As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 9/5/01


Provided by Stephanie
Proofread by Fran

Emily: This is not a date.  This is me doing a real con job on a guy who deserves better. 

Craig: The other thing you can do is tell Hal.  And that way, it won't seem like it's coming from me. 

Emily: You want me to lie to Hal, a man I admire and respect, all for Carly Tenney? 

Craig: Yes.  There's no time for debate, Emily.  You have to hire Carly today. 

[Cell phone ringing]

Emily: Yeah, Stewart. 

Hal: Emily, it's Hal.  Listen, the sitter canceled and I'm in the middle of a food fight with Parker.  I'm really sorry, but I have to cancel dinner tonight.  Can I make it up to you?  Could we have dinner next week?  Emily, is that a problem? 

Emily: No, no, no.  It's not a problem at all. 

Hal: Well, why --

Emily: Hal, turn around, Hal.  I was here so I just thought I'd come in. 

Hal: You look -- beautiful. 

Emily: Yeah, so beautiful I get stood up for a redhead.  Hey, Parker, tell your daddy to give me a call when he's free, okay? 

Hal: No, wait.  You're here and -- you look so --

Emily: More oregano. 

Hal: Why don't you stay? 

[Bryant walks in on an intimate moment between Jennifer and Billy]

Bryant: I see you've met my cousin. 

Jennifer: Yeah.  Yeah, he was here when I got here.  I'm gonna go take your stuff to the back.

Bryant: Might've called first, let me know you were here.  How's it going? 

Billy: Hey, you should've called her and told her I was coming.  Hey, pretty girl. 

Bryant: Hey, outta bounds. 

Billy: Hey, man, I wasn't doing anything. 

Bryant: Save it for someone who does not know you. 

Billy: She was upset. 

Bryant: Your hands all over her, no wonder. 

Billy: Hey, I still have a few manners left, okay?  She was crying. 

Bryant: About what? 

Billy: Well, I figured you had done something as usual.  But, hey, she defended you.

Jennifer: I put your stuff in the back room, opened the windows, too.  It gets a little bit stuffy.

Bryant: You okay? 

Jennifer: Yeah.  Yeah, I'm fine. 

Bryant: Billy said that you were upset about something. 

Jennifer: Can we not get into this right now, please? 

Bryant: You wanna go someplace? 

Jennifer: Look, I came here looking for you, you weren't here.  And I don't have your number at work. 

Bryant: I was at the Lakeview, talking with my father.  He wanted to talk. 

Jennifer: I see.  So whatever he wants, he gets.  Whatever he wants, no matter what I'm going through. 

Bryant: I wouldn't know what you're going through, would I? 

Jennifer: I can't even talk to you.

Bryant: No, you won't talk to me.  There's a big difference. 

Jack: Carly? 

Landlord: Can I help you? 

Jack: Yeah, I'm looking for the woman who used to live here. 

Landlord: Ms. Tenney?  I've seen you here before.  Aren't you the boyfriend? 

Jack: No, no.  Did she say where she was going? 

Landlord: You know, the usual -- on to bigger and better things.  Good lookin' woman like that, who knows?  Maybe she found herself a sugar daddy. 

Jack: Montgomery. 

Craig: Bad news about my Worldwide stock? 

Cass: We knew it might be a problem.  The shares are in your name, but they were purchased with money from Barbara's corporate account.

Craig: Yes? 

Cass: So Barbara and Paul have arranged a little meet-and-greet with an arbitrator. 

Craig: Who?  Lucinda Walsh? 

Cass: A judge.  He'll determine who has the rights to the stock.  And if he decides against you --

Craig: After Barbara's vendetta against me in criminal court, there is no judge in Illinois who is going to find for her. 

Cass: Craig, this is civil court -- a whole different ball game. 

Craig: Barbara is not interested in Worldwide, Cass.  No, this is "Get Craig, re deux."

Cass: I am sure you're right.  The law, however, may be on her side.

