ATWT Transcript Wednesday 10/17/01


As The World Turns Update Wednesday 10/17/01

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Bryant: You cannot just take off like this, man. 

Billy: Look, I know that there's some stuff on the deck that still needs to be finished. 

Bryant: Forget the deck.  Forget it. 

Billy: Look, here.  Here's some job contractors in the area that can finish the job. 

Bryant: If I wanted them, I would have called them in the first place.  I called my cousin, the guy I can always count on, who's always got my back!  The guy who's gonna be my best man someday. 

Billy: Come on, Bryant, no guilt trips, okay? 

Bryant: How else am I gonna keep you around?  You know how crazed things have been around here lately.  What's going on?  Did something happen?

Billy: Look, nothing's going on, okay?!  Just face it.  I suck at good-byes, all right? 

Bryant: This has nothing to do with a woman or lack thereof? 

Billy: Are you still stuck on that? 

Bryant: 'Cause this "got your back" thing, it goes both ways.  You know that. 

Billy: Yeah, I know that. 

Bryant: I wish I could hang or take you out for a beer. 

Billy: Date with Jennifer? 

Bryant: No, I wish.  The bartender called in late, so even though I'm here, I have to head back there and cover for him until he shows up.  You know, Jen is gonna murder us when she finds out you left without saying good-bye.  Forgot to mention all the family members who barely even saw you.

Billy: You know what?  I'll leave that job up to you. 

Bryant: You're barely even packing like some guy who's gonna leave.  Just hang for a couple more weeks. 

Billy: I'm going home, okay, Bryant?  It's not like I'm going to some great beyond.  Just get outta here, okay?  Just go back to work. 

Bryant: Thanks for everything.  You better keep in touch with me. 

Billy: You bet.  See you later, Bry. 

Emily: So I took Jennifer to the gynecologist.  What's the crime, Hal? 

Hal: It wasn't exactly a little field trip, Emily. 

Emily: You know what, there comes a time in every woman's life --

Hal: She's not a woman.  She is my daughter. 

Emily: Do you ever listen to yourself?  This is not a federal case.  It's a natural a part of life. 

Hal: There's nothing natural about you taking my daughter to see a --   that kind of a doctor without talking –

[Phone ringing]

Emily: What, are you gonna stutter all of a sudden? 

Jennifer: I've got it! 

[Phone ringing]

Jennifer: Hello? 

Billy: It's Billy.  Can you talk? 

Hal: Hey, is for me? 

Jennifer: No, it's Abigail. 

Emily: What, hoping to be saved by the bell? 

Hal: If there's anybody who needs saving right now, it's you.

Jennifer: I was just thinking about you. 

Billy: Look, I need to see you, okay? 

Jennifer: Um, we already said good-bye. 

Billy: Look, I know, Jen -- just one more time, please? 

Jennifer: Right now? 

Billy: Yeah, I'm at the cottage. 

Jennifer: No, not there. 

Billy: Okay, then name the place. 

Jennifer: What about al's? 

Billy: Okay, I'll meet you there. 

Jennifer: Are you really sure this is a good idea? 

Billy: Probably not.  But the last time, it just felt so cold.  You know, it's like we didn't know each other.  I mean, if we're gonna say good-bye, at least let it mean something.

Tillson: Good grief, Lucinda!  You're talking about diversifying and we haven't even voted yet. 

Lucinda: Oh, but that surely is just a formality.  My heavens, even a cursory glance at the bottom line will show that Worldwide and myself, we're unshakable, even in this sad economy. 

Tillson: Are you running for President of a Corporation or the whole country? 

Lucinda: Well, darling, if I wanted to go to Washington, would I get your vote? 


Craig: You counting your ballots before they're hatched? 

Lucinda: I've got enough votes to maintain my position. 

Craig: Don't count me out just yet, Lucinda. 

Lucinda: Ah, without Barbara, you're nothing.

Craig: Barbara hates you just as much as she says she hates me.  Why would she vote on your side? 

Lucinda: Well, I mean, besides the fact that you cheated her and humiliated her and stole from her, I mean, I just don't have a clue. 

Craig: No, once again, you don't have a clue.  But you're about to learn the hard way. 

Lucinda: Are you trying to frighten me? 

Craig: No, no, this should be a festive occasion for you.  Go and rage against the dying light.  There's plenty of time to recount your errors when you're home later, all tucked in, staring out into the dark. 

Lucinda: Are you finished?  What are my errors, darling? 

Craig: Well, for one, using Rosie to try and cozy up to Barbara.

