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Carly: You get Jake in a grass skirt?

Molly: It was getting him out of it --3BDEF8E8.JPG

[Carly laughs]

Molly: So what's this about Bryant not having his trust fund anymore?

Carly: Well, I just -- I think he wanted to make it on his own. It had something to do with Jennifer and maybe his sense of his own self, you know?

Molly: But nobody tried to take it away from him, like Craig or Lucinda?

Carly: Oh, no, no, no. He still had the money. In fact, Craig had just tried to borrow some to bankroll me. I said no, of course, but you know Craig.

3BDEF90D.JPGMolly: Not as well as you do, apparently. Did something happen while I was gone?

Carly: Yeah, sort of, in a different place.

Molly: Different how?

Carly: I tried to seduce him.

Craig: Maybe "eulogy" is not the right word.

Sierra: It doesn't need to be anything formal or anything.

Craig: Just something about Bryant in your own words, maybe that time we all went fly fishing?

Sierra: I think I still have pictures of it.

Billy: No! Look, I can't. It just wouldn't be right. Nobody even knows me here.

Sierra: What are you talking about? Everybody knows you. You are Bryant's cousin, his best friend.3BDEF93A.JPG

Craig: You've spent more time recently with him than I have.

Sierra: And listen, you won't be alone. I'm going to ask Jennifer to speak.

Craig: And talk to Jennifer. You know, maybe you'll find something that you need to say.

Jennifer: "My dad wanted me to sign his trust fund over to him, but I couldn't. It's your money, Jen."

Will: Hi!

Jennifer: Hey, Will! Have dinner?

Hal: He had some of my fries, and he had a glass of milk.

Jennifer: Was he asking about Bryant?

Hal: Some. I answered his questions. He goes back to what he's doing. Ten minutes later, we do it all again. How are you?

Jennifer: The same.

Hal: I'm sorry Adam's having such a tough time with this thing.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, you know that Bryant and I broke up, so I guess that makes everything seem worse.

Hal: He'll get over it. Jennifer, you didn't cause that accident.3BDEF974.JPG

Jennifer: You know what? I think I'm gonna head out, you know, maybe catch up with Abigail.

Hal: Okay.

Jennifer: And maybe I'll just -- well, Bryant's mom and dad asked to see Billy. Maybe -- maybe I should be there, too.

Hal: Honey, if they want to see you, they'll call. Tell you what. Why don't you relax, go out, have some dinner on Daddy?

Jennifer: Thanks, Dad.

Hal: I love you.

Jennifer: I love you, too.

Jack: Hey.

Hal: Hey, Jack.

Jack: How's she doing?

Hal: Okay, considering. Come on in. What's up?3BDEF9BD.JPG

Jack: James Steinbeck.

Hal: What, did you find another cigar butt?

Jack: He called Carly.

Hal: James Steinbeck called Carly?

Jack: It had to be him. He told Carly to meet him in the gazebo at Fairwinds. Only I got there first, and I found a whole slew of surveillance photographs of her in private meetings with Paul Ryan.

Hal: Are you sure this isn't another one of Craig Montgomery's little tricks, or maybe Paul Ryan's?

Jack: Carly is working with Paul, and neither one of them want Barbara to know. As far as Montgomery goes, he's trying to make a play on Carly. The last thing he's gonna do is screw it up with something like this. It has to be Steinbeck.

Hal: Or maybe it's you, Jack. Maybe you can't just leave well enough alone.

Barbara: Lace? How last season.3BDEF9DF.JPG

Rose: Who asked you?! What -- why are you here?

Barbara: If I could have a few moments of your time, Rose.

Rose: You -- you followed us here?! You tailed your son, a grown man? Oh, not nice, not nice, no! He's not gonna like that at all, and he's gonna be back, and very soon.

Barbara: I don't think so. Someone smashed his windshield. Why don't you look this over while he's cleaning up the glass, turning off the car alarm and calling the manager?

Rose: No, thank you. I have plans tonight. Do yourself a favor. Get out!3BDEFA14.JPG

Barbara: I'm doing you a favor. I'm giving you the opportunity to stop this before it reaches my son. Oh, come on. Where's that Jersey pluck? You're not scared, are you? It's amazing how cooperative the Atlantic City Police were. That is your rap sheet, isn't it? The one that states you're a convicted prostitute?

Rose: How did you get this? You don't even leave the house?

Barbara: I had help.

