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Margo: Where did you find him? Is he okay? Did he give you any trouble?

Jack: What the hell was that?

Margo: Good morning.

Jack: Where do you get off sending someone over to my house? It's illegal to sleep on a couch? I didn't use a napkin?

Margo: You haven't used a razor or soap?

Margo: Maybe you ought to plug the phone in, Jack. Check your voice mail and call Shanks and apologize for tearing his head off.

Jack: Yeah.

Margo: I could have sent someone you don't know, someone who might not understand how a decorated officer can bed down in a month of old newspapers and dirty dishes. More coffee?

Jack: No.

Margo: Cream and sugar? Commissioner called this morning, Jack.

Jack: Great.

Margo: Well, Hal would have had the pleasure of your company, but it's his day off and he's got something going with her. Your 30-day suspension is over. Internal Affairs has set a meeting for noon. They made their decision.

Jack: I been 30 days already, hmm?

Margo: Yeah, and some.

Jack: Well, what did they -- they didn't tell you, did they?

Margo: No. They'll tell you at the meeting. Jack, I want you to see a doctor.

Jack: Why?

You know, you probably do anyway. The department has this in every cycle. You get checked up.

Jack: A news flash, Margo. I'm no longer with the department.

Margo: We don't know that. I'm worried about you.

Jack: I'm fine.

Margo: Jack, you are not fine. Fine returns phone calls. Fine checks in with their friends every once in a while. Fine figures out a way to get life back on track.

Paul: Must be exhausted.

Barbara: I'm a little tired. I was impressed with Dr. Schuster. He's got a brilliant reputation. I know doctors don't make any promises, but he seemed to be pretty optimistic about these skin graft tests. He had those before and after pictures.

Paul: Ok for an actress --

Barbara: I'm not an actress. I'm a designer. And I need to get to work, so if you don't mind.

Can I get you anything, Ms. Ryan?

Barbara: A little peace and quiet, thank you.

Paul: Are you -- you sure you're up to this, Ma?

Barbara: This is what I do, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, but you're up against some -- some tight deadlines this time, Mom, and, you know, you don't have to do this alone. Can get Aimee in here from Paris, Marcel.

Barbara: I will not have anyone shadow my work.

Paul: The critics are already sniffing around here. I mean, you, the firm, the publicity. It's all starting to snowball. It's like it's your first year in the business.

Barbara: Feels that way to me, too.

Paul: Then why are you putting more pressure on yourself?

Barbara: What's going on here? Don't give me the excuse about the critics. What's going on? I want the truth.

Paul: I saw the designs.

Barbara: You mean the preliminary sketches that I left out.

Paul: No, no. The final designs. I saw them.

Barbara: But they were locked up in the cabinet. You broke into my cabinet?

Paul: Yes, yes, I did. You gave me no choice.

Holden: You should rest.

Lily: I'll rest when our family is together again.

Holden: We will be. Very soon.

Lily: I hope so. I just keep telling myself that this is just a name on a death certificate, that this note was left by Damien. He's at the church and he's safe. I say to myself over and over again it will come true, right?

Holden: Let's hope so. I'm thinking maybe I should go over there first.

Lily: No, we are not being separated again.

Holden: It could be very dangerous.

Lily: I don't care. I know he's alive and he's there at that church. And I'll feel my arms around him. I just want to hear his voice. Our little boy, he's waiting for his mommy to come and take him home. I can't let him down.

Damien: It's all right. It's me. Are you hungry? I brought you something.

Luke: Where were you?

Damien: Making plans. For both of us. Here.

Luke: What kind of plans?

Damien: Do you remember the bad man I told you about? He hasn't given up. He's still out there, but I kicked him out so you'll be safe.

Luke: Really?

Damien: Yeah. But first, we must see my plan through. Luciano, you're my life. To lose you would be to lose my very life, do you understand? You're a young man now. You've been through a difficult ordeal. And you've been, but since you are a young man, I must be completely open with you. I know you can bear the truth.

Luke: What's wrong?

Damien: Luciano, if my plan fails, we must leave again. We'll go far away from this place and start over again together.

Luke: With Mom and Dad?

Damien: If we fail today, you'll never see your mother again.

Due to the dramatic nature of today's episode which was taped prior to events, viewer discretion is advised.

