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Hal: I said the word "date" - well, you know, you were there, right? You saw what a mess it was. But this is nice. This is a very special evening. Do you know why?

Emily: Uh, did I miss something?

Hal: No, in fact, you started it.

Emily: I did?

Hal: Mm-hmm. Because tonight, with your help, there's going to be a whole new chapter in the life of Hal Munson.

Carly: Yeah, just one. Thank you. "Table for one." Welcome to the first day life.

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: Paul. What are you doing here?

Paul: Thanking you.

Carly: For what?

Paul: For living up to my worst expectations, yet again.

Craig: Bryant! Hey, you're just in time to share a little vintage champagne. The first of, I hope, what will be many toasts.

Bryant: I'm not here to pop a cork with you, dad.

Craig: Do you want a beer, I'll call down.

Bryant: I'm serious. This isn't a social call.

Craig: Oh. Oh, you decided to take me up on my financial advice?

Bryant: No. No, this is about the trust.

Craig: Oh, yeah, sorry about the other day. I guess my timing was a little less than perfect. But I will want to still shelter some funds in the --

Bryant: Well you better look somewhere else, because I've decided not to use the trust anymore.

Craig: Jennifer convince you that trust funds are the root of all evil?

Bryant: No, if I have to choose a life without Jennifer or a life without tons of money, I'm going to turn down the money.

Craig: Bryant, that is rash, huh? Why don't you take a night or two to think it over?

Bryant: I already have. I was going to do it once before, but I decided not to. But not this time. The way I look at it is, if I make money more important than people I love, I'm going to end up like you.

Billy: You know what we're about to do, right?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Billy: And you're okay with it?

Jennifer: I've wanted to do this since the first moment I met you.

Lily: No, thank you. I'm not going to fall apart just because some bureaucrat puts my son's name on a death certificate.

Holden: Where is this St. Rose of Lima, anyway? Does this place even exist? I want directions.

Leticia: As I told you, your son was dead on arrival, signore. I am afraid it is too late.

Holden: I will decide that when I see a body. But we both know that there isn't a body, right? I'm going to ask this anyway. How long before the body was transferred from the hospital once the death certificate was signed?

Leticia: I cannot be sure. But I will try to get the information for you.

Lily: My baby. I know you keep saying that it isn't true, but after everything that we've been through, what if this time it's real?!

Carly: What are you, a stalker? How'd you find out where I live?

Paul: I asked around. Everyone seems to know where the infamous Ms. Tenney lives. It doesn't feel good, does it? Have your privacy invaded?

Carly: All right, so this is about my visit to Fairwinds this afternoon, right? I thought we've gotten beyond that.

Paul: Oh, you mean when you snowed me about killing the story on my mom's designs?

Carly: Snowed you?! I haven't told anybody that your mother's spring line doesn't exist. I kept my word.

Paul: Then how did Emily Stewart find out?

Carly: I don't have the foggiest idea. Look, I have a reservation at the Lakeview, I was just on my way out. You're going to have to bother somebody else, all right?

Paul: Wait, let me guess. A celebration dinner with your co-conspirator? I mean, editor.

Carly: What exactly did Emily tell you?

Paul: Enough to know you lied to me. And my suspicion was confirmed when I just called her house and her mother said that she was having dinner at the Lakeview. So tell me,

Carly, what's the order of business? How to capitalize on my mother's latest misfortune?

Carly: My, my. It must be very comfy up there on that moral high horse, huh? You may as well come in. That is if you can stoop low enough to get your big fat head through the door. I don't care what Emily says, I didn't tell her a word about Barbara.

Paul: Where'd you go when you left the Fairwinds?

Carly: I went to Craig's. I got him to admit to me that he set me up in that stupid fashion editor job.

Paul: What'd you tell him about B.R.O.?

Carly: I told him that B.R.O. was doing just great. Yeah, that's right. And then I just threw in that your mother's designs were fantastic.

Paul: Why'd you do that?

Carly: I like to see beads of sweat form at the line of Craig's $200 haircut, that's all.

Paul: You know, I'm almost tempted to believe you.

Carly: Oh, but wait. I'm not even done with my itinerary, really. After I left Craig's, I went to

Emily so she could put her job and her paper and everything else. And now -- now I'm all dressed up, because I thought I'd blow my last few bucks on a dinner date with the best company I've got right now -- myself. And another thing, Paul. Just for the record, you're a self-righteous creep, and I don't give a damn whether you believe me or not.

