ATWT Transcript Monday 10/15/01


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 10/15/01

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Proofread by Gisele

Holden: Okay. 

Lily: Hey.  We're home.  Oh, my goodness.  It seems like forever since we've been here, huh?

[Luke notices the cameras and stares at them] 

Holden: Need to let some light into this place.  It's a little dark in here.  I tell you what -- I love it out at the farm, but it sure does feel good to be home. 

Lily: It sure does. 

Holden: You, me, the kids. 

Lily: Oh, I know.  This is --

Holden: Right here.  In our --

Lily: It seems like it's surreal, doesn't it?  I mean, last time we were here, Damian showed up, and Dante's men shot up the house.  I can't believe it. 

Holden: Well, Dante's gone, and Dante's not coming back.  Everything's gonna be just like it was before.

Luke: No, it's not.

[Luke continues to be fixated on the cameras]

Lily: Oh. 

Holden: Found the cameras, huh, buddy? 

Luke: What are they for? 

Holden: They're for just in case. 

Luke: Just in case of what? 

Holden: Well, in case anybody shows up that's not supposed to and then we'll be able to see them, but they won't be able to see us. 

Lily: We're all safe, right?  We're all safe.  Come on. 

Holden: That's right. 

Lily: Come on in. 

Holden: We are back -- back home.  Finally home. 

Lily: Come on. 

Margo: Man, Simon, you must have broken speed records to get down here. 

Simon: I'm just worried sick about Katie.  Have you found out anything about this Bruno guy?

Margo: Yeah.  Well, I got a call from a nun.  A Sister Mary Bastalista.  This is where Katie is. 

Simon: What, a convent? 

Margo: Yeah.  Katie asked the nuns for sanctuary. 

Simon: That's because she feels threatened.  That's why.  I've got to get to her before this Bruno guy does. 

Margo: Hey, hey, hey, hey.  Wait, wait, wait, wait.  Now that we know that she's okay for the meantime --

Simon: Margo, I really have to --

Margo: Listen -- you asked me to check out this Bruno guy and I did.  And now, I have some questions for you. 

Barbara: Good morning. 

Paul: You're up early.

Barbara: So are you, considering how late it was when you finally turned off your light last night. 

Paul: You were awake when I came in? 

[Barbara is looking at the flowers]

Barbara: Look at these colors.  Aren't they just gorgeous?  Neilsen brought them in.  These golds and russets and burgundies.  I love having a gardener.  I wish we could do more with the grounds. 

Paul: Mom -- Mom, I need to talk to you.  It's important. 

Barbara: I imagine so.  I'm sure you have a lot to report after your Chicago meeting.  Did you expect it to go so late? 

Paul: It didn't.  I was -- I was back in Oakdale in the early evening.

Barbara: Really? 

Paul: Yeah.  I knew how much you were excited about seeing will and Jen.  I just wanted to give you enough time to see them alone. 

Barbara: As it turned out, it wasn't necessary. 

Paul: And I had a couple of other places I needed to stop by. 

Barbara: Yes.  Rose has already called this morning. 

Paul: That's one of the places I stopped, yeah. 

Barbara: And the others? 

Paul: I'm not 16 anymore, Mom. 

Barbara: No, you're not.  If you were 16, I would know where you were every hour of the night and day. 

Paul: Okay.  Okay, what's going on here? 

Barbara: Paul --

Paul: Something's not right. 

Barbara: Paul, just because I'm confined to this house doesn't mean that I don't know what's going on outside of it. 

Paul: This isn't like you. 

Barbara: This is exactly like me. 

Paul: No.  No, it's not, Mom.  This is different.  You're more -- I don't know -- something's changed.  What happened here last night? 

Jack: You come up with anything on Stenbeck yet? 

Hal: Good morning to you, too. 

Jack: Sorry.  Hal, I'm anxious.  I can't get his face outta my mind.  I was right, wasn't I?  He's back.

Hal: Possibly.  In fact, there's a good chance it was Stenbeck that you saw at Lucinda's the day of the wedding. 

Jack: So you're gonna have him picked up, right? 

Hal: Wrong. 

Jack: Why not? 

Hal: Can't. 

