ATWT Transcript Wednesday 10/31/01


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/31/01

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Mitzi: Wow!  Is this the Honeymoon suite?

Rose: You usually have to be married for that, Mitz.

Mitzi: Not anymore.  Hey, that bed looks awful neat.  What'd you crazy kids do, roll around on the floor?

Rose: Unfortunately, us crazy kids never got crazy.

Mitzi: What happened?

Rose: Barbara Ryan is what happened -- Barbara Ryan.  You're right.  A girl should never come between a mother and her son, especially when she's holding the trump card from hell.

Mitzi: What do you mean, Rose?

Rose: Have you ever done something that you wish you could just -- you know, just erase.

Mitzi: Yeah.  Unfortunately, the pencil of life does not come with an eraser.

Rose: Barbara Ryan -- Barbara Ryan knows something that I am totally ashamed of in my life, and I have no idea how to fight this.

Mitzi: But you have to, Rose.  I mean, Paul's just not a cute guy.  I mean, he's husband material.

Rose: Yeah, and I need your help.  I need your help.  I've gotta think of something right now or else Barbara Ryan could not just ruin my relationship with Paul.  She could make sure that nothing ever good happens to me ever again.

James: Well, it's wonderful, barb, to hear you sound so relieved.  I'm glad I could be of help.

Barbara: Of course I'm relieved that Paul is free of that woman.  But you simply that there's more than one.

James: Barbara, I know you like being in control, but you're right.  I do have some more information that will be very useful to you.

Barbara: What?!

James: Why don't I come over this morning and tell you all about it?

Barbara: James, you can't just keep coming over here.  Someone might see you.

James: I know.  You just take one of your little strolls down by the gazebo?

Barbara: I think Paul has a meeting this morning.

[Barbara hangs up]

Barbara: Good morning, darling.  How did you sleep?

Paul: Who were you talking to?

Barbara: I was just trying to call a party in New York to find out where those fabric samples are.  If I don't get them soon, we're gonna have a collection in muslin.

Paul: Why don't you let me handle that?

Barbara: It needs to be handled right away.

Paul: I said I'd handle it.

Barbara: Paul, is something wrong?

Paul: Rose and I broke up last night.  Her call and not mine.  I would have told you when I got home last night, but you'd already gone to bed.

Barbara: Oh, and you wanted to talk?  I'm sorry.  If only I'd known.

Paul: But you did, didn't you?  So you went to bed early, and I bet you slept like a baby. 

Jack: Hey.

Margo: Oh.  I thought you were the exterminator.

Jack: Why?  Is there a problem?

Margo: Oh, Jack, apparently I've got bats in the belfry.  There's something up in the attic making all these noises, and I don't want to go up and see what it is.

Jack: Well, let me take a look.

Margo: No.  Let's leave this to the professionals, okay?  You want a cup of coffee?

Jack: No, no.  No, thanks.  I just came by to see how you were doing.

I've been thinking about you a lot lately since I heard what happened to Bryant.

Margo: It's just -- it's just so hard to accept it.

Jack: Margo, if there's anything I can do for you --

Margo: Sure.  You could explain how something like this can happen.

Jack: I wish I knew.

Margo: Me, too.  You know, you and me, Jack, we're cops.  We see death every day, but when it's someone that you know and you love -- he's just so young and in love and waiting for life to happen, and then, he's gone.  How am I gonna explain that to my kids?  And what do I say to my brother -- my brother, who's got no friends, and now, he's lost his boy?

Jack: Oh, I wouldn't worry about Craig.  I mean, he still has one friend in this town.

Margo: Carly.

Jack: Yeah, she's a good woman to have on your side.  I should know. 

[Craig is sleeping on the couch when Carly walks in]

Carly: Craig?  Craig?

Craig: Huh?  What?

Carly: No.  Hi.

Craig: What are you doing here?

Carly: I wanted to be sure you'd kept your promise.

Craig: What promise?

