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Paul: Yeah, you broke my heart, Emily.

Emily: Our trip down memory lane's always going to be a bumpy one, Paul.

Paul: Is that your way of saying you're sorry?

Emily: What are you doing here?

Paul: My mother needed me.

Emily: Your mother needed you, so then you went and bought Fairwinds. Are you that hung up on bad vibes?

Paul: Yeah, she needed a secluded place where she could heal.

Emily: Sure, I'm sure she's happy to get out of the hospital.

Paul: Well, not right now. She's back in getting some preliminary skin grafting tests.

Emily: Ooh. That sounds awful.

Paul: Yeah, well, it's a painful process. But she has to do it in order to get her life back together.

Emily: Yeah, but it just seems so unfair that she has to suffer so much after what she's been through.

Paul: So don't destroy her, Emily. Please, for old times sake?

Jennifer: So -- what is the word for a girl like me? Enlightened? Or is it the big bad "b" word?

Billy: You know, a girl who treats a guy who loves her the way you treat Bryant already knows all the words.

Jennifer: I don't care what you think of me.

Billy: Bryant's just not my cousin, okay? He's my best friend. And I don't want to see him with some girl that's always gonna give him a bad time, okay?

Jennifer: Why? Because I haven't gone to bed with him yet?

Billy: Wait. You think he's about that? Because he hasn't. He hasn't told me anything.

Jennifer: See, you only think you know everything.

Billy: No, come here. I'm sorry I can be dense sometimes. But can you at least clue me in?

Holden: It's late. We should try to get some rest, okay? We'll get a fresh start in the morning.

Lily: How long have we been looking for Luke? 24 hours? 48 hours? I've lost track.

Holden: We'll find him.

Lily: It just seems like everybody that knew something -- they're all gone. Guido, Cordina, all the thugs and the liars, they've disappeared without a trace.

Holden: Yeah, well, at least Danté is dead now.

Lily: What difference does that make? The person that we thought was the biggest threat is now gone. And our son is still gone. How could Damien take him like that?

Holden: Using the same old story, that he was only trying to protect Luke. How do we know what to believe here?

Lily: But thank God I found you. I would lie in that bed every night and wonder how I would get through another day. Now I know I can. I said all of my prayers and now you're here.

Holden: I promise you, we're gonna find our son. We're gonna find Luke. [ Knocking at door]

Signora Cordina: Signora Snyder, may I speak with you please?

Lily: Oh, Signora Cordina! Have you spoken to Damien? Does he have a message? He must for us.

Signora Cordina: Message? No.

Lily: Please don't play games. Please, we need to speak to Damien, and you know why.

Signora Cordina: I'm sorry, but that is not possible.

Holden: Since when? [Signora Cordina sighs]

Signora Cordina: It breaks my heart to tell you. There was a terrible car accident last night. A father and a son --

Holden: Damien and Luke?

Signora Cordina: There was a death.

Carly: I didn't come here for this. Just give me a break.

Craig: Yeah! But all that pounding on the door was exciting. Ever since I confessed my true feelings to you --

Carly: You don't love me, you just think you love me.

Craig: I love you.

Carly: Cut it out. If you loved me, you'd stop it with these tired, old games.

Craig: What tired, old games?

Carly: You leaned on Emily Stewart to give me a job, didn't you

How did you get her to do it?

Craig: Nobody can strong-arm Emily! She's a mule. Wanted to upgrade The Intruder, a little more style, little less gossip. She told me she wanted a fashion columnist. I suggested your name. Why wouldn't I? You want some water?

Carly: Mm-hmm, okay, well just between us, Craig, The Intruder needs a fashion column like a hooker needs a chastity belt. You're just trying to use me.

Craig: For what, fashion tips?

Carly: Yeah. [Craig laughs] you need to know if Barbara can come up with a spring line before the fall fashion shows. I don't know why you need to know, but you do, don't you?

Craig: Why would you accuse me of something so base? I am a changed man.

Carly: Prove it.

Craig: How?! You won't believe me anyway. No matter how hard I try.

Carly: Well, Craig, it's really quite easy. All you have to do is let me walk out that door without a single question about Barbara's new collection.

Craig: You saw?!

Carly: Uh! Be careful. Bye-bye.

Craig: Wait, Carly!

Emily: Destroy your mother? I helped Hal Munson find the psycho who tried to kill your mother, Paul. If anything, you should be thanking me.