Jack: Hal, the guy's got a rap sheet as long as the State of Illinois.  He shouldn't be able to jaywalk without getting picked up. 

Hal: Jack, you're not gonna believe this, but Stenbeck made a deal with the authorities.  All charges against him have been dropped. 

Carly: I'm with you, Parker.  Nothing like a new toy to make you feel great.  A new toy, or a big ole balance in your bank account.  Do you remember when I made you that promise?  That I was gonna get a job and I was gonna put lots of money in the bank for us?  Well, Paul Ryan's check cleared, and now, you and I are on easy street.  Or well, we will be -- once Paul tells his mommy that your mommy is taking over as head designer.  So you just play with your new toy, okay?  And Mommy will work on a few more designs and then -- voila!  New spring line.  You know, I'm very glad that we got rid of snoopy old Craig last night.  If he finds out what's going on, he'll try to spoil it for us.  Won't he?  

[Doorbell rings]

[Carly looks through the window and turns to Parker]

Carly: Snoopy old Craig. 

Carly: What? 

Craig: Hi.  You know, there's something kind of comforting about our threshold routine.  I come over, you act perturbed, I come in anyway.  Hey, Parker!  What happened here?  You two win the lottery?  Expensive wine, early Christmas?  What's your secret, Carly? 

Carly: If you've come for breakfast, the kitchen is closed. 

Craig: Well, I happen to be friends with a certain ferocious tiger who wasn't feeling so well the last time I saw him. 

Carly: He's much better now.  It's amazing how quickly kids bounce back. 

Craig: Yeah, especially when you have a new toy to play with, hey, Parker?  Nothing like the healing effect of a new toy, and so many.

Carly: Come on.  Cut it out.  Stop it!  So what?  I was paying some bills this morning, and I discovered a credit card that wasn't completely maxed out, so I went for it. 

Craig: Groceries, too.  Quite a windfall. 

Carly: But you know, Craig, grocery stores do take credit cards.  Not that you've ever been in one. 

Craig: Why stock up on groceries when you can eat out?  Right, Parker?  Speaking of which, you did promise to have dinner with me some time this week. 

Carly: No, I can't have dinner with you any time this week.  Parker's still not completely himself, and I'm gonna be very busy.

Craig: Really?  With what? 

Carly: Back off, Craig. 

Craig: Anything to do with your mysterious visitor last night? 

Carly: You are acting like a jealous boyfriend. 

Craig: You know if it's important, I'll find out who it was. 

Carly: Not if you want to have dinner with me, you won't.  Butt out. 

Craig: All right.  Consider me butted. 

Carly: Good. 

Craig: Listen, feel better, okay?  Huh?  You promise?  Bye.  Good.  Toodle-oo. 

Carly: He gave up way too easily, didn't he?  He must have a plan.

Paul: If something's bothering you, Mom, just tell me. 

Barbara: You know me so well, don't you?  Yes, you're right.  I am -- I am very upset about last night.  I hardly got any sleep. 

Paul: Before I left, you were so excited.  You were calling Hal, wanted to see the kids. 

Barbara: It was a disaster. 

Paul: Why?  Will is dying to see you.  And Jen -- come on, it couldn't have been that bad. 

Barbara: What mother frightens her son to death?  Will couldn't even look at me in the face.  And Jennifer -- Hal took them home almost as soon as they got here.

Paul: Mom, I'm sorry. 

Barbara: And then, the storm came, and the power went out.  And I was here alone in the dark. 

Paul: I should have stayed here. 

Barbara: It wasn't your fault. 

Paul: Sorry, Mom.  I just -- I saw you trying to reach out to the family, and I just -- I thought you were turning a corner here. 

Barbara: I thought so, too.  I felt so good.  I felt so energized.  And then when things didn't go as they expected -- but you know what?  I said I am going to make it.  I am going to get through the night.  I am going to make it through another day. 

Paul: That's great.  You found something to keep you going.  What was it?

Barbara: You, and your faith in me.  And so, I lit some candles and I started to sketch. 

Paul: That's what you were doing all night?  Sketching? 

Barbara: All night long.  It got me through the endless, endless night.  And so, here it is -- B.R.O.'s new spring line. 

