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Simon: Are you sure this is the right road?

Katie: Yeah.

Simon: There was a car behind us after the funeral, and then it didn't turn off when we did.

Katie: Do you know what I heard people saying on their way out of the chapel? "Nice service." As if there could be anything nice about a funeral.

Simon: Don't worry. It's just something that people say, that's all.

Katie: I just can't believe he's gone. One minute, Bryant's here, and the next minute, he's just -- I didn't see him enough. Now it's too late. You better keep living, Simon, for at least the next hundred years.

Simon: Where are we?

Katie: Are you mad at me?

Simon: No. No, I'm not. I'm mad at myself. I should've stuck to the main road. The reception at Lucinda's is gonna be over before we even get there.

Katie: Is this because I won't make love with you until our anniversary?

Simon: What? Did I say that? Did I mention anything about lovemaking? Or lack of it?

Katie: I knew it.

[Clearing throat]

Jake: Excuse me, are you new here? Because I don't remember seeing you around.

Molly: Left side of the bed? Silk pajamas?

Jake: Is that you? You know something? I gotta stop going to bed so early.

Molly: The girls are sleeping. Donna does a really good job of tiring them out.

Jake: Yeah. She seemed pretty beat. I had to buy her a double espresso for the drive back home.

Molly: I'm really glad she did us a favor by leaving early, Jake. Because I don't think I could have handled going to that reception at Lucinda's.

Jake: The funeral was rough enough, knowing the kid was too young to die, but -- not knowing what -- I don't know what to say. Did Abigail go to Lucinda's?

Molly: Yeah. I'm glad she did, too. It'll be good for her to be around some real friends.

Jake: As opposed to?

Molly: Nick Scudder.

Jake: Oh, gee, you guys arguing again? What's the story there?

Molly: Oh, a very old one. Nick's the good guy. I'm the heavy.

Craig: Hi, I -- I was wondering, did Bryant leave anything personal here -- a backpack, a change of clothes? His mother said that there was a coffee cup with his name on it, but we haven't been able to find it, so I thought --

Isaac: I'll check. No man should have to go through what you went through today, Craig. Sorry.

Craig: Will you join me?

Isaac: To Bryant.

Sierra: I'm gonna go freshen up. People will be here soon.

Lucinda: Darling, you don't have to.

Sierra: I need to be a part of this, mother, all right? People are gonna want to talk to me about Bryant.

Lucinda: Okay.

Rose: You want me to go and talk to her?

Lucinda: No, no. She needs to be alone.

Rose: She's brave. She's very brave.

Lucinda: Always.

Rose: Like you, you know? You're keeping it together. Me, I'm wiping my eyes constantly.

Lucinda: Yeah, well, I've done that. I've been there, and I've done it. I'm cried out. Ah. Mitzi, thank you for the picture. That's wonderful. And thank you, Matthew. Everything looks pretty good.

Matthew: Thank you. I ordered these in honor of Master Bryant.

Lucinda: What are they? I can't see them. Oh! Oh, Matthew. Spicy peppers, oh, Matthew. He would have loved that. Thank you so much. Thank you. Of course, I can't imagine now his stomach could tolerate those things.

Mitzi: Everything go okay at the funeral?

Lucinda: It was all right. It was very touching, and Jennifer got up, and she said -- she had read something she'd written about Bryant. I guess they never gave up on each other.

Matthew: Excuse me, but I have to speak to the caterers.

Lucinda: Thank you.

Mitzi: I'm gonna go, too.

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: You poor kid. You poor kid. I had plans, you know, for you. I had plans for him, Rose. I really did. He could -- he could have been anything. You could have made a name for yourself, anything in this life, if you just chose.

Rose: Had a lot to offer us, that kid, you know?

Lucinda: Yeah, he did. He never made the choice, did he? Blue eyes. All those possibilities. And what? Your greatest achievement, darling, tending bar in that stupid watering hole.

Rose: But, you know -- Ms. Walsh, my pop always says, you know, never talk about what somebody could have been, but --

Lucinda: Your pop?

Rose: Yeah, what they were. Yeah, because of people like you, that loved Bryant, we know that he did his best. He gave a lot of love, right? Got a lot of love. Didn't have all the answers, but he wasn't afraid to go searching for those answers. Was he?

[Lucinda weeping]

Lucinda: That's the sweetest thing I ever heard anybody say to me. Thank you, dear. Thanks.