Luke: I don't want to come with you. I want to go home. I want my mom and dad.

Damien: I can't. It's not safe.

Luke: I'm not afraid of that bad guy.

Damien: Luciano, we must never underestimate him.

Luke: My dad can beat him.

Damien: And we will, too. But things will still go wrong, and if they do, we must stay one step ahead of danger. Now eat your lunch.

Luke: I don't want it.

Damien: Did I ever tell you when I was a boy my father sent me away to a country where I didn't speak the language, had no family, no friends close by. It was a boarding school, and I was to be there for three years. I was scared and lonely just like you are right now. Yes, seemed like forever, and I was counting the days till my first visit home. I was allowed no phone calls, no letters, no contact with the outside world for the first few months. I was completely cut off from anyone I knew and loved. You know what I did? I would lie in bed at night and close my eyes and in an instant, I would be home again. I would imagine my father's face. Do it, Luciano. Close your eyes. Go ahead, try it. Close your eyes. What do you see?

Luke: Faith. She messed up all my baseball cards again.

Damien: Where are you? In your room?

Luke: No, at grandma Emma's. She's baking chocolate chip cookies. And aunt Rose is making us all laugh. And Mom and Dad are coming in holding hands from their walk.

Damien: And that is how it's going to be again.

Luke: When?

Damien: One day. Luciano, do you remember when I first came to Oakdale and we talked about going on that adventure together? Nothing has gone as I wished. I know this has been hard on you.

Luke: But you said it would be fun.

Damien: I know I disappointed you. So much has spun out of my control.

Luke: I don't care! I just want to go home!

Damien: Luciano, you will come with me if I say that is how it must be.

Luke: I don't want to go! I don't have to listen to you! You're not my father! I hate you!

Lily: Why would Damien want us to meet here?

Holden: He says it's safe. Nobody will try anything.

Lily: I'm going to say a prayer.

Holden: Okay.

Damien: Luke, let's get out of here.

Please help me. Nothing is what it seems. Don't look at the coffin. It means nothing. I promise you, nothing is going to stop us from finding Luke.

Margo: Jack, look, believe me, I know what you've been through.

Jack: Spare me, Margo. Last thing I need right now is understanding.

Margo: All right, fine. I don't understand. I don't understand. The bad part is over. And, yeah, of course you need time to heal, but it just seems to me, Jack, as if you're punishing yourself for something that wasn't your fault. It was not your fault. It was Julia and Owen. Sure, you made a bad call, but you were suspended. You have been punished. It is over.

Jack: I am not punishing myself, Margo.

Margo: Yeah? When's the last time you had a decent meal?

Jack: Yum like chili?

Margo: Depends, Jack.

Jack: Well, I used to like chili. I used to like a lot of things but I don't like them anymore. Don't taste the same to me. Like a can.

Margo: There you go. Let it go. Then you can check in the Looney bin with Julia.

Jack: That's nice.

Margo: You don't want nice, Jack.

Jack: What I want, Margo -- what I want I can't have. So thanks for the coffee.

Margo: Wait a minute. Where are you going, Jack?

Jack: Why? Gonna put a tail on me?

Margo: Hey, if you don't show up at the meeting.

Jack: What, my life is ruined? I'll be there. Just got to take care of something first.

Margo: Jack, wait. Why don't you let me take you out for breakfast.

Jack: Some other time, Margo.

Margo: Will you just clean up before you come to the meeting?

Paul: Anything for you, Mom.

Barbara: I told you that I would show you those designs when I was ready.

Paul: Right now Craig is waiting, hoping that we're laughed out of the fashion industry. You know, he's banking on us to fail. He even sent Carly over here to check up on us.

Barbara: Carly here? Please tell me she didn't see anything.

Paul: Everything.

Barbara: Oh, God!

Paul: Ma, it's okay, I took care of it, she's not going to say a word.

Barbara: She is a lying tramp.

Paul: She's not trying to hurt you.

Barbara: The woman destroyed my life.

Paul: No, no, no. Craig tried to destroy your life. He used Carly almost as badly as he's used you. She's no saint but she's trying to do the right thing here.

Barbara: And you believe her?

Paul: Mom, just listen to me, please.

Barbara: My son telling me that I should be grateful to Carly? Leave me alone. I don't want you here, Paul.

