ATWT Transcript Friday 10/5/01


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 10/5/01

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Proofread by Gisele

Margo: Simon, hi.  What are you doing here?  Please just tell me it's a visit, okay? 

Simon: No, I need your help. 

Margo: Well, listen, if it's about the shooting at Lucinda's, I --

Simon: It's not.  I heard about that, though.  Luke and Lily? 

Margo: They're fine.  They're fine.  Thanks to Jack.  We're taking his statement now. 

Simon: Right.  I hear he's a pretty darned good shot. 

Margo: Yeah.  Well, I'll relay the message.

Simon: Look, I'm here on another matter. 

Margo: All right, unless it's life and death --

Simon: It is, Margo.  It is. 

Margo: Whose? 

Simon: Katie's. 

Katie: Mm, delicious.  You should try some. 

Bruno: You know, I -- I can't figure you out.  At the wedding, you were so sick you wanted to come home.  And now you got an appetite that could choke a horse. 

Katie: Simon says I'm as fickle as the weather.  Pickle? 

Bruno: I'll pass.  Where do you put it all? 

Katie: Simon says I'm not happy unless my mouth is occupied.  Talking, laughing, eating, drinking.  Kissing.  I'm sorry, I'm okay.

Bruno: Are you sure? 

Katie: Mm-hmm. 

Bruno: I'd offer you some vino, but too many unknown factors.  Will she get burst into tears again?  Will she remember?  Will she forget? 

Katie: Only one way to find out. 

Bruno: No.  No, you can leave that there.  That's fine.  It's time for dessert. 

Katie: Simon says --

Bruno: I've had enough of "Simon says" for a few hundred years.  Okay?  You want to play games?  I got games two people can play.  We can play 'em all night long, Katie. 

Barbara: Paul! 

Paul: Hope I didn't wake you.

Barbara: Who can sleep with all the sirens out there.  What has Lucinda done?  A simple brass band wasn't enough for a reception?  She had to hire the police department, too? 

Paul: There was an incident at the wedding. 

Barbara: What happened? 

Paul: It's okay.  Nobody you know or love is hurt.  Even a couple people you detest, they're all alive and well. 

Barbara: Well, that's reassuring. 

Paul: Look, I'll fill you in tomorrow, okay?  It's been a long day, so I'm --

Barbara: Paul, I -- I can't say good night now.  Not until you forgive me. 

Craig: Yeah, comfy? 

Carly: Somewhat. 

Craig: Hmm?  Can I get you anything else?  Some more herbal tea?  Something to eat?  I could call someplace.

Carly: I think probably everything's closed. 

Craig: Not to me.  What do you want? 

Carly: An explanation.  Who are you, and what have you done with the real Craig Montgomery? 

Craig: What do you mean? 

Carly: I mean -- this.  The pillows, the blanket, the sleepy time tea. 

Craig: I should apologize? 

Carly: You should stop freaking me out!  Stop being so nice to me. 

Craig: You had a brush with death. 

Carly: It was more than that.  You threw yourself in front of a bullet for me. 

Craig: And you're confused?  Why?  Because usually I choose self- preservation?

Carly: Something like that. 

Craig: I have no ulterior motives.  I haven't laced your tea.  I just wanna make sure you don't have nightmares, all right?  You say you're fine, but I have to be sure before I leave you alone. 

Carly: Can you hear yourself?  You sound truly generous.  Maybe you should get that looked at. 

Craig: Good idea.  And you, to bed, counting your blessings.  As soon as you finish that tea, all right? 

[Cracking sound]

[Craig grabs his back]

[Craig groaning]

Carly: What?  What is it? 

[In a pained voice]

Craig: Nothing. 

Carly: Nothing?  Nothing, my eye.  You're hurt.

Jack: And then Craig took Carly out of the way, and I had a clear shot at Dante Grimaldi, so I took it. 

Hal: Your own weapon? 

Jack: That's right. 

Hal: I'll talk to the D.A.  I doubt there'll be any charges brought.  How're you holding up? 

Jack: I'm good.  I'm -- fine. 

Hal: Jack? 

Jack: I know it's a big deal, Hal. 

Hal: It is a big deal. 

