ATWT Transcript Wednesday 10/10/01


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/10/01

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Radio announcer: We interrupt our regular programming for a travelers'  advisory from the weather desk.  A violent electrical storm will be moving into Oakdale and surrounding areas tonight.  Expect heavy lightning  throughout the evening.  And now, more music. 

Carly: Huh.  Did you hear that, Parker?  There's gonna be a lot of lightning flashing everywhere tonight.  But do we care?  No, we don't care.  Because we -- we are gonna celebrate, anyway, aren't we?  This -- this is a check.  And a check is just about the same thing as money.  And Paul Ryan gave your mommy a lot of money to redesign B.R.O.'s spring line.  And then he promised me, when I'm all done with that, I get my very own line.  

[Carly laughing]

Carly: I drink this toast -- to me.  And to you.  To us -- an unbeatable team.  Right?  Would you like to dance?  I think we should dance. 

[Carly and Parker and dancing]

[Carly laughing]

Carly: You are an excellent dancer, young man!  Excellent! 

Carly: Hey!  Wha -- what are you doing here? 

Craig: Well, I'm not gonna lie. 

Carly: You can't just barge into my house whenever you feel like it uninvited. 

Craig: Well, I can try.  Parker! 

Carly: I happen to be having a quiet evening at home with my son.  I would appreciate it if you wouldn't spoil it.

[Craig picks up the wine bottle]

Craig: A little out of your usual price range, hey, Carly?  What exactly are we celebrating tonight? 

Jack: Come on, Stenbeck.  Give me a sign that you were really here. 

Mitzi: Who's there?  Don't try anything funny, 'cause I've got a gun! 

Jack: It's me! 

Mitzi: Jack?  Is that you? 

Jack: Mitzi, it's me.  Don't shoot, please. 

Mitzi: What are you doing out there? 

Jack: Uh -- just checking out the property, making sure it was safe. 

Mitzi: From what? 

Jack: I'm sorry I disturbed you. 

Mitzi: Are you lookin' to keep me up all night, Jack?

Jack: Not really. 

Mitzi: Well, then you better start telling me the truth. 

Jack: What makes you think I haven't? 

Mitzi: Your voice.  The way you're standing there with one shoulder facing me, like you're protecting yourself.  You wanna come inside and clue me in? 

Jack: I'd love to. 

Mitzi: It's not bugged, so talk freely. 

Jack: On the night of Jake and Molly's wedding, I thought I saw someone that I knew in the shadows here.  It's possible I imagined it.  I was just trying to make sure. 

Mitzi: And if you didn't imagine it, then what? 

Jack: Then a lot of people in this town could be in danger. 

[Thunder clap]

Hal: Here.  Eat this.

[Hal hands Will a carrot]

Will: Thanks.  You sure Mom wants to see us? 

Hal: I'm sure.  Eat the carrot. 

Will: And Jen's coming, too, right? 

Hal: I'm just about to call her. 

Will: This means Mom's feeling better, right? 

Hal: Looks that way.  The carrot. 

Will: Do you think she'll want to live here again? 

Hal: Oh, I don't know about that, son.  At least, not yet. 

Will: Well, what about, like, for one night?  You know, like a sleepover? 

Hal: I think it's best if we go visit her first and then, later on, if she wants to come see us here, I think she'll let us know that. 

Will: Okay.  And she looks different, right?

Hal: She has some scars. 

Will: Do you think I'll be afraid? 

Hal: It's gonna seem strange at first.  But you know what?  You're gonna see that, inside, she is still the same mom, and she still loves you very much.  Very much. 

Will: Can I make her a "Get Well" card on the computer? 

Hal: I think she'd like that a lot. 

Will: Me, too.  Here, Dad. 

[Will hands the carrot to Hal]

[Thunder clap]

Jennifer: Do you remember how upset I was when I found out that you -- that you lied about the trust fund? 

Bryant: Yes. 

Jennifer: Well, I would never want you to feel that way about me.  I mean, to find out that I kept a secret about something important.