Rose: You hired somebody to do a background check on me?

Barbara: Ooh, what a good idea. If it was this easy to uncover that you served 30 days for prostitution, imagine what a P.I. could dig up.3BDEFB10.JPG

Rose: You know what? Go ahead. I don't care. Knock your socks off. Spend all your money. The only thing you're gonna come up with is the fact that it was a scared kid who made a mistake. I did my time, and now, it's over!

Barbara: And look at you, an inspiration. I think I'll pass along a copy of that to Emily Stewart. Her readers would thrill to the story, from scared kid to whore, from whore to showgirl, from showgirl to Lucinda Walsh's gopher.

Rose: I'm not a gopher. I'm vice-president of Worldwide now.

Barbara: Of course you are, dear. From vice-president back to whore. Emily's got connections, Rose. You might end up with your own movie of the week.3BDEFB46.JPG

Rose: Who would play Paul, Barbara? You're right. It's a good story -- good story, but I see, like, miniseries, you know? Maybe they'll put you in it, play the mother of the boyfriend. Every good story always has to have somebody to hate. Don't bother with your threats. It doesn't matter. I'll tell Paul. He's a big boy. He'll understand. But you? He's gonna want to dropkick you, and honey, you deserve it. You had a bum rap here, a bad deal. I understand that. What do you do? You pick yourself up, move on with your life? No! You've got to put it around Paul's neck like a leash. "Paul, do this for me, honey, would you? Paul, do that for me, honey, would you?" You know what? He's a grown man. He's got a mind of his own, and he can do what he wants. When he finds out what you've done here today --

3BDEFB78.JPGBarbara: The bond between a mother and her child no more than I can imagine what $10 -- exactly. What does a customer get for $10?

Rose: Add two zeroes and think about any night you spent with Craig, but the guy ends up smiling.

Barbara: I will protect my son from you if it costs me everything I have.

Hal: So let me ask you something. When's the last time you bought groceries or opened your mail or thought about your career or talked to Carly?

Jack: Carly and I decided to take a break for awhile.3BDEFBAB.JPG

Hal: And that would hurt, if you had time to think about it, but you're too busy chasing after a guy who might not even be there.

Jack okay? He was there. I saw the guy.

Hal: In a flash of lightning on a day when the woman you loved was almost killed. You used to be a cop, Jack. You tell me. Are you a reliable witness?

Carly: Craig asked if we could be friends, so I laid down some ground rules. Rule number one, don't dump on Jack, which he hasn't.

Molly: Lucky Jack.

Carly: And rule number two, don't help me, which -- well, he's been a little better. At least he asked me before he went to Bryant to borrow that money, and I wasn't going to change any of my plans, and he knows that.

Molly: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What plans?3BDEFBD6.JPG

Carly: I can't really talk about it, but it's good. I sold a few designs.

Molly: Well, that's great.

Carly: Yeah. I don't want anybody to know, okay? Not even Jake.

Molly: You got paid for it?

Carly: Oh, yeah.

Molly: And Craig had absolutely nothing to do with this?

Carly: No, nothing to do with it. He didn't even know about it at first, and then, he found out, and you know Craig. He's Craig. He doesn't always like to begin at the beginning. He wants me to have my own show in Paris or whatever. But we've been talking, and seeing each other occasionally.

Molly: Rule number three, no kissing, no cameras?3BDEFBFC.JPG

Carly: Right. I didn't see any cameras.

Molly: You liked it! Carly Tenney --

Carly: It's terrible, isn't it? The man is completely wrong for me. He nearly destroyed my entire life. I'm not supposed to like it, but I did. I liked it.

Molly: Okay.

Carly: Okay? You don't hate me? Because I think you could probably understand, and I'm not saying that it's going anywhere, because it's not.

Molly: I just don't want him to hurt you.

[Carly laughs]

Molly: Well, what?

Carly: He turned me down.3BDEFC29.JPG

Molly: No? Get out of town!

Carly: Yup.

Molly: No. Craig "libido" Montgomery after he's been dogging you for how long?

Carly: He turned me down.

Molly: Wow.

Carly: It's true. I guess the gist of it is that when he thinks about the two of us together, we're happy. That's how he wants it to be.

Molly: You could almost like the guy. So what about you and Jack?

Carly: Jack? I don't know. You'd have to ask him. We keep having these encounters, and he keeps saying that we both need time. I think he's probably right. I don't know.