Jack: Yeah, and you're right.  How many times have I drawn my weapon?  But to actually take another man's life --

Hal: And what else? 

Jack: It's -- it's nothing. 

Hal: Sell it to somebody else, Jack.  What's going on?

Jack: I saw something. 

Hal: What kind of something? 

Jack: I don't know.  A thing.  I wouldn't call it a vision, exactly. 

Hal: A vision? 

Jack: Don't look at me like that, Hal. 

Hal: Like what? 

Jack: Like, "Next stop, checkup from the neck up." I don't know what I saw, but I saw something. 

Hal: What happened, Jack? 

Jack: I was in the Walsh garden, keeping an eye on the corpse until CSU arrived.  The lightning started, and I saw a face.  And then it was gone, just like that. 

Hal: Who was it, Jack?  Who did you see? 

Jack: James Stenbeck.  

Hal: You saw James Stenbeck? 

Jack: I know how it sounds. 

Hal: Tell me exactly how it went down. 

Jack: There's nothing more to tell, Hal.  It all happened in a split second.  I turned and saw his face.  The next second, he was gone. 

Hal: Obviously you searched the area where you thought you saw him. 

Jack: Yes, I searched the vicinity, and I came up with nothing.  Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks. 

Hal: Well, what does your gut tell you, Jack?  Posttraumatic stress, or did you really see the guy? 

Jack: All I know is I got a lot going on in my head right now, Hal.  And after shooting Dante Grimaldi, all of my nerves are on rapid fire.  Plus, all the lightning in the air -- I could've been seeing things.

Simon: I saw Katie and Jake at molly's wedding, all right?  At first, she kissed me.  I mean, she really kissed me.  It was obvious that she was thrilled to see me.  And then Bruno says one word to her, and she shuts down.  She starts pushing me away. 

Margo: Well, honestly, what do you expect her to do?  Give her a little credit for moving on. 

Simon: No, I know what moving on looks like, Margo.  This isn't moving on.  I mean, if you'd just seen the way her face lit up when she saw me.  And then Bruno steps, and the whole life just drains out of her. 

Margo: Well, Katie's the queen of erratic behavior.  And, look, these torches don't stay lit forever.

Simon: She's afraid of him.  Margo, he's obviously made some kind of threats.  Look, if Katie has moved on to greener pastures, then so be it.  I will believe her.  Only if she tells me face-to-face when he's not around. 

Margo: Well, what do you want me to do? 

Simon: I want you to find out everything you can about this Bruno Portolano. 

Margo: Okay, Portolano.  I'll see what I can do. 

Bruno: Listen, Katie -- imagine how I feel chasing you, and all I get in return is a girl that blows hot and cold.  You know, you're wafflin' so much, I feel like I'm in the house of pancakes. 

Katie: Pancakes.  That's what I want.

Bruno: No.  No food.  Focus on us.  Do we understand each other? 

Katie: What's to understand? 

Bruno: You're distracted, Katie.  And don't tell me it's 'cause you're craving hot fudge.  Okay?  If you're thinking about that pathetic husband of yours, I'm gonna have to do something about it. 

Katie: No, no.  Really, you don't. 

Bruno: Yeah?  I got a sure-fire way to clear your mind. 

Katie: You know what?  I have a better way to clear my mind.  How about a nice, long, luxurious bubble bath? 

Bruno: Now you're talking. 

Katie: You know what?  Actually, that will be a solo thing, 'cause I'm kinda shy.

Bruno: Wait a second.  This coming from a girl who stomped grapes wearing next to nothing?  Katie, I'll make you un-shy.  You belong to me now.  Okay?  It's time you learned that. 

Katie: Yeah, you're right.  You are right.  So I'm gonna run to my suite and get a nightie for after the bath. 

Bruno: Yeah?  Well, I hope they look good in a pile on the floor, 'cause that's where they're gonna end up. 

Katie: Uh -- I'll be right back before you know it. 

Bruno: I don't think so.  And let you out of my sight for even a second?  No way. 

Carly: Now, when Margo asked if anybody needed medical attention, why didn't you say something?

Craig: I have a thing about doctors. 

Carly: You should be in the emergency room, Craig. 

Craig: I'll be fine.  I'll get a massage in the morning. 

