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Molly: I had the perfect gift for Jake for the wedding, and they don't want to sell it.

Donna: Well, go buy him a silk smoking jacket. There's not a man alive that can resist a smoking jacket. Just kidding. Just kidding! Can you imagine Jake in a smoking jacket?

Molly: Not even under deep hypnosis, Donna.

Donna: Oh, speaking of images, pictures and things, have you made an appointment with your wedding photographer yet?

Molly: No, not yet, I haven't.

Donna: That's because your dress isn't ready, right?

Molly: Right, because Carly's out of town. But I'm sure she's gonna have it any day now. I'm sure of it.

Donna: And the dresses for the girls, you've gotten those?

Molly: I had, yes, beautiful dresses, but they don't fit them anymore, and I haven't had time to go get new ones yet.

Donna: Any thoughts of eloping?

Molly: About every five minutes. Yeah.

Donna: Okay, put all those thoughts out of your mind right now, because weddings have a way of coming together at the last moment, I promise.

Molly: Then why does mine feel like it's falling apart? Here you go. Are you all right, Michele? Hey, Bridget, come over here. Donna, I thank you. This is so nice of you -- here you go, sweetie -- to help us out like this, because after finding out that Mary is not the woman we thought she was, I couldn't -- I couldn't stand to hire another nanny right now.

Donna: Are you sure that you can trust me?

Molly: Of course I can trust you.

Donna: Then why don't you ever leave me alone with the children?

Molly: I don't. I'm so -- you know, I don't even realize, I'm hovering, aren't I? I am. You know, I'm sorry. I don't want to make you think that I don't trust you, because I do.

Donna: From the moment I arrived here, you have hardly spent one moment at your work, and I know you love your work. So if you're not worried about leaving the girls alone with me, then what are you worried about?

Jake: So she leaves the house at the very last second. She goes to the studio, she does her broadcast, she flies right home with her makeup still on, and I think I know why.

Nick: It's my fault again, right, Jake?

Jake: You don't have a clue about getting along with me. Don't guess what I'm thinking.

Nick: Okay, all right, then tell me.

Jake: Okay, I'll tell you. I -- I want to thank you for scoping out who was behind the phony wedding invitations. I mean, I would have never guessed it was the nanny in a million years, and thanks to you, she's no longer close to my kids.

Nick: Well, there's no thanks required.

Jake: How about an apology?

Nick: For what?

Jake: Accusing you of doing it. It's not my M.O. to go around blaming innocent people.

Nick: Well, look, you were protecting the woman you love.

Jake: I still -- I still am. So how have you and Molly been getting along since the whole mug shot thing came to an end?

Nick: Well, as far as I'm concerned, we're fine. You know, she apologized. I said, "don't worry about it," and we both agreed to just put it behind us.

Jake: I get the notion she's not comfortable with that yet.

Nick: That's why she's been making herself really scarce around here, right? Well, is there something that I can do to help?

Jake: You know, it's funny you should ask that.

Matthew: This way, folks.

Rose: Oh, you're here. Great!

Emma: What is this? What is this, Rose? Is it about Lily?

Rose: Yes and no.

Joe: Is she all right?

Rose: Well, you could say that.

Emma: Now you're making me nervous. What's this all about?

Rose: Sit down, please. Just -- come on. Lily found Holden and Luke.

Emma: What?

Rose: They're alive. Your son and your grandson, they're alive!

Emma: Are you -- are you sure? I mean, it couldn't be some sort of a --

Rose: No, no, no, Lucinda came back from Malta. Lily is with Holden right now at this very minute. They're together.

Emma: Holden. Holden's with Lily? Is he all right?

Rose: As far as I know, yes. He's fine. He's as good as new.

Emma: My boy -- my boy is alive!

Rose: And he's coming home to you. He's coming home to all of us. [Emma sobbing]

Paul: Good morning.

Barbara: Well, good -- morning. You're -- you're up fairly early, aren't you?

Paul: Yeah, and so are you. What time did you clock in today?

Barbara: Oh, 5:00. I had a concept for a cocktail dress that was nudging me wide awake.

Paul: Well, just as long as you don't wear yourself out. You got a big couple of days coming up, Mom.

Barbara: Don't remind me.

Paul: Look, I know you're not looking forward to going back to the hospital, and I don't blame you, but these skin graft tests are very important to your recovery.

Barbara: I understand that. It's just that this spring line is the most important thing I've ever done, and I don't want to stop working on it.

