ATWT Transcript Friday 11/2/01


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 11/2/01

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Rose: Mm, I hope you're hungry, Luke, because that sundae and this one looks dangerous. 

Waitress: Good luck. 

Rose: Thank you very much.  Did you know that it is scientifically proven that hot fudge sundaes cure any sadness that you have going on inside? 

Luke: What kind of scientist tested that? 

Rose: I don't know.  A very lucky one.  Very lucky.  You never know until you try.  All right, all right.  Oh, you know what?  Let's make a toast -- to Bryant, who taught us that life is kind of like a hot fudge sundae.  It doesn't last forever, but it should be enjoyed.  Okay?  To Bryant and to life. 

Luke: It's not working, Aunt Rose.

Rose: Yeah, I know, I know.  Sometimes a sadness is so deep, it can't even be helped by a hot fudge sundae.  It's not easy to lose somebody that you care about. 

Paul: I know exactly what you mean. 

Carly: Jack? 

Jack: Hey.  Busy? 

Carly: Just dreading getting dressed for this funeral. 

Jack: You got a minute? 

Carly: Yeah, come on in.  Actually, I'm not even sure if I'm going.  I wasn't exactly greeted with open arms at the hospital after the accident. 

Jack: Since when do you let what other people think stop you?  Besides, you've been a big comfort to Craig.  And that's great.  Can't be an easy time for him.

Carly: You didn't come here to talk to me about Craig, did you? 

Jack: Remember when I asked you to quit B.R.O. and working behind Barbara's back, and you thought I'd taken a walk off the deep end? 

Carly: You've finally seen the light, huh? 

Jack: No, I've finally seen James Stenbeck.  I talked to him, Carly.  It's no longer a suspicion, it's a fact.  The guy is back. 

Carly: This isn't some last-ditch attempt to scare me straight?  Have you told Paul and Barbara? 

Jack: I'll tell Paul as soon as I track him down.  But I had a distinct feeling that Barbara knew before I told her.  That Stenbeck's her eyes and ears, that her enemies are his enemies.  And that's where you come in.

Abigail: Why do you hate Nick Scudder so much? 

Molly: Where is this coming from? 

Abigail: Ever since the honeymoon, you have been waiting, just expecting him to do something wrong! 

Molly: Abigail --

Abigail: I mean, it's true, isn't it?  The second you saw him hugging me -- so innocently -- after I found out Bryant died. 

Molly: I said I was sorry about that.  I apologized to nick and to you. 

Jake: Listen, what more can we do?  We got to put this behind us, okay, Abigail? 

Abigail: I can't.  I -- I can't believe that you would suspect something scandalous was going on. 

Molly: I was being over-protective, honey.  That's part of my job.  Put yourself in my shoes for one minute.  We just got back from our honeymoon.  And then I find out that you've been out all night, and then I see you in the arms of --

Abigail: Of a friend -- a friend that you introduced me to! 

Jake: Look, it's a natural instinct, okay?  Now, mother lions, they watch out after their cubs.  She was -- she was worried about you, and she wanted to make sure that you were safe. 

Abigail: What makes you think Nick isn't safe? 

Katie: No, no, no, wait.  We can't. 

Simon: We can't?  That's really funny.  You say the funniest things sometimes.  That's what I love about you.  Your unexpected sense of humor. 

Katie: No, no, I'm serious, Simon.  I can't -- I can't -- I cannot make love to you. 

Simon: Yeah, sure you can.  Look, I know it's been a long time, but it's just like -- riding a bike.  You just gotta get back on.  Let me refresh your memory.

Katie: No, Simon, don't.  Please, it's -- we've probably gone too far already.  With any luck, we haven't completely ruined our marriage yet. 

Simon: Are you trying to drive me completely insane?  Because if you are, you're doing a pretty fantastic job.  Look, we've been through so much over the last year or so, so we could end up here in each other's arms.  Am I wrong? 

Katie: No.  No, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. 

Simon: Good, so what's the problem?  I love you.  I am crazy about you.  I never wanted anyone more than I want you. 

