As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 10/4/01


Provided by Stephanie
Proofread by Gisele

Jake: Oh.  I have a confession to make. 

Molly: Right now?  What? 

Jake: Dancing.  I don't have a clue what I'm doing.  I never did. 

Molly: It's okay, McKinnon.  We'll just make it up as we go along, like we do everything else.

Isaac: Are you ready to get this party started right? 

Abigail: Ooh, let's do it! 

Isaac: I'll have her back in a minute. 

Abigail: Don't leave, okay? 

[Adam things Abigail is talking to him, but Nick was standing right behind him.  Adam looks defeated]

Carly: Is this some kind of joke, Paul?  Why would you want me to design for B.R.O.? 

Paul: I can't get into details here.  Is there someplace else we can go?

Carly: No, I am maid of honor.  I think the only place I can go is the dance floor. 

Paul: Oh.  Thought you'd never ask.

[Carly and Paul begin dancing]

Carly: Hiring me to work for B.R.O. would be like sticking a knife into your mother's heart.  And I know you wouldn't do that.  So why are we even discussing this? 

Paul: Well, maybe Barbara doesn't have to know. 

[Craig sees Carly dancing with Paul]

Craig: No, no, no, Carly.  This will not do. 

Hal: Looks like fun. 

Emily: Are you asking me to dance? 

Hal: Are you accepting? 

Emily: I wouldn't put you through that. 

Hal: What? 

Emily: Subject you to the public horror of your family and friends.  They wanted to roast you for bringing me here.  Dancing with me would, I think, cause a war.

Hal: Well, Emily, as I told Margo -- I really don't give a damn what any of them think. 

Emily: Okay, Hal.  You watch my back.  I'll watch yours. 

Hal: Deal. 

[Hal and Emily begin dancing]

Emily: Now I know why you became a cop. 

Hal: Why, because I wouldn't make it as a dancer? 

Emily: Because you like to live dangerously. 

Hal: That's not all I like.  I thought you'd have figured that out by now. 

Jennifer: What are you doing here? 

Billy: I had to tell you something. 

Jennifer: Please go. 

Billy: No, not yet. 

Jennifer: Look, we made a mistake.  And I'm not gonna say I'm sorry for it, but I certainly don't intend to make it again.

Billy: Neither do I.

Jennifer: Then why are you here? 

Billy: To say good-bye. 

Lucinda: Jack, back in Malta, I thought I got him, Dante Grimaldi.  I thought I plugged him.  But he must've been wearing a vest.  Those guys would've killed us, all of us!  And he's here in my home?!  This is horrible! 

Jack: Yeah, well, the worst part is I have a feeling he knows we're looking for him. 

Lucinda: Well, he wants Luke!  That's what he wants.  He's gonna -- okay, that's enough.  I'm gonna tell -- I'm gonna warn people. 

Jack: No.  No!  Lucinda, that would be the biggest mistake!

Lucinda: Jack, this man is dangerous.  He's dangerous.  People could get hurt. 

Jack: Look, if Dante has Luke and we frighten him, there's no telling what he'll do. 

Lucinda: Well, what am I supposed to do?  Am I just supposed to carry on and have fun? 

Jack: Listen, I will find Dante and Luke.  No one will get hurt.  I promise you that. 

Lucinda: Where are you going?  I'm coming with you. 

Jack: To get help!  No, you stay here and stay calm. 

Lucinda: Okay. 

Rose: Times like these, wish I took karate lessons. 

Mitzi: She's not worth it, honey. 

Rose: A little drop-kick there.  Ah!  You know, right in the -- right in the upper cut.  She'd never know what hit her.

Mitzi: Yeah, well, where does that leave you? 

Rose: Oh, no, thank you. 

Waiter: Ladies? 

Rose: When'd you get so sensible, you? 

Mitzi: Beats me.  Besides, you know what?  There's already been enough funny stuff goin' on around here today. 

Rose: What are you talking about? 

Mitzi: I went to go get changed at the guest house?  And I find some waiter in there, half naked, passed out. 

Rose: Half naked?  You tell Lucinda? 

Mitzi: No.  Jack did. 

Rose: Oh.  Is he still there? 

Mitzi: It's no big deal, Rose.  It's already been put to bed.  Speaking of which, I got a feeling Jack Snyder's beginning to take notice.