Paul: And I promise you it will not be a total loss. While you're in the hospital, I'll start preparing for the November show in New York. You know, as a matter of fact, if you can give me a sketch right now, I can use it to get the people excited.

Barbara: I know that's how we've always done things in the past, Paul. I just think that this time, I'd like to reveal everything all at once.

Paul: You know, but it could really help me get some buzz started. You know, perception's half the battle.

Barbara: Well, I think you need to tell the Press that they'll have to just wait -- wait and wield the suspense.

Paul: One outfit? One dress? All I want is something hot, you know?

Barbara: Nope. This entire line will be hot! I've done it before, and I will do it again.

Paul: And I know, and that's what I want the people to see.

Barbara: Just say it, Paul, all right? If you have doubts about my ability, just speak up now.

Emily: So? Come on, does The Intruder have a new fashion reporter? Did Carly say yes?

Hal: Did you hear that, Parker? That's a perfect example of how not to start a conversation.

Emily: Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine. Good morning, Hal. Good morning, Parker. Have you checked the sky? It looks like there could be rain. Now, what happened with Carly?

Hal: Carly's coming back from Chicago early today.

Emily: What, she said yes, she's gonna take the job?

Hal: I didn't mention it to her.

Emily: Why not?

Hal: Because it didn't feel entirely honest.

Emily: Thank you, Abraham Lincoln.

Hal: Carly called early this morning, said she'd be coming by to get Parker. I thought the two of us could discuss it with her then.

Emily: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. The two of us? She hates me.

Hal: I'm very much aware of that. But if there's any chance she's going to take this job, she's gonna have to get past that, isn't she?

Emily: Yeah, but right up front? I mean, I thought we could, you know, ease into it gradually. And I thought -- no, I thought you could ease into it gradually. You agreed to take on this assignment. You call -- you call me when it's --

Hal: Huh?

Emily: Oh, no.

Hal: What's the matter?

Emily: She's here.

Carly: Hey.

Hal: Hey.

Carly: How are you? Come here. Oh, sweetie. Oh, your mama missed you so much. Do you know that? You have no idea how good this feels. Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry. Don't mind us. Don't let us interrupt your breakfast date.

Hal: We are not on a breakfast date.

Carly: Well, then what is it, the breakfast after the date? Naughty, naughty.

Hal: Carly, don't agitate.

Carly: You know, I'm sorry. You're right. Broadcasting the intimate details of people's private lives -- now, that would be Emily's job, right?

Emily: You are awfully feisty this morning, aren't you? Chicago must be your kind of town.

Carly: It will be.

Hal: Are you convinced you're gonna move there?

Carly: Well, yeah. More than ever, Hal. Chicago is a fantastic city with so many opportunities for me.

Hal: Yeah? Well, you know, there are opportunities here, too. I mean, if you're open to look at them.

Carly: Oh, no, please. The only breaks I'm gonna get around here are the kind that require a cast.

Hal: Yeah, but plenty of things can change really quickly. As a matter of fact, for example, Emily was just telling me that The Intruder is looking for a fashion reporter.

Carly: Oh, is that right?

Emily: Yeah.

Carly: Why is that? Do Martians wear clothes now?

Emily: No, actually, Carly, I am in the process of expanding my lifestyle section, and fashion will naturally be a part of that.

Hal: Say, you know fashion. Why don't you apply for the job?

Carly: I'm a designer, Hal. I'm not a reporter. Besides which, I just told you -- I'm moving.

Hal: Yeah, but, I mean, wouldn't this avoid a lot of chaos? And Parker wouldn't have to go through all that. I mean, you said you wanted to start over. Wouldn't this be an easier way?

Emily: Yeah, but you know, it's more than that, really. You would be perfect for the job.

Carly: I would?

Emily: Mm-hmm. Because high fashion can be very intimidating to the average woman. And, you know, now that I think about it, having, you know, a local designer write the column, it would make fashion that much more accessible.

Carly: Wait a minute. Are you telling me you would actually want to hire me?

Emily: Look, I never let my personal feelings interfere with business.

Carly: Yes, okay. Is that a "yes"? You would hire me?

Emily: Yes.

Paul: Mom, your talent built this company, and it will keep it going. I have never doubted that, and I never will.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you.

Paul: Mom, I understand.

Barbara: Well, that's no excuse. I was wondering about something, though. After my negotiating session with Craig yesterday, it made me question something.