Craig: Or in her pocket -- or Lucinda's.  Okay.  I see.  Do you know Rose D'Angelo? 

Cass: Oh, we've met. 

Craig: Well, remember the name because Paul is clueless, Barbara's damaged.  This has to come from a clearer mind, or two.  Rose and Lucinda.  Okay.  If they want a fight, we'll give them a fight. 

Ben: Four for four?

Isaac: They're out there.  All you've gotta do is scoop 'em up. 

Lisa: Yeah, and then what, Isaac? 

Isaac: Well, let me see -- we've got Cathy and -- oh, we got Alicia and Veronica -- looks like Dawn, I don't know.  Bro, what do you say?  Two days?  Three?  Three days, tops, these ladies will have the best time in their life. 

Lisa: And then what, honey? 

Isaac: There's plenty of that to go around.  Anyway, Lisa, your days as a matchmaker are over. 

Lisa: No, no, no.  When I make a match, it sticks.  Well, most of the time it does.  Anyway, what I'm after is the love thing.

Isaac: Love?  Isn't that a four-letter word? 

Ben: Don't look at me.  I'm retired. 

Isaac: No, you actually were never in the game.  But that's okay.  If I didn't have to take care of the bar -- we're a little shorthanded tonight -- I would take you out on the dance floor myself and personally get you started. 

Lisa: Yes, you know something?  I've noticed that we were a little shorthanded, as you said. 

Isaac: Well, it always happens when the kids go back to school. 

Lisa: Well, I have somebody in mind who might fill in very well -- she's my Goddaughter.

Isaac: Ooh, let me meet her.  We might hit it off. 

Lisa: No, no, no.  This time, honey, you just stay away. 

Isaac: What?  You think she wouldn't like me? 

Lisa: And I wonder why you can't keep anybody around here. 

Ben: I'm out of here. 

Isaac: Whoa, where you going?  Look around.  Look at all these ladies here. 

Ben: Have you forgotten what happened last time you tried to set me up with the woman of my dreams. 

Isaac: That was a mistake, what happened last time.  We met the one girl in the bar who'd rather join a convent than meet a handsome neurosurgeon.  Tonight will be different, I promise. 

Ben: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Wait, wait, wait.  Isaac, Isaac, forget about me.  Okay, Isaac -- number five, number five.  She's out there, okay?  Number five, go get her.

[Bonnie McKechnie walks into the club]

Isaac: Since you insist -- ooh.  Twelve o'clock.  Save me.  If that's number five, you can keep one through four. 

Hal: All right, chief.  There you go.  Boy, you made a mess of this.  Can I get you anything, Emily? 

Emily: No.  Sneakers, maybe.  My feet are killing me.  I never should have bought these shoes. 

Hal: Well, what do you say, Parker?  Think we could dig her up some sneakers, maybe throw in a free foot rub? 

Emily: So, Parker, where's your mommy tonight? 

Hal: Chicago.  Job hunting. 

Emily: Wow, that's quite a commute.  Oakdale, Chicago.

Hal: Parker, didn't I just hear your goldfish calling you?  Did you feed him today?  Go see if he's hungry, would you?  Go ahead.  Not commuting -- moving to Chicago.  She kind of wants a fresh start for Parker and herself.  The trial really got to her. 

Emily: Yeah, I bet.  I mean, I've been there myself -- packed my bags once or twice.  Never went through with it, but --

Hal: Why? 

Emily: There's no place like home. 

Hal: I can't stand the thought of Parker being so far away. 

Emily: Actually -- you know, if it's a job --

Hal: What?

Emily: You know what?  I'm sorry.  You guys are so busy.  I'm just gonna go and we can do this date thing another time.  It's okay. 

Hal: No, stay.  He'll be asleep in a few minutes. 

Emily: I feel silly.  I feel like I'm sitting in your kitchen all dressed up like this and everything --

Hal: You look great.  And you know what?  If you give me a couple of minutes, I can probably fix something up that's better than that.  Hey, buckaroo, come here.  Why don't you show daddy how fast you can get into your pajamas and go to sleep and stay that way?  I'll be right back. 