Paul: Would you let a self-righteous creep take you to dinner?

Carly: You're kidding me, right?

Paul: No, I'm serious. And I'm probably going to kick myself later for saying this, but -- I actually believe you.

Craig: Bryant, you don't have a clue what life is like without money, huh? Working your fingers to the bone only to get canned, because you're low man on the factory pole. You try scraping together a roll of pennies every week for a cheeseburger. Then you come talk to me about the nobility of poverty.

Bryant: I'm still not taking the trust.

Craig: You told Lucinda about this?

Bryant: Right away.

Craig: Well that's what I'm talking about. She won't like that much, either.

Bryant: Well great, the sooner she takes me out of the line of succession, the sooner Jen and I can get back together.

Craig: You and Jennifer broke up?

Bryant: Well she didn't see any other choice when she thought I was using money you stole from her mother.

Craig: Even if this last-ditch effort to woo Jennifer does work, Bryant, what about six or eight months down the line? When the two of you are sitting there looking at your umpteenth meal of tuna surprise, wishing you could scrape together enough gas money for a drive to

Michigan? You're going to look up, and you're not going to see the love of your life, you're going to see the ball and chain that stood between you and something you've had a right to ever since you were born, and you will resent that.

Bryant: You're wrong. Not only will I still love her, but I will look up, and I'll thank her for helping me become the man that she always knew I could be.

Billy: This must be heaven.

Jennifer: No, it's everything I always -- I always hoped, I always dreamed it would be.

Billy: Wait, that was your first time?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Billy: I mean, I know you and Bryant never -- but no one else, ever?

Jennifer: Was I -- was it okay?

Billy: No, it was amazing. It was really amazing. You are so beautiful.

Jennifer: Wait, that wasn't a car outside, was it?

Billy: No. But Bryant's supposed to come home to check on the lumber. It would kill him if he found out about this.

Jennifer: I broke up with him.

Billy: Yeah, a couple hours ago, right?

Jennifer: Oh, no, I'm not saying it would be okay if he walked in on us right now. It's just -- technically --

Billy: Look, look, look, no. Bryant is just not some relative I share a few dinners with, okay? He's my best friend, and he cannot find out about this.

Jennifer: I know, I know. You're right. Besides, it's not like we're in love, right? We hardly know each other. Nothing's really changed. Has it?

Billy: I guess not. But now I know.

Jennifer: Know what?

Billy: How incredible it is to be with you. I guess that'll have to be enough.

Leticia: I have not been able to get confirmation that the child's body is still at the hospital.

Holden: Then where is it?

Leticia: It is unclear. He was pronounced dead on arrival there, but -- I will find out where they're holding your son.

Lily: No, we don't want your help anymore. You've only made things worse. Holden and I will find our son. Alive. And every lie that you've told us will be exposed.

Leticia: Signora, please. I could never deceive you in a matter of such importance.

Holden: Is this what passes as acceptable in this country? Keeping a mother in the dark about whether or not her little boy is alive? How much are the Grimaldis paying you? Whatever it is, I hope it's worth it. Let's get out of here.

Leticia: You'll need this.

Leticia: You heard?

Dante: Yes.

Leticia: They cannot accept the truth. I understand. But it is true nonetheless.

Dante: They will want to see that for themselves. And so will I.

Billy: You sure you're okay?

Jennifer: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

Billy: I mean, tonight was your first time.

Jennifer: You know what? I don't get it. For months, I had all these questions and doubts about whether or not I wanted to sleep with Bryant or anyone else, and then, tonight, I don't know, it's just with you, all the questions disappeared.

Billy: You know we can't ever do this again, right? Jennifer: We already talked about that.

Billy: Look, I'm not trying to be cold, Jennifer. But no matter how bad we want to, I can't do this to my cousin.

Jennifer: I don't want to hurt him, either. Yes, I broke up with him, but I do still care for him. It's just --

Billy: Oh, come here, Jennifer. Come here, baby. Tonight meant so much to me. It did, a lot. I'll never forget it. Or you. Look, let me get that for you.

Jennifer: No, no. I can handle it.

Bryant: I'd better head back to the cottage and see what Billy's up to.

Craig: Well, take the quiet road, will you, and at least think about what I said.

Bryant: I will, but I'm not changing my mind about the trust.