Paul: What?

Barbara: He made some rather vicious accusations that you didn't exactly deny.

Paul: What, about my pact with Rose to vote our Worldwide stock with Lucinda?

Barbara: Then you admit it.

Paul: I would never vote that to make Rose or anybody happy. I would do it to stop a takeover by Craig.

Barbara: And why is that so important to you?

Paul: Mom, when I look at that man, all I see is how he's cheated you out of everything you've ever cared about. I mean, he married you for every wrong reason there is, and when he finished, he ended up with a fistful of stock certificates, and you ended up in a coma. I'm just trying to even things up here.

Barbara: He said that Rose blackmailed him into dropping the civil suit against us. What do you know about that, Paul?

Paul: Not the particulars.

Barbara: Don't keep anything from me. There's nothing wrong with my brain. And this is still my company

Paul: Mom, I love you. I love you, and I will do everything I can to protect you. And you know that. If I didn't tell you something, it was just to prevent further aggravation for you.

Barbara: And would that have to do with the business or your relationship with Rose D'Angelo?

Molly: Oh, Bridget, Bridget, why? Why -- why is Mommy's laptop so much more interesting to you than every single one of your toys? Cheerios on the laptop. Okay, all right, you know what? I got an idea, girls. Come here. All right. Michelle, let's bring you and your muffin. I have a wonderful idea. Maybe if I explain to you guys exactly what's going on, okay? Got a little story for you. Mommy and Daddy are getting married in two weeks, and that is not going to happen if I don't have a lot of work accomplished. I have to okay invitations and seating charts, and Mommy and Daddy have to come up with a song, a song to dance to for our first dance as husband and wife. And that's going to be a real battle, I am sure. And you guys are not understanding a single word I'm saying, are you? It's all about the muffin. Is that good? You guys are such --

Donna: All right, my little chickadees. Now, we're gonna get ready, and we're each gonna have one toy that we get to take to the park with us. Okay?

Molly: The park? Alone, Donna? Without -- are you sure?

Donna: Well, would you stop worrying? I can handle this. Remember, I'm the mother of twins.

Molly: I know, I know. You're the mother of twins. You were the mother of twins, too.

Donna: Yes. And while we're gone, would you please try to get something accomplished? And for heaven's sake, stop feeling so guilty.

Molly: Did I say I was guilty?

Donna: You're not the kind of person that's going to admit it. But it's very obvious to me that you're torturing yourself over having left this whacked-out person, Mary, entrusted to your children.

Molly: No, you're wrong. I'm not, really.

Donna: Well, okay. Then you must be guilty about something else. Come on, ladies. Let's go. Come on.

Molly: There's no doubt about that.

Jake: She feels guilty about the way that she treated you. Assuming you were the one that harassed her, she tried to get you fired. She sent everyone in town to come and lean on you.

Nick: Well, I already told Molly that I'm not gonna hold a grudge, so if you don't mind, I'll tell her again.

Jake: How about showing her?

Nick: What, flowers?

Jake: Lunch. Come, come back to the house, have some lunch, sit down, relax, show her that this is all behind you once and for all.

Nick: No, I don't know, Jake. That -- that seems kind of risky.

Jake: You know what? That's what they said to Neil Armstrong. Come on.

Nick: All right.

Emma: Oh, dear, dear Rose, thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel as if my life - my life has begun today.

Rose: Oh, what are you thanking me for? It's a thrill of a lifetime to bring you the news about Holden.

Emma: Well, you know, if you don't mind, I'd -- I think I'll go back to the farm right now. I need to -- I just -- need to be alone with this.

Joe: You do -- you do what feels right for you. Take the car. I'll stick around for a while. I wanna visit with Rose.

Emma: All right, thank you. Oh, I'll see you in a bit. Bye-bye.

Rose: I think she's heading right to church, huh?

Joe: Where else you gonna go when something like this happens?

Rose: What is she going through right now, you know? She thinks her boy is gone, and now, he's coming back home, alive, in one piece. Oh!

Joe: Emma's not the only one with miracles, honey. I got one of my own right here.

Rose: Ah, me?

Joe: Yes.

Rose: Come on, come on.

Joe: You know, after your mother died, I was living with the lights off. And then you came back into my life, and all of a sudden, it became bright again. I'm getting out, I'm meeting people, and I've been thinking lately. There's a whole life back home that I shut my door on. Maybe I can get some of it back.

