As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 9/6/01


Provided by Stephanie
Proofread by Fran

Emily: Well, I'll be -- he fixed it. 


Emily: Oh!  You scared me half to death!  Thank you very much! 

Hal: This would be trespassing.  On the property of the Chief of Detectives, I might add. 

Emily: I came for my shoe, okay? 

Hal: You mean this lethal projectile that you hurled at the said Chief of Detectives when you made your exit?  Not a brilliant move either, I might add. 

Emily: Yeah, well, there are extenuating circumstances. 

Hal: Oh, you mean I deserved a stiletto heel impaled in my back? 

Emily: I was here in my brand new dress --

Hal: Oh, killer dress, I might add. 

Emily: On my best behavior.  All for a man whose last date was some time in the early '80s?  I should've known better.  Thank you for fixing my shoe. 

Hal: The least I could do.  Hey, Cinderella!  Aren't you gonna stick around for the heartfelt apologies?  You may not know this about me, but I can grovel with the best of 'em. 

Paul: Okay, good, nobody's here.  We're the first ones here.  Have a seat.  This'll give us a chance to get our bearings and relax.  You know, they say that this judge here is a pretty decent guy.  So with any luck, he saw the trial and knows what kind of scum Montgomery really is. 

Barbara: Ah, yes, the Teflon defendant and his nonstick charges. 

Paul: Yeah, only this time, there's one piece of evidence that he cannot avoid, and that's the pre-nuptial agreement. 

Barbara: Thank God you made me sign that.  If I had had to pay alimony to Craig on top of everything else, "insult to injury" doesn't begin to describe. 

Paul: Well, Montgomery's going to be paying us for a change.  And Mom, you may as well know, we're gonna need every cent of what those stocks are worth.  I talked to the accountants this morning. 

Barbara: B.R.O. can't be in that much trouble.  Can it? 

Paul: Worse. 

Doorman: Excuse me.  Can I help you with something?  Do you need a cab? 

Katie: No, no, thanks.  I'm just waiting.  I'm Craig Montgomery's sister.  My husband and I have been living in the penthouse suite with him off and on for a while.  My husband's Simon Frasier.  You know, tall, dark, Australian accent? 

Doorman: Yes, I remember him.  I haven't seen him in some time, Miss. 

Katie: Yeah, neither have I.  He's been away, in Europe on business.  And I was just hoping maybe he'd get an early flight, and I could be his one- woman welcoming committee.  Oh, well.  I guess I'll go check my messages.  I'm sure he'll be home. 

Bruno: Ah, la Bella Katerina!  Come stai? 

Katie: Bruno! 

Bruno: I've been thinking about you all night.  Got an idea how to get your mind off your troubles. 

Katie: What troubles?  I don't have any troubles. 

Bruno: Really?  Then why didn't you and I wake up next to each other this morning?  Hey, listen, no pressure.  If you're not doing anything, maybe you'd like to spend the day with me.  You feel like going a little crazy?  Because I know exactly what you need. 

Katie: And what would that be? 

Bruno: Well, you say your father's people are from Tuscany, right? 

Katie: Yes. 

Bruno: And we all know what Tuscany is famous for.  Vino. 

Katie: Wine?  Don't you think it's a little early in the day to start drinking? 

Bruno: Oh, I'm not talking about drinking it. 

Craig: I thought I had this whole stock thing all sewn up, you know?  I was going to ask Bryant to shelter it in his trust fund. 

Cass: What happened? 

Craig: Apparently, his girlfriend thought he'd given up the trust fund, make it on his own.  Things didn't go well when I let that one out of the bag.  She got furious with him, he got furious with me -- just when we were beginning to make progress, too. 

Cass: That's too bad. 

Craig: Yes, it's bad.  My son is hostile and those stocks are unsheltered. 

Cass: Actually, it's just as well.  You know, about the stocks.  Jumping through loopholes now would only make the opposition that much more determined to get those shares away from you. 

Craig: Yeah, but the opposition still doesn't control those shares, Cass.  I do. 

Cass: It's not that simple.  So do me a favor, okay?  When we go before the judge, let me do the talking. 

Craig: Don't I always? 

Cass: Craig.  Your future depends on this. 

Craig: If I lose that stock, Cass, I don't have a future. 

