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Isaac: Every waitress's answer to Norma Rae. Back again, huh?3BDDA771.JPG

Isaac: Bye, Bonnie.

Bonnie: The bar looks busy. Where's Bryant?

Isaac: Probably complaining about -- about having to make ends meet with just one trust fund. You know, you rich kids, you kill me with that, you know?

Bonnie: What do you know about being rich?

Isaac: Nothing. I know about working hard and running a business. And you have about three seconds to state yours. One --

Bonnie: I want --

Isaac: Two.

Bonnie: -- My old job back!

Isaac: Three?

Paul: Wow.

Rose: Paul.

Paul: If you keep looking like this, you're going to make it hard for me to be a gentleman. 3BDDA79E.JPG

Rose: O well, I'm glad you like it.

Paul: I like it all, Rose.

Rose: Thank you. I keep looking around, expecting to see my friends. You know, Bryant, he'd get a real kick out of this.

Paul: Yeah, Bryant used to work here. You want to go somewhere else?

Rose: No, no, no. It's kind of nice being around one of his hangouts. I don't think Ms. Walsh is going to get over it any time soon. I want to tell you, as a matter of fact, she gave me the job, Ms. Walsh. It's better than I thought.

Paul: That's great, Rose.

Rose: After all these months, you know? One minute I'm crying over Bryant. And the next minute, I'm pinching' myself, wondering' if I'm dreaming. I think that's why Lucinda came through finally, you know? Maybe after losing Bryant, she may have wanted to make every second count.

Rose: How do you do that? How do you make everything bad and sad just fade away?3BDDA7D9.JPG

Paul: Well, you do it to me. I'm just returning the favor.

Rose: For me?

Paul: Yeah. And -- this is for you, too.

Abigail: So, okay, you got angry at Billy. We're all angry right now.

Jennifer: Yeah, but then I practically threw him out of the cottage. And then as soon as he was gone, I just wanted him back. I mean, I don't know what to do. I never felt like this before.

Abigail: Just go easy on yourself.

Adam: Abigail, can we please stop treating Jen like she's going to fall apart? She never loved Bryant, and she'll probably be over Billy by Halloween.

3BDDA810.JPGJennifer: You know, if you hate me so much, Adam, you can always leave.

Adam: You know, that's the best idea I've heard all day.

Abigail: Adam, why are you being --

[Knock on the door]

Adam: It's open!

Jennifer: Billy.

Adam: You couldn't have at least waited till after Bryant's funeral to come see her?!

Abigail: Adam, cut it out!

Billy: It's okay. He's right. I know you guys don't want me here. I just came by to tell you that Aunt Sierra and Uncle Craig called. They want me to come to the cottage.

Jennifer: Did they say why?

Billy: Could be nothing. I just wanted to prepare you. Just in case they found out about us.

Sierra: For what? Bryant's not coming back. I just want to be where he was last.3BDDA845.JPG

Craig: All right.

Sierra: I know it sounds silly, but I just want to reach back in time to yesterday.

Craig: It doesn't sound silly. What happened?

Sierra: That's the first question I had when I saw this place.

Craig: I mean, when I came, it was a mess, but it was not like this. Are you sure Bryant did it?

Sierra: Who else?

Bonnie: You can fire me again in about an hour and a half, maybe even sooner. 3BDDA845.JPG

Isaac: Okay what's the game this time?

Jessica: Hi, sweetheart. Did you get my message?

Bonnie: Mom. Yes. Yes, I got your message, and I'm so happy you decided to drop by for a drink.

Jessica: So am I. I'm looking forward to a glass of wine served by my favorite waitress. And you know, I've been known to tip generously.

Isaac: A tip. That's interesting you should bring up tips. Isn't it, Bonnie?

Bonnie: Hilarious.

Isaac: It is, because it's almost like an invitation to discuss what's going on around here. Now, who wants to take that invitation, Bonnie, you or me?

Bonnie: Want to hear the boring tails of everything --3BDDA97F.JPG

Isaac: Fine, I'll fill her in.

Bonnie: Mom, I'm sorry, I don't work here anymore!

Jessica: What?!

Bonnie: Can we please talk about this privately?

Jessica: What happened to you working until Christmas? Until -- what happened about you learning a little responsibility? So what, somebody called and invited you to go grouse hunting for the weekend?

Bonnie: It's partridge season, Mom. And -- I didn't quit. I was fired.3BDDA9A2.JPG

Jessica: Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry. Well, when did this happen? Right before I came in?