Carly: You promised me last night that you weren't going to do anything stupid, remember?

Craig: I don't make promises I can't keep.  How did you find me?

Carly: I checked all your usual haunts, and then I figured you'd probably come here, so I called Jennifer and got directions.  I bought you some coffee and a scone.

Craig: Oh, thanks.

Carly: Yeah.  I think you should eat something, then we ought to get you home.

Craig: No.  I can't go yet.

Carly: The funeral.

Craig: I'm not going.   Carly: Craig --

Craig: Funerals are for the living, Carly.  I have to know what happened here.  My son said he needed me for something.  For what?  For what?

Carly: I know this is probably not what you want to hear, Craig, but you may never know.  Whatever it was, it's over now.

Craig: I was the last person on earth my son could turn to, and I let him down.  

Craig: His last message sounded so hurt, so alone.  I thought if I slept here, something would come to me.

Carly: Did you?  Did you sleep?

Craig: No, not much.  I kept thinking of Billy.

Carly: Oh, come on.

Craig: Well, he's hiding something.

Carly: Don't start on that again, Craig.

Craig: If it's not the loan, then something happened between him and Bryant, Carly.

Carly: The best of friends have fights, Craig.  What difference does it make now?  What is it gonna change?

Craig: I don't know, but the answer is in this house somewhere -- somewhere.

Carly: You can do that later, Craig.  I will help you.  Now is not the time.

Craig: Well -- now is all I have, Carly!  Somewhere, there is an answer here.  Somewhere, there is a clue.

Jennifer: I think I have what you're looking for. 

Craig: What is it?

Carly: I can step outside if you'd like.

Craig: No, stay.

Jennifer: I -- I just thought that you should know that the night of the accident, Bryant and I had been fighting.

Craig: What about?

Carly: Maybe that should stay between Bryant and Jennifer.

Craig: My son is dead, Carly.  I need answers.

Carly: We can find time to discuss all of this, but today is not the day.

Craig: Tell me what it was about, Jennifer.  I have to know everything.

Tell me!

Jennifer: I was seeing another guy.  Bryant found out about it the night that he died.  So if you're looking for someone to blame, here I am.  I'm the one responsible for Bryant's death.

Carly: No.  Jennifer, nobody blames you, and you shouldn't blame yourself.   People break up all the time.  It happens to everybody, right, Craig?

Craig: Yes.  Yes, but I don't know why Billy couldn't tell me -- couldn't tell me that.

Carly: Maybe he didn't know.

Craig: He's Bryant's best friend.  He should know.  What do you -- what do you think, Jennifer?

Jennifer: Craig --

Craig: Huh?  I talked to Billy that night.  He was very uncommunicative.

I thought at the time he was trying to protect my feelings, but now -- now, I think maybe he was trying to protect the feelings of a girl he -- he didn't know very well.  Unless he knew her better than -- than I thought.

Carly: Craig --

Craig: It was Billy, wasn't it?  He was the other guy, Jennifer?

Jennifer: I really don't think that's any of your business, Craig.

Craig: You betrayed my son with his cousin?  Jennifer?

Jennifer: All right.  It was Billy.  But you gotta understand that it was nothing we meant to happen.  You say the word "betrayed," and it just sounds so harsh.

Craig: Harsh?  My son is dead.

Carly: Craig, please.  She's just a kid.

Craig: How did he find out?

Jennifer: What?

Craig: How did my son find out you were with his cousin?

Jennifer: He saw us together.

Craig: He saw you together?  So that was the picture that was filling his mind when he should have been watching the road?

Margo: So Carly is with Craig, and that's okay with you?

Jack: No, it's not okay with me.  Margo, I blew every chance I had with Carly.  It's natural.  She's moving on.

Margo: Jack, you could turn all of that around in a heartbeat if you just told her that you wanted to make a life with her, and then, my brother would just have to find another shoulder to cry on.  And I know that sounds cruel.  I love Craig, but I do know him very well.

