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Paul: Mom?

Barbara: Well -- hello. If I had known when you were going to be home, I -- I would have made us some lunch.

Paul: I had a late breakfast. Where were you this morning? I thought we were going to talk.

Barbara: Well, I was up very late last night, working. So I slept in. And tell me, how is the big, bad world today?

Paul: Eagerly awaiting the new line. Today's the day, Mom. You said you'd show me the sketches. Where are they?

Craig: Katie?! Can you help me with these cufflinks? Look at you. Hey!

Katie: Bruno bought it for me. He wants to show me off at Jake and Molly's wedding.

Craig: Molly invited you to the wedding?

Katie: Yeah, can you believe it? She said if it weren't for all the rotten things I did to her, she never would've found Jake.

Craig: I wish I would have known. You would have saved me a tea set, and we could have gone together.

Katie: Oh, no, we couldn't have. I belong to Bruno now.

Craig: You gave up on Simon?

Katie: Simon's gone.

Craig: Oh, really? He was here yesterday. I spoke to him.

Katie: Simon's here?

Craig: And hot on your trail. I told him all about Bruno.

Rose: I love this.

Mitzi: What's not to love?

Rose: No, I mean, all of it. I love -- I love all of it. I want it.

Mitzi: You've got it. I mean, here you are, "ensconced," as they say.

Rose: Mitz, look around. What's wrong with this picture? Me. Look, I don't match.

Mitzi: Honey, this is nothing but scenery, okay? You wanna match it? Match it. All right? Change your costume. Play a part. You always wanted to be an actress, right? Now's your chance. All right? But do me a favor, okay? Don't go changing who you are, 'cause you, Rose, are an original.

Rose: Aw. You're a genius. A genius!

Mitzi: Where you going?

Rose: I'm going shopping. And first I'm gonna start with shoes. 'Cause if you wanna catch prince charming, first thing you need is a glass slipper.

Mitzi: Rose, what about the wedding? I mean, you can't go shopping now! Ms. Walsh will kill you! [Clattering]

Dante: Scusi.

Mitzi: It's quite all right, sure. Rose, wait up!

Abigail: Ah -- hi, Ms. Walsh.

Lucinda: Hi. Oh! Oh, no, no, no, no! Molly, Molly, Molly, Molly -- come away from there. Come away from there. You don't want your groom to see you. You don't want bad luck, do you? Do you?

Molly: No, no, of course I don't, Lucinda. I was just admiring -- everything.

Lucinda: Well, why don't you admire from upstairs? Now, come on, darlings. I've set aside a suite of rooms for the bride and her retinue.

Carly: And that is so generous of you, really. But this being the bride's day and all, I think we should try and make her comfortable, don't you?

Molly: Right. Right, which is why I should stay here on the ground floor in case there's any emergencies that come up.

Lucinda: But I'm here for that. And so is Matthew, for heaven's sake, and Rose. And so you can just go on upstairs, waft up.

Carly: Yeah.

Lucinda: What?

Carly: Uh, Molly is -- she's a little nervous. She wants to feel the ground under her feet. You know? I really don't want her to bolt. Can you imagine the headline? "Runaway bride," with a picture of your beautiful house.

Lucinda: I had no idea the extent of her sensitivity. Oh, darling, Molly, of course it's all right. You're the bride. Whatever you want is what you're going to get.

Molly: Okay.

Lucinda: All right?

Molly: Yeah.

Lucinda: But can the luggage go upstairs?

Molly: Sure. Of course.

Lucinda: Matthew!

Matthew: Yes?

Lucinda: Ah, there you are. Could you --

Matthew: -- Take the bags upstairs. Yes.

Lucinda: He reads my mind. Oh. Oh. Have a happy day.

Molly: Thank you.

Carly: Why don't you go upstairs, okay?

Abigail: Okay.

Carly: And we'll be right up.

Abigail: All right.

Carly: Good.

Molly: Is he there? Do you see him?

Carly: No. No, he's not here yet. Remember what you promised me. You promised me you would not let him see you.

Molly: Carly, this is important.