Bonnie: A few days ago.

Jessica: A few -- and you're just telling me now? Why did he fire you?

Bonnie: Because he's a philistine. I mean, Mom, all I did was tell the other waitresses that we were underpaid. And so, we marched right up there and demanded a raise. And Isaac gave everyone else a raise and fired me! Because I stood up for my rights and the rights of my fellow workers, he deprived me of my livelihood. In fact, mother, I have a great idea. Let's sue.

Ben: Hey, Isaac.3BDDA9CF.JPG

Isaac: Hey, Ben. Listen, I forgot to call you. Things here are crazy. I can't hang out with you and Curtis tonight.

Ben: I was going anyway. I want to get right over to Tom and Margo's. Bryant was Margo's nephew.

Isaac: What about Bryant? I mean, what are you talking about?

Ben: You -- you don't -- I thought you're always on top of everything. You heard about the accident, the car crash out on 26? They were withholding the name until the family was notified, and it was Bryant.

Isaac: And here I am, giving him a hard time about not clocking in. The report said that the driver wasn't wearing a seat belt, is he okay?

Ben: Isaac, Bryant's dead.

3BDDAA03.JPGAbigail: There's no way that Craig and Sierra could have found out about you and Jen.

Jennifer: Well, there's -- one way. Lucinda came by the cottage after you left. We told her that Bryant and I had a fight.

Billy: Why'd you do that?

Jennifer: Because she wanted to know why he had trashed the place.

Abigail: Did you tell her everything?

Jennifer: By "everything" do you mean did I tell her that Bryant saw Billy and me together, and that's what set him off? No, of course not. But I -- I should have.

Adam: What you should have done was kept your mouth shut.

Jennifer: Why? Huh? I hate how we're all trying to hide the truth. What are we so guilty about? Huh? Making love is not murder. And -- and, yeah, Bryant might have seen us, but it certainly didn't make him commit suicide.3BDDAA27.JPG

Jennifer: Yeah, and what we do know is that he ran into a tree, and that it was an accident, Adam, okay? A stupid, horrible accident. Yeah, Bryant's dead, but we didn't cause it.

Billy: Yeah, and if Uncle Craig finds out -- you know, when things go wrong, he always has to have someone to blame, okay?

Jennifer: I'm not afraid of Uncle Craig, all right? He's already destroyed my mother, my parents' marriage, my whole family. What else can he take from me?

Adam: Okay, can we stop and think about what he's going to do to you for a minute and start thinking about Bryant?! You guys are going to steal the way people remember Bryant, just so you can wipe your own conscience clean. And you're not doing it for Bryant, either. If Bryant was alive, he would not want his folks to know about catching you two, because he'd be too embarrassed. But no, he's not here to stand up for himself, so you two, you just go tell the whole world that you made him into some sort of loser.

3BDDAA4B.JPGJennifer: So you think it's all right for his parents to be left completely in the dark about his life?

Adam: Oh, you're all of a sudden so concerned about what's right. In that case, why did you cheat on Bryant in the first place, Jen?! If you and Billy had just kept your hands off each other, none of this would have happened.

Billy: We never meant to lie to him, Adam, okay? None of this was intended -- not hurting him, not falling in love. It just happened. I took one look at Jen, and there was no turning back. Jen, no matter how hard I try to fight this, I've loved you since the first time that I saw you.

Adam: You -- that kind -- do you think I'm an idiot? That kind of love does not happen in real life.3BDDAA85.JPG

Billy: Yes, it does. You've just never felt it.

Jennifer: Billy, wait. Wait. Wait. What are you going to tell Craig?

Billy: I don't know. The only thing that I'm clear on is that I've got to protect you, okay? Whether you like it or not.

Paul: Let's get out of here. 'Cause looking at you is giving me --

Rose: Impure thoughts? Like Sister Loretta used to say?

Paul: Something like that.

Rose: I'm having a couple of doozies of my own. We should probably stay here, you know? Java underground is much better than Lucinda's library or Mom's living room.

3BDDAB65.JPGPaul: A place of my own.

Rose: Well, now that I've got the job, I need to find an apartment. I could be in as soon as this weekend.

Paul: We could be alone before that.

Rose: Friday?

Paul: Tonight.

Ben: Excuse me, ladies. Isaac sends his apologies for the wait. He -- he's a little shorthanded right now.