Jack: Look, the worst thing that could happen to someone happened to him.  He lost a child.  If Carly could somehow help him through that, I am not gonna stand in their way.

Margo: Okay, Craig has Carly.  What do you have?  You quit your job.

You've donated your woman to a good cause.

Jack: I've got a new obsession.  If I was still with the force, you'd be yelling at me to stop wasting the taxpayers' money.

Margo: What?  You're scaring me, Jack.

Jack: I have reason to believe that James Stenbeck is back in Oakdale.

Margo: No.

Jack: Yeah.  He made a deal with the Feds, Margo.  They dropped all the charges.

Margo: But why?  Why would he come back to Oakdale?

Jack: To settle an old score?  I don't know.  I thought I saw him, Margo.

Margo: When?

Jack: After Jake and Molly's wedding.  It was just for a split second after a flash of lightning.  I might have been strung out from the events of the day, but it sure as hell looked like him.

Margo: Well then, Jack, you've got to follow up on it.

Jack: You're not gonna tell me I'm crazy?

Margo: No.  Unfortunately, I trust your instincts.  That's why we need you back on the force, Jack.  We need --

Jack: Don't do this.  I'm not ready.  It's too soon, honey.  Come on.

[Doorbell rings]

Margo: Hopefully, that's the bat catcher.

Simon: Hey.  Have you seen Katie?  Look, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to interrupt.

Jack: No, no.  That's okay.  I was just on my way out.  Listen, Margo.  If you need anything, please --

Margo: I told you what I needed -- you back on the force.

Jack: I'll call you.

Simon: I'm sorry about --

Jack: No, no. 

Margo: What are you doing here?  I thought you went after Katie.  What, you didn't find her?

Simon: No, no.  I was hoping she called you or something, anything.

Margo: No, not a word.  What about her pinky-ringed boyfriend?

Simon: I don't know.  But I do know that we have to find Katie before Bruno does.

Barbara: Honey, if Rose broke things up with you, she must have had a reason.  But how can you think that I'm involved in this at all?  What did he say to you?

Paul: It wasn't so much what she said.  It was how she was acting.  It was like she was a totally different person.

Barbara: Really?  What happened?

Paul: We got a suite at the Lakeview.  We'd only been there a few minutes, and the phone rings -- security, tellin' me to go down to the parking lot.  My car had been vandalized.

Barbara: You're kidding?  At the Lakeview?  That's terrible.  Lisa needs to hire more security.

Paul: Yeah, I hadn't been gone long.  When I came back, Rose was different.  She told me to go, but she really didn't want me to.  It was like she was being forced.  And I can't help but think that somebody had gotten to her.

Barbara: Like me?

Paul: Who else?  Why not you, Mom?  You've done everything else to keep us apart.

Barbara: Wait a second.  I am not stupid enough to try to make another deal with Rose.  The last time I did that, I gave her my votes for Lucinda, and I got a knife in my back.

Paul: Yeah, you should have known better.  You should have known that Rose wouldn't have gone for a deal like that.  She cares about me.

Barbara: And obviously, you care enough about her to book a suite at the Lakeview.  Do you think maybe there's another possibility here?

Paul: What do you mean?

Barbara: That maybe she's not as ready as you think she is or that maybe she's just toying with you?

Paul: Rose would -- she'd never do that.

Barbara: Well then, maybe, Paul -- maybe there's something else.  Maybe there's a side of Rose D'Angelo that you don't know yet.  I'm not surprised at all that she turned on you last night, because --

Paul: What?

Barbara: Paul, Rose D'Angelo is emotionally unstable. 

Mitzi: Am I reading this right?  Solicitation?

Rose: Prostitution.  I was young.  I was very young, and I was broke, and I'd just lost my ma.  I wasn't talking to my pop, and I'm sitting there at the bar trying to figure out how to pay for my next drink.  A guy sits next to me.

