As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/31/01


Provided by Stephanie
Proofread by Fran

[Door slams]

Barbara: Paul?  You're early. 

Jennifer: Mom --

Barbara: Jennifer?  Jennifer, you startled me, how did you get in here? 

Jennifer: You mean, why am I here?  Um, look -- don't get upset.  I -- I was driving around, and I wanted to see you. 

Craig: Bryant? 

Bryant: Dad. 

Craig: It's good to see you -- huh? 

Bryant: You know, after the trial, I felt bad.  I never should have thought you would have done something like that to Jen's mom.  So I just said something to you.  Don't think too much of that. 

Craig: All right.  Well, can I -- can I buy you a beer? 

Bryant: What, throw a few beers back and then go shoot some hoops? 

Craig: Yeah, one quick drink and an update.  How about it? 

Bryant: Whatever. 

Craig: What do you want?  Dark?  Light?  No?  Split the diff -- hey, Joe, can we get a house draft for my man here, huh?  Come on, sit down.  Come on.  Seems like an eternity since we've sat down together. 

Bryant: Yeah, I guess the last time we sat down and talked without yelling was -- at the Java Underground. 

Craig: Yeah.  It was about Jennifer, as I recall.  About issues of respect and the timing of certain intimacies, but I'm sure you've figured all that out by now.  You're living together? 

Bryant: Yeah.  I'm living with a beautiful roommate, so next question. 

Craig: Do I detect the chill of cooling passions?  Is that why you came to see your dear old dad? 

Paul: I'd love to know what you were thinking that made the corner of your mouth do that. 

Rose: I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. 

Paul: Okay.  Fair enough.  Go ahead. 

Rose: Oh, no.  No, no, no.  You first. 

Paul: Oh, me?  Oh, okay.  Well, that's easy.  I was thinking that of all the places in the world to be -- and I've been to a few -- I'm exactly where I want to be tonight. 

Rose: With me?  Is that unusual for you, to be where you want to be? 

Paul: Well, the last time I felt like this was when I lived in Paris. 

Rose: Hmm. 

Paul: So here's to you, Rose.  "L'ange gardien."

Rose: Oh, back to that whole guardian angel thing again?  Oh.  That was gonna be my thing that I was going to say, that I really like being somebody's angel. 

Paul: So here's to you, to the angel on her birthday. 

Rose: Oh, thank you.  Oh, and not one mention of a number.  That's very classy of you.  Very classy. 

Paul: Well, if I didn't already know your twin sister, I would think you were jail-bait. 

Rose: Oh, isn't that nice?  Oh, as my girlfriend always used to say, "You're only as old as your fake I.D."

Paul: And I'd take it this friend is not from Oakdale, right? 

Rose: Oh, no.  Mitzi, a Jersey Pearl, that one.  I feel like I've known her as far back as I can remember. 

Paul: I can see it now.  Babies together, right? 

Rose: More like Jersey babes, but I won't bore you with the details. 

Paul: Oh, no, no, no.  I want to hear all the details.  I want to hear about all of your life before you found Lily. 

Rose: Well, before Lily, my life was colorful. 

Mitzi: Get everybody over to the Lakeview Towers.  I found the birthday girl. 

[Dog barks]

Lily: I'm here to meet Dante -- Dante Grimaldi.  This is the Cafe Dell'arte, isn't it? 

Dante: You defy me and come alone?!  You were supposed to bring Damian.  Do you understand the price you'll pay for this? 

Lily: Damian will be here any minute.  Your brother, he promised me.  And he will show.  He would never, never go back on a promise to me. 

Dante: Why should I believe your lies? 

Lily: Why would I lie to you?  You have my husband and my son. 

[Banging noise] Oh, Simon!  Oh, Simon, are you okay?!  Are you okay?! 

Simon: Apart from this growth on my back, I'm fine. 

Dante: You have invited a friend?!  Oh, well.  Signora Snyder, I'm afraid you and your friend made your final mistake. 

Simon: Look, I have done nothing but wait outside in plain sight.  I haven't got a weapon.  Hey, I simply came here for the coffee.  I hear it's the best in Malta. 

Dante: Do you think I've forgotten what you've done to one of my men? 

Simon: He was holding me hostage. 

Dante: Silence!  Search him. 