Bonnie: Well, maybe he should keep the hand he has off his customers.

Jessica: Did you tell him?

Ben: About Bryant? Yeah.

Bonnie: What about Bryant?

Abigail: Why were you so mean to Jen and Billy?

Adam: Unless you want to fight, back off, 'cause I'm not in a very nice mood right now. 3BDDAB9C.JPG

Abigail: Looking for a fight, you are. Ever since Bryant died -- I know how terrible that you feel.

Adam: You don't -- you don't know anything about how I feel, Abigail.

Abigail: And whose fault is that? We're all sick about this, Adam. So instead of attacking people, just please let people in. Jen, she could use a brother right now.

Adam: Why are -- why are we all of a sudden so worried about Jen? She had a great guy and then she threw him away.

Abigail: She didn't. She just -- she just met Billy.

Adam: So all of a sudden Bryant isn't good enough.

Abigail: No, Bryant was wonderful. But he wasn't that one special person for her. Why does that have to be someone's fault? Why can't -- why can't it just be life?

Adam: Is that how it works, Abigail? Unless there's magic in the air or angels or singing, that means that that can't be that one special person? Just because he cares, that's not good enough.3BDDABCB.JPG

Abigail: You don't have control over -- wait a minute. This is about us. This is about us and Nick!

Adam: Drop it, Abigail.

Abigail: Wait. Why don't we fight about what's really bugging you?

Adam: I got to go.

Abigail: Wait, you think something's going on between Nick and me, don't you?

Adam: What am I supposed to think, Abi? You two are always together, alone. I mean, even Molly thought that there was something going on between you two.

Abigail: Great. Thanks. I told you about Molly because I thought you would understand she overreacted. I never thought that you would use it against me.

Adam: When did our project turn into yours and Nick's?3BDDABFC.JPG

Abigail: You are being incredibly immature about this, you know that?

Adam: Maybe it's not that I'm being immature. Maybe it's because you're too busy playing grown-up with Nick to remember what it's like to get stood up for a date.

Abigail: I explained what happened.

Adam: Okay, now make me believe it. You tell me that you weren't with Nick that night that you called off our date.

Abigail: I can't lie to you. I can't lie to you, Adam, yes. I was with him, but -- Adam! Adam, it's not what you think!

Craig: Cleaning up? At some point, there'll be a crew in here.

Sierra: Exactly, and they will sweep and scrub and wipe away every inch of my boy.

Craig: No.

Sierra: This is the last chance I'm going to have to go through every bit of this place.

Craig: And what?

Sierra: And find him. I'm looking for my son, Craig. You know, I talked to him a week ago. And he was telling me all about Jennifer and his new job and everything -- was so proud of the steps he was making. And somewhere in the last seven days, something made him so angry that he would destroy the place that he loved so much. I can't ask him what hurt him so badly. The only answers I'm going to get are right here.

3BDDAC79.JPGCraig: You think that'll bring him back?

Sierra: No. But it might tell me how I failed him.

Craig: You didn't --

Sierra: Listen, the only way I can survive this is if I know that I won't make the same mistake with Lucy. I won't be able to sleep at night if I think that I have missed something or that you have missed something.

Craig: You're -- you're blaming me?

Sierra: All these years, you don't know how well I know you. How much alike we are.

Craig: You and I are alike?

Sierra: We are when it comes to our children. To Bryant. I used to read to him and play with him and kiss him a million times. Try to fill him up with enough love for a lifetime. A lifetime. Our son is dead, and he was barely 21. Barely an adult. He still needed me, and I didn't know it.

Craig: Hey, this wasn't your fault.3BDDACC8.JPG

Sierra: Then whose was it?

Craig: It was mine. You weren't here, I was. You couldn't have the chance to say the things that night that might have --

Sierra: Stop it. Come on now. When it's come to our children, we have shared the responsibility. Let's not stop now. Let's not be afraid to find out everything we can.

Craig: Oh, Sierra, I think there are things about Bryant's death that you're better off not knowing.

Sierra: You lied.

Craig: No. No, I mean, maybe I should have told you earlier --

Sierra: But you didn't.

3BDDAE0D.JPGCraig: But it's about what happened the last time I saw Bryant.

Sierra: There was something. But you know, I don't think I want to hear it.

Craig: It's a part of what happened the night --

Sierra: How big a part?

Craig: I don't know. I'm not sure. I came by, I brought some papers, some transfer papers, for Bryant's trust fund.

