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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 10/16/01

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Bryant: You got something for me, Isaac?

Isaac: There's a bar rag right there if you want to clean up some of those glasses. Oh, you want this, huh? A paycheck.

Bryant: Thank you. If I deposit it within an hour, there might be a slim chance my rent check will not bounce.

Isaac: Running short already, huh? That didn't take long.

Bryant: No. I bought Jennifer something this week. It's a silver locket.

Isaac: You've got to watch every penny you spend, Bryant, now that you're a working man.

Bonnie: Brilliant, isn't he? I don't know why you don't have a seat on the stock exchange.

Isaac: Why have one seat when I have all of these?

Bonnie: My check, including the massive amount of overtime I put in simply to survive.

Isaac: And next week, I'm gonna deduct from all the customers you drove away.

Bonnie: I don't drive anyone away, nor do I pander to ingrates who --

Isaac: Oh, my dear, sweet, aunt Josephine --

Bryant: Beautiful woman. It looks like Ben is dating again.

Isaac: That's not Ben's date. It's mine.

Bryant: Well, you win. You took the blind date.

Bonnie: It was too easy.

Bryant: Think they'll hit it off?

Bonnie: Well, from the looks of her hair and makeup, she's highly superficial and has no taste. Which means they could make a perfect match.

Bryant: Are you always this hard on other women?

Bonnie: Not if they don't deserve it. Take Jennifer, for instance. Despite her absurd notion towards money, she's the essence of grace and beauty.

Bryant: I can't argue with that.

Jennifer: Will, come eat your sandwich.

Will: I'm not hungry.

Jennifer: I don't care. Come eat it anyway.

Will: I'll come in right after this next show, okay?

Jennifer: No. Will, come on. You've hardly eaten a thing all day, and I know I told you to disappear, but this isn't how I wanted you to do it, so eat.

Will: But my stomach feels queasy. If I eat that sandwich --

Jennifer: Okay, okay. I'll make you something else.

Will: Okay.

[Phone rings]

Jennifer: Hang on, okay? Hello?

Emily: Jennifer, hi. It's Emily. How are you doing?

Jennifer: Surviving, I guess.

Emily: What's the matter?

Jennifer: You don't want to know.

Emily: No, I do, I do.

Jennifer: My mom finally asked to see us, Will and me.

Got scared at the way she looks, and she went completely nuts.

Emily: Nuts, how?

Jennifer: Well, first she made Will feel really guilty, and then -- then she told me she couldn't wait for me to give up on her. And Will's pretending that he's okay, but I know that he's really hurting.

Emily: All right, Jennifer, you listen to me. Your brother has a very strong father, a loving sister, lots of friends to support him. He's going to get through this. He will.

Jennifer: I hope so.

Emily: He will, sweetheart. Is your dad there? We had a little disagreement. I want to smooth things over with him.

Jennifer: Sorry. No, he's at work. But if you want to come by later, I wouldn't mind having someone to talk to.

Emily: Yeah, I'd like that, too. But you know what? There's someone I have to go see first, so I'll check in with you later. Bye.

[Knock on door]

Jennifer: Hey. This is a surprise.

Billy: What, am I not supposed to be here? Look, I can't help it. I mean, I waited for you back at the cottage, but you never showed. I couldn't wait any longer, so I had to come and see you.

Barbara: Why are you smiling?

Paul: This is the first time I've seen you relax in months.

Barbara: Oh, it feels like years. Finishing the spring line makes me feel like I'm emerging from a dark tunnel that I thought would never end.

Paul: I'm glad.

[Barbara sighs]

Barbara: Have you sent everything off to production?

Paul: Uh, yeah. Every -- everyone's thrilled.

Barbara: Wonderful. Now if I can just stop thinking about other things, as well. I keep thinking about Will and Jennifer and how everything got so out of control.

Paul: You know, Mom, it was the first time Will had seen you. You know? And at least now, he's seen how badly you've been injured, and next time, it'll be better.

Barbara: You always know just what to say to me, don't you?

Paul: You get some rest, okay? Gotta go. Got a date.

Barbara: Anyone I know?

Paul: Yes.

Barbara: Ah. Rose D'Angelo.

Paul: Mom, we agreed that we wouldn't discuss this.

Barbara: You didn't want to discuss Emily Stewart with me, either, and you ended up leaving the country to get over her.

Paul: That won't happen with Rose.

