As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 9/4/01


Provided by Stephanie
Proofread by Fran

Barbara: Please, please leave me now. 

Jennifer: Okay.  I'm leaving.  But -- do you think that I could give you a kiss before I go?  You don't have to chase the monsters out from under my bed, mom.  I'm too old for that.  You know, growing up, getting a kiss from you always made me feel like everything would be all right -- even if it wasn't.  Oh, I guess.  If you don't want me to look at you, I won't. 

Paul: Gettin' some good use out of that one.  Glad I brought it. 

Rose: Oh!  It's a nice hanky.  It's very easy on the nose. 

Paul: Well, Rose, I just wish you could be easy on yourself.

Rose: I guess I should be used to having the rug pulled right out from underneath me.  I would like to thank you for what could have been a very perfect evening.  And you've been a perfect gentleman.  I just wish I didn't ruin it by doing the 100-yard dash out of the dining room. 

Paul: Yeah, I think you might have set a record. 

Rose: It's just birthdays, you know.  They get you all worked up in this emotional stuff.  And I didn't expect the Jersey bunch to show up, dropping in like a bunch of Atlantic City commandos. 

Paul: They're a great bunch of people, Rose. 

Rose: Yeah, well, they are.  Who am I foolin'?  They're my people.  Were -- are -- I don't know.  I'm sorry, I hope -- I hope I didn't embarrass you.  I'm going to go.

Paul: What?  So that's it? 

Rose: Um -- no.  I'll -- I'll dry clean this.  And then I'll bring it back to you, okay?  I'll have somebody drop it off. 

Paul: No.  You're not going anywhere, not till I have a chat with the real Rose D'Angelo. 

Dante: On my count of three -- one -- two --

[Lily gasps]

Lucinda: All right, nobody moves.  Nobody moves or I put a bullet in this man's throat.  All right? 

Dante: You wouldn't dare. 

Lucinda: Oh, yes, I would dare.  You watch me do it.  All right?  Are you ready?  One -- you understand that.  One -- okay, let's go for two --

Damian: Do what she says, Dante.  No one needs to be hurt, not even you. 

Lucinda: Get back. 

Dante: Do you even know -- do you even know how to use that, grandma? 

Lucinda: Don't you worry.  I know how to use this.  You get back!  Get back against the wall!  I'm taking my family out of this God forsaken place. 

Lily: No, no!  Don't shoot!  Nobody shoot! 

Dante: Okay.  Okay.  Okay.  You can wave that gun as much as you want.  Come on, come on, grandma.  What about that, huh?  You might want to think about it before you get the boy dead.

Bruno: You're not -- you're not married, are you? 

Katie: You tell me.  Do I look like a married woman? 

Bruno: My radar was up. 

Katie: Well, that's probably because I do have a husband.

Bruno: What's the status on that? 

Katie: We're separated at the moment. 

Bruno: Ooh, I like the moment. 

[Katie slips off her wedding ring]

Katie: Mmm.  So you were telling me about Tuscany. 

Bruno: Yeah.  Well, you know, those of us lucky enough to be of Italian origin -- we tend to get our point across when we can use our hands to express ourselves. 

Katie: Mm.  Um -- the music stopped.  Should we -- sit down or something? 

Bruno: Sure.  Or we could find someplace more private where I can use my hands. 

Craig: Want to make a deal? 

Bryant: Depends.  Whenever you make someone a deal, they always end up on the losing end.

Craig: Hear me out. 

Bryant: I'm listening. 

Craig: Between you and me, I promise to recognize Lucinda for all the positive influence she's had on you. 

Bryant: She's been a better father than you have. 

Craig: Okay, fine.  I agree. 

Bryant: You'll tell Lucinda all that right there? 

Craig: No, this is between you and me, father to son. 

Bryant: So what exactly are you promising to do? 

Craig: To get you and me back on an even keel.  I will say nothing but nice things about Lucinda whenever you're around.  If I have nothing nice to say, I won’t say anything at all.  So, given that, will you give me another chance at being your dad?

Bryant: One condition.  The Worldwide stock you bought out from under Lucinda? 

Craig: Yeah? 

Bryant: Give it back. 

[Barbara begins to connect with Jennifer when Jennifer turns around, sees this, and hugs her mother]

Jennifer: I love you, mom.  I love you so much. 