Carly: In the morning?  By tomorrow, you'll be more hunched over than Quasimodo. 

Craig: I can take care of myself. 

Carly: Just lie down. 

Craig: Come again? 

Carly: Well, I happen to give very good massages.  So why don't we give it a try, okay? 

Craig: Will you put on one of those kimonos and walk on my back? 

Carly: No, but I can put on my stilettos and crush certain other body parts, if you don't behave yourself.  Make yourself comfortable right here.

Craig: Can you help me open my shirt? 

Carly: What, are you kidding me? 

Craig: No, it just hurts to move my arm.  It's medicinal purposes only.  I won't hold it against you.  Just -- you know? 

Carly: Close your eyes. 

Craig: Works for me. 

Carly: Then open them. 

[Craig laughing]

Carly: Oh, down! 

[Craig lays down on the couch]

Craig: Everything all right? 

Carly: Yeah.  Yeah, everything's just fine.  Make way.  How's that? 

[Craig sighing]

Carly: Good. 

Craig: Oh, the magic in those fingers.  But I bet you hear that from all the old ballplayers, huh? 

Carly: You're in pain.  Why don't you shut up and be in pain?

Craig: Well, I came over here to help you out, and here I am – half-naked and horizontal on your couch. 

Carly: It's funny how that happened, isn't it? 

Craig: You handled yourself great back there at the wedding. 

Carly: What's to handle?  You tackled, I fell. 

Craig: Yeah, but isn't this where you're supposed to say, "I couldn't do it without you," or something like that? 

Carly: Why should I?  You broke your promise, after all. 

Craig: Which promise was that? 

Carly: That you would never help me again. 

Craig: Ah, it was never a promise I was gonna keep. 

Carly: Well, I'm glad you didn't.  This time.

Craig: So remind me again why me helping you is verboten? 

Carly: 'Cause you don't help people out of the goodness of your heart.  You save up your brownie points, waiting so you can redeem them for a favor. 

Craig: Have I asked for anything? 

Carly: I'm waiting. 

Craig: Well, whatever you are, this massage is nice.  I was thinking --

Carly: You know, you ought'nt do that.  It always gets you in trouble, doesn't it? 

Craig: I was thinking about you dancing at the wedding.  I was watching you, wondering what it would be like to hold you and feel your hands on my back.  And what do you know?  Here we are, with your hands on my back.  Imagine that.  I mean, I know it's not vertical.  Not shuffling around like you and Paul.  By the way, was he too busy whispering in your ear to try anything rhythmic?

Carly: What?!  You lying, conniving son of a -- now I get it.  Now I get what your death-defying stunt was all about! 

Craig: I don't know what you're talking about. 

Carly: Yes, you do know!  You know exactly what I'm talking about.  And I know what you're doing.  Well, Mr. Montgomery, it's time for your medicine.  So how's this?

[Carly pushes really hard in the middle of his back]

[Craig groans]

Craig: Ow! 

Hal: You're not losing your grip, Jack. 

Jack: Oh, no?  I turned down a job that used to be my life, a job that thousands of guys would kill to have.  I'm seeing monsters in the dark. 

Hal: You're one of the sanest men I know. 

Jack: Oh.  Well, you gotta get out more often.

Hal: You did the right thing, Jack.  I was proud of the way you handled yourself and the situation. 

Jack: Thank you, Hal.  But all that matters is that Luke is safe now.  If you're through with me here, I'd like to get home so I can clear my head. 

Hal: Maybe you wanna run a check on Stenbeck, nothing official.  Just to be on the safe side. 

Jack: Yeah, maybe.  I'll see you around. 

Hal: I mean it, Jack.  I was proud of what you did.   

Hal: Hey!  What are you doing here? 

Emily: I was worried about you. 

Hal: Worried?  About an old workhorse like me? 

Emily: Well, I know you'll be up all night.  You know, dead on your feet.  So I thought I'd drag you out of here and buy you breakfast.

Hal: Well, you wouldn't believe the amount of paperwork this thing has generated. 

Emily: Mm, burning the midnight oil? 

Hal: Yeah, and then some.  But, gee, it's been weeks since anybody's checked up on me.  Thanks for checking up. 

Emily: It's my pleasure. 

Hal: Yeah.