Simon: I came here for one reason and one reason only, okay?  To make sure Lily was all right.  When she came inside to do her business, I sat outside minding -- would you please get that firearm out of my face? 

Dante: Enough!  Enough from you!  I don't have time for this right now. 

Simon: Oh.  Oh, yeah, that's right.  Well, just let me know when you finish killing your own brother, all right? 

Lily: Simon, don't.  Please. 

Dante: You know, it's too late.  It's too late to try to save your insolent friend, Signora.  But I had hoped you'd prove yourself by delivering the man you promised. 

Lily: Damian will be here.  He will.  I promise. 

Dante: Yeah, but since you did not keep your word, then maybe I'll have to persuade you to tell me the truth about my brother's plan.  You know, persuasion --

[Lily screams]

Lily: I don't know!  I don't know!  I don't know Damian's plans!  I swear, I just spoke to him, just for a few minutes.  He said he wanted to talk to me to explain to me why he brought our son to Malta.  He begged me to meet him so I could understand.  And I told him to meet me here.  Look, I set up my own son's father.  What else do you want from me? 

Dante: I want you to be inspired to greater honesty! 

Lily: I'm telling you the truth, Dante. 

Dante: Well, perhaps your husband will help you tell it better. 

Lily: Holden's here?  Holden, he's here?  Holden? 

Dante: Of course he's here!  But neither you or your friend can talk to him.  Don't make a sound, okay? 

Simon: Go easy, all right?  These guys are just dying to use us as target practice. 

[The guards bring out a hooded man]

Lily: Oh, it's him.  It's Holden.  I know it is. 

Rose: I don't know.  My mom always says it's bad luck to tell all of your secrets in one night. 

Paul: Well, everything about life before Oakdale can't be secret. 

Rose: I already told you about being in love with Holden.  I mean, that's -- that's a major thing.  And I will tell you the story of my life later, like ten years later, okay?  I just want to talk about Paris, you know? 

Paul: Ah.  Oh, Paris. 

Rose: Paris.

Mitzi: Happy birthday, Rosie! 

Rose: Oh -- oh, my gosh!  Oh, my gosh!  Oh --

Mitzi: Surprised ya, huh? 

Rose: Yeah.  I was just -- I was just talking about you, just now. 

Mitzi: Look at her.  Not much can tie up Rose's tongue.  I remembered your real birthday from last year.  You were so sad last year with that Holden given you the boot and all.  I decided to come all the way back to Jokedale -- just kidding -- I came all the way back to make sure you had a birthday you'd never forget.  Say something, Rose! 

Rose: I'm -- I'm just in shock, you know?  In, like, a good way shock.  It's just my heart is not catching up with everything else, that's all.  This is my date, Paul Ryan.  This is Mitzi. 

Mitzi: Mitzi Matters.  Pleased to make your acquaintance. 

Paul: It's a pleasure to meet you, Mitzi, and you have great timing.  She was just talking about you.

Rose: I know, I was. 

Mitzi: Nothing too bad, I hope? 

Rose: No. 

Mitzi: Still got the goods, don't you, Rose? 

Rose: So how did you track me down here, Mitz? 

Mitzi: This one does not make it easy, I'll tell ya'.  First, we checked all the hot spots in town -- both of them.  Then, we fanned out, and guess who got lucky, in a manner of speaking? 

Rose: We?  Who's we? 

Mitzi: Come on in!

Rose: Oh! 

Showgirl #3: Happy Birthday! 

Hey, how are you? 

Rose: Gosh.  This is amazing. 

Showgirl #1: The line hasn't been the same since you stopped kickin' it!  Happy birthday. 

Showgirl #2: Look at you!  I haven't seen you in a place this quiet since Lenny B fell down. 


Showgirl #3: Candi, this ain't the boom-boom room.  Rose has got class now.  Happy Birthday, sweetie. 

Make-up person: Girlfriend, don't tell me you forgot to put on lashes before you left Jersey? 

Rose: Well --

Make-up person: I'm just kidding.  You look gorgeous. 

Custom designer: Oh, and your ensemble, simply stunning.  You always had great, Rose, great taste. 

Rose: Oh, thank you. 

High roller #1: You haven't forgotten "Uncle Ray," have ya'?  Lay one right there. 

Rose: Oh, it's so good to -- hey, how could I forget Ray? 