Bryant: I don't think you'd ever do that, Jen.  What does this have to do with Billy? 

Jennifer: Do you remember the day I moved out of the cottage? 

Bryant: Of course. 

Jennifer: Well, um -- something happened that day, and I didn't plan it.  And neither did Billy.  It's just -- I was upset.  And the two of us were there, and I was running out of the house with my suitcase.  And it fell open.  And everything went everywhere.  And he started to help me put everything back in, but then --

Billy: Wait. 

Jennifer: Billy! 

Billy: That's not fair.  If anyone should tell Bryant, it should be me.

Jennifer: What?  Why? 

Billy: Look, because he was the one who asked me to stay here in the first place.  I'm going to California. 

Bryant: What?! 

Billy: Jennifer and I have discussed it, and I've just had a hard time figuring out when to tell you. 

Bryant: It doesn't matter who you told.  Why are you doing it? 

Billy: Look, the deck should be finished in a couple weeks.  And then after that --

[Phone ringing]

Jennifer: Oh, excuse me!  That's mine.  Oh, shoot. 

[Phone ringing]

Jennifer: Hello? 

Hal: Jennifer?  I heard from your mother tonight.  She wants you, Will and me to visit her at Fairwinds.

Jennifer: She does?  When? 

Hal: As soon as we can get there.  Can you make it? 

Jennifer: Can I?  Of course.  Dad, she called you? 

Hal: Yeah.  Pretty huge, huh? 

Jennifer: Yeah, it's -- it's unreal. 

Hal: I know.  Will's pretty juiced about it, too. 

Jennifer: Well, I guess I'm on my way now.  I'll meet you out front.  Oh, do you think I should bring her some flowers or something? 

Hal: I think you and Will will be enough. 

Jennifer: Well, I think I'll pick some up on the way anyway.  She always said she loved it when people brought flowers to the house.  So I'll see you soon.  Bye. 

Jennifer: You'll never guess what just happened.  My mom called my dad, and she wants to see me and will tonight.

Bryant: That's great news!  I know how long you've been waiting for this, Jen.  Mmm. 

Jennifer: Well, I'd better -- I'd better hurry.  But I'm sorry --

Bryant: Never mind that!  Go!  Your mom's waiting for you.  Go. 

Jennifer: Yeah.  Sorry. 

Bryant: You have no idea what that means to her. 

Billy: Probably not. 

Bryant: Okay, it's just you and me.  Now tell me the truth about why you're leaving. 

Barbara: Oh. 

[Thunder clap]

Barbara: It's going to be all right.  They're my children.  I think I can feel safe again. 

[Thunder clap] 

Mitzi: This guy sounds kinda spooky, Jack.  Like -- like one of those guys from a horror movie who won't quit no matter what you do to him. 

Jack: That's him.  Only worse. 

[Thunder clap]

Jack: Because he's real. 

Jack (voice over): He doesn't carry a gun or threaten people directly.  He's much more subtle than that.  But he's still the most dangerous person I've ever met.  Everything he says, everything he does is part of some secret agenda.  He picks his targets, lulls them into a false sense of security and then, when they least expect it, he strikes.  He knows what people fear and finds a way to use that against them -- to exploit their weaknesses, to scare them so badly they almost wish they would die.

Barbara: Oh!  Oh!  Oh! Fire!  Fire!  Oh, no!  Oh, no!  Oh my God, not again!  No! No!

Carly: Why don't you at least make yourself useful?  Looks like Parker could use some more juice. 

Craig: Is that true?  The lad must have a hollow leg!  Let me see, Parker.  Looks like you're drinking the good stuff, too. 

[Carly hides the check and sketches on the desk while Craig is busy with Parker]

Carly: You know, just because you saved my life doesn't mean you can come over and expect me to entertain you anytime you want. 

Craig: Well, it's spontaneity, Carly.  It's the extra twist of pepper on the salad greens of life.  Speaking of which, what are you doing for dinner? 

Carly: Well, not going out, if that's what you mean.  We have this big electrical storm coming through.  Haven't you heard? 