Katie: I've waited so long to hear those words.

Simon: They're just words.  See, words mean nothing.  Let me show you.  I want to show you how much you mean to me. 

Katie: No, no, no, no! 

Simon: Why not?! 

Katie: Because it's not our anniversary yet.  

Simon: Our anniversary?  Our ann -- do you want to explain what our anniversary has anything to do with what's going on here right now? 

Katie: Okay, last year, Craig's roaring '20s party.  You and I playing "to getting to know each other" in the backseat of that convertible. 

Simon: Yeah? 

Katie: Or is this all just an insignificant, drunken blur to you?

Simon: No!  Oh, you mean the anniversary of the first time that we were together? 

Katie: Yeah. 

Simon: Right. 

Katie: The first, last and only time we were together.  The night that you initiated me into the world of love and turned this inexperienced young woman into --

Simon: Into a raging nympho. 

Katie: Oh, you remember. 

Simon: Of course.  How could I forget? 

Katie: Okay, so then you'll understand why we have to wait until the anniversary to sleep together. 

Simon: Oh, come on, be reasonable! 

Katie: If I was, you wouldn't love me. 

Simon: Yes, I would.  I would love you.  I would worship you.  I would - - I would carve little statues of you.

Katie: Oh, you sweet, wonderful man.  Hands off.  Hands off.  I'm serious, Simon.  If you touch me again, there will be major consequences. 

Paul: Funny running into you, Rose.  I've been trying to track you down. 

Rose: Uh, well, we've come for a little high-calorie reinforcements.  For the funeral.  But it's not working.  So I guess we should just get outta here. 

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  You've barely made a dent.  I mean, what kind of people leave a perfectly good sundae sitting around here?  Just please, please stay. 

Luke: I can wait in the car. 

Rose: No.  Why wait? 

Paul: Five minutes.  Five minutes -- that's all I ask, Rose. 

Rose: Don't worry about it, okay?  No, I'll take care of it.  Don't worry.  I --

Paul: Why won't you talk to me? 

Rose: We're talking.  See?  I'll be right there, Luke! 

Paul: Luke is fine.  Tell me, what happened the night we went out?  I mean, we were having a great time, weren't we? 

Rose: The time of my life. 

Paul: Okay, so tell me -- I mean, it seemed like a good idea one minute.  Next minute, it wasn't gonna work.  What happened? 

Rose: You know, this really isn't a good time --

Paul: No time seems to be a good time lately, Rose.  Just tell me.  Why did everything change all of a sudden? 

Rose: Some things are just not meant to be.

Paul: And some things are.  Just tell me what went wrong. 

Rose: Maybe it's something that you can't fix. 

Paul: Maybe it's something I can. 

Rose: Oh.  I gotta go. 

Paul: Rose --

Rose: This really isn't a good -- Luke, I'll be right there!  I'm sorry. 

Paul: Rose -

Carly: James Stenbeck has me in his sights?  He told you this? 

Jack: Not in so many words, but I connected the dots. 

Carly: Because now you have proof now that he and Barbara are in cahoots? 

Jack: She's totally denying it. 

Carly: That's typical, right? 

Jack: She's playing games with her son's private life.  She couldn't do that without help from her friends.

Carly: She doesn't have too many of those left. 

Jack: Well, if Stenbeck is doing her dirty work, what's to stop him from telling her about your work at B.R.O.? 

Carly: You're taking some pretty big leaps here. 

Jack: He's the one who had those pictures taken of you meeting Paul on the sly.  Remember the ones that were blowing in the breeze in the gazebo? 

Carly: You don't know that.  You don't have any proof that he took those pictures, Jack. 

Jack: I know how important this is to you, Carly.  You've done the work, deserve the exposure.  But you're exposing a heck of a lot more than your designs right now.  Your neck is on the line. 

Carly: What is that supposed to mean?

Jack: Are you forgetting that Paul tried to kill his father once already? 

Carly: It's not something I like to keep in the forefront of my mind. 