Carly: On-the-job experience?  Well, I have tons. Actually, I had my own line for a while.  My latest order was for the Conlan- McKinnon wedding.  Yes, well, you wouldn't have.  It's all very hush-hush.  Very old money, you see.  If I could just bring my portfolio by in about an hour and half or so -- no, no, actually, I was hoping for something more than an apprenticeship.  I've been at this for quite some time now.  If I could just bring my stuff by -- 

[Knocking on door]

Carly: Can you hold on a second, please?  What, who is it? 

Jack: Room service. 

Carly: I didn't order anything.  If I could bring my things by --

[Knocking on door]

Carly: You know, can I call you back?  Thanks.  Who is it?  If you don't identify yourself in, like, five seconds, I'm gonna call security. 

Jack: Carly, it's me.  It's Jack.  I'm not leaving Chicago until I talk to you -- face-to-face. 

Carly: You have five minutes.  I'm busy. 

Jack: Busy running away. 

Carly: It's a career move. 

Jack: It's a pretty big move.  Why didn't you tell anybody? 

Carly: I told people. 

Jack: Just not me. 

Carly: It isn't up to you what I decide to do with my life now.  The last thing I expected was that you would come searching for me.  I'm not lost, Jack.  I'm not a fugitive and I don't need saving.  I don't know what you're telling yourself so that this can make sense to you, but I'm finally doing something that makes me happy. 

Jack: That explains the smile and the sunny disposition.  I'm sorry, I didn't come here to start another fight. 

Carly: Well, then why did you come here, Jack? 

Jack: I wanted to make sure you're okay. 

Carly: I'm great. 

Jack: Great. 

Carly: Well, good.  Mission accomplished.  You can go. 

Jack: You mean, like you do?  Just pick up and move with no notice? 

Carly: We decided we needed to go our separate ways, Jack.  Why is this such a surprise? 

Jack: No, what we decided was that we needed some time and some distance, but you're changing your entire life!  I mean, call me crazy, but I didn't think you'd have to move all the way to Chicago just to get away from me.  It kinda makes me wonder, though.  Did you ever love me?  Or was it all in my mind?  

Simon: So is there a movie on this flight or something? 

Lucinda: Haven't you have enough excitement and melodrama for a little while?  How are you holding up there? 

Simon: Oh, fine.  I'll be all right.  I'm actually looking forward to getting home. 

Lucinda: Oh, well, won't be long now. 

Simon: How about you?  You holding up all right on your end? 

Lucinda: Me?  Why wouldn't I be? 

Simon: Oh, I don't know.  You shot a man.  I mean, Dante Grimaldi was no altar boy, but still, you know, it's gotta have an impact. 

Lucinda: I'm glad I didn't have to plug Damien.  I always liked that guy. 

Simon: Hey, by the way, thanks for the lift. 

Lucinda: The least I could do.  Take your pill. 

Simon: Thank you.  A few months ago, if anybody'd told me I'd be flying high in the Walsh private jet, I would have --

Lucinda: I would've had us all committed. 

Simon: Yes, exactly, that's what I was trying to say. 

Lucinda: But without you, Lily would never have seen Holden or Luke ever again.  You saved their lives. 

Simon: No, I didn't.  I just helped to set things right, that's all.  It's the least I could do after everything Lily and I've put your family through. 

Lucinda: She's a lucky girl, my daughter, to have a friend like you. 

Simon: Well, I think we both are.  Now, I'm pretty sure Katie doesn't believe it's just a friendship, but it is. 

Lucinda: Oh, Katie, your little wife.  I've forgotten about her. 

Simon: I mean, I knew why I was helping Lily.  But I think Katie believed that I was, I don't know, trying to relive the past. 

Lucinda: Mm, she's more complex than I ever would have imagined. 

Simon: That's Katie, all right, she's definitely one of a kind. 

Lucinda: What's the story with the two of you, really?  Do you love her?  Or is she just a pit stop on the way to someplace else? 

Katie: This is the most exciting thing I think I've ever done.  I can't believe we're going to be making our own wine!  This is exactly what I needed to ground myself. 

Bruno: Among other things.  Wine is the fuel for love.  It relaxes the mind, engages the heart and excites the soul. 

Katie: Okay. 

Bruno: But first -- we stomp grapes.  Where do you keep the bathtub in here? 

Katie: In the bathroom.  But you're not telling me that you're gonna be stomping on grapes in the bathtub? 

Bruno: No.  I'm not going to be stomping the grapes in the bathtub.  You are. 