Carly: Yeah, so is your marriage. You wanna wreck it before it even starts?

Jake: Molly!

Molly: That's him!

Carly: Good luck.

Molly: Hey. Jake?

Jake: You okay? 'Cause Carly said --

Molly: Yeah, but you gotta stay out there, because Carly said you have to stay out there. I promised her you would.

Jake: What's wrong?

Molly: We're getting married today, Jake. This is really, really important. I love you. All of you. Every single bit of you, and I need to hear you say something, okay? Just once, just one more time, before it's official, before I get used to it, okay?

Jake: Molly McKinnon, I love you.

Molly: Oh, I take all of it back. I'm never gonna get used to that.

Jake: You want me to say that again? Because telling Molly McKinnon that I love her is my best event.

Molly: I know. But I have to say this because, Jake, you know how important this wedding day is to me. And you know how much I want it to be perfect.

Jake: It's gonna be a perfect day.

Molly: But the thing is -- I mean, what is perfect? Jake, you've been married before, and so this day has gotta be loaded for you. I mean, full of memories.

Jake: Molly, look, will you listen to me? This is your day.

Molly: But I want it to be our day. About you and me. You and me, Jake, we've got a lot of baggage. But the reason we've made it this far is because we never pretended that we didn't. We just fell in love. And we went looking for your children -- well, your and Vicky's. And we fell in love some more. And -- [sobbing] I -- sorry. I don't think we'd be here right now, honey, if it weren't for Vicky coming to us in our dreams. And every time I look at Bridget and Michele, their little faces, I see her. And I guess what I'm trying to say is that I know Vicky's here, Jake. She's got to be. And I know you're feeling it, too. And I don't want you to feel like you have to push her away because it's gonna make me feel bad or because it's gonna ruin my day.

Isaac: Hey, where do you think you're going?

Jake: You look really good. I just need one second.

Isaac: Thank you, thank you. I do clean up nice. No, you gotta go, because people are waiting on you. I'm sorry, Molly, but I got him now.

Molly: What?

Molly: Jake! Jake!

Carly: No, no, Molly!

Molly: Carly!

Carly: You promised me.

Molly: He needs to say something to me.

Carly: All he needs to say to you today is "I do." That's all you need to hear from him. Now, we have to get you ready.

Molly: Honey, you don't understand. He needed to tell me something.

Carly: Molly, please.

Molly: Carly.

Lucinda: Matthew!

Matthew: Madam?

Lucinda: Oh. There you are. Matthew, tell me something. Why am I doing this? Why do you think I'm doing this, I'm turning my home into a circus?

Matthew: Because of me, madam. And because I allowed myself to get shanghaied.

Lucinda: Because of you, Matthew? I see. Well, now, what if Molly and Jake hadn't been able to rescue you in time?

Matthew: Mm, but they did.

Lucinda: Yeah. Okay. Well, you better not leave me again, because I couldn't afford it. And where's Miss Rose? I thought you were going to find her for me.

Matthew: I believe Miss Mitzi might know.

Lucinda: Oh! Ooh, whoo-hoo! Wait, wait, wait!

Mitzi: Who me?

Lucinda: "Who me?" "Who me?" I mean you, darling. Where's Rose? And no fibs.

Mitzi: She said something about going shopping.

Lucinda: She's going shopping, now?

Mitzi: Listen, she'll be back in a flash.

Lucinda: Oh! Matthew, why don't you go get hold of Fenwick and I'll tell you what you -- you tell him he's gonna drive Miss Mitzi -- he's gonna drive her from here to Chicago if necessary and find Miss Rose. And guess what? I'm gonna take these into custody. Until you return.

Isaac: How are you?

Jake: Fine.

Isaac: Good, good.

Jake: What?

Isaac: Well, you're supposed to be getting dressed. See, don't trust a word this man says. He's been trying to sneak into the house all day. No, no, no. You been trying to sneak in all day. You have been --

Jake: It's not too late to fire you. I'm sure Curtis would be more than happy to stand in for me.

Isaac: Now he's trying to bribe you.