Craig: All right.  We can eat here.

Carly: You expect me to cook for you? 

Craig: Did I say that?  I am perfectly happy to cook. 

[Carly laughing]

Carly: Oh, really?  You cook?  Since when? 

Craig: I wasn't born at the Lakeview, Carly.  I know my way around a stove top. 

Carly: I don't know.  Hey, Parker -- what do you say?  Should we trust this guy to make us dinner? 

[Parker nods his head]

Craig: I always liked the boy.  Despite his dubious taste in fathers.  Now that I'm staying, do you mind if I have a glass of that wine? 

Bryant: What's the rush to get back out west?  Something I said?

Billy: It's not you, Bryant, okay?  So just stop bugging me and just leave this alone.  Okay? 

Bryant: Ah, Billy.  It's a girl, isn't it? 

Billy: No.  I'm not running home to some girl I left behind, okay? 

Bryant: Well, I know that, because you would've told me about her.  But you could be running away from somebody. 

Billy: And why would you say that? 

Bryant: Because I know you, and you've got this code, and you don't like to hurt people.  So what?  You walked into Java one night, some girl tried to play you, and you can't get her off your back?  Don't tell me she's already taken.  Will you just tell me about it?  Maybe I can help you!

Barbara: Fire, fire, fire!  Somebody!  Somebody, help me!  Somebody, come help me! 

[Barbara hears James Stenbeck’s voice]

James: Barbara?  Barbara? 

Barbara: Oh, no!  Not him! 

James: Barbara --

[Thunder clap]

James: Over here, Barbara. 

[Barbara gasping]

Barbara: Help!  Help!  Somebody, help! 

Hal: Barbara?  Barbara! 

Barbara: Oh, he's coming.  He's coming!  He's coming. 

[Barbara gasping]

Hal: Barbara? 

Barbara: Oh, no!  No, no!  Don't hurt me!  Don't hurt me!  Don't hurt me!  Hal.  Hal.  There's a fire.  There's a fire.

Hal: This?  Shh, shh.  This?  Barbara, this is just -- just a cigar.  It's just a cigar.  You're not in any danger.  It's okay. 

Barbara: Someone's out there, Hal.  Someone's out there. 

Hal: Where, in the woods?  In the woods? 

Barbara: I don't know who. 

Hal: If you want, I can go check. 

Barbara: Oh, no!  No, no, no, no.  No, stay here. 

Hal: It's okay.  No one's going to hurt you.  It's okay. 

[Thunder clap]

Billy: I'm not running away from a woman. 

Bryant: Ah, you sure?  You don't have to tell me her name. 

Billy: Look, I'm leaving for the reasons I told you, Bryant, okay? 

Bryant: Okay.  Okay!  I don't mean to push.  It's just that I don't have a brother and -- you're about the closest thing I'll ever get to one. 

Billy: Well, I feel the same way, too, okay?  And you know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you.  No matter what the cost. 

Bryant: What are you talking about? 

Abigail: Oh, Bryant.  I need to talk to you.  Uh -- were you guys in the middle of something?

Billy: Oh, no.  It's okay, Abigail.  You know, I gotta go, anyway.  Hey, I'll see you in the morning. 

Bryant: At least finish your beer, Bill. 

Billy: No, there's a storm coming.  I gotta get all of my tools off the deck, okay?  In fact, I've been having serious thoughts about becoming a hermit. 

Abigail: Can I ask you a big favor? 

Bryant: Go ahead.  What is it? 

Abigail: I'm supposed to be meeting Adam here, and I gotta be someplace else.  He can't really know about it, so I need you to cover for me. 

Bryant: You mean, lie for you is what you're asking me? 

Abigail: No, no!  All you have to tell him -- I went to Bay City to help Donna with the twins.  It's not a big lie.  I was planning on going there in a couple days, anyway.

Bryant: Abigail, if you're having problems with Adam, I -- do not put me in the middle. 