Jack: I guarantee you, Stenbeck hasn't forgotten. 

Carly: Okay, so I'll turn down any invitations I get to a Stenbeck family reunion, okay?  And I promise, I will keep on my toes. 

Jack: Oh, that's very funny.  That's very funny.  Well, what if that's not enough? 

Carly: Then I'll have to rely on you.  I'm not quitting, Jack.  This is my big chance.  This is why I came back from Chicago -- to do what I've always dreamed of doing. 

Jack: Under someone else's name.

Carly: Okay, so this time I don't get the credit.  But people will be talking about B.R.O.  They will be saying that B.R.O.  Is taking risks it's never taken before.  It's finally making a statement, you know?  And they'll be talking about this new designer.  And when they do, I can finally go public, Jack.  I'll really be somebody.  Somebody who isn't afraid to go to a funeral because her presence will be offensive to decent people.  Please don't ask me to walk away from my dreams. 

Jack: Don't ask me to stop caring what happens to you, Carly.  Now, I may not be able to keep Stenbeck from striking, but I can be damn sure he doesn't take anyone by surprise.

Jennifer: Hi. 

Emily: Hey, sweetie.  How's it going? 

Jennifer: Mm, well, I'm writing Bryant's eulogy.  I have no idea what to say or even where to begin. 

Emily: All right, well, a eulogy is really just memories and thoughts you string together any way you want.  Celebrate his life, Jennifer.  Do you have any photos?  Maybe his favorite music?  A story about some unforgettable time you spent together? 

Jennifer: I've got plenty of those. 

Emily: Okay, well, share them.  Let the whole world know how much you loved him.  What he meant to you.  How you trusted him. 

Jennifer: Thanks, Emily. 

Hal: Hey, sweetheart.  How are you holding up?

Jennifer: Barely.

Emily: She's nervous about the eulogy. 

Hal: Well, I'm not surprised.  Oh, and speaking of surprises, I had a visitor this afternoon. 

Emily: Really?  Who's that? 

Hal: Craig Montgomery.  He was telling me about an affair Jennifer was having, and it wasn't with Bryant.  Craig was lobbying me to put the brakes on this relationship, and here I was, not even knowing there was a relationship. 

Emily: Wow.  That's some visit, huh? 

Hal: Mm-hmm.  What do you make of it? 

Emily: Well, I'm sure Jennifer will fill you in if there's anything to know. 

Hal: If I was questioning you down at the station right now, I'd be advising you of your rights, Emily.  You want a lawyer?

Emily: The perpetual detective.  For Pete's sake, Hal, really.

Hal: It's true, isn't it?  And you knew all about it. 

Abigail: What has Nick done that is so unforgivable? 

Jake: I'm gonna go watch the girls. 

Abigail: Subtle.

Molly: Honey, come over here.  I need your help, because I am lost.  I am totally lost.  When Jake and I left for Lucinda's, everything -- well, it wasn't fine, but it wasn't like this.  You were upset.  You were upset about Adam, and you were upset about Bryant.  But I'm having a hard time finding out how Nick worked his way into this. 

Abigail: I asked you a question.  Don't I deserve an answer to a simple question?  Don't you trust me?

Molly: Of course I trust you!  I trust you.  I'm just not understanding why you're so angry. 

Abigail: You don't understand anything!  And you're being so unfair to Nick! 

Molly: Unfair?  Abigail, we invited him into our home for lunch.  He videotaped our wedding. 

Abigail: Yeah, you still suspected him of doing something wrong when he was just trying to be nice to me.  I mean, what does Nick have to do for you to stop treating him like a criminal? 

Molly: Abigail?  Look at me.  Do you really think that I'm suspicious of Nick? 

Abigail: That's what Nick thinks.  And that's what matters.  You're the reason he and I can't be friends anymore. 

Simon: So I am being told -- no, ordered -- to keep my hands off my own wife. 

Katie: Ooh, it's really hard to explain.  Okay, remember when I was running away from Bruno and I ended up at that spiritual retreat? 