Sierra: You didn't. You didn't go to your son and ask him for money?

Craig: It was a loan.

Sierra: What, make him responsible for your life? Your livelihood? Why couldn't you swallow your pride this one time and come to me?

Craig: Well, it wasn't like that.3BDDAE37.JPG

Sierra: Well, what was it like? Listen, no more lies. I want to know everything. You said you knew that he was upset. Do you think it's because you asked him for money?

Craig: No. No, no, no, he wasn't angry at me. I -- I asked him -- I said, "do you want time to think this over?" He said, "no," he shrugged it off. He said, "I don't want the money. Take -- take the money."

Sierra: So in other words, you just heard what you wanted to hear. Did you even bother to ask him why he was so happy to give you a fortune?

Craig: No, I asked him what was wrong!

Sierra: But did you want to know the answer or did you just want the money? You know, you had no idea what state Bryant was in, did you?

3BDDAE5E.JPGCraig: No. No. No.

Sierra: I know you're hurting over this. And I know that you wish that you had done things differently, because you always do. And I always understand. But I can't understand this time. You let our son down the last minutes of his life. You know, our son is dead, and all I wanted was to grieve with you. I can't do that. You're going to have to work through this guilt by yourself. 'Cause I cannot -- cannot comfort you.

Hal: Adam. Hey. I didn't see you.

Adam: Hi.

Hal: Where's Jen?

Adam: She's out getting Will.

Hal: Oh. And Abigail?3BDDAEAE.JPG

Adam: She's in the living room, studying.

Hal: While you're sitting in the kitchen in the dark.

Adam: Yep.

Hal: Sounds like a fight to me. Well, I guess it couldn't have been too bad. Nobody walked out.

Adam: Actually, I did. I just came back.

Hal: What'd Abigail say when you came back?

Adam: Nothing, she's not speaking to me.

Hal: Women do that when men act stupid. Did you act stupid?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, I've been -- I've been looking for a fight all day. And I finally got one, you know?

Hal: Ah, the Munson men's technique for dealing with pain. Since the book's not out yet, I'm going to tell you how it ends -- you go in there, you suck it up, and you tell her you're sorry. She'll understand.

3BDDAEE3.JPGAdam: No, Dad, I can't. She broke a date with me to go hang out with this older guy, you know? And then she lied about it.

Hal: What were they doing? Were they on a date?

Adam: Um -- no, they were working. But it's the principle of the thing, you know?

Hal: Principle. Adam, principles like that can lead to a lot of lonely nights. Now, what did Abigail say? Oh, come on, you did give her a chance to explain it, didn't you?

[Adam sighs]

Adam: I'm a big jerk, Dad.

Hal: Well, that's hereditary, but you'll grow out of it.

Adam: Oh, no, see, right there, that's the thing. This guy that she's been hanging out with -- he's older and like a thousand times cooler than me. I mean, whenever I hang out around him, it's like I go from zero to stupid in five seconds.

Hal: No yep. Me. I'm the guy that sent the donkey to Barbara's wedding. Do you remember, huh?

Adam: Yeah, I do remember that, actually. I guess I'm ahead of the game if I don't send Abigail barnyard animals, so -- hey.

Jennifer: Hey.

Hal: Where's Will?

Jennifer: Oh, he begged to stay at his friend's house until you got home. He was pitiful, actually. Dad, I'm really worried about him. He's been through too much. First the whole thing with Mom, and now Bryant --

Hal: I know. I'll go get him.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Adam: I should go with you.

Hal: Well, that's all right. I can -- okay.

Adam: See you later, okay?

Jennifer: Bye, Dad.

Hal: Bye-bye.

Abigail: You want some tea?

Jennifer: Yeah, if you're making some, that'd be great. Is everything okay with -- with you and Adam? I don't know, things seemed kind of tense before. What's up with --

Abigail: What's the matter?

Jennifer: Um -- [Sighs] this letter -- it's from Bryant.

Rose: And I forgot my toothbrush. Which is like, you know, number six reason why we shouldn't do this tonight.3BDDAF91.JPG

Paul: And they all stink. So why don't you tell me the real reason?

Rose: All right. Look at us. Look at the two of us, you and me. I mean, we're -- we're so different, you know? We're like cats and dogs.

Paul: What are you saying, Rose?

Rose: What I'm saying is -- you know, sex changes things. And what if that's the only thing that these two people have in common? And what do we do after that?