Abigail: We're not.  In fact, this might make him really happy.  At least, it should, I think. 

Bryant: Okay.  Okay.  If I see Adam, I'll tell him you went to Bay City. 

Abigail: Thanks.  Um -- so Billy seemed kinda down about something. 

Bryant: He's moving back to California.  We were just talking about the reason why. 

Abigail: Oh.  Jen -- did she already come by? 

Bryant: Yeah. 

Abigail: And she told you? 

Bryant: They told me together. 

Abigail: They did?!  I wonder how that happened.

Bryant: You knew about this?  How'd you know about this? 

Abigail: Well, I guess I can tell you.  Now that you already know. 

Craig: Do you mind?  I'd like a little privacy while I work. 

Carly: Why?  Because you haven't a clue what you're doing? 

Craig: Did Picasso let people watch while he painted?  Did Mozart let people sit on his piano while he composed?  I don't know.  But some artists require a little solitude while they create, huh? 

Carly: Okay.  Okay, Picasso.  If you're such an incredible cook, then how come I never saw you make one single thing while we were living together? 

Craig: Because you were never interested in eating.  You were always sneaking out to see Jack.  You were always serving yourself up on a platter.

Carly: I don't think that's very nice, insulting me like that. 

Craig: Well, all right.  Yeah, you're right.  That was tasteless.  I'm sorry. 

Carly: Wa -- was that an apology? 

Craig: Yes. 

Carly: Wow.  I didn't know you had it in you. 

Craig: Do you accept? 

Carly: I'll consider it. 

Craig: All right.  I know Jack is an easy target for me.  But what you two had in the beginning was real.  I won't deny that. 

Carly: Not so sure about that. 

Craig: I was jealous.  Reminded me of Sierra and myself. 

Carly: In what way?

Craig: Well, when Sierra and I first fell in love, I'd send her flowers every day, three times a day.  Cards that smoked with passionate declaration.  And every time we were close, I'd just keep touching her to convince myself that she was still there.  That was a long time ago. 

Carly: In all the time I've known you, I've never heard you talk like that. 

Craig: But you knew I had it in me, didn't you?  Didn't you?  Or maybe you didn't care?  Does anyone care how I feel about anything? 

Carly: They might, Craig.  You never know. 

Barbara: I heard his voice!  He's out there.  He's gonna hurt me again! 

Hal: Who's out there, Barbara?  Who do you think is out there?  

[Thunder clap]

Barbara: I -- I don't know. 

Hal: Barbara, that cigar -- it could've come from anywhere.  It could've been the gardener.  It could've been a neighbor looking for a lost dog.  I'm sorry if it scared you.  It's over now.  It's over. 

[Thunder clap]

Barbara: You're right.  This lightning and wind are what I was hearing. 

Hal: Okay.  You don't have to explain.  Maybe we'd better go inside, hmm?  Come on. 

Barbara: The children are here? 

Hal: Yeah.  But if you don't want to see them, I'm sure they'll understand.

Barbara: No.  No, I -- I miss them.  Despite what I said, I miss them very much. 

Hal: But if you don't feel up to it, we can do it another time. 

Barbara: I'm fine.  How do I look? 

Will: Are you nervous, Jennifer? 

Jennifer: No. 

Will: Me, neither. 

Barbara: Jen.  Will.  I'm so glad you came to see me. 

Jennifer: Us, too.  Here, Mom. 

[Jennifer gives Barbara some flowers]

Barbara: Thank you.  I always love it when someone brings flowers to the house. 

Jennifer: I remembered. 

Barbara: Hi, honey.  You've grown a foot since I last saw you.

Will: Here, I made you this card.  Took me a long time, but --

Barbara: "To my mom -- I'm so glad you want to see me again.  I've missed you very much.  Your son, Will." I've missed you, too. 

[Barbara stands up into the light.  Will sees Barbara’s face and backs away]

Hal: Anybody thirsty?  Why don't I make us some drinks?  We'll all sit down. 

Will: I wanna go home. 

Hal: Oh, come on, Will.  So soon?  Your mother wants to hear all about school. 