Hal: Yeah.  The Feds dropped all charges against Stenbeck.  He is no longer a wanted man, Jack. 

Jack: Unbelievable.  A lying, scheming, murdering piece of -- James Stenbeck draws a walk, how, Hal?  What the hell kind of deal is that?! 

Hal: By giving the Feds a man exactly like him.

Jack: No. 

Hal: Mm-hmm. 

Jack: Dropped charges on James to pick up David? 

Hal: Amazing how the wheels of justice turn, isn't it? 

Jack: That's why David got taken out? 

Hal: I don't know if Stenbeck Senior knew that his kid would wind up dead, but he did agree to lure him out of hiding so that junior could get arrested. 

Jack: That's why David went to Chicago. 

Hal: A tender father/son reunion. 

Jack: Mm-hmm.  Only instead of a warm embrace, he gets a bullet from an agent's .38. 

Hal: You think he's still in Oakdale? 

Jack: I found the remains of a Cuban cigar on the grounds of Fairwinds last night.

Hal: Yeah.  I saw it, too.  So what?  Could have been anybody's. 

Jack: What?  Neilsen the gardener's importing illegal Cuban smokes now?  No way, Hal.  This is Stenbeck.  He's back in town for a reason, and I'm gonna find out what it is. 

Margo: Look, you and I both know that Katie can be a little out there. 

Simon: Yes, she is. 

Margo: And she's my little sister and I love her. 

Simon: I know that.  And you have been a big help.  And I mean it, thank you. 

Margo: Well, now, you can be an even bigger help.  You know why she took off, don't you? 

Simon: Yes.  Because of me.  I know, I messed up.  And I really -- I'm gonna make it up to her. 

Margo: I know.  And I'm not trying to guilt-trip you.  Katie's a handful, and I know it.  But when she comes back, I would like her life to be different.

Simon: And it will be.  It will. 

Margo: So you'll be truthful with her? 

Simon: Mm-hmm. 

Margo: Then go and find her, and you need to promise me that you'll be straight with her.  Because, Simon, she is in love with you. 

Simon: I know. 

Margo: And you know that she never would've gotten messed up with this Bruno guy if she hadn't been wanting to prove something to you. 

Simon: I know, I know.  And now, I know what I have to say to her.  I do. 

Margo: Yeah.  What you should have said months ago, that the two of you never should have staged this wedding just so you could stay in the country.

Simon: Yes.  It was wrong.  I know. 

Margo: All right.  Then you can make it right.  Go and you find her and you convince her that this ridiculous marriage is over, and I know it'll be painful for her to hear, but in the long run she'll be better off.  What? 

Simon: I don't want to end it. 

Margo: What? 

Simon: Yeah.  I -- I love Katie, and I want to give it a shot. 

Margo: What? 

Simon: Yes.  Believe me, it took me long enough to realize it myself. 

Margo: Simon, if you don't end this now, you're gonna be spending the rest of your life with her.

Simon: I know. 

Margo: Simon, the rest of your life. 

Simon: Yes! 

Margo: No, let me be very clear with you, Simon.  If you go and you get her and you tell her that you don't wanna split up, then you get ready for 50 or 60 years of Katie.  And I'm talkin' a house and kids and a white-picket fence, and possibly a dog and a bunny.  And if, down the road, you do want to break up with her, she will hunt you down and make your life miserable.  And, quite frankly, I'll help her.  So you be clear with yourself, Simon, and Katie. 

Simon: I will be.  I wanna go get her. 

Margo: Okay.  The convent is just out past Luther's Corners.  And these are the directions.

Simon: Thank you.  I really mean it.  Thank you. 

Holden: What's up, buddy? 

Luke: Nothing. 

Holden: You know, we've spent a lot of time together when we were partners in Malta, and I've gotten to know you even better than I knew you before.  I think something's wrong.  Something's up.  You wanna tell me? 

Luke: The cameras.  Are they outside because you think Dante's guys are still after me? 

Holden: Dante's guys, they couldn't find their own backsides without Dante calling the shots.  And we both know that Dante isn't calling anything anymore. 

Luke: But what if the guys that used to work for him want to get back at us?

