ATWT Transcript Friday 10/26/01


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 10/26/01

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Emily: I know you're back there.  Are you enjoying yourself? 

Hal: Well, I might have seen a nicer landscape in my life, but I just can't remember when. 

Emily: Good answer.  Come here, I gotta share a little secret with you. 

Hal: Oh, another one?  I can't wait. 

Emily: Mm-hmm.  You see, in public, I'm all cottage cheese, fruit salad, never eat a thing.  But in private, when I'm relaxing, I like food, Hal.  You know, real food.  Roasted potatoes and chicken ricotta. 

Hal: Oh, the supermarket, I promised I'd go, and I will, I promise. 

Emily: And you promised real food, Hal, not hot dogs and pickle chips.

Hal: Will likes pickle chips.  I'm sorry. 

Emily: I'm doing the grocery shopping. 

Hal: Oh, no, you're not. 

Emily: Oh, yes, I am. 

Hal: Because that means I'm gonna have to let you out of my sight, and I'm not gonna do that. 

Emily: Hey, are all law enforcement guys sweet like you? 

Hal: Nope. 

Emily: No? 

Hal: Just me.  You know, these last few months have been some of the hardest in my life, and the only thing that got me through it, the only bright spot was you. 

Emily: Oh.  I'm glad I could be there for you. 

Hal: And you've gotten me through a lot more.  You've gotten me through this nightmare with Bryant.  Adam, Jennifer, Abigail, Will, they need so much.  There's no way I could have handled it alone.

Emily: I just feel so sad for them.  To lose one of their own like that. 

Hal: You keep showin' me new things, Emily.  And the more I see, the more I like.  Well, so much for the overture.  Now, let's get on with the show. 

Emily: Hal.  Hal. 

Hal: What's the matter?  What? 

Emily: When you said you had something to say, I -- I thought it was gonna be about Barbara. 

Hal: Barbara?  Why? 

Emily: Because yesterday, at the hospital, she made a very big step back towards her family, and that changes things between us, Hal.  Don't pretend it doesn't. 

Paul: I'm not letting you get away from me.

James: I tried to tell you, Barbara.  Things change when you're not paying attention.  You've changed.  It's time to let go of the past.  It's also  time that you make sure that you don't lose your son. 

Rose: Look -- look, you shouldn't have to choose.  She's your ma.  She's your ma.  She gave you life.  She taught you how to butter your bread and do all the things that moms do.  I would never, ever expect you to choose me over her. 

Paul: Well, if I have to, I will, Rose.  I'm -- that's how much you mean to me. 

Rose: Look, this is not a fair fight.  I mean, your ma, she has every right to lean on you right now.

Paul: Well, Rose, you've made me happier than I've been in so long. You're not gonna turn my back on that, not for anybody. 

James: Not very smart of our son. 

Barbara: It's her.  She's distorted his thinking. 

James: You can stop them, Barbara.  I've given you that power. 

Barbara: Will this work? 

James: It will work. 

Barbara: I'm not a cruel person, not like you, James.  I was hoping I didn't have to use this against Ms. D'Angelo, but if they give me no other choice -- so be it! 


Craig: I wanted to call you sooner. 

Sierra: But you shut yourself off from the world like you always do.  You need to find somebody you can open up to.

[Sierra notices Carly for the first time]  Where you gonna go?

Craig: Carly was kind enough to come by when I got home from the hospital. 

Carly: I am so sorry about your son.  I should go.  Call me if -- no, I'll call you. 

Sierra: Wait, wait, wait.  I'd like to say something.  

Sierra: I just want to thank you for helping Craig through this difficult time. 

Carly: We're friends. 

Sierra: Well, Craig doesn't express his feelings easily, so it's nice he's found someone to understand him. 

Carly: I do the best I can.  Look, you two should be alone. 

Craig: Thank you, Carly. 

Carly: I'll see you. 

Craig: I'm sorry you -- you had to hear this from Lucinda.  

[Craig weeps]

Lucinda: What could've gone so wrong, kid?  What could've made you call your father?  And, Craig, where were you when your son needed you the most?

[Lucinda makes a phone call] Ah, Fenwick, it's me.  I'm still at the cottage.  Where did you take Miss Sierra when she left?  The Lakeview?  What d'ya know, Joe.  That's just the place I need to go. 