He seems really nice.  One thing leads to another, and the next thing I know, I've got numbers under my mug, and I'm gettin' fingerprinted.

Mitzi: Isn't that what they call "entrapment"?

Rose: Well -- first time I ever propositioned a guy, vice cop.

Mitzi: Did you do time?

Rose: Oh, 30 days.  It was horrible.

Mitzi: How did Barbara get ahold of this?  I mean, she must have dug deep to find it.

Rose: She's gonna do anything, that broad, to keep Paul to herself.  And Paul, the poor guy.  You should have seen his face when I told him it was over.

Mitzi: How does a guy like that have a mother like that?

Rose: I don't know.  Do you believe it?  And she's gonna tell Lucinda.

She's gonna tell Lucinda and my pop.

Mitzi: Your pop?  Oh, that will do him in.

Rose: And Lucinda just made me Vice President of Worldwide.

Mitzi: I know.  It's so great.

Rose: Now she's gonna tell the board members.  She's gonna tell the stockholders.  She's gonna tell everybody, give them the lowdown on my resume.

Mitzi: Oh, my gosh.  That lady does not mess around.

Rose: That lady needs a muzzle.

Mitzi: You've got to stay away from her, Rose.

Rose: But then that means I've got to stay away from Paul.  You know, the funny thing is, I really believe in my heart if I told him, he wouldn't think it was such a big deal.

Mitzi: Are you sure?  I mean, he grew up real ritzy, and, you know, he might not understand what it's like, you know, what people like us have to do sometimes just to stay alive.

Rose: No, you're wrong.  Paul, he's had it rough.  I mean, his father, this guy, bad guy, James Stenbeck -- oh, tried to kidnap him, poison his mother.

Mitzi: Barbara.  Can you blame him?

Rose: He understands what it's like to be desperate.  I think that's why we're so good together.  You know, you're right.  I cannot let him go -- not without a fight. 

Paul: Unstable?  Rose?  Do you think I'm an idiot?  If she had problems like that, I would have seen them right away.

Barbara: Paul, you like complicated women.  You always have.

Paul: Like you, Mom?

Barbara: No, not like me.  Not at all like me.  Women like Rose and Emily Stewart -- women like that always have an agenda.  My only agenda is you and your well-being.  Now, if I thought that Rose really cared about you --

Paul: Rose is not complicated.  She's the breath of fresh air that I need.

Barbara: Oh?  Oh, I'm sure she is.  You've been working so hard these past few years.  I'm sure that she's charming.  But she has a dark side.

Paul: A dark side?

Barbara: You've been asking me what really happened that night at Worldwide.

Paul: Yeah.  You told me all about it -- about some deal you made with Rose.  She wouldn't see me again.

Barbara: It wasn't quite that simple.  Your "charming breath of fresh air," Rose, she threatened me with bodily harm, Paul.  Did she tell you that part?

Paul: Oh, come on, Mom.  What are you talking about?

Barbara: She told me that if I didn't do exactly what she said, she would - - I don't know exactly what the words were, but they had something to do with breaking my legs.

Paul: Okay, Mom.  This is -- this is crazy.

Barbara: Don't you know that's why I want you to be away from her?  I think that she could harm you someday.

Paul: Is this about -- is this about where she's from?  Her neighborhood?

Yeah, I'm sure that kind of stuff goes on, but with her, it's just talk, an act.

Barbara: You weren't here.  She was the one making the threats, not me.

Now think, Paul!  If I was foolhardy enough to make a threat with her last night, why wouldn't she run right to you?  Wouldn't she run right to you just the way she did the night of her Worldwide triumph?

Paul: Yeah, I did think about that, and she would have told me.

Barbara: You're so precious to me.  I always try to protect you, and I'm sorry, but I don't have anything to do with this.  I couldn't possibly risk losing you.

Paul: Then why -- why would Rose do a complete 180 like that?