Paul: Carly Tenney showed up at our house today.

Emily: Carly, yeah, she's my new fashion reporter.

Paul: Yeah, so she said.

Emily: She's a little brassy, I know. I'm sorry that she barged in on you guys like that.

Paul: She was seeking information that no designer ever gives out in advance.

Emily: Well, I'm sure she explained to you with all the publicity about your mother, people are dying to know what's happening with B.R.O.

Paul: Yeah, well, this recent publicity that you're talking about isn't something that my mother needs in her life right now.

Emily: Understood. But I'm sure Barbara realizes I'm not trying to hurt her. She's got to know that even negative publicity can have a positive affect on business.

Paul: Okay, look, look, I am not here to have an argument about how valuable publicity is. I'm just here to tell you that Carly gave me her word that she wouldn't print anything about my mother's sketches. And I'm just here to make sure that you hold her to it.

Emily: Your mother -- your mother's sketches. Carly probably saw them?

Paul: Yeah, I'm sure she probably called you as soon as she left the house, right?

Emily: Yeah, of course she called. We discussed the ramifications. It would make quite a story.

Paul: Okay, look, my mother's sketches are a work in progress. No one sees them until they're finished.

Emily: Not even you?

Paul: No, not even me. And Carly shuffled through them like a deck of cards.

Emily: So I guess she saw all there was to see.

Paul: Yes, which is exactly why we don't want this to get out.

Emily: Of course you don't.

Paul: You know, if our backers think that we're slipping --

Emily: Right, B.R.O. -- B.R.O. could be in big, big trouble.

Paul: No, no! B.R.O. is fine! It's just my mother is working a little slower than usual.

Emily: You know what? Who could blame her? But Barbara is Oakdale's only connection to the fashion industry. And if she can't come up with a spring line, that's big news.

Paul: Yeah. Which is exactly what we don't want to print.

Emily: So what, you want me to do the honorable thing?

Paul: Hmm. Forget honor. Just think of it as refusing to be Craig Montgomery's puppet.

Lily: Who died?

Holden: Just say it.

Signora Cordina: The boy. Your son did not survive.

Lily: No. No, you're lying, no.

Signora Cordina: I'm so, so sorry.

Holden: Yes, you will be sorry if my wife is right. And I think she is, because I don't think there's a word of truth in anything that you're saying. Lily, listen to me. These people have been deceiving us from the very beginning. There's no reason to believe anything that they say. They'd say anything to get rid of us here.

Signora Cordina: No, I'm telling you, this is the truth. My friend does not even know Damien. He works for the Fire department. And they were called in after the accident.

Lily: You tell Damien that I walked out of my husband and my son's memorial service because I knew in my heart that they were alive, and I was right. Just as I know it now! You tell Damien that I want my son back!

Signora Cordina: I'm sorry. It is not possible to contact Damien.

Lily: You've been in contact with Damien since I saw you on that plane.

Signora Cordina: Yes, but now everything has changed.

Holden: How can you be in such a horrible game? Keeping a child from his mother, you can't be that cruel!

Signora Cordina: I am a mother myself. I have much sympathy for Signora Snyder. That is why she is here in Malta in the first place, because of me.

Jennifer: You know what? Bryant could have stopped that wedding. He could have stopped his dad from marrying my mom, but he had to let his grandmother take over. And what did she do? She blew it.

Billy: What happened?

Jennifer: Doesn't matter anymore. And then he pretends to be all torn up inside about having to take this trust fund that just happens to be money that his father stole from my mother.

Billy: Wow. I thought my family was nuts.

Jennifer: And then, on top of everything, he lies to me about it. I mean, he not only takes the fund, but he makes up this non-existent job to explain how he could afford all this stuff.

Billy: Stuff for you, right? I mean, if I had someone in my life that had money and wanted to share it, I'd be pretty psyched.

Jennifer: You don't understand at all.

Billy: Okay, maybe I don't. But you expect Bryant not to take the trust fund because you say it's dirty money? And Bryant's supposed to turn his back on his old man because you say he's a bad guy?

Jennifer: You haven't seen the scars on my mother's face, okay?

Billy: Look, you don't like Craig. That's your problem. Okay? So don't make it Bryant's. Because what I hear, he has stood by you t times. Not that he wants gratitude.

Jennifer: Then what does he want?

Billy: What do you think? He wants someone who loves him, not some girl who's constantly putting him down.