Craig: Bryant, Bryant -- one more thing. I don't like you not taking the money, but -- but I see how hard you're struggling to live life on your own terms. I admire you for that.

Bryant: Thank you.

Craig: And you know, this drive of mine to succeed, I'm always hoping that maybe -- that maybe Bryant will be as proud of me as I am of him.

Bryant: I'm sorry I can't say that you've always made me proud, dad, but -- you've got to know that even when things were really bad between us, I've always loved you.

Craig: I love you, too. And if things don't work out with Jennifer and the trust, don't ever think twice about coming to me, all right?

Bryant: I better go.

Emily: - And that's when everybody at The Intruder hit the deck - including the chimp. [Laughter]

Hal: You know, who said cops have all the fun? Oh, boy, something's not right.

Emily: What? Wait, you don't like your steak? Is it too rare?

Hal: No, the steak's fine. The steak's fine. It's the - it's the "d" word.

Emily: No, wait, I thought - I thought the "d" word was going great.

Hal: Hmm-mm. No S.O.S. from home, no fights, no broken shoes. Something's not right.

Emily: You know what? It's like you said. It's the next chapter, Hal. And if I believed in fate, I'd say everything is happening just the way it was meant to.

Maitre d': We have a lovely table for you right over here, Mr. Ryan.

Carly: "We have a lovely table for you right over here, Mr. Ryan." You know, you have a sharp eye and a keen sense of human behavior. Let's see if you can come up with an explanation for that.

Paul: I can't. There's hardly been a day he hasn't called to see how my mother was doing. If he's so devoted, why is he here, having dinner with Emily?

Carly: Especially since she seems to be out to ruin your mother's career. I'll give you odds

Hal doesn't have any idea what Emily's up to.

Paul: Well, should we enlighten him?

Carly: What's that they say about great minds?

Hal: Carly. And Paul.

Emily: Curiouser and curiouser.

Carly: Not as curious as you're going to be when you hear that Paul and I have been exchanging notes about this afternoon's events.

Emily: Events? What events?

Paul: Oh, like you having Carly pay a visit to Fairwinds.

Carly: And then the conversation you had with Paul. It's funny. You seem to be lying to just about everybody.

Hal: Lying? Pretty serious accusation, Carly. You want to explain that?

Carly: Why don't we let your date fill you in?

Holden: This map has hospitals and municipal buildings marked on it, but I don't see St. Rose of Lima.

Lily: Luciano Grimaldi. No, this has to be a lie.

Holden: I don't see a St. Rose of anything. Is there an address on that so-called "death certificate?"

Lily: Holden?

Holden: Yeah?

Lily: On the back - there's writing. It's a message.

Emily: Paul, I want you to think -think carefully. Did -did I actually say Carly told me she saw Barbara's sketches?

Paul: Oh, come on, Emily, spare me the high school semantics. Okay? You let me think

Carly told you all about my mother's sketches, just so I would tell you how they were.

Hal: Wait a minute. You hired Carly to interview Barbara?

Carly: I know, right. Pretty sensitive.

Emily: No. , No, no, no, no. I did not. Come on, Barbara wasn't even home. It's really none of -

Carly: You didn't know that, Emily.

Hal: Barbara wasn't around because she was at the hospital trying to have her face put back together, Emily. I thought you said that Craig would have Carly's column deal with fashion dos and don'ts?

Carly: Now, wait a minute. Are you telling me that you knew from the very beginning that

Craig put Emily up to hiring me?

Hal: Yes, because it would keep Parker close to me and because you'd be settled. I thought the guy was doing something decent for a change.

Carly: Oh, please, can you hear yourself when you speak? "Decent, Craig"?

Hal: That's what I was led to believe.

Carly: No, I think it just sounds like typical Craig to me. He and Emily are using me to get back at Barbara.

Emily: No, no, no. That is not true. What -- how would I benefit from that? How many times have I bailed you and B.R.O. out, huh?

Paul: Ancient history, Emily.

Carly: Hey, Emily, why don't you tell Hal and Paul about the conversation we had right in your office when I got back from Fairwinds?

Emily: What? All right, all right. Carly came to my office and told me that she was quitting The Intruder.

Carly: Mm-hmm. And did I tell you anything, anything about what I'd seen of Barbara's drawings?

Emily: Stop loving this so much. All right. No. She didn't say anything about seeing Barbara's sketches.