Rose: All right. Invite some of the cousins for thanksgiving, the quiet ones, okay?

Joe: Yeah. Or I could go to New Jersey.

Rose: All right. Spread a little Joe holiday cheer? That's all right with me.

Joe: Not just for the holidays, Rose. I'm -- talking about for good.

Rose: You want to go back to Hoboken?

Joe: I've been thinking about it for a while, but I could never go while Emma was feeling so down. Now that Holden and Luke are coming home, I think it's time for me to move on.

Rose: What, you're looking at a clock on the wall -- the big hand is on "pop," and the little hand is on "get out of town"? [Joe laughs]

Joe: No, of course not.

Rose: Oh, good, because it's not gonna happen. No, you're not leaving me. No way.

Joe: Rose, please, don't make this any harder than it is.

Rose: "Harder than it is"? I don't know if that's possible, pop. Oh.

Paul: I like her. She's a friend.

Barbara: When Craig mentioned her name yesterday, you nearly dove over the table to get at him.

Paul: Craig didn't mention Rose's name. He accused me of working with her to manipulate you. My only regret is that I didn't jump over the table and clock him in the face with a chair.

Barbara: I'm curious about something, Paul. How much do you actually know about Rose?

Paul: The basics, I guess. She comes from New Jersey, danced at some casino in Atlantic City.

Barbara: Mm-hmm. Do you know that she impersonated her twin sister for months, deceived husband and both of their families?

Paul: Why are you telling me this, Mom?

Barbara: I think the better question is -- why hasn't she told you herself?

Paul: She has -- all of it.

Barbara: Well, aren't I a fool? Well, you certainly don't need a clinging mother interfering in your life, now do you?

Paul: Mom, look, I can tell something's troubling you.

Barbara: No, no, no. Nothing is troubling me -- nothing. You are my rock. You just keep reminding me of the positive things, that we have each other, that my health is improving, that I have this company to design for again, which reminds me, I -- I have work to do.

Carly: You two -- you two are the most wonderful people I've ever met. I mean, first, Hal, you come up with this wild idea about me being a fashion reporter for The Intruder, and then Emily -- sweet, lovely Emily -- offers me a job right here on the spot. If I didn't know better, I would think I was being set up.

Hal: Who said anything about a handout? Emily needs somebody. You fit the bill.

Carly: Hal, I have no experience in writing. I have no experience as a reporter. But you're right, really. Who could be more qualified than I am?

Emily: Carly, you're not stupid. You can learn. This isn't a favor. Why on earth would I do you a favor?

Carly: Maybe so I could spread the word that you're not as horrible as people think you are.

Emily: I'm offering you this job because I am eager to get started with my column, and instead of interviewing thousands of people, I'm willing to take my chances on you.

Carly: My, but you do know how to twist a girl's arm. But you're forgetting something very important -- Carly doesn't live here anymore. Come on, bud. Let's go have some fun before Mommy has to go back to Chicago, okay?

Hal: Carly -- listen, hey, hey --

Carly: Hal, thank you for bringing Parker here. I'll talk to you later, okay?

Hal: This could be a great opportunity for you. Why are you so insistent on sabotaging yourself?

Carly: My goal is to be a designer, Hal. Writing about clothes ain't the same thing.

Hal: Who said you had to stop being a designer? This way, you'd be right in the middle of a world that you love.

Carly: Oakdale is a trap for me, and I'm just getting out of it. I don't want to step back.

Hal: But this way, you'd be here, you'd be paying your rent, you'd be keeping your son close to his father. Carly, if you're creative enough to design great clothes, you're creative enough to work your way through this. All you need is an open mind.

Carly: Look, Hal, I can tell that you think taking a job with The Intruder would be really good for me, but this is my life, and I don't see this opportunity quite the same way.

Hal: Carly, you haven't asked one question about the job. How can you reject something you don't know anything about?

Carly: You are never gonna stop bugging me, are you?

Hal: Of course I will -- right (after) you talk to Emily.

Carly: Don't you get your hopes up.

Hal: We're getting to her.

Carly: I'm not saying I'm interested. But assuming I were, would this be a nine-to-five thing, or could I set my own hours?

Emily: Well, the lifestyle section's published once a week. My only requirement is that you make your deadline.

Carly: Would I have to work out of the office?

Emily: I'd prefer you didn't.

Carly: What about content?