Curtis: How much?

Jake: There you go.

Isaac: No, no, no! See, get away from my nephew and go get dressed!

Ben: Lucinda has a suite set aside, third floor, west end. And you, too.

Isaac: I need help to make sure the preacher has everything he needs. Can you --

all right.

Isaac: All right.

Take care of Donna.

Donna: Ah! There you are. I wanna know where Molly is? Where are they hiding her, 'cause I need to talk to her.

Margo: Oh, actually, Molly wanted us to make a list of all the wedding presents. Come on.

Donna: Now? Can't someone else do that?

Margo: -- Get somebody else to move into her new apartment now.

Lisa: Well, how does she like it? How does Lien like it?

Margo: Oh, she loves her new job.

Hal: Ladies.

Lisa: Oh! Look who's here. And just in time. We're two gorgeous ladies just waiting for an escort.

Margo: Tom's in Washington.

Lisa: Oh, yes. And you, if you're good, might get to dance with me tonight.

Emily: Excuse me. Didn't you promise you were gonna dance with me?

Nancy: This situation between Hal Munson and Emily is really getting out of hand.

Kim: What'll Barbara do when she hears about that one.

Bob: Isaac, this isn't going to be one of those weddings again where somebody winds up in the punch bowl, is it?

Isaac: No. No, I hope not, actually. But, Nancy, you're the young lady I was looking for. Could you come with me?

Nancy: Of course.

Isaac: Thank you.

Will: Hey, look, there's Dad. Hey, Dad!

Adam: So what're you gonna do about Billy and Bryant?

Jennifer: Nothing. I'm with Bryant now. And as soon as he finishes the deck, Billy will leave town. I'll probably never see him again.

Adam: Guess again.

Barbara: We can talk later, Paul. You're obviously very busy.

Paul: I need to see the sketches now.

Barbara: You don't have to be so obstinate about it. I don't like being rushed.

Paul: Rushed? Mom, you've had plenty of time.

Barbara: If I didn't have to go back to the hospital like I did for those skin graft tests, perhaps. But it set me back, Paul.

Paul: Okay, fine. Fine. Then let me bring in someone to help you.

Barbara: No. Absolutely not.

Paul: Then show me what you've got. You can't have it both ways.

Barbara: Well?

Paul: Mom, you've taught me everything I know about this business. So you know what I'm gonna say. These are useless.

Katie: You told Simon that Bruno and I were an item?

Craig: Hey, it worked. Simon went running out of here, green with jealousy.

Katie: Oh, please don't tell me you sent him to Java.

Craig: Well, I may have mentioned --

Katie: That means he saw me kiss Bruno!

Craig: Well, that was careless of you.

Katie: Me? You're the one with the loose lips. Oh!

Craig: I've never received any complaints before. [Knock at door]

Katie: Oh, that could be Simon. Keep your mouth shut.

Bruno: Bellissima. For you.

Katie: Thanks. Jewelry.

Bruno: We gotta get that sparkle back, right, Craig?

Craig: Be good to her, Bruno.

Bruno: Of course. She's my girl.

Craig: I'll see you at the wedding.

Bruno: So, have you heard from that husband of yours lately?

Katie: Why?

Bruno: I just can't believe anybody's walk out on you. Not that I'm complaining. If he were still around, I'd have to get rid of him.

Katie: What do you mean, "get rid of him"?

Bruno: Katie, I'm crazy about you. Don't you know that yet? I mean, it's not every day I drop a quarter mill on a girl I just met.

Katie: You don't have to remind me.

Bruno: So how about, after this wedding, you and I have our own little honeymoon?

Tech: You're all set.

Jack: You sure you have alarms on all the windows and doors?

Tech: Oh, the whole package. You want to test her out?

Jack: Sure. [Doorbell rings] [alarm blaring] cut it, Randy!

Mitzi: That's some doorbell.

Tech: All right. Give me a call if you need anything, okay?

Jack: Yeah, thanks a lot. I appreciate it. Can I help you?

Mitzi: Any day of the week! You seen Rose?