Will: I wanna go home. 

Hal: Will.  Will! 

[Will runs out of the room]

Jennifer: Don't worry, Mom.  He'll get over it. 

[Barbara sobbing]

Barbara: He's terrified of me.  He doesn't want to see me, his own mother. 

Hal: Okay, we're back.  Everyone understands this is a difficult situation. 

Barbara: Yes, we do.  I'm not angry, Will.  I know I can be rather startling to look at.  Hold my hand.

Jennifer: Don't -- don't be afraid, Will.  All right?

[Jennifer begins to reach for her arm but Barbara pulls away] 

Barbara: Oh!  Oh, he's right.  Why would anyone in their right mind want to touch me?! 

Will: Dad, she's scaring me. 

Hal: Hey, it's like I told you -- it's gonna take some time for all of us to get used to each other again. 

[Barbara sobbing]

Barbara: Oh, he's right!  He's right!  You take him home if he wants to go home.  Take him home, Hal.  Please take him home! 

Hal: Barbara, don't make this harder than it already is. 

Barbara: Take him home if that's what he wants!  I refuse to be something that my family has to suffer through!

Jennifer: Oh, but you're not!  At least give us the chance to show you! 

Barbara: This was our chance.  And we failed.  Can't you see that?  I can see that.  Why can't the rest of you see that?! 

Will: She doesn't even want us here! 

Hal: That's not true, Will. 

Barbara: Yes, it is!  Go!  Leave!  Please, go!  Go! 

Hal: Okay.  Come on, Will.  Come on. 

Jennifer: Mom?  This wasn't a mistake. 

Barbara: Oh, you're right.  It wasn't.  Because now I know that I was right.  My children are better off without me.

Jennifer: That's not true, and you know it!  If you just -- you can't push us away and then ask us to come here and then kick us out because things didn't go the way that you wanted it to.  All I want is to help in any way that I can.  But if you keep on pushing me away, then one of these days, I'm just not gonna come back. 

Barbara: Then I look forward to that day.  Life will be easier for both of us then. 

Hal: Jennifer?  Jen! 

Barbara: You better go after her.  The children will need you more than ever now.  Because as of tonight, their mother is dead! 

[Barbara sobbing]

Bryant: I don't understand.  Why was I the last one to find out about Billy? 

Abigail: Look, Bryant, it wasn't anyone's fault.  It just happened.  You know, and now you --

Bryant: Well, that's easy for you to say.  But you're not the one who got the rug pulled out from under you. 

Abigail: Yeah, it may seem that way now.  But I'm sure Billy didn't mean to hurt you --

Bryant: Will you talk to him for me? 

Abigail: Me?!  What about? 

Bryant: About staying in Oakdale.  'Cause I couldn't convince him.  Maybe you can do a better job. 

Abigail: Billy's leaving Oakdale -- right.   And that's why you're so upset?

Bryant: Yeah, of course it is.  What did you think it was? 

Abigail: Oh.  Nothing.  Nothing.  You know, I could talk to him for you, but I don't think anybody's gonna convince him to stay.  Look, I've gotta go, so just tell Adam I'll give him a call, okay?  I'll call later.  See ya. 

Carly: You should really show that side of yourself more often.  People in this town might actually stop hating you. 

Craig: I'm not interested in wooing the attention of the masses, Carly.  I need only one person. 

[Parker knocks all of Carly’s papers on the floor]

Carly: Oh!  Oh, Parker, honey.  You know better, right?  Than to play with Mommy's things?  Sweetie?

Craig: Well, here, let me. 

Carly: No, that's -- see, we're working on responsibility lately.  So Parker knocked them over.  He should -- he should pick it up. 

Craig: I had no idea you were such a strict disciplinarian. 

Carly: And I had no idea you had a sensitive bone in your body.  Isn't that grand?  We keep learning new things about each other.  Speaking of which, weren't you gonna cook something? 

Craig: Well, yeah, I presume there is food? 