Simon: Yes, yes.

Katie: Okay, well, I was talking to the guru about the first night that you and I made love. 

Simon: Oh, really?  Just some casual information to share with a complete stranger? 

Katie: And she got really, really scared and upset when I told her that it was on all Hallow's Eve! 

Simon: Why are you telling me this? 

Katie: Because this is the time of year the spirits mingle with the living.  And apparently some of those little spirits are major pranksters.  You know, the whole trick-or-treat thing?  So while you and I were treating ourselves to each other, these spirits were tricking up our emotional signals.

Simon: Are you sure this guru didn't give you a cup of tea with some really funny-looking mushrooms? 

Katie: No, Simon, it's true!  Think about it -- it makes sense. 

Simon: All right, okay. 

Katie: So it's not our fault that we haven't connected until now.  But, see, the gateways are opening up. 

Simon: The gateways are open right now, exactly!  So let's consummate our marriage. 

Katie: No, it's not about consummating our marriage.  Okay?  It's about reliving that first night together.  Same time, same place.  Except for, this time, we do it right. 

Simon: It felt pretty darned right the first time.

Katie: I'm not talking about that.  This time, we have to give ourselves to each other with nothing but love in our hearts. 

Simon: Katie, look at me.  We can do that right now. 

Katie: But we won't.  We will wait until that fateful night of our anniversary.  What do you say, husband of mine?  Is it a date? 

Emily: You're right.  I knew.  I knew that the boy wasn't Bryant.  I didn't know his name, but I did know it wasn't Bryant. 

Hal: It was Bryant's cousin Billy, and you knew that.  And yet you said nothing. 

Emily: Go on.  If it makes you feel good, let me have it.  But you know what?  She needed somebody to turn to, and she turned to me.  Me -- she trusted me, of all people.  So I kept her secret, knowing -- knowing full well you would react exactly the way you are reacting right now.  But you know what?  I kept my word, okay?  I kept her secret.  And I am sorry -- you are her father but -- I can't apologize.  I'm sorry if I hurt you, all right?  I don't apologize very well.  I don't do it often enough.  But I'm sorry.  Will you please say something?!  Okay?  I can't stand the silence.

Hal: Emily -- thank you. 

Rose: Did you find something out, about what we talked about?  About how Barbara found out I was arrested for prostitution? 

Jack: Nothing definite yet. 

Rose: It was a long time ago -- you know that. 

Jack: You don't have to -- you don't have to explain anything to me. 

Rose: Good.  So tell me who was the soon-to-be-a-dead creep?  Who is he? 

Jack: I don't have anything definite yet, Rose. 

Rose: You've got definite ideas.  I can tell. 

Jack: The question is, what do we do about it? 

Rose: What do mean what do we do?  We tear the guy, limb from limb!  Please!  Who the heck would do something like this to me?

Jack: I can't say.  I can't say without the proof. 

Rose: That's great.  How can I fight for myself when I don't know who's digging up dirt on me? 

Jack: The question is -- you like this guy? 

Rose: Have you heard a word that I've been saying?  Yeah, I like him.  I like him a lot. 

Jack: Okay, then here's what you do.  Call Barbara's bluff.  Tell Paul the truth. 

Carly: Hi.  Can I get a cup of coffee to go, please? 

Waitress: Coming right up. 

Carly: You know, on second thought, I have a little time.  I'll be sitting right over there. 

Waitress: Okay. 

Carly: Hey, partner.  I'm glad to see you.

Paul: This isn't a good time, Carly. 

Carly: Are you alone? 

Paul: Painfully. 

Carly: Good.  You know, I've been waiting to hear what's been going on with the models.  Make sure you tell me when you've hired somebody.  Oh, and also, I put together a list of media and designers that really ought to be invited --

Paul: All right, we'll talk about this later, okay, Carly? 

Carly: There isn't much "later" left, Paul.  We're inches away from the New York shows. 

Paul: Everything will be taken care of. 