Emily: I'm doing this for you.

Craig: Jack. 

Jack: Where is she? 

Craig: What?  More Carly talk?  Must we do this now? 

Jack: Yeah, we must.  Is she upstairs? 

Craig: You've been there, you tell me.  Can I have my phone back, please. 

Jack: I didn't come here to fight.  I'm worried about her.  Carly's had a rough couple of weeks.  She's not thinking straight. 

Craig: I don't know.  Maybe she finally is. 

Jack: This isn't a game, Montgomery.  This is a person, a good person, who deserves better. 

Craig: I agree. 

Jack: Yeah, she's not gonna find that with you.  You're gonna use her up and spit her out.  And there she'll be -- broke, miserable, and wondering why she isn't a famous fashion designer like you promised -- 'cause the minute things gets difficult, you're not gonna show, Montgomery.  You're gonna come up empty.  You know that, and I know that.  So I'm askin' you, don't do this.  Look what happened to Barbara and have a little respect.  Let her go.

Craig: She didn't tell you, huh? 

Jack: Tell me what? 

Craig: She's not upstairs, Jack. 

Jack: She packed up her apartment.  She moved out.  Her landlord told me --

Craig: Yeah, she left town.  She told me.  I assumed she'd told you.  Try the windy city, Jack.  Carly's gone to Chicago. 

Bryant: Wrap-around deck? 

Billy: Why not?  You can get to it through every room.

Bryant: Jen, what do you think of that? 

Billy: You know what?  Just let me get outta here so you guys can have some space. 

Bryant: No, no, no.  It's okay. 

Billy: Yeah, no.  I'm gonna leave.  I'm gonna go for a run.  All right?  So I'll check you later. 

Bryant: I'm not going to apologize for going to see my father.  I am sorry that I wasn't here to talk to you when you wanted to talk to someone.  You want to talk now? 

Jennifer: No. 

Bryant: Is it working for you, Jen?  Huh?  Sitting on your feelings and shutting me out?  Maybe I should call Billy back, since you obviously felt comfortable talking with him.

Jennifer: I didn't talk to your cousin. 

Bryant: Oh, no?  He seemed to think you did. 

Jennifer: Then that's his problem. 

Bryant: Could we please stop this?  You know what?  This isn't working for me.  So either you stop this thing, this whole silent thing you've got going on, or we're gonna have to rethink. 

Jennifer: Your way or no way. 

Bryant: What happened today?  You're obviously miserable.  Why are you even here? 

Jennifer: Like I'd be happier anywhere else? 

Bryant: Would you? 

Jennifer: I gave up everything for you. 

Bryant: Is that how it happened?  Or did your whole life fall apart and I tried to make it better.  You can't even look me in the eye anymore.  Forget touching, making love.

Jennifer: Well, I'm sorry that it's been so difficult for you. 

Bryant: You know, I am not the enemy, Jen -- but I don't like this any more than you do.  So maybe we should call it quits. 

Jessica: Sweetheart, sorry I'm late. 

Bonnie: That's okay.  You didn't miss anything.  I just got here. 

Jessica: I'm gonna go powder my nose.  Why don't you find us a table? 

Bonnie: I'd rather find us an exit. 

Ben: I don't know, bro, but that's trouble right there. 

Isaac: Bring it on.  Isaac Jenkins. 

Bonnie: I'm sure you are. 

Isaac: May I help you with something?

Bonnie: I doubt it, unless you've got a match. 

Isaac: I do.  My hand in yours as we glide out on the dance floor. 

Bonnie: I don't dance with strangers. 

Isaac: That's right, you haven't told me your name. 

Bonnie: I'm incognito. 

Isaac: What, are you married?  I can handle that. 

Bonnie: You low rent types always can.  But, hey, that's hardly your fault, is it?  This is your world.  I'm just visiting. 

Isaac: How do you like it so far? 