Emily: Remember at the hospital?  Barbara just got there, and you went to see her, and you were having a hard time getting through to her, and I -- I convinced you to go in there and just tell her outright that you loved her?

Hal: Yes.  And as I recall, she booted me out of the room. 

Emily: And she did.  And I acted all sympathetic and -- inside, Hal, I was so happy.  My insides were so happy.  It's so hard for me to really care about somebody, you know?  Because that means I know I gotta put that person first, and I don't do that so well.  But you -- you just make it so worthwhile every single time. 

Hal: Do I still love Barbara, that's what you're asking me. 

Emily: Yeah, that's what I'm asking you. 

Hal: I'd be lying if I said I didn't. 

Emily: You see, that's a problem.  That's just a small -- small problem, and I know you're having a really nice time with me, but you cannot deny that you are always gonna be hung up on this other woman.

Hal: What I feel for Barbara is reflex, Emily.  It's a memory of what once was. 

Emily: Once was, but that could change.  Admit it, it could change.  You know, that phone could ring, and it could be Barbara, miss three times isn't quite the charm, so let's -- let's go for four, Hal.  What would you do?  You would sweep me under the rugs with the rest of the crumbs on this floor. 

Hal: That is ridiculous! 

Emily: Which part is ridiculous? 

Hal: All of it. 

Emily: What if -- what if she showed up at that door, hm?  And wanted to take her son to a movie?  What's next?  She gonna invite you to a dinner date Saturday night?  What're you gonna do?  Would you be tempted?  Would you want to go?  I need an answer.  And I need the right answer.  And if you can't come up with it, then there's no need for you to go to the supermarket, 'cause you don't need to stock up on food for my sake.

Paul: I'm gonna tell my mother that I won't tolerate any more interference from her. 

Rose: Oh --

Paul: Okay?  I'm gonna lay down the law. 

Rose: Oh, please, I mean, I know Barbara.  I've dealt with Barbara.  You might as well say it to that wall. 

Paul: Yeah, well, she'll get the message, okay?  If she doesn't get it the first time, the second, third, whatever it takes. 

Rose: You know, why are you stirrin' up the pot here?  Why can't we just do what we want to do?  And not worry about anybody else? 

Paul: Well, it hasn't worked so far, has it? 

Rose: Give it time.  You know, soon maybe I'll look great in your ma's eyes.  Lucinda, after that board meeting, she said up and down, up and down, gonna put me on the payroll.

Paul: Well, it's about time.  If it weren't for you, she'd have lost her job and her company. 

Rose: Haven't worked out all the details yet, but it's not the week for that.  But I think she's gonna put her money where her mouth is.  Me.  Me!  A powerhouse in Corporate America.  Can you believe it? 

Paul: I'm so proud of you, Rose.  More so than usual. 

Rose: Thank you.  But the reason I brought it up is because now I'll be able to afford a place of my own. 

Paul: Mm. 

Rose: So we won't have to worry about anybody else. 

Paul: I can't wait. 

Rose: We'll make this about you and me, not Lucinda, not Barbara, not nobody.

Paul: Okay.  That's what I want, too.  All the way.  I don't see why we can't start right now. 

Rose: Hmm.  Here?  Um -- I mean, my calendar's wide open.  Sure, got a suggestion? 

Paul: Yeah.  Tonight, the Lakeview.  Lakeview Towers. 

Rose: Oh, tonight?  No place I'd rather be. 

Paul: Okay, great.  We'll start off at the Java for drinks, and then we'll drift over to --

Rose: On, no, no, no -- you know what?  Don't -- don't jinx it, all right? 

Paul: No?  There's nothing but good times ahead for both of us, okay?

Barbara: Paul?  Oh, Rose.  I didn't know it was you. 

Rose: Hi, Barbara.  I just came by to see how you were doing. 

Barbara: What made you think that was necessary? 

Rose: Well, when I came over here yesterday, I was a little -- a little overboard on my approach about Jennifer, and --

Barbara: Were you here yesterday?  I don't remember. 

Rose: I got it.  I got it.  I should --

Barbara: I didn't think it was necessary to say this, but you do not have an open invitation to drop in on a whim. 

Paul: Yes, she does. 