Carly: You think I'm making too big a deal of this, right?  Well, it is a big deal to me, Paul.  This is my New York debut!

Paul: No, this is B.R.O.'s show.  Don't forget that. 

Carly: How could I forget?  Barbara's name, my talent, my designs, my sweat. 

Paul: Your blood and your tears, if she finds out. 

Carly: Which she won't, if things go the way they're supposed to.  In the meantime, I don't think it's asking too much to be kept up to date on what happens with the models.  Oh, and I also think that we should book a hotel right in the middle of things, you know?  Just in case I have to run out for some kind of last-minute emergencies.  You look like hell, Paul. 

Paul: Thank you. 

Carly: What's wrong?  And please tell me it doesn't have anything to do with the show, please.

Paul: You were right.  You were right all along. 

Carly: Words I've dreamed of hearing.  But something tells me not like this. 

Paul: I can't go through with it, Carly.  I'm telling my mother everything. 

Carly: Hey, thanks.  Oh, tell me, have you been spiking the coffee by any chance today?

Waitress: Only my own. 

Carly: Thanks. 

Carly: So, we know you're not drunk.  This must be temporary insanity, right?  Last-minute jitters.  Snap out of it! 

Paul: Look, you're the one that told me to be up front with my mother at the beginning. 

Carly: That's before I knocked myself out over these designs.  We're too far into this now.  Paul, you can't go back. 

Paul: Oh, too bad.  I have to tell her those aren't her designs. 

Carly: You will.  You'll tell her, just tell her after the show is over.  Okay? 

Paul: She wants to be there, Carly. 

Carly: Well, she can't be there, Paul.  You'll have to stop her.

Paul: How?  I can't keep her from going to see her own company's new collection. 

Carly: Designed by the woman she loves to hate. 

Paul: I've thought of everything -- I've thought of manufacturing an emergency, a last-minute doctor's appointment. 

Carly: Sounds good to me. 

Paul: Yeah, well, they're not good enough for her.  Trust me.  She'll do anything she can to be there. 

Carly: Here what's you do.  You remind your mother there will be zillions of cameras watching her.  She's gonna steal focus, she'll be putting herself and the designs under undue scrutiny and really put the pressure on her.  You know?

Paul: You mean frighten her to death? 

Carly: Well, yeah.  But just until we're a hit and the orders come rolling in. 

Paul: No.  I can't do it.  I gotta -- I can't do this!  I got to stop this before it goes any further. 

Carly: Wait!  No, wait a second.  The time for truth-telling has passed.   You made a choice to lie to her. 

Paul: I made a mistake.  And I can see that now. 

Carly: And you forced me to go along with that mistake for the sake of your mother, for the sake of her business, and I did it.  But this is no time for a confession, so take a page out of my book and just live with it.  Okay?  Because you're not turning back!  I won't let you!

Simon: And what am I supposed to do till then? 

Katie: Resist. 

Simon: With what? 

Katie: Oh, come on, it'll be fun.  You and I will just want to devour each other. 

Simon: Yes. 

Katie: Every time we see each other, you'll want to rip my clothes off.  In fact, being in the same room together will be complete torture. 

Simon: Kind of like it is right now? 

Katie: Worse. 

Simon: What if I can't subject myself to this cruel and very unusual punishment?  What if I just can't wait?  Because I find you way too delicious. 

Katie: Okay.  No, no.  Too much, too close.  No, no, let go.

Simon: I can't, I can't.  See, I just can't.  Nothing on earth do I want more than you right now.  Can you really say no? 

Katie: Yes -- I mean, no!  I mean, yes, I can say no!  See, I'm saying it -- no, no, no, no.  No, Simon -- no. 

Molly: So that's what nick told you?  Nick told you that he can't be your friend anymore because of me?  When did he tell you this? 

Abigail: We talked.  But he never blamed you for anything. 

Molly: What did he say? 

Abigail: He said that he didn't want to cause trouble between us, so it would be better if he just backed off.  That's what he said.