Barbara: I don't know.  I don't know, but I'm sorry she did, Paul. 

Mitzi: What are you gonna do, Rose?

Rose: I don't know.  It's very hard, Mitz, to be creative with your police record looking at you in the face.

Mitzi: I thought that Barbara was some kind of hermit or something.  I mean, how did she find this stuff, anyway?  I don't see her being friends with the boys at the Atlantic City vice squad.

Rose: She probably hired a private investigator, which means -- hello!  --

That somebody else knows about this.  What if it's a local, huh?  What if it's a local with a big mouth?

Mitzi: Don't worry.  I just happen to know a local who can help you track down Barbara's P.I. or whatever.

Rose: Who?

Mitzi: Jack Snyder?

Rose: Jack?!

Mitzi: Uh-huh.

Rose: Jack?!  Your heart skips a couple of beats for this guy, and now, he's the perfect guy for the job?  Excuse me.

Mitzi: Yes, he's perfect.  He was a cop.  I bet he has friends in low places who know all about this kind of stuff.

Rose: Hello.  Lets go back for a second.  Jack Snyder, Holden's cousin, who hates me because I had to lie to Jack last year.  Remember that, when I was pretending to be Lily?  Hello?

Mitzi: Yeah, he's definitely the true blue type, but I really don't think he'd hold this kind of thing against you and blow your cover.

Rose: Oh, come on.  You know who else he's close to?  Barbara Ryan.

Mitzi: But Jack's a stand up guy, okay?  He won't say anything if I ask him to keep quiet.

Rose: Since when?  Are you holding out on me?  What's going on?

Mitzi: I wish.  I just helped him nab that pony-tailed guy at the wedding.

And don't forget, he saw you risk your life to save Lily's kids.

Rose: But after he gets a gander at this, who knows?  And the more people that know, the more people that know.  Do you understand?

Mitzi: Well, if you've got a better suggestion, I'm all ears.  That's what I thought.  You want to call him or should I?

Rose: I don't have Jack Snyder's phone number.

Mitzi: No problem.

Rose: He gave you his phone number, huh?

Mitzi: He gave it to somebody else, and I just took a little peek.

Rose: Oh, did you take a little peek?  You know, you're pathetic.  So am I.  Both of us.

Mitzi: So let's get this guy on the horn, feel him out, so to speak. 

Margo: Simon, you promised me that you would find her.

Simon: Believe me, Margo, I have tried.

Margo: Well, you can't just come here and dump this on my doorstep.

What do you want me to do about it?

Simon: Well, apparently, you're her sister.  Maybe you can help.

Margo: [Margo’s voice is shaken by tears] But she is a spoiled, willful little brat, and if anything happens to her --

Simon: Are you all right?  You okay?

Margo: My nephew was killed in a car accident.

Simon: Craig's son?

Margo: Yeah.  The funeral is today.

Simon: Wow.  I'm really sorry.  When did this happen?

Margo: Oh, a few nights ago.

Simon: I'd met him a couple times.  I've seen him.  He was a really good guy.

Margo: He was a really good guy, so -- so what about Katie?  When was the last time she was seen?

Simon: Please, you're right.  Don't you worry about it.  I'm sure -- we know Katie.  She's gonna be all right.

Margo: Yeah, you were sure you were gonna bring her home, too.

Simon: Look, I have covered thousands of miles.  Now, it seems that every time I get closer, I'm a day behind catching up with her.  You wouldn't believe this.  The last time I know, she had hitched a ride to L.A., and that was about a week ago, and then I -- then I lost her.  Margo, I am sorry.  If anything happens to Katie, I won't forgive myself.

Margo: I almost believe you, Simon.

Simon: So what should we do?  Maybe -- I don't know.  Maybe you should open an official investigation or something like that.

Margo: You want Katie back?

Simon: You asked me the same thing the day that she ran away to the convent.

Margo: No, no.  I asked you if you still wanted to be married to Katie.

That's what I asked you.