Rose: Come on, stop crying.

Lucinda: Oh, well, I'm sorry, honey. I'm sorry, I don't mean to cry.

Rose: Oh, no, no, no!

Lucinda: I thought I was all through with all that stuff.

Rose: There's no time limit on mourning, you know?

Lucinda: Oh, dear. Dear, dear. Well, I'll just go find -- guests are coming. And I'll go get Sierra, all right? I'll do it. I'll take care of it.

Rose: I'll hold down the fort.

Lucinda: You have no idea the amount of comfort that gives me.

Mitzi: Hey. You all right?

Rose: Ah. I've had better days in my life.

Mitzi: Was Paul at the funeral? How'd that go?

Rose: Ah -- every time I looked at him -- I turned to look at him -- he's there, you know, staring back at me.

Mitzi: Did you talk to each other?

Rose: I can't talk to him. His mother's gonna tell everybody in the world my worst secret in my life if I talk to him. I gotta stay away from him.

Mitzi: Think he'll show up for the reception?

Rose: Well, if he does, I'm gonna go walk my dog.

Mitzi: You don't have a dog.

Rose: I know. I know. Thank you for coming, everybody. Hey, don't be shy, okay? You like roast beef?

Will: Sure.

Rose: Got a mountain of it over here.

Sierra: Jennifer -- I didn't get a chance to talk to you at the funeral. Thank you for that eloquent speech about Bryant.

Jennifer: Thanks. Didn't think I could get through it.

Sierra: Well, you did beautifully. I think you captured the words that so many of us have been trying to put together.

Jennifer: I guess I knew Bryant pretty well. You're his mother -- I can't even imagine how -- I'm sorry for your loss.

Sierra: And I'm sorry for yours. Abigail, so nice to see you.

Abigail: Hi. You know, I don't know what to say.

Sierra: You don't need to say anything. I know exactly how you feel. Okay?

Hal: Sierra, I hope this goes without saying, but if there's anything, anything I can do, I hope you'll let me know.

Sierra: I will do that. Thank you. You should be very proud of your daughter. She did a beautiful job.

Hal: She worked very hard on that speech. She and Bryant meant a lot to each other. He was very important to her.

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Craig: You know something, Isaac? You were right. I think I didn't like it at the time, but you were right to turn Bryant in for taking that money.

Isaac: You know, I didn't like it, either.

Craig: Maybe you were a good teacher for him.

Isaac: You going to the reception at Lucinda Walsh's?

Craig: Yeah. Yeah.

Isaac: There's no hiding behind that, Craig. I've seen many people try, none with success.

Craig: Yeah. Well, what do I owe you?

Isaac: It's on the house. I'll be sure to check for Bryant's stuff. Good luck.

Craig: Thank you.

Lisa: You know, I really used to like Craig so much, and lately he's just -- well, anyway, today my heart breaks for him.

Jessica: Mine, too. You ready to go?

Lisa: I have to get my wrap.

Jessica: I wonder why Mr. Jenkins is not at the reception.

Bonnie: There's only one way to find out. Don't you have somewhere to be?

Isaac: Don't you?

Bonnie: Well, in fact, we're on our way to Ms. Walsh's house now. In case you didn't know, it's appropriate to pay your respects at the reception, as well as the funeral.

Isaac: Well, that may be true, but I have a business to run.

Bonnie: Don't you have any sense of priority? Your business can easily take care of itself for --

Jessica: Bonnie, I think the man made his intentions clear. Come on.

Bonnie: You weren't just Bryant's employer, you know? You were his friend. You belong at that reception, Isaac. If you can't see that --

Lisa: I'm sure that he will be there. I have the greatest confidence in him. Shall we go?

Bonnie: You two go ahead.

Jessica: Bonnie --

Lisa: Uh -- don't be too late.

Bonnie: Okay, so I'm not an unreasonable person, which is why you have about ten minutes to change your mind.

Billy: You know, that speech you gave about Bryant was beautiful. And so are you.

Jennifer: You know, the entire time I was writing that -- maybe I shouldn't say this, but I couldn't stop thinking about us. Life is so short and too precious. And we have the most precious thing of all, you know? A chance to be happy with one another. How can we just waste that?

Billy: We're not. Somehow, there's gotta be a way we can stay together.

Jennifer: You mean that?

Billy: I mean, I don't know how. But you're right, Jen. We gotta find a way to stay together.

Rose: Thank you so much for coming. Thank you.