Rose: You know what?  It's all right.  You know?  I should.  That's -- it's proper.  I'll call ahead of time.  I -- I think it was great.  I'm very happy for you.  What you did at the hospital last night, that was great.  I'm happy for you and for your family, that you're coming together like that.

Barbara: I'll note it in my diary. 

Rose: I'll see you tonight? 

Paul: Yeah.  Of course. 

Rose: Good luck.  Good-bye. 

Barbara: You two have another date? 

Paul: Yes.  We're going to the Java for drinks.  And then, after that, who knows? 

Barbara: Well, try not to be too late.  When I don't know where you are, I can't sleep.  I worry. 

Paul: Let me put your mind at ease, Mom.  I'll be with Rose.  At the Lakeview.  All night. 

Hal: Did you just give me an ultimatum? 

Emily: Why don't we just call it a -- choice?

Hal: Is there a difference? 

Emily: Sure.  Sure, a choice is a place to start, and an ultimatum is a last resort. 

Hal: You've put a lot of thought into this, haven't you? 

Emily: I'm a journalist.  Words are my thing.  Will you stop avoiding the question, please?  Now, what would you do, say, if Barbara knocked on that door right now? 

[Knock at door]

Hal: Spooky. 

Emily: Yeah. 

Carly: Hi.  I -- I won't stay.  I just wanted to pick up Parker. 

Hal: Don't be silly.  Come in.  This is my other wife. 

Carly: Hey. 

Emily: Hi.

Carly: Well, thanks for bringing Parker over here. 

Emily: Sure. 

Carly: How did he do? 

Emily: Oh, please, he's an angel.  He's a perfect angel.  How's Craig? 

Carly: Well, I just came from his suite.  He's -- he's not doing very well. 

Emily: Is anybody with him? 

Carly: Sierra.  She just got here. 

Hal: Well, that's good.  They -- they need to be together now. 

Carly: I suppose so.  Yeah. 

Hal: How about you, Carly?  How are you keeping it together? 

Carly: I don't know.  I think I went numb about 12 hours ago. 

Emily: I can relate.

Hal: Parker's upstairs.  I'll get him. 

Carly: Okay. 

Emily: You know what?  I'll go.  Why don't you let me go?  And then you can stay down here and catch up. 

Hal: No, it's okay.  I'll get him. 

Carly: You look pretty comfortable here. 

Emily: Not as comfortable as I'd like to be. 

Carly: What does that mean? 

Emily: Oh, you know, the relationship boogie woogie.  Two steps forward, one step back. 

Carly: Right.  Yeah, I've danced that dance a number of times myself.  Hal would be a fool to let you go. 

Emily: I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  You sort of sounded like you liked me.

Carly: Well, you've shown me a lot the last few weeks.  Helping Craig and me and Hal and Hal's kids. 

Emily: Almost like a real human being, huh? 

Carly: Almost.   

[Emily laughs]

Emily: I don't know.  Maybe hanging around Hal's softening me up.  One of the good guys.  Don't tell him I called him one of the good –

Hal: Space shuttle Munson comin' in for a landing! 

Carly: In case you didn't know, that good guy is completely nuts about you. 

Emily: Yeah, he's nuts, all right. 

Hal: Wheels down.  Nose down. 

Carly: Hey. 

Hal: And I'll stop at Mommy. 

Carly: Come here.  Oh, boy, it's good to see you!  I missed you.  Did you have fun with daddy?  You ready to come home?  Good.  I'm ready to take you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Let me know if you hear anything, okay?

Hal: Bye. 

Carly: See ya. 

Hal: Bye. 

Carly: Bye-bye. 

Hal: You know what?  I could use a change of scenery.  Why don't we head out over to that little Italian place --

Emily: We are not going anywhere until you answer the question.  Now just pretend for a minute that that was Barbara instead of Carly.  What would you have done, Hal? 

Craig: Sorry I didn't pick you up at the airport. 

Sierra: My mother didn't pick me up, either.  She had her driver bring me out to the lake. 

Craig: Why'd she do that? 

Sierra: It was a Lucinda reason.  It's really not worth repeating.

Craig: Oh, Sierra, you have so much on your back now.  You don't need to haul Lucinda's baggage.  Oh. 