Katie: Me? 

Bruno: Yeah, you said you wanted to learn how to make wine the traditional way.  The way they did it back in the old country. 

Katie: Yeah, well, I like my wine with a little less feet and, like, no bathtub at all. 

Bruno: Wait until you try it.  There's a reason your ancestors did this for centuries.  It's natural, it's a feast for the senses. 

Katie: Well, when you put it that way -- let's make some wine. 

Emily: Apologize, Hal?  Apologize for what? 

Hal: For wrecking our date, for pushing all your buttons and everything. 

Emily: So it was a date with disaster.  I've had worse.  We tried, we failed.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? 

Hal: Hold it, hold it.  We hit one little stumbling block and you're ready to throw in the towel?  This does not sound like the Emily Stewart I know. 

Emily: Oh, what Emily Stewart do you know?  And you better be nice! 

Hal: The Emily Stewart who never says die, never gives up, is always ready to do battle. 

Emily: I do battle with enough people in my life.  I don't want to go to war with you, too. 

Hal: We had one minor disagreement.  One of us blows sky-high -- I'm not gonna say who, and I'm not gonna promise that it's never gonna happen again, but hey, we're only human. 

Emily: Yeah.  Two humans who are probably better off keeping their relationship for business purposes only because we get personal, it's like instant clash.  I don't think there's a more obvious sign that we should just nip this in the bud.  You know, just back away slowly before somebody gets hurt. 

Hal: So we're back to the good-bye thing? 

Emily: Yeah.  Yeah, I think good-bye's best.  But you fixed my shoe.  Thanks.  I'm gonna take my shoe and get going. 

Hal: Okay.  Good-bye. 

Emily: Bye. 

Hal: Adios. 

Emily: Adios. 

Hal: Arrivederci. 

Emily: That, too. 

Hal: Want some coffee? 

Emily: I'd love some. 

Judge Morris: I've reviewed the complaint, and I anticipated that both sides will be compelled to offer supporting arguments.  However, I warn you now.  If there are any outbursts or shouting matches, I will clear this room and reach a decision without your input.  Understood? 

Cass: Absolutely. 

Paul: Yes, your honor.  The sooner we resolve this, the better. 

Judge Morris: Good. 

Cass: Our sentiments exactly. 

Judge Morris: Let's proceed.  Mrs. Montgomery, it is your complaint --

Barbara: Your honor, I go by my professional name.  Ryan. 

Judge Morris: Of course.  Ms. Ryan, it is your complaint that Mr.  Montgomery is in possession of certain stocks that belong to you and your company. 

Barbara: Yes.  He purchased these stocks without my knowledge or consent, using unauthorized funds.  And then later, when I was in a coma and unable to communicate, he made further assaults at my company by firing my entire staff --

Cass: Are we here to discuss the stock, judge? 

Judge Morris: Yes. 

Cass: Then if Ms. Ryan would be instructed not to editorialize. 

Paul: Your honor, if you'll refer to the prenuptial agreement which Mr.  Montgomery signed of his own volition, you'll see the agreement states that in the event of a divorce, he gets nothing.  Therefore the stocks are rightfully the property of B.R.O., Inc., if not my mother personally. 

Judge Morris: This document seems perfectly clear to me.  So who'd like to explain exactly why it is we're here? 

Cass: Your honor, it is our position that the problem lies with the issue of Ms. Ryan's knowledge of the stock transaction.  She provided the finances and Mr. Montgomery provided his considerable expertise.  The claim Ms. Ryan is making, that she was completely unaware of any purchase of Worldwide stock, is ridiculous.  She lived with my client.  They made plans to make this investment together.  In fact, Ms. Ryan's signature is on the checks. 

Barbara: A stamp of my signature reserved for company purposes only, which he used without my authority.  Now, I'm sorry this sounds like an outburst, your honor, but you have to understand that I gave my new husband a checkbook and an account as a wedding gift.  He had an account separate from my corporate account, but he wanted the corporate account.  If he saw something and he wanted it, he couldn't keep his hands off of it! 

Cass: Since both parties signed the prenuptial agreement, your honor, they should each leave this marriage with whatever wealth each managed to accumulate.  The Worldwide stock deal was my client's deal.  It was his investment.  It's his wealth. 

Barbara: How is it his if he used my funds without my authorization? 