Jennifer: You know what? This is really none of your business.

Billy: Then why did you spill your guts to me?

Jennifer: Because you asked. You know what, forget it. Forget I said anything at all. Forget everything I said, you'll probably just blab it all to Bryant anyway.

Emily: B.R.O.'s about to be wrecked on the rocks and Craig can smell it. Maybe you can weather the storm if I sink the story. Maybe you can't. But it would just make such a great follow-up to the trial. Why should The Intruder take the high road on this?

Paul: What do you want, Emily?

Emily: I will 86 any mention of B.R.O. if you give me the inside scoop.

Paul: What about?

Emily: James Steinbeck.

Paul: My father? Are you crazy?

Emily: Yeah, maybe. But it would make such a great story, I would go anywhere for the interview.

Paul: Yeah, and it would be your last.

Emily: Oh, come on, he's not Hannibal Lecter.

Paul: But he's a murderer, nonetheless. And you of all people? Why would you want to open this can of worms?

Emily: Because, are you kidding me? It's the kind of news our readers would love to read. Your father wreaked havoc everywhere, and then just poof! Up and disappeared. What? Do you think he's dead or something?

Paul: With any luck at all, yeah. In an unmarked grave with a wooden stake jammed through his heart.

Emily: No love lost there, even after all this time, huh?

Paul: The years without my father haven't made me nostalgic for him, no.

Emily: Any idea where he might be? He hasn't tried to contact you, not even once?

Paul: Not if you don't count the voices constantly in my head.

Emily: Oh, yeah, yeah. I've got one of those. Mom's always up there, yammering all the time. But see, my luck, I get sick of hearing her, I get to go home and have a fight with her in real life.

Paul: Does it help?

Emily: No, not a bit. It always makes me feel like I screwed up, even when I haven't.

Paul: You know, when I was sitting in that courtroom and they dropped the charges against

Craig, I could just hear my father laughing.

Emily: I remember that laugh. And I don't envy you. I don't envy you one bit. But you know what? I think if we found him and brought him to justice, I betcha you'd stop hearing it.

Paul: No.

Emily: Yes, you would.

Paul: I need to find my father.

Emily: Yeah, but then you could finish -- you could finish everything that you started years ago.

Paul: Yeah, like when I tried to kill him? Protecting you? I failed you then. And I guess I'm gonna have to fail you again this time.

Emily: So what, we don't have a deal?

Paul: No. I don't have anything to trade, Emily. You know what the funny thing is? I came here to ask you for a favor. No matter how naive I was. But then again, I've always been that way, haven't I?

Emily: Look, Paul, I could sit on this B.R.O. story. But Craig will not stop. If there's a weakness within your company, he will find it and he will do everything in his power to expose it. So just please just listen to me and watch your back.

Paul: No. He won't expose it, because there'll be nothing for him to find. I'll see to it.

Craig: You win. I'm not gonna ask you what you found out about B.R.O.

Carly: Then what was that note of desperation in your voice when you asked me to wait?

Craig: Because you never believe me, and I have to ask myself why.

Carly: Have you answered yourself?

Craig: Because you always hear things from other people before you hear them from me. So in the spirit of full disclosure, I had a conversation with Jack about you.

Carly: That's full disclosure? Jack came to me and he told me about your little meeting.

Craig: Really? You have me to thank for that. And by the way, I reiterated that you never gave me the slightest bit of encouragement, as long as you've known me.

Carly: What do you want, the Nobel Peace Prize?

Craig: You know what I want. I want you to be happy, Carly. Look, I know you've suffered at the hands of our relationship. And I know that I can probably never make it up to you, but now that you and Jack have reconciled --

Carly: Craig, I do know why you sent Jack to Chicago.

Craig: If I had sent Jack anywhere, it wouldn't have been to Chicago.

Carly: You were hoping that he would convince me to come back to Oakdale, take the bogus job at The Intruder and do your corporate spying for you. Well, that is not why I came back.

Craig: We both know there is one reason you came back to Oakdale. And it's Jack.

Carly: No, actually, you're wrong. Jack and I are through.

Craig: Well, sorry I told him the truth. So much for good deeds.

Carly: Good deeds, huh?

Craig: You're blaming your break-up on me?

Carly: No. I guess if he needed you to convince him that I'm faithful, we never had much of a chance to begin with.

Craig: So saying good-bye your decision?