Lucinda: If you think for one minute that Rose is anything but loyal to me --

Craig: Oh, I think Rosie is many things to many people.  You've had a good run, Lucinda.  But, darling, all good things, et cetera, et cetera. Brennerman! 

Paul: Must be some kind of mistake! 

Barbara: It is your mistake and Rose's, not mine. 

Paul: You're going back on your word?  You're gonna let Craig win this vote just because you don't approve of my seeing Rose? 

Barbara: How could you waste time with that female?  She's a sponge.  She's a user.  And isn't she old enough to be living on her own by now? 

Paul: What did Rose ever do to you?

Barbara: I'm sorry if you don't like me speaking my mind, but I have let others run my life for too long.  I gave in to Hal, I was used by Craig. 

Paul: Don't forget James Stenbeck.  Mustn't forget dear old diabolical dad. 

Barbara: And I refuse to be handled by Rose D'Angelo. 

Paul: So there's nothing I can say to change your mind?  Fine. 

Barbara: Where do you think you're going? 

Paul: My mother taught me a promise made is a promise kept. 

Barbara: You are not authorized to vote for me.  I never signed my proxy over to you, Paul!  What do you hope to gain by this?

Paul: With any luck, I'll hold onto my self-respect.  And since when do you think you have the right to tell me whom I can and can't see, huh?  Or make a business decision based on my personal life? 

Barbara: When your crass girlfriend underestimated me. 

Paul: Since when did being my friend become a punishable offense? 

Barbara: This is for your own good. 

Paul: Yeah, so is moving out. 

Barbara: What does that mean?  Paul?  Paul! 

Rose: It's like outta one of those old movies, you know?  Sippin' cocktails, dressed to the teeth, staring deep into each other's eyes. 

Lily: Go on! 

Rose: Snappy conversation.  Here I am, I'm feeling like royalty.  And what comes outta my mouth?  "Wanna get a room?"

Lily: You didn't. 

Rose: Yeah, believe it or not.  You know me.  Finest food in town, that's not good enough for me.  I gotta open my pie hole, put both feet in. 

Lily: How did Paul take it? 

Rose: This is the best part.  He said, "later." And not like "never" later, but like, "I'm countin' the minutes" later.  He said he didn't want to give me just one night in a hotel room. 

Lily: Rose, that's great. 

Rose: It's a miracle, is what it is!  I mean, your mom showin' up, the squeakiest third wheel you could find --

Lily: I cannot believe my mother -- my mother showed up on your date.  I mean, that is totally crossing the line.  She is so crossing the line here.  If you don't stop her now --

Rose: I'm just chalkin' it up to her bein' antsy about the stockholders meeting. 

Lily: Rose, she's walking all over you.  I don't care how much she's paying you, it's not worth -- she is paying you, isn't she? 

Rose: Not exactly. 

Lily: You know, I never realize how long I've been gone until I assess the damage my mother has done in my absence.  Asking you to work for free?  Interfering with your personal life? 

Rose: I'm cuttin' her some slack.  Just this one time. 

Lily: Oh, Rose, there's gonna be another time.  If you don't tell her to back off, then you will never have a real relationship with Paul Ryan, or anyone else. 

Rose: Look, Lucinda Walsh is not all that bad. 

Lily: Get to know her a little better. 

Rose: She's a little rough around the edges, but I've seen her other side.  I gotta go.  I gotta go to that meeting.  Your mom's gonna have a conniption. 

Lily: What else is new?  You're not on a time clock, you're not collecting a salary. 

Rose: I gotta be there! 

Lily: Why don't you let her flounder without you?  Then she'll realize what an asset you really are. 

Rose: You think I'm going to that meeting for her?  No.  I'm going for me. 

Lily: You're telling me you actually enjoy these things? 

Rose: The last time I had to go to that meeting masquerading as you -- that was heaven.  Yeah.  I mean, I used to think it was great, you know, dancing up on that stage, half-naked in the footlights and everything, but that is nothing compared to being fully dressed in a boardroom full of millionaires, hanging on my every word, looking to me for direction.  I mean, I loved it.

Lily: Well, whether you love or not, it's a job.  It's a job, and you need to get paid.  Fine.  Fine.  You want to go to the meeting?  That's fine.  But you stick to your guns.  My mother, she makes a demand, you demand a salary -- tonight. 

Rose: Yeah, I should. 

Lily: There's no "should" about it.  Look, Rose, this is for your own good.  Come on, you can do it. 

Rose: I can.  So I'm gonna do it.  Tonight.  Tonight -- tonight, Rose D'Angelo takes a stand. 

