ATWT Transcript Tuesday 10/23/01


As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 10/23/01

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Mitzi: Ooh. Oh, oh, no!

Rose: Don't pick that up. Don't, stop it. Don't lift a finger in this place. I'm not lifting a finger, you're not lifting a finger. Nothing.

Mitzi: Wow. You're really steamed.

Rose: No, Iím cool. I'm so cool.

Mitzi: Yeah, as cool as Joe "bag of doughnuts" back in Atlantic City.

Rose: You know, I put myself on the line for that broad, Lucinda Walsh. I saved her company at any risk, right? Win at any costs. Win, win, win.

Mitzi: And you did.

Rose: No. Hello? She did. She won.

Mitzi: Look, I'm sure Ms. Walsh is upstairs right now dreaming up the greatest job in the world for you.

Rose: Oh, no, honey. No, I'm like a stooge at the circus cleaning up behind the elephants. I got no glory. No cheer in the center ring for that one.

Mitzi: I'm sorry, Rose. Hey, you got me! And take these chewy charms.

[Phone rings] oh, God.

Rose: What are you so jumpy for?

Mitzi: Who calls at this hour? Bad news. Bet so.

Rose: Oh, just stop with that. Oh, Cruella De Vil checking in.

Mitzi: Isn't she upstairs?

Rose: No, she's probably out with the suits celebrating. Rose the chump. You say, "jump," I say, "how high?"

Lucinda: Rose, I'm just calling to -- good grief. What on earth is -- ? What are you doing here?

Rose: You need something?

Mitzi: Oh. Ms. Walsh, I had nothing to do with this mess, okay? It was all rose's idea. But if you ask me, you didn't do what you said you were gonna do.

Rose: Can it. Just can it. Can it. What's the matter with you? You don't look so good. Ran into an old husband?

Lucinda: It's Bryant, Rose.

Billy: Hey, I put my stuff in Katieís old room. Adam, look, I'm sorry that you got pulled into this.

Adam: Hey, no problem. You just completely trashed Bryantís life, and now, he thinks that Abigail and I were in on it.

Billy: I'm gonna track Bryant down tomorrow and explain.

Adam: No, forget it, okay? I don't want you talking for me.

Margo: Hey, look, it's a family reunion. Billy's here.

Billy: Do you guys mind if I crash here tonight?

Margo: No, no, that's fine. Things getting crowded over at Bry's.

Tom: Bryant and Jen are young and in love. Three's definitely a crowd.

[Phone rings]

Margo: You know what? I'll get that. It's probably the station. Hello?

John: Hello, Margo. It's John. I've got to get a hold of Craig. Bryant's been in an accident, an automobile accident.

Margo: Is he okay?

John: He's in surgery at the moment.

Margo: Okay, well, I'm on my way. I'll get a hold of Craig, and I'll meet you at the hospital. John, Bryant will be all right, won't he?

Craig: Well, Bryant must have his cell phone turned off.

Carly: Well, that's too bad. Easy come, easy go.

Craig: Carly, the money's as good as mine.

Carly: Listen, behind door number one is Paul Ryan -- an honest, reputable business man offering me my own clothing line and a truckload of money to boot. Behind door number two -- well, there's you with yet another one of your get-poor-quick schemes. What shall I do? All or nothing? I think I'll take all.

Craig: Oh, come on, Carly. Paul is momma's boy. Barbara's the cheese. He can't give you the freedom you could have working for yourself. What, you're gonna do all the work, Barbara gets all the credit? You'll hate yourself.

Carly: If and when your son comes to me and tells me he's handing you $1 million to bankroll me, then I will think about it.

Craig: I will track him down and deliver him to you personally.

Carly: Good. Fair enough. And if you have that money -- and that is a huge if -- then I will tell Paul that I'm out, and he will have to get himself another designer.

Craig: This is gonna be the greatest adventure of your life, Carly. You will be the princess of 7th Avenue, and with me as your trusted adviser; you'll be able to command any price you want. The press is gonna run out of words to describe your genius, and the profits will come rolling in like the mighty Mississippi.