Simon: Look, I have done so much thinking on the road the last couple of weeks, and I have realized something.  Marriage, I don't -- whatever.  I can take it or leave it, but this -- this.  God help me, I want Katie back.  And if I have lost her, then I've only got myself to blame. 

Jennifer: I can't change what happened that night, all right?  I wish I could.

Craig: Uh-huh.  I was here that night.  I talked to Bryant.  He was very upset about something, but he couldn't talk about it.  Do you know how I have gone over that night, wishing I'd stayed, huh?

Jennifer: Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Craig?  You came here that night for the same reason you married my mother – for money (??).  You wanted Bryant to lend you millions from his trust fund.  You cared more about that money than you cared about him, and he knew it.  He must have felt so alone.

Craig: How would you know?  I thought you were preoccupied with Billy.

Jennifer: Bryant told me in a letter he wrote me just before he died.

Craig: What letter?  Where is it?  I want to see that letter, Jennifer. 

Craig: Give me the letter, Jennifer.

Jennifer: No.  That letter was meant for me, not you.

Craig: I'm his father!  I have a right!

Jennifer: Give me a break, Craig!

Carly: Please, would you just knock it off, the both of you?  Hurting each other is not gonna help anybody.  It's not gonna bring Bryant back, so cool it.

You owe him that.  Today is his funeral.  It would be hard enough without this.  And Jennifer, please, would you just go home and let your father give you a hug?  I know he wants to help you, and so do your friends.  Let them help you.  Please, do not try and make sense of this by blaming somebody else.  The bottom line is that Bryant is dead because he wasn't wearing his seat belt.  The only person to blame for Bryant's death is Bryant.

Craig: I don't need to hear this.

Carly: Yes, Craig.  I'm sorry.  I think you do.

Jennifer: You know, those may be the facts about Bryant's death, but the real reason he died is -- well, we didn't love him enough.  I didn't.  His father didn't.

Craig: Don't try to include me in that!

Jennifer: If we had loved Bryant, he'd be alive today.

Craig: Yeah, well, see how Billy feels.

Carly: Oh, stop it, please?  You cannot possibly hold that girl responsible.

Craig: You're on her side?  What about Bryant?  Who's on his side?

Carly: You are -- you and Sierra.

Craig: Not really.  I think she blames me for what happened to Bryant, too.

[Craig sighs]

Craig: Who do I turn to?

Carly: Turn to me.

Craig: I don't know -- the last thing you need right now is an angry, grieving man in your life.

Carly: At least it's real -- almost human.

Craig: Can you?

Carly: I'm afraid so.  Just what you were hoping to avoid. 

Rose: Basically, you're telling me that it's not difficult to get ahold of someone's record.

Jack: Well, it's not easy.  There are protections under the law, but it can be done.

Rose: Oh, well, then how do I -- how does my friend find out how someone else got ahold of that record?

Jack: Did your friend commit these crimes in Oakdale?  I could trace who accessed his records here?  Okay, guys, I don't have time for this.

What's going on?

Rose: I'm the one with the record.

Jack: Really?

Rose: Yeah.  In new Jersey, but a friend of yours got ahold of it somehow.

Jack: Who?

Mitzi: The mother of all mothers.

Rose: Barbara Ryan, yeah.  Using it to blackmail me.

Jack: But why?  I mean, what do you have that Barbara wants?

Rose: Well, I was seeing her son.  I mean, I was, and she doesn't want that to happen.

Mitzi: To say the least.

Rose: So she drug up this prehistoric sludge on me so I'd stop seeing Paul, but you know, what really bugs me is that it happened a really long time ago when I was a kid.  And Barbara Ryan's making me pay all over again.  But somebody helped her, and I want to know who.

Jack: Rose, I -- okay, so you're saying that Barbara suddenly acquired this information, and she's using it to gain control of her son, Paul Ryan --


Rose: Yeah.  I want to know who and why.