Paul: You know what bugs me? When you underestimate yourself. But what really bugs me is when you underestimate my feelings for you.

Rose: Feelings? You have feelings? For me? All right, let's say that you do have feelings for me. Can you elaborate on what those are?

Paul: You, you've been --

3BDDAFBD.JPGRose: That "guardian angel" thing again, that?

Paul: Yeah. You sick of it yet?

Rose: No. But can a guardian angel be an erotic fantasy, too?

Paul: I hope so. But you're more than my angel. And more than my fantasy.

Rose: Yeah? Well, what am I?

Paul: Mine. Meant for me. Somebody up there decided to cut me some slack and give me a break from a lifetime of responsibility. I went to Nepal to climb mountains, trying to see a miracle. Now all I have to do is look at you.

Rose: You know what? If I kiss you the way that I want to kiss you right now, we're going to spend the first night we have together in jail.

Paul: Are you -- are you sure?3BDDAFF4.JPG

Rose: Check.

Paul: Okay --

Rose: You were saying?

Paul: No, I -- I just -- okay, um -- let's go.

Jessica: How you doing?

Bonnie: Mom, I'm so stupid. The last time I walked out of here all high and mighty -- that was the last time I saw Bryant.

Jessica: Sweetheart, you couldn't have known that.

Bonnie: But I didn't even get a chance to tell him how much I liked him.

Jessica: Listen, I'm on my way over to Tom and Margo's. Why don't you come, and you could tell them?

3BDDB0DE.JPGBonnie: Later. Right now, I think there's something I need to do.

Jessica: Okay. Employed, unemployed, you know I love you, right? I'll check with you later. Okay.

Bonnie: What can I get you to drink?

Customer: A watermelon martini and a scotch neat.

Bonnie: Right. Scotch first. Scotch is easy.

Isaac: What are you doing back here?

Bonnie: Just one rich kid filling in for another. You have a problem with that?

Isaac: I have a problem with you. Do you even know what a watermelon martini is?

Bonnie: No, but how hard can it be?

Isaac: Out of my way.

Bonnie: I can do this! I'm smart. I can learn. I just want to try to help out. Please?

3BDDB130.JPGSierra: You think Billy would want Bryant's jacket?

Craig: You better check with Lucy.

Sierra: I don't think I could take it if she was wearing her brother's favorite jacket every day. You think she'd mind if I gave it to Billy? Did you find anything in Bryant's papers?

Craig: No. And that might be a problem.

Sierra: Why?

Craig: Because what's missing is the bank document I brought to transfer funds to my account.

Sierra: What happened to it?

Craig: Um -- if it's just misplaced, that's one thing, but -- if Bryant's trust fund was the last thing on his mind when he -- when he had that accident, I put it there.

3BDDB16E.JPGAbigail: There's no stamp on it.

Jennifer: I know.

Abigail: There's no return address.

Jennifer: I know!

Abigail: What does that mean?

Jennifer: Well, it means that he wrote it and stuck it in my mailbox before the accident. Probably right after we spoke.

Abigail: Well, all the more reason to open it.

Jennifer: Yeah, but what if it's a suicide note, Abi? What if he actually meant to run into that tree? What if -- I know I've been saying that that's impossible, but what if I'm wrong, I mean, what if he was --

Abigail: He never would do that to you. He would never do that to me or his family, to any of us.

Jennifer: How can you know?

Abigail: By opening this.

Jennifer: That's addressed to me.

Abigail: These are the last words that Bryant ever wrote, so either you're going to read it or me. It's not a suicide note.

Jennifer: Um -- could you read it out loud?

Abigail: "Jen -- don't try calling me when you get this letter. You'll understand if I want to live my life without hearing from you for a while. We'll probably run into each other around town. That's unavoidable."

Jennifer: What's the matter? Does it -- is it bad?

Abigail: No. It just doesn't make any sense. It says -- "you've never really been crazy about the gifts I've given you. So I'm holding this -- hoping this one will make an impression." What gift?

Jennifer: I don't know. Unless there's something else in the envelope, but -- what's this? Oh, my God.

Abigail: What?

Jennifer: Well, this is about Bryant's trust. But millions of millions of dollars. My name's on the -- on it. Abi, Bryant left all of his money to me.

Bonnie: Has it been ten minutes already? Sorry, I lost track of time.