Emily: I will give you an assignment every week. How you handle it is up to you.

Carly: Travel?

Emily: Chicago, New York for the big shows, and if our budget can handle it, I'd love to see you in Paris twice a year.

Hal: Sounds awful so far.

Carly: Brutal. What about expenses?

Emily: Everything within reason will be considered. Next?

Carly: Would my name be above the column, "Written by Carly Tenney"?

Emily: Yes, Carly. That's called a byline.

Carly: And would there be room for a little picture?

Molly: Oh, Jake, is that you, honey?

Jake: Last time I checked. Are you decent?

Molly: No, no. I'm losing my mind because all I can -- hi.

Nick: Hi.

Molly: You didn't tell me you were bringing anybody home.

Jake: Oh, Nick wanted to know the best place to have some lunch, and this would be it.

Molly: Now, if we only had some decent food in the house.

Jake: Hence the reason I went to Mabel's Red Hots. Got the house coleslaw, beverages of your choice -- the whole nine.

Donna: Here we go. I have a bone to pick with you.

Jake: Donna, Donna, don't you always?

Donna: You didn't say good-bye to me this morning before you left.

Jake: That's because you were still taking your beauty rest. Allow me to introduce you to the "Guinness Book of World Records'" hottest, youngest grandma.

Donna: Please.

Nick: Hi, I'm Nick Scudder.

Donna: How are you? Oh, it's a pleasure.

Nick: I work with Molly.

Donna: Oh -- oh, yes. Yes. Excuse me just a second. Would you just keep an eye on your bride today? She's not actually at her best.

Jake: Thank you. Allow me to introduce you to my --

Nick: Hi there. I'm Nick. And you two must be the most gorgeous creatures on earth. My goodness.

Donna: Oh, that's right.

Nick: Who's older? Which one's older?

Molly: Do you mind telling me why you did this?

Jake: Oh. You know that game that the girls have where you write out on a special pencil and it gets all messed up, and you move the bar across and it sort of makes the slate clean again?

Molly: Yeah.

Jake: That's why.

Donna: All right, I want you to wave good-bye to everybody. Girls, say good-bye. We have a date with a seesaw.

Molly: Oh, seesaw? Be careful, Donna.

Donna: Molly!

Molly: I know, I know.

Donna: Good-bye.

Molly: She was a mother of twins?

Jake: Yeah. She started when they were in their teens.

Molly: Huh?

Jake: She can handle them. Relax.

Nick: Your children are beautiful.

Jake: I guess, if you like that sort of thing.

Molly: What sort of thing is that?

Jake: Perfection. [Doorbell rings] that must be Donna clawing her way back in. I knew she couldn't handle it.

Nick: You know, I miss you down at the station, Molly.

Molly: Yeah, well, I've been busy around here since I had to fire my nanny.

Abigail: Hey, sorry. I forgot my key. But guess what? We finished the rest of our footage for film class.

Molly: That's great, honey. Congratulations. You guys remember Nick Scudder from down at the station, don't you?

Abigail: Sure. Nice to see you again. Do you remember my friend Adam?

Nick: Yeah.

Adam: Hi. How are you doing?

Nick: How are you doing?

Adam: It's nice to see you.

Abigail: So you two hang out? I thought you just worked together.

Nick: What, you haven't told her?

Molly: What?

Nick: Well, your mom and I went to high school together.

Abigail: Really?

Nick: Yeah, yeah.

Abigail: Got any good stories I could use against her?

Molly: Abigail!

Jake: You know what she means, Nick. I mean, you can tell her about how hard she used to study and all the -- the extra work she put in on the canned food drive.

Nick: Well, you know, I'd love to help you, Abigail, but there's no way. See, your mom is one of these rare people that has been cool in her life.

Rose: You know, maybe I'm not making myself very clear. I need you to be there when I have to reach out and hug somebody.

Joe: You don't need me. You've blossomed, honey. You grew into that beautiful flower you were named after.

Rose: Sometimes, beautiful flowers need to be protected from the weeds, pop. [Joe laughs]

Joe: But you got brains. You got beauty. You got guts. You got character. You know how to love. You know how to fight. You even know when to take a step back. The only thing I can do for you now is to cheer you on from the sidelines.

Rose: I'll miss you so much. [Phone ringing] oh, I'd better get that. It could be something about Holden and Lily. Hello?

Paul: Rose, hey. It's Paul Ryan.