[Phone rings] oh, wait. It's probably Bryant now. It's gonna happen, Carly. I tell you, I can feel it. Bryant, your timing is perfect.

Margo: Craig, it's me. I just got a call from John at the hospital. Bryant's been in a car accident.

Craig: Is he all right?

Margo: John said that he's in surgery. I can't give you any other details.

Craig: All right. I'm on my way.

Carly: What? What's wrong?

Craig: It's -- it's Bryant. He's been in a car accident. He's in -- in surgery.

Carly: Can I do something? Is there --?

Craig: I've gotta get to my son.

Carly: Yeah. Just call me when you hear anything, all right? Anything. 

Adam: Where are you going?

Billy: Look, I've got to go find Jennifer.

Adam: You and Jen are the people who put Bryant in that hospital. Is it a coincidence that he had a wreck tonight? No. It's because he was too freaked out to be behind the wheel, and whose fault is that, bill, huh? Whose?

Margo: Okay. Are you guys ready to go?

Adam: Actually, Iím gonna go in my car. I'm gonna drive around and find Abigail and tell her everything that's going on.

Margo: Okay. I'll call you when I get to the hospital.

Tom: Okay, drive carefully.

Margo: Yeah, yeah. Billy, you want a ride with me?

Billy: No. I don't do too well in hospitals. I'm just gonna wait here with Tom until we hear more stuff.

Tom: All right. I'm gonna walk you to the car.

Margo: All right.

Adam: Congratulations. You finally thought about somebody else besides yourself for once.

Billy: Look, Adam, you've gotta promise me that if you get to that hospital and it's bad, then you've got to call Jen. Okay, no matter what has happened, she cares about Bryant, okay? Adam, come on. Do that for your sister, okay? Give her that chance.

Jennifer: Oh, you're up.

Hal: We have to talk.

Jennifer: Why?

Hal: Bryant had a car accident on Route 23. He's in the hospital.

Jennifer: Oh, my God.

Hal: I talked to the officers on the scene. The paramedics got there very quickly. He was conscious when they arrived.

Jennifer: That's good, right? That means that he'll be okay, dad?

Hal: It's a very good sign. They rushed him to memorial.

Jennifer: I have to go. I have to go see him. Will you take me, please?

Hal: Why do you think I was waiting up?

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: I didn't think you'd be back quite so soon.

Emily: I'm sorry. You didn't think who would be back so soon?

Carly: Get lost, Emily. I'm out of the headline-making business. You'll want to sift through some garbage, though, because I heard a guy across the courtyard is having an affair with our congresswoman.

Emily: Are you kidding me?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: You are pathetic.

Emily: Very funny, Carly. I'm actually looking for Craig.

Carly: He isn't here.

Emily: "Isn't here" as in "not here" or "not here, hiding in another room" not here?

Carly: Well, come in. Look for yourself. Snoop around. I know you want to look in the bedroom. It's that way.

Emily: So he's really not here? Because I heard on the police band that Bryantís been in a car accident.

Carly: He knows. Margo called him. He's on his way to the hospital now. Do you happen to know if it's serious?

Emily: A source of mine at the hospital said there was some internal bleeding. That's why he's in the O.R.

Carly: Do Hal and Jennifer know?

Emily: No, not yet.

Carly: Hal should know. I think he should know.

Emily: Wow. I'm really impressed.

Carly: I'm getting the machine, of course.

Emily: And the way you just turn on the compassion like that, it's just amazing.

Carly: Oh, stuff it! No, not you, Hal. Listen, it's Carly. Would you -- would you call me as soon as you get in? It's really important, okay? Thanks.

Emily: I could have done that, you know.

Carly: Well, Emily, I think he's much more likely to call back the mother of his son than his -- well, what exactly are you?

Emily: Friend, Carly. I'm a friend.

Carly: You're a friend? Okay., Then why don't you do us all a favor and act like a friend and just lay off Craig and his family tonight, all right?

Emily: All this from the candy striper who went after Julia Snyder in a psych ward? You know, it's really too bad your little fashion column didn't work out at "The Intruder." A girl like you could go far in my biz.