Rose: Oh, look at that. 

Mitzi: Where you going? 

Rose: Oh.  There's some things that need to be taken care of.  I don't need some half-naked guy running around the garden.  Is he half-naked on top or bottom --

Mitzi: Listen, it's nothin' to worry about.  I already told you.  The guy's not even -- there. 

Jack: Margo?  Margo.  We have an emergency. 

Dante: Come.  I'll take you to your parents. 

Luke: No. 

Dante: There's no reason to be afraid.  I'm only here to help you. 

Luke: I know who you are.  You're papa's brother.  You tried to hurt Daddy and me. 

Dante: Smart boy.  You only don't know everything.

Luke: Please -- I don't want to die.  

Jake: Are we allowed to stop dancing pretty soon? 

Molly: What's wrong, my old man?  You getting tired? 

Jake: No, it's just that my chicken wings are getting cold. 

Bob: Excuse me.  May I?  You are radiating so much happiness, I just thought maybe some of it would rub off on me. 

Jake: That's so beautiful.  You just won yourself a dance.  Chicken wings. 

Jake: You are looking so gorgeous that I just had a major brainstorm.  Instead of going to college, why don't we stick you in a convent? 

Abigail: Now why would I want to do that? 

Jake: Now that I'm officially your stepfather, every time that you leave the house, I would worry.  And I know you don't want to put me through that.

Abigail: I'm so sorry, Jake, but you can't stop me from growing up. 

Jake: I'm too late, huh? 

Abigail: Much. 

[Jake hugs Abigail]

Adam: You know, I didn't know being a videographer was such a hard thing to do.  I thought you'd be out of here by the end of the ceremony. 

Nick: Well, I wanted to get a few more shots of the reception and a couple of shots of the exterior of the house to cut in at the opening.  As a matter of fact, how'd you like to take care of that footage for me? 

Adam: Yeah.  Okay. 

Nick: You obviously know how to use one of these things, right? 

Adam: I could take it apart and put it back together with my eyes closed.

Nick: All right, then.  Well, you know what?  Why don't you finish the video?  And I'll bring the camera back on Monday.  We'll both take a look at it, and we'll start putting together the footage. 

Adam: All right. 

Nick: All right? 

Adam: Yeah.  Cool.  See you later. 

Nick: Okay.  Hey. 

Abigail: Hey. 

Nick: Look, Adam's gonna finish the video for me, so I guess I'll see you next week, all right? 

Abigail: Oh, you're leaving so soon? 

Nick: Yeah, I'm only here as a cameraman, and the job is pretty much done.  So I really have no excuse to stick around.

Abigail: Of course you do. 

Nick: And that is? 

Abigail: Well -- you haven't danced with me yet. 

Nick: Oh, you don't want to dance with an old man, okay?  I don't know any of those new funky moves or any of that. 

Abigail: Come on, nick.  I thought you were gonna bag the "old man" stuff.  You know, I've come to appreciate that dancing is just dancing.  It's no big deal. 

Nick: Okay.  You asked for it.  Come on. 

Paul: Now, you saw my mother's designs.  You know they're no good.  We need help.  But it has to be done a certain way. 

Carly: Paul, you're talking in riddles.  If you want something from me, you're gonna have to be more specific.

Craig: Yes, please.  The suspense is killing me. 

Hal: You're beautiful.  Smart.  Funny, when you want to be.  Serious when you have to be.  I care about you, Emily.  I care about you very much. 

Emily: It's incredible. 

Hal: What?  That I'm standing here spilling my guts out all over my uncomfortable dress shoes? 

Emily: Incredible that I got so lucky. 

Margo: Hal?  Hal, could I have a moment? 

Hal: Not a chance. 

Margo: It's important, Hal. 

Hal: Don't go away. 

Holden: What do you say we toast to new beginnings?  Not only for Jake and Molly but for us, too. 

Lily: Yes.  It's so easy to take everything for granted.  Your family, your health.  But after what happened with us this past year, I will never, ever, ever do that again.

Holden: Me, either. 

Luke: Why are you here?  What do you want? 

Dante: So many questions, huh?  So little time for answers. 

Rose: Hey, Luciano, what are you doing out here?  Hey. 