Sierra: She thinks that something happened between you and Bryant.  Something that -- well, it's the last thing in the world I wanna believe. 

Craig: She's trying to make this -- my fault? 

Sierra: She has Bryant's cell phone.  She knows this is the last number that he called. 

[Craig sighs]

Craig: Oh, at a time like this -- she doesn't know anything, Sierra! 

Sierra: Have you been seen the cottage, Craig? 

Craig: Yes.

Sierra: It's a wreck.  It's a total wreck.  There's furniture tipped over, lamps are broken and supposedly Bryant is to blame. 

Craig: So she thinks he flew into a rage because of me. 

Sierra: Craig, I have spent so many years trying to ignore what my mother says about you.  But I can't ignore this.  Did he call you?  If you know something, anything, no matter how awful, you have got to tell me. 

Craig: I went to see him at the cottage a few hours before -- and he was

[Craig sighs] -- distracted. 

Sierra: What do you mean by "distracted"? 

Craig: Well, he was -- it was one-word answers, staring off into space.  I asked him what was bothering him, and he wouldn't give me an answer.  You know?  And we were doing so well.  I really thought things were getting better.

Sierra: Sorry. 

Craig: You know, we met a few weeks ago.  We had some beers.  We were smoothing things out.  We had something to build on, you know?  Even that -- we had something to build on. 

Sierra: You said you noticed that there were things that were bothering him.  I think -- I think we owe it to him and to ourselves to find out what that is. 

Craig: I want to play you something. 

Sierra: What? 

[Craig sighs]

Craig: Uh -- Bryant left a message that night. 

Sierra: So Lucinda was right. 

Craig: No, just listen.  Um -- this isn't very easy to hear.  Are you sure you want to?

Sierra: I need to know everything. 

Craig: Yeah. 

[Knock at door]

Craig: I'll get rid of them. 

Lucinda: Ah, is Sierra here with you? 

Craig: Yes, but we want to be alone. 

Lucinda: Please.   Please.  She's my daughter, all right?  Dear, are you all right?  I thought maybe you might need me. 

Sierra: No, you didn't.  No, you didn't. 

Lucinda: What are you talking about? 

Sierra: You believe that Craig had something to do with Bryant's death.  And you didn't trust me to ask him about it, so you wanted to come here and make sure that you did it yourself.

Lucinda: All right, darling.  Have you asked him? 

Sierra: He was just about to play a phone message for me that Bryant left him last night. 

Lucinda: Oh, great.  I guess I got here just in time. 

[Bryant’s answering machine message is played]

[Message beeps]

Bryant: Hey, dad?  Dad, I need you.  Look, I don't know what to do.  I've got all these crazy thoughts in my head.  And I need help. Call me, please? As soon as you can. 

[Message beeps]

Sierra: Why couldn't you have been here for him?!  Why?!  He needed your help, and he was reaching out to you, and you weren't here!  You weren't here!

Craig: Sierra, I asked myself that question 1,000 times.  But I wasn't here, okay?  I was not here.  And we don't know what would've happened had I been here.  Okay?  Worrying about it will make it worse. 

Sierra: How could it get any worse? 

[Sierra sobbing]

Craig: Lucy needs us. 

[Sierra moans]

Craig: Does she know?  Does Lu -- is she still on that trip? 

Sierra: Brazil.  She was so excited.  I didn't tell her about the accident because the doctor said that he was gonna be fine.  I thought she could just come visit him when -- when he got better.

Craig: Okay.  Okay. 

Sierra: I guess I can't put it off any longer now. 

Craig: Yes, no, we'll tell her together.  Okay?  We'll tell her together. And we will hold her, and we will love her, and we will not let go. 

Sierra: You were wrong, mother.  Bryant did call Craig, but he was reaching out for help. 

Lucinda: It certainly appears that way, dear.  But one -- one can never be certain. 

Sierra: Would you stop it?!  My son has died.   Please.  You are not gonna use him as a weapon.  You're just not gonna do it!  I'm not gonna let you!

Hal: I'm not a 50% kind of guy, Emily.  I give 100%, and that's exactly what I've been giving to you and what I intend to keep giving. 

Emily: What if Barbara comes back? 

Hal: She won't. 

Emily: What if she does? 