Bonnie: Well -- the music is over.  The decor -- some people liked the '80s.  I'm not one of them.  And the wine list -- if they have one --

Isaac: We don't. 

Bonnie: And why would you?  No one here would know the difference between a Zinfandel and a Sauterne. 

Isaac: And yet they still manage to have a good time. 

Bonnie: Of course they do.  They don't know any better. 

Isaac: Where do you get off? 

Bonnie: You're offended?  Why? 

Isaac: This is my club, okay?  I designed it, I run it, I like it. 

Bonnie: Lucky you. 

Isaac: You know what?  If you don't like it, if this doesn't fit your standards, you're more than welcome to walk right out that door. 

Bonnie: Believe me, I would.  But I'm meeting someone. 

[Imitating Mr. T]

Isaac: "I pity the fool." Is that '80s enough for you?

Bonnie: Hardly.  Perhaps -- perhaps you've met my mother. 

Isaac: Your mother, there you go.  Who else would give you the time of day? 

Bonnie: Jessica Griffin, Isaac Jenkins. 

Isaac: Ms. Jessica Griffin.  You're the --

Jessica: District attorney, yes.  Mr. Jenkins and I have not had the pleasure of being formally introduced, but I feel like I've known him for years. 

Bonnie: Now, why doesn't that surprise me? 

Jack: Chicago -- why Chicago? 

Craig: Because it's not Oakdale, Jack.  I tried to convince her to stay, but she was tired -- of you.  That's why she's gone.

Jack: That's not true. 

Craig: Okay, you want to blame me?  That's fine. 

Jack: No, I know her, and I know what she told me the last time we talked. 

Craig: And when was that, Jack?  A week?  Two weeks ago?  Carly is unique, Jack.  She's awake, unlike most of the people in this town, who hate her for it.  And the one person she counted on to understand that and to support her was too busy being a cop. 

Jack: You're gonna tell me what you know. 

Craig: Or what?  You're gonna haul me down to the station so Margo can slap me around with a powder puff? 

Jack: No need bringing Margo into this.  I'm off the force, so all those rules about respecting your rights -- they don't apply.

Craig: Okay, okay.  Waste more time.  Good. 

Jack: What did you say to her? 

Craig: Good.  Jack, the woman you say you love is leaving town.  And instead of getting in your car and tracking her down, you want to have a little dance with me on the Lakeview stoop?  Huh?!  If Carly really mattered, you'd be halfway to Chicago by now. 

Jack: You're right.  Carly is what matters.  The problem is, you don't respect that.  Carly's not a game. 

Craig: No.  No, Jack, and she's not a prize, or trophy, either, or a reflection of you and your little values.  Carly's desirable, Jack.  A lot of men want her.  And why is that a source of surprise to you and your deep understanding of the human psyche.  A source of surprise and anger and frustration that I would want her?  When that's not even the point.  Who cares who wants Carly when all she really wants is you.  But apparently you haven't even absorbed that!  Are you still hooked on those pictures, Jack?  I kissed her, yeah.  I'd do it again if she'd let me.  But she wouldn't.  In fact, she nearly crippled me.

Jack: Yeah, she told me about that. 

Craig: Yes, and you threw her away.  I'd give a lot to have Carly want me the way she wants you, Jack.  But she wants you.  And it was too painful for her to stay here with you keeping her at arm's length.  You better go get her, Jack, or somebody else will. 

Jack: Yeah, shanks, it's me.  Listen, I need a favor, and the PD can't find out about it.  I need help tracking someone down -- in Chicago. 

Isaac: Well, can I get you ladies anything to drink? 

Jessica: Oh, I think the House Red will be fine.  Sit down, Bonnie.

Isaac: I'll need to see some I.D., Bonnie

Bonnie: Well, since you don't have a wine list, why don't you bring me some mineral water -- neat. 

Isaac: Right away. 

Isaac: What can I say?  When you're right, you're right.  That woman's got an attitude that could cut glass.  Not to mention her mother -- her mother is the District Attorney. 