Dante: Signora Snyder.  What an unexpected surprise, huh? 

Rose: Oh, no.  I'm not, no.  I'm not -- I'm Rose.  Her sister.  Everybody does that.  Don't worry about it. 

Dante: Oh, I see, you are -- come si dice? 

Rose: Twins. 

Dante: Oh, yeah, twins.  Yeah. 

Rose: Yeah.  I'm looking for a half-naked drunk guy.  Have you seen him?  I would like to get him out of here before --

Luke: Aunt Rose!  It's Dante!  Papa's brother from Malta! 

Rose: Da -- Dante?  Dante?  You're here?  You're here to take Luciano?! 

Dante: That is correct.  And now I have him. 

Rose: Not so fast.  First you gotta get past me.

Billy: I'm gonna speed things up.  And if I push it, I'll be finished with the deck in about a week or two.  Then after that, I'm -- I'm gone. 

Jennifer: Bryant thought you'd be staying longer. 

Billy: I'll just tell him I have another job back home.  There's no reason he won't believe it.  What's wrong?

Jennifer: Nothing. 

Billy: I mean, this is what you want, right?  No complications? 

Jennifer: Of course.  This'll be better for everyone. 

Billy: Yeah.  Right. 

Jennifer: Well -- good-bye again. 

Billy: Bye.  Look -- there's one thing I gotta get straight.  What we had was not a lie. 

Jennifer: Stop it, Billy.  I really don't wanna hear this. 

Billy: Look, the best thing is for both of us to walk away.  I mean, you don't wanna hurt Bryant.  And he's my cousin.  And I don't want to, either.  But the least that we can do is be honest with each other.  I saw your face, Jen.  I saw your beautiful face in that once in a lifetime moment.  And the way you looked at me -- the way you touched me -- it wasn't just sex.  It was a bond, an understanding that words can't make it real.  I felt something, and I know you did, too.

Jennifer: Why are you doing this?  You're only making it worse! 

Billy: Way to go, William.  Very swift.

[Billy and Jennifer start kissing passionately]

Jennifer: Billy! 

Bryant: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Slow down.  Have you seen Jennifer around? 

Will: Yeah, I just saw her go into the main house a little while ago.  I don't know if she's still there, though.  Bye. 

Nick: Now that was fun.  But tell me, how are your feet right now? 

Abigail: Oh, come on, nick.  You're a great dancer. 

Nick: Uh-huh, and you're an excellent liar. 

Abigail: Oh.  There's a lot of flowers in here.  I'm sure Lucinda probably bought out every shop in town.

Nick: Yeah, she must have. 

Abigail: I thought about working with flowers once.  The smells and the colors.  It'd be fun. 

Nick: Maybe, but for some reason I just don't see you going in and out of a cooler all day long to pull out tulips. 

Abigail: Oh, really?  Well, then what do you see me doing? 

Nick: The way you look right now?  On the cover of a magazine in one of those designer creations that nobody actually wears in their real life. 

Abigail: You could see me being a model?  No, never. 

Nick: I think you could be anything you want to be.  You're beautiful, you're smart, funny.  Very talented.  And you're wise beyond your years.  And you're probably tired of hearing me constantly tell you this.

Abigail: No, I don't mind. 

Carly: Excuse me, Paul, I have to say good-bye to someone I used to know. 

Carly: What are you doing here?  I happen to know you were not invited. 

Craig: On the contrary.  The pleasure of my presence was requested. 

Carly: Oh, really?  What did you do?  Pick someone's pocket on their way in? 

Craig: I got myself invited because, as always, Carly, I am concerned about your happiness and safety. 

Carly: My safety?  Oh, so you've come to protect me?  At my own cousin's wedding?  Protect me from what, might I ask? 

Craig: Paul.  He has an agenda, Carly.  He's clearly pitching you something, and that is only trouble.

Carly: You're criticizing him for pitching me?  What is this, National Hypocrisy Day? 

Craig: I don't wanna argue about this.  Now, you know I'm gonna find out what he said, so you might as well tell me now. 

Carly: No, I am not telling you anything ever again.  And I really wish that you would stop watching me like this.  You're giving me the willies.

Isaac: Is everything cool?  Everybody okay? 

Carly: Yes, well, I was okay.  Until Mr. Montgomery wandered in here by mistake. 