Hal: I will tell her that this house is hers, that she belongs with the children, but that I am not part of that package.  Not anymore. 

Emily: But you've gone back to her so many times.  What makes you think you won't do it again? 

Hal: I love Barbara, Emily.  I always will.  But she is in my past.  And I am through looking backwards, Emily.  I am stakin' my claim in the future.  And the future -- is you.

Barbara: I don't wanna argue about Ms. D'Angelo any longer.  If you wanna waste your time on her, you can go right ahead. 

Paul: I'm glad you understand that because I don't wanna have this conversation again. 

Barbara: Neither do I. 

Paul: Good. 

Barbara: All I ask, Paul, is that you inform me when you are finished with her so I know when I can start breathing again. 

Paul: Rose is special to me, Mom.  She's been a great friend.  And you, of all people, should see that. 

Barbara: The woman is using you.  She's going to hurt you until there's nothing left. 

Paul: Look, if Rose and I don't stay together, it's because we tried and failed. 

Barbara: Well, then try all you want.  I haven't done anything to stop you.

Paul: I know that's not true. 

Barbara: Meaning what? 

Paul: Meaning I know about the deal you made.  You agree to vote your shares with Lucinda -- she agrees not to see me anymore. 

Barbara: I saw it as an opportunity to help you.  My only regret is that Rose didn't keep her end of the bargain. 

Paul: I'm not a child anymore, Mom.  And there are a few things I won't forgive.  Hurting Rose is one of them.  And hurting my chance to love her is another. 

Sierra: Apologize, mother.  I want to hear you say it. 

Lucinda: I am not the enemy, Sierra, dear.  I am grieving for your son, just like you. 

Sierra: No.  Not just like me.  I would never come into the home of a man who had just lost his son and float some theory that he was somehow to blame.  Only you could do that, mother.  Only you could be that insensitive.

Lucinda: We can continue this at home.  Are you ready to go? 

Sierra: No. 

Craig: You wanna stay here? 

Sierra: If you don't mind. 

Craig: We have a lot to do. 

Lucinda: You could have absolute privacy in my home. 

Craig: We're fine. 

Lucinda: All right.  Fine.  I'll have Fenwick leave your bags downstairs.  And just -- keep me posted as to your plans.  And, Craig, um -- I am sorry if I -- overreacted. 

Craig: I think we're all looking for answers. 

Lucinda: I loved your son.  I loved him very much. 

Craig: He loved you, too. 

Lucinda: Craig -- take care of my girl. 

Sierra: What do we do now?

Craig: Well -- we could make a list of things to do. 

Sierra: So is that all that's left?  Just calling people and telling them that my son is dead?  How can I do that when I can't even accept it myself? 

[Sierra sobbing]

Emily: Call me a name. 

Hal: Emily. 

Emily: No, not that kind of name.  Come here.  A nasty name. 

Hal: Emily, that's kinky.  I'm not sure I'm into this. 

Emily: Oh, come on.  I got a feeling you have it in you.  Try. 

Hal: Muckraker. 

Emily: Muckraker?  That's as good as you can do? 

Hal: Dirty muckraker.

Emily: Oh, would you come on?  Give it to me!  Come on.  Let's have it. 

Hal: You cheap, muckraking, would do anything with anybody for the right price, no good, lying -- hey, I wasn't finished. 

Emily: I get the idea. 

Hal: But I thought --

Emily: We're through.  Don't you see what just happened here? 

Hal: Not a clue. 

[Emily giggles]

Emily: We had a fight. 

Hal: Which is a good thing because? 

Emily: Because now we get to make up.  I'm so sorry I slapped your sweet little face.  Let me kiss it and make it all better. 

Hal: And I'm so sorry I called you all those nasty names.

Emily: Yeah. 

Hal: Is that it? 

Emily: Mm, not quite. 

Hal: Oh, I get it.  I get it.  We had a fight.  We made up.  And now we get to enter the wonderful world of --

Both: Make-up sex! 

Emily: Only if it'll make you feel better. 

Lucinda: Rose? 

Rose: Hi. 

Lucinda: What are you doing behind my desk? 

Rose: Uh, sorting the mail.  Didn't want it to pile up. 

Lucinda: Oh, honey, put it down.  Put it down.  Anyway, the business world is not gonna be spinning today. 