Judge Morris: There seems to be a strong difference of opinion here, Mr.  Winthrop. 

Cass: Yes, sir, there certainly is.  And maybe it's time to explain why.  Your honor, Ms. Ryan is the unfortunate victim of a traumatic accident which, if you'll refer to the court transcripts, resulted in a substantial loss of her memory.  Now, the confusion in this matter is obviously a direct result of her injuries, and we sympathize with her suffering.  But to suggest that Mr.  Montgomery has no right to the fruits of his labor and business expertise flies in the face of logic and justice. 

Paul: Your honor, if I may say something --

Judge Morris: I've heard enough, Mr. Ryan, and I'll take it all into consideration.  I'll be back shortly with my decision. 

Simon: Katie -- she's different.  She's definitely different.  I mean, she makes you want to tear your hair out, she drives you up the wall.  And then you realize that she's under your skin, and you wouldn't have it any other way. 

Lucinda: Aww. 

Simon: Oh, please, don't do that.  Don't.  Don't get me wrong.  She's willful, she's immature --

Lucinda: She's borderline certifiable.  And I mean that in the nicest possible way. 

Simon: What, there's a nice way to call a man's wife insane? 

Lucinda: She's just got personality.  Various personalities.  And variety is the spice of life. 

Simon: Well, that is one thing I can always rely on Katie for.  Life with her is never boring. 

Lucinda: So you're not gonna answer my major question, huh?  Should I doze off here? 

Simon: What was the question?  Oh, right.  Am I in love with my wife?  Maybe now it doesn't even matter.  You know, I disappointed Katie when I tricked her into going back to Oakdale.  And when Katie's disappointed, she has a very unique and special way of letting people know.  She's probably packed my bags and plans to throw them at me as soon as I walk in the door. 

Lucinda: Nonsense.  She's pining for you even as we speak. 

Bruno: You ready for the experience of a lifetime? 

Katie: I think so.  Oh, it's gonna feel weird, isn't it?  All that fruit in between my toes? 

Bruno: Yeah.  Wait, wait, wait, wait! 

Katie: What? 

Bruno: I should've thought of this before.  Your clothes. 

Katie: What about them? 

Bruno: Well, I'd hate to see you stain such a beautiful outfit. 

Katie: Ooh, you're right, I didn't think about that. 

Bruno: Do you have something more appropriate for the occasion? 

Katie: Um, well, I guess I could just wear an old dress or something, hike it up. 

Bruno: How about a bathing suit?  You do have a bathing suit, don't you? 

Katie: You want me to wear a bathing suit? 

Bruno: Yeah. 

Katie: Are you suggesting that because it's the best way to stomp grapes?  Or it's the best way to see me in a bathing suit? 

Bruno: Well, it is the cleanest way to stomp grapes.  But if you'd rather do it the way your ancestors did.  Spennata.  Nude. 

Katie: I'll be right back. 

Carly: I have to take care of myself, Jack.  And my son.  And I can't do that unless I make some very big changes. 

Jack: So you're not just trying to get as far away from me as you can? 

Carly: What are you doing here? 

Jack: I told you.  To make sure you're okay. 

Carly: Look at me.  I'm fantastic, Jack, take a picture.  Show the town. 

Jack: And to tell you that I don't want you to go. 

Carly: This is not helping me. 

Jack: And you don't want to leave, either.  So you know what?  I've got a plan.  You want me to stay out of your hair?  Fine. 

Carly: What are you going to do?  What?  Are you gonna draw a line up main street?  You stay on your half of Oakdale, I'll stay on my half? 

Jack: We'll come up with something. 

Carly: Let me just make something clear to you, okay?  I'm not leaving Oakdale because of you, or because of the trial, or because of Craig, or anything else.  Everybody is convinced that I'm running away from something.  What if I'm running to something?  What if I'm moving on for Parker's sake? 

Jack: Okay, so all this is for Parker? 

Carly: It's about self-esteem, Jack.  It's about confidence.  Two things that I need if I'm gonna raise my son with any kind of future at all. 

Jack: All right, so you move to chicago, you get your dream job.  And then what? 

Carly: Then I hold my head up.  I'm paying my own way, I'm earning a respectable living, I'm in a place where people are busy with their own problems, they don't have to stick their noses in mine. 

Jack: Yeah.  But are you happy? 

Carly: What do you mean? 

Jack: Is all of that a good enough trade-off for the people and the things you're leaving behind? 

