: You hate all these people.

Carly: Actually, they hate me.

Craig: But here you are.

Carly: Look, you and I -- I make the rules, and you break them.

[Craig laughs] we do each other favors, and we pretend we don't care. We've been dancing around it for so long, I don't know if we can even talk about it now.

Craig: Talk? I think I laid my heart at your feet not too long ago.

Carly: Yes, but that's because you knew I wouldn't pick it up.

Craig: But here you are.

Carly: And I'm not going anywhere, so you can relax. You don't have to charm me or win me or buy me my own company. You can just be this man that I care about who has lost his boy.

Jack: And a moment later, there James was, complete with cigar and self-satisfied as ever. He denied having anything to do with the pictures of you and Carly. He denied having any plan at all. I kicked him off the property. Then, I found him there a couple of days later. I kicked him off again, and then, I found your mom.

Paul: Did you question her?

Jack: I told her about James. She denied knowing. She denied having anything to do with it at all. Paul, she's not herself. Whatever's going on, she's not to blame for this.

Paul: I still don't understand why she hasn't told me about your conversation.

Jack: The best thing we can do right now is to keep quiet. She's not going to listen to you. You can tell her the guy is dangerous until you're blue in the face. She wants what she wants, and she wants her fashion show, so full steam ahead.

Paul: Right.

Jack: The best thing we can do is watch out. Listen, I should get in there with Rose, but we should continue this conversation.

Paul: Okay. I'll be at Java in the morning. The club will be closed, so we can talk there.

Jack: And you won't say anything to Barbara?

Paul: No.

Jack: All right then. You okay?

Carly: Yeah. Thanks for helping me get through the front door.

Jack: Oh, anytime. Craig, I'm sorry about your loss. Bryant was a good man.

Craig: Thank you, Jack.

Jack: Well?

Mitzi: I've been holding her back.

Rose: Lily told me you and Paul were outside talking. I was going to break down the door.

Mitzi: Win my bet, Jack. Tell her you didn't tell Paul anything about the arrest record.

Jack: No, I didn't tell Paul anything.

Mitzi: See? You owe me a toasted almond, girlfriend.

Jack: No, but you should tell him, and soon. I have a feeling he's going to need you.

Rose: So?

Mitzi: All that worrying for nothing. But he's right, you know. You're goanna have to tell Paul yourself, or you're gonna lose him.

Craig: Jack was so lost.

Carly: Yeah.

Craig: You want to talk to him?

Carly: No.

Craig: When you're close to someone like that, I think something always lingers. Sierra and I used to have that connection.

Carly: I'm right where I want to be.

Mitzi: There he is. Go. Go now, before you chicken out.

Rose: All right. Paul, there's something I need to tell you.

Barbara: Rose. I wanted to come and offer you and your family my condolences. It's so dreadful to lose someone you love.

Katie: Okay, now let me do all the talking.

Simon: This is insane.

Katie: Excuse me? Who is the one that braved the crazy jungle man and the coral reef full of sharks?

Simon: Yeah, and who lost my diamond and would have starved to death if I hadn't rescued her? Hey, by the way, how's Henry?

Nancy: Katie, Simon --

Simon: Oh, Mrs. Hughes. Allow me.

Nancy: You sounded so urgent on the telephone. What seems to be the problem?

Katie: Mrs. Hughes, so good of you to come. Um, how is your grandson, Chris?

Nancy: He's recovering nicely, thank you. She very nearly ruined his life, or tried to.

Simon: Well, now she's trying to ruin mine.

Nancy: Oh?

Katie: Mrs. Hughes, actually, you are the reason that we're here. Well, your car, in fact. Simon was working on it all last year, and it seems that he thinks there is a tiny problem with the engine.

Nancy: It works perfectly. I had it serviced just last week.

Katie: Well, if we could just look at it tonight, free of charge, Simon would feel a whole lot better.

Simon: Look, Mrs. Hughes, Katie and I -- well, we kind of found ourselves and the reason for getting married in that car a year ago, and we just want to borrow it. Kind of, you know, a goofy reminiscence, and we promise we will return it in the exact state that we borrowed it. It would mean a lot to us.

Nancy: That sounds very romantic.

Simon: Yeah. Well, I am a goner.

Nancy: Well, if you add a cannoli and drive me home, you have a deal.

Katie: Done.

Simon: Oh, yeah. When you order Mrs. Hughes' cannoli, why don't you bring her a fresh pot of coffee?

Katie: Okay. To go?

Simon: No. To stay.

Katie: Okay.

Nancy: This reminds me of when my husband, Chris, and I got together.

Simon: Well, life must have been a lot simpler back then. Tell us. I would love -- we would love to hear how you and Chris met.

Nancy: You really want to hear that?

Simon: Yeah.

Nancy: Well, actually, it's very much like you two. Chris' best buddy, Jim Lowell, was going with my best friend, Claire, and --

John: Good to see you.

Barbara: Hello, John.