Barbara: She's taking orders from Lucinda. She wants access to my Worldwide stock, and she's using you to get it.

Paul: You don't think maybe she might find me just a little bit attractive?

Barbara: This isn't funny, Paul. She will bring you nothing but unhappiness.

Paul: Okay, Mom, I don't want to hear it. Okay? I know you think that everybody in the world's against you..

Paul: Yeah, not me. Not the rest of the world, either.

Barbara: All right, I've had my say. I don't want you angry with me.

Paul: Thank you. See you when I get back.

Rose: You gotta help me quick! I got a big decision to make.

Lily: What is it?

Rose: I've got 14 pairs of earrings, and I've only two ears. And these are the ones that I picked, so of course they must be wrong.

Lily: Oh. Calm down. First of all, tell me where did you get the dress?

Rose: Not from no catalog, I'll tell you that! You like it?

Lily: I think Paul will absolutely adore it.

Rose: I hope so. I mean, not that I'm counting on anything, but -- we're sorta getting to that point.

Lily: What point? A serious point?

Rose: I gotta tell you -- it's taking everything in me not to jump on his bones. It's not just me, is it? I mean, he is, like, bootylicious.

Lily: He's very attractive, yes.

Rose: That's what I said. So what about the earrings? Come on. Oh, and thank you for letting him pick me up here. Because I want your mother to know nothing about my personal life, thank you.

Lily: These are perfect.

Rose: The ones I picked? Come on, are you sure?

Lily: They're you. I don't think Paul wants anything else.

Rose: Thank you.

[Doorbell rings] that's him.

[Doorbell rings]

Lily: Sounds like Paul can't wait to see you, either. You ready?

Lucinda: Is Rose here? Oh, thank goodness. I need both of you -- immediately.

Lily: What's wrong?

Lucinda: I'll tell you what's wrong. Craig has called an emergency meeting of Worldwide, all the major stockholders, tonight. That swine -- he thinks he's going to unseat me as CEO, and he's gotta be stopped!

Lily: Rose has an appointment, so I will brainstorm with you as long as you need.

Lucinda: An appointment, darling? Cancel it.

Rose: No, I'm sorry, Ms. Walsh. I can't do that.

Lucinda: That's not a simple request. That's an order.

Rose: Now, look, I'm sorry, Ms. Walsh. You know, I'm not some pooch you can yank on a leash and pull her to your heel anytime you need her.

Lily: Let's look at this calmly. Craig does not have enough votes to unseat you.

Lucinda: That's what I thought, darling. That's what I thought. But he's been very busy! He's been working the phones, and he's put together a coalition. For example, this meeting was called this evening without my approval. That's not a good sign.

Rose: Craig needs Barbara's vote to get the shares. It's not gonna happen. Without her, he's sunk.

Lucinda: Barbara Ryan is hardly reliable. Rose, I need you to use your influence with Mother so she votes for me.

Rose: No! I told you last time -- that's it. I'm not doing this.

Lucinda: Come on. He's very interested in you. It's time to call in your markers.

[Doorbell rings]

Lucinda: Whoever it is, you're otherwise engaged.

Paul: Well, you look lovely.

Rose: Oh, thank you. This is something I pulled out of the back of the closet.

Paul: I wasn't talking about the dress.

Lucinda: Well, Paul, darling! How wonderful to set eyes on you this evening.

Paul: It's nice to see you, too, Lucinda.

Lucinda: And your mother? Is her recovery proceeding correctly?

Paul: Yes, she's improving. Thank you for asking.

Lucinda: Well, why wouldn't I? I'm very concerned about her.

Paul: Rose, we really need to go. We have reservations at the Lakeview.

Rose: Yeah, we don't wanna break those reservations.

Lucinda: Have a wonderful time, Rose.

Make sure he brings his mother to the meeting. If we don't have the votes, we're buried. Enjoy.

Rose: Hurry up.

Billy: You know, I've been working on the deck since 5:00, and I thought it would keep me from obsessing about you. But it didn't.

Jennifer: Yeah, you've been on my mind, also.

Billy: Oh. In what way?

Jennifer: Well, I've been playing a little game trying to come up with a word for what we are together.

Billy: And?

Jennifer: I couldn't do it. Nothing quite fits. Not "awesome" or "breathtaking."

Billy: Actually, that's not bad. But what else? Come on, go on!