Carly: No, it was mutual. But you know, it's great. And it happened just in time because I have had it with men. I can make it on my own. And I can, too.

Craig: Oh, I know you can. I always said that.

Carly: Oh, and by the way, I promised Paul Ryan that I wasn't gonna write anything about what I saw at Fairwinds. But just between us, off the record, Barbara's sketches were fabulous. It was the best work I've ever seen her do. And I'm no fan. Anyway, I'm sorry things aren't working out the way you wanted.

Craig: Oh, really? Hey, you know, you could have phoned me and told me that, but you wanted to see me, didn't you?

Carly: In your dreams, Craig.

Lily: You had absolutely nothing to do with my decision to come to Malta. That is absurd.

Signora Cordina: Then how did you know that your son and husband were here?

Lily: I found a message in a bottle. This Algerian fisherman found it, and he was kind enough to send it to me.

Signora Cordina: And the guards, they found that bottle. They had a good laugh and they threw it in the trash. I took it and I had my cousin in Algeria send it to you. I did that.

Holden: Okay, so if you're so anxious to help us, then why are you refusing to contact Damien now?

Signora Cordina: After what happened at Café Dell'Arte, all lines of communication, they were lost. And no one heard word from Damien until the accident.

Lily: This is insane. I mean, even if your friend is telling the truth, he might be lying about

Luke. I'm sure that Damien -- I'm sure Damien still has Luke.

Signora Cordina: Oh, for your sake, I wish that that were true. Such a terrible thing, who can accept what happened?

Lily: What happened? Nothing happened. My son is alive.

Signora Cordina: I'm so sorry. If there is anymore news, I will call you as soon as possible.

Lily: It can't be, because I held his hand. I saw my boy. I saw him. He's alive. Luke is alive.

Holden: This is what we'll do. We'll go to the police station. We'll ask to see a dead body.

Lily: Oh, God, I hope there isn't one.

Holden: Lily, there isn't. Luke -- Luke is alive, all right? Let's get out of here before Cordina comes back with some more stories. Okay?

Carly: Emily, you can take this job and shove it.

Emily: What's your problem now, Carly?

Carly: The problem is you lied to me. I asked you point-blank if Craig set up this job for me and you said no. But then you hate me, so why should I be surprised.

Emily: How'd you find out? Not that I hate you, but about Craig?

Carly: I just talked to him, Emily. He admitted everything.

Emily: How cavalier.

Carly: And you lied.

Emily: You know what? You don't want the job, fine by me. But this little high-moral tone you're taking is enough to make me lose my lunch.

Carly: No. Would you listen to me? I almost ended up in jail, because everybody thought I was Craig's secret squeeze. The people in this town are watching every move I make. If they think I'm still working for him, especially now that he's trying to get the goods on Barbara --

Emily: Everybody's gotta make a buck, Carly.

Carly: Oh, come on. Even you can't be that cynical.

Emily: Yes, I can. I can be that cynical, because I get a paycheck. And you know what? You could get one, too, if you clocked in about -- I don't know -- 39 more hours this week.

Carly: Whatever it is that Craig is trying to get on Barbara and her son, I don't want any part of it -- paycheck or no paycheck.

Emily: Oh, please. You're a single mom. You have to earn a living.

Carly: I'm a designer, Emily, and I will waitress if I must.

Emily: Okay, you want to wait -- you want to wait tables instead of running an ill-gotten buck. You go, girl. You sling that hash. But you know what? I got a funny feeling Paul and his mom won't be too impressed with you.

Carly: And what is that supposed to mean?

Emily: I don't know, you tell me. One little interview with the handsome and soulful Paul

Ryan and suddenly you're little miss righteous, true Kim Hughes wanna-be.

Carly: Paul Ryan, I can leave or take. But that truly moves me. He does what he does because he loves Barbara. He wants to protect her.

Emily: A man who loves his mother, how unique.

Carly: She matters more to him than money. And in my experience, that does make him unique.

Paul: Yes, and thank you for, you know, first fidelity's generous backing. You know, because of that, we -- B.R.O.'s expanding the accessory lines. And I hope that you'll accept a small box of Havana cigars as a token of our appreciation. Yes, sir. Okay. Excellent. I'll talk to you later, Mr. Mullins. Okay, bye.

James: Where did you get Havana's?

Paul: A friend from Switzerland.