Molly: You really should've joined me, Jake.  I feel like a new woman. 

Jake: You know what, I was kinda getting used to the old one. 

Molly: Oh, yeah?  That is not "City Times" drudgery you are hiding behind your back. 

Jake: Will you gimme -- I said no work, all play.  So what do you wanna do? 

Molly: I wanna see those faxes.  Jake, you're acting weird.  Weirder than usual, if possible.

Jake: You know something?  This is my honeymoon.  I'm supposed to act weird.  I was thinkin' -- why don't we take in a luau?  'Cause I've always wanted to learn to hula like a pro.  Or we could go down and roll around in the sand.  We could roll in the sand.  Or we could go jumpin' around on volcanoes and see if one them --

Molly: Jake, I mean it, hand over the faxes. 

Jake: You don't want to see 'em, trust me. 

Molly: I would trust you more if you would share. 

Jake: What if I told you -- what if I told you that I have ways to make you focus on something else? 

Molly: What would that be? 

Jake: What would that be?  Well, it's an ancient -- it's an ancient island tradition.  It's called Union of the Breaths.  And it goes something like this –

[Molly and Jake kiss while Molly grabs the faxes from Jake’s hands] You -- 

[Molly laughs]

Molly: Oh.  These are drawings from Bridget and Michele.  These are terrific! 

Jake: Aren't they? 

Molly: Oh, Jake.  This one is just too precious. 

Jake: I was thinking more like Picasso.  See, Donna sent those over, and that's why I didn't -- I wanted to avoid them.

[Molly cries] 

Molly: I can't help it, sweetie.  I miss them so much. 

Jake: Oh, come on, this is our honeymoon!  We're supposed to have fun in the sun!  Fun in the hotel!  The elevator! 

Molly: I know, but we have the most perfect little girls in the world! 

Jake: I understand that, honey, and we have the Ferrari of baby-sitters.  I mean, Donna, Donna is -- trust me, we're gonna get back there in three weeks -- three weeks from now -- three weeks from now, they're gonna be up till 3:00 A.M., driving us crazy.  Come on, I'm gonna remind you of this, so don't be sad!

Molly: I'm not sad.  I'm not sad, Jake.  I have the greatest husband.  I have the most perfect little girls, and I don't miss them one bit.  I don't. 

Jake: Well, you've got a funny way of showing it. 

Molly: Yeah, a lot of people cry when they're happy, Jake. 

Jake: So -- this is what I got to look forward to?  A lifetime of tears? 

Molly: If you're lucky, buster. 

Jake: I wanna see if we can get the most out of paradise, because I have ways to make you happy. 

[Molly giggles]

Molly: Oh, yeah? 

Jake: Yeah. 

Molly: All right, well, let me count those ways.

Jake: Oh, yeah.  Mmm, let's not count. 

Abigail: If Molly could see the dinner that we just inhaled. 

Adam: We are college students and filmmakers.  Who has time to eat healthy, you know? 

Abigail: Right. 

Adam: Oh, if I break the speed barrier, I might get a chance to get a seat in Film Theory. 

Abigail: Um, Adam, wait, I almost forgot.  I have some great ideas for our project that at first may seem a little major, but I promise you, once you hear them, you're gonna love them. 

Adam: Are you holding out on me here?  Come on, I know you're a genius at everything, but hiding your light under a bushel?  Now, this will not do.

Abigail: Actually, I had some help.  Nick had some ideas, and he ran them by me.  See, he's been brainstorming about our footage, how to make it have maximum impact, you know, so --

Adam: Nick can use his suggestions on his own videos.  This one's ours. 

Abigail: But just please listen to the idea.  If you don't like it, then I'll completely understand. 

Adam: I am absolutely crazy about any idea that comes from your heart or your head.  But Nick?  We asked him to supply equipment, not criticism. 

Abigail: Adam, he's not --

Adam: I have to jet.  I'll see you later, okay? 

Nick: Was that Adam just taking off like lightning?

Abigail: I was just calling you. 

Nick: Oh, well, your face says it all.  No-go on the idea for the video, right? 

Abigail: He wouldn't even listen to the idea, and he took off before I could tell him you were dropping by. 

Nick: Well, you know what?  It's probably just as well. 

Abigail: I'm so sorry. 

Nick: Sorry for what? 

Abigail: Here you are, devoting time and talent, and we're a complete drain. 

Nick: You're not a drain in any way.  And as far as "sorry," I'm the one who's causing the friction.  I ought to be the one to apologize. 

Emily: Hey, Jen.  Cute little dress.

Jennifer: Thanks.  Are you guys okay?  You seemed a little bit intense earlier. 