High roller #2: High rollin' Rosie!  How about a squeeze for old time's sake? 

Mitzi: Oh, enough, you!  Enough.  And Rosie, you remember Hank. 

Rose: Hey. 

Hank: Hey, baby.  How are you? 

Rose: Good, good. 

Mitzi: And of course, Bruno.  Bruno's the reason we're all here. 


Katie: Wow.  Who won the lottery? 

Maitre'd: No one did, ma'am.  It's a -- it's a very impromptu birthday celebration.  Mrs. Snyder's sister. 

Katie: Oh.  These are Rose's friends?  Where are they from? 

Maitre'd: I wouldn't know, Mrs. Frasier.  There was a last minute reservation that was made in the name of -- Mr. Portolano. 

Katie: Oh.  He's Italian.  I knew it.  Excuse me.  I'm going to be in the lounge dining on antipasto if anyone asks.

Mitzi: So, since Rose wasn't coming back to Atlantic City, we brought a little of Atlantic City to Rose! 

[Cheers] Get ready, D'Angelo.  It's gonna be a hell of a party! 


Katie: Craig, Bryant.  Buona sera! 

Craig: Buona sera, Signora Frasier. 

Katie: Oh, Craig, the accent -- perfecto! 

[Craig laughs] To think you're not even half Italian.  Hey, what have we got in this snack mix, beer nuts, peanuts, corn nuts? 

Craig: I think it's all nuts, huh? 

Katie: Like you, huh?  Il pazzo -- loony.  Hello.  Do you still have that wine list I gave you? 

Bartender: Yeah, it's --

Katie: Grazie! 

Bruno: The Barbaresco is an excellent choice, that is, if you like Italian wine. 

Katie: It seems that everything excellent is Italian.  At least, that's what my people in Tuscany say.  I'll have a glass of this. 

Bartender: This one's only served by the bottle, ma'am. 

Bruno: We'll take it -- two glasses. 

Katie: Do I know you? 

Bruno: I'm the guy that fell in love with you in the other room. 

Katie: Nuts? 

Bruno: Most definitely. 

Craig: Looks like your Auntie's made a new friend over there. 

Bryant: Yeah.  Why is she doing that? 

Craig: Flirting with Mr. Open gums? 

Bryant: Yeah.  To hear Katie tell it, the sun rises and falls on Simon Frasier, so why lead that poor guy on? 

Craig: Mixed signals, Bryant -- a woman's doing, a man's undoing. 

Bryant: Yeah.  Tell me about it.  Try one year of mixed signals. 

Craig: Jennifer? 

Bryant: No, no.  I mean, all she has to do is just tell me what she wants. 

Craig: But? 

Bryant: She won't. 

Craig: Good. 

Barbara: How did you get in? 

Jennifer: You mean how did I get past the guard at the gate?  I flashed him a picture of the two of us from mother/daughter day.  Do you remember that day?  You know, I don't remember ever being here.  It's -- it's big.  So you're going to live here with Paul? 

Barbara: That's the plan. 

Jennifer: Just the two of you? 

Barbara: Well, there's still nursing help.  And I have kitchen staff.  And even though my hand doesn't work the way it used to, I've begun to draw again.  I'm going to be very busy here at Fairwinds. 

Jennifer: You make it sound like you're never coming home. 

Barbara: This is my home. 

Jennifer: You know, that's -- that's okay though.  I guess it can be all sports now at the old homestead since I moved, too. 

Barbara: I didn't realize. 

Jennifer: That's okay.  I mean, how could you have known?  I'm out in the country now.  It's quiet there, just like here.  I'm living with Bryant. 

Barbara: Well, everything in life changes.  It's good you have someone who loves you. 

Jennifer: Yeah, I guess.  I'm kind of used to it though, being loved.  I mean, I was lucky.  I grew up being loved.  Not too many people can say that.  I always had dad and will and you.  You know, you always used to say that -- that no matter how bad things got or how far away we were from each other, the little time we spent together, we'd always be a family.  That doesn't change with time, does it? 

Barbara: You're asking me a very big question.  You're asking me if you can count on me. 

Jennifer: Yeah, I guess I am. 

Barbara: Well, then I guess -- I guess the answer is no. 