Carly: Like what, Jack?  What have I left behind in Oakdale that I can't find here? 

Craig: That was fast. 

Paul: Doesn't take long to do the right thing. 

Judge Morris: I've reviewed the pertinent documentation, and after careful consideration, it is the court's decision that the stocks purchased during the marriage of Ms. Barbara Ryan and Mr. Craig Montgomery are joint property, wholly controlled by neither party.  I hereby declare that both Mr. Montgomery and Ms. Ryan are the owners of the shares. 

Barbara: Your honor, with all due respect, why should Mr. Montgomery be entitled to profits that were a direct result from embezzlement from my company?  That would be rewarding a crime. 

Cass: Your honor, this decision seriously compromises my client's business interests --

Judge Morris: I realize that this settlement won't please both parties.  But I have added a codicil.  If either party should decide to sell his or her shares, they will first be offered to the joint shareholder.  If said shareholder cannot or will not buy, the stocks will be sold on the open market. 

Barbara: Your honor, I -- I just cannot --

Paul: This is unbelievable!  Unbelievable.  Did you not even read the --

Judge Morris: My decision stands. 

Paul: Do you realize what he's done? 

Judge Morris: If you have any further questions, I suggest you contact your lawyers.  Good day. 

Craig: Barbara, for the right price, I could be out of your life. 

Barbara: And what was the judges price, Craig? 

Craig: If I bribed the judge, don't you think all the stocks would be mine?  Now, there's a reasonable offer.  Of course, there is an alternative. 

Barbara: I'll file an appeal.  There's no way I'm ever sharing anything with this man again. 

Paul: Come on, let's go, let's get out of here. 

Craig: After I've spoken to Barbara alone. 

Barbara: 50% of those shares are mine, I want them in my hands this afternoon. 

Cass: I'll make sure that the matter is settled as soon as I get in touch with my office.  Craig? 

Craig: After I've spoken to Barbara alone. 

Paul: It's not going to happen. 

Craig: Even if I'm proposing something that's going to benefit all of us?  Even B.R.O.?  Or has your son completely taken over your life, Barbara?  Five minutes.  That's all I'm asking. 

Barbara: All right.  Five minutes.  Let's see what you have to say. 

Hal: I don't do this kind of thing very often, Emily.  So I'm going to ask you to bear with me.  Okay?  I'm sorry I flew off the handle last night. 

Emily: No, no, you went ballistic, Hal.  One innocent little comment from me, I thought you were going to toss me on the barbecue. 

Hal: Innocent?  Hold it.  I don't think an innocent comment has ever passed your lips, Emily.  And speaking of your lips, could you please keep 'em closed so a guy can apologize? 

Emily: Sorry. 

Hal: See, the point is, Craig Montgomery is never going to be one of my favorite people. 

Emily: Oh, really, you're kidding me? 

Hal: So when you started going on and on about how he was going to hire Carly, give her a job here so she could stay in town, what I should have done was just excuse myself from that table, gotten up, come in here, and just waited until you stopped yammering on about him. 

Emily: Excuse me, I wasn't yammering about Craig, I was yammering about Car -- I was talking about Carly.  Do you want to help Carly or not? 

Hal: Of course I do.  She's Parker's mother. 

Emily: All right, so then what is wrong with pointing the mother of your child towards gainful employment? 

Hal: You wanna know the truth? 

Emily: No, Hal, lie to me. 

Hal: Because I've never seen you like this -- all generous and big-hearted about somebody that you really don't give a damn about. 

Emily: You're right.  I could care less about Carly.  I don't care if she works in Oakdale or Chicago or Mississippi or the dark side of the moon! 

Hal: Exactly.  So why go to all the trouble. 

Emily: Because she's your friend.  And if she leaves town, she takes your son with her.  Gee whiz, Hal, is it so hard to believe I'm capable of a good deed from time to time? 

Hal: You're just chock full of secrets, aren't you, Emily? 

Emily: So all you have to do is drop a few well-placed hints.  You know, you can do it.  How about, "Listen up, Carly, 'The Intruder's' looking for a new fashion editor, and it's right up your alley.  Right?  And I know Emily.  I could put in a good word for you."

Hal: And if Carly says "No"? 

Emily: If she says no, then we tried.  Right?  But if she says yes, we did a good duty, you know, helped a -- helped a person in need, the mother of your child.  And nobody has to know that there was a conspiracy. 