Emily: Oh, no, no, no.  Everything's okay.  We thrive on intense.  So what's bugging you, huh?  Oh, come on, sweetie.  I know a story when I smell it.  Come on, spill it.  It's the other guy, huh?  Bryant's cousin? 

Jennifer: Yeah.  He's leaving town.  He wants me to meet him to say good-bye.  I just -- I don't know whether or not it's a good idea.  I don't even know what I'm gonna do when I see him, so --

Emily: Slow down.  Slow down.  What do you want to do? 

Jennifer: I don't know.  What would you do?

Emily: What would I -- you don't wanna know what I'd do.  Talk to your dad.  I think that would be a good idea. 

[Hal approaches the two of them]

[Jennifer laughs]

Jennifer: Have you met the lieutenant yet? 

Hal: What are you two conspiring about? 

Emily: Oh, nothing.  You don't trust us? 

Hal: I trust my daughter. 

Emily: Hey, Will. 

Will: Hi. 

Hal: Hey, what's up? 

Will: I'm ready. 

Hal: Ready?  Ready for what? 

Will: Sleepover at the O'Malleys' tonight.  Remember? 

Hal: How could I forget? 

Will: Dad, if I'm not there in 15 minutes, there won't be any pizza left, just the crust.

Jennifer: You know what?  I'll take him. 

Will: Cool.  Let's roll. 

Emily: Wait, wait, Jennifer -- are you okay with this? 

Jennifer: Yeah.  Yeah, I'm -- okay with it.  I'm fine.  Yeah. 

Hal: Okay, so what time will you be home or -- see you tomorrow? 

Jennifer: I don't know.  I'll be at Al's. 

Hal: With Abigail? 

Jennifer: Don't even worry about it.  I won't be home too late, okay? 

Hal: Okay. 

Jennifer: I love you, Dad. 

Hal: Love you. 

Jennifer: Bye.  Bye, Emily.

Will: Bye, Dad! 

Emily: Bye. 

Hal: Now, you see?  That's the kind of relationship I have with Jennifer. 

Emily: Open and honest. 

Hal: I ask her where she's going, she tells me. 

Emily: So what's your point, superdad? 

Hal: I just don't want that relationship to change, Emily.  She didn't used to lie to me! 

Emily: Until what?  Until I came into the picture?  Give me a break!  She's a teenaged girl!  They're naturally secretive, Hal, especially when it comes to boys and sex.  And if you think she's been completely honest with you this entire time until this one moment when I took her to a doctor, you are totally deluded.

Hal: I know my daughter. 

Emily: You know, you've got your own virginity to lose.  Oh, you have so much to learn about women, Hal Munson. 

Hal: Will you quit making this thing about me, Emily?!  This is about you taking my daughter to a -- that kind of a doctor. 

Emily: Gynecologist, Hal.  Say the word.  Gynecologist. 

Hal: You just went too far this time, Emily. 

Emily: Well, you know what?  Somebody had to make sure that girl was protected.  Excuse me for doing something nice for a change. 

Hal: Protected from what?  She's not even having sex! 

Emily: Will you please wake up?  Your little girl isn't a little girl anymore. 

Emily: Whoa.  Hal, Hal, wait a minute.  Where are you going? 

Hal: I'm gonna find him, and then I'm gonna kill him. 

Emily: Kill whom? 

Hal: That spiky-haired, smart-mouthed, son of a slime-sucking bottom- feeder Bryant Montgomery.  That's who! 

Emily: Wait, you don't wanna do that! 

Hal: Oh, I do, Emily!  I really, really do! 

Emily: You can't!  You can't, because it wasn't --

Hal: It wasn't what?  Wasn't who? 

Emily: It wasn't like you didn't know she was living with a man, Hal.  You had to know something like this was gonna happen someday. 

Hal: Well, sure I did, but --

Emily: But what?  You thought that no matter what, no matter where, your perfect little Princess would never have sex?

Hal: You don't have to put it like that, do you? 

Emily: Oh, like what, Hal? 

Hal: Well, I knew that she was old enough to make her own decisions.  I mean, some of them.  But I thought she had enough sense to at least wait a little while until she got involved in s -- s --

Emily: Well, then why'd you let her move out of the house? 

Hal: Because I didn't want to lose her, Emily.  I could've threatened her.  I could've forbidden her.  I could've kept her under lock and key.  But then what?  I tried that with her mother.  A lot of good that did.  So I tried the opposite tact.  I sucked it up, and I just prayed every night.  I prayed, "Please, please, bring my little girl home safe."