Carly: I do have my standards, Emily.

Emily: Yeah, well, I've made a killing on your standards, Carly.

Carly: Okay, well, we could stay here. Or we could -- we could exchange insults all night if we wanted to. Or you could just have a cup of coffee.

Emily: Is that a joke or an invitation?

Carly: It's gonna be a very long night, I think, and you did work overtime to save Craigís butt during the trial, so --

Emily: Yeah. Yeah, coffee sounds nice.

Carly: Good. Well, it's only half a cup. Hope that's okay, but I'll make some more.

Emily: Thanks.

Carly: So -- I take it that you and Hal have been spending quite a bit of time together, yeah?

Emily: And this is your business because?

Carly: Because underneath that bulldog scowl of his lies a heart of gold. And if everybody else in the world was gonna steamroll you, he'd be the first person to put out his hand and pull you to safety.

Emily: Yeah. I've noticed.

Carly: Just don't hurt him, okay?

Emily: You mean like you did?

Carly: He deserves some happiness.

Emily: Well, at last. Finally something we both agree on. {Carly moans]

Carly: Okay, I'm gonna make that pot of coffee. And if, when I come back, any of my pillows are out of place, I can tell you've been snooping around. You're gonna be wearing the entire pot.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: All right. I promise I won't touch a thing. You have my word -- as one natural blond to another.

Carly: I'm gonna make it decaf.

Craig: Where's my son?

John: Oh. Listen, I'm glad Margo found you. Your son is in surgery, but everything has been textbook so far.

Craig: What does that mean? And why didn't you call me?

John: I did. I called the penthouse.

Lucinda: You don't have to defend yourself to him, darling.

John: Unfortunately, I don't have your cell phone number.

Craig: Well, what's his condition?

John: His condition is serious but stable, all right? I just spoke with the O.R. they've got the bleeding under control, and they should be closing soon.

Rose: Oh, happy days.

Lucinda: This is when you say "thank you," Craig. Thank you, because John has been supervising Bryant ever since he came into the E.R.

John: He's not out of the woods yet. With the kind of injuries he has, there's always a possibility of complications.

Rose: Well, you don't expect any, though, right? I mean, they sew him up, and everything's gonna be okay.

Craig: What kind of complications?

John: There's infection, for one, and there's paralysis. But let's not invite trouble, all right? Come on. He's -- everything looks to be -- well, it's headed towards a good recovery. You've just got to give his body time to heal, and he should be fine.

Craig: Well, what do you know about the accident? Were there other victims?

John: As far as I know, it was a single-car accident. Bryant lost control. He went into a tree. But I don't have all the details.

Lucinda: Darling, when can we see him?

John: As soon as he's in recovery, I will come, and I will get the family. All right?

Craig: All right.

Lucinda: Hey, you can't use that thing.

Craig: I have to call Sierra.

Lucinda: She's on her way.

Craig: Did you call her?

Lucinda: As soon as I found out.

Craig: What did you tell her?

Lucinda: I told her the truth. I told her what happened. I mean, the truth is a foreign concept to you.

Craig: She's 2,000 miles away. She's gotta be terrified. I don't want her traveling.

Lucinda: This is his mother! She has a right to know.

Craig: Do you belong here?

Lucinda: Do I belong here? I think I do, because I'm his grandmother, all right? And I care about him. What, you want to have me hustled out of here, get me out of everything? Is that what you want?

Craig: All right, just -- just stay out of the way.

Lucinda: There will be some internal injuries around here if you go on like that.

Rose: People --

Lucinda: I've had enough of this.

Margo: Where is Bryant? Where is Bryant?

Rose: John said he's doing better. He's in surgery right now.

Margo: Oh, good. Thank God.

Rose: You got here just in time, because these two were gonna --

Margo: Oh, the two of you, please! Will you knock it off for Bryantís sake if nothing else?

Craig: Come here. I want to know everything the police have.

Margo: Well, I called the station on the way down. There were no other cars involved from the tire tracks. Apparently, he was traveling at a high rate of speed.