Molly: Because I don't trust him?  Abigail, God knows I'm not perfect, but except for that misunderstanding the other day, when did I ever suggest - - when did I ever do anything to suggest I don't trust nick?  Name one time, honey.  I mean, I think I've gone out of my way to prove to him that I do trust him.  And for him to imply that I couldn't handle it if you two were friends, that is not only inappropriate, but it's downright insulting, and I think it's time Nick and I had a little chat. 

Abigail: What?  No, you can't! 

Molly: Why not? 

Abigail: Because you're just gonna make things worse.  Molly, he didn't do anything wrong!

Molly: If he thinks that I'm mistreating him, that's something that he should take up with me.  That's our problem.  You're just a child. 

Abigail: I am not -- I am not "just a child"!  Are you trying to completely humiliate me? 

Molly: Of course not.  Abigail, if I ask you a question, can I count on the truth from you? 

Abigail: You know you can. 

Molly: Okay.  Then tell me this -- do you have a crush on Nick? 

Abigail: He's almost twice my age, Molly. 

Molly: So is that a no?  You're not, and wouldn't be, attracted to anybody like Nick?  I need to know the truth, Abigail -- not because I'm gonna go read Nick the riot act, but because you mean more to me than anything in the world.  And I love our relationship, the way it is right now.  The way we can tell each other everything.  I'm not gonna let anybody take that away from us -- no way.  Okay?  Talk to me.

Abigail: Okay.  I don't have a crush.  I don't.  Okay? 

Molly: All right. 

Abigail: And in case you're wondering, Nick, he's never been less than a gentleman to me.  We're friends.  You know, and he never looks down at me.  He respects my ideas.  He thinks I'm talented. 

Molly: You are.  You are so talented.  So, what does Adam say about all of this? 

Abigail: Adam -- Adam's been impossible, Molly.  Ever since Nick came in on this, Nick took a project that was okay and he made it spectacular, and Adam's just treated him like dirt.  And ever since Bryant died, nothing's been the same.  And nothing's -- nothing's gonna ever be the same again!

[Molly hugs Abigail]

Molly: Oh, my goodness.  It's hard.  It is so hard losing Bryant.  I know that.  And everything just gets mixed up together and confused.  Just let it go!  Let it go!  I've got you, honey.  You're gonna be okay.  Everything's going to be okay. 

Emily: You're thanking me?  What is this, good cop/bad cop thing?  The calm before the storm? 

Hal: Jennifer needed someone.  And you're right.  So thank you for respecting her privacy and her confidence and for surprising me, because who knew that Emily Stewart could keep a secret? 

Emily: I suppose there's hope for us all, huh? 

Hal: But I still haven't processed this Jennifer and Billy thing yet, so I do reserve the right to go ballistic at a later date over a completely unrelated set of circumstances.

Emily: Duly noted. 

Hal: Hey, honey, what'cha got there? 

Jennifer: Some things of Bryant's.  I thought that maybe I could piece together something decent in time. 

Hal: I'm sure you'll do just fine. 

Emily: I'm gonna go check on the sitter. 

Hal: Okay.  Is there anything I can do to help? 

Jennifer: I just don't know if I can get through this. 

Hal: I know, baby.  I know. 

Jennifer: I just can't believe that he's gone.  I just -- I keep thinking that if only I had done something differently or said something. 

Hal: Stop right there.  You feel like you've made some mistakes with Bryant?  Well, you forgive yourself, and you just move on, honey.  Monday morning quarterbacking and blaming yourself are a waste of time.  Take it from somebody who's been there very recently.

Jennifer: You mean with mom?  You know, um, these mistakes of mine - - do you think that Bryant would forgive me? 

Hal: Honey, I know -- I know that he does.  You know, you've never gone out of your way to hurt anybody, and I am not going to let you start by hurting yourself.  Jennifer -- living is hard, loving is harder.  Losing is the hardest.  But we will get through this, honey.  I swear to you, we will. 

Carly: I don't care whose name you slap on that label.  This is my project and I'm seeing it through to the end. 