Jennifer: Magical. Exhilarating. Try inspirational. You see, none of them quite fit. You know, they just don't do it.

Billy: You know what? How about "lucky"?

Jennifer: "Lucky." Hmm. Yeah. That's perfect.

Billy: So, you wanna go

Jennifer: Oh, I would, but my little brother's inside, and I don't wanna leave him alone. He's still pretty freaked out about what happened at my mom's last night.

Billy: Yeah, but he can come with us.

Jennifer: I don't think that would be such a good idea.

Billy: Oh, right. Right. 'Cause he may say something random to Bryant. And then he'll wanna know why I was here, and I'll have to say, you know, "I was just in the neighborhood," some random excuse like that, huh?

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

Billy: Jennifer, I -- I hate this, okay? I hate lying and sneaking around and worrying about the wrong things.

Jennifer: It doesn't feel good to me, either. Well, except the parts when we're together.

Billy: Hey -- you ever played the game "what if"?

Jennifer: Who hasn't?

Billy: We're gonna play it right now. What if I lived in Oakdale full-time and Bryant wasn't my cousin? What would you do, Jen? What if?

Barbara: Paul?


Emily: Is that what you call "facing the day"? Cowering behind your drapes?

Barbara: How did you get in here?

Emily: The front door was locked, so I tried the patio.

Barbara: Get out.

Emily: Is Paul around?

Barbara: You are forbidden to speak his name in my presence.

Emily: Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul.

[Emily giggles] there. Well, now that we have that out of the way, why don't we have a little chat, Barbara?

Barbara: I am calling the Police.

Emily: Okay. Go ahead. And while you do that, I'll call my office and have your face splattered on the front cover of The Intruder.

Barbara: What do you want?

Emily: You know the story of "the emperor's new clothes"? You see, I think you're pulling the same thing. I think I'm the only one in this town who can see that you're not the martyr you're pretending to be. So I'm telling you, get over yourself, lady! And stop using that veil as a license to hurt people.

Barbara: You know nothing about my life.

Emily: I know that Hal is blind to your tricks. And I know that your children are suffering, not that that seems to bother you.

Barbara: My children are not your concern!

Emily: Oh, don't play the mother lion with me. You gave up those kids for Craig Montgomery without batting an eyelash.

Barbara: I did no such thing!

Emily: I'm just happy for your kids that they have Hal. And happy for Hal that he has a -- a support system.

Barbara: Meaning you?

Emily: You find that surprising?

Barbara: I find it revolting. Not to mention impossible.

Emily: Really? Is that so? Well, you know, I think you need a little update, Barbara. You see, your son and I didn't work out, but your ex-husband and I are doing just swell.


Bonnie: Do you see that slob over there? You know, the one whose pants are flared at both ends? He just ran up a $100 bar tab and left me a $2 tip.

Bryant: Bonnie, you did not give him a hard time, did you?

Bonnie: I just spent 15 minutes in the cellar, looking for the wine he ordered. And you know what he said? "Thanks, doll," and thought I should be grateful for that.

Waitress #1: Girl, tell me about it. Last night, some joker offered to read my palm instead of giving me a tip. I started to tell him to try to read it with his face.

Bryant: What can you do? Some people do not know how to show their appreciation.

Bonnie: Well, maybe we should show them some -- encouragement.

Isaac: Well, I'm glad you like the club. But I don't kid myself. It's the customers that make the place, not the owner.

Ben: Great customers. Great staff. All working together. And Isaac is the man who makes it all happen.

Isaac: Stop it. You're embarrassing me. Let's talk about you, Janet. I hear you're volunteering at the hospital. What's your real job?

Janet: Actually, I'm a yoga teacher.

Isaac: No kidding? I knew we had something in common.

Janet: Really? Do you -- do you study yoga?

Isaac: No. But I am flexible.

[Janet laughing]

Bryant: You can't blame Isaac. He pays the going rate. It's up to us to make the tips.

Waitress #2: The problem with the going rate is that you can't go anywhere with it.

Bonnie: Isaac claims that if we work harder, the tips will improve. Which means he gets maximum effort for minimum wage. But if the customers don't cooperate, well, we're the only ones who suffer.

Waitress #1: Well, it's the same all over, Bonnie. And if you complain too much, there's always someone to take your place.

Bonnie: Well, I will not accept this treatment any longer. The least we can do is discuss it with our boss. Follow me, ladies.