Craig: Was he drinking?

Margo: No, no. There's no alcohol, but Craig, he wasn't wearing his seat belt.

Craig: No, no, no. That's impossible. He always wore his seat belt. I drilled it into him from the moment he first got behind the wheel, and he was always -- and he was extra-cautious ever since the accident with parker.

Margo: I understand that, but I'm just telling you what they found at the scene. Look, I'm gonna call the state police and see what else they have.

Craig: Well, please do it fast, Margo, because something is very wrong here. I saw him just earlier tonight at the cabin, and the place was a mess. He wasn't himself. He was disconnected.

Margo: Well, did you talk to him?

Craig: Well, no. He didn't want to talk, and I was preoccupied with a business deal.

Margo: Oh, Craig --

Craig: Well, I had a proposition for him! I thought he was gonna be all over me about it, but he was resigned. He was just resigned to let me go. I shouldn't have left him like that. I should have made him talk to me at least.

Margo: That usually doesn't work too well.

Craig: I should have made him talk to me.

Margo: You know what? They're gonna let you see him soon, Craig, and Iím sure as soon as he's feeling better, he'll tell you what's bothering him.

Craig: Well, whatever it is, Margo, it has to be bad, 'cause why else would he be driving alone, speeding on a two-lane road without a seat belt? What could be so bad it would make Bryant not even care whether he lived or died?

Nick: Look, Abigail, I know it's been a tough night, but Iím sure things are gonna work out, and your friends are gonna get through this.

Abigail: You don't know Bryant. Things have always fallen his way. He is rich, and he's charming, and he's handsome. You know, guys like him, they're not used to losing. They're the heartbreakers, not the other way around.

Nick: Well then, this is gonna be a good experience for him. You know, the tough ones usually are.

Abigail: Do you really think it's gonna be okay?

Nick: Abigail, I've seen a lot worse situations work out. Bryant and Jen, they're gonna get through this, and they may even end up friends again. Who knows?

Abigail: I hope so.

Adam: Hi.

Abigail: Oh, hi. I'm so glad you're here. Everything's a mess. Bryant found Jen and Billy together.

Adam: Yeah, yeah, I know. Bryant was at the house earlier, and he totally blew up on me, and he knew that we found out about Billy and Jen and we kept it from him.

Abigail: He must feel awful.

Adam: Abigail, something happened.

Abigail: What? What could be worse than this? What?

Adam: Bryant's car hit a tree. He's at memorial.

Abigail: Oh, my God. Is he okay?

Adam: Yeah, yeah. He's in surgery now, so it doesn't look that good. I'm on my way right now.

Abigail: Adam, I'm coming with you.

Adam: All right. You want some help packing your stuff?

Abigail: I'll get it later.

Nick: Look, Iím sorry. I hope your friend's gonna be all right.

Abigail: Thanks, Nick.

Margo: The state police confirmed what we know so far. He was speeding. They found his cell phone.

Craig: The seat belt?

Margo: They confirmed that he was not wearing his seat belt.

Lucinda: But that doesn't seem right. After the accident, he swore -- he would always wear his seat belt.

Rose: What about the air bag, did it work?

Margo: The air bag deployed on impact, but the air bag alone is not as effective without seat belts. Now, the good news is, he was conscious at the scene. He was able to tell them that his name is Bryant Montgomery. But he passed out while the paramedics were working on him. My guess is that he swerved back into the lane, and he lost control. It happens, more often than you think, it does, especially with kids that age. I'm going to follow up on it tomorrow. The state police will fax me their final report.

[Phone rings]

Rose: I'm no state cop, but that does not sound like Bryant.

Lucinda: No, doesn't sound right -- not at all.

Craig: I agree.

Lily: Mother, how is he?

Lucinda: Sweetheart, I told you you didn't have to come.

Lily: I had to come. Of course I had to be here. How's Bryant?

Lucinda: Well, he's in surgery still.

Rose: But Dr. Dixon thinks he's gonna be okay.

Lily: Thank goodness. Did you call Sierra?

Lucinda: She's on her way.