Carly: Yes, I bought a chicken, actually.  And you better get started there, Emeril.  I'd like to eat sometime before midnight. 

Craig: Okay, okay.  Poulet avec moi coming up. 

Carly: That was close, wasn't it?  We need to just get these and put them back away, don't you think? 

Craig: Secrets, Carly?  You know better. 

Mitzi: How come you know so much about this creep, anyway? 

Jack: Well, that's a long story. 

Mitzi: I don't mind. 

Jack: I was working for the FBI. 

Mitzi: You were a G-man?  Ooh. 

Jack: I was an agent, trying to bring this guy down from the inside.  Then he wound up coming to Oakdale.  I came with him.  And I thought I had him put away for a long time, but like I said, this guy's a hard one to catch. 

Mitzi: The thing I don't understand is, if you think this guy's back, why don't you just call the police? 

Jack: Oh, no, I have to do this myself.  It's hard to explain why, really.

Mitzi: Never know until you try. 

Jack: I have made a lot of choices this past year that wound up hurting a lot of people.  And maybe if I bring this guy in, it'll help make up for that. 

Mitzi: These choices you made -- I bet you weren't trying to hurt anyone on purpose. 

Jack: No, no.  In fact, I was trying to protect someone I thought needed it.  But it backfired in a way that keeps me walking the floors at night. 

Mitzi: So you made a mistake.  Welcome to bein' a person. 

Jack: I can't let myself off that easily, Mitzi.  When you sign on to uphold the law, you do it.  Every time, no matter what the circumstances.  I knew that.  I ignored it.  There's no excuse.  It was just careless and stupid.

Mitzi: Well, I saw you save a whole wedding full of people by bein' not careless and not stupid.  Believe me, I'm not the only one in this town who thinks you're a hero.  Maybe you just better learn to accept it. 

Jack: Thanks, Mitzi, but I'm no hero.  At least not to myself. 

Carly: What is taking so long? 

Craig: Your knives could use some sharpening.  I had to debone the beast with my bare hands.  Probably time for Parker's bed, huh? 

[Thunder clap]

Craig: That way we can eat like grown-ups. 

Carly: Yeah, actually, I think you're right.  It is.  You ready?  Okay.  Can you say good night to Craig?

Parker: Good night. 

Craig: 'Night, Parker.  Sweet dreams.

[Craig begins snooping and finds a picture frame with a picture of Parker and 2 fortune cookie messages]

[Craig laughing]

[Craig remembering]

Craig: "You will resolve an important matter."

Carly: That's a good one!  All right, my turn.  "Dear friends are as rare as gold."  What kind of fortune is that?  You get your matter resolved and I get friends?! 

Carly: Hey!  What are you doing at my desk? 

Hal: All right, how about one of Professor Munson's magic malteds? 

Will: Will I ever see Mom again? 

Hal: Of course you will, son.  Of course you will.  One of these days, either she'll come visit us or maybe we'll all go out for dinner together or something.

Will: She's mad at me. 

Hal: It's not you, Will.  What your mother is going through is very hard for any of us to understand. 

Will: I didn't mean to hurt her feelings.  I didn't!  She just looked so -- her face looked like it was melted.  I'll never see her again, will I?  It's my fault she told us to go. 

Hal: Come here.  It is not your fault.  And don't you ever think that. 

Will: Now she's never coming back.  I don't have a mother anymore. 

Hal: Shh.  Will, this is not your fault, okay?  You still have your mother, and you still have me.  We're not gonna let her go, Will.  We are not gonna let her slip away from us.  No, boy, we're not.

Barbara: I've lost him.  I've lost them both. 

[Thunder clap]

Barbara: He's out there.  I know he's out there. 

[Thunder clap]

Barbara: Please don't hurt me anymore. 

Abigail: Wow, that totally works. 

Nick: Yeah, and you can keep the contrast all the way through. 

Abigail: Nick, this is what I dreamed the project would be. 

Nick: Well, good.  I'm glad.  I'm glad that we're on the same page with this.  Because -- I have to be honest with you -- I always felt that a part of the original concept was kinda thin. 