Paul: Wait, wait, wait.  Do you realize everything I'll have to go through to keep the head of the company from going to her own show?  I mean, I'll have to play with her head, mess with her -- I mean, she's my mom.  I can't do that.

Carly: Okay, I get it.  I get it now.  This is what they call a "crisis of conscience." And it's really very moving, Paul, but you're gonna have to get over it! 

Paul: Okay, look, every time I gear myself up to lie to her, I hear -- I hear my father's voice and it's -- I don't know -- I feel like he's right here.  I'm sorry, I don't mean to -- it's been a weird couple of days.  I think my mother's lying to me.  She's hiding something from me, trying to manipulate my personal life. 

Carly: Is that right? 

Paul: Yeah.  I could be totally wrong.  But it's just -- feels like my whole life is spinning out of my control.

Carly: Well, maybe you're right.  Maybe somebody else is pulling the strings. 

Rose: My pop?!  Lucinda Walsh?  I cannot let these people find out that I was arrested for prostitution. 

Jack: Okay, you know what?  I can't tell you what to do, but I can give you some advice. 

Rose: Good.  All right.  Come on, lay it on me. 

Jack: The truth hurts.  And hiding the truth that'll eventually come to light, that's just gonna hurt you worse.  As long as it's gonna come out, let it come from you. 

Rose: You're one of the good ones. 

Jack: I'll talk to you soon.  Good luck, Rose. 

Lucinda: Hey, you're not going?

Jack: I think it's best that I stay out of the way today.  I'll be thinking of your family tonight. 

Lucinda: Thank you. 

Lucinda: Nice guy.  What did he want?  Were you huddling about something? 

Rose: No, no.  He was worried about Luke and what's going on with Bryant, what happened in Malta, all that hoopla. 

Lucinda: Ooh.  Thank you, by the way.  Thank you for taking Luke out and spoiling him this afternoon. 

Rose: Oh, are you kidding?  I love that kid.  He's the best, definitely. 

Lucinda: Well, you're just wonderful with the kids.  Actually, you're wonderful with all of us.  I mean, I don't know how we got along, so long, without you.

Rose: Well, you have no idea how much that means to me, to hear you say that. 

Lucinda: Oh, another thing, by the way, I want you to be prepared, expect a telephone call from the pr guy at Worldwide.  'Cause he wants to put out a press release on you on the -- you know, he needs a bio for the newest vice president.  Okay? 

[Rose sighs]

Rose: All right, well, what else is gonna be on my bio, other than I danced at the Boardwalk Plaza Casino Hotel in Atlantic City? 

Lucinda: Oh, well, sweetheart, why don't we downplay some of that?  You know what I mean?  'Cause my enemies -- my enemies might make a heyday of that if they thought the only experience my new vice president had was as a dancer and an actress.  Okay?  Let's us get creative.  You think of a job and I'll think of the euphemisms.  Okay?

Rose: You gonna wanna talk about business right now at this time?  I don't. 

Lucinda: Well, the other two, dear, have found that at difficult times like this, business is my salvation.  So let it be yours, okay?  So think of something.  I mean, how can you think of a way that you can augment the resume?  'Kay? 

Rose: Ah, well -- I was a waitress.  Waitress -- nobody's gonna be interested in that.  So I'm kinda of a pr nightmare, me. 

Lucinda: Oh, darling, never fear.  Never fear.  I mean, just because people say that actors and dancers are one step up from the street, that doesn't mean you're a real prostitute!  Heavens!  Heavens, darling!

Katie: Oh, Simon, you can't. 

Simon: Yes, I can. 

Katie: No, you can't.  No, no, no, no, no, no, you can't.  If you can't see the value in honoring our first night together, if you don't care enough to do whatever's necessary to ensure a long and lasting love together, and if I mean that little to you that you have to have me right now?  Fine.  Take me.  Do whatever you want with me. 

Simon: Whatever I want? 

Katie: I'm at your disposal. 

Simon: Look, great, that's real sexy. 