Lily: All right, good. Hopefully, we'll have some good news before she gets here.

Rose: Here's the answer man now.

Craig: How's Bryant? Can I see him?

John: No, Iím sorry.

Craig: I'm his father. I think I have the right to see him! Who is his surgeon? Let me talk to him then.

John: Craig, you got to hear this. Something completely unexpected happened, as Dr. Sherman was getting ready to close. For reasons we don't understand, Bryantís heart stopped.

[Lucinda gasps]

Lucinda: Oh, no.

John: We tried to revive him. We worked for almost a half an hour. But I'm sorry, he died on the table.

Lucinda: No! How? How? He's young! He's young and he's strong! How could his heart stop?!

John: He obviously experienced severe trauma during the crash, much more than we first thought. It was just too much. His heart couldn't take it, even though he was a young man.


Jennifer: Oh, Bryant, no! No, Bryant! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Don't! I'm sorry.

Adam: Mom. Mom, how is he?

Margo: Uh -- he's gone, Adam. I'm sorry. He died on the operating table

Abigail: No! No!

Adam: No, no, no!

Jennifer: No! I don't want anything -- I don't want to calm down! Just leave me alone!

Hal: Something mild, sweetheart.

Jennifer: Why, daddy? So I don't feel it? So I don't really believe that he's gone?

Hal: How about John prescribes something for later.

John: I think it might be a good idea, Jen.

Jennifer: Fine, I just don't care! Just let me be by myself for a few minutes, please.

John: I'll leave something outside.

Hal: Thank you, John. We'll be right outside, honey, if you need anything. Anything.

Jennifer: He's gone, Abi.

Hal: Will you stay with her, Abigail?

Abigail: Yeah.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. Bryant's gone. And I did it. I killed him.

Abigail: Don't say that, please. Don't ever say that.

Lucinda: I'm so glad you're here, my love. I'm so glad you're here. I don't know how I could go through this alone.

Lily: I don't believe it. I just don't believe it.

Lucinda: I don't either.

Rose: How's Jen?

Hal: Broken. She won't take the sedative. She won't talk to me.

Rose: Maybe Abigail will get through to her.

Hal: I'm her father, Rose. I should know what to say, what to do.

Rose: You know, when things like this happen, who knows what to do?

Hal: Barbara used to have the words. God, I wish she were here for Jen right now. How I wish she was.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, he was so wonderful.

Emily: Where? And you're sure? No. No, no, you call it in. Just tell Jackson to file it, No, listen to me. Craig is co-owner of this paper. We are gonna cover all our angles. We have to give the story the weight it deserves. All right. Thanks.

Carly: Hey, what's going on?

Emily: How's Parker?

Carly: He's fine. What did your reporter say?

Emily: You better sit down. Bryant died in the operating room. John just told the family.

Carly: Are you sure? I can't believe it. Does Hal know?

Emily: Yeah, Hal -- Halís there. My sources saw Hal with Jennifer. Jennifer, poor baby. She's -- Iím sure she lost it when she found out.

Carly: This is not supposed to happen this way, is it? Children are not supposed to die first. How do you -- how does anybody bury their child?

Emily: Oh, please don't go there, Carly.

Carly: Craig wasn't exactly father of the year, you know, but those kids, they're his life. You know, he will always have this empty -- this empty space where Bryant should be.

Emily: God, I don't know why -- I mean, I barely knew Bryant --

[Emily sighs) I just feel so sad. I feel like -- can you help but think, what if this was -- what if this was our --

Carly: No, donít. God, don't even think like that.

Emily: Yeah.

Carly: I'm gonna check on Parker again, maybe lay down with him for a little while.

Barbara: What are you doing here at this hour?

Paul: Look, Rose just came from the hospital. Bryant Montgomery died in a car accident tonight.

Barbara: Oh, God. Jen! Jen! Jen -- was she with him?!

Rose: No, no, no! Jen's fine! She's fine. I mean, she's fine. Bryant, he was the only one in the car. I mean, Jen's fine physically, but she -- she needs her mother right now. She needs you there to talk to her.