Barbara: Ohh.  Oh, I love you, Jen.  My little girl.  Please, please go.  Please go now. 

Jennifer: Now?  Okay.  You're right, you need rest.  I'll -- I'll come back tomorrow. 

Barbara: No. 

Jennifer: I'm sorry.  You probably need -- you need time.  I'll come back in a week or so, and then --

Barbara: No!  No, not tomorrow, not in a week, not ever. 

Jennifer: What did I do?  Why can't I -- I come to see you again?

Barbara: You haven't done anything.  I'm just very happy that I have raised such a beautiful and loving daughter. 

Jennifer: Yeah, one you never want to see again. 

Barbara: A daughter who doesn't need me anymore.  A daughter who is brave and strong enough and capable of facing the world alone. 

Jennifer: And because of that, I'm supposed to forget you exist?  And what about Will?  He's just a kid. 

Barbara: Will has people who love him. 

Jennifer: But he doesn't have his mom, and that's what he wants, that's what he needs. 

Barbara: He needs the mother that I can't be.  That woman died in the explosion.  Now, you listen to me.  If you come back here, I won't see you.  I won't talk to you.  Please spare us this.  Don't let this happen again.  Just leave me.  Just -- leave me, and don't look back. 

[Barbara sobs]

Rose: So you wanna get to know the real me?  Did your mom teach you nothing?  When a girl wants to make a graceful exit, you're supposed to sense that. 

Paul: Well, I haven't sat on my mom's knee for a couple years.  Apparently, I've picked up some bad habits. 

Rose: You're old enough to tell when a girl's sayin' arrivederci, can't you? 

Paul: Yeah, but I tend to put up a fight. 

Rose: So I'm not getting rid of you? 

Paul: Rose, why'd you run out of there like that?  I mean, it's your birthday.  You gotta plane full of well wishers in there just dying to celebrate it with you. 

Rose: I know.  Look, I know you didn't think you were going to dinner with royalty or nothin', but when you asked me to dinner, you thought I might have a little bit of class.  You're sittin' across the table from "Gypsy Rose Lee" instead.

Paul: No, that's not what I thought at all. 

Rose: What are you talking about?  We're having this lovely dinner, then all of a sudden, the chorus line comes out -- male strippers, okay?  Male strippers and paesans throwin' money around like water.  We almost got run over by a truckload of bad taste. 

Paul: Rose, I didn't picture you the kind of person that would apologize for your friends. 

Rose: No.  No, no, no.  Don't -- no, no, no.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm tellin' ya, Mitzi and every single person in there, I mean, they're the salt of the earth.  I got a right hook for anybody who says otherwise.

Paul: Well, good.  So, I'm just wondering now, are those tears because you're allergic to your birthday or embarrassed about your past, or is it something else altogether?  Rose -- I didn't ask you to dinner to talk about the entre.  Let me in, okay? 

Dante: You don't want to hit the boy, right?  Put the gun down. 

Lily: Don't make any moves, mother, please. 

Holden: Lucinda, she's right. 

Lucinda: I know what I'm doing. 

Dante: You're going to get the boy killed, that's exactly what you're doing! 

Simon: Lucinda, face it.  He's not going to let Luke go. 

Dante: Unless you got a perfect shot, you're going to get your grandson killed.  And then you have nothing!

Damian: Enough, Dante!  Leave my son alone!  You got what you wanted! 

Dante: Maybe I want something else now.  Maybe I want you to suffer.  Take my brother outside.  Damian and the boy are coming with me. 

[Dante fights off Lucinda, grabs Luke and holds a gun to his head]

Lily: No! 

Holden: Lily?  Lily! 

Simon: Put your head down! 


[Lucinda shoots Dante]

Lily: Mother?!  Oh!  Mother! 

Holden: Lucinda, behind you! 


[Lucinda shoots the guard]

Craig: The Worldwide stock is not on the table here, Bryant. 

Bryant: So this father/son stuff isn't so important after all.  Surprise, surprise. 

Craig: I've spent a long time on this deal, Bryant, I'm going to see it through. 

Bryant: Of course this has nothing to do with you sticking it to Lucinda. 

Craig: Am I the only one making concessions here?  Are you going to do anything? 

Bryant: Like what? 

Craig: I want you to accept that you are not always going to understand what I do in business. 