Molly: So you're supposed to be sitting around waiting for him?3BDEFC55.JPG

Carly: I don't know, but if I am supposed to be waiting for him, I think somebody should tell me quickly. You know, I have to go. Parker's with his second favorite sitter, so I have some time to sketch.

Molly: I am so excited about this.

Carly: Just keep your fingers crossed, okay?

Molly: Hey, when you talk to Craig, tell him I'm really sorry.

Carly: Yeah. Well, if I talk to him. It's not like we check in every day or anything. And give my love to the man in the hula skirt.

[Both laugh]

Molly: Bye.

Carly: Bye.

Jennifer: Hey.3BDEFC84.JPG

Bonnie: Hey, you. What are you doing here?

Jennifer: I don't know. Actually --

Bonnie: Come on. Jennifer, we heard earlier. I am so sorry. Bryant was the sweetest guy, and he loved you so much.

Jennifer: Actually, Bonnie --

Bonnie: What? Uh-oh. What happened?

Jennifer: I feel like I can talk to you about this, but you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone -- not your mother, not Isaac, not anyone, all right?

Billy: You know, I'd like to contribute to the service in some way, but speaking -- I don't think I could hold it together.

Sierra: Would it be easier if Jennifer went first? Or maybe you'd just like to go up with her together?

Billy: No, I -- no, no. I think she should do it by herself, if she can handle it.3BDEFCB6.JPG

Craig: Maybe we're giving you the wrong impression here, Billy. It doesn't have to be a sad memory. Billy?

Sierra: It's all right. Listen, we understand. I'll talk to Jennifer, and maybe she'll be willing to speak alone.

Billy: Sorry I couldn't help you out.

Sierra: You'll be at the service though, won't you?

Billy: Absolutely.

Sierra: He loved you, Billy. I need to go.

Craig: What was all that about?

Sierra: I'm gonna go. I need to go talk to my mother, make sure she knows what the word "simple" means when it comes to the reception.3BDEFCE6.JPG

Craig: See you at my place? What happened to your deck?

Billy: I was off on some measurements.

Craig: Bryant said the wood was rotten. Why didn't you rebuild it?

Billy: Well, I screwed it up the first time. You know, if I was him, I'd just hire someone else.

Craig: I thought he liked having you here.

Billy: Uncle Craig, we're not 14 anymore, okay? He needed his privacy.

Craig: For Jennifer?

Billy: No, because he had his own life, and I had mine. I've gotta -- I've gotta go.

Craig: Billy, I know this isn't easy, and I don't mean to press you here, but I get the feeling that there's something that you're not telling me.

Billy: No, look, it's just -- it's just hard to talk about it, like you said.3BDEFD2C.JPG

Craig: Bryant called me that night, Billy, and he was upset about something. He was very upset, and I keep trying to figure out what that was, what caused that accident.

Billy: You know, Uncle Craig, I wish I could tell you, but all I know is that it shouldn't have happened, okay? And I would give anything if Bryant could walk through this door right now. I've got to go. If you need anything, give me a call.

Craig: How about the truth?

Jennifer: Well, there was another guy, and Bryant found out, and I tried to tell him that I still cared about him and that I still wanted to be friends, but we had a fight anyway, and he took off, and -- 3BDEFE12.JPG

Bonnie: Well, I would tell you it's not your fault, but you probably wouldn't believe me anyway. So does anyone else know about this?

Jennifer: Adam. Adam hates me, of course. And Abigail. See, this came today. Bryant must have put it in my mailbox right before the accident.

Bonnie: Is it a letter?

Jennifer: Yeah. But not what you think. He wasn't planning on doing anything stupid. But the problem is, Bonnie, Bryant signed his trust fund over to me. The documents are all there. It's real.3BDEFE12.JPG

Bonnie: What are we talking about?

Jennifer: Millions of dollars. I don't care about that.

Bonnie: Jennifer, listen to me. You have to care about that.

Craig: So you haven't quit B.R.O.?

Carly: No, I haven't quit B.R.O.

Craig: And I still can't even find the trust assignment papers, which I assume Bryant did not sign, which means that the money --

Carly: Craig, I wasn't counting on that money anyway.

Craig: I was.

Carly: Well, that's why sometimes you're rich and I'm always broke.

Craig: Well, still, there was a chance he signed them and sent them to the bank.

Carly: It will be tied up in probate forever. Look, it's okay. It was a noble gesture. Well, maybe not noble, but something.