Paul: Fine, fine, Mom. Push me away. Push me away like Jenn, Will, everybody.

Barbara: Don't you dare judge me.

Paul: Don't you judge me, Mom. Right back to you. Those sketches, you want to talk about lies? Those sketches are not only your problems, they're mine, too. If this company fails, you're not the only one who suffers here.

Barbara: I will not give up creative control.

Paul: I'm not asking you to give up creative control. Just accept some help.

Barbara: I don't need any help.

Paul: Oh, my -- Mom, you know, after that explosion, you know, you had to fight for every breath. And you had to get past the fear. You had to get past the pain, and the way you did it is by using every ounce of your strength to fight. But that part of the fight is over with. And this one's even tougher. You know, now you have to still believe that you have a future.

Barbara: Why are you trying to hurt me?

Paul: I am not trying to hurt you, Mom. I don't care if you never design another dress ever. But what I do care about is that you're willing to let your spirit wither up and die because you think that's what's important to me and will and Jenn. God, Mom, you know, if you really believe that, that's the biggest lie of them all.

Barbara: My designs are -- they're really awful, aren't they?

Paul: I've seen better.

Barbara: From first-year design students.

Paul: We can still start over. Together.

Barbara: And I take that today is the perfect day to start. Dr. Schuster said that I can start the skin grafts soon now that I'm feeling more hopeful than I have in months. When I did those designs, I was at a very dark place, Paul. I just needed another week, another week. That's all I need. And I -- I know I can come up with some ideas that we can run with, and if I can't handle it, I promise, I'll call in the reinforcements. Don't look at me like that. Don't look at me like that. I need you to believe me. I know I can do this.

[Doorbell rings]

Barbara: Let Ingrid get it.

Paul: One week. One week.

Barbara: Thank you. You won't regret it.

Jack: Hi.

Paul: We weren't expecting you, Jack.

Barbara: I want to talk to Barbara.

Paul: No visitors, please.

Jack: Barbara --it's been a long morning.

Barbara: Jack --it's important, Paul. A few minutes. That's all I ask.

Damien: I would never lie to you again. I'm sorry. You see, in my culture, respect is a birthright. It is demanded of you by your elders, not earned as it is in America. I thought who I was was enough to make you love me and want me in your life. I was wrong.

Luke: I do want you. But -- but not if I can't go home anymore. I don't really hate you, papa.

Damien: I don't really no me either, beyond a few letters and pictures. Family pride and heritage is meaningless at a time like this. How foolish for me to think it was enough to hold onto you.

Luke: Don't be sad.

Damien: Luciano, this may be my last chance to tell you how much I love you and how proud I am of you. And you're right. I'll try not to be sad, for there is no use mourning what will never be. Look at me, Luciano. You have my eyes, my strength. Nobody can take that away from you. That is what brought you this far. Perhaps for the first time I finally realize what being a dad is all about. And so I will let you go home no matter what the day brings. I will do anything to return you safely to your mom and dad. And then you and I will never see each other again.

Holden: Where is Damien?

Lily: You don't think --

Holden: No. I don't know who or what is in that coffin, but it's not Luke. It's like you said. We have to trust ourselves here. We have to trust our hearts.

Lily: Just seeing that little coffin --

Holden: It means nothing. They want us to think that Luke is gone. Damien got that death certificate. He set the whole thing up. He probably set this up, too. It's probably easier. We'll look around.

Lily: I'll come with you.

Holden: No, you stay here. I won't leave the church. I promise.

Lily: He's alive. Dante's alive.

Barbara: It's all right, Paul. I'd like to talk to Jack.

Paul: Fine.

Jack: Thanks, Paul. How are you?

Paul: I should be asking you that.

Jack: I'm okay.

Barbara: I'm sure what happened at court with Carly hurt you and --

Jack: It feels like old moves. You know, Barbara, there is something that we haven't talked about since you've been in the hospital. We really haven't gone over what happened the night you were hurt.

Barbara: I tried to get on with my life, Jack. I suggest you do the same.

Jack: My suspension from the force is over today.

Barbara: You've been reinstated?

Jack: I'm not sure.

Barbara: Oh, I think you will.

What kind of cop sees all the danger signs in the woman that he's married to and decides that he can handle it alone? I let things get so far out of control, she almost killed two people.