Emily: You did the right thing. 

Hal: And so did she.  She came back here, and she told me herself that she never slept with Bryant Montgomery! 

Emily: Maybe she changed her mind. 

Hal: Or maybe you changed it for her. 

Jake: Molly, we gotta talk. 

Molly: Hmm? 

Jake: Moving here.  I've finally -- I've finally found the place where I belong. 

Molly: Where's that, baby? 

Jake: In the lap of luxury.  Laying in bed until noon, taking a little swim.  Seven square meals.  New lei every day. 

Molly: You're talking about the flowers? 

Jake: Of course I'm talking about the flowers.  Nothing like being surrounded by people whose only desire is to fulfill your every need.

[Jake finishes his drink] Ah.  Sam, would you mind freshening this for me?

Masseuse: My pleasure, Mr. McKinnon.  Whatever you'd like. 

Molly: Hey!  Why did you have to make my masseuse go away? 

Jake: Is that like music to your ears?  "My pleasure, Mr. McKinnon.  Whatever you'd like."

Molly: Doesn't hold a candle to, "My pleasure, Mrs. McKinnon.  Whatever you'd like."

Jake: Oh, this is the life. 

Molly: You couldn't live here if they paid you. 

Jake: What, are you offering? 

Molly: Jake, this might be heaven, but it sure ain't home. 

Jake: Thank you.  What's so great about home? 

Molly: Home? 

Jake: Mm-hmm. 

Molly: Well, for starters, Abigail.  You would miss the bantering around the dinner table, not to mention the only person that laughs at all your jokes.  Besides me.  And Bridget and Michele.  I think you'd miss them just a little bit.

Jake: Have you heard those things cry lately?  And food.  Food, food all the time.  And toys.  And wanna play, play.  Mmm.  No.  Could you guys give us a second?  I'm sorry.  I'm not that kind of a -- I mean, I look at 'em.  I talk to 'em.  They listen to me.  They understand every word I say.  Who needs that pressure?

[Molly climbs on top of Jake’s back] 

Molly: Admit it, McKinnon -- you miss them! 

Jake: Oh, yeah.  If I admit it, what do I get? 

Molly: You get to go home. 

Jake: Mmm. 

[Jake laughing]

Abigail: We can both edit a piece, and I'll show it to Adam.  That way, you'll get all of the credit and none of the blame.

Nick: No.  No, we can't do that. 

Abigail: Why not? 

Nick: Because this leopard has changed his spots.  100% honest, and there's no exceptions here. 

Abigail: Adam just needs to see your ideas in action.  Seeing is believing, right?  And, you know, I'll work my special powers to make him see the light. 

Nick: Oh, poor kid doesn't have a prayer. 

Abigail: Yeah, and once professor perfection sees it, he's gonna flip!  So you have to help. 

Nick: Look, even if I wanted to help, I can't because I'm booked up for this whole week. 

Abigail: Well, we don't have much time left.  You're free now, aren't you? 

Nick: Yeah, I am, but there's no way that we can pull this off.  The only way that we can do it is if we pull an all-nighter.  And that's just completely -

Abigail: Well, let's do that!  Yeah, molly and Jake have already checked in -- a lot.  And I talked to my new grandmother.  I'm over 18, and I'm not afraid of the dark.  No one's gonna worry. 

Nick: You're sure? 

Abigail: Mm-hmm. 

[Nick chuckles]

Nick: All right!  Let's do it.  Let's do it.  Okay, but first, wait.  Let me just make sure that the equipment is free, okay?  I'll be right back. 

Abigail: Okay. 

Abigail: Jen? 

Jennifer: Yeah. 

Abigail: Tell me you're picking up something to go and it isn't Billy. 

Jennifer: It's okay, Abby.  Don't worry about it.

Abigail: Jen, you're not even looking at me! 

Jennifer: He just asked me here to say good-bye, okay? 

Abigail: Call me later. 

Nick: Okay!  You all set to make some magic? 

Abigail: I'm all set. 

Nick: It's happening.  All right, let's go. 

Abigail: Oh, thank you. 

Nick: Yeah, come on. 

[Lucinda sighs]

Lucinda: You have finally graced us with your presence. 

Rose: I need to talk to you about what happened at the Lakeview --

Lucinda: Where have you been? 

Rose: -- Tonight.  I -- talking to Lily.  Gave me some perspective on things. 

Lucinda: Well, good.  'Cause she often does that.  Where is Barbara?

Rose: She's on her way with Paul, I guess.  I don't know. 