Craig: Listen, there was something else. Bryant has a cousin, Billy, who was staying with him at the cottage, and he knows something.3BDEFE65.JPG

Carly: About what?

Craig: Well, that night, Bryant had ripped up the deck, and Billy knows something. I asked him why, but he wouldn't even look me in the eye, which is very strange, because we have a very good relationship. I told him it doesn't matter what happened, I need to know, and he still wouldn't tell me.

Carly: Maybe -- maybe it was none of your business.

Craig: Billy knows that I asked Bryant for money and that he was so mad, he got into his car, and he drove away --

Carly: Just stop it.

Craig: I have to know what happened, Carly.

Carly: Does Sierra think Billy's behavior is significant?3BDEFE8B.JPG

Craig: Significant? No.

Carly: Then why don't you forget about it.

Craig: I told her I asked Bryant for money.

Carly: Please, Craig. Will you do me a favor, please, and stop asking the entire world to punish you? Look, I know that you feel helpless. That's part of being a parent. Last year, when Parker was thrown from that car -- you feel guilty because you're supposed to be there, right? You're supposed to keep them safe, but you can't, not really. All you can do is love them and try your best, and you're doing okay on both counts.

Craig: But my best wasn't enough to keep --

Carly: Craig, who did he call when he was in trouble? He called you because he loved you -- he loved you.

Hal: Jack, all I'm saying is don't lose sight of what's important. Is Steinbeck out there? Maybe, but he's been cleared, Jack. You couldn't get a warrant if you found him.3BDEFED1.JPG

Jack: He's back for a reason, Hal.

Hal: I don't doubt it, but is it worth losing Carly?

Jack: Look, man, I start seeing Carly while I'm going after Steinbeck, I put her in harm's way. He took those pictures, Hal, or he had someone take them. He's making a case. Whether he's going after his son or his ex-wife, I don't know yet, but Carly is right there in the middle of it.

Hal: If Steinbeck's got her in his sights, you being close to her is only a plus, Jack? What are you afraid of?

Jack: Making a mistake that could end up hurting her.3BDEFEF4.JPG

Hal: Good. You should be afraid of that. Next?

Jack: I'm out of here, man.

Hal: Jack, you've got to live. You can't sit here holding your breath. If you want Carly, you tell her, and you tell her now.

Barbara: You brought this on yourself, Rose. We had a deal. I agreed to vote with Lucinda. You agreed to drop Paul.

Rose: Paul doesn't want to be dropped.

Barbara: He'll recover, and this little interlude, you poisoning Paul against me, you luring him into this chamber -- do you really think a man like Paul will be captured by primitive techniques? He lived in Rome. He sees women who are sophisticated, cultured, educated, traveled -- women who know how to dress, women who know how to act, not hookers from Jersey.3BDEFF33.JPG

Rose: Maybe that's why he likes me, because I'm different. He's not gonna hold it against me, just like I don't hold it against him that he tried to kill his father. Yes, I know about that. We talk a lot, and we like each other, and there's nothing you can do about that.

Barbara: What would your father think? Does he know about his daughter's celebrated career? And all of his friends and neighbors, do they know that Joe D'Angelo's daughter worked as a prostitute? They will. I will send letters to your father and to his friends and to Lucinda and all the people who rely on her good judgment -- her stockholders, her board of directors.

Rose: You would do that to my pop to get what you want, and Ms. Walsh, that company that she loves so much, just because you don't like the girl that's going out with your son?! Please, forget about it! I'm not gonna let you hurt the people that I love.3BDEFF6C.JPG

Barbara: So stop me. Drop Paul, and all of this will go away.

Rose: Oh, he would hate you -- hate you if he knew about this.

Barbara: He doesn't even know I'm here, and I don't think he ever will.

Manager: Mr. Ryan, we need your signature on the insurance release.

Paul: I'll sign it in the morning. Good night.

Manager: I really must insist, Mr. Ryan. Ms. Grimaldi is very strict about these things. I could lose my job.3BDF00BB.JPG

Paul: How long is this going to take?

Manager: Five minutes.

[Paul sighs]

Rose: Your son cares about me. I care about him. If you gave me half a chance, you'll see why he likes me. He depends on me, and I understand him, you know? He talks about how he's coming up in the business world and how he wants to make good, and I listen to him. Why would you want to take that away from him?

Barbara: Because I can. Why don't you keep this as a souvenir of our conversation? I have my own copy. I'll expect my son home tonight. Agreed?