Jack: You weren't the only one to be fooled by Julia. We all saw the signs, saw the hints of instability. But I -- think I know why we just explained it all away. I think I know the reason.

Barbara: Why?

Jack: Because Julia Snyder is a beautiful woman, because a beautiful face and winning smile can get away with murder. Look at Carly. She's been doing it for years. Getting what she wants, not caring who she destroys along the way. I keep replaying the night over and over in my head, Barbara. Julia was in a terrible state that night. I was visiting her in the hospital when you called me. She made so many threats.

Barbara: And you were without your crystal ball. If you'd gotten to the boat house any earlier, you might have been killed, Jack. I don't blame you for any of it.

Jack: No. Maybe part of me still blames myself.

Barbara: You did nothing wrong. And I did nothing wrong. You were blinded by love, duty, responsibility. I'm not the first woman to marry a louse and you're not the first man to try to forget the woman that he loved with a woman that he thought that he knew.

Damien: It's all right, Luciano, it's me. The plan is going well so far.

Luke: Papa, why can't I ever see you again?

Damien: Luciano, remember when I gave you that family crest?

Luke: And the pictures of the castle?

Damien: That's right. I had so many dreams for us. But that's all they were. From now on, you're Luke Snyder. In many ways, that's who you've always been.

Luke: But Mom says I'm a part of you, too.

Damien: Luciano, listen to me carefully. This is very important. You're to tell no one you're a Grimaldi. Not ever.

Luke: Why?

Damien: Because it can only bring you harm. This must be our secret. Your very life depends on it. So no one can ever know.

Luke: Like nobody knows superman's really Clark Kent?

Damien: That's right. Do you think you can do that?

Luke: Sure, I guess

Damien: You have to promise me, Luciano, no more talk of Malta. And that family crest, you show it to no one. Promise me, Luciano.

Luke: I promise.

Damien: Good boy.

Luke: But you're still my papa, right?

Damien: That is something no one can ever take away from us. It -- you will always be a part of me. And no matter where I am now, you will always be a part of me. This is too difficult to understand right now, but one day, you'll see why I can never be a part of your life. Until then, remember this -- no matter where I am, I am thinking of you and watching over you, and nothing, no distance, no time can keep me from loving you. All right. Are you ready to hear my plan now?

Luke: Yep.

Damien: Good. Do you remember how you told me about the opera music you kept hearing over and over again when you were held at the theater? It's in this player. When I leave, I want you to wait for a few minutes and then press this button. That same music will play, and your parents will hear it. And they will come for you.

Luke: All right!

Damien: Good. Are you ready?

Luke: Ready. What?

Damien: I just want to look at you one more time. You're a brave boy. My lieu CIA -- no. Luke Snyder. Good-bye.

Luke: One, two, three.

Holden: There's no sign of Damien anywhere. Come on, let's get away from this thing.

Lily: No, I can't. I can't say good-bye. I just can't say good-bye to my little baby. I can't say good-bye like this.

Holden: Stop it.

Lily: Holden, he's here.

Holden: Are you sure?

Lily: I sure saw his face. He followed me up to the coffin. He doesn't know that I saw his face.

Holden: You're sure?

Lily: Yes, positive.

Holden: Okay. This funeral is for our benefit. Damien is flushing Dante out.

Trying to convince him that Luke's not alive. We have to convince Dante we believe it, too. It has to be convincing.

Lily: No, no. I can't say good-bye. I can't say good-bye to my little -- my little boy, not like this. I'm sorry, honey. I tried. Not like this.

Holden: Lily, we have to make arrangements to take him home. Where is Damien? We should probably go to the embassy. We can make travel arrangements.

Lily: I don't want to leave my baby here alone in the dark.

Holden: We need to take care of this. It won't take long. We just need to fill out a few forms, okay?

Lily: I don't want to leave until then. I want to stay with my baby until then. He's leaving.

Holden: If nothing happens here, we'll have to go to the embassy in case he decides to follow us.

Lily: Hear that?

Holden: It's a chorus.

Lily: Luke? Happy to see you, I missed you so much. I love you so much. I swear, I will never let you out of my sight again. Are you okay?

Luke: Yes.

Lily: Are you sure? Where's Damian?

Luke: He left.

Holden: Is he coming back?

Luke: No.

Holden: Come on. We have to get moving, all right?