Barbara: Get out!

Paul: Mom, Mom, why don't you go change your clothes, okay? I'll go get the car.

Barbara: I can't go near the hospital now, Craig is there.

Rose: Craig?! Craig doesn't even know his own name right now! He's won't even know that you're at the hospital!

[Phone rings]

Paul: That's probably Hal. I'll get it.

Barbara: Is your little performance over? Was this to win points with my son? This grief counseling?

Rose: I don't need points with Paul. He's a grown man. He can spend time with anybody he wants to! We don't need a point system for that!

Barbara: You are no good for him. And I will see to it that very soon, he has nothing to do with you.

[Phone ringing]


Craig: It can't be true. It can't be true. I was just with him tonight. I'm serious. I have to see for myself -- you know, it happens all the time. You see it in hospitals. They make mistakes.

Margo: Yeah, yeah. John said that you could go

Craig: God. Oh.

[Craig sobbing] all right. I'll get to the bottom of this once I see Bryant.

[Craig sobbing]

Carly: Parker's fast asleep. Bryant's gone. And we're sitting around like a couple of long-lost girlfriends. It seems like the whole universe is out of whack. Poor Craig.

Emily: Why don't you go over there to the hospital?

Carly: Don't create a story, Emily, okay? Craig and I are just -- I don't even know what we are. And besides, Parker's asleep and I --

Emily: I'll watch Parker.

Carly: Really? Well, that would be a good idea. Then you could snoop around my whole apartment.

Emily: Oh, Carly, like you have any secrets left to find. Do you always make it this difficult for somebody to do something nice for you?

Carly: I haven't had a lot of practice, actually.

Emily: I'm really good with kids -- honest.

Carly: You wouldn't mind?

Emily: No, I'd love to. And you know what? When he wakes up, I'll take him over to Halís. A little visit from that bug-a-boo will do that house some good.

Carly: All right. Okay. But if he wakes up, if he needs me, if he wants me, just call me on my cell phone, okay? Wait -- I don't think I can use my cell phone.

Emily: I'll get a message to you.

Carly: Okay. And -- my keys?

Emily: Oh, here, here.

Carly: I always lose my keys.

Emily: Got 'em right here.

Carly: You don't miss a thing.

Emily: Trained eye, you know? And, listen, don't rush. You take your time. We'll be just fine.

Carly: Thank you.

Emily: You're welcome. And, listen, tell Craig that -- forget it.

Carly: No, I'll tell him.

Rose: Truth be told, I'm not here for Jen or for Paul or me. I'm here for my friend. I'm here for my friend Bryant. He'd want you to be there for your daughter right now. He'd want you to do all the things that he can no longer do, like hold her and comfort her and tell her that you love her! Now, I know that boy's in a better place right now, but Jen is left here in pain and misery.

Barbara: This is still none of your concern. None.

Rose: Would you wake up?! This is what life is all about! Bein' there for your kids! Picking up the pieces afterwards! If you're not there for her right now, you are gonna not just break her heart, you're gonna break somethin' that you may never ever be able to fix! Ever!

Abigail: Just let your dad take you home. There's nothing you can do here.

Jennifer: No, I have to talk to Craig.

Abigail: It can wait.

Jennifer: No. He has to know what I've done.

Abigail: You haven't done anything.

Jennifer: I caused that accident, Abi.

Abigail: No.

Jennifer: Bryant saw me and Billy at the old mill, and it -- he went out of his mind, anyone would.

Abigail: That doesn't mean that --

Jennifer: I heard Craig say that he didn't care whether or not he lived or died.

Abigail: Nobody knows what caused that accident, all right? Bryant could have blacked out. He could --

Jennifer: Yeah, but what if it wasn't an accident, huh? What if he meant to kill himself?

Abigail: I don't believe that! I don't believe that. Sure, Bryant, he was upset, and -- but he loved life too much to wanna just throw it away. And you just telling Craig, it's not gonna solve anything. He's just gonna turn all his anger on you and Billy. It's not gonna help. It's not gonna help.