Rose: He'll be there.

Craig: I want to pull you over me and shut it all out, but I don't know how to do that. Usually, when I'm lost, I can just stand up straight and smile and just fake it, but you know that.

Carly: I've got your number.3BDF011E.JPG

Craig: I don't even feel like he's dead, you know? I feel like he's just gone somewhere, and I can't follow, and he's up there watching, and he's saying, "Dad, figure it out. I left you a map. Figure it out." You should have seen the cottage. It was almost like a typhoon hit it. And why would he have Billy build him a deck and then tear it up? And why would Billy leave town? And why wouldn't Billy talk to me?

Carly: They had a fight.

Craig: About what?

Carly: Who knows? What do boys fight about? Girls, money? It doesn't matter, Craig, because it will never be Billy's fault that Bryant got in that accident.

Craig: Well, I'm not blaming Billy.3BDF014D.JPG

Carly: Oh, so we're back to blaming you then?

Craig: Well, give me another reason.

Carly: There is no reason! You can't justify it. There is no explanation that will satisfy anybody ever, and I know you're hurt, but that -- that is all there is. If you are willing to feel that, then I am here for that. But if you are determined to torture yourself, I'm sorry, but I will not watch that.

Paul: Rose, I'm sorry. I had to sign six different documents for one busted windshield.

Rose: Oh, it's okay. You know, I'll call a cab, and you can call a garage, fix your car.

Paul: No, no, no. I don't see any cabs in your immediate future. I thought you would have slipped into something a little more undressed.

Rose: Oh, you're a fashion guy. You know how to take off a dress. Oh, you know what? I can't do this, and I can't explain. I just have to go.3BDF0194.JPG

Paul: Do you -- do you care about me?

Rose: That doesn't even scratch the surface.

Paul: Do you trust me? Then talk to me. ( Yawns; sniffs )

Rose: Okay, I'll tell you, but you can't ask any questions, okay?

Paul: Okay.

Rose: Okay. The first thing you've got to know is that it has nothing to do with you, because you -- you're the best thing that ever happened to me. Sweet and kind, and when you look at me, you see me, who I really am, and you're so gorgeous, I could look at you all day long. So it's not about you, okay?

Paul: Rose, sit down. Come here.3BDF0296.JPG

Rose: All right. You see, the problem is that where I come from, my neighborhood, you know, we don't see people like you or meet people like you very much. It's unusual, very unusual, and people on the outside might look at us and think there's something wrong, you know, like I was bad for you or I might hurt you, and I would never hurt you. I would never do that, but people on the outside might think that, okay? So that's one thing. The other things. Uh, well, Worldwide and B.R.O., you're very busy, I'm very busy, and we don't really have time to start things up right now. It's -- yeah, and stockholders, you know. It wouldn't be fair to them. Lucinda and Barbara, they're very tough, very tough, and they're going to expect a lot from us. We're going to have to ante up. Please know, please understand that I -- that I want to do this. Please say that you understand.

Jennifer: Bon, you don't understand. He was a mess. Here, read his letter.3BDF02EF.JPG

Bonnie: I don't need to read his letter.

Jennifer: I can't take his money. He wasn't thinking straight. He was angry. He was upset. He was frustrated with himself.

Bonnie: Jennifer, listen to me. How he would have made his decision, whether or not he would have changed his mind -- none of that matters now. The man is dead, honey. It's over.

Jennifer: But he's got family.

Bonnie: And they don't need his millions. Trust me, it's not about that. Bryant loved you. It doesn't matter if you'd broken up. He wanted to take care of you, and that's what he's done. But you can't just throw that back in his face now.

Jennifer: But I -- I don't deserve it.3BDF031C.JPG

Bonnie: Well, he didn't agree, and it's his money. Look, you said yourself, it's not wise to make decisions when you're this upset, so just sit on it, let yourself think about what Bryant would have wanted you to do. Now, does anybody else know about this?

Jennifer: No, just Abigail.

Molly: Did I just hear my daughter's name? Hey, Jen. How are you?

Jennifer: Fine.

Molly: So is Abigail joining you?

Jennifer: No, no.

Molly: I'm sorry, I really am. I don't mean to pry. It's just I'm really worried about her -- about all of you since Bryant died, and if there's something wrong between you --

Jennifer: And Abigail? [Jen laughs] Oh, no, no, no. Everything's fine, really.3BDF034A.JPG

Bonnie: Oh, go on. You can tell her. Look, Jennifer was just telling me how Abigail is the only person who really knows how she feels, and that's okay. Hey, I just met Bryant a couple of weeks ago. You guys have known him for years.