Ben: Relax.  Four out of five's not bad.  Besides, Jessica's cool.  You haven't done anything to warrant her attention.  Have you? 

Isaac: No, I have not.  Das, cops, they're all the same.  I don't trust 'em. It's their job to bust you.  They get paid for that.  There's somethin' really wrong with that.

Ben: Depends on where you sit. 

Isaac: I sit on the other side of the table from them.  I always have and I always -- oh, no, no, no, no, no.  I gotta go nip this in the bud. 

Bonnie: It's wonderful, Lisa.  Really!  I mean, just what Oakdale needs. 

Lisa: Oh, well, darling, I'm so glad you like it, because I have arranged for you to work here. 

Bonnie: Excuse me? 

Lisa: Bonnie, all the young people come here.  And since you've been to all the really nice places all over the world, you know what good service really is, so I just know you'll take to waitressing in a flash.

[Isaac Jenkins overhears] 

Isaac: Oh, no way. 

Hal: All right.  All right, now, no peeking. 

Emily: At what?

Hal: Are your eyes open under there? 

Emily: Come on, I gave you my word, Munson. 

Hal: We all know what that's worth. 

Emily: Do you have any idea how long I've been sitting in your living room? 

Hal: Yes, long enough for me to put parker in bed and do all this.  You can open your eyes now. 

Emily: Oh, really?  I have your permission? 

Hal: Yes. 

Emily: This is fantastic!  Where'd you get all this stuff? 

Hal: Oh, the accumulation of life, which at my house lives in the garage. 

Emily: Yeah, a little Hong Kong, a little Hawaii, a little Christmas, I guess.  Hal Munson -- world traveler.  Who knew?

Hal: Yep. 

Emily: I'm almost afraid to ask what's on the menu? 

Hal: There we're safe.  Good old American cheeseburgers, because it's all I had in the refrigerator. 

Emily: Well, you know me.  Never say no to a cheeseburger.  Well, this is it.  This is a Hal date.  At home, outside.  Something gone wrong, you make it right.  A little garage magic to keep things interesting. 

Hal: Ketchup? 

Emily: Please. 

Hal: What's an Emily date? 

Emily: The wrong shoes obviously. 

Hal: The jury's still out on that. 

Emily: Thank you. 

Hal: Oh, and -- ta-da.

Emily: Oh, so perfect.  Okay, what're we drinking to? 

Hal: Reliable baby-sitters. 

Emily: Oh, amen!  That looks good.  Mmm.  What, excuse me, do I have something on my face? 

Hal: Oh, no, that's chef's prerogative -- watching the guests eat. 

Emily: So, is Carly scoping things out, or does she have something lined up. 

Hal: Why? 

Emily: I'm just curious.  You know, 'cause I thought, you know, if she's looking for a job, why not start here? 

Hal: In my back yard? 

Emily: No, in Oakdale.  I could hire her. 

Hal: You don't even like her. 

Emily: Well, I don't like a lot of people, but that doesn't keep me from working with them.  Take you and me.

Hal: We didn't like each other? 

Emily: No, we didn't know each other. 

Hal: We didn't trust each other. 

Emily: And we caught Owen Dever and Julia Snyder.  Who woulda thunk? 

Hal: And here we are. 

Emily: So, you know, I was just thinking that, you know, Carly's interest in fashion, and I have the paper, and I thought maybe she could write a column for me.  What do you think? 

Hal: What do I think? 

Emily: Yeah, you want her to stay in town, right? 

Hal: And you want to give Carly a job because I want Parker closer to home. 

Emily: Sure, why not? 

Hal: Because it's not the way you operate.

Emily: I thought you were off duty tonight, Hal. 

Hal: I was, until I started havin' burgers with the Editor of "The Intruder."

Emily: Okay, forget it.  Forget it. 

Hal: No, no.  You want to turn over a new leaf, I'm all for it.  You wanna hire Carly?  I think it's great.  As a matter of fact, I'm gonna go wake up Parker and tell him the good news. 