Holden: Hey, buddy, the danger -- it's all over.  Your cousin Jack and the police, and their bosses, and all their bosses' bosses, they promised us that. 

Luke: Do you believe 'em? 

Holden: I sure do.  How about you? 

Luke: Yeah.  I guess. 

Holden: You sure?  Because if you want to talk about this a little bit more, we can do that. 

Luke: No, I'm fine.  Can I go up to my room now? 

Holden: Sure.  I'll take your suitcase up for you in a little bit, okay? 

Luke: No, it's okay.  Grandma loaded it.  It's heavy. 

[Doorbell rings]

Holden: Hey, Jack. 

Jack: Hey.

Holden: I didn't know you were coming by. 

Jack: I called Emma. 

Jack: She said you guys were moving back into your house today, so --

Holden: Yeah.  Emma, she's been great and all, but I just wanted to get the kids back in their own rooms, in the house. 

Jack: Well, in that case, you probably need some pointers on the new security system.  So, I guess I got here just in time. 

Holden: Yeah, you've been just in time a lot lately.  Never had the chance to thank you for what you did at the wedding.  By keeping your eyes open like you did -- God, I don't know what could've happened to Luke if you hadn't. 

Jack: I'm just glad everyone's okay, Holden.

Holden: Well, I told Luke that everything's gonna be all right, and it's because of you. 

Jack: I can't tell you how good it feels to hear someone say that.  It's been a long time.  How is Luke? 

Holden: Honestly?  He's still a little shaky.  He knows that you saved his life and all, but I don't think he believes that it's really over. 

Carly: Hey, Paul. 

Paul: Hey.  It isn't too early, is it? 

Carly: Yeah, I was just telling Parker how good things are working out. 

Paul: You have a pretty talented mommy, you know that?  I remember doing exactly what he's doing over there. 

Carly: What's that? 

Paul: Sitting around, playing with my toys while my mother sat and worked.

Carly: Well, Parker doesn't seem to think it's such a bad life, do ya, buddy?  So, how did Barbara take the news? 

Paul: News? 

Carly: You promised me, Paul.  I'm not taking over as B.R.O.'s Chief Designer unless your mother knows! 

Paul: Carly, I'm sorry, but I've changed my mind about that.  I'm not tellin' her. 

Carly: We had an agreement, Paul! 

Paul: Okay.  Just hold on a second, all right?  I'll show you something.  Look at these. 

Carly: Well, they're terrible.  You know that, right?  These are worse than the last ones I saw. 

Paul: I know.  But Mom thinks --

Carly: She think that these are good? 

Paul: Yes.  Carly, my mother thinks that she has nothing left in the world except for me and her ability to design.  You tell me -- you tell me how I'm supposed to tell mother that I want to replace her. 

Carly: Well, you just have to tell her.  You say, "Mom, I love you, but your designs are a little bit lacking.  I think you need some time to get your groove back."

Paul: It would kill her. 

Carly: So where does that leave us? 

Paul: I still need you for the spring line. 

Carly: As a ghost. 

Paul: Carly, my mother needs to think that her sketches are being used. 

Carly: Oh, that's fine, until November rolls around and then what's seen on the runway has absolutely nothing to do with what's in that sketchbook. 

Paul: Carly, she doesn't even leave the house.  All right?  She won't even be at the New York show. 

Carly: Wake up.  Newspapers, photographs.  And besides, this is exactly what I didn't want -- to do all the work while your mother gets all the glory. 

Paul: Carly, I promised you -- I promised you that I would see to it that you got your own line.  And I will.

Carly: When? 

Paul: When we complete the B.R.O. spring line. 

Carly: You know what you can do with your promises, don't you? 

Paul: Carly, look, I'll put it in writing.  Okay?  I just have to see my mother through this. 

Carly: I want a contract that guarantees me my own label and my own line. 

Paul: Okay.  You'll have it. 

Carly: Good. 

Paul: That just leaves us with one last problem. 

Carly: What's that? 

Paul: Craig. 

[Phone rings]

Emily: Excuse me. 

Cop: Yes. 

Emily: Is Lieutenant Munson here today?

Cop: No, not right now, but we do expect him back shortly. 