Lucinda: You only guess?  Oh, if you bollixed up this simple PR maneuver --

Rose: Hey, wait a minute.  I have done more than you have -- you can just a little appreciative of me.  Or back off.  I delivered Paul's mother to you.  What more do you want?  Oh, that came out wrong. 

Rose: Hi.  Look who's here. 

Lucinda: Paul, where's Barbara? 

Paul: She's not coming. 

Rose: What?!  What are you talking about?  She's gotta be here!  What happened? 

Paul: I'm not sure. 

Craig: No Barbara?  What a shame.  What will we do without her? 

Jake: Okay, I admit it.  I miss the girls. 

Molly: Ah!  I knew it!  I knew it.  You should never, ever keep secrets from your wife, mister. 

Jake: I -- this is our honeymoon.  The official regulations for a honeymoon says that we're not supposed to do anything but rest, relaxation and reaction.  The last thing we're supposed to be thinking about is the girls.  So why are we? 

Molly: Maybe because it's just so new.  It -- I'm sure, by the time they're -- I don't know -- 40, 50, everything will be completely different. 

Jake: Look -- I've had the time of my life with you here on this island.  But you know something?  I would have the time of my life with you anywhere.  I cannot tell you how much I miss those girls.  I mean, I feel so selfish.  I'd like to see them building a sand castle. 

Jake: Oh, and I -- I had a fantasy of watching them spill pineapple juice all over me.  What is it?  Do you think I'm an old fuddy-duddy?  What?

Molly: No.  Yeah.  More like fuddy-duddy-hubby-daddy.  It's okay, 'cause I'm right here with ya.  I miss 'em just as much as you do. 

Jake: What does that say about our future? 

Molly: It says that we still have the desire to be together.  It's just that together now means a family of five. 

Jake: Yeah, well -- who knows when the next time an opportunity to have you all to myself will come along. 

Molly: We are so good at sneaking time together.  This is the coolest about Mr. and Mrs. Jake McKinnon.  Our love burns so bright, Jake.  It doesn't matter where we are or what we're doing.  We don't have to be on some special little island to prove it.

Jake: Yeah, what she said. 

[Molly laughs]

Jake: So, we are deciding this is a momentous occasion? 

Molly: Yeah.  Let's finish our honeymoon at home. 

Jake: You got it. 

Molly: Mmm.  Fuddy-duddy-hubby-daddy. 

[Molly laughs]

Jake: That's right, and you love it. 

Molly: Oh, if you only knew how much.  Okay, you know what?  We'll go home first thing in the morning, okay?  And we'll give them a surprise they won't forget. 

Jake: Oh.  Okay, one for them, and a couple more for me. 

[Molly laughs]

Billy: You know, I was afraid that you wouldn't come.

Jennifer: I almost didn't.  I don't think I have it in me to say good-bye again. 

Billy: You know, like I told Bryant, it's all for --

Jennifer: If you say, "It's all for the best," I'll never forgive you. 

Billy: Jen --

Jennifer: Don't.  Please.  So I saw your truck all packed up outside. 

Billy: I got room for one more, if you want to tag along. 

Jennifer: Don't even joke like that. 

Billy: Who's joking? 

Jennifer: What did you tell Bryant about why you were leaving town so fast? 

Billy: I just told him that I had to move on.  I couldn't tell him the truth, Jen.  I mean, what did you want me to say?  That I met a girl that I can't keep my mind off of?  That I want to know more about her?  That I can't be alone without wanting to touch her?  And the way she touches me, it's --

Jennifer: Billy, stop, all right? 

Billy: Jen -- you don't want me to stop any more than I want to leave.  But I can't be here another day knowing that we are meant for each other, praying that Bryant isn't touching you. 

Jennifer: This was a mistake! 

Billy: Jen, look at me.  It wasn't a mistake. 

Jennifer: You know what?  We shouldn't even be here.  We've already said everything that needs to be said. 

Billy: Look me in the eye and say that. 

Emily: Oh, I get it.  You think your perfect little Princess never even heard of sex until I infected her. 

Hal: I think the timing's pretty interesting. 

Emily: Oh, what am I?  Some pied piper of carnal delight?  This is unbelievable!  I get slapped for taking an interest in your kids, and your ex- wife gets treated with kid gloves for ignoring them!

Hal: Don't oversimplify this, Emily. 

Emily: What am I supposed to be?  Okay?  Just explain to me.  Is it the compassionate and understanding rebound girlfriend?  Because if I'm only here to prop you up till you patch things up with your ex, you can just forget about it. 

Hal: I am trying to keep what is left of my family together and keep my sanity! 