Isaac: That's not a problem.  Because I could show him out. 

Craig: No, don't trouble yourself, Isaac.  Enjoy the wedding. 

Isaac: You let me know if he bothers you again.

Carly: I'm sorry about that. 

Paul: No, it's okay.  Okay, look -- here's the deal.  I need someone to finish Barbara's designs for the spring line, okay?  And I have a whole phone book full of designers I could call, but I want you. 

Carly: Why? 

Paul: I told you.  Your designs are fresh and original.  And you have the kind of energy we need at B.R.O.  The kind of energy my -- never mind. 

Carly: The kind of energy your mother used to have. 

Paul: Yeah. 

Carly: And yet, as good as I am, you don't want your mother to know that you're hiring me. 

Paul: No, I don't want anyone to know.  Barbara's name stays on the designs, as if she did them herself.

Carly: I don't know whether to thank you or slug you. 

Paul: What?  'Cause I once savaged you for trying to sneak your designs into B.R.O. and now I'm asking you to do the same? 

Carly: That's right. 

Paul: Well, look, this isn't normally how I conduct business, Carly.  Or deal with my mother.  But I'll tell her eventually, and hopefully she'll understand. 

Carly: Or she'll never speak to you again. 

Paul: That's definitely a possibility.  So will you do it?  I need to know right away. 

Carly: Well, I can't -- I can't answer you here.  I need some time.

Lucinda: Jack fill you in on everything? 

Margo: Yes, he and Hal are searching the grounds for Luke and Dante now.

Lucinda: That little boy could just be lying.  I -- I got to do something.  I need -- I need to do something.  I don't care what. 

Margo: All right, look.  Maybe there's a way of just moving the party along as quickly as possible.  Let people know that things are winding down, all right? 

Lucinda: All right.  I'll do that. 

Margo: Without arousing suspicion. 

Lucinda: Good thinking. 

Molly: A small piece, Jake, so you don't get it all over my face, please.   


Jake: How's that? 

[Jake holds up a small piece and feeds it to her]

Molly: Good.  Mm, so good. 

Jake: Yeah? 

Molly: Mm-hmm.  Your turn.

[Molly teases Jake by pretending to feed him but at the last minute puts half of the cake in her mouth.  Jake responds by kissing Molly and in the process eats the other half] 


Bob: Hey, hey, hey, hey!  Easy, you two!  There are children present.   


Lucinda: Oh, just -- it's wonderful.  Wonderful! 

[Applause] Horray, let's hear it!  Wonderful, wonderful, both of you.  Look, darlings, you don't have to hang around.  You know, if you want to just cut out, you can.  Change into your traveling clothes and just go. 

Molly: But we're having such a good time, Lucinda. 

Jake: What did you do?  Did you book another party in here after us? 

Lucinda: Oh, well, as a matter of fact -- no, I just thought -- I thought I was doing you a favor.  I thought you might be eager to get off and running on the honeymoon.

Jake: Oh, you never have any idea how eager I am. 

Lucinda: Okay.

Isaac: Excuse me, but your public is waiting. 

Molly: For what?  What? 

Isaac: Well, traditionally, you're supposed to kiss each other after the cake.  That is, if you want the best man to do it --

Jake: No, you -- come on, just do your job.  Just make sure everybody gets backed off so they don't get singed.  Here you guys go, the big, sloppy kiss. 

[Cheers and applause]

Lucinda: What's happening? 

Jack: I haven't found anything yet. 

Lucinda: I've got to tell Lily.  We have to tell her.  I can't keep this from her.  We can't.

Jack: I agree with you. 

Hal: Any luck? 

Jack: I checked every room in the house.  If Dante's in there, he's got a really good hiding place. 

Hal: I couldn't find Luke either.  Will said the kids were playing hide and seek, which means he could be anywhere.  Why don't you keep searching the grounds?  I'll fill in Lily and Holden. 

Jack: Right. 

Holden: What's Jack doing here?  He said he wasn't coming, and now he's roamin' around the place in a frenzy. 

Hal: Well, we don't have anything definite yet, but it looks like there could be an uninvited guest on the premises. 

Lucinda: Hal, everyone -- they're taking every precaution, even if it is he.

Lily: Dante?  Dante?  Oh, my God. 