[Emily kisses Hal] A guy could get used to this. 

Emily: Yeah?  Yeah? 

Margo: Hal!  What, are you nuts?!  This is Emily.  You think she's here because she can't resist your charms?  She's here to suck up dirt for "The Intruder."

Barbara: I've been thinking about what you said -- about my sketches being useless. 

Paul: Mom, what I meant to say was that I know you could do --

Barbara: And you were absolutely right, Paul.  They're worthless.  I've been deluding myself.  I have no idea what I was thinking.  My talent went the way of everything else after that fire.  I should have died in that fire! 

Paul: No, no, don't you say that!  Don't ever say that! 

Barbara: I have nothing left, Paul.  I have nothing left! 

Paul: Yes, you do.  Yes, you do.  You have me.  Okay?  And you have your talent, and that'll never die.  You just need time.  You need time to rest.  You're not ready. 

Barbara: I'll never be ready.

Paul: Yes, you will.  You're incredible, Mom.  You've been in this business way too long to let some designer's block get in your way. 

Barbara: It's more than that.  Look at these! 

Paul: I've seen them.  I've seen the sketches.  And you know what I see?  I see the beginnings of a beautiful clothing line.  Look at you, Mom.  You're exhausted.  You just need to rest.  Forget about all of this for awhile. 

Barbara: We have our deadline.  We have a line coming up.  We have no designs, Paul. 

Paul: We'll be fine.  We'll make it work. 

Barbara: How? 

Paul: We'll find a way.  I won't let you down.

Craig: What'd you do, trying to kill me? 

Carly: What are you trying to do?  Asking me about Paul again? 

Craig: Just making conversation. 

Carly: You were using me, Craig.  First you save my life, then you get me all softened up and sentimental.  You make me feel like I'm beholden to you.  Then you try to pry information out of me about B.R.O.! 

Craig: Do you hear how ludicrous you sound?  That I was conspiring with some Maltese sociopath and your trigger-happy boyfriend to jump in front of a speeding bullet to find out what B.R.O. is up to?  That makes lots of sense. 

Carly: If it meant getting your hands on Barbara's Worldwide stock, I don't think there's anything you wouldn't do.

Craig: Is that how you see me?  Some sort of well-groomed, Machiavellian mastermind with no heart, no conscience? 

Carly: For starters.  Just tell the truth.  Okay?  No smug chortles.  No smooth, well-rehearsed answers.  No bull. 

Craig: What? 

Carly: Some time ago, I told you that I cared for you about as much as I would care for some mangy, flea-ridden homeless cat. 

Craig: Yeah, it was very tender of you. 

Carly: Then why did you do it?  Why did you save my life? 

Craig: Because if I didn't do something there and then, I would have to live in a world without you.  And that's not a place I want to be.  Ever. 

Margo: I just want to be sure you know why she's here, that's all. 

Hal: Margo, this is so none of your business. 

Margo: All right, granted.  But just tell me -- tell me -- what did you tell him?  That you -- you had to bring by coffee and doughnuts?  A little midnight pick-me-up, 'cause you just couldn't get him off your mind?  Come on, tell me. 

Emily: You no what?  I'm just gonna leave. 

Hal: No. 

Margo: No, don't go.  Don't go.  Boy, you think you got it made, don't you?  A direct line to the head honcho -- pipeline.  Not only tonight's shooting, but every night will be all yours for the all-important headline, right?

Hal: Emily, would you mind waiting for me?  Just for a moment in there? 

Emily: Sure, sure. 

Hal: Thank you.

Margo: Just get rid of her, Hal, before it's too late, huh? 

Hal: I see that we are going to have to lay down some ground rules here. 

Margo: Well, if you want me to cozy up to your new girlfriend, that's just not gonna happen. 

Hal: I'm not out to change your opinions about anybody, Margo.  Just have enough poise and self-control to keep them to yourself! 

Margo: What is it?  What are you brainwashed?  Are you whipped? 

Hal: Now that was way over the line. 

Margo: Oh, well, I will try to refrain from commenting on all the over- the-line behavior from Emily all these years.

Hal: Oh, I know your history with Emily, Margo.  I know that Tom is the father of her son.  I know there's a lot of bad blood there. 