Emily: Thank you. 

[Emily grabs a file and starts looking through it and when she hears someone coming she hides behind the desk]

Hal: Katie's catholic? 

Margo: This is probably so sad to say it, but I think that she will be anything that she needs to be to get her what she wants.  Well, that's weird. 

Hal: What? 

Margo: The Portolano background material was right here on top of all the files and -- you smell that? 

Hal: What? 

Margo: A certain noxious perfume.  I knew it! 

[Margo grabs Emily by the hair and pulls her off the ground]

Emily: Ow! 

Margo: I knew --

Hal: Hey, hey, Margo! 

Emily: My word, would you please let go?!

Margo: If you keep taking scoops off of my desk, and I'll let you go right down to the street with all the streetwalkers and the lowlife. 

Emily: For your information, I came here for personal business.  I came to see -- I came to see you, Hal. 

Margo: Doesn't stop you from drummin' up a little story here and there, every once in a while?  Does it, huh?  Does it? 

Hal: Margo, can you give us a minute, please? 

Margo: Honestly, Hal, have you ever heard the term "Unholy Alliance"? 

[Phone rings]

Margo: Detective Hughes. 

Craig: Margo, it's me.  Do you have a minute to meet me?  It's important.

Margo: What, too important you can't talk over the phone?  Yeah, yeah.  I could use a break. 

Craig: Great.  I'm at Al's. 

Margo: You are at Al's?  I'll be right there. 

Margo: I'm taking a break. 

Hal: You really shouldn't rifle through her desk, Em. 

Emily: Hal, please, Margo can sit on it and rotate.  And you can, too, for that matter. 

Hal: Hey, hey, hey, hey.  What did I do? 

Emily: What did you do?  I don't know.  What -- what would you call it?  You made me -- you made me think we had somethin' going on.  You know?  Something -- something crazy, maybe.  Nearly impossible.  But something, and then boom -- you drop me like the hottest potato in town.

Hal: I did not drop you. 

Emily: Really?  What would you call it?  "Hi, Em, not tonight.  Sorry, Em." Click.  Bye. 

Hal: All right, Emily, if you have to know, Barbara wanted to see the kids last night, and she --

Emily: Oh, Barbara, I should have known.  When St. Barbara nails herself to the cross, and suddenly I'm "Emily who?"

Hal: This is exactly why I didn't explain it to you last night. 

Emily: Why?  Why?  Because the hard-hearted wicked witch that I am couldn't possibly understand the complexities of your life? 

Hal: Frankly, yeah.  Well, not the wicked witch part, but the complex part.  Yes, Em.  Emily, the bottom line is 00 if you can't accept my relationship with Barbara, then we don't have a snowball's chance.

Nun: May I help you with something? 

Simon: Yes, I'm here to see Mother Superior.  It's about a visitor who came to your convent. 

Nun: And the visitor's name? 

Simon: It's actually my wife.  Katie Peretti Frasier? 

Nun: Yes.  You will have to see the reverend mother, Sister Mary. 

Simon: Well, is she gonna be much longer? 

Nun: I don't think so.  She's in with the other gentleman. 

Simon: Who's that? 

Simon: How did you get here? 

Bruno: I got my ways -- just like you, it seems. 

Simon: I'm sorry, Mother Superior.  You cannot let this guy near my wife, Katie!

Sister Mary: I'm afraid that's irrelevant, gentlemen.  Katie is gone. 

Simon: Excuse me, what do you mean, Katie is gone? 

Sister Mary: I'm sorry.  I did not mean to seem so dire.  What I meant to say is Katie has left the convent.  She has gone away, moved on, vamoosed. 

Simon: Why?  Why?  Did you let this guy here near her or what? 

Bruno: Wait just a minute.  Come on. 

Sister Mary: She told one of the sisters that she had not yet finished her quest for tranquility -- her spiritual journey. 

Simon: And do you know where this spiritual journey was taking her? 

Sister Mary: No.  I have no idea. 

Simon: Right.  And you just let her leave?  Like that?

Sister Mary: Well, to be perfectly honest, Mr.  -- ? 

Simon: Frasier.  I'm her husband, as I mentioned to the sister right here. 