Bryant: So, when I see you doing something disgusting, I should just look the other way? 

Craig: No.  Express your opinion, even if you think I'm wrong, but do not walk away -- or condemn me just for trying to make a buck.

Bryant: Why is everything about money with you? 

Craig: I didn't make the rules, Bryant.  I just play the game. 

Rose: So you want to know the real Rose D'Angelo?  Lock up the China shop, 'cause there's a bull on the loose. 

Paul: I think I can handle it. 

Rose: Oh, you think so, huh?  Well, the real Rose D'Angelo wears too many rings, too much make-up, and don't even get me started on this silly accent. 

Paul: Oh, I like it.  Coppice. 

Rose: I don't have any manners.  I don't have any taste.  I've got nothing, nothing that my sister Lily has.  So I figured, you know, fake it until you make it.  I came into town here pretending to be Lily, and I guess I'm having a really hard time dropping her act.

Paul: Well, you're selling yourself short, Rose. 

Rose: No.  I'm not.  You don't know me.  You don't know how ashamed I am that I pretended to be Lily -- and how it's killing me not to love her husband and to be protective of her children, and how I wake up terrified every single night that Holden and Luke are probably dead.  And it's worse for me -- can you believe this?  It's worse for me to watch Lily go through it, than to go through it myself.  See, that's it.  That's the whole package there, I'm a phony.  So don't break your leg running outta here away from me.  I understand. 

Paul: Just so you know, in the realm of bad, rotten human beings, I've got you beat hands down.

Rose: Oh, I'm sure.  Such a hard case.  Tell me about your rap sheet, bad boy. 

Paul: Well, you know those tags on the mattresses they tell you not to rip them off?  I've ripped off a few. 

Rose: Oh, stop it.  You're going to make me cry again. 

Paul: I snuck into a couple of movie theaters. 

Rose: Ooh. 

Paul: I even parked in a handicapped parking space once. 

Rose: Oh, not that. 

Paul: And I wanted to kill my father. 

Rose: Everybody gets mad at their parents. 

Paul: Yeah.  But do they pull out a gun?  Pull the trigger?  I did.

Lily: Luke, Luke! 

Simon: It's all right, Lily!  It's okay, I've got him! 

Lucinda: I'm here, I'm okay. 

Lily: You okay, you okay? 

Lucinda: I'm all right, darling.  Where's Damian? 

Holden: Damian?! 

Simon: He must have taken off. 

Lucinda: I'll look outside.  Damian?! 

Simon: It's all right, Luke.  Your mommy and daddy are okay. 

Holden: Simon, Simon?  How bad are you hurt? 

Simon: It's all right. 

Lily: Oh, he's so scared.  Mommy's here.  It's gonna be okay.  It's gonna be okay.  Okay.  Mommy's gonna take off your hood and make sure you're all right.  Okay?  Just be careful.  It's okay.  It's okay.  Oh.

[Lily takes off the hood and realizes the boy is not Luke] Oh, no.  No, it's not Luke.

Holden: Where's Luke?  Tell us. 

Lily: Please.  It's okay, sweetie.  Have you seen my son? 

Lily: You must have some idea where my son is.  Don't you?

Simon: What is going on here?  Where is Luke? 

Lily: Do you understand what I'm saying to you?  Do you?  Please?!  Oh, no, no, no, please don't go. 

Holden: English.  Do you speak English? 

Lucinda: He's gone. 

Lily: Oh, mother, Luke is gone. 

Lucinda: What?  No, no, darling, he's -- it's all right.  He's right here. 

Lily: He's a double.  Dante never intended to give Luke to us at all. 

Lucinda: Oh, my God. 

Lily: And now Dante is dead.  Give me this.  Listen to me right now. 

Lucinda: Don't you do that!  Don't you do it. 

Lily: You either tell me where Luke is, or I'll kill you right here.

Holden: Lily -- Lily, don't.  The last thing we need right now is more blood on our hands. 

Lily: I'm gonna do whatever I have to, to get my son back.  I don't care what I have to do. 

Lucinda: Darling, don't. 

Holden: We've done everything we could since this whole thing started, all right? 

Lily: But Dante is dead. 

Holden: I think I know where Luke is.  Dante kept us separated, but I think that he was keeping Luke here. 

Lily: How do you know that? 