Jennifer: I didn't come here to ask for anything, Mom.  I know that you need your time, and you could live in a hut on top of a mountain for all I care, if that's what it takes.  I just want you to get well, and -- and I know you need to concentrate on -- on healing, and I totally get that, Mom. 

Barbara: You've been crying. 

Jennifer: Before, yeah.  I had a fight with Bryant.  But, um, I didn't come here to dump that on you.  So -- anyway, love, sex, you know what?  If it wasn't so complicated, people wouldn't write a jillion books on it, right? 

Barbara: I wouldn't know.  My life is very different now.  My life now is about rebuilding my company.  That's what I'm going to do. 

Jennifer: It can't be all you need, Mom.  Of course, you do have Paul.  You would never abandon Paul.  And it's not that I'm jealous, Mom.  It just makes me sad. 

Barbara: I have to get to work, Jennifer. 

Jennifer: I know why you let Paul see you and not me.  I realized it today when I -- I showed the guard this picture of us.  It's because I remind you.  I remind you of how you used to look before the fire.  I don't want to -- I don't want to be pretty if it means that you'll never look at me or talk to me the same way ever again.  I'd give anything to change things, Mom.  I would trade places with you in a second if it meant I could only have you back. 

Craig: Pinning down what a woman wants, Bryant, I think it's easier to grab a feather in a windstorm.  Look at your wacky Aunt over there, batting her little blonde eyelashes.  As you pointed out, she's crazy about her husband.  So what is she doing?  Who knows?  Women are puzzles, Bryant. 

Bryant: So don't try to figure 'em out? 

Craig: Don't even pretend to try to know what they want.  All that's important is to know is what you want. 

Bryant: I don't know how Mom survived marriage to you?  You know, you don't know me.  You don't know Jen.  I don't want your advice. 

Craig: Bryant, I know more than you think I do.  I think at least I know that we have a long way to go to make amends.  But I'm trying.  And I think you're trying.  Right?  Like right after the trial, that was a start. 

Bryant: I can admit when I'm wrong. 

Craig: Do you know how much it meant to me for you to acknowledge me like that? 

Bryant: Dad, I really believed that you did that to Jen's mom.  And then when they proved you didn't, I wished I'd given you a chance. 

Craig: Thank you, Bryant. 

Bryant: But it doesn't mean that I like the way you operate. 

Craig: Well, that's fair enough. 

Bryant: What do you want from me, dad? 

Craig: I want a chance to start over.  And -- maybe this could be it. 

Bruno: It's amazing.  I never thought I'd come to Illinois and find a girl with an Italian sparkle in her eye.  My people are from Palermo. 

Katie: Would that make your people and my people neighbors? 

Bruno: That makes them simpatico.  You can feel it, can't you? 

Katie: I feel so -- so --

Bruno: Tuscan? 

Katie: Tipsy, actually.  Are you sure that you don't have to go back into that party? 

Bruno: Rose has got friends on all sides.  She won't miss a guy she only saw when the casino flew him in to drop a hundred. 

Katie: A hundred dollars isn't a lot to gamble, is it? 

[Bruno laughs]

Katie: Oh, you mean $100,000? 

Bruno: Import Italian cars. 

Katie: Ah.  And you came all the way to Oakdale on a lark? 

Bruno: And what a beautiful lark it turned out to be.  I was going to invite you back to the party, but I don't think Rose would mind if I threw a little party for two. 

Katie: Somehow I think that's the best present I could ever give Rose D'Angelo. 

Rose: I cannot believe that Bruno flew all of yous here, you know. 


Mitzi: Nothin' but the best for our Rosie, right guys? 

All: Right. 

Mitzi: After what you went through last year, you look like yourself again, Rose.  All that lying and pretending to be Lily didn't do a thing for your complexion. 

Rose: Well, would you just zip it, you know?  It's water under the bridge, okay?  We'll just talk about right now.  And all of this, it's just -- it's too much. 


Mitzi: You deserve it. 

Rose: Aw. 

Mitzi: You front like a tough cookie, Rose, but I know you were hurtin' last year.  Rose got her heart broke real bad.  Did she tell you? 

Paul: Holden? 

Mitzi: Yeah.  The poor baby.  She was so lonely here.  Back then, not one person in this one-horse town got what a gem this one is.  Looks, sense of humor, talent -- she's got it all.

[Cheers] What a dancer, right? 

Paul: Actually -- actually, I've never had the privilege to see Rose dance. 