Casey: Is Will here?

Rose: Oh, yeah. Yeah, he's right -- right there, right there. Ooh, don't you move.

[Rose laughs]

Margo: Sierra, I am so sorry. I loved Bryant like my own.

Sierra: Excuse me.

Lucinda: Every time I try to help Sierra, I mean, she just gets cross at me or even angry at me.

John: Well, she is angry. She can't show that to everyone. She lashes out at you. That's to be expected.

Lucinda: Of course. I certainly -- I can understand that, John, but I just -- I have to get through to her.

John: All right.

Kim: Oh, I'm so glad you came. Listen, in case you're looking for us, Mom and I are gonna take the boys to the game room, all right?

Tom: Thank you, Kim. Let me know if you need a break.

Kim: Haven't needed one yet.

Tom: Okay.

Lucinda: Why don't I take you upstairs, darling?

Sierra: No.

Lucinda: Can I get you anything?

Sierra: No, mother. These feelings are overwhelming me. I'm just -- I feel like I've drowned. Is everybody here just to be here?

Lucinda: Just tell me whatever you're feeling.

Sierra: I don't want to feel what I'm feeling!

[Sierra cries] I can't fall apart. I need to be strong for Lucy when I get home.

Lucinda: All right. Let me help you, okay? And I had another idea. Now that this has happened, why do you and Lucy have to live so far away? Why don't you -- why don't you think about coming back here?

Sierra: Coming back?

Lucinda: Well, you know you'd have love and support. You know you'd have that. It would be very good for her. It doesn't have to be for too long. Oh, my baby. Let me help you. Let me.

[Sierra cries] oh. Oh. Oh, my baby.

Molly: Nick told Abigail that he couldn't be friends with her anymore because I didn't approve of him.

Jake: That doesn't even make any sense. I mean, how many times do you have to apologize to the guy?

Molly: I know, I know. I made it perfectly clear how terrible I felt for jumping to conclusions when he was comforting Abigail about Bryant, but I don't think that's enough for him, Jake. I think the guy wants revenge.

Jake: By putting you down to Abigail?

Molly: Exactly. Exactly. I mean, he told her that he was doing it out of respect for me, but I'm not buying that for a second.

Jake: But you can't say this to Abigail, because you were already wrong about Nick once.

Molly: Not only that, but because I promised Abigail that I wouldn't say anything to him.

Jake: You know, I tried to tell you this the first time, but I think we should just tell them the truth.

Molly: About my history with Nick?

Jake: Right. And that way, she can make more sense out of this whole thing.

Molly: You're probably right. But then, I would have to tell you everything, even things you were kind enough not to ask me about.

Jake: Molly, nothing can hurt us.

Molly: You're right? Well, this much you know. When I was arrested, Nick and I had been seeing each other for awhile.

Jake: Okay.

Molly: There's more to it than that, Jake, and it isn't very pretty.

Katie: I thought I explained it pretty well. The night we made love last year was a karmic night for us. We need to honor that. I mean, it will be like our own private ritual. We wait till one year from the first time that we made love, and it will ensure our happiness.

Simon: Look, Katie, I've got to be honest. I don't really care what some druid sorcerer says. If you want to do it, we just do it.

Katie: Okay, come on. If you just wait, we can do it once a day or once an hour if you want, just please be patient.

Simon: I have been nothing but patient with you, especially when you ran off with Bruno. After all, apparently, you are my wife.

Katie: Oh, that's very interesting, honey. Now that you finally want sex all of a sudden, I'm your wife, but when I wanted it and you wouldn't deliver, wasn't I your wife then, too?

Simon: Where is the main highway?

Katie: Why don't we just turn around and go home? You probably don't belong at the reception anyway.

Simon: Oh, and why not?

Katie: Dynamic transference, that's what.

Simon: And what's that?

Katie: You gave me your bad mood, and now, you're gonna give it to everyone else.

Simon: Look, I am not in a bad mood.

[Katie chants] what are you doing?

Katie: Shh.

[Katie chants] I learned it at the ashram. It's a way of letting go.

Simon: Right. Letting go of what?

Katie: My bad mood, which you gave me.

Simon: But I told you, I am not in a bad mood.

[Katie chants]

Bonnie: You are a member of the community. Not a leader I grant you, but a member nonetheless, which implies to you certain obligations, such as voting, paying your taxes and attending specific events, such as weddings, high school graduations and funeral receptions. Now, is that clear, or do you need me to say it more slowly?