Margo: You don't know the half of it.  That woman has two – three things going for her -- that paper, that child, and now you.  And she will use them all to further her twisted little dreams, Hal.  I'm sorry, I'm sorry. 

Hal: I get it.  Emily is using me.  Is that it?  Of course!  What was I thinking?  Why else would a woman be interested in me?  I'm just a badge and an inside scoop on Oakdale's crimes and misdemeanors.

Margo: I didn't mean it like that. 

Hal: Then how did you mean it?!  If you're finished here, why don't you go? 

Hal: I'm sorry about Margo. 

Emily: It's all right, I'm used to her. 

Hal: Well, she's sleep-deprived. 

Emily: Don't apologize for her. 

Hal: She didn't mean what she said. 

Emily: Except what she said was -- sort of true. 

Bruno: Katie, what -- what is all that? 

Katie: My clothes. 

Bruno: I thought some lingerie and unmentionables. 

Katie: Well, I realized that maybe it's time to move out -- pack up and move out, because every time I walk into this suite, I risk running into -- the man whose name I dare not mention.  So when he sees that I've moved out, he'll realize that our marriage doesn't mean anything, and that now I belong to you.

Bruno: You belong to me.  You belong to me.  With those four words, a whole new life is gonna open up for you.  We're gonna have a blast, just like we did in the beginning. 

Katie: I can barely wait. 

Bruno: So what do you say we slip into that bubble bath now? 

Katie: You know what?  I'll tell you what.  You go and get everything all warm and frothy, and I'll go get the rest of my stuff. 

Bruno: Can I give you -- can I give you a hand? 

Katie: No, no.  I got it.  Unmentionables.  I'll be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail. 

Bruno: Don't take too long. 

Katie: You ready for the adventure of a lifetime, Snickers?  That's right, this one's big -- bigger than when you and I got rescued together, bigger than when you had to rely on the hotel staff and Craig for your sustenance while was in Malta.  This time, we are really running for our lives.  I know, I don't want to leave either.  But I can't control Bruno for much longer.  I mean, don't get me wrong.  He is attractive.  He's quite gorgeous, actually, and fun, when he keeps his gun and his other things in his pocket.  But he's no Simon.  Simon, who came back to Oakdale for me.  Simon, who was just about to say those three words that I've been dying to hear him say.  But it wouldn't be worth hearing him say them if the next thing I hear was Bruno pumping six rounds of ammunition into Simon's chest.  We gotta leave.  We gotta get out of here.  We have to.  Are you ready?  All right.  Good-bye, Simon.  Wherever you are. 

[Katie leaves leaving Snicker’s cage behind]

Simon: Katie?  Katie, you home? 

Bruno: Katie, baby.  I found a bottle of bubbly to go with our bubbles.  Bottoms up, joy toy.  Katie? 

Simon: What are you doing here?  And what have you done with my wife?

[Phone ringing]

Carly: Hello?

Paul: Carly, it's Paul.  Hope I didn't catch you at a bad time. 

Carly: I'm -- I'm still up.  What's going on? 

Paul: Just wondering if you gave any thought to the conversation we had at the wedding? 

Carly: Well -- I've been a little busy. 

Paul: Okay, look, I'll make this short.  I need you like I've never needed anyone before. 

Carly: Words every woman wants to hear. 

Paul: I mean it.  You have the talent, the experience and the all-important ability to be discreet. 

Carly: Things are too complicated right now.  I have an awful lot on my plate as it is.

Paul: Did I tell you that I don't take no for an answer?  Carly, you're good.   You're better than good.  And I'm not gonna let you get away that easy.  We'll talk soon. 

Carly: Well, thanks for calling.  Bye-bye. 

Carly: What? 

Craig: Saying No to B.R.O.? 

Carly: You know, if you spent as much time concerning yourself with things that were actually your business, Craig, imagine what you could accomplish. 

Craig: Paul wants you with B.R.O. to save his meal ticket.  Paul wants you and your magic touch.  Is that what he's whispering in your ear?  How the two of you will build B.R.O. to glory?  Am I close?

Carly: He was apologizing. 

Craig: For what?  His two left feet? 

Carly: For getting off on the wrong foot. 