Abigail: You know, so did I, but Adam was so excited about it, I didn't know how to say anything. 

Nick: Yeah, well, that's why I wanted to see you alone. 

Abigail: Do you think he gets too defensive about this stuff?  Because I do, sometimes.

Nick: Well, Adam's good with externals.  You know, lighting, angles, music.  But what you bring to a concept project is much more valuable.  I mean, you've got great instincts, Abigail.  You feel things deeply, and you want to communicate them.  Don't ever stop trusting that.  And don't ever feel weird or bad about letting people see that.  I'm sorry, I -- I didn't mean to sound like Mr. Video guru here. 

Abigail: That's okay.  I'm honored.  How do you think I should break this news to Adam? 

Nick: Well, I thought that we could do it together.  Someplace other than the station. 

Abigail: I was thinking the exact same thing!

Nick: I guess I just read your mind. 

Abigail: Oh, right.  Like you believe in that. 

Nick: Well, I think it's possible.  With the right person. 

[Thunder clap]

Billy: Bryant's not here. 

Jennifer: I know. 

Billy: How'd it go at your mother's? 

Jennifer: Terrible.  It was a disaster. 

Billy: What happened? 

Jennifer: Well, my little brother freaked out at what she looked like.  And then she told us all to get out, and I screamed at her for being selfish. 

Billy: I'm sorry, Jen. 

Jennifer: I was the one being selfish.  Yelling at her?  For hurting other people?  We haven't been through what she's been through!  And I should've just tried to understand her, to support her any way that I could.

Billy: Well, you know, you deserve understanding, too. 

Jennifer: I guess -- and I guess that's why I'm here. 

[Thunder clap]

Billy: Look, if you want to wait for Bryant alone, I can take this stuff in my room. 

Jennifer: I didn't come here to see Bryant.  I came here to see you.  I'll go.  I'm sorry, I didn't realize there were things you didn't want me to see. 

Carly: You're not answering the question, Craig.  What are you doing at my desk? 

Craig: I was looking at that.  I didn't know you were so nostalgic about fortune cookies. 

Carly: I just thought it was funny.  "Dear friends are as rare as gold." They're a whole lot rarer, in my experience.

Craig: That was the night you told me how to win Barbara, as I recall. 

Carly: Yeah, yeah, I remember the first time and only time you actually listened to me.  And look what happened.  Do you smell something? 

Craig: Yes, yes.  Yes.  Oh! 

[Craig runs into the kitchen and Carly makes sure all the sketches are hidden]

Carly: Is everything all right in there? 

Craig: No! 

Carly: What's going on? 

Craig: I'm extinguishing my chicken! 

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: Oh! 

Craig: Chinese food? 

Carly: You look positively defeated. 

Craig: Well, do you blame me?  That chicken and I -- you know, we went through a lot together.

Carly: Well, this has been fun. 

Craig: Yeah? 

Carly: But seeing how you've ruined dinner, maybe it's time you should go. 

Craig: We were having a moment here.  Hmm? 

Carly: Well, all right.  You can stay. 

Craig: Really? 

Carly: Yeah. 

Craig: You're serious? 

Carly: Yes!  I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Craig: Oh.  Oh, you won't regret this. 

Carly: But - just until you clean up that kitchen.  And then you can hit the road.  Okay?  And next time, why don't you try calling first? 

Craig: Very cute.  Very.  

[Thunder clap]

Carly: Craig? 

[Thunder clap]

[The lights go out]

Jennifer: Billy? 

[Thunder clap]

[The lights go out]

Abigail: Nick? 

[Thunder clap]

[The lights go out]

Mitzi: Ah!  Jack! 

[Thunder clap]

[The lights go out]

Craig: Carly? 

[Thunder clap]

Barbara: Paul!  Paul, is that you? 

[Thunder clap]

[The lights go out]

Barbara: Help. 

[Thunder clap]

Barbara: Somebody help me. 

[Thunder clap]

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