Holden: Luke was Dante's ace in the hole.  He had to keep him here.  We're wasting time on this guy, okay?  You gotta trust me.  We're gonna find our son, okay?  Let's go. 

Lucinda: All right.  I'll -- I'm coming, too.

Holden: No, you stay here.  You stay here.  Simon needs your help.  I'll find someone, and I'll tell them to call a doctor, all right? 

Lucinda: No, no, no.  Okay, all right --

Lily: Simon?  Simon?  Are you okay?  Are you okay? 

Simon: Go find Luke.  I'll be fine.  Go find Luke. 

Lucinda: All right.  Honey, you go, I'll stay.  I'll stay with him until the doctor gets here. 

Holden: Don't worry about those guys.  Just as long as you have the gun, you'll be all right, okay?

Lucinda: All right.  Okay.  Oh, my heavens.  My friend, you've looked -- you've looked better.

Simon: Is it getting cold in here?  I'm getting kind of cold. 

Lucinda: Hey, hey!  Here, wait a minute.  Here.  You're turning out to be quite a hero, you know that?  Okay. 

Simon: I had to do something with my life, didn't I? 

Bruno: What is it?  Step on your toes? 

Katie: No, no, I just got the strangest feeling. 

Bruno: Are you cold?  You're shivering. 

Katie: Am I? 

Bruno: Yeah.  Maybe we could go someplace warmer.  You said you had a room upstairs. 

Katie: Yeah.  Yeah, sure. 

Bruno: Hey, maybe you'd rather be alone tonight.

Katie: No, no, um -- no, I'd rather not be alone tonight.  Let's go. 

Craig: You think Katie looked okay to you? 

Bryant: You almost sound like you care. 

Craig: I care about my sister.  I care about you.  I care about a lot of people.  I know you keep telling me not to read too much into that hug at the court, but --

Bryant: Not what you were expecting. 

Craig: No.  No, but it was the first thing in a long time that gave me hope about you and me. 

Bryant: Well, that little gesture almost tanked my entire relationship with Jen. 

Craig: Well, I don't want to be the cause of any problems between -- between you and her.

Bryant: Way too late for that, dad.  She still hates you. 

Craig: I know you're not too keen on getting my fatherly advice, but maybe I can help with this. 

Bryant: I don't know.  I just -- I keep misreading her signals. 

Craig: Well, maybe her signals aren't coming in too loud and clear.  Huh? 

Bryant: Maybe. 

Craig: She's a young girl, Bryant.  She's inexperienced.  She's just out of high school.  You're 21.  You're a man.  You know, there's a huge difference at your age.  You should find a woman. 

Bryant: Dad, dad, you're losing me with this advice here.  But I -- I am in love with Jennifer.

Craig: Jennifer needs a man, Bryant, who's gonna take charge.  She doesn't need another girlfriend.  So you demand that she is honest about what's going on with her.  After that, trust yourself.  Look what happened here.  But if you ask me, you hop on the first thing smokin' and go to Paris. 

Bryant: I don't want to leave her, dad. 

Craig: Then be a man and make her yours. 

[Jennifer is upset and screams]

Billy: Hey!  Whoever you are, I'm swinging a ten-pound wrench. 

Jennifer: Oh, my God.  Your clothes --

Billy: Yeah, I'm not wearing any. 

Jennifer: I've noticed. 

Billy: So was that you screaming out here?

Jennifer: Oh -- could you go find a towel or a dishrag or something? 

Billy: What is that?  Attitude?  Look, it sounds like some girl's getting her guts ripped out down here.  I just thought I'd come out and see what was going on.  I mean, sorry if I didn't have time to get my pants. 

Jennifer: Yeah, whatever. 

Billy: Oh, yeah, whatever.  You're welcome. 

Lily: Have we checked in here? 

Holden: Is it locked? 

Lily: No.  Luke must be in here somewhere.  Luke?!  Luke?! 

Luke: Mommy? 

Lily: Oh, my baby! 

Luke: Mommy, no! 

Holden: Get out of the way, Damian.

Lily: No!  We're taking our son home. 

Damian: I can't allow it.  Get the boy. 

Holden: Okay, fine.  You want to play it this way again?  Fine.  Now you're gonna have to shoot me.  That's the only way you're gonna get to keep my son. 

Damian: I won't shoot you.  But what if I miss?  And hit something else by accident? 