Mitzi: Not to worry, big guy.  What do they say, "Ask, and it shall be given to you"? 

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Wait, wait.  Tell me, tell me, tell me. 

Rose: I've got to talk to my date for a second.  Would you please? 

Paul: Rose, your friends are crazy about you. 

Rose: Oh, no, they're just plain crazy.  Look, I love them, but you've got to take everything that Mitzi says with a grain of salt, please. 

Paul: No, she's great.  She throws one heck of a surprise party. 

Rose: Yeah, she does do that, you know.  And I'm -- I'm just gonna call it a night.  And that Maitre'd, he's like giving me the hairy eyeball.  He's gonna blow a gasket. 

Paul: Forget him.  You've got a table full of presents here, you know. 

Rose: All right.  I'm opening one present.  I'm taking the rest of them, and I'm putting them in a bag, and I'm gonna head out of here.  You can head out of here, too, you know.  And I'll call you in the morning, okay?  You can just - -

Paul: No way.  I wouldn't miss this party for the world. 

Rose: Are you sure about that? 

Mitzi: Yoo-hoo!  Over here! 

Maitre'd: No, sir.  A jacket is required. 

Stripper: Jacket?  What's the point?  Just gonna take it off anyway. 

Mitzi: That's right.  Hey, the entertainment's here, girls.  Check him out!  Yee-haw! 

Dante: Do you see our prisoner here?  The more lies you tell, the more he'll have to pay. 

Holden: Who's there? 

[Lily gasps] Luke -- Lily, Lily! 

Dante: Hold your fire! 

Holden: Lily, what are you doing here?  You can't stay here.  It's way too dangerous. 

Dante: Get her away from the prisoner!  Get her away from the prisoner! 

Holden: Get your hands off of her! 

Lily: Let me go!  [Lily screams] oh, my God.  Oh, my God. 

Simon: You -

Rose: Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.  Um -- hey, hey!  Hey, excuse me.  Um -- excuse me.  We're not going to be needing your, uh -- your services tonight.  So, why don't you just go and I'm sure that we'll take care of you, make sure you get paid and we'll even throw you a little extras.  So you're not leaving?  All right.  Well, thanks anyway.  Okay.  You've gotta stop this!  You've gotta stop this, because this is not gonna be pretty.  It's going to be ugly. 

Paul: Well, I don't think Mitzi would agree with you.  Look, Rose -- Rose, your friends obviously want you to have a good time on your birthday.  Okay?  I mean, they've gone out of their way. 

Rose: Yeah, there's good time -- you know, good time.  And then there's Oakdale good time.  People that were having dinner here when we got here are gone.  They left their hundred-dollar plates, because they were looking for a buffet, not a guy in the buff.  Please --

Paul: Rose, relax. 

Mitzi: C'mon, you two.  We've got a prime seat for the birthday girl, right there. 


Dante: Your friend is still breathing, it seems.  But next time I won't be this generous.  Now, just tell me.  What has my brother planned? 

Damian: Why not ask him yourself? [To Lily] Thanks, Lily, for the note. 

Dante: So good of you to show up, Damian.  You should have bought Signora Snyder's husband a little bit more time. 

Damian: I'm not here to fight, Dante.  And why so solemn, brother?  I'd think you'd be celebrating to have won so much.  The Grimaldi fortune will finally be yours. 

Dante: What?  You concede without a fight? 

Damian: I wish these people no harm.  So you win, yes.  Let them go and I'll give you what you want. 

Dante: You know as well as I do that the only way to get what I want, and keep it, is if no one is left to oppose me.  No one. 

Damian: Dante, I am prepared to turn everything over to you.  I will put all of our father's assets securely in your name.  After we conclude our business, no one needs to be killed. 

Dante: And I should simply believe that you'll just hand me everything and walk away? 

Damian: In exchange for my son and the freedom of the other captives.  Yes.  You do this and I will deliver to you all the executed deeds, as well as the Grimaldi seal and insignia. 

Dante: When? 

Damian: In a few minutes.  As soon as I see for myself that Luciano is alive and well. 

Dante: Bring the boy in! 

Lily: Oh, Luke! 

Dante: Don't touch the boy! 

Lily: What have you done to him?! 

Dante: His mouth has been taped.  Don't worry he's not in pain. 