Jack: Rose, I'll get back to you on this.  I have a feeling I may be able to help you after all. 

Exterminator: I'm from pest arrest.

Margo: Oh, please, yes.  Come in, yes.

Exterminator: How can I help you today?

Margo: Well, it's not down here.  It's up in the attic, actually.  The last few nights I've been hearing noises.  I think there's bats or something.  It's through the door right at the top of the steps there. 

Simon: The worst thing about all this is that I think that Katie's been moving around so fast, because she's afraid of what Bruno might do to me.

Margo: Well, we did find that he has mob ties in new Jersey.  And my contacts are still investigating, but no such luck yet.

Simon: Still, still, Bruno's been full of threats.  Look, I just hope that he hasn't got to Katie first, that's all.

Margo: I don't think that this family can handle one more crisis. [A noise is heard from upstairs] What the hell is -- what?

Simon: Well, it sounds like what is up there is fighting back.

Exterminator: I think I found the problem.  He must have got lost. [Katie grabs Snickers]  Katie: Hey, give me back that bunny -- that bunny belongs to me, mister.

Oh, it's okay, sweetheart.  No one's gonna hurt you, Snickers.  Hi.  I'm back. 

Barbara: At least there won't be any distractions.  And since we need to concentrate on the fall showing, this could be a good thing.  Unless, of course, you have doubts about the collection.

Paul: No.  I don't -- I don't have doubts.  I just -- you need to relax.  Let me worry about the show.  You're under enough pressure.

Barbara: The best thing that can happen to me is having pressure about my line.  That's what keeps me going -- that and seeing the fabric samples.  I can't wait to see the French silk file for the evening suit.

Paul: I don't remember an evening suit.

Barbara: Of course you do.  It's the suit that was based on the suit that I wore when I married Craig.

Paul: I wasn't there.

Barbara: I know, but it's not the usual kind of fantasy wedding gown the designers trot out the finale so the bride can throw the bouquet to the fashion editors.  Nothing clichéd.

Paul: Yeah, I agree with you.  I'm just -- I'm surprised that you would want to use the same suit that you wore when you married Craig.

Barbara: It's not the same, Paul -- different fabric, different detailing.  It's just my -- my own private little joke, my way of healing, closure.  And when I see that on the runway, I will be vindicated.  It's as if I have turned my disaster into art.

Paul: I'm sorry.  What did you say?  You're going to the show?

Barbara: Well, yes.  I'm going to the show in New York.  You don't think that's a good idea?

Paul: No, no.  I don't.  It's -- no.  It's just too -- it's too soon.  I mean, the photographers, interviews -- it's too much for you right now, right?  Look, anyway, I gotta go.  I got a meeting with a press agent.

Barbara: Oh.  Oh, tell them I'm going to be coming to New York.  I'm sure they'll be thrilled.  We'll get a lot of press out of this.

Paul: Yeah.  I'll talk to you about it later.

Barbara: Paul, I think you're doing a wonderful job.

Barbara: Paul just left for his meeting.  Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing you, too.  I think you're right about our son.  I think he is hiding something else from me.

Margo: Thank you.  Don't you dare take that bunny out of that cage!  I'm not cleaning up after him.

Katie: Aren't you glad to see us?

Margo: Oh, baby.  Of course I am. [Margo hugs Katie] I was worried sick about you.  We all were.  Simon was traveling all over the country looking for you.  He just got back.

Katie: Really?  You were looking for me?

Simon: Uh, yeah.  I'm just glad you're safe.

Katie: Oh, I really wish I would have known that, 'cause I -- I wouldn't have gotten myself into so much trouble.

Margo: Katie, why were you hiding up in the attic?

Katie: Well, I got back a few days ago, and I didn't really know where to hide.

Margo: Are you hiding from Bruno?

Katie: Yeah.  From everything.  I'm sorry I didn't let you know that I was here and safe.  I just -- I needed some time to think.  You have no idea where I've been.