Lucinda: Oh, darling, thank you for coming. This lovely lady saved Worldwide from the manipulations of Craig Montgomery.

Barbara: I know how fickle corporate boards can be. They're so easily influenced, so disloyal.

Abigail: Craig got to him. Jen, maybe in a couple of months when things calm down, he'll change his mind.

Jennifer: Craig won't let him.

Abigail: Jen, come on. I hate to bring up a sore subject, but the guy was -- he got together with you when he was living with your boyfriend. That's kind of a reckless guy. He doesn't normally follow rules. He would do anything.

Jennifer: You know, Adam said he was going to make up with you today. Has he said anything anyways?

Kim: Hi, darling. Your mother's here.

Jennifer: My mom's here?

Kim: In the foyer.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Craig: Do you think we could get through a day without a scene from "gothic city"?

Carly: Now, now, be nice. Jennifer needs her mother.

Craig: If you think that's why Barbara's here, certainly.

Sierra: Excuse me, everyone. Could you join us back in the library? Bryant's cousin, Billy, would like to say a few words.

Carly: What is that all about?

Craig: I don't know.

Billy: You know, Bryant liked fishing. I liked to go fishing. You know, I'd beat the traffic, hike up into the woods, set up camp, rev up the boat. Couldn't wait to get out there. Bryant, he liked to sit back and wait on the stupid fish to make up its mind. He was patient. I'm not. But he forgave me. Only now, he's gone. No more Bryant to the rescue. No more second chances. So what do I do with that? Do I trust my instincts, or do I try to be like Bryant? I don't think Bryant ever hurt anybody but himself, and I have to honor that, 'cause I owe him that much. And if it's a mistake, then I'll take it, because I loved him. And I guess that's why I'm trying to keep him alive by learning something. Thanks.

Margo: You know, this just shouldn't have happened, Jessica. He was such a good kid.

Jessica: I know, I know.

Paul: Hey, I spoke to Jack about my father in those photos.

Carly: He's trying -- he's trying to get to your mother. You know that.

Paul: Yeah. I'm meeting with him tomorrow to discuss some things.

Barbara: Paul, I'd like to go home. Would you bring my car around, please? I'm a little more fatigued than I thought I would be.

Paul: Sure. Carly, nice to see you.

Carly: Yeah, you, too.

Barbara: Didn't realize you knew Bryant well enough to join the mourners today. But then again, you know all men who have money, don't you?

Craig: Do you get out in the daylight, too, Barbara?

Barbara: I came to pay my respects.

Craig: No. You're looking for sympathy.

Carly: Now, now. Come on. You've both suffered. Now stop it.

Barbara: I don't need a slut defending me.

Paul: You still haven't given me an answer.

Rose: Look -- Paul, I wish I could tell you what you want to hear.

Paul: Just tell me how you feel.

Rose: It's not that I don't want to be with you, because I do.

Barbara: Paul? Paul? Where's my car. I want to leave now.

Paul: Good-bye.

Barbara: You're not driving me?

Paul: I will be glad to drive you home as soon as I finish my conversation with Rose.

Barbara: Ah, Rose. Oh, yes, of course. This has been a very difficult day for you, hasn't it? I'm surprised your father hasn't flown in. How is he?

Rose: Fine, thank you.

Paul: I'm sorry about that.

Rose: It's quite all right. You know, it's not that I don't want to be with you, because I do, but it's not going to work. It's just -- it's just wrong.

Paul: Why?

Rose: Because -- because I don't love you. That's it.

Paul: You're lying.

Rose: Just take your mother home, okay?

Paul: When I told you how I felt, I saw the look in your eyes. I know something's going on here, Rose, and I'm not letting you go without a fight.

Jennifer: I've lost Bryant. I've lost Billy. I've lost everything.

Bonnie: No, you haven't. You still have that money Bryant left you. You haven't told anyone about that yet, right?

Jennifer: No, of course not. I just -- I kept thinking that it belongs to my mom. You know, Craig did steal it from her to repay Bryant's trust.

Bonnie: Jen, you think long and hard before you touch any of that money.

Jennifer: Mom?

Barbara: Oh, honey, I'm going home. I'm rather tired. Is that all right?

Jennifer: Yeah, sure. I was just wondering, though -- can I come by and see you this week?

Barbara: Of course. I'd love that.

Jennifer: Bye.

Barbara: Bye.

Simon: I've got to hand it to you, Frasier.

Katie: Oh, please. The only reason we have this car is because Nancy Hughes is a sweetheart.

Simon: And it's almost midnight. Let's get this karmic ritual on the road, shall we?

Katie: Beer -- didn't we have beer last year?

Simon: Yeah, but last year, we needed it. Come here.

Katie: Music, music. We definitely were listening to music.

Simon: Okay, okay. The lady wants music.

[Rock music plays] where were we?

Katie: I'm pretty sure it was country-western.

Simon: It doesn't matter what it was.

Katie: No, it does. It does. We have to make this perfect, or else, it's not going to work.