Emily: Hal -- will you just stop? 

Hal: Why not?  I keep tellin' him what a great guy you are, I'm gonna go tell him now. 

Emily: Hal, please --

Hal: Why?  You're not a great guy? 

Emily: No, I am who I am, okay?  Will you just sit down, please?  Look, you want Carly to stay in town, right?  She needs a job, which I could give her.  Because, well, because it was sort of suggested to me that maybe I should do that.

Hal: Let me take a wild shot in the dark. 

Emily: But she doesn't -- he doesn't want her to know that he's behind it.  So he thought maybe if you suggested it to her, just delicately suggested -- you know what, bad idea.  Let's just forget it, okay?  Just drop it.  Now why are you looking at me? 

Hal: Well, it sure as hell ain't for the shoes. 

Jennifer: Is that what you want?  You want me to move out? 

Bryant: No. 

Jennifer: 'Cause I'll pack my things up, I'll go back to my dad's

Bryant: I want you to stay.  But I want us to talk to each other.  Don't you feel this?  We're uncomfortable, we don't even look at each other.  It's weird.

Jennifer: I know. 

Bryant: So what do you say we do about it? 

Jennifer: I know what you want, I do.  It's just -- so much has happened.  Every single time I try to talk about it, I just -- all I want to do is cry. 

Bryant: So cry. 

Jennifer: What good would that do? 

Bryant: What happened today? 

Jennifer: I saw my mom. 

Craig: Bryant?  It's your father.  Open up, it's important. 

Bonnie: It's really a lovely thought, Lisa, thank you.  But I just don't think waitressing is for me. 

Jessica: Well, you better find something, bonnie.  You have bills to pay. 

Isaac: That would be red for Ms. Griffin.  And water for the daughter.  Can I speak to you for a quick minute, please? 

Lisa: Sure.  Ladies, excuse me. 

Jessica: Certainly. 

Isaac: That woman is not workin' for me. 

Lisa: No, darling, she isn't.  She's working for me. 

Isaac: Here? 

Lisa: Yes!  Of course.  You said you were understaffed here. 

Isaac: Right, right.  Of my brains and they're unanimous -- no way, no how.

Lisa: Okay, Isaac, there was a time -- a long time ago -- when my mind was just as closed as yours is right now.  And it almost cost me my friendship with Jessica.  Now, you are going to give Bonnie a chance.  Bonnie is going to give Oakdale a chance.  And we are going to be happy ever after. 

Isaac: Not in my lifetime.

Jessica: Sweetheart, I realize you're used to a different way of life. 

Bonnie: Mother, I know about servants, I've just never been one. 

Jessica: Oh, bonnie, please, nobody's asking you to be a servant.  I just want you to get a job.  It won't kill you. 

Bonnie: Do you even begin to understand what I've just gone through?

Jessica: Sweetheart, I do understand you've been hurt.  But from what you've told me, this Duke of Glasgow sounds like a rogue.  And the fact that you didn't marry him is a good thing. 

Bonnie: He was royalty, mother -- rich, titled, connected.  I would have had a house in every major city in Europe.  And now I'm a waitress in Illinois? 

Jessica: Well, until you can find something else, or go back to school, yes, Bonnie, you're a waitress in Illinois.  Sweetheart, all that glitters is not gold. You would have been completely dependent on this man, you would have hated it.  Now, you need to find something that's your own, something that no one can take from you.

Bonnie: Don't ever let them put you in family court. 

Jessica: All right, Miss Bonnie Louise McKechnie.  You're the expert, what should you do?  And you need to get that chip off your shoulder and putting all your energy into this frosty attitude.  Sweetie, it would be so much easier if you would just admit how you feel.  You're scared and confused --

Bonnie: Scared?  Of Oakdale?  Mother, I've been to Paris, London, Stockholm --

Jessica: Yes, and yet your mind remains closed.  You have no appreciation for people who are different or less fortunate than you. 