Simon: Yes, I do.  Yeah, I do.  The Convent, the Ashram, the Commune.

Katie: I just didn't really feel safe anywhere I went.  The nuns at the convent were so angry with me.  They kept yelling and yelling, which I know was practically my fault, because I made them so angry that they broke their vow of silence.  And then, I went to the commune thinking that that would be okay.  But the work was so much.  It was like work, work, work.  And so I thought the Ashram would be the best place to go.  Until I saw Bruno there trying to bribe someone for information.  I figured that was the best time to leave.  But at least I'm going to be back with the family in time for the funeral. [Margo looks shocked] You hear pretty much everything that goes on in this house up in that attic.  And I heard you talking about Bryant.  Oh my God, I feel so terrible.  I have been the worst aunt in the world to him.  I can't believe it.

Simon: Hey, it's gonna be all right, all right?  You are home safe and sound.  That's the most important thing.

Katie: I know you're just trying to tell me that to make me feel better.

Simon: I am not.  I am not trying to tell you anything to make you feel better, okay?  God, I missed you so much.  Katie, I love you. 

Katie: You love me?

Simon: Yes.  Yes, I do.

Katie: Bruno's not gonna be too happy about that.

Simon: I don't care.  I don't -- I don't care what Bruno thinks.

Katie: We need to care, because we shouldn't even be in the same room together.  I'm scared of what he's gonna do.

Simon: Come here.

Margo: All right, that's it.  I'm going to the station, and I'm gonna track down this Portolano and have him brought in.

Katie: I just don't want him to get angry.

Margo: Listen, baby sister, I love you.  I'm so happy you're home, in spite of everything. [Margo hugs Katie]

Katie: Thank you.

Simon: You come here.

Katie: If you love me, then it was all worth it.

Simon: Life just is not the same without you, Katie.

Katie: You know, a couple of people have told me that before, but they didn't mean it in a good way.

Simon: I do.  I mean it in the best ways.

Katie: You do?

Simon: Yes.

Katie: I want to hear you say it again.

Simon: Katie Frasier, I love you so much.

Katie: Oh, I love you more than you could ever know.

[Doorbell rings]

Simon: Forget about that.  Come here.

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: Okay, it's probably the exterminator.  I just -- I'll just get rid of him.

Simon: Get rid of him.

Bruno: Well, if it isn't my honey bun and her husband.  Thanks.  I knew you'd lead me back to Katie.

Katie: I'm not going anywhere with you, Bruno.  I love Simon, and he loves me.

Bruno: How much, huh, Katie?  You better decide how much you love this guy, and you better do it quick.  Because if you don't do what I say, you will regret it. 

Carly: I think we should go.  We should get you showered and home, rest.

Craig: Yeah.  Nice and clean to greet the bereaved, Billy and Jennifer.

Carly: Oh, come on.  That's not gonna help, Craig.  Blaming people doesn't help.

Craig: I keep forgetting.

Carly: Why don't you leave your car here?  I'll be your chauffeur for the day.  If you'd like.

Craig: Yeah.  Yeah.

Carly: Okay.  I think that we should go.

Craig: Could I have a moment here, just --

Carly: Yeah.  I'll wait in the car.

Craig: Carly doesn't understand what I understand.  You needed me, I wasn't there for you.  But now -- now I can take care of things.  I'll take care of everything. 

Mitzi: What's the matter, Rose?  You forget something?

Rose: It'll just be like I'm closing the door on my dream.

Mitzi: Listen, don't be so down in the mouth.  We got Jack Snyder in our corner, and I know he's gonna find you some answers.

Rose: Yeah.  This is just temporary, you know?  Not the end.

Mitzi: It's just round one.

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Mitzi: You know who you're dealing with now.  And you know she fights dirty.  But believe me, you are gonna have Barbara Ryan on the ropes so fast, the lady's not gonna know what hit her.

Jack: Waiting for someone?

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