Lily: Damian, have you completely lost your mind?! 

[Damian speaking Italian]

Luke: Mommy, no! 

Lily: Look, Damian, please -- please don't do this.  Dante -- he's dead.  He's dead.  The only threat to Luke right now is you.

Damian: I would never hurt him. 

Holden: You already have! 

Damian: Luciano is in the car.  He's already gone.  If you try to detain me in any way, then you're never gonna see him again. 

Lily: Look, Damian if we do what you ask, if you have him for a little while, can we please just go home? 

Damian: Guido's men have orders to shoot you both on sight if you try to follow.  Don't you think about it. 

Lily: No! 

Paul: What kind of man shoots his own father? 

Rose: You don't seem like the type of guy that would do something without reason.  I mean, maybe you were doing the world a favor. 

Paul: I was trying to protect someone that I cared about.  I'd do it again if I had to.  And ever -- ever since then, it's -- been trying so hard not to become like my father.  Parading all over Europe like I was Mr. Nice guy, without a mean bone in my body.

Rose: How do you know that you're not that? 

Paul: 'Cause my dad is right here.  Every time I see him torture someone or damage someone, it just makes me want to beat the hell out of some -- what are you doing? 

Rose: It's not a punching bag, but you could tear it apart.  Thread by thread -- or not. 

Paul: You know, I get real tired sometimes, fighting this battle going on inside.  You know, do I do what's right, or do I give into the other part of me?  The part of me that went after Craig the second I got in town. 

Rose: Craig?  Oh, my God, he deserved it! 

Paul: No.  I'm not sure anyone deserved what I wanted to do to him.  And you know who was putting those thoughts in my head?  My father.  I swear, sometimes I literally can hear him whispering to me.  What, you're not gonna go run, dial 911?

Rose: Oh, no.  I don't scare that easy. 

Paul: Are you sure?  Because what -- what if -- wt if I'm a time bomb?  You know, and one day, all of a sudden, it's just gonna -- everything's just gonna snap, and everything's gonna pour out.  I'll be just like my father.  Aren't you gonna say -- aren't you gonna say that I'm too nice, I'm too good of a person to ever let that happen?  Aren't you gonna say that, Rose? 

Rose: Maybe you aren't.  Looking in your eyes right now, I'm not so sure. 

Paul: You don't look worried. 

Rose: About you?  I don't know if I should be yet. 

Paul: You need me to hold your shoes? 

Rose: What?  Excuse me? 

Paul: Your shoes.  You need me to hold them?  So you don't break a leg when you run out of here as fast as you can? 

Rose: D'Angelos don't run away from anything -- or anybody.  And I'm not about to start now. 

[Paul is about to kiss Rose when Mitzi enters]

Mitzi: Rose?  Oops, I'm interrupting.  Sorry.  I was never here. 

Rose: Too late for that. 

Mitzi: Well, in that case, are you coming back in?  'Cause it's not like you're obligated or nothing just 'cause everybody came all the way out to cow country to celebrate the fantastic occasion of your birth.

Rose: Oh, can you hear?  She's giving me the half-nelson of guilt. 

Mitzi: We didn't know you were gonna have such a hot date. 

Paul: You know, Rose was just telling me how surprised she was that you came here.  And we'll be right back in, okay? 

Mitzi: I'll go get 'em warmed up for ya, Rose. 

Rose: Okay. 

Rose: So you had to put your two cents in, you know?  Mitzi gave me an out.  Now I gotta go back in there, and I gotta, you know, yuk it up. 

Paul: And what's so bad about that, huh? 

Rose: I don't know.  It's just that I -- you know, I've been away from them so long, I -- I don't feel like I fit in anymore with them -- or anywhere or anybody.

Paul: That's fine.  You just -- you go in there, and you blow out your candles on your cake, and they'll ask you to give a speech, and that's what you tell them. 

Rose: Oh, yeah, right. 

Paul: What?  They'll be thrilled to hear about everything you've done -- you know, helping Lucinda with Worldwide, helping me. 

Rose: I can't do that.  Throwin' that stuff around, they'll think I'm giving 'em the high-hat. 

Paul: Or maybe, just maybe, they might be proud of you, Rose.  Hmm?  Oh, what?  You chicken, D'Angelo, huh?  'Cause, I mean, to me, it looks like you're running.  But correct me if I'm wrong, but "D'Angelos don't run," right?