Jennifer: If you weren't Bryant's cousin, and you lived here -- you want the truth, right? I'd probably -- probably be chasing you all over town.

Billy: Yeah, but what if you were still seeing Bryant? What would you do, Jen?

Jennifer: I'm not sure.

Billy: Look, don't answer for me. Answer for yourself.

Jennifer: I wish I could.

Billy: You know, he asked me if I thought you were seeing anyone else.

Jennifer: He did? What'd you say?

Billy: Well, I mean, I said I had no idea, and I got out of there as soon as possible.

Jennifer: Well, does he suspect us?

Billy: No. I mean, he would never think that I would do something like that to him.

Jennifer: I've been distant. I was hoping that he wouldn't notice, but obviously --

[Jennifer sighs] was he upset?

Billy: There was a time I wouldn't have left him alone like that.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. I know how much you care about him.

Billy: Don't apologize. It's not your fault, Jen.

Jennifer: No? All I've accomplished is destroying your relationship with Bryant and -- and making all three of us miserable. You know what's incredible? If I had the chance to do it all over again, I'd do everything the same way.

Emily: You left quite a disaster area, lady. Will can barely pick his head up anymore because he thinks it's his fault you're so miserable. And Jennifer -- Jennifer can't do anything except just stand in at home while you're here licking your wounds in this glorified mummy case. And Hal? After everything that man has been through, he still puts his family first. Ahead of his work, ahead of his friends. You know, saddest of all, ahead of himself.

Barbara: I know why you're here. You're trying to provoke me into a confrontation so you can run to Hal so he can console you. Well, it's not going to work. This thing you have with Hal is going to stop before it even gets started. And you know why? Because there is no way that Hal would allow his children to be seen with a tramp like you.

Emily: Well, Hal's children love me. We spend a lot of time together. You don't believe me? Well, you know what? I bet you I know more about your own daughter than you do.

Barbara: That's ludicrous.

Emily: Why don't you call my gynecologist? Dr. Schiller. She's in the book. Call her and ask her if I didn't take Jennifer to an appointment.

Barbara: What are you talking about?

Hal: I think the better question is why are you two talking at all?

Rose: Is that ours?

Paul: Yeah. I hope champagne's okay.

Rose: Oh. Mm, yes.

Paul: I consider it fit for the occasion.

Rose: Oh, I didn't know it was New Year's Eve. I must have forgotten all about thanksgiving.

Paul: Well, I consider tonight a celebration. A time to appreciate the strange and wonderful forces that brought us here together.

Rose: Oh. I'll drink to that.

Paul: Me, too.

Rose: Mm. Not bad. Can I have another sip?

Paul: Yeah. That's what it's here for.

Rose: Mm. Must've gone to my head a little bit.

Paul: Yeah. After we kissed at Jake and Molly's wedding, I almost forgot my name.

Rose: I had that same problem.

Paul: Rose, I don't think you realize how terrific you are.

Rose: Oh, I know what kind of person I am. But don't get fooled, you know? I'm no society deb. I got more rough edges than an old bookcase.

Paul: No, you're a phenomenal person. Ever since I met you, ever since the first moment at the airport, you've continued to amaze me over and over again.

Rose: Maybe we should order something. Yeah. Oh. Uh, we could have -- fish. Or the meat. We could have the meat. Or we could just get a room.

Lucinda: Rose?

Rose: Oh -- my.

Lucinda: Have you discussed it with him yet?

Rose: Ms. Walsh!

Lucinda: Oh, for heaven's sake. I knew I'd have to do it myself. Champagne! Oh, wonderful. But put it aside. We have work to do.

Paul: Lucinda, I'm sure what you have to discuss is important, but --

Lucinda: It is important. It's very important. Thank you so much, darling.

Rose: Ms. Walsh must be referring to the Worldwide stockholders meeting we were discussing, right?

Paul: Oh, yeah, that. Yeah. Rose was just filling me in.

Rose: Yes, about all the details. About how Craig is trying to push you out of CEO, Worldwide, pull dirty tricks behind your back.

Lucinda: So you see, it's absolutely essential. I need your mother to vote her shares for me.

Paul: Oh, well, I gave Rose my word that I would support you in any vote against Craig. So you can count on it.

Lucinda: But you do understand that she has to make a physical appearance. She must appear at the meeting. Can you get her there?