Emily: Yeah, and keep the town crime-free.  I got your memo. 

Hal: Emily!  You see my entire life falling apart!  And what do you do?  Do you lend me a hand?  Do you give me a heads-up?  No.  You add your own brand of insanity to the circus.  What did you think?!  Did you think that your interference would somehow solve my life?  That you are just the shot in the arm that my ex-wife and my child need?  Well, Emily, guess what?  You're not.

Emily: I think you've made yourself perfectly clear.  I'm outta here. 

Hal: Emily -- hang on.  I am not through with you. 

Craig: I think we oughta get this party started, don't you, Lucinda?  Wouldn't help to keep our friends waiting. 

Lucinda: Right.  Right.  I'll be there momentarily. 

Rose: Sometimes he deserves a nice, good crack in the head --

Lucinda: Where are you going? 

Rose: I'm going to the meeting, of course. 

Lucinda: No, you're not. 

Rose: Why? 

Lucinda: Because I'm going to stall, and you are going to think of a way to make Barbara get her tail in for the vote!

Rose: Hey, no, no!  That meeting has been postponed because of me.  I am the one who did that.  So Craig would be running it already, this company, if it wasn't for me. 

Lucinda: I'm gonna lose everything to that guy, to that man.  Now, listen to me -- you promised me -- you promised me Barbara.  You can deliver Barbara.  I know you can do it.  And if you can't deliver Barbara, darling, I hope you've kept your feathered boas fluffed up, because you may need them again.  And I may need one, too. 

Craig: A business, like any living organism, must change to survive.  And Worldwide is long overdue for a change.

Paul: I've already tried.  And I'm not gonna add any more pressure to my mother's life.  Not for anyone. 

Rose: I really didn't picture you as a guy that would turn your back on somebody. 

Paul: I'm not. 

Rose: Can we review the situation right now?  Because of me, Craig dropped that lawsuit against you guys.  If it wasn't for me, B.R.O.  Would be down to its b-r-a. 

Paul: I know, I know.  And I will always be grateful.

Rose: I don't want gratitude, okay?  I need votes! 

Paul: My mother's mind's made up, Rose. 

Rose: Why?  What happened?  What changed to make her the president of the Craig Montgomery fan club? 

Paul: It doesn't -- doesn't matter, okay? 

Rose: It doesn't matter?  Can you tell me what it is, please?  Maybe we can use it to our advantage.  I can go over there and say, "Please, pretty please, with sugar on top -- "

Paul: Rose --

Rose: Just spit it out.  Come on, honey. 

Paul: My mother has some reservations about you.

Rose: What do you mean, she's got reservations about me?  I see, okay.  She doesn't want me going out with you.  I'm not good enough for you?  Is that what it is?  It doesn't matter. 

Rose: I stick my neck out for her like that.  She wants to cut my head off now?  Why?  Why? 

Paul: It doesn't matter, Rose. 

Rose: "It doesn't matter." No? 

Paul: No, it doesn't.  My mother hasn't run my private life since I was 16.  My relationship with you is none of her business. 

Rose: Wow.  So we have a relationship whether she approves or not?

Paul: Yeah.  But I just -- with all the stress she's been going through the past couple months, I don't wanna throw this at her right now. 

Rose: I understand.  That's why I'm gonna be the one to go talk to her. 

Paul: Hmm-mm. 

Rose: Not you. 

Paul: No, no.  Promise me you won't do that. 

Rose: I've gotta do something, okay?  I can't let that guy in there run this company, that reptile, after everything I've done --

Paul: Rose, I'll take care of it. 

Rose: -- To keep this company together. 

Paul: I'll take care of it.  I'm prepared to speak to those stockholders tonight and tell them all the corrupt things that Craig's been doing and how he tried to steal from my mother, okay?  When I'm through, he'll be dead in the water.

Rose: Okay.  All right.  You're right.  You better go in there and get a seat.  A good seat.  I'll be there in a second.  I just wanna powder my nose. 

Rose: Oh, honey, I'm afraid that's not enough to turn the tide.  Or save my hide.  Paul Ryan, I hope you're a forgiving guy.  Because you're gonna need it.  You know, when you're in a relationship with somebody, you gotta be.  Focus.  Focus, Rose. 

Hal: Before things get any more out of hand, I think we'd better establish a couple of ground rules here. 

Emily: You know, you may not be through with me, but I'm so through with you.

Hal: Oh, well, if you're gonna get so bent out of shape every time we have a little disagreement --

Emily: No, no, no.  You see, I know this movie.  I've been featured in it many times.  It's called "The Emily Space." See, it's reserved for the kind of girl you can't take home to meet Mom and Dad.  And heaven help us all if she decides to speak up, pitch in or actually do something in life that matters! 