Paul: Does Craig know B.R.O.'s in trouble?

Emily: Yes, he does. But not because of anything I said. Believe me, I was trying to protect your secret- whether you believe that or not.

Paul: Which is just great.

Emily: He made a lucky guess. I'm not gonna print anything about B.R.O., I promise.

Paul: Oh, you know, promises don't really mean a whole lot coming from you, do they,

Emily? We all know Craig runs the show at your office. Let's go.

Hal: Maitre d', have the chef cancel the rest of our order. Have the waiter bring me a check now.

Emily: So much for the firs the rest of our lives.

Holden: How's your Italian?

Lily: It's a little rusty, but - "la chiesa vecchia. A domani." "The old church. Tomorrow." This is Damien's handwriting. This is a message from Damien.

Holden: You sure?

Lily: I'm sure. That's his handwriting. I know that. That means that this death certificate is a phony just like everything else. That policeman, he must have seen that - that message as well.

Holden: Or wrote it.

Lily: No, he didn't. That's - that is his handwriting, Damien's. I know it.

Holden: Okay, fine, so maybe he is in touch with Damien, but why the death certificate? Why go to such lengths to convince us that Luke was dead?

Lily: Why not just tell us that Damien wants to meet with us?

Holden: Maybe because he couldn't be honest.

Lily: Because?

Holden: Because he knows that someone's watching us and listening to everything that happens to us. Lift bottle. Now push back.

Carly: Having regrets about ruining Hal and Emily's evening?

Paul: I have to admit, I had a few twinges about Hal.

Carly: But not Emily?

Paul: No. I rather enjoyed ruining her evening.

Carly: Am I sensing something underneath that?

Paul: Yep. There was a time when my relationship with Emily would have kept her from running to Craig like she did.

Carly: You were close?

Paul: Yeah. But apparently, I'm the only one who remembers.

Carly: Mm. But I - I don't think that it's regrets about Emily that's keeping you so quiet. So do you want to tell me what you're thinking about?

Paul: Honestly? You. Carly, I've been wrong a lot about you and I'm sorry for -

Carly: No, you've also been very right. I made big mistakes. I've done some really terrible things in my life. But I never slept with Craig Montgomery -- not before, during or after his marriage to your mother. And I never, ever conspired to ruin Barbara's company.

Paul: It's good to hear you say that. Thank you.

Carly: You're welcome.

Paul: Okay. Can I apologize now?

Carly: Okay.

Paul: Okay, 'cause I want to be very, very clear about this. I am sorry for all the miserable things that I said about you, to you, behind your back, to other people, to the news -

Carly: Okay. Okay, I get the picture.

Paul: Let's make a toast - to new beginnings. Or are you having a hard time buying all this?

Carly: To quote you - "I will probably kick myself for this, but somehow I do believe you." To new beginnings.

Hal: Thanks for the ride.

Emily: Sure, no problem. I - no problem.

Hal: It's getting late, Emily. There's really not any reason for you to stay.

Emily: Yeah, you know, I think actually there is.

Hal: Let's not beat a dead horse.

Emily: I just have one more thing to say, okay? I'm sorry. I - I know I've said it before, but I'm just gonna say it one more time. Then I'm gonna leave and you won't have to see me again. When I - when I approached you and asked you to offer Carly the job, then later when we talked to her together, I swear to you - I had no idea that Craig was gonna assign her to interview Barbara. I never would have thought to do something like that.

Hal: Mm-hmm. But still, when the brilliant idea was on the table, you ran with it anyway.

Emily: Yeah, I did. I did, and you want to know why? Because even though it wasn't my idea, it made great news. And I'm in the news business. Okay? I don't have room to be sentimental.

Hal: It's not sentiment, Emily, it's common decency. If Barbara had been there when Carly showed up, do you have any idea how hurt she would have been?

Emily: Okay, I see your point. But - but if I was in the business of sparing people's feelings, I would never print a paper. Look, I've never made any bones about who I am or what I do. Okay, and you knew that. You knew that when you let me into your life. So I'm not Polly pure heart, okay? But I'm not the devil, either, Hal. You either accept the whole package or you don't. It's that simple.

Jennifer: Oh. Hi

Hal: Hi, sweetheart.

Jennifer: I didn't realize you had company.

Hal: Did you get everything moved out of Bryant's okay? No major incidents?