Sister Mary: Oh, I see.  Well, to be perfectly honest, Mr. Frasier, your wife's stay with us has been a bit of a nightmare. 

Bruno: Ah, that's just because you don't understand --

Simon: What are you even doing -- will you just shut -- I'm sorry.  I'm very sorry.  Please, can you explain to me what actually happened? 

Sister Mary: Well, first of all, she was completely unable to keep the vow of silence at meals. 

Bruno: That's my little songbird. 

Sister Mary: Yes, and when it was her turn to lead the evening prayers, she offered makeover tips for those confined to black and white wardrobes.  She also suggested that we should petition the "Popester," as she referred to our Holy Father, about "That chastity thing." She said, and I quote, "Poverty and Obedience are enough already!" After one week with her, three -- three -- of our sisters have given over their vocations entirely!

Simon: Well, she's very, extremely sweet girl once you get to know her.  And helpful, too, yes. 

Sister Mary: Oh, yes, yes, I know.  When she receives the Sacrament of the Holy Communion, she told us that the host would go down easier with guacamole. 

Simon: Well, that's a good point.  I'm sorr -- if you weren't gonna keep her here safely in this sanctuary, why did you call Margo Hughes? 

Sister Mary: Her sister? 

Simon: Yes. 

Sister Mary: Yes, yes.  Well, to be perfectly honest, we were desperate.  And Ms. Hughes said that a gentleman would come to get her.  But before either of you arrived, Katie was gone.

Simon: And you have no idea where she went? 

Sister Mary: I can only hope that she finds whatever it is she's looking for, and that she never again requires sanctuary from our order.  Now, if you gentlemen will excuse us.  Sister? 

Simon: Thank you.  Thank you. 

Simon: Well, you heard her, didn't you?  Weren't you listening?  Katie obviously wants no part of you. 

Bruno: What makes you think she wants any part of you? 

Simon: I know she does.  I'm gonna go find her. 

Bruno: Where? 

Simon: Why don't you mind your own business?  Why are you even hanging around like such a bad smell?  Go back.  Go back to Atlantic City, all right?  Nobody wants you here.

Bruno: Whoa, slow down, pal.  You're not going anywhere. 

[Lily hugs Jack]

Lily: Oh, how do I thank you?  How do I thank you for saving my only son's life? 

Jack: Oh, I think you're doing a pretty good job.

Holden: Hey, you heard anything from the D.A. about them pressing charges? 

Jack: No, they decided to drop the whole thing. 

Lily: Of course.  How could they press charges against you?  You saved Luke's life.  I mean, we know exactly what Dante would want.  Oh, I'm sorry, honey.  I didn't know you were there. 

Luke: It's okay. 

Jack: Hey, Luke.  You feeling okay? 

Luke: Yeah, I guess.  I never got to say thanks. 

Jack: No, no problem at all.  It -- it must have been scary, you know, seeing a man get shot like that.  And I know you got a lot of crazy feelings going on right now.  Sometimes you're sad, sometimes you're angry.  And if I made you scared and angry in any way --

Luke: It's not you.  I'm not mad at you. 

Lily: It sounds like you're mad at somebody. 

Luke: It's me.  I was so stupid the day of the wedding. 

Holden: What do you mean? 

Luke: You told me to tell you where I was going to be, and I didn't.  It's my fault Dante found me.  It's my fault that Jack had to shoot him. 

Holden: Luke, Luke, you didn't do anything wrong here. 

Lily: No, no, not at all.  I mean, you are such a wonderful little boy.  You're a little boy, and you're brave, and you're strong as any adult.  None of this is your fault.  No, not at all. 

Jack: That's right, buddy.  Hey, you've been really grown-up lately, and that's great.  You know?  It's good to be responsible.  But you've had to worry about a lot grown-up things, too.  I miss Luke, the kid, though, you know?  The kid who hates long division but loves baseball.  Who constantly sneaks up behind me and jumps on my back, even though he knows I hate it.  The same kid I knew before all this happened, you know?  Clavicle boy?  You know what I'm sayin'?  Yeah, that kid.  That's the kid.  I want you to stop worrying about bad guys comin' after you.  Or whether or not your family is safe, okay?  I'm watching your back. 