Rose: Well, what other Paul could it be? Then again, Paul McCartney did call me a few minutes ago to discuss some lyrics for his new song, and Paul Newman also called to check about his new salad dressing.

Paul: Okay, okay, I will never say my last name ever again.

Rose: I'm just trying to save you some time.

Paul: Well, I appreciate it. So how have you been?

Rose: Me? Top of the world, over the rainbow. Hey, are you doing anything now? You have any pressing engagements at this moment?

Paul: Well, none that I can't cancel. Why?

Rose: There's somebody I'd like you to meet.

Paul: Another friend from New Jersey?

Rose: You could say that. You know, it's not an emergency or anything. If you're too busy, then --

Paul: No, no, no. I'm on my way.

Rose: Okay. Bye-bye. It's nothing big, you know. I just thought you two might get along.

Joe: I'm sure we will. Anybody you care about, I care about, too.

Rose: "Care"? Did you say -- I didn't say the word "care." Did I mention that word at all? [Joe laughs]

Joe: You don't have to. [Rose laughs]

Paul: Hey.

Joe: You got to be Paul.

Paul: Yes, sir.

Rose: There's my pop, Giuseppe D'Angelo.

Joe: Call me Joe.

Paul: It's a pleasure.

Rose: That's enough.

Paul: Why not?

Rose: Ah, because Benedict Arnold here is going back to Jersey.

Paul: I'm sorry to hear that.

Rose: Makes two of us.

Joe: Nice meeting you, Paul. I'll talk to that butler fellow about getting me a ride home.

Rose: Yeah.

Joe: Keep an eye on my little girl.

Paul: Your father seems like a really nice guy.

Rose: Oh, yeah, he's not so bad. How's your mom?

Paul: Physically, she's getting stronger every day.

Rose: And otherwise?

Paul: Well, I guess the word would be "unpredictable." I don't know what's going on with her these days. I don't know. She's working so hard on the spring line. She says everything is great, but she won't even show me the sketches.

Rose: She's gonna have to show them to you eventually. Just -- just -- you'll have to wait.

Paul: Yeah, well, I can't. I can't afford to be patient, Rose. I mean, there's a huge fashion show in November, and everybody in the industry is just waiting to see if Barbara Ryan can still produce. And to be honest with you, so am I.

Emily: Enough already. I don't know what else I can tell you. We have a fourth of July picnic every year, and yes, you are invited.

Carly: Excuse me for asking questions. Isn't that what a reporter's supposed to do?

Hal: Uh, before you do, I've got criminals to catch. Do you think you can keep an eye on these two? Can you two be trusted together?

Carly: Leaving would be the only way you'd find out. All right, what's going on?

Emily: "What's going on?" Do you mind narrowing that down a little?

Carly: You're offering me this job as some kind of favor to Hal, isn't that right?

Emily: Obviously, you don't know me very well.

Carly: Don't try to deny it, Emily. Hal is the father of my child, remember? I do recall how he can get under your skin.

Emily: Hal hasn't been under anything of mine, and he has no influence at all over how I conduct my business.

Carly: Okay. Maybe it isn't Hal, but I just don't accept that you would offer me a job out of the blue after -- wait a minute. Of course. It wasn't Hal. It was Craig!

Jake: Anybody want another red hot? There's a couple more left.

Adam: I'll have them. I'll have some.

Abigail: You've already had enough.

Adam: What? I only had four.

Molly: I'll wrap these up.

Abigail: Bye.

Nick: So tell me about that video you guys are shooting. What's the subject?

Abigail: We're doing a documentary. We're interviewing people about events that completely changed their lives.

Jake: Hmm, what happened to the other idea you guys had?

Abigail: We wanted to work on something together, and so we came up with an idea we could work together on. It's really amazing how many people have these events that just turn them around.

Jake: I know what that was for me -- when the Bears won the Super Bowl.

Abigail: Oh.

Molly: Me, too.

Abigail: So what about you, Nick? Any major events in your life?

Molly: Abigail, that's a little personal to put him on the spot like that, don't you think?

Nick: No, you know, it's all right, Molly. In fact, it actually -- it helps me, you know, to get it off my chest.

Adam: Cool. So come on. Tell us about it. Come on.

Abigail: Yeah.

Nick: Well, I made a lot of mistakes when I was younger, and I wound up in prison for burglary. And in prison, there was this chaplain named Father Donohue. He was about 70 years old, and I never spoke to him directly. But every time he'd walk by my cell, he'd look in, and he'd say something.