Paul: When did you say that was again?

Rose: Tonight. Tonight.

Paul: Oh, right. She'll be there.

Lucinda: Oh. Oh, well, that's an enormous relief. Do you mind if I have a little sip of this, dear?

Paul: Okay, Lucinda, I've done something for you. Now I need you to do something for me.

Lucinda: Mm. Good. Absolutely. What?

Paul: Go home.

Barbara: This woman broke into my house and started berating for my life!

Emily: Oh, please. Somebody had to say something. The woman is clearly out of control.

Barbara: You are not my conscience!

Emily: No, I am not. I am not your anything. And I have no desire to stand here --

Hal: Hold it, hold it! Is what Barbara said right? Did you actually break in here?

Emily: Yeah, but the patio door was open, so technically it's not breaking in.

Hal: I know the law.

Barbara: She's trying to tell me there's something going on between the two of you, but I know that you're smart enough not to let this trash into your life.

Hal: She is in my life, Barbara. And I feel no need to explain that further.

Barbara: I had no idea the pool of women in this town was so shallow. That still gives you no reason to be in my house!

Emily: Okay, wait a minute. Listen. Listen, Hal. Jennifer told me more about what happened the other night, when mommy dearest here summoned the family for a little visit. And I had to say something! Somebody has to wake this woman up and let her know what she's doing to her children.

Barbara: She assumes she can judge me when she's led such an exemplary life.

Emily: No, not by a long shot. But at least I've never caused anyone to suffer the way you have!

Hal: All right, that's enough! You think what you want, Emily, but to bring it to Barbara was, to say the least, inappropriate.

Emily: Yeah, well, she needed a wake-up call.

Hal: What happens between families is private, Emily. That is one line you do not cross.

Barbara: What do you know about Emily's relationship with Jennifer?

Hal: Jennifer reached out to her. It does not bother me that they're friends.

Barbara: What about the fact that Emily took my daughter to a gynecologist?

Hal: What?

Emily: What? She -- she needed some help.

Barbara: You didn't know?

Hal: No, I didn't. But I should have.

Emily: Oh, Hal --

Hal: No smoke screens and no dodges -- why did you take Jennifer to a --

Emily: Oh, Hal, please! She had -- she had personal questions about her body. She needed professional answers. Is that really so strange for a girl her age?

Hal: I am her father, Emily. You should have told me.

Emily: Fine. Jennifer is an 18-year-old woman. If she wanted her father to know, she could have told you herself.

Hal: Is she pregnant?

Emily: No.

Hal: Sick?

Emily: No!

Barbara: Don't believe her. You check it out for yourself, Hal.

Hal: I don't know what I'm gonna do at the moment. I came by to see how you were doing after last night.

Barbara: I'm not going to discuss my feelings in front of this audience.

Hal: Well, I thought that you should know that Will seems to be all right. It's gonna take him a long time to get past this, but he seems to be okay.

Barbara: Thank you for telling me that. Now, would you please escort your new friend out of my home?

Emily: Barbara, why don't you try opening up a drape? A little sunlight might brighten your disposition.

Hal: We'll talk.

[Phone ringing]

Barbara: Yes?

Craig: Barbara, hi.

Barbara: How dare you call me?!

Craig: Hey, you recognize my voice.

Barbara: How could I forget a sound that I loathe?

Craig: Ah, well, yes, I guess we're all too familiar with your bitterness. But be that as it may, I have some information for you.

Barbara: I am not interested.

Craig: Even if it's about your son and Rose D'Angelo? Barbara?

Barbara: Go on.

Craig: I'm at the Lakeview witnessing a cozy meeting between Paul, Rose and Lucinda Walsh. But I guess you already knew about that, didn't you?

Anyway, I do believe they are conferring about the Worldwide stockholder meeting tonight.

Barbara: I haven't heard anything about that.

Craig: Oh? Oh, I suppose Paul just assumed you weren't interested. Ordinarily, I wouldn't bother you with this, but it's so unlike you to let other people manage your affairs.

Barbara: Paul works for me. Those stocks belong to me. He cannot vote without my approval!

[Phone clicks] hello?

[Dial tone sounds]

Craig: Oops. Disconnected.

Paul: Lucinda, Rose and I have been planning dinner for a long time. And we don't want business to interfere with it. So if you would, please?

Lucinda: Oh. Oh. You want to be alone.