Luke: How? 

Jack: By making sure that you stay out of harm's way and that your family's protected.  Okay?  I mean, come on, with all my cop experience, it'll be a walk in the park, right?  Huh?  Sound good?  Good, good!  It sounds like a plan.  All right.  You know, I'm gonna show you the new security system, all right? 

Luke: Cool. 

Lily: I knew it would take awhile for him to get over this, but I never in a million years thought he'd feel guilty about it. 

Holden: It's like Jack said.  He's a responsible little kid, and he feels like everything happened because of him.  But the fact is, none of it would have happened if he hadn't been Damian Grimaldi's son.

Lily: He is Damian Grimaldi's son, Holden. 

Holden: Yeah, but there is something I can do about that. 

Lily: What? 

Holden: I can -- I can make it official.  I can make it -- make it legal. 

Lily: You want to adopt him? 

Holden: Yeah.  Yeah, I want to give him my name. 

Lily: Oh.  Oh, yes, let's do that.  Let's do that. 

Margo: Hey, if this is about Katie, I found her, and Simon's off bringing her back now. 

Craig: Oh, well, that's good. 

Margo: That's good?  Our missing sister's alive and well, and that's all you have to say about that? 

Craig: She goes missing once a month.  It's hormonal.

Margo: Right.  And once a month, we get together for a cup of coffee, and we shake our heads over it.  So, what's wrong with Craig today? 

Craig: Carly Tenney.  She's lying to me. 

Margo: Oh, really? 

Craig: I found some sketches she was working on.  She's designing for B.R.O.  Paul Ryan, actually, and she won't tell me about it. 

Margo: It makes perfect sense to me. 

Craig: Well, enlighten me. 

Margo: "A" -- Paul Ryan hates your guts.  "B" -- it's none of your business what Carly Tenney does for a living.  And as far as you helping out that girl, your luck's pretty dismal. 

Craig: I know why she's doing it.  It was my idea.

Margo: What, to have her design for B.R.O.? 

Craig: Barbara's burned out.  Well, you know.  Carly needs the work, but Paul's forcing her to keep it secret. 

Margo: But why?  Why would he do that? 

Craig: To protect his meal ticket.  Barbara's gigantic, but impossibly fragile ego. 

Margo: Now, now, still, Carly gets her dream come true, to design for a living, and Barbara gets to hang onto the one thing she still has -- her professional reputation.  So you ask me, it's a win-win situation. 

Craig: No, not for Carly. 

Margo: It's a big fat paycheck!  It's still a win. 

Craig: Yeah, but her name won't be on the designs.  And that's what she needs.  And if Paul forces her into this hush-hush deal to keep Mommy happy, then she won't get the recognition.

Margo: Like you really care if Carly's the next Versace? 

Craig: I'll find a way to get her her own label. 

Margo: Oh, come on.  Let's just get back to earth here, little brother.  You care about controlling people.  And the uncontrollable Carly Tenney under your thumb?  Oh, that's heaven. 

Craig: I think you misjudge the depths of my affection. 

Margo: Well, that may very well be, but you don't have enough liquid assets to bankroll a paper route, let alone a big company for Carly. 

Craig: Well, another reason to oust Lucinda from Worldwide. 

Margo: What are you talking about?  What does Worldwide have to do with this? 

Craig: If I'm CEO of Worldwide, I'm liquid beyond belief.

Margo: You bought enough shares to knock Lucinda Walsh off her throne? 

Craig: Yeah.  But half of them belong to Barbara.  So I need her with me.  With her vote, I'm gold. 

Margo: Well, you got a snowball's chance in hell that Barbara's gonna vote her shares over with you. 

Craig: Then I'll just have to find a way to keep her from voting with Lucinda.  I love our talks. 

Margo: Oh, is that what this was? 

Craig: Your advice is always right on the money. 

Simon: Get your hands off me. 

Bruno: Or what? 

Simon: Or I'll get the mother superior in here to rap you over the knuckles. 

Bruno: Look, Katie changed my life. 

Simon: Yeah?  Don't take it too personally. 

Bruno: Listen, I am not gonna take this from a guy who marries her and can't even tell her he loves her. 