Jack: D'Angelo? No, I'm sorry.

Mitzi: She'll be here. See, 'cause Lily's got taste. And since she and Rose wear the same size, this is where she'll end up. She needs a new wardrobe like ten minutes ago for the wedding. You going?

Jack: No.

Mitzi: Your wife outta town? She's a society type, right? With the long dark hair? She wouldn't miss a Lucinda shindig.

Jack: My wife -- we're no longer married.

Mitzi: Gee, that's a shame. You know, maybe you should think about going after you've finished here. I mean, Lucinda's throwing a great party! She's got this French caterer. Very continental. And the waiters? They're right off the boat. This one guy, Italian with a ponytail? He almost knocked me over with a tray!

Jack: What'd he look like?

Mitzi: Who?

Jack: The one with the ponytail.

Mitzi: Oh, you know -- tall, dark, handsome. Don't worry, honey. He's got nothing on you.

Jack: You said he spoke in an accent?

Mitzi: He's Italian. Like, from Italy. You know, like-a the real-a thing.

Abigail: I really know you're back.

Lily: I'm sorry we haven't seen you before now.

Abigail: Oh, you know, I've been crazed with the wedding, anyway. Where's Luke?

Holden: Oh, he's playing video games with Curtis and Will.

Lily: I want to track him down, okay?

Bob: Holden, welcome home.

Holden: Thank you.

Lisa: I'll say. Oh, honey, you were right. You have a very smart and perfect wife. But then you already knew that.

Abigail: I'm gonna go find Luke.

Adam: So the leprechaun says to the --

Margo: No, no, no, no.

Hal: Don't.

Abigail: Sorry. Can I steal you for a second.

Adam: Yeah, sure.

Abigail: I'm gonna -- let's go check on the kids.

Adam: Oh, yeah, sure.

Margo: So, are you two here together?

Hal: Why?

Emily: You know, I'm gonna go -- I'm gonna go talk to Holden, get an exclusive.

Margo: Does Barbara know about this?

Hal: You know what I love about you? You.

Margo: Hal --

Hal: You know, if you want that dance, you better relax.

Simon: Lily.

Lucinda: Ah, Simon. Will you tell this wonderful warrior that she can finally afford to relax?

Lily: It's good to see you.

Simon: Actually, I came to say good-bye.

Molly: Carly, you have to find Jake. Just do anything. Tell Isaac it's an emergency.

Abigail: Carly. Matthew said you were looking for me?

Carly: Oh, honey! You gotta get dressed, you know? But why don't you just stay here with your mom for a few minutes? Okay. I'll be right back, now.

Abigail: Will you tell Lily that I did find Luke, and he is with Will and Curtis?

Carly: Okay.

Abigail: Okay. You should see all the people out there. There's so -- and the flowers! It's so -- it's like a fairy tale.

Molly: Are you excited?

Abigail: I'm just so happy for you. You've waited such a long time for this.

Molly: It took me a long time to realize that I deserved it. And that I shouldn't settle for anything less.

Abigail: But, Molly, how do you -- how do you know -- if you like a guy, you like a guy. But he may not be the one. I mean, look at me and Chris Hughes. Total disaster.

Molly: Oh, honey. Even a princess has to kiss a lot of frogs.

Abigail: Did you?

Molly: Me? Toads, gophers! Snakes! I didn't know any better. I am so grateful that you got to grow up with people that loved each other. And that you got to see a real marriage.

Abigail: They were great.

Molly: And this is why this day is so important to me, honey. Because I know that Jake and I can make this work. And I want you to have that -- I want you to have a family that you can be proud of.

Abigail: I'm already so proud of you.

Molly: I know that. I do. But you know what? I had it really rough growing up. And I want it to be different for you. I want you to come home and see parents that say "I love you" to each other 200 times a day. That's my gift to you, honey.

Barbara: This really doesn't represent the collection. It's really just a set of notes. I'm experimenting with a new way of working --

Paul: Mom, you've worked the same way for 15 years.