Lily: Okay, Damian.  You have got to do something.  You got to get Luke out of here! 



Mitzi: Help him out.  Come on.  He needs help. 



Rose: Oh, that was great!  Oh, that was so -- so --

Paul: Did you have fun? 

Rose: Yeah, great!  You know, guys, I should open up some presents, 'cause I never could resist a pretty package. 

Make-up person: We noticed, girlfriend. 

[The make up person hugs Paul]


Paul: Eh, yeah.  Rose, your friends really love you to death. 

Rose: Yeah.  They love me, but -- to death.  Yes, they do.  And I love them, but it's my death we're talkin' about here, you know?  And Mitzi -- I love 'em, but I could use a little warning. 

Mitzi: Open this one first, Rose. 

Rose: Oh. 

Mitzi: I bet it's a diamond garter. 

Rose: Oh, if it is -- if it is, I'm -- I'll -- I'm gonna wear it on my wrist.  Okay? 

Mitzi: Ooh.  Who's it from? 

Paul: Happy birthday.  It's -- it's an angel. 

Rose: Oh, you keep up with all this guardian angel stuff, I'm gonna sprout wings. 

Showgirl #2: Share the wealth, Rosie. 

Rose: Pretty. 

[Crowd awes]

High roller #2: Such a nice guy. 

Rose: I do.  I love it. 

Paul: Open the rest. 

[Crowd awes]

Costumer: In honor --

Paul: Whoa.  Aw. 

Costumer: -- Of all the years I've stitched you into magnificence! 


[The Costumer pulls out a huge feathered headpiece]

Rose: Oh, I can't.  I can't. 

High roller #1: Come on.  Come on.  Come on. 

Costumer: That's just what she said the first time she put it on. 


High roller #2: Yeah, whoo! 

Mitzi: Then she put it on, and it was "Come to mama." Oh, Ladies and Gentlemen, Atlantic City Rose is struttin' again! 

[Crowd heys]

Rose: I can't.  I can't.  I gotta -- I gotta draw the line somewhere, guys. 

Paul: Come on, Rose.  Come on, Rose. 

Mitzi: Look, you wanna see the girl dance, right? 

Paul: Oh.  Oh, yeah.  But it's really up to the birthday girl. 

High roller #1: Aw, come on, Rose.  Rose, come on.  Come on, please, Rose. 

Mitzi: Just once.  Just one last time, Rose. 

High roller #1: Come on. 

Barbara: You're young, Jennifer.  Young and perfect.  It's your time to be beautiful, and you are.  You're in that wonderful place where romance is.  The place in life -- where the touch of a lover's hand and embrace -- my time is gone.  Those days, for me, are over.  So please try to understand that you can't bring your problems with Bryant to me.  Passion and poetry -- those are for other people.  I have no place for that in my life. 

Jennifer: Mom -- that's crazy.  Dad still loves you.  I can see it in his eyes. 

Barbara: No, no, no.  I do not want your father's pity or your pity.  I don't want to work to be kind and understanding.  When your father speaks to me, he speaks so softly that I don't even know who he is anymore.  He doesn't know how to act around me because I'm not the same.  I'm not!  And I will not have any man pretend to be attracted to me.  I am not the woman that your father was married to.  He doesn't know me anymore, and I am not the mother that you and will knew. 

Jennifer: But you could be, Mom. 

Barbara: No.  Never again.  And that is the simple truth you have to reconcile yourself to. 

Jennifer: Well, what if you're wrong?  What -- what if you're still the exact same person that you've always been but you're hurt -- so deeply hurt that you're just not in tune with it? 

[Jennifer huffs]  You're building up this wall around you.  And what if I can help you? 

Barbara: I no longer need your help. 

Jennifer: You know, when I was, uh -- when I was little, whenever I was upset or angry and I wouldn't let anyone else come near me, you would hold me.  I could hold you, Mom.  And not just to be kind and understanding, like you've said, but because I love you so much.  Please let me hold you, Mom. 

Craig: So what can't you forgive me for now? 

Bryant: Lucinda. 

Craig: What -- what, Luc -- all that stock she lost? 

Bryant: Come on, dad.  You had her too drugged to even fight you. 

Craig: Hey, don't kid yourself about your grandmother, beneath all that darling stuff beats the heart of a chainsaw. 