Adam: Abi, my mom wants me to go tell tom and Billy what happened to Bryant before they find out from somebody else.

Jennifer: Is Billy at your house?

Adam: I'll be waiting outside.

Jennifer: Adam must hate me.

Abigail: He's just upset. Bryant came over and went ballistic. He got mad when he found out that we knew. Adam -- Adam was the last one to see him alive.

Jennifer: This is killing me. I can't take it. I hurt Bryant and now I'll never see him again. I'll never really be able to tell him how sorry I am.

[Jennifer sobbing]

Hal: Sweetheart, Adamís ready.

Abigail: I'll call you.

Jennifer: Daddy.

[Jennifer sobbing]

Abigail: Did you have to ignore Jen like that?

Adam: What did you want me to say, huh? Bryant deserved better from Jen and from me. Maybe if I had just -- had the guts to tell him, none of this would have happened. I let him down.

Abigail: You were just trying to protect him.

Adam: But I didn't, and now he's gone!

Abigail: We're going to get through this. Somehow, Adam. Somehow, we're all gonna get through it.

[Abigail sobbing]

John: Craig, I can take you to see Bryant now.

Margo: Do you want me to go with you? Craig?

Craig: No. No, I want to be alone with my son. The news about your friend came over the wire, and -- I really -- I don't know what to say. I mean, is there anything that I can do to help?

Abigail: No, I'm fine. I'm fine, really. I was glad to be there for Jen. I told her everything was gonna be okay like you said, and I believe -- I believe that. I want to believe it. I do, Nick. I want to believe it. But Bryantís dead. And nothing's ever gonna be all right again.

[Abigail sobbing]

Billy:  Did you see him? Is he out of surgery? What's going on?!

Adam: Bryant is dead! He never even made it through surgery!

Billy: Look, Adam, don't mess with me. Okay, if you want to get back at me, fine! But not like this, okay?!

Adam: Don't! It's true. His heart stopped, and they couldn't bring him back. And you and Jen are the ones that killed him!

Lucinda: Hey, honey, where did you go?

Rose: I took care of somethin'. You know, we should make a list of things that you need, like flowers, minister, you know.

Lily: We'll all do it together.

Rose: No, Iíll do it. I'll do it. You know, I'll take care of it. You don't need to worry about it, because Bryant was your family, you know.

Lucinda: Wait a minute, honey. Who do you think you are? Come on. Bryant called you his "kind of" auntie, his Rosie. Come on. You belong with us, okay? All right.

Rose: I'm just gonna miss him, you know?

Lucinda: I know.

Rose: Like playing poker with him and stuff like that. Just -- I'll miss him. Walkin' by your guest house, Iím gonna think about him every time I do that.

Lucinda: Well, we all will.

Hal: Are you ready to go home now, sweetheart? Sweetheart, there is nothing that we can do here.

Jennifer: Daddy? I have to tell you something.

Hal: What is it?

Jennifer: It's about Bryant. It's my fault that he's dead.

Barbara: Where do you think you're going?

Paul: To the hospital where I belong.

Barbara: She got to you.

Paul: My sister needs me right now. She needs her family. You know what, Mom? I saw your face when you thought she was in that car. You were scared to death.

Barbara: Of course, I was.

Paul: If she were hurt physically, you'd have flown out of here!

Barbara: I don't have the words she needs.

Paul: Then don't say anything. Just be there for her. Hold her. If Craig had known this was gonna be Bryantís last day, he'd have risked everything, everything for just one more chance, one second to make things right with his son.

John: Take as much time as you need.

[Craig sobbing]

Craig: You were right, when I Ė said that thing about the Bulls game, I didn't know what to say. I know basketball isn't your thing. I don't always know what to say. You know what I did? I called Dick Falcone, you know, the guy who runs those charters out of Longboat Key. As soon as I left the cabin, I called him and set up a fishing trip. I told him to set the same course we did when you were 12 and you caught that marlin that was as big as you. Remember? It'd be nice, huh? Way out there in the ocean, no phones, no business deals, just nobody to bother us. Way out on the ocean. Just the two of us.

[Craig sobbing]

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