Barbara: Well, then I'd say it's high time for a change, don't you think? So, Paul -- since the accident, my fingers don't work very well. It's hard to draw and feel the fabric. I was gonna call Ernie at the plant and have him consult with me.

Paul: Fine. That's good. That's good. I'll call him. I'll get him on a plane tonight.

Barbara: No! No! I don't want him seeing me.

Paul: Then I'll get him on the phone. Or go online.

Barbara: I'm not any good with computers, Paul! You know --

Paul: Then how in the hell are you supposed to communicate with the man?

Barbara: Why are you so angry with me?

Paul: I'm not angry at you! I'm angry at myself, okay? I've spent so much time trying to protect you and your feelings that I forgot to save your company.

Barbara: I'm perfectly capable of saving my own company.

Paul: No, Mom, you're not.

Barbara: What are you doing?

Paul: We need help.

Barbara: Who are you calling? No. No, Paul. You're overreacting. You're overreacting. All we need to do is -- this should be red. This should be red. And there should be a bias --

Paul: Mom, just leave it. Just leave it!

Barbara: There should be a cut -- who are you calling, Paul?! You're calling your friend, Carly Tenney, aren't you? Your new little friend, Carly Tenney. She put you up to this, didn't she?! Well, I'll tell you something -- this is my company! This is my company! And she is not gonna have it!

Paul: You need to calm down!

Barbara: You tell me who you're calling!

Paul: The team! I'm just gonna set up a session with some junior designers and Ernie. See if we can get enough product out for the spring.

Barbara: No!

Paul: Mom, we have no choice! Do you hear me? If we don't get out a collection, the company is gone.

Barbara: The company? The company is Barbara Ryan Originals. That's me! And my creations. And I will not put my name on somebody else's designs, Paul!

Paul: So, what? You just wanna hand the company over to Craig? Is that it?

Barbara: Yes! Rather than give it to amateurs and plant managers and number crunchers -- yes!

Paul: Well, I am not gonna lose -- I am not gonna lose this company to Craig Montgomery! I don't care what it takes.

Barbara: I don't care what you think! I will not have you hiring another designer.

Paul: Okay, well, you're gonna have to fire me, Mom. Because as long as I am CFO of this company, I am gonna do whatever it takes to save what's ours!

Barbara: Please, let's not shout. Please, let's not shout. We've always been able to talk to each other, Paul, please.

Paul: It's not -- it's not forever, Mom. It's not forever. You know, we just gotta stay afloat right now. You know, and the season after that and the season after that -- you can have all those. That's all you. You just have to give yourself some time to recover.

Barbara: You know what's so hard? I just can't see myself in the clothes. I sit down and I look at the paper, and I try to imagine the parties and the opening nights and the show and I -- I can't see myself there.

Paul: I know.

Barbara: So I can't see the clothes.

Paul: I know, Mom. That'll change.

Barbara: All I need is a little time, Paul.

Paul: Next season, Mom.

Barbara: What are you going to do?

Paul: Whatever I have to do.

Molly: Oh! Jake. I know that's you. Stop! Stop! Lucinda's gonna kill us!

Jake: How's my bride?

Molly: Where are you?

Jake: I'm close by. Give me your hand. Give me your hand. You know what you said about today being loaded? It's like that for me, too. And the fact that you realize that is one of the many reasons that I love you so much.

Molly: I just didn't want you to have to pretend anything.

Jake: Pretend? I couldn't pretend if I wanted to. Do you hear me? I am grateful that I wake up with you every day, and that you're my friend. Except for today, because I was banished.

Molly: You loved it.

Jake: I missed it. You know, I was reading something in the paper today that was kind of funny. Hey, Ben's helping me get dressed. [Molly laughing] you hear that? I used to laugh like that with Vicky.

Molly: I know.

Jake: That's part of the reason that I know what you're going through, because -- see, Vicky, she was in love with Ryan. And then she lost him. And she was -- so I know what it's like to fall in love with somebody who's grieving, because you just never know if they're -- if -- if they're gonna be scared to open up to all the possibilities.

Molly: Jake.

Jake: Hmm?

Molly: You know that I know that you love me.