Rose: He's your nephew.  I mean, he's blood.  Whatever you get out of hurting him could not be worth it. 

Dante: The Grimaldi family has brought me nothing but misery.  Now get out of my way, or I'll kill you! 

Luke: No! 

Dante: Shut up, quiet! 

Luke: You can't make me. 

Dante: All right, sit here.  You, get here! 

[Rose kicks Dante]

[Dante howls in pain]

Rose: Run, run, run!  Hurry, hurry!  Go!  No! 

Dante: For that, you'll die. 

Jennifer: We -- we can't do this. 

Billy: Maybe we can lock the door.  No one will know we're in here. 

Jennifer: No.  Upstairs.  We can go upstairs. 

Billy: Come on. 

Bryant: Jennifer, you in there? 

Abigail: Hey, I brought you some cake. 

Nick: Thank you, but wedding cake really isn't my favorite. 

Abigail: Oh, I don't know.  It's almond cake with this type of cream filling.  Mm, it's delicious.

Nick: Irresistible.  The cake.  The cake is.  Right.  Oh, wait, hold on a second.  You've got a little thing right -- okay, I -- I got it. 

Abigail: Frosting? 

Nick: Uh-huh, just a little bit. 

Abigail: I don't think that's gonna go with my cover girl career. 

Nick: You really don't know how beautiful you are, do you?  I have to go.  Listen, I'm sorry that I keep gettin' stuck on the whole age thing.  It's just that if I were only ten years younger or maybe even five -- okay, I'll see you later. 

Carly: Come on, everybody.  Molly's about to throw the bouquet.

Marley: Oh, bouquet time. 

Carly: Come on, everybody, gather around.  Ladies, remember, no elbows. 

Molly: I think we are forgetting somebody. 

Donna: No, we're not.  Wait for us.  Here we are. 

[Talking over each other]

Molly: You never taught me to catch a bouquet.  But what about Lisa? 

Linda: Oh, no, honey.  I've already caught more than my share. 

Molly: Okay, I just wanna say that whoever catches this, I wish you as much happiness as I have. 

[Drum roll]  You ready? 

[Molly throws the bouquet]

[Cymbal crashes]

[Carly catches the bouquet]

[Crowd applauds]

Craig: Nice catch. 

Jake: Okay, okay, now for the traditional garter belt toss.  Isaac, I need it.

Isaac: Yes. 

Jake: Come on, guys.  I'd do it for you. 

[The men grumble]  Come on.  Bring her close to the men.  Come over here.  Here we go.  All right, guys, cross your fingers.  I'm goin' in. 

[Jake goes under Molly’s puffed gown]


[Molly shrieks]

[Jake returns with the garter in his teeth]

Jake: All right.  I knew all that pressure would come to some use someday. Ready? 

All: Yep. 

[Drum roll]

Jake: One, two -- nope. 

[Craig catches the garter]

[Various negative responses]

Molly: Honey, did we invite him? 

Jake: Who would invite him? 

Carly: Why don't you give that back?  This game is for invited guests only, Craig.

Craig: You tell me what you and Paul were huddling about. 

Carly: Swedish meatballs.  Satisfied? 

Craig: Not good enough.  Hike 'em up.  Come on.

Carly: What?! 

Craig: It's tradition.

Matthew: Excuse me.  Ms. Walsh would like to have a word with you in the living room. 

Craig: All right, Matt, just a minute.  I'm busy right now.  Hm? 

Matthew: Madame does not like to be kept waiting. 

Craig: Matthew, I know what madam likes.  All right.  Another time, Carly. 

Hal: You know what?  The two of you newlyweds must be dying to get out of here, huh?

Jake: No, not -- not really. 

Hal: Starting your life together. 

Jake: Why do they want me to leave my own wedding? 

Molly: Jake, you know how you pride yourself on being the last one at every party? 

Jake: Yeah, I always wanted to give that picture. 

Molly: Maybe that's why. 

Jake: Maybe that's why -- okay, good-bye! 

Molly: Okay, bye! 

Jake: Buh-bye!   

[Crowd says good-byes]

Holden: Hal?  Hal? 

Lily: Look, do not underestimate what this man is capable of.  I'd like to have you surround this place.  Please.