Rose: Don't be smart.  You know, you're right, maybe.  You're not as nice as you look.  Come on.  You gonna escort me back in there or what? 

Paul: It would be my pleasure. 

Rose: And you better keep me close by in case you turn into Frankensteinbeck.  You might need somebody to handle you. 

Paul: You think you can handle me? 

Rose: Why don't I give you a test ride?  I'll see if I like it. 

Doctor: You are very lucky for now, Mr. Frasier. 

Lucinda: Doctor, can -- can this young man, can he manage the trip back to the states? 

Doctor: With the proper medical equipment. 

Lucinda: Okay, you make a list.  I have a plane at the airport.  We'll take whatever we need.  Darling!  Hold it.  This gentleman here has informed me that Damian has escaped, taking Luke with him and, in fact, he assisted him.

Lily: Tell me that's not true. 

Guido: The boy is a citizen of Malta and will remain so. 

Lily: He was kidnapped from the United States! 

Guido: Then I suggest you all go back there.  Take your friend to a hospital. 

Lily: I am not going anywhere without my son. 

Lucinda: Well, I'm not going anywhere, and I don't care about your law courts.  I shot, and I shot in self-defense. 

Holden: Lucinda, let it go.  I think it's best if you just get on a plane, take Simon, and get out of here.  Lily and I will stay. 

Guido: That would not be a wise choice. 

Holden: I don't care what you think. 

Lucinda: Darling, okay, look.  We have every resource.  We'll match Damian.  We'll match him dollar for dollar, blow for blow.  We're gonna get the boy back.  We're gonna get him.

Holden: We will.  We'll find him. 

Lucinda: All right, then.  I'm gonna keep tabs on you, but I want to hear your voice. 

Lily: All right.  I'll call you when I can. 

Lucinda: All right, sweetheart.  All right.  Go.  Hey, thanks a lot.  Take care of her.  I feel funny even saying that to you.  When have you not. 

Lily: Did they give you something for the pain? 

Simon: Yeah, I actually feel a little fuzzy. 

Lily: I will never, ever be able to repay you for what you have done for me. 

Simon: Then I won't send you a bill.  I'd move heaven and earth for you, Lily.  But now it's time for me to go home.

Katie: I know you probably thought that we were going up to my room. 

Bruno: Yeah, and instead we end up in the parking lot.  Was it something I said? 

Katie: Bruno, I haven't been exactly honest with you. 

Bruno: I know.  You want to tell me about that ring you slipped off your finger? 

Katie: You noticed that? 

Bruno: I've seen a few wedding ring tan lines in my time. 

Katie: Oh, yes, of course. 

Bruno: Listen, I may be from Jersey, okay?  But when it comes to a woman, I like a little European flavor. 

Katie: Oh, and what does that mean exactly? 

Bruno: Marriage -- marriage is where you make babies, but making love is making love -- two people making each other feel good without needing the word forever.

Katie: Interesting theory. 

Bruno: Do you want to put it to the test? 

Billy: Hey! 

Jennifer: Oh! 

Billy: Would you stop doing that?! 

Jennifer: Would you quit blasting around here like you own the place. 

Billy: So, you got a name? 

Jennifer: Jennifer.  You? 

Billy: Billy Ross. 

Jennifer: And you would be? 

Billy: Annoyed.  But other than that, I'm Bryant's cousin. 

Jennifer: So, do you always run around naked? 

Billy: Yeah.  It's a lifestyle choice.  No, I had to change a flat in the middle of a downpour.  And when I got here, I just wanted a hot shower and a dry tee-shirt.

Jennifer: Well, then you might want to think about putting that on. 

Billy: Jennifer -- you know, Bryant's talked about you.  Aren't you his girlfriend? 

Jennifer: I am.  What's that got to do with anything? 

Billy: Well, aren't you guys living together? 

Jennifer: Yeah. 

Billy: So why do you act like you've never seen a naked guy before? 

Jennifer: You're right.  I mean, you've seen one -- naked guy, you've seen 'em all. 

Billy: Man, my tools got soaked.  I guess the shell on my truck had a leak I didn't know about. 

Jennifer: Well, if you didn't know, you didn't know. 

Billy: Look, there's a rag and some oil over there in my toolbox. 