Jake: Molly, it's -- it's more than that. Because of you, I'm -- alive. I'm alive. You woke me up. I mean, I just couldn't go through the rest of my life going through the motions. You know something? You better let go of my hand, or I'm gonna have to break all the rules. That's right.

Molly: No, you won't.

Jake: Yes, I'm gonna break all the rules. Well, you know what? Guess what?

Molly: What?

Jake: I think I'm just gonna see you at church.

Molly: I love him so much.

Carly: Hi. What? What? Are you all right?

Molly: He is so --

Carly: Oh, I know.

Molly: I'm sorry. I want you to have this feeling with Jack.

Carly: It's not gonna happen, Molly.

Molly: You don't know that.

Carly: No, I do know. We're done.

Molly: Oh, cuz.

Carly: Just let me be happy for you today, okay? And the rest will come.

Jack: You're sure this guy spoke to you in Italian?

Mitzi: "Scusi, signorina. Mi dispiace." You spend enough time with Rose D'Angelo, you know Italian when you hear it.

Jack: Do you know if Lily and Holden have arrived yet at the wedding?

Mitzi: They were there.

Jack: And their son?

Mitzi: Luke. Sure.

Jack: You know, Mitzi, maybe I will show up at the wedding, after all.

Mitzi: Really? You know, you're gonna have to change. You know Lucinda.

Jack: Right, right. I'll meet you there.

Mitzi: Sure?

Jack: Mitzi, don't tell anybody about this Italian waiter. Okay? [Whispering]

Mitzi: Do you think maybe he's an illegal?

Jack: I wouldn't want to upset the bride.

Mitzi: Oh. You got it.

Jack: Bye.

Mitzi: Bye. Time to tell me who you really are.

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Carly: Oh. Hi. What are you doing here?

Paul: Looking for Rose.

Lucinda: Oh! Hello, Paul, darling. How nice that you came. You came to the wedding. Carly, don't you want to go somewhere and finish dressing.

Carly: I'll see you.

Paul: Okay.

Lucinda: Rose is gonna be so pleased that you've come. It's a little bit chaotic around here. You know that.

Paul: Oh, I can't stay, Lucinda.

Lucinda: Oh, of course you -- the ceremony starts -- come on, I want you to see something. Any minute we're gonna start. You can have a chat with Rose. I want you to see what they've done to the garden! Look at that! And I'll find Rose. Maybe. Hey. Hello. Slow down, darling. Earth to planet Mitzi. Where's Rose? Did you find her?

Mitzi: I found something better -- a date! And I've got t-minus two minutes to get dressed. [Lucinda laughing]

Lucinda: Ah, youth was mine. Ah, well. Oh! Matthew, I dare you to tell me what's on my mind.

Matthew: I'll bet you were hoping I might know where Miss Rose is.

Lucinda: Right! Well, do you? Where is she?

Matthew: Right behind you, madam.

Lucinda: Ha, ha, ha! Oh.

Rose: What do you think?

Lucinda: Oh, darling. Oh, you look wonderful! This is so -- sweetheart! Is this the influence of Paul Ryan? If it is, I say "Hallelujah!"

Rose: No, this has nothing to do with Paul Ryan. I just wanted to show you that I can be classy when I wanted to be.

Lucinda: There was never any doubt of that.

Rose: Really? Come on!

Lucinda: Well, Matthew? What do you think? Should we tell this young lady that there's a young man chomping at the bit in the garden called Paul Ryan who wants to speak to her?

Rose: He is?

Lucinda: Yes, he's there. And he's waiting. He's waiting for you. [Rose squealing]

Rose: Okay! Well, if you'll excuse me, I'll need to pop out to the garden.

Lucinda: Pop along, darling. Pop, pop, pop. Aw.

Lily: Last time I talked to you, it sounded like you were giving the marriage a real chance.

Simon: Yeah, well, it seems that our Katie's found another guy.

Lily: Really?

Simon: Yeah.

Lily: I don't believe it.