Luke: Papa tricked the bad guy. Said I was Luke Snyder now. Not Luke Grimaldi. No one can know who I am. It's got to be a secret forever.

Lily: We won't say a word. No. No. We've got to go.

Luke: Papa said you'd come. I was afraid it was a trick, but it wasn't.

Holden: No. It wasn't. Come on, your mommy's right. We have to hustle. Now, listen, we have to go down the back stairs. We can't go out through the church. We have to go in a different direction, away from the plaza and circle back around the hotel. You come down with Mommy. Ready?

Luke: Thank you.

Holden: Come on, guys. Let's go.

Luke: Thank you.

Barbara: Jack, you're a great guy, but you lied to Julia and you lied to yourself. You thought that you could love her when deep down you knew that your heart was taken.

Jack: I never wanted to believe that I was that kind of man.

Barbara: And I never wanted to believe I was the kind of woman who could walk out on her family for a man like Craig Montgomery, but I did. And the damage is done. And can't be undone. And there are scars that will never heal.

Jack: I don't believe that, Barbara. We made it through the worst of it, and we're still standing. Both battered, but still standing. I have faith in us.

Okay one day. One day soon. Look, I should get going.

Barbara: Good luck.

Jack: Thank you. Take care of yourself, Barbara.

Barbara: You too.

James: There are seven days in the week 168 hours, 10,080 minutes and every 600,000 seconds. That's how long you've given your mother to suddenly rediscover her genius.

Paul: I had to. It was the right thing.

James: She's going to fail, Paul. It's going to be your fault, or have you convinced yourself that she has something left?

Paul: I have to let her try.

James: Why stand up to her. While she's lying to you. You know she's lying. What are you going to do about it?

Jack! Hey, anybody say anything?

Jack: About what?

Welcome back, Detective Snyder.

Internal Affairs submitted their report, and based on your record and years of service, we've agreed that this department needs more men like you, Snyder.

Jack: Well, thank you, sir. Being a cop is all I ever wanted to do. It means everything to me. Which is why I can't accept this.

Margo: Not accept. Funny. Stop kidding.

Jack: I wish I were. I've had a lot of time to think this last month.

Margo: You won!

Jack: Nobody won, Margo. I'm not looking for sympathy, but I can't be expected to just pick up my whole life where it left off as if I'm the same person I used to be. I'm not. There's so many things I wish I'd done differently. I lost my objectivity. I put my personal life ahead of my job and a lot of good people got hurt because of it. And the truth is, I still think I'd do it all over again if I believed in my heart it was the right thing to do. So I don't think I belong here. At least not now. I appreciate your faith in me, commissioner, but I think I have to have faith in myself before I ever wear this shield again.

Paul: What would you do? Cut her off at the knees, expose her to her critics?

James: I wouldn't let my feelings distort my judgment.

Paul: Feelings, hmm? What feelings? B.R.O is the one thing she has to hold. I will not take that away from her.

James: Paul, Barbara's going to lose her precious B.R.O. You have seen the rubbish she's been producing lately.

Paul: I had to give her a chance.

James: Paul, you're destroying your mother with her consent. Don't be such a fool. Let her sink gently, but don't let her take you down with her.

Paul: Shut up. Leave me alone. You don't know what you're talking about. You don't give a damn about --

Barbara: I'll show him. I'll show Paul. I'll show them all. I can still do it. I can do it. I can do it! I can do it!

Lily: He's exhausted. He's been through so much.

Holden: He's an incredible kid.

Lily: I just can't believe he's here. He's really here. He's safe.

Holden: Believe it. We're going home.

Lily: I can't wait to see Faith and Emma. I'm sure he can't either.

Holden: We have to go. The car's out back. I'll carry Luke. Make sure we have everything we need to get out of this country.

Lily: Are you sure it's safe?

Holden: Dante's believes it. Damien could have taken him anywhere, but he wants him with us. No question. We're going home. It's over. It's finally over. Taking our son home. Come on.

Dante: Excuse me, Father. May I have a moment alone with the child? He was my nephew.

Father: Of course my son.

Dante: Thank you. Thank you, father.

Damien: You will not stain the memory of my son. Move away from his casket.

Dante: I merely wanted to say a prayer.

Damien: Save your prayers for yourself, brother. You will need them.

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