Bonnie: Fine.  You want to play this out?  This whole "Tough Love" thing?  Fine!  I'll be a waitress.  I'll wash dishes, I'll scrub your shoes if that's what makes you happy.  Lisa, you're on.  You need a waitress?  I'm your girl.

Lisa: Oh, darling, I couldn't be more pleased. 

Emily: For Pete's sake, I should've brought it up earlier, I should have come straight out with it, but I knew how you'd react. 

Hal: You come here doin' his dirty work? 

Emily: No, no!  I came here to have a nice evening with you.  Oh, come on, don't look at me like I'm some sort of double agent.  You wanted Carly to stay in town, she needs a job, I thought it could work. 

Hal: You honestly think Carly would not have found out that she was working for Craig? 

Emily: She'd be working for me. 

Hal: The man has ruined every happy relationship in this town. 

Emily: Come on, Hal.  He is ruthless, he is a self-absorbed egomaniac, and yes, he has this uncanny knack for finding the weak spot and leaning on it.  But that's what I'm saying -- those relationships were weak to begin with.

Hal: You're defending him! 

Emily: No, I'm not.  I'm just trying to knock him off his pedestal so we can get back to normal.  Look, you don't want Carly to work for Craig?  That's fine.  But it's really none of your business. 

Hal: I don't want any more of my children dragged into his universe. 

Emily: Can we please just stop this?  Your burger's getting cold. 

Hal: I'm not hungry. 

Emily: Now you sound like Parker. 

Hal: Parker's always hungry. 

Emily: I was having a good time, Hal. 

Hal: No, you were not.  You were planning your next move. 

Emily: Was it weighing on my mind?  Yes, it was, so I thought I'd bring it up sooner rather than later so we could get back to whatever the hell it is we're

Hal: Not much. 

Emily: Yeah, well, you know what?  That's not my fault. 

Hal: Now where're you goin'? 

Emily: Home!  Ow!  Dammit!  Don't. 

Hal: You said you didn't like the shoes anyway. 

Emily: I paid $200 for these shoes. 

Hal: Whose fault would that be? 

Emily: Yours!  Was I nervous, not to mention stupid to bring up this whole job thing, yes.  You wanted to get mad at me. 

Hal: Emily, why would I want to get mad at you? 

Emily: Because it's a lot safer than what's really going on here, Hal! 

Craig: I'm sorry --

Bryant: You might have called, dad, first. 

Craig: Hello, Jennifer.  I would have called but it's kind of urgent.  I have assets that need protection, I want to put them in your trust fund for safe- keeping, just temporarily. 

Bryant: That's fine, dad.  Fine, yeah. 

Craig: Good, well, I'll take care of the paperwork, but next time you go into the bank I want you to see the manager about the amended statement for the trust fund, okay? 

Bryant: That's fine. 

Jennifer: What trust fund? 

Bryant: We'll talk about it.  Dad, can we talk about this later? 

Jennifer: Bryant didn't take that trust fund.  He wouldn't.  He knows that that's blood money that you stole from my mother.  Now tell him that.

Craig: Bryant, I thought she knew. 

Bryant: Dad, can you just go? 

Billy: Uncle Craig?  Long time no see. 

Craig: Billy!  Traveling light as usual. 

Billy: Yeah, you know, it's kind of a last-minute thing.  I'm helping Bryant and Jennifer build a deck for the house. 

Craig: Still applying a trade, huh?  I seem to remember a certain tree house --

Billy: Yeah, I know.  That was my mom's fault.  She wouldn't let me use the power drill. 

Craig: You still almost managed to put out Bryant's eye. 

Billy: But we had fun, right? 

Craig: Oh-ho, yep!  Sitting up all night in the E.R., trying to scrape Sierra off the ceiling.

Billy: I know she still holds that against me. 

Craig: Have you done much lately? 

Billy: Hey, we should go fishing.  Remember when we'd go?  You'd pick us up before it got dark. 