Rose: Ah, yeah, I just I thought it might be something for you to keep your mind off Bryant and -- if that's even possible, you know.

Lucinda: Well, you look very --

Rose: Huh? 

Lucinda: Where have you been?  Before you came here? 

Rose: After the hospital, I went to see Barbara Ryan. 

Lucinda: Really?  Why? 

Rose: Because I -- I wanted to see how she was doing because I went over yesterday to tell her that she should go down and talk to her daughter and -- kinda laid it into her pretty good, so I wanted to make sure she was all right. 

Lucinda: Is that what you were doing last night? 

Rose: Yeah. 

Lucinda: My heavens.  You're a veritable guardian angel. 

Rose: Thank you. 

Lucinda: Does Barbara -- was she appreciative?

Rose: No.  No, it didn't seem that way at all because she came back and she saw me kissing her son.

[Lucinda laughs] I mean, really kissing him. 

Lucinda: Oh, I guess you're an item, you two. 

Rose: Oh, we're working on that, yeah.  We're getting to that point, you know?  Might not be home for breakfast tomorrow.

[Lucinda laughs]  You know what I'm saying?  Is that too soon?  Too disrespectful to what's going on here? 

Lucinda: Honey, I think Bryant would be thrilled, okay?  And I am, too.  I am, too.  I'm very fond of you.  I have great affection for you. 

Rose: Thank you.

Lucinda: I certainly have grown to depend upon you.  You are my new protégé.  My heavens. 

Rose: Oh, protégé?  Nice words, isn't it?  It's pretty. 

Lucinda: I don't know what else to call you, darling. 

Rose: Okay, let's go with protégé.  And protégé -- when does the protégé get a paycheck?  A vacation here and there, maybe?  Part of the Christmas grab bag? 

Lucinda: I told you, darling.  You must realize that there are responsibilities, though, that go with those benefits. 

Rose: Yeah, of course.  I'll be there first thing in the morning -- turn the lights on.  That's how -- I'll be right there, first thing.

Lucinda: I have one -- oh, it's just a trifle that I worry about with you.  It's your impulsive nature. 

Rose: Oh, the embarrassment?  You're worried that I'm gonna embarrass you, right? 

Lucinda: At our level in the business world, you know, people -- they'll do anything.  I mean, and if there's anything that could be held against you and they could get to me through you -- don't worry!  -- They will not hesitate. 

Rose: No, I mean, you see this?  Look, it's the 21st century Rose here.

[Lucinda laughs] No nail polish.  Toned down, the whole thing. 

Lucinda: I noticed.  I missed the nail polish, but I noticed -- I like it, actually.  You just have to know that you'll -- you'll have to stand up to scrutiny.

Rose: Look, I've been waiting for a chance like this my entire life.  Please.  I mean, I won't let you down. 

Lucinda: That's all I wanted to hear, darling.  Welcome to Worldwide Industries.

[Lucinda holds out her hand to Rose. Rose is shocked] You don't want the job anymore? 

Rose: This is it?  Right here?  I'm in? 

Lucinda: Contracts by the end of the week. 

[Rose gasps]

[Rose finally shakes Lucinda’s hand]

Rose: Thank you!

[Lucinda laughs] Thank you very much! 

Lucinda: I look forward to working with you, Ms. D'Angelo.  And working on our company. 

Rose: Our company?  Oh, that is music to my ears.  I have one question. 

Lucinda: Yeah?

Rose: This job?  What is it? 

Lucinda: I can't imagine anything less than Vice President. 

Sierra: I just can't do this anymore. 

Craig: Well, we can stop.  I just thought it would be better to just stay busy than -- not. 

Sierra: You know, the whole way from Florida I was thinking of all the things I was gonna do.  I was gonna rent movies and play cards.  I was even gonna learn how to make chicken soup. 

Craig: Well, I think just having you here would've been enough for him. 

Sierra: If only I had moved back here when he did.  Maybe I would've been the first person he called, and I would've been home.  And everything -- everything would've come out different.  

[Craig sighs]

Craig: We don't know what would have happened.  But I know that our son would not want you doing this to yourself. 

Sierra: I wanna go back to the cottage. 

Craig: Why? 

Sierra: It's the last place he was.  I feel closer to him there. 