Isaac: I didn't ask for your opinion. I don't want your opinion. Now, is that clear, or do I need to say that more slowly?

Bonnie: Give me one reason why you won't make an appearance at this reception, Isaac. What is it? What are you afraid of, that you'll have to show some honest emotion?

Isaac: I'm not in -- I'm not into partying over the death of a friend. Now, if you don't understand that --

Bonnie: I'll be your escort if you don't want to show up alone.

Ben: So where is Isaac's favorite employee?

Jessica: Bonnie?

Ben: Yeah.

Jessica: Yeah. Trying to run the world, as usual. I'm going to get a beverage or something.

Ben: I'll come with you.

Craig: I wanted to be here. If that makes you uncomfortable, I can leave.

Lucinda: Craig, this is a reception of people who loved Bryant, and I count you among that number.

Craig: Thank you.

Lucinda: I hope St. Peter was listening. I want points at the pearly gate.

Rose: You're doing a great job, Mitz. Could be a new career.

Mitzi: Funeral parties?

Rose: No, catering -- catering. Don't think I didn't notice the creases on those napkins.

Mitzi: I was hoping someone would.

[Doorbell rings]

Paul: Hello, Rose. You're not gonna tell me to go away, are you?

Paul: My mother sends her sympathies. I hope you know you have mine as well.

Lucinda: Thank you.

Paul: We also made a donation to Memorial Hospital's Children's Fund for Bryant.

Lucinda: Oh, what a lovely idea. Thank you. Oh, Rose, maybe he'd like a drink.

[Lucinda clears her throat]

Paul: Scotch and soda.

Rose: Oh, well, we've got like eight different kinds of scotch. You could use a coat. It's a little chilly. Sorry. Oh -- see, that's not good. It just rubs her the wrong way.

Paul: Yeah. That sounds familiar.

Rose: You've got -- you've got to get your own scotch. I'm sorry.

Craig: Have you told Lucy about Bryant yet? She's still in Brazil?

Sierra: Her trip ends tomorrow.

Craig: It's her brother.

Sierra: And he means the world to her. I'm not going to call her on the telephone and tell her because you feel like playing daddy this week.

Craig: Okay. So when?

Sierra: When I get home, when I can hold her and let her know how much she's loved.

Craig: Lucy should be with us here. You know she should.

Sierra: I considered bringing her on the trip, but I decided not to.

Craig: I'm her parent, too.

Sierra: You may have fathered her, but you're hardly a parent.

[Craig sighs]

Margo: I just saw Sierra go in. Not too happy, huh?

Craig: Yeah. She decided Lucy shouldn't be here today. Of course, my feelings don't matter, but --

Margo: Oh, Craig. This is a difficult time for everyone.

Craig: I want to see my little girl. I want to hold her. I want to tell her how much I love her.

Katie: Do you think people have arguments when they're scared?

Simon: People? What people? Whose people?

Katie: Us?

Simon: Yes. I mean, we have arguments when we're scared, when we're not scared, when we're standing up, when we're sitting down --

Katie: I'm serious, Simon.

Simon: So what are you scared about? Tell me.

Katie: You tell me first.

Simon: I was just thinking, sitting there the whole way through Bryant's funeral how easily life can be taken away from us. I just don't want to waste any of it.

Katie: That's exactly what I was thinking.

Simon: Our anniversary is fine, or whenever. Whenever you're ready.

[Katie sighs]

Katie: There's the highway.

Simon: It's about time.

Katie: See how the universe works? We found each other, and then we found our way.

Simon: Whatever you say.

Molly: So, I was waitressing at the same place Nick was tending bar, and we started hanging out. And then, after a while, it was pretty clear --

Jake: You know, I -- I don't think I need to hear every single detail. All I can say is that your taste has improved.

Molly: I know. So after we hung out -- gosh, it was about three months -- I was totally crazy about him.

Jake: Molly, Molly --

Molly: Fine.

Jake: Fine.

Molly: Well, on this one night then, Nick and I were going to a party, and he told me to drive his car, thought I should just try it out, you know? And he wanted to stop at a convenience store and go in and get cigarettes and told me to wait in the car. And the next thing I know, he was running out of the store, yelling at me to floor it.

Jake: That's a bad sign when you emerge from a convenience store, and you have to break into a run.

Molly: What did I know? I was very naive. He robbed the store.