Katie: Well, I told you what I want.  But if you have to have your uncontrollable Cro-magnon man urges and ignore what I want, just have your way with me.  Oh, and let me know when it's over. 

Katie: Contemplating divorce? 

Simon: Yep. 

Katie: Hate me? 

Simon: Aw, yeah. 

Katie: Think I'm a lunatic? 

Simon: Absolutely.  You're really serious about this whole abstinence till our anniversary thing?  It's really that important to you? 

Katie: Yeah, it means everything.  It's like a symbol.  It's like a sacred symbol that in the span of one year, you and I went from a one-night stand to a couple who would do anything for each other.  Isn't that important to you, too? 

Simon: Yes.  Yes, of course it is, but --

Katie: Oh, I knew you'd say that!  I knew you would agree!  Ah, you are the most wonderful husband in the world.

Simon: Hey, hey, whoa, get -- aren't you forgetting something?  None of that. 

Katie: You stopped me from kissing you! 

Simon: Yes. 

Katie: Which makes me want to kiss you a million times more! 

Simon: Nope.  Nope.  Back off. 

Katie: The fact that you would do that for your wife, that you love your wife enough to not touch her after months and months of unquenched desire -- mm. 

Simon: Don't push your luck.  If you're not out of here in five seconds, I will revert back into Cro-magnon man. 

Katie: Love you! 

Carly: All I meant is that when people feel out of control like that, there's usually a reason.

Paul: If this has anything to do with planets in retrograde or past-life regression Ė

Carly: No, I'm talking about something a heck of a lot closer than that. 

Paul: Well, I'm not in the mood for games, Carly. 

Carly: Paul, maybe you should talk to Jack.  I think he might have some information for you that you might find useful. 

Paul: I get it.  I get it.  So you've been hanging out with Jack?  He's got you believing all these theories about my father, right?  No offense, but he needs a new hobby. 

Carly: Just talk to him, okay?  Before you do anything. 

Paul: What, Jack has the answers to my problems?

Carly: He just might.  Find him.  Okay? 

Paul: I will. 

Rose: That was Lily.  She's on her way. 

Lucinda: Good.  Sierra -- sierra's trying to pull herself together for this. 

Rose: You come from a family of very strong women. 

Lucinda: Yeah, yeah, I think so.  And you know, I'm rather proud of that.  That we can count on each other as family members.  I know I'm needed now.  I know I need my girls. 

Rose: Yeah.  I saw you with one of your girls at the hospital together like that.  It was -- beautiful. 

Lucinda: Yeah?

Rose: Yeah.  You know what?  You guys should go over together.  You know.  I'm gonna --

Lucinda: What? 

Rose: Ah, I'll be all right.  I'm just gonna get a ride myself.  I'll find a ride to the chapel. 

Lucinda: No!  No!  You're not going to do anything of the sort!  You are part of us now, and you better get used to it.  You're one of my girls now.  All right?  Now and forever.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  Oh, honey. 

Jake: I just talked to Donna.  She's on her way over to watch the kids.  How's Abigail?

Molly: Well, the good news is, it's not all my fault.  The bad news is, I can't make it all better. 

Jake: Okay, boss, what's the problem? 

Molly: Nick Scudder.  And he's a problem that's not going away. 

Hal: Hey.  Looks like you're almost ready to go. 

Emily: Almost ready to go.  You come here. 

Hal: And you look beautiful, sweetheart. 

Jennifer: Thanks, daddy.  So do you. 

Hal: And what was that smile for? 

Jennifer: Well, I've been wracking my brain over what to say and what to wear.  And the one person who really wouldn't care, who'd think this was way too much fuss was Bryant.

Emily: You know what, let's go.  Let's go. 

Hal: You take your time.  We're gonna wait for you in the car, okay? 

Jenniferís voice is heard reading a poem: When I am dead, my dearest, sing no sad songs for me.  Plant thou no roses at my head nor shady cypress tree.  Be the green grass above me with showers and dewdrops wet.  And if thou wilt, remember, and if thou wilt, forget.

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