Craig: You're usually a better liar than that, Carly. 

Carly: Well, you are usually a lot less smug.  And if you hadn't injured it in the line of duty, I would kick your keister right out of here. 

Craig: Unfortunate for me. 

Carly: I hate owing you!  I can't stand it!  So just name your price, and let's get this over with. 

Craig: How to repay me?   How to repay me? 

Carly: And don't ask for the moon, Montgomery.  It has to be something that I can afford -- financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, morally, et cetera.

Craig: So many conditions.  But you know -- I do believe I've thought of something. 

[Thunder roars]

[Jack gasps]

Simon: Katie's left.  She's gone. 

Bruno: Yeah, she's gone from you, but not gone from me.

Simon: No, she's gone for good. 

Bruno: How do you know that? 

Simon: Well, man, she's taken her rabbit, hasn't she?  So, what did you do to frighten her so badly? 

Bruno: I showed her some affection, that's it.  And if Katie has run away, which she hasn't , it's only because she's been treated so bad, she doesn't know when she's got it good.  What you need to understand is that she's with me now.  So deal with it. 

Simon: So what are you saying?  She's yours?  Is that it? 

Bruno: Yeah, she belongs to me -- Katie's words. 

Simon: Oh, right.  Why don't you just turn around?  I want to see the matching tattoos.

Bruno: Excuse me.  I'm gonna leave now.  I'm gonna get in that nice, hot bubble bath Katie asked me to get ready for us.  Because here's my philosophy.  You leave her alone, she'll come home, wagging that adorable little tail behind her. 

Simon: Hey, wait, Bruno.  You forgot something. 

[Simon punches Bruno

Mitzi: Please, don't shoot!  Please, it's me, Mitzi Matters!  I've got lousy insurance! 

Jack: Mitzi? 

Mitzi: Yeah, yeah, Rose's friend from the wedding? 

Jack: Yeah.  I'm sorry about that.  I was taking a nap. 

Mitzi: Heck of a rude awakening.  I mean, here I am on a mission of mercy, I almost wind up a statistic. 

Jack: Mission of mercy?

Mitzi: Well, you know, you didn't look so hot after you shot Mr. Ponytail.  And I know you didn't have time to nosh, so I -- you mind if I --

Jack: Yeah, please.  I'm sorry, come in.  Sorry about that. 

Mitzi: You don't know how sorry you are.  I mean, that's a heck of a midnight snack you got there lying on your doorstep. 

Jack: What's this? 

Mitzi: It's a piece of wedding cake.  You know, they say if you sleep with it under your pillow, you dream of your spouse-to-be.  Uh -- I like it here. You don't expect a cop's place to be so homey. 

Jack: Former cop. 

Mitzi: Close enough.  Eat, you know, don't let me stand in your way.

Jack: It looks delicious. 

Mitzi: Nice try, but I've never seen a man look less interested in food in my life.  I shouldn't have bothered you. 

Jack: No, I'm glad you did.  Gives me a chance to thank you. 

Mitzi: For what? 

Jack: Well, if you hadn't told me about that guy lying in the guest house, tonight could have ended up a lot differently. 

Mitzi: Talk about exciting.  I mean, it was like a movie.  There I am, the innocent bystander.  I give the handsome detective the final clue.  He figures out that Mr. Ponytail is really the bad guy in disguise, and just when things get really hairy -- point of no return -- he pops out of nowhere and, boy!  I mean, who'd of thunk it?

Jack: Thunk what? 

Mitzi: That I'd come all the way to Oakdale, Illinois, and share lobster puffs with a real, live hero. 

Carly: All right, buster.  Get your mind out of the gutter, okay? 

Craig: Whatever do you mean? 

Carly: I mean, I know what you want as repayment for saving my life, and I am never going to sleep with you. 

Craig: My, my, my, we are presumptuous, aren't we? 

Carly: What, you don't want to sleep with me? 

Craig: Well, no, I didn't say that.  But my more immediate suggestion was comparatively innocuous. 

Carly: Okay, so what's the going rate for saving one life? 

Craig: One kiss. 

Carly: One kiss?

Craig: Shocked? 

Carly: Well, that you would ask, yes.  You're more the sneak attack type. 