James: Ah. Oh, those clever Swiss. Banking, cheese, chocolate, cuckoo clocks. And now, Havana's. You know, Paul, this place is -- it's shabby. I -- I think it needs some fixing up. And it's not shabby chic, which, let's face it, is an oxymoron.

Paul: What do you want, James?

James: A decorator. You can't entertain clients here, do magazine layouts. What will people think?

Paul: What do you care?

James: Paul, you've got a lot of trouble-shooting ahead. Now, you handled that banker with a lot of skill just now. Good bluff. But soon, he and his ilk are going to be after you. They're going to see through that bluff. And all the Havana's in the world aren't gonna satisfy them.

Paul: When my mother gets out of the hospital, she's going to do the spring line, and it's gonna be wonderful. She's never failed us.

James: Paul, Barbara's not gonna design again -- not winter, spring, summer or fall. Barbara Ryan is over, and she knows it. Only way to salvage B.R.O. is to dump her.

Leticia: Rocco Leticia, Chief of Police.

Holden: Holden Snyder. This is my wife, Lily.

Lily: Yes. How do you do?

Leticia: I apologize for your long wait. What can I do for you?

Lily: We need to speak to Inspector Boggia.

Leticia: He's on assignment.

Lily: When will he be back?

Leticia: When the assignment is complete. In the meantime, I would be happy to assist you.

Holden: We need to report a missing child.

Lily: Yes. Our son, Luke, was kidnapped.

Leticia: How old is this child?

Lily: He's 8.

Leticia: His name is Luke Snyder?

Lily: Yes, but his -- his name on his passport is Lucian Eduardo Grimaldi.

Leticia: Grimaldi?

Holden: There was a shootout. Dante Grimaldi was shot and killed, and his brother, Damien

Grimaldi, kidnapped...

Leticia: When did this occur?

Lily: A few days ago, in Café Dell'Arte. Have you -- have you heard of it?

Leticia: It's -- certo. I know the Café Dell'Arte, but we have had no report of a death or a shooting.

Holden: Well, someone's playing a very sick and dangerous game here, and I can assure you that we are not playing any games with you. Somebody has kidnapped our son and we're not leaving Malta until we find him.

Lily: Here's his American passport and his Maltese passport, and here's a recent picture of him.

Leticia: What a handsome boy. So he's a Grimaldi.

Holden: Damien is Luke's biological father.

Lily: Damien and I divorced, I got custody. So Damien has no right -- no right -- to take

Luke anywhere without my permission.

Holden: And someone came to our hotel room tonight and told us that Luke was dead.

Leticia: Dead?

Lily: In a car accident.

Holden: Have you heard of any reports of a car accident near the Café Dell'Arte?

Leticia: Please, we need some time to investigate. But from what you've told me, this sounds more like a family dispute than a matter for the police.

Lily: Excuse me. Damien kidnapped my son. Kidnapped my son!

Leticia: Signora, I am a policeman. It is not my job to decide which parent a child belongs with or to intervene between a Maltese citizen and his son. I am sorry, but at this point, you can't even file a complaint.

Holden: Is there any way you can put out a warrant for Damien? Surveillance at the airport, something? 'Cause if he leaves the country, we may never see our son again.

Leticia: Americans. You come to a foreign country and you expect special consideration, only for you.

Lily: We wouldn't even be on Malta if it wasn't for one of your citizens kidnapping my son! And ever since my husband and I have been here, we have been lied to, we have been mislead, and there's nothing that I would like more than to go home. But I am not leaving here without my son!

Leticia: I'll see what I can do.

Paul: All my mother needs is a little time and some reassurance that I still have faith in her.

James: A mediocre talent, at her very best. She had some luck. That luck has gone up in and she knows it.

Paul: And what would you know about talent, huh? What makes you such a great judge on talent? The only talent you ever had was finding the weaknesses in people and going in for the kill.

James: Emily learned a lot from me. Too bad you haven't. Barbara's day in the sun is over. If you had any guts, you'd tell her that.

Paul: I'm not like you.

James: No, you're exactly like me. Power, fame, glory -- those are our aphrodisiacs. I've been following you in the press. "Boy genius cavorting with the glitterati." Ah, they just left out the part you're still tied to your mother's apron strings.

Paul: I'm grateful to her. She gave me a chance to prove I could run a company.

James: Nepotism - time-honored career maker, true. But it also can be a career breaker.