Simon: Yeah, neither could I. Some friend of Rose's. He's rich. He's whatever. He's --

Lily: I'm sure, if you crooked your little finger, she would come running.

Simon: I'm no good for her, Lily. She wants the whole nine yards. And I've never made a commitment that I couldn't break.

Lily: You never broke any promise you made me. Don't sell yourself short.

Simon: Look, I'm just gonna go congratulate the groom and just get outta here.

Lily: Okay.

Jack: Mitzi! Mitz --

Carly: Jack. I didn't know you were coming.

Jack: I'm not. I'm just dropping off a gift.

Carly: Well, I should get back to Molly.

Jack: Carly?

Carly: Yeah?

Jack: The dress is beautiful.

Carly: What'll you see the bride. But I guess you won't.

Jack: You've been working on her dress for months. How could it not be great?

Molly: Okay! I have something old, something new -- the dress. Something borrowed I still haven't borrowed yet.

Kim: Molly!

Molly: And something blue.

Kim: Sorry. Donna wanted a word with you.

Molly: Oh, well, are the kids all right?

Carly: Kim, she's not even dressed yet.

Donna: They're fine. I just wanted to talk to you. Just for one -- just one second. Thanks, Kim.

Kim: My pleasure.

Molly: Carly, it's okay. Thank you. Is everything okay?

Donna: This is a lot harder than -- than I expected. I miss my daughter.

Molly: Oh Donna. If you have to leave I totally understand.

Donna: No, it's okay. I was just wondering though if you had come up with something borrowed?

Molly: No, not yet.

Donna: Because I was thinking, maybe, if you liked, that you could -- that you could borrow me. You know, I could be your mother for the day. And you could yell at me, or cry on my shoulder or something. I always have a lot of tissue, God knows. And I could -- I could hold your shoes or your bag or that silly penny that you're talking about. What do you think? [Sobbing]

Molly: Oh. I think that I am so lucky.

Bruno: Hey, are you okay?

Katie: Oh, I just kind of have a headache.

Bruno: Take an aspirin.

Katie: I will. But I was thinking I'm gonna feel a lot better if we could just go home after the ceremony.

Bruno: Let's talk about this later -- in private?

Rose: Paul!

Paul: Rose.

Rose: Hey. Lucinda said you were looking for me. I was shopping.

Paul: Yeah, I need some advice for B.R.O.

Rose: Oh. You wanna talk business? All right. I'm all ears.

Jake: Hey, hey, hey.

Simon: Hey.

Jake: Taking off on me?

Simon: No, of course not. I'm gonna stick around until you do the deed.

Jake: You are gonna stick around. You are gonna dance with Molly. And then maybe we'll let you leave. Just maybe.

Simon: Sure thing. Hey. Good luck, man.

Marley: So -- how are you doing?

Jake: Me? Great. Fine. You?

Marley: I'm -- I'm missing her today.

Jake: Me, too.

Marley: But she's okay. I can still tune her in. The twin thing, you know.

Jake: I know.

Marley: So do you know she's happy? That the girls are gonna have both a mother and a father. And that you found someone to love you and take care of you and make you laugh. So she can stop worrying about you. [phone ringing]

Barbara: Paul? Paul, is that you? Hello? [Phone beeps off]

Lucinda: Hi, honey.

Lily: Where's Luke?

Lucinda: Darling, I thought he was with you.

Holden: He's just where I said he was. Abigail saw him with Will and Curtis.

Lucinda: Oh. All right. We're off and running.

Katie: Simon! Excuse me.

Bob: Well, here we go.

Kim: Shh.

Paul: Great dress.

Rose: Oh, thank you.

Carly: Are you ready?

Molly: Yeah, I am. Bye.

Paul: This is what you get for sitting next to a man in the fashion business. Look at that neckline. That color is beautiful.

Rose: Sure you're not talking about the model?

Paul: Hmm?

Mitzi: Oh! Jack! Jack! I'm so glad I found you!

Jack: Mitzi, what's wrong?

Mitzi: I went back to the guest house to change. And I found a dead guy, half naked!

[Playing "Here Comes the Bride"]

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