Craig: Are you sure?  Aren't you torturing yourself? 

Sierra: I'm not ready to stop being his mother.  Maybe I'll be able to say good-bye there. 

Hal: All right, that does it.  Upstairs.  Let's go. 

Emily: No, no, no, wait.  Wait, wait, wait, wait. 

Hal: Wait?  Why? 

Emily: Mm, you're even better at this than I thought you were.

Hal: Yeah, well, what do you say next time we skip the fight and the name-calling and get straight to this part? 

Emily: Well, are you sure there's gonna be a next time? 

Hal: You're gonna pay for that. 

[Emily laughing]

Emily: Come on! 

Hal: I got a few ideas of my own, Emily. 

[Emily laughing]

Rose: Wait!  Wait, wait! 

Lucinda: What? 

Rose: Vice President.  Of what? 

Lucinda: We'll find something.  But you will not be disappointed. 

Rose: Oh, neither will you.  I promise, I'll work my -- I'll be a great asset.  Great asset to you and your company.  You will never regret signing me on.  I promise.  

[Knock at door]

Mitzi: Excuse me. 

Rose: Hey! 

Mitzi: Heard you come in.  Ms. Walsh, I just wanted to express my sympathy for your loss. 

Lucinda: Thank you, darling.  Thank you.  Okay.  Well, congratulations again.  And feel free to tell your friends. 

Mitzi: Tell me what? 

Rose: I was so worried that Ms. Walsh was never gonna give me that job at Worldwide.  That she'd string me along until I gave up? 

Mitzi: Yeah? 

Rose: Well, I got it all wrong.  All wrong.  Just now, I am now officially working for Worldwide industries.

Mitzi: No! 

Rose: No, I know.  I can't believe it myself.  I'm having a hard time.  And guess what my title is? 

Mitzi: I don't know.  Assistant something? 

Rose: No.  Vice President. 

Mitzi: Get out! 

Rose: I know!  I wouldn't lie about that, right?  No!  Vice President. 

Mitzi: You are somethin' else, Rose.  You went from the boardwalk to the boardroom in one giant leap. 

Rose: Oh, yeah.  I got -- yes.  But I gotta be very careful here.  I got a very small margin of error I gotta work with here.

Mitzi: Knowin' you, you won't need it.  Hey, listen -- you wanna celebrate?  On you, of course, now that you're makin' the big bucks. 

Rose: Ah, it's always on me, remember.  But, no, not tonight, 'cause I got plans.  With Paul.  It's strong, you know?  We're gettin' stronger than ever.  I mean, we're like -- I don't even wanna say it.  I'm afraid. 

Mitzi: What?  The real thing? 

Rose: Yeah.  I'm feeling it, too.  You know what he said to me today? 

Mitzi: Tell me.  I'm a sucker for a love story. 

Rose: He said, if he had to make a choice between me or his mom, he'd pick me.

Mitzi: He said that?  Why? 

Rose: Because I told him that his mom was causing problems with us.  And he'd have none of it.  What? 

Mitzi: You know that I want you to have it all, okay?  You worked hard, and you deserve it.  I'm just afraid that this thing with Paul isn't as solid as you think it is. 

Rose: Why not? 

Mitzi: It's -- mothers and their sons -- you don't wanna get between them. 

Rose: Hey!  No, I am the one -- I'm being good.  His mom, she's the one - - she's the one causing all the trouble, not me.  I'm being good.

Mitzi: I know, I know.  I'm just saying, if I were you, I would be prepared for anything. 

Barbara: I can understand how, on some level, Miss D'Angelo might be an evening's amusement.  But to suggest that you might love -- have you lost all sense of who you are? 

Paul: I don't have any commitment with Rose.  But I'm open to any possibilities. 

Barbara: There are no possibilities with her.  That's just the point. 

Paul: No, the point is it's my decision. 

Barbara: I thought we trusted each other's judgment, Paul! 

Paul: Yeah, we did.  We did, but I'm tired of having to justify myself for seeing Rose.  So from now on, you keep your opinions to yourself.  And you stop trying to keep me from seeing her.  Is that understood?  I love you.  I'll see you tomorrow.

Barbara: I will not let you make this mistake, my son.  And someday, you will thank me for it.

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