Paul, all I'm saying, it's not too late. Be the success I know you can be. Be the success you really want to be. The choice is yours. Tied to mama's apron strings or your own man. Oh, the next time you talk to your friend in Switzerland about those Havana's, don't forget papa.

Paul: You won't be around that long. And besides, my mother and I are gonna be way too busy working on the spring line to worry about you. We're gonna do it our way.

Craig: Emily, come in. Come in.

Emily: Your favorite fashion columnist quit her very first day on the job. I wonder why.

Craig: Call it a lack of Oakdale fashion.

Emily: I've tried everything, the woman would not cooperate.

Craig: Carly, Carly, Carly, Carly -- what will we do with Carly?

Emily: I don't know. Too old for finishing school, too young for early retirement. But don't go blaming me, all right? You're the one who dumped the cat out of the bag.

Craig: It's moot now anyways. No story at B.R.O. They're in the pink, not in the red, like I was hoping.

Emily: Where'd you hear that?

Craig: Carly told me Barbara's sketches were great. And I was just talking to a banker who said they're not quite having the liquidity problems that I was thinking. Or are they?

Emily: Hmm? I don't know. I mean, the only -- the only liquidity problems I know about are the kind that require a diaper.

Craig: What did Carly tell you?

Emily: About the sketches? She didn't even mention them.

Craig: Maybe she lied. Maybe she thought they were bad. Or maybe there weren't any.

Emily: Why - why would she lie to protect Barbara? I mean - oh, I know. Maybe Carly lied to protect Paul.

Craig: Maybe she wasn't protecting anyone. Maybe she was trying to flim-flam me.

Emily: Maybe, but you know what? She didn't seem half as interested in you and your career counseling as she was with the charming Mr. Ryan. She even said something about his having ethics and how that really moved her.

Craig: Well, thank you for the late-breaking news. But you ought to check your sources.

Emily: Yeah. I did.

Billy: Come here, let me help you. Come here, sit down. You know my -- my mom had a thing about a right way to pack a suitcase. Divide 'em into categories.

Jennifer: Categories?

Billy: Yeah. One for t-shirts, one for sweaters -- like that.

Jennifer: So was your mom a traveling salesman or something?

Billy: No, just a mom. That was her official business.

Jennifer: My mom's out of mom business. She won't even see me.

Billy: You want to be tough. Hey, look, listen - I'm sorry about going off on you on Bryant, but - not that I've changed my mind, but I should have remembered that you're going through a lot of stuff. Are you reading this?

Jennifer: I just bought it. I don't know why, though.

Billy: You know what? I love historical novels.

Jennifer: You can read? Why don't - why don't you just take it? I don't read anymore anyway. I used to a lot, but that was when my life was simple. You know? Go to school and come home. Fight with my little brothers, talk on the phone. Life was so predictable then. Now, who knows what's gonna happen. I don't even know who I am or what I want. I just know that this isn't it. And I did treat Bryant badly. Maybe because it just - just wasn't happening between us.

Billy: Why do you think so much? Sometimes you can just think the life out of something, you know.

Billy: When you think too much, you stop feeling.

Jennifer: I, um - I better be going. Wait, what's happening to me?

Billy: Don't you know? Show is over, close the storybook will be no encore and all the rambling hands that I have shook will be reaching for the door

Carly: No messages. So popular, Carly. You stood stubborn cheering all the while I know I can be.. I know I can be.. here's to me - free again - no boyfriend, no job - I was gonna say no money, but woo-hoo! $167.12. Craig wears socks worth more than that. But you do have some talent, maybe even a lot. Someday, somebody's gonna see that.

Craig: Jack, you weren't enough for Carly and you finally figured that out. And Bar-Bar, you will have to sell your shares of Worldwide to the guy who was smart enough to buy them in the first place. Emily -- Emily, I know you'd love to stick it to me. Here's to me.

Leticia: I am sorry. I have confirmation.

Lily: No.

Holden: You think you can tell us that our son is dead and that I'm gonna take your word for it? You're probably in Damien's back pocket, like the rest of this so-called "precinct."

Leticia: It is a death certificate, Signore Snyder. Issued last night, signed by the coroner on Goza, a reputable man, I assure you. Luciano Eduardo Grimaldi, dead on arrival at St. Rose of Lima hospital, 1:45 a.m., 13 Settembre. Signora, Signore Snyder, you have my deepest sympathies. 

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