Craig: Yeah, then we'd turn on the lights.  Listen, why don't you come over for dinner, bring Bryant, we can plan a fishing trip. 

Billy: All right!  The Montgomery men -- now and forever. 

Craig: Exactly. 

Jennifer: You told me you turned that trust fund down. 

Bryant: I wanted to take care of you, and give you time to recover --

Jennifer: What about that job with your grandmother?  You make more than enough there that you don't need this trust fund.  You are working for your grandmother, right, Bryant?  Please tell me that you're working for your grandmother.  Bryant.

Bryant: We've talked a lot about it.  She's got a bunch of different ideas for things that I could do. 

Jennifer: You took the trust fund, and then you made up the job to explain where you were getting the money. 

Bryant: I could go to work for her tomorrow. 

Jennifer: Yeah, but it's easier taking the money, isn't it? 

Bryant: I wanted time -- you're not in the best of shape, and I wanted to be there just in case. 

Jennifer: Wait, so this is my fault? 

Bryant: No -- no! 

Jennifer: You're just like him.  You lie to get what you want, and then when you get caught you blame somebody else.  You are exactly like your father.

Bryant: You want to be angry at my father for what he did to your mother, I'm with you.  But the trust fund?  The trust fund was set up by my grandmother for me. 

Jennifer: Are you kidding me?  Do I honestly have to remind you that your father stole that money and replaced it with money he stole from my mother?

Bryant: So be angry at my father!  Don't be angry at me. 

Jennifer: You lied to me, Bryant! 

Bryant: Okay, okay, you're right.  You decided I should throw away a couple of million bucks, and I didn't agree with you.  Maybe I should have said something then.  I don't know, Jen.  But you were a mess.  And I thought, look, let me take care of you first, and the rest of the stuff -- take care of it later. 

Jennifer: Hmm.  After you got me where you want me, right? 

Bryant: I got nothing from you -- nothing.  Not conversation, not sex, not support -- nothing.  Oh, that's great.  Walk away.

Jennifer: I refuse to end up like my mother. 

Bryant: And I refuse to wind up like my father! 

Jennifer: Could have fooled me.

Billy: Where you going? 

Jennifer: Home. 

Billy: That was fun. 

Hal: I was perfectly happy until you brought up Craig. 

Emily: It is over!  You won't give it up!  We proved him innocent.  It's over, Hal. 

Hal: Then why is he trying to get Carly back under his thumb?  Why do you think that she left town?  The man is on a mission, Emily. 

Emily: So what if he is?  What does that have to do with you and -- and me? 

Hal: You and me?

Emily: Yeah, you and me.  We're on a date -- at least we were supposed to be on a date.  But you -- you know, anything that cuts too close, you'd rather ignore it and focus on Craig. 

Hal: You brought up Craig in the first place. 

Emily: No, no, no, no.  It's just like the divorce.  You did the same thing.  You know, instead of dealing with the fact that your whole life's falling apart, what did you do?  You dove headfirst into a barrel full of booze. 

Hal: Oh, for about a minute and a half, and until you pulled me out of it.  Look, Emily, I am not perfect.  I have about 100,000 buttons, and Craig Montgomery can push every single one of them.  But that doesn't mean that I can't sit here with you and enjoy whatever -- whatever.  You're the one that threw a wrench into it.

Emily: How many dates have you been on since you and Barbara broke up? 

Hal: What does that have to do with anything. 

Emily: None.  This is your first date since the divorce.  This can't be easy for you, Hal. 

Hal: You are never easy, Emily.  Now where're you going? 

Emily: Anywhere you aren't. 

Hal: How many dates have you been on?!

[Emily throws her shoe at Hal] Oh.  That's a first. 

Jack: She didn't pick up your tail?  Yeah, and you're sure she's staying there?  Got it, right.  Thanks, man.  I really appreciate it.  Yeah, I miss you, too, man.  Right.  Well, maybe when I get back from Chicago.  Okay.  Thanks again.

[Hangs up] Stay put, Carly.  I'm on my way.

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