Jake: No?!

Molly: Had the money in a paper bag, and what I didn't realize was he shoved the bag in my purse.

Jake: That's why I don't wanna hear all the details --

Molly: Wait. It gets worse, okay? Nick and I heard a siren, and he told me to pull over, and then, he said, "we should split up, because I just robbed that store back there." And then, he jumped out of the car, and then I started driving again, but it wasn't long before the cops caught up with me, and of course, they found the money, and I didn't stand a chance.

Jake: Never turned Nick in?

Molly: I thought that would be squealing, so no, I didn't mention his name.

Jake: See, I can't believe you took the rap for this.

Molly: I just kept thinking that he was gonna come forward and save me, 'cause I was really stupid. So now, can you see why I still can't forgive that man?

Jake: Forgive him? It's gonna take everything I have not to break his neck.

Adam: How are you doing?

Jennifer: Like you're supposed to care.

Adam: All right, fine.

Jennifer: Wait. No, wait, Adam. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.

Adam: Look, I came over here to apologize. I shouldn't have flipped out at you and Billy like that.

Jennifer: No, I understand why you did. It just -- we're all pretty whacked out, I guess.

Adam: I just don't want to fight anymore. I mean, I need you now more than ever, you know?

Jennifer: Same here.

Adam: Come here.

Jennifer: Have you talked to Abigail yet?

Adam: No, I haven't.

[Doorbell rings]

Jennifer: It'd be nice if you guys made up.

Bonnie: Where's the hostess? She should get the flowers.

Isaac: Would you stop reminding me what to do?

Bonnie: There she is. You're on your own.

Isaac: These are for you.

Lucinda: Mm. Oh. Thank you.

Isaac: You're welcome.

Lucinda: Hey, Isaac, I'm so glad you came, because you really had a soft spot in your heart for Bryant, and I know it.

Isaac: I can't tell you how sorry I am about Bryant.

Lucinda: Yeah. Matthew?

Matthew: Yes, madam?

Lucinda: Would you find a vase for this?

Matthew: Absolutely.

Lucinda: And put those near Bryant's picture. Yes.

Isaac: Everybody at the club liked him.

Lucinda: Well, you are the man who gave the kid a second chance.

Isaac: No, I was happy to do it. He earned the chance. He worked hard.

Lucinda: Thank you. Well, I'm glad you're here. Plenty of food. Go on in. See you in a minute.

Isaac: I'll check it out.

Lucinda: Yeah. Thanks.

Bonnie: So how did it go?

Isaac: Fine.

Bonnie: Good. Good.

Isaac: What's that green stuff on your teeth?

Bonnie: What? Mom, how are my teeth, because I think there may be spinach in that dip?

Jessica: Your teeth are fine, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Sorry, Mom.

Craig: I don't think I know what normal is anymore.

Margo: That's kind of how I felt last night at 3:00 in the morning after crying for an hour in the bathroom.

Craig: Well, thanks for checking up on me.

Margo: Someone's got to do it. Hey, I'll make you a sandwich.

Craig: Come on. Margo, can you hold the sandwich for a little bit. I'd like to talk to Billy.

Margo: He's really having a rough time. Why don't you see if you can help?

Craig: Yes, I will. I'm gonna do what I can. Hey, Billy. I'd like to talk to you. Do you want to take a walk?

Billy: Yeah. Where to?

Craig: Just outside.

Billy: Yeah, I guess I could use a break.

Craig: Billy, I think you know that Bryant and I had our problems. I blame myself. I never knew what was really -- really happening with him. On the night of the accident, something was wrong -- was very wrong. I thought he could handle it, but --

Billy: You know he loved you, uncle Craig. He may not have said it, but he felt it.

Craig: Thank you, Billy. And I know that you're going through a lot right now, but I have a favor I would like to ask of you.

Billy: Yeah. I'll do my best.

Craig: This thing with you and Jennifer, I think it's best kept to yourselves.

Billy: It already is.

Craig: Because I think Bryant's catching his girlfriend in bed with his cousin/best friend isn't anybody's business, do you?

Billy: Look, I haven't told a soul, okay? And I won't.

Craig: Good, because I don't want to sully my son's memory with gossip, do you?

Billy: You're right. I owe him that at least.

Lucinda: Oh, Simon, do you know Paul Ryan?

Simon: No. Simon Frasier. And this is my wife, Katie Frasier.