Bryant: Maybe so.  Everything you never bothered to do for me, Lucinda has. 

Craig: You mean with the trust fund? 

Bryant: No.  I mean paying attention to my life.  My grandmother is the only reason I even have half of a life right now, dad.  Not you, Lucinda. 

Katie: They even have these little Italian nuts in here somewhere. 

Bruno: This? 

Katie: Oh, yeah, that. 

Bruno: It's a pignoli nut. 

Katie: Mm. 

Bruno: Perfect. 

Damian: Let him go.  Luciano's been through enough torture.  Dante, you're a Grimaldi, my brother.  I want to trust you.  I want to believe that Luciano's unharmed.  Tell your men to remove the hood and give the boy to his mother. 

Dante: First, you keep your promise. 

[Speaks Italian]

Damian: Signora Cordina?  Grazie.  All right, here, all the executor's deeds and the Grimaldi seal.  It's all there, all legal. 

Dante: It was with them.  It's been such a long time.  Why now? 

Damian: What choice do I have?  Dante, our fight cannot continue.  It will now cost the lives of my boy, his mother and the people they love.  I will not pay so high a price. 

Dante: Perhaps I should keep this and kill you anyway.  Dead men cannot have second thoughts. 

Damian: You know my word is my bond. 

Dante: But still -- it's never a bad idea to get some insurance.  Huh? 

High roller #1: Come on, Rosie.  You'll do one more time. 

Rose: You guys are such cut-ups.  Nobody can move in these things.  You know that. 

Mitzi: Yeah, nobody but Rose, about a hundred times.  Look, Rose could dress up a feather better than anybody.  Look, come on.  Come on, Rose.  Let's go.  Get in line, Rose.  You guys, outta the way.  Make way.  Okay, ya ready?  And a one, and a two --

Rose: No, I can't because I don't remember anything.  I don't remember any of the steps. 

Mitzi: Like riding a bicycle, baby.  Isn't that what she always told you guys after every vacation? 

All: Absolutely. 

Mitzi: Dance captain this one.  Okay. 

[Mitzi clears throat] Ladies and Gentlemen, straight from the Atlantic City Boardwalk, it's Rose D'Angelo and the Caliente kick line! 


High roller #1: Come on, Rosie. 

Mitzi: And a one, and a two, and a one, two, three --

Rose: No, I can't.  I -- I --

[Rose runs out]

Mitzi: Rosie -- Rose --

High roller #2: What?  What? 

Mitzi: Where are ya going? 

Paul: Mitzi, I'll -- I'll see what's wrong with her.  Everybody, just -- yeah, okay. 

Make-up person: She all right? 

Jennifer: I'm, uh -- I'm sure you remember that day when I skinned my knee at the playground.  All the kids teased me and called me a klutz, so I ran all the way home.  But you held me.  We just sat in the kitchen, and you told me a million times over how much you loved me.  Couldn't it help if I did the same for you?  Couldn't it feel like we were home, where it's safe?  Mom? 

Barbara: Please, you have to go now. 

Jennifer: Okay.  I'm leaving.  But, Mom, before I go, do you think I could give you a kiss good-bye? 

Craig: Oh, Bryant, I wish I'd been there more for you. 

Bryant: Yeah.  So do I.  But wishing is not gonna make it so.  Lucinda was there, dad.  And I refuse to sit here and listen to you trash her when I owe her so much. 

Craig: Well, hey, hey, hey.  Don't go, Bryant.  Look, you're making some valid points here.  I am here now, huh?  Let's talk.  Come on, please.  Let's not run away anymore. 

Bruno: What is it?  Am I making you nervous? 

Katie: Huh-uh. 

Bruno: Then what's the matter?  You're not -- you're not married, are you? 

Lily: Luke, it's okay.  Mommy and Daddy are here, and we'll make sure you're safe.  And we're gonna take you home. 

Dante: Touching.  On my count of three -- one -- two --

[Lily gasps]

[Lucinda holds Dante at gunpoint]

Lucinda: Um, nobody makes a move in this room -- you understand me -- or I will put a bullet in this man's neck.  All right? 

Dante: You wouldn't dare. 

Lucinda: Oh, wouldn't I dare?  You just watch, my friend.  Okay?  Am I clear, friends?  Oh, okay.  One -- ah, we got it.  Two -

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