Molly: I am really glad that you and Abigail have each other.

Jennifer: I am, too.

Molly: It's good seeing you, Bonnie.

Bonnie: You as well, Mrs. McKinnon.

Jennifer: Thanks for the save, and thank you so much for not judging me.

Bonnie: Oh, please. My life is no postcard. Speaking of which, I've got to get back to work, but listen to me. Not another word about this trust fund. Believe me, there are all kinds of parasites out there who would like nothing more than to siphon this money into their own little pockets, and you don't need that, okay, so hang in there.

Jennifer: Okay, okay. Thank you.3BDF0386.JPG

Bonnie: Sure. Bye.

Jennifer: Bye.

Billy: Hey.

Jennifer: Hey. I was hoping you'd find me.

Craig: You're throwing me out?

Carly: You can yell, you can cry, and I will take care of you, but I will not help you blame yourself.

[Craig sighs] Craig, Bryant's death was not your fault, and you either believe me, or you have to go home.

Craig: No. No, I need you, Carly.

Jennifer: So, what did you tell Bryant's parents?3BDF04B0.JPG

Billy: They wanted me to speak at the funeral. I told them I couldn't, but they were cool with it, but I think they're gonna ask you, too. Uncle Craig cornered me later, asking me questions why Bryant trashed the cottage and did I know why he was upset, but I didn't tell him anything.

Jennifer: Good. It's better if they hear from me anyway.

Billy: No, Jen. You cannot tell them.

Jennifer: You know what? I can't live like this. His mother's gonna ask me to speak at the funeral service. What do I say, no? I've got tons of things to say about Bryant. He was a wonderful person, but I'm not gonna pretend that he and I were gonna live happily ever after.

Billy: Jennifer, you --3BDF04D8.JPG

Jennifer: Hey. If I can tell him the truth about it, then I can tell his family.

Billy: No. You don't understand. Our family, you're either with us, or you're against us. There's no other way, and they'll hate you.

Jennifer: Well, I'll hate myself if I don't tell the truth.

[Knock at door]

Carly: Jack.

Jack: I just came by to make sure that you're all right, which I can see, so --

Carly: Are you okay?

Jack: Yeah. Tell Montgomery I'm sorry for his loss.

Carly: I will.

Jack: If you need anything, you know where to find me.

Carly: You, too.

Jack: I'll see you around.

Craig: You're sure that was Jack? Your conversation was unusually brief?

Carly: He says he's sorry about Bryant.

Craig: You okay?

Carly: Yeah, I'm okay. We make a fine pair.

Craig: I've been telling you that for months.

[Carly laughs]3BDF052F.JPG

Craig: Thanks for patching me up.

Carly: Again.

Craig: I'm gonna find out what Billy knows.

Carly: Just don't do anything crazy, okay?

Craig: I thought that was my charm.

Barbara: Thank you for the Police report. It was very useful.

James: I keep telling you, Barbara. Together, we can rule.

Barbara: All I care about is dispatching Rose D'Angelo.

James: Well, it's not gonna be that easy, is it?

Barbara: She is the one you meant, the one who will take Paul away?

James: She's one of them.3BDF0566.JPG

Barbara: What do you mean "one of them"? How many are there?

James: Enjoy your little victory, Barbara. This can wait.

Barbara: James --

Rose: Look, if you care about me, then you've got to help me do what I -- do what I need to do.

Paul: Okay. Anything, just tell me?

Rose: You've got to leave before I blow this.

Paul: Okay. All right. What's going on here, Rose?

Rose: Nothing, nothing. It's just that we shouldn't be doing what we're doing here, that's all.

Paul: What? We both want this, right?

Rose: That's not the point.

Paul: Then what is the point? You know, earlier, we were headed towards something that we both wanted, and then, my car gets broken into, and you've changed. What happened?3BDF059B.JPG

Rose: Nothing happened. It's just not gonna work.

Paul: Look at me. You look at me, and you tell me that.

Rose: I don't want you. Please -- please go.

Paul: This is crazy.

Rose: I know. My life is crazy.

Paul: All right. I'll go. This isn't over.

Rose: Oh, that Barbara Ryan -- I used to feel sorry for her. Not anymore.

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