Jennifer: No. Everything's done. I'm back home for good.

Emily: Why don't you go spring the baby-sitter, Hal?

Hal: Okay.

Emily: Okay, the coast is clear. What's going on, Jennifer? Spill it.

Jennifer: It's nothing, really. I - I'm just a little stressed from dragging all my stuff back from Bryant's.

Emily: Yeah, I'm sure that was upsetting, but I got a feeling that's not - that's not really what it is. You want to try it again?

Jennifer: It's nothing, really. I mean, it's just a little weird to be back home. You know? But it's supposed to feel weird, right? So I'm fine.

Emily: Fine, fine. Really, yeah. So is that why you're acting like you just got caught in the bathroom with the little boy down the street? Do you want to try it again? Talk to me now or you want to wait for father to come downstairs?

Jennifer: Is it that obvious?

Emily: Only to somebody who's been through nearly everything. Yeah.

Jennifer: I slept with somebody tonight.

Emily: Not Bryant?

Jennifer: No. Bryant's cousin.

Emily: Oh. Well, that's a classic Emily Stewart move if ever I heard one. Okay, sit down. We're gonna have a talk here. Let's get the basics out of the way. Tell me you used condoms, right? You did?

Jennifer: No, no. But - but I'll be fine, you know. My period's in a couple days.

Emily: Honey, honey - will you listen to me? You could get pregnant at any time. All right? And you don't just use condoms to keep yourself from getting pregnant. You have to protect yourself against STDs. You know that, right?

Jennifer: Billy doesn't have anything like that.

Emily: So what, you guys got a blood test before you - listen to me. What - listen to me. What I'm saying is, STDs don't just write themselves across a guy's forehead.

Jennifer: I know that. But --

Emily: Hormones got the best of you. I know. I've been there, done that. Okay, it's okay. Listen, we're gonna - we're gonna go to the gynecologist. I'm gonna make an appointment for you tomorrow, all right? And we're gonna check it out, make sure everything's okay, and don't worry, okay? You're gonna like her. She's really nice. And I'll go with you, okay, if you want some support.

Jennifer: You would?

Emily: Sure, I would.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Emily: Hey. This wasn't so bad, was it? So this Billy guy, huh? That's his name, right? You like him?

Jennifer: A lot.

Emily: That's great. That's wonderful.

Jennifer: No, it's not. 'Cause now I'll never be able to see him again.

Emily: Oh, sweetie. Oh, it's okay.

Hal: Isn't it always the case that the dad is the last to know? So are you gonna let me in on this, or am I just supposed to turn the other way? Sorry, I'm really bad at turning the other way.

Bryant: Hey, Billy. You still up?

Billy: Bryant.

Bryant: Please tell me you took a break.

Billy: Yeah, I just thought I'd get these sketches done. The pilings are in and the lumber guy called. There's another delivery tomorrow, so the cement will be cured by then and we can hammer some boards.

Bryant: Man, every time I look around this place, I keep thinking of all the plans I had for it for Jen. You know that fight I got in earlier?

Billy: A big one, huh?

Bryant: Huge. You heard?

Billy: Yeah, she said she had to vent, so -- so I listened.

Bryant: I'm not giving up on her.

Billy: Wait, I thought you two broke up.

Bryant: Yeah, we did. But Billy, I love her. I love her, and I'm not gonna let - I'm not gonna give up on her. It's probably too late to call her, huh?

Billy: Man, that's - that's totally up to you.

Bryant: What was she like when you talked to her?

Billy: You know what, I think she - you know, I don't know. I don't understand what you mean.

Bryant: Like, was she mad? Sad? Both? Did she act like she didn't care? What happened after I left?

Jennifer: I'm just a little down, the way things ended with Bryant.

Emily: Everybody needs a little understanding, you know. We just needed to have a pep talk.

Hal: Uh-huh. Well, you know, just because you've been out on your own, doesn't mean you still can't come to me with stuff. You know?

Jennifer: I don't think that.

Hal: Right. Well, it's good to see you, sweetheart.

Jennifer: Well, I'd better - there's some stuff in the car, so I'm gonna go get that.

Hal: You want me to help?

Jennifer: No. No, that's okay. I've got to do this by myself. You understand.

Hal: She's not fine at all, is she?

Emily: Oh, she will be.

Hal: But she didn't tell me everything, did she?