Simon: Listen!  What the hell do you even know about our situation? 

Bruno: What do I know?  I know you used her to stay in this country.  You had her brother foot the bill for the two of you.  And you never once told her how beautiful she was.  Or that she had a smile that could make a joint checking account look good.

Simon: Well, thanks for the psychoanalysis, but you're a -- you're a gambler, right?  Yeah?  Why don't you go back to blackjack?  'Cause I'll tell you, you don't stand a chance with Katie. 

Bruno: When I find Katie, that'll all change. 

Simon: Really?  Hey, lots of luck. 

Bruno: Look, if you get in my way, we'll see who's got the good luck and who's got the bad. 

Hal: Emily, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to make you cry.  Here.  So what's this really all about? 

Emily: I know -- I know that we said we were gonna take this one day at a time.  And I'm trying to be cool with that, you know?  I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have gone off on you like that.  It's just that you're the best thing that's happened to me in a real long time, and sometimes I don't quite know what to do with that.

Hal: Neither do I, and it's a little bit scary. 

Emily: I know I'm a little intense sometimes. 

Hal: It's not that.  It's just that sometimes I think you want more than I can give you right now.  Emily, last night, Barbara wanted to see the kids, and I brought 'em over, and it was a disaster, Emily.  Will got scared, Jennifer got mad, and I wound up having to take them home. 

Emily: Why?  They're her kids, for crying out loud. 

Hal: You have to understand that Barbara is in a very vulnerable place right now. 

Emily: Oh, please!  I've heard this refrain one too many times. 

Hal: Emily, she's fragile, and I have to be --

Emily: She's fragile?  And what am I, huh?  What am I?  The Iron Maiden?   Look, I'm sorry.  I'm not trying to be wife number six, but what about that I might need a shoulder to lean on every now and then? 

Hal: I wish you wouldn't look at it that way.  What is this, a competition?  Are you even trying to understand? 

Emily: Yeah, I am.  And you know what I see?  Two people who say they care an awful lot about each other standing face-to-face, almost touching, not quite getting there.  And you know why?  Because you're still only available to the woman who kicked you and your kids out of her life for a guy who's not good enough to shine your shoes.  Even after the explosion, you sat next to her bedside, and you professed your love to her, but what did she do?  She kicked you out of her life, Hal!  But who are you still devoted to?  Hmm?  Who's calling the shots?  She is.

Hal: I really wish you wouldn't look at it that way, Emily. 

Emily: Well, you wanna know what?  I wish something, too. 

Hal: What?! 

Emily: I wish you'd wake up and realize that I'm not the problem here.  Barbara is! 

Margo: Oh, no, no, I'm really not up for accepting the glory for this cockamamie scheme to oust Lucinda from Worldwide.  No, no. 

Craig: Don't be humble, Margo.  It's brilliant. 

Margo: It's nuts.  And you say you care about Carly? 

Craig: I do. 

Margo: Then why would you use her to justify setting up Lucinda like this?  It's just -- it's so -- it's manipulative.

Craig: It's perfect. 

Margo: It's whacko. 

Craig: Thanks for the coffee, Sis.

[Craig pushes the bill towards Margo] 

Margo: What?  Hey, where are you going? 

Craig: I've got Worldwide board members to get on the horn. 

Margo: You're really gonna do this? 

Craig: For Carly. 

Margo: Blondes. 

Carly: Craig doesn't know anything about the B.R.O. arrangement. 

Paul: He better not, because my mother has a huge chunk of Worldwide stock, and the only way she can sell it is if she offers it to Craig first.  And he wants it bad. 

Carly: And why is that important to me? 

Paul: Because Craig knows if B.R.O.'s in trouble, we'll need a cash infusion, and selling that stock would give it to us.

Carly: And you think that Craig would try to force B.R.O. into bankruptcy in order to get your mother's stock? 

Paul: Yeah.  I know he would.  That's why he can't know anything about you designing instead of Barbara.  If he finds out, the deal's off. 

Carly: I know how to handle Craig.  And believe me, he won't hear anything from me. 

Paul: I'm counting on it.  And a brilliant collection. 

Carly: That you will have by the end of the week.

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