Hal: Blow a thing out of proportion, why don't you? 

Emily: Well, you know what?  I will not be that for you, not for nothin'!  I will not be your little safe place, somewhere for you to go to soothe your pain.  Some freaking lifesaver!  What do I get out of any of this?!  What do I ever get out of this?!  Nothing!  Nothing!  Well, you know what?  You can keep it!  You can stuff it, Hal Munson!

Hal: Emily, freeze!  On second thought, it's so cold in here, I'm gonna get frostbite.  Look, I said some things I -- I was angry, Emily.  I didn't mean --

Emily: No, you were not.  You said exactly what you meant, no holds barred.  I got your message. 

Hal: What message? 

Emily: You want to treat me like some kind of dog with vicious tendencies.  You know, yell long and hard enough, maybe she'll just shut up and disappear! 

Hal: You got the first part right.  Shut up, Emily. 

[Hal kisses Emily]

Lucinda: Oh.  Hey, where's Rose? 

Paul: She's gone. 

Lucinda: Oh!  She's with your mother. 

Paul: No, I asked her not to do that. 

Lucinda: Oh, let her get through.  Let her get through. 

Paul: Rose -- Lucinda, it's not gonna do a thing, okay?  It's not gonna change. 

Lucinda: Wait a minute.  You don't know Rose.  She has a unique way.  A few seconds with Rose -- wow. 

Paul: My mother will rip her to shreds. 

Lucinda: Darling, don't even say that. 

Craig: I don't know.  The hors d'oeuvres should be here shortly. 

Tillson: I don't know what it is about board meetings always makes me hungry.

Craig: It's who we are, Tillson.  The thrill of the chase always gets the juices going. 

Lucinda: That's absolutely right.  And why should we stop at Hors D'oeuvres?  Why don't I order in a wonderful gourmet meal? 

Tillson: Oh, that's not a half-bad idea. 

Lucinda: Anything you like. 

Craig: I thought this was supposed to be a brief recess.  We don't want to keep people out late, do we? 

Tillson: No, you're right.  I really ought to get back to my family before they disown me. 

Craig: Yes.  So why don't we vote when we reconvene?  That way, we can get everybody home within an hour.  Maybe for good.  How's your golf game, Tillson?!  Huh?

Tillson: Good. 

[Lucinda snarling]

Rose: Thanks for seeing me on such -- well, no notice. 

Barbara: Here I thought you'd be at the stockholders meeting.  This must be important. 

Rose: It's everything. 

Barbara: What can I do for you. 

Rose: You gotta keep your promise, okay?  I got Craig to drop the charges against you for perjury and defamation.  You're supposed to help Lucinda hold onto Worldwide. 

Barbara: I didn't sell my stocks to Craig.  Lucinda should be very grateful for that.  Tonight, she's on her own. 

Rose: I can't believe that you're saying that after everything you went through!  You're gonna let Craig get away with this?  You hate Lucinda that much?

Barbara: There is no love lost between Lucinda and me.  But she is not the reason I'm withholding my vote. 

Rose: She's not? 

Barbara: No. 

Rose: All right.  Well, then tell me what it is.  I'll work on it.  Come on, just give me a chance.  I'll fix it. 

Barbara: You want my support that much? 

Rose: Look, I'm here, right?  I promised Lucinda Walsh I'd deliver Barbara Ryan, 'cause you promised, in the first place. 

Barbara: All right, I'll keep my promise -- on one condition. 

Rose: Now we're talking.  Just tell me what it is. 

Barbara: That simple? 

Rose: That easy. 

Barbara: Stop seeing my son.

Emily: Mm.  Oh, no, no.  If you are stopping, so help me God --

Hal: Just coming up for air. 

Emily: Mm. 

Hal: Um, Emily? 

Emily: Yeah? 

Hal: Would you like a tour of the master suite? 

Emily: Oh, I'd love it. 

Jennifer: You know, I can't take this, and I think you should go.  I mean, people will look at us, and they'll know.  I mean, they'll -- they just will.  They'll know. 

Billy: No one's looking, okay?  And I'm not going anywhere.  Not without kissing you at least one more time. 

Jennifer: Come with me. 

Billy: Wait.  To the house?

Jennifer: No. 

Billy: Well, we can't go to the cottage.  What if --

Jennifer: Shh.  He doesn't exist, all right?  Until you leave my life forever, he doesn't exist. 

Billy: Are you sure?

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