[Luke comes running toward them] 

Luke: Mommy!  No!

Holden: Luke! 

Lily: Are you okay?  Honey, honey, you okay?  What, what's the matter?  What's the matter? 

Luke: He's here. 

Holden: Yeah, we know, we know.  We're not gonna let anybody hurt you, okay? 

Lily: He's here, I know. 

Holden: You're gonna be okay.  It's all right.  Now where is he? 

Luke: Right over there. 

[Dante returns with Rose a knifepoint]

Holden: Oh, no. 

Dante: Give me the boy!  Or your sister dies. 

Molly: I know this sounds crazy, but I'm gonna miss you guys so much. 

Donna: Why should that sound crazy? 

Molly: You know what?  Maybe I should go say good-bye to the girls one last time. 

Jake: No, no, no, they're fine, they're fine.  They're fine.  And we gotta go.

Molly: Please.  Try not to forget your key, because Aiden's getting tired of letting you in.  And try to get lots of rest for school. 

Abigail: I love you so much. 

Molly: I love you, too. 

Jake: That stuff we said in our commitment about being a family, that wasn't just show.  That was commitment, and I -- I intend to honor that every day. 

[Clearing throat]

Isaac: Mr. and Mrs. McKinnon, your chariot awaits. 

Jake: Okay, all right, all right.  Let's get the honey on the -- no, let me do that. 

[Jake picks up Molly and places her on the motorcycle]

[Molly laughs]

Molly: Woo! 

Abigail: Now you be careful. 

Molly: Is there room for you?  Wait, wait.

Jake: Wait, wait, wait. 

Molly: Good-bye.  Bye, I'll call you. 

Abigail: Okay. 

[Shouting good-byes]

[Jake rides off on the motorcycle]

Bryant: Oh, you're here.  I was just -- you all right? 

Jennifer: Yeah.  Yeah, I'm just -- surprised to see you. 

Bryant: What's going on? 

Billy: Do you want to tell him? 

Jennifer: No. 

Billy: I was just wandering around after my phone call, and I saw that Jennifer was asleep on the couch.  And I know she's not gonna admit it, but I think she's coming down with something. 

Bryant: Your headache's getting worse? 

Jennifer: Yeah, it's nothing, really.  I -- I think I just ate too fast and upset my stomach.

Bryant: You want me to take you home? 

Jennifer: Please. 

Bryant: Billy, I'll see you back at the cottage.  Can I get you some water? 

Jennifer: Let's just go. 

Lucinda: Why?!  Why?!  Why are you here?  Why do you insinuate your way into my home?  And this event? 

Craig: You're overreacting again, Lucinda.  It's a wedding.  The more, the merrier. 

Lucinda: I cannot stomach any of your stuff -- I can't -- Matthew!  Go on, clear the premises.  Come on.  The bride and the groom have left.  So everybody else can follow suit.

Craig: Is there a problem?  Lucinda, can I help? 

Lucinda: You could depart, for a start.  Fenwick, go ahead.  It's fine, I'm all right.  Go, go! 

Craig: No, no, I'm not gonna go, Lucinda.  Till I've had my cake. 

Lucinda: Oh, your cake?  You want cake?  You want your cake and eat it, too? 

Craig: You know I like cake. 

Lucinda: Oh.  I'll give you cake.  There! 

Hal: Stay calm, Mr. Grimaldi.  No one wants to hurt you.

Dante: Give me the boy, Signora.  Or your sister dies. 

Paul: Hey, hey, hey, you just -- just let her go.  You can't get away with this. 

Margo: He's right.  Listen, just put the knife down and keep yourself from getting hurt. 

Lily: You get nothing -- nothing out of hurting Rose.  Absolutely nothing.  You'll never go back to Malta. 

Dante: Perhaps not.  But if I have to suffer, then I won't suffer alone.  Ten seconds, Signora!  Ten seconds.  Make your choice. 

Luke: Don't hurt her!

[Luke runs to Dante] 

[Lily screams]

Holden: Luke!

[Seeing that Jack was going to shoot, Craig tackles Carly to the ground and Jack shoots Dante dead]

Holden: Luke! 

Rose: Luke!  Hey, hey, Luke!

Paul: Rose, Rose, you okay? 

Rose: Oh, yeah.  Things like this happened in Hoboken every day. 