Emily: Nope.

Hal: And you're not going to tell me everything, either, are you?

Emily: Nope. Some things are better left a little fuzzy, you know?

Hal: I'm not gonna push this right now, Emily, because Jennifer is really vulnerable right now, because she doesn't have her mother to cling to, but I'm gonna tell you something. I don't like secrets.

Emily: Yeah, but you know, sometimes secrets are better in the long run. And I get this funny feeling we're not talking about Jen anymore, are we?

Hal: Not telling me that you agreed to let Carly invade Barbara's privacy. How is that secret gonna help anybody?

Emily: Are you really that selective of Barbara still? What ever happened to this new leaf you were gonna turn over?

Hal: The woman and I share a family together. We share a history. I am always gonna be protective of her, Emily. That is not gonna change.

Emily: Fine. So I guess what you're saying is what you were saying when we first got here. That's it for me and you. Fine. I'm leaving. I am walking out the door.

Hal: Not so fast. When I went upstairs, I sat down on my bed and I put my head in my hands and I thought about all the bad stuff that happened tonight. Then I come down here and I see you with your arms around Jennifer. Damn it, Emily, you are really complicating my life.

Emily: Excuse me. I just said I was out the door -

Hal: First you do something that makes my blood boil, and then you do something that nearly breaks my heart. You - are one of the few good things that is happening in my life right now, and I don't know why, but I am not ready to let go of it. Not yet.

Emily: Me, neither. And you - you are such a grouch and a half. You think you're right all the time.

Hal: Back off.

Emily: It really stinks. But you're the best thing that's happened to me, too, in a really long time. Great. Now, this is just great. What are we gonna do about it, huh?

Hal: We've got to find some middle ground, right?

Emily: Okay. Middle ground. What are you gonna put on the table?

Hal: One thing for sure - I'm never gonna stop hating Craig Montgomery.

Emily: I can't fire him, Hal.

Hal: I know that, and I've already driven one woman out of my life by hating him, and I'm not gonna blow it twice, so I guess that I - will just have to accept the fact that you work with him. That's all.

Emily: You'd do that for me?

Hal: I will work on my attitude toward Craig, Emily.

Emily: Uh-huh.

Hal: Your end of the deal -- is Barbara.

Emily: Okay. Shoot.

Hal: Emily -- if you hurt her or her business, I don't think that I can continue through with this thing between you and me. Understand?

Emily: Yeah, sure, I understand. That's fair. I won't -- I won't write about Barbara or B.R.O. Cross my heart.

Hal: Well -- it's not a Lakeview soufflé, but maybe I can dig up a frozen cheesecake. Are you interested?

Emily: Yeah, I'm interested. Definitely.

Billy: What happened? Nothing. I just helped her drag her stuff to her car. That's all.

Bryant: She say anything about us?

Billy: You know, I think she was just anxious, so she split.

Bryant: I've got to make her realize things have changed. Who cares what time it is? Maybe I should call her.

Billy: You know, maybe you should just let her chill out. You know, she'll hear you a lot better when she's not so upset.

Bryant: You're probably right. You know, this place would be like solitary confinement if you weren't here right now, Billy.

Billy: I think you would find plenty to do.

Bryant: I am so wired right now. Hey, how's your backstroke?

Billy: Fine. Why?

Bryant: I'll bet you I can get to the other side of the lake before you can even get in.

Billy: All right, then, let's go.

Craig: I thought you'd given up depending on the kindness of strangers.

Carly: Paul is not a stranger.

Craig: As of when?

Paul: Did she ask you for your input on who she spends her time with? Where do you get off

Carly: It's okay. He thinks he's in love with me.

Craig: Paul, business being what it is, looks like your mother will have to sell her shares of Worldwide stock. Don't ditz around with the offer.

Carly: Oh, leaving, are you? You're not staying for dinner?

Craig: No.

Paul: Wow. That was a first.

Carly: Getting under Craig's skin?

Paul: Really felt good. Another toast.

Carly: Cheers.

Lily: You know, I'm afraid to hope.

Holden: Don't be afraid.

Lily: You really believe that he's alive?

Holden: I do.

Lily: What if that death certificate is real?

Holden: Lily, it isn't real.

Lily: What if it is? If it is, I will go to the ends of the earth and track down whoever did this to our son, and I swear, I will kill them.

Holden: And I'll be right there with you.

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