Paul: Katie, long time no see. Congratulations on the marriage.

Katie: Yeah, thank you so much.

Paul: Would you excuse me?

Simon: Sure.

Paul: Okay, I'll stay. Now I can accept that your feelings for me have changed, but do you have to avoid me completely?

Rose: Yeah, you're right. I know you have questions. And if you don't see what you want here, right here on this table --

Paul: Rose, I see what I want standing right in front of me, and I don't understand why I can't have it.

Jake: I got an idea. Why don't you just let me talk to Nick?

Molly: No.

Jake: No? Listen -- listen. Take the guy, shoot some pool, have a couple beers, start talking about the bears, and I'll just casually mention if you ever say anything about Molly to Abigail again, I'll break your clavicle.

Molly: It's my problem, my past, my mistakes.

Jake: Do you know when we said "I do," my problems ceased to exist? They're our problems, and we will solve them together.

Molly: Yeah, but I don't want you fighting my battles for me.

Jake: Are you kidding me? I'm your batman. I just don't look good in a cape.

Molly: Oh, I beg to differ.

[Jake laughs] okay. All right. But you have to be nice about it.

Jake: Just a couple of beers, casually.

Adam: So is that -- is that fruit any good?

Abigail: Some of it.

Adam: Okay, look, I know I've been a total jerk lately. I'm sorry, and I'm over it now. And I know that you're allowed to hang out with Nick. There's nothing wrong with that, and I'm willing to apologize to him and thank him for all of his help on our project.

Abigail: You should try the fruit. It's delicious.

Adam: Okay. So you forgive me?

Abigail: Sure.

Adam: You know something? I am really starving.

Simon: Listening to you speak at the funeral, I got to flashback to you and Bryant at our wedding. You helped me make one of the greatest moves I've ever made in my life.

Katie: You ready to go?

Simon: Why? We just got here.

Katie: I'll get in touch with you soon.

Simon: Hey, what's the matter? What's the rush?

Katie: I think that if I don't make love to you in the next couple of minutes, I will burst into flames.

Simon: What about our whole anniversary thing, the karmic night?

Katie: You have made it very clear to everyone here tonight that you're proud and happy to be married to me, and that's all the karma I need. Let's do it. Aretha?

Aretha: You remember? Far out.

Katie: What's this?

Aretha: The work roster. You were down for feeding the animals and, like, never showed. Very uncool, Starshine.

Simon: Uh, who?

Katie: Starshine. Remember, I went to the commune?

Simon: Wait, wait, I thought that was an ashram?

Katie: Yeah. That was brief, and then, I met a girl named Shatki there, and she thought I'd be happier at the commune.

Simon: Okay. Wait, wait, wait. What was it, Moonshine?

Both: Starshine.

Aretha: At the organic plant at cooperative, we choose our own names. This is Rainbow.

Simon: Oh, Rainbow. Very -- colorful.

Rainbow: Why did you split? One of us is all of us. You know that.

Aretha: You took an oath to be a part of the earth family for a lunar year. You wouldn't let us down, now would you, Starshine?

Isaac: I want to talk to you.

Bonnie: Why, so you can tell me I have more debris in my teeth?

Isaac: You pressured me pretty hard to come here today. You know that? And I thank you.

Jennifer: Hey, I saw you go outside with Craig. Is everything all right?

Billy: I guess.

Jennifer: Billy, I know Craig is your uncle, but it's always a mistake to trust him.

Billy: Jen, cut him some slack, okay? His son just died.

Jennifer: Okay, okay. I'm not going to argue with you about Craig. Billy, what you said before really meant a lot to me. I'm so glad that you haven't given up on us.

Billy: Look, I don't know how to say this. Maybe I spoke too soon, but I don't think we can work this out.

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Billy: You and me. It's over, Jennifer. I'm sorry.

Paul: Come on, don't make a scene.

Rose: I've got like a million things that I have to do.

Paul: It will only take a minute.

Rose: You know what? This isn't really a good time.

Paul: Okay. All right, now stop. Just stop. I've been thinking of a way to change your mind about how you feel about me, and I just realized that I just need to be honest with you.

Rose: I think you're honest enough for both of us.

Paul: No, no, no, no. And this might not be the right place, and I'm sure it's not the right time, but what I'm trying to say is -- and not very well -- is that you, me, I --

Rose: Come on. Spit it out, hon. Come on.

Paul: Oh, all right. I've fallen in love with you.

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