Craig: Ah, yes, the prenuptial lip lock.  Well, that was fun, wasn't it? 

Carly: The kiss that almost landed both of us behind bars? 

Craig: Yeah, well, sneak attack has its place, but I -- I think now we can afford to explore the possibilities at a relative leisure.  Hmm?  The prolonged anticipation.  The sweet agony of the wait.  Interested? 

Carly: One kiss.  I think that I could -- I could probably handle that. 

[Craig and Carly come close to kissing but Craig pulls back]

Carly: What?  What is it? 

Craig: Nothing.  Nothing.

Carly: I thought you wanted a kiss. 

Craig: I'd rather wait. 

Carly: Wait until when? 

Craig: Till you ask for it.  

Hal: What Margo said was true?  You're only hanging around here to dig up more dirt for that paper of yours? 

Emily: It's only part of -- that's only part of it.  It's my job, Hal. 

Hal: Don't remind me. 

Emily: Well, you know what?  Your job's not so hot either.  You know, it's being a cop that made you dump me at that wedding, but did I complain?  No. 

Hal: Well, I guess we both have to learn to live with the good and the bad. 

Emily: Okay, fine.  But next time you kiss me on the dance floor, and you tell me that you care about me, and then you just walk away from me without letting me put my two cents in -- you're dead meat.

Hal: I'll try to remember that. 

Emily: And I don't know what this thing is between the two of us, or -- you know, if it's a thing at all. 

Hal: Oh, no, it's a thing, all right. 

Emily: Sometimes I catch myself thinking about you. 

Hal: I know, me, too. 

[Hal and Emily kiss]

Hal: Oh, Emily, this is gonna -- it could turn out to be one huge mistake. 

Emily: Yeah, I give it two weeks tops. 

Hal: I gotta tell ya, I'm by the book. 

Emily: I love throwing the book away. 

Hal: I could wind up arresting you one of these days. 

Emily: Yeah, but if I keep you off my front pages, it could cost me my job.

Hal: Oh, what a shame that would be. 

Emily: It’s gonna be a total nightmare. 

Hal: Well, we better do something before this all gets out of hand.  I need my head examined. 

Emily: Yeah, me too. 

Hal: So -- it's over? 

Emily: Yeah.  Oh, it's over. 

Hal: It is so over. 

Hal: So I'll call you later? 

Emily: You better. 

Barbara: I'm sorry, sweetheart.  I didn't mean to startle you. 

Paul: I thought you'd gone to bed by now. 

Barbara: No, I can't sleep.  I keep thinking about all the awful things that I said to you earlier this evening, accusing you of involving Carly Tenney at B.R.O.

Paul: Mom, about that --

Barbara: I don't know what came over me, Paul.  I know that you'd never go behind my back like that.  Especially you.  You know how much I despise that woman. 

Paul: Mom, there's something that I need to -- I need to tell you about. 

Barbara: I know.  I know.  I know how much faith you have in me.  And I promise -- I promise -- I can fix this.  I can fix this.  I can make this into everything you want it to be.  And more. 

Paul: This means a lot to you, doesn't it? 

Barbara: It means everything.  You've given me hope again, Paul. You've given me every reason to go on.

Bruno: You lousy son of a –

Craig: Ah, gentlemen?  Something to do with Katie?  Don't let me interrupt. 

Bruno: Where do you think you're going? 

Simon: To find my wife. 

Mitzi: You're a hero, Jack Snyder.  There's no other word for it.  And, um -- I'm glad I know you. 

Jack: Well, I guess -- I guess I'm glad I know you, too, Mitzi. 

Mitzi: Bye. 

[Mitzi gasps]

Jack: Carly? 

Carly: Hi, Jack. 

Mitzi: Oh, you scared me half to death. 

Jack: Carly Tenney, this is Mitzi --

Mitzi: We've met.  And I better get going before this storm turns into more than thunder and lightning.  Sweet dreams, Jack.

Jack: Night, Mitzi. 

Carly: New friend? 

Jack: Yeah, she is.  Your friend, Craig, get you home in one piece? 

Carly: I'm okay.  Are you okay? 

Jack: I'm okay. 

Carly: Okay.  Then I guess I'll say good night. 

Jack: No, Carly, please.  Don't go.

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