Isaac: No, it's okay. It's okay. Just coming by to tell you that my backup bartender finally got here. And I appreciate what you did for me tonight, filling in for Bryant. It was really a nice way to honor him.

Bonnie: Greeting card moment if I'd actually been thinking about Bryant.

Isaac: Okay, what were you thinking about?

Bonnie: Myself. That's what rich princess brats do.

Isaac: Tell me more.

Bonnie: I wasn't thinking about Bryant or how I miss him, or what a great guy he was. Or the fact that even though he was rich, everyone still liked him. Everyone liked him -- the staff, the customers. And I was just jealous.

Isaac: People will come around on you, too.

Bonnie: I don't know when. Since I don't have the agony of working here anymore, I certainly won't be dropping in.

Isaac: Especially since I was about to accept your apology and offer you your old job back.

Bonnie: I didn't apologize.

Isaac: But you were about to. Weren't you?

Bonnie: Yes. Yes, I'm sorry. And thank you again for another chance.

Isaac: That sounds a lot like Bryant. You got possibilities, McKechnie.

Bonnie: So do you, Isaac. Especially if you rethink your wardrobe.

Isaac: Thanks.

[Knock at door]

Craig: It's Billy.

Sierra: Billy. Thank you for coming.

Billy: Hey, it's the least I can do.

Sierra: Craig and I wanted to talk to you. What is it?

Billy was here.

Craig: You were here?

Billy: Yeah. I mean, I was here, and I came with --

Sierra: It's okay. I know why you came. Same reason I did. I wanted to be where Bryant was.

Billy: Yeah, I mean, I came back to clean up things. I guess you guys beat me to it. So what is it you want to talk to me about?

Craig: Bryant.

Sierra: And what happened.

Billy: I don't know what happened.

Craig: When was the last time you saw him?

Billy: A couple hours before the accident. When I told him I was heading out of town.

Craig: How was he?

Billy: He was -- Uncle Craig, where are you going with this?

Craig: Tell me about Bryant, how he was. Was he agitated, did you think?

Billy: No, he was fine. Everything was cool. He wasn't mad at me for leaving at all.

Craig: Leaving? Why were you still in Oakdale hours after the accident?

Billy: I was saying my good-byes to everybody. And it got late, so I just figured I'd stay over at Aunt Margo's and leave the next morning.

Sierra: Listen, I know it sounds like we're interrogating you. And we're not. We are just trying to find out what happened. Listen, I am glad that you stayed because Craig and I would like to ask you a favor.

Billy: I'll do anything for you guys. Bryant was the best.

Sierra: Well, we'd be grateful if you would give Bryant's eulogy.

Billy: No. I can't do that.

Abigail: So are you gonna tell your dad about this?

Jennifer: I don't know. Once this news gets out, it's gonna be a little bit crazy for a while. [Sighs] Could you keep this between us just for a little bit, till I can figure out what to do?

Abigail: Yeah. Just call me if you need anything.

Jennifer: I will. Thank you, Abi. You have been so amazing.

Bryant: "My dad brought me these papers because he wanted me to sign my trust fund over to him. and I started to, but I couldn't. Because, in my head, it's your money, Jen. I kept it so we could have good life together. And now that we're not gonna have that life -- do whatever you want with the money. If you want to give it back to your mom, go ahead. If you want to use it to make my dad's life miserable, be my guest. Just don't try to give it back to me. Because it would always remind me of you. And that I wasn't what you wanted."

[Phone ringing]

Rose: Expecting a phone call?

Paul: Hmm-mm. No.

[Phone ringing]

Rose: Next time get a clip-on tie, would ya?

Paul: Oh, yeah.

[Phone ringing]

Rose: What?! Sorry. Hold on, yeah. Front desk.

Paul: Yeah? When? Oh. Uh -- no. No, just -- no, just leave it. I'll take care of it in the morning. No, no, just leave it. The car alarm will turn itself off, okay? All right? Oh, God. Uh -- yeah. Okay. Fine! Fine, I'll be there. I'll be right down. The manager, I gotta -- mm -- somebody busted my windshield. I gotta take care of it. I'll be -- I'll be right back, okay?

Rose: All right. I'll be waiting. Oh, boy! Oh, honey. If you like the dress, you're gonna love what's underneath. What does every self-respecting Jersey girl have in her purse? No. Perfume.

[Knock at door]

Rose: So soon? Surprise! Ahhh! My God.

Barbara: Right back at you, Rose.

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