Paul: Yes. Thank you.

Lucinda: All right. But I insist, when this is all over, you're gonna have a wonderful dinner on me.

Paul: Okay. It'll be a pleasure.

Lucinda: Rose, this guy's a gent.

Rose: Yeah, no kidding.

Paul: So --

Rose: Yep?

Paul: Where were we?

Rose: Well, I think we were talking about politics. Or a fabulous book.

Paul: No. No, I don't think that's what it was.

Rose: No? Well, it couldn't have been a girl suggesting a room together because, you know, what kind of girl would ever suggest a thing like that?

Paul: The kind of girl I'd like to get a room with.

Rose: Paul -- that was a mistake. I mean, really. You kissed me on the lips. You know, the soft lips. It was like power surge.

Paul: You know, Rose, it was a wonderful suggestion. It was. But it's not the way that I see our relationship progressing.

Rose: It isn't?

Paul: I need more than a couple of hours together.

Rose: I hear Bermuda's really nice. Really nice for a weekend.

Paul: Well, unfortunately, I can't get away right now. But soon, probably when you least expect it, we'll be alone. Together.

Rose: Mm. And then look out.

Paul: Look out.

Jennifer: See this? Bryant gave it to me.

Billy: When?

Jennifer: Last night, after I came home. He barely has any money because of me, and he still buys me a present.

Billy: That's Bryant. The only kid I ever knew who never had a problem with sharing.

Jennifer: Do you ever wonder what Bryant would do if he was in your situation?

Billy: He'd go back to California. And that's what I'm gonna do.

Will: Jennifer, could you make me a hot dog?

Jennifer: Yeah, sure. One second, will. So you're sure about that, then? About going back to California? Because for a while, I thought that -- well, you know what I thought.

Billy: You know, I wish. I wish that this could all be different.

Jennifer: I wish it all could be different, too. I wish that we could be together all the time. But I don't have any regrets. Because you were right. This wasn't a mistake, and I'll always feel lucky that it happened.

Billy: So will I.

Will: Jennifer! Where are you?

Bonnie: We've all agreed that the working conditions must improve. We don't want promises. We want action.

Isaac: I try to stay accessible to my employees. Tell me the problem, and I'll try to fix it.

Bonnie: The problem is money. And the solution is more of it.

Ben: Why don't I escort Janet to the bar? I'm sure she doesn't want to hear all of this.

Bonnie: What's the matter? I'm sure Isaac doesn't have anything to hide from his family and friends.

Isaac: No, you all are welcome to stay, if you like.

Janet: Okay.

Isaac: You're on.

Bonnie: Well, the only way to make money here is through tips. So all of us, on every shift, work very hard to keep the customers happy. But the customers don't always feel the same way about us.

Waitress #2: Some of them will look for any excuse to stiff us. Like it's our fault if their date has bad breath.

Bonnie: Right. Now, you want us all to look nice for the customers, right? Well, that costs money. Facials --

Waitress #1: Haircuts --

Waitress #2: Going to the gym --

Janet: Oh, you tell him, ladies. These men have no idea.

Isaac: Okay, okay. I know it's a tough job. If you have any suggestions, I'll be willing to listen.

Bonnie: Protect your employees. Institute a mandatory 15% tip on all bar tabs.

Isaac: 15%? That's gonna cost me some business. But I guess the happiness of my employees comes first. Okay. You got it.

Bonnie: You mean -- we won?

Isaac: I think we all won.

Bonnie: We did it! Yes! Thanks, Isaac. I had my doubts on how you'd respond to this.

Isaac: That shows what you know, Norma Rae.

Bonnie: Ladies, back to work!

Ben: Very nicely handled, little brother.

Isaac: Thank you. Could you give me just one more minute, Janet?

Janet: Sure.

Isaac: Bonnie! That was quite a performance you put on over there. I never figured you to be the working woman's champion.

Bonnie: I'm still a little shocked by it myself. So, when does the new policy begin?

Isaac: For everyone else, it starts tomorrow.

Bonnie: And for me?

Isaac: Oh, I got something special in store for you.

Isaac: The idea of a mandatory tip was a good one, which is why I agreed to it. But I did have a problem with the way you brought it to me.

Bonnie: Well, I'd have written you, but I wasn't sure if you could read.

Isaac: You should have brought it to me in private.

Bonnie: Would the result have been the same?