Jennifer: And? 

Billy: Well, can you get it for me? 

Jennifer: Ow! 

Billy: Okay, what happened? 

Jennifer: You should try using some sandpaper on that stupid box.  It just gave me a splinter. 

Billy: Come here. 

Jennifer: Excuse me. 

Billy: What, you don't want me to get it out? 

Jennifer: What are you gonna be doing with that?

Billy: What, you've never seen tweezers before? 

Billy: Here, stand still. 

Jennifer: I -- I am standing still. 

Billy: You're not gonna start crying, are you? 

Jennifer: I wasn't crying before. 

Billy: Oh.  There you go.  Good as new.  So -- you sure you don't wanna tell me why you were crying? 

Jennifer: To you?  I don't think so. 

Billy: Is it my cousin? 

Jennifer: No, Bryant had nothing to do with it. 

Billy: Oh, so it's an "it." Well, we're getting closer. 

Jennifer: How'd you know I'd been crying? 

Billy: A face like that and skin like that -- you can't hide much, Jennifer.  I mean, every tear makes a sweet little track down your face.  Sorry if I noticed. 



Rose: That was fun, that was fun.  Didn't think I still had the moves. 

Paul: Well, believe me, you still have the moves.  You looked fantastic. 

Rose: Ohh.  How many Worldwide women do you know that can dance like this and cut a rug at the Lakeview, huh? 

Paul: You're the first one I've met.  You looked like you were having a lot of fun out there. 

Rose: You want a lesson? 

Paul: Me?  Ah, what the hell? 

[Paul takes off his jacket and throws it]

Mitzi: Whoa, hello! 

Paul: Can I have this dance? 

[Crowd aws]

Rose: Why certainly.

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Hey, get your thing here.

[Paul grabs a feathered fan and hands it to Rose] 


Paul: Now, don't you hurt me now. 

Rose: Same goes for you. 

Bruno: Can I assume your marriage isn't a happy one? 

Katie: Yeah, we've had our problems. 

Bruno: Maybe you should start having more fun in your life. 

Katie: Mm.  And that would include you? 

Bruno: If you want. 

[Katie remembering]

Simon: Look, we really should get indoors before it starts pouring. 

Katie: You're going back to the party? 

Simon: Look, I don't think I'm gonna be welcome. 

Katie: Well -- if you're not welcome, and I'm not welcome, maybe we should just have a little party of our own.  What do you say? 

Simon: I say -- Yeah, why not? 

[End of Memory]

Bruno: Hey, something wrong? 

Katie: Oh, I just had a thought. 

Bruno: Something, or someone? 

Katie: Someone. 

Bruno: I tell you what -- when you're ready to forget about those memories for a night or two, you can give me a call.  I'll come to wherever you are. 

[Katie sighs]

[Bruno leaves]

Craig: Hee-hee hee-hee, hee-hee. 

Katie: Oh, checking up on me, huh? 

Craig: I thought I'd take my time getting back to the suite.  It looked like you might appreciate your privacy tonight.

Katie: Mmm.  Not quite yet. 

Craig: Well, I'm happy to see you're living up to our new strategy.  How's it feel to be not chasing Simon all around the world? 

Katie: Oh, it feels pretty good, I guess. 

Craig: Mm-hmm. 

Katie: And what about you?  Staying away from Carly? 

Craig: No, I was busy with Bryant tonight -- bonding, I think. 

Katie: Oh, right.  It's a good plan -- do the fatherhood thing so you don't think about Carly.  But just remember -- I'm watching.  Don't call her, all right? 

Cass: Craig? 

Craig: Cass!  I don't like that look on your face.  Am I about to be arrested or lose my money, what?

Cass: Oh, it's a money thing, it's about the Worldwide stock.  You're not gonna like it. 

Lily: Holden -- you found me here.  And I found you, we're gonna find Luke, right?  Please make me believe that we're gonna find Luke.  Oh, I love you. 

Holden: I love you.  Happy Birthday.  Sorry I didn't have time to get you anything. 

Lily: Oh.  I have something for you.  This is -- my present.

[Lily takes off Holden’s wedding ring from the necklace around her neck and places it on Holden’s finger] My present to you.  And you're my present. 

Holden: We're gonna find our son.  We will.  If it takes us the rest of our lives -- we'll find him.

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