Craig: Carly? 

Carly: Craig?  That was you?  You saved my life. 

Craig: I couldn't let you die.  Before we give ourselves a chance --

Hal: Did anyone see who fired that shot? 

Jack: I did. 

[Molly giggles]

Jake: Whoa. 

Jake: Mrs. McKinnon 

Molly: Yeah, that would be me. 

Jake: I know, I just like saying it.

[Jake starts getting passionate with Molly]

Molly: We're on an airplane. 

Jake: Lucinda's private plane, and there's no stewardesses, no one but us. 

Molly: But I don't --

Jake: But honeymoon is --

Molly: I don't wanna do it here. 

Jake: So what do you want me to do?  You want me to go up front, and I can blindfold the captain?  'Cause it doesn't matter because they put this thing on autopilot anyway. 

Molly: I'm not worried about the captain.  It's just I'd -- I want to make love for the first time as husband and wife in Hawaii, not on a jet.  Besides, don't you just want to sit here and talk about the wedding? 

Jake: No.  What, you mean like what people were wearing, what they said, stuff like that?

Molly: Yup. 

Jake: Great. 

Molly: They were so happy for us, Jake.  Really.  I mean, I could feel it.  It was in the air. 

Jake: Me, too. 

[Jake kisses Molly, then busts out in laughter]

Molly: What?  Is there something on my face?  What's so funny? 

Jake: Life.  Everything, I mean, the two -- the gorgeous brunette and the guy with his mouth and tongue hanging out.  The grand prize, the great enchilada, all that.  Who said that? 

Molly: Yeah, I don't know.  All I know is I'm gonna say my prayers twice tonight.  Oh, man.  I love you, McKinnon. 

Margo: Get used to it, Emily.  Waiting around is all part of being with a cop.

Lily: Luke fell asleep upstairs.  We're gonna carry him to the car in a few minutes. 

Rose: That kid -- he never ceases to blow my mind, you know? 

Lily: I heard what happened.  You saved our son's life.  How can we ever repay you? 

Rose: Anyone would've done the same thing, you know.  I just -- I just tripped on my way out the door. 

Holden: Rose, we're trying to thank you.  The least you can do is let us. 

Rose: You're welcome.  All right, there it is. 

Lily: We should get Luke.

[Lily hugs Rose] I love you. 

Hal: Excuse me, folks, if you wouldn't mind waiting, I have one more question for you.  I'm sorry about all this.  Why don't you head home?

Emily: No, no, no.  I'm gonna -- I'm gonna head to the office.  This turned out to be a major news day, so -- call me? 

Hal: Count on it. 

Paul: How's your head? 

Rose: It's still there. 

Paul: Want me to get you a warm cloth? 

Rose: Don't bother, no. 

Paul: You know, Rose, someone threatened your life tonight and the life of someone you care about.  You don't have to act like it's just any other day. 

Rose: It's -- you know, I've seen some bad guys in my day, but that Dante takes it to a whole other level, you know.  You look at him, it's like looking in the eyes of pure evil.

Paul: Yeah.  It's like that with some people. 

Rose: You're talking about your father? 

Paul: The infamous James Stenbeck.  Thank goodness I'll never have to see that face again.  You're a hero, Rose.  I am proud to know you. 

Rose: Yeah?  I should get a knife stuck in my throat more often, then. 

Paul: You never cease to amaze me. 

Rose: There's a lot more where that came from.  Stick around. 

Paul: I intend to. 

Margo: Listen, you two can go now.  We'll call if we need any more information. 

Craig: Yeah?  Can I take you home? 

Carly: In a minute. 

Carly: Jack?  You okay?

Jack: You took a nasty fall, Carly.  You might want to see a doctor, make sure you're okay. 

Carly: You know, I don't think I need a doctor, but thank you.  I mean it.  You take care. 

Margo: They're coming to take the body soon.  We're gonna need your statement. 

Jack: Can we do it at the station?  I really don't want to stay here. 

Margo: Yeah, it's no problem.  Look, Jack, I know killing a man is never easy, but you acted quickly, swiftly, decisively, like the exceptional police officer you've always been. 

Jack: I can't come back, Margo.  Not yet. 

Margo: I'll see you down at the station.  


Jack: Stenbeck --

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