Isaac: Probably.

Bonnie: Then what's the difference?

Isaac: The difference is you tried to use Janet and my brother to make me look bad, and that ain't fair.

Bonnie: Oh, but, Isaac, the lady thought you were so generous.

Isaac: I am so generous. I hired you. You had no experience. I did it as a favor to Lisa and your mother. But I don't have to tolerate this attitude.

Bonnie: Are we finished? 'Cause I have tables to cover.

Isaac: No, you don't.

Bonnie: What?

Isaac: You're fired!

Bryant: Hey, what's goin' on, man?

Billy: I'm packing.

Bryant: You wanna tell me why you're so bent out of shape? Billy, come on, man. What is going on with you?

Billy: Look, all you need to know is I'm leaving.

Hal: Hi, Jen.

Emily: Hey, Jen.

Jennifer: Hi, guys.

Hal: How's Will?

Jennifer: Well, he ate a hot dog.

Hal: Well, that's progress. Where is he now?

Jennifer: Upstairs. He was thinking about calling a friend.

Hal: Well, thanks for looking out for him. For me, too.

Jennifer: It's okay.

Hal: Jennifer --

Jennifer: What is it?

Hal: Thanks again.

Jennifer: No problem. Well -- good night, guys.

Emily: Good night, sweetie. You did the right thing. You know, there's no reason to make her uncomfortable.

Hal: My daughter went to a -- a girl doctor for something other than a routine checkup. I am her primary parent at the moment, and I want to know why.

Emily: Hal, if it -- if it was something big, if it was a big deal, I would've told you. I would've come right to you.

Hal: That's evasive, and you know it, Emily. Now either you tell me what happened, or I'm gonna go up there, and I'm gonna ask her.

Rose: Now I know what it feels like to fly. Mm.

Lily: So I take it the evening went well, then?

Rose: It was the most romantic dinner of my life. Wait, except for the part where your mother horned in, but we got past that.

Lily: She didn't.

Rose: Oh, yes. Plopped herself down right there at our table, started leaning on Paul about the stockholders meeting.

Lily: Well, so what did he do?

Rose: He was amazing. Oh, he handled himself beautifully. He said that Barbara would be there at the meeting, and she would vote her shares for Lucinda. Then he escorted Lucinda out gracefully before she grew roots.

Lily: I'm impressed.

Rose: I'll tell you, Lily, he's got everything. I mean, looks, brains. He's got class -- mm.

Lily: The whole package, huh?

Rose: Yeah. I never knew anybody that had the whole package, you know? I mean, either they were otherwise -- unavailable. We won't talk about that right now. But looks, you know, but no brains. Money but no class. There's one guy that I thought might've had the whole package. But then we got -- and then -- but we don't wanna talk about that right now. I felt like Cinderella, you know? At the ball. Except it never turned midnight.

Lily: Maybe it never will.

Rose: You know what? I'm really starting to believe that.

Paul: Hey, Mom. How was your evening?

Barbara: Lovely, thank you. And yours? Was Ms. D'Angelo her usual charming self?

Paul: Rose was fine. But there is something I need to discuss with you. Montgomery's called an emergency meeting of the major Worldwide stockholders, tonight. He thinks he can vote Lucinda out as CEO, and you've got to be there.

Barbara: I do?

Paul: Yeah. Remember, I made a deal with Lucinda that we'd back her against Craig.

Barbara: Mm. And let me see. Lucinda just happened to be in the building, and she stopped by to pay her respects.

Paul: Actually, she was there. Why do you say that?

Barbara: Because I can smell a set-up a mile away. They're using you, Paul, and you're too blinded by Ms. D'Angelo's dubious charms to even notice.

Paul: Come on, Mom. That's not true and not fair.

Barbara: And you're not infatuated by her?

Paul: Mom, I took her to dinner, and now I'm home. I don't understand why this is such an issue between us.

Barbara: Because you and Rose went to the Lakeview tonight to meet with Lucinda to review your strategy for this evening's meeting. And you didn't review it with me. You didn't discuss it with me. And I just resent it greatly!

Paul: Mom, I didn't even know about the meeting until dinner, okay? Craig obviously didn't tell us because he didn't want us to go against him and vote against him!

Barbara: Well, I have a strategy of my own. Lucinda is not getting my vote. No one is. Because I'm not going to that stockholders meeting tonight. And that's final. --

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