Hal: Sounds foolproof.  But I don't know. 

Emily: Can you please tell me if there's anything more important than not disrupting your kid's life? 

Hal: I've got my reasons. 

Emily: Please don't tell me they have anything to do with Craig Montgomery. 

Hal: Because I can't stand the idea of being on the same side as Craig Montgomery.  You know that. 

Emily: For Pete's sake!  Enough with the spitting contest already!  Is there -- do you want your son living in another zip code, no family, no support, no way of just zipping across town and, and, and, reading him a bedtime story if he asks for his daddy? 

Hal: All right, you made your point. 

Emily: I made my point.  So you will offer Carly the job? 

Hal: I'll talk to her about when she gets back.  She could probably use some good news.  What's the matter, Emily?  You look tired.  Is there a problem? 

Emily: You.  Is everything with you like pulling teeth? 

Carly: Let's see what I'm giving up by leaving Oakdale and coming here.  Nosy neighbors, a past I can't possibly live down, whispers, sneers, the never-ending search for a decent job that nobody will give me. 

Jack: What about your family? 

Carly: Molly, she's a phone call away.  I can get in the car and be there before lunch.  This is Chicago we're talking about, Jack, not the other side of the world.  Next objection? 

Jack: What about me? 

Carly: What about you? 

Jack: I said a lot of stupid things about what I could live with and what I couldn't.  And I talked a lot about honesty, and I meant what I said, but --

Carly: But what? 

Jack: I didn't realize how impossible it is to even think about life without you.  I can't do it.  You run too deep, Carly, so deep in my head and my heart.  You can't leave.  I never wanted that. 

Carly: What did you expect?  That I would hang on just a little longer, get kicked in the teeth a few more times?  That I would stick around in Oakdale until I'm old and gray, no future, but a helluva past, just waiting for you to get your ship together and sail my way?  Was that your plan, sailor?! 

Jack: There wasn't a plan, Carly.  I guess, in the end, I never expected you to stay in my life.  But I wasn't ready for you to leave it, either. 

Carly: Oh, I see.  "Go away, Carly, just don't go too far away"?  I may have been in love with you, Jack Snyder, but I am not a complete idiot. 

Jack: You "may have been in love" with me? 

Carly: How many times do we have to go over this?  We've said it.  We've said, "We need time apart." We have said so many things, and they all boil down to good-bye, don't they?  We've tried everything, Jack.  We couldn't make it work. 

Jack: Have we?  Carly, have we tried everything? 

Carly: Yes.  Yes we have.  We've passed our expiration date, Jack.  Just please, it's over.  Would you please go? 

Katie: Okay, if the grapes are ready, then so am I.  What? 

Bruno: Sit.  Now, it's only for the good of the grapes, understand? 

Katie: Oh.  Yes, of course, that feels really good.  Only for the good of the grapes, of course. 

Bruno: They are lucky, lucky grapes. 

Katie: I've never done this before. 

Bruno: It's simple.  You just get in there, and you think wine.  How's it feel? 

Katie: If feels good. 

Bruno: You're a natural. 

Katie: It feels very good. 

Bruno: Come on, you got to feel those Tuscan roots coming to life. 

Katie: I can't believe I am doing this.  I can't believe I'm stomping on grapes, trying to make wine in my brother's bathroom. 

Bruno: And you know what?  You are the most adorable grape-stomper I've ever seen.  Is it working?  Is it working?  Are you starting to forget?

Katie: Forget?  Forget what?  Forget who?  I love this!  I love this!  It feels so good, I love it! 

Bruno: Yes. 

Simon: Katie? 

Lucinda: You live here in Craig's suite. 

Simon: Yeah, I guess we call this home.  Oh, it's a step up from Bert's garage anyway -- rent free, private entrance, private bathroom, private bedroom. 

Lucinda: Wonderfully dysfunctional and glamorous.  You ought to lie down, my friend.  Where's your room?  I mean, if there's anything I can do to help, I mean anything, anything at all. 

Simon: Please, I'm going to be fine.  You've done enough already.  Don't go to any more trouble.  Just let me know if I can help with Lily and Luke at all. 

Lucinda: They're going to be home soon.  I hope.  I've had some thoughts about you.  And we'll share them at another time, all right.  But you really, we got to get you to a doctor, all right?  Or let's get your little wife, let's find your little wife so she can take care of you. 