Abigail: Like what?

Nick: "The only prison is your past. The best view you can have is to look inside. Respect yourself, and the world will follow your example."

Jake: It sounds -- it sounds like a walking fortune cookie.

Nick: Well, it didn't matter because I wasn't listening so the next time he walked by my cell, I reached through the bars, and I grabbed him by the collar.

Adam: You didn't hurt him?

Nick: No, no, no. I just wanted to find out why he kept preaching to me.

Abigail: You could've asked.

Nick: Well, at the time, I didn't realize that. Anyway, the first thing he said to me was, "remove your hand from my collar, son. These things are the devil to keep clean." But then he looked at me with these soft gray eyes and said, "I only preach to those who are hopeful."

Jake: And naturally, you didn't think you were.

Nick: Right, and I told him exactly that, but the old guy wasn't buying it. "If you didn't have hope," he said, "you wouldn't have been listening." And then he put his hand on my shoulder, and he disappeared out of my life.

Adam: Wow, that's really cool. So he just -- he just went away forever?

Nick: Well, I guess he felt that, once I admitted that I was listening, his work was done. You know, what I learned from him is that living in the past isn't living at all and that making mistakes is part of being human, and if you can forgive yourself, the world will forgive you, too.

Abigail: Wow, that's incredible!

Adam: That is -- that is very, very cool.

Jake: To Father Donohue.

Molly: Father Donohue.

Adam: The fun part -- the fun part was shooting the footage. Now, it's gonna be really tough to edit it.

Nick: Why is that?

Abigail: The school equipment is always booked. You have to sign up weeks in advance, and then you only get two hours.

Jake: These guys got it really tough, don't they, Nick? I mean, I'm amazed that these kids have the will to carry on. [Nick laughs]

Nick: Well, you know what? Maybe I can make it easier.

Abigail: How's that?

Nick: Well, the editing room at work is usually free in the evenings. Now, if Ms. Hughes approves it, you guys can use that.

Adam: I'm sure she'll approve it. I mean, she's already offered me an internship.

Nick: Okay. Well, have either of you ever worked on an avid system before?

Abigail: Oh, we wish.

Adam: An avid system? Are you serious?

Nick: Okay. Well, then it looks like I'm gonna have to teach you -- that is, if it's okay with your mom that we work together.

Abigail: "Okay"? Why wouldn't it be?

Emily: Craig?! Craig is not offering you this job. I am!

Carly: But he pretty much owns your newspaper.

Emily: No, he doesn't. He has a small note on the loan. He doesn't own it.

Carly: Whatever. He can still tell you what to do.

Emily: No, but you see, he doesn't because I run the show. All he cares about is the bottom line, not how we get there.

Carly: Nice try, Emily, but I happen to know how Craig operates. He meddles. He stirs things up.

Emily: All right, you know what? The fashion column was my idea. Expanding the lifestyle section, my idea. If you're not interested, I'll find somebody who is.

Carly: It's not that the idea doesn't appeal to me. It's just that, when I walked in here this morning, I was all set to blast right out of town.

Emily: See, here I thought you were the "go with the flow" kind of gal.

Carly: Well, I was, but that "flow" usually led me right down the drain. Can you just -- just give me a little time to think about it?

Emily: I need an answer, Carly. Yes or no? You know what? I love the Windy City. You have a great time there.

Carly: No, all right! All right. I'm interested.

Emily: How interested?

Carly: Very interested.

Emily: Good. I'll call you, and we'll work out all the financial arrangements.

Carly: Wait. If this really was your idea, then tell me -- what's the first assignment for my very first column?

Rose: All right, let's think about the worst-case scenario. If there is no spring line, then what happens?

Paul: There's no cash flow. Either we go belly up, or we find another way to raise some money.

Rose: For example -- ? No.

Paul: Yes. Now, we wouldn't have a choice. We'd have to sell the Worldwide stocks.

Rose: To Craig?

Paul: Yes. He has first right of refusal. That was a condition in the arbitration.

Rose: Wait, if -- no, you got it -- no. If Craig gets a hold of these shares, he can make himself CEO of Worldwide. We cannot let that happen.

Paul: No, I am not panicking yet. This spring line could be great. There's still a possibility.

Rose: Right, positive. Right, you've gotta think positive. But if these designs aren't good, it's better to find out now, yes?

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