Simon: Katie, come here. Look at me. Look at me. We have been through so much. We have been kidnapped, jailed, shot at, and here we are. What's the problem?

Katie: I don't think I can go through with this.

Simon: Look, I refuse to believe this. Look at this. Look. We have got everything set up exactly the way you wanted it, and now you can't go through with it? I'm beginning to believe you don't want me at all. I mean, what's going on?

Katie: No, no, no. Of course I do. No, I do. It's just -- I'm not like you, Simon. I haven't been with a million people. Just you, and it was last year, and we were drunk. And now we're married, and we're in love, and I'm just -- I'm just -- I'm scared that when we make love again, I'm not going to be what you want.

Simon: So then, we're going to have to practice over and over and over and over and over.

Katie: I'm serious, Simon. I've heard about this happening. I've read about it. Some people are just incompatible.

Simon: Okay. All right, so I have been with a lot of women. But that doesn't mean that I know the first thing about a real marriage or that word that you always use -- that --

Katie: "Intimacy"?

Simon: Yes, that one. I could end up making you as unhappy as you could make me.

Katie: That's supposed to cheer me up?

Simon: No. No, no. Remember when you left the airport to go to St. Martin, what you said to me -- that you were my big adventure? Well, adventures are full of risks, right? And that's why we like them.

Katie: Yeah, we do like them.

Simon: We love them. Because life without risks is really boring, right?

Katie: So it's worth it, huh?

Simon: It's worth it to me.

Mitzi: How's my favorite ex-cop? Look at your face. Relax. This is not a come-on. I'm not that subtle. So I finally get Rose to take the plunge, and who walks in? Barbara.

Jack: Yeah, I saw her as I was leaving.

Mitzi: What is it with that lady? Rose takes one look at her and caves.

Jack: Barbara learned from the best.

Mitzi: You talking about that guy, the one you're looking for? This has something to do with him?

Jack: Mitzi, no offense, stick to show biz.

Mitzi: I'm just saying, since it's Rose, my best friend --

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Mitzi: -- If you need any help with this --

Jack: What I need is a hot cup of coffee and a friend to share it with.

Mitzi: Yo, garcon! Another cup of Joe for the gentleman and a diet cola for his friend -- with a capital "F."

Carly: Fighting Barbara agrees with you.

Craig: Well, I am feeling better, but that's not why. I think I did something for Bryant today -- how he's remembered -- and that's important to me. I want people to remember who he was, not how he died, why he died.

Carly: The people who loved him will always remember him. Love doesn't die.

Craig: Sometimes it grows, if you're lucky.

Carly: Or if you're unlucky.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: You make me smile.

Carly: You get my jokes.

Craig: Oh, I get the whole package, Carly.

Carly: You are feeling better.

Craig: I am feeling better. You're here.

Carly: Behave yourself, and maybe I'll stick around.

Barbara: Paul?

Paul: Go to bed, mom.

Barbara: Are you all right? It looked like a rather intense conversation you were having with Rose.

Paul: Yeah, she wanted to tell me something, then you arrived. What do you suppose happened?

Barbara: Perhaps it was just the strain of the day, losing her -- what was Bryant to her, anyway? A nephew via adoption? Anyway, I think they were close. Such a tragedy. Try to spend some time with your sister. She's taking this rather hard.

Paul: I will.

Barbara: Good night, darling. Promise me you'll always wear your seat belt. I wouldn't want to lose my wonderful son.

Lily: Sorry Paul couldn't stay?

Rose: Nah. That's okay. He's got his mother to tend to.

Lily: Lucinda told me about your promotion.

Rose: Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's right, me -- a VP. Now we know the whole world is really messed up.

Lily: No, you deserve it. You really do. You do. You've done so much for this family.

Rose: You know, you have no idea how much that means to me -- being part of the family finally.

Lily: I know Lucinda made you jump through hoops.

Rose: Yeah, she did. She was right. Love costs, you know? I just never realized how much.

Lily: I know. But to tell you the truth, if you had told me a year ago that I would be standing here talking to my twin sister --

Rose: I wouldn't trade it for nothing. Want to know something, though? You know, sometimes, I wish I could just -- just grab the remote, you know? Push pause and let the world come to a grinding halt for just, like, a minute or three. I'd be able to catch my breath.

Lily: The world keeps turning. You know, sometimes, you feel like you're on top of the world and your feet will never touch the ground. And then, sometimes life is so hard, and you never think you'll get your head above water again. All that matters is if you have family. If you're lucky, you have hope. You've got to reach out, you know, to people you've known all your life, to people that you've rediscovered. Those are the people that you can count on -- old friends, new friends, friends that will be there for you no matter what. If we learn nothing else from Bryant's death, it's that we should never, never take love for granted. We have to make every single second count and never give up on our dreams. Yeah, life is hard and it's sweet, but we just have to hang in there while the world just keeps turning and turning, and we just have to treasure every moment.

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