Simon: I'm going to be okay. 

Lucinda: And I will withdrawal now.  I'll make the phone calls from the car.  And I'll be in touch. 

Simon: Thank you again for everything. 

Craig: I should be grateful you found the courage to be alone with me. 

Barbara: It doesn't take courage, Craig, it takes a cast iron stomach. 

Craig: There's that sharp wit I miss so much.  Nice to know some things don't change. 

Barbara: If this is your trademark charm, I've been vaccinated.  I'm immune.  And your back is up against the wall, so why don't you tell me what your offer is. 

Craig: You think things are really that bad? 

Barbara: With only half the shares, your master plan to bring down Lucinda is as likely as you developing a conscience. 

Craig: I bet that sharp sense of humor's come in handy lots of times since your accident. 

Barbara: Imagine all the interesting things I could do if I had something really sharp in my hand. 

Craig: We can be civil about this, can't we?  Make peace? 

Barbara: Why don't you forget all the pleasantries.  Just tell me your offer, Craig. 

Craig: We don't have to be formal here, you know.  It's just us, face-to- face. 

Barbara: Oh, so that's what you wanted -- "face-to-face"?  Then why didn't you tell me. 

Craig: Barbara --

Barbara: Is this face-to-face enough for you? 

Jack: If I walk out that door, I'll never see you again, will I? 

Carly: Just go.  Please, before one of us does something to embarrass himself. 

Jack: Carly --

Carly: Good-bye.  This has to be good-bye. 

Hal: We haven't really decided where this leaves -- us. 

Emily: No.  We haven't. 

Hal: I see it as a character issue.  It would be out of character for either one of us to admit defeat.  I'm a take-no-prisoners lieutenant.  You're a seen- it-all, done-it-all news hound.  But are we really gonna let one off-night and a foot in the mouth stop us? 

Emily: Stop us from what? 

Hal: Giving it another try. 

Emily: Are you asking me out on another date? 

Hal: But a real date this time. 

Emily: A real date -- no toddlers dipped in Marinara?  No Japanese lanterns, tiki torches -- not that I didn't like your tiki torches. 

Hal: And no using your shoes as missiles.  You've got a heck of an arm, by the way.  You should try out for the farm team.  What do you say? 

Emily: Another date? 

Hal: Another date. 

Emily: This is such a totally bad idea.  We are two -- we are two different creatures, Hal.  I already know how this movie ends. 

Hal: Beautiful, talented and psychic.  Go ahead, I gotta hear this. 

Emily: Give you my shoe.  You will say something stupid, like you just did, for instance.  We'll argue.  You'll say I overreact.  I'll accuse you of being insensitive.  You'll speed us home.  You'll drop me off.  And we will spend the rest of our lives trying to obliterate the memory from our minds. 

Hal: Yep.  Yep, it could go that way.  Or it could turn out to be the best damn night of our lives. 

Emily: Yeah.  I don't know about you, but I'm a risk taker. 

Hal: So why don't you take the risk.  I mean, what've you got to lose?  Except maybe another shoe, Cinderella. 

Emily: I accept.  Boy, was I wrong.  I really thought you'd go for the lips.  See ya around, Munson. 

Katie: How am I doing? 

Bruno: You crush grapes like a Goddess walking on bubbles. 

Katie: Oh, yes, that is me, the Mighty Aphrodite! 

Bruno: Was she the Goddess of love or the Goddess of beauty?  'Cause, you are both. 

Katie: Oh, please, I'm sure you say that to all the girls. 

Bruno: Hey, you know what they say, "In Vino Veritas." When wine's involved, I can only speak the truth.  It allows us to feel our senses.  It obeys, it drinks, it trusts.  God, we can follow our senses, follow the call of the wild.  Can you feel it?  Can you feel it? 

Barbara: You'll be hearing from my attorney. 

Craig: Barbara, just put all this blood under the bridge behind us.  Okay? 

Barbara: Remove your hand. 

Craig: This isn't personal. 

Barbara: Meaning what?  Our business isn't personal, or our marriage was just business. 

Craig: The stock.  You and I can finally slay the dragon, we can cut her off at the knees.  You put your Worldwide stock with mine, we knock Lucinda Walsh right off her pedestal. 

Barbara: Give me one good reason. 

Craig: You'll be the most powerful woman in Oakdale.  Isn't that what you've always wanted?

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