As The World Turns Transcript Monday 8/27/01


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Molly: Uh, hey, Hal. Hey, it's me again -- Molly. I was just wondering if you took care of that favor that we talked about. Yeah? So what did Nick Scudder have to say for himself this time? Oh. I see. Well, you know, that's okay. Because with the pressure, it's gonna make him crawl back under his rock sooner or later. Hopefully sooner, because there's no way that I'm gonna walk down the aisle with him playing a recording of the judge telling me -- sentencing me off to prison or some hologram of my mug shot hovering above the minister's head -- oh. Yeah, I'm sorry. Yeah, I know you're busy right now, and I -- I just wanna say thank you so much, because you are a lifesaver. Yeah, bye.

Jake: Mmm. You're delicious. You know that? So what are you doing, kinda like bride stuff?

Molly: Yeah. Kinda.

Jake: Kinda?

Molly: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Just -- just kinda? So you're keeping secrets from me already, and we're not even married yet? What were you -- what were you kinda talking about?

Molly: What I wanna see and hear on my wedding day. I mean, you know, most people wanna hear "Pachelbel's Canon" or "The Wedding March," but I'm really more keen on -- not lying to you.

Jake: Don't tell me! Don't tell me. I missed something, right?

Molly: I can't love you and lie to you, Jake. I can't lie to you, okay? I try to, I really do. But you know what? My brain freezes and then nothing will come out. I don't even know why I try to lie to you because you already know my tricks and my faults.

Jake: So you're mad at me because -- because you -- you're just mad 'cause you can't lie. Well, that's news. Why don't you -- why don't you tell me -- you know what? Why don't you tell me what you want to lie to me about? Maybe I can help ya.

Molly: Really?

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Molly: Okay.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Molly: All right. I totally agree with you. Nick Scudder is absolutely harmless, and I've got no problem, and I'm gonna take a hands-off approach, just like you asked me to.

Jake: That's what you wanted to tell me but you -- but you can't.

Molly: You hate me.

Jake: I could never hate you. I'm just trying to do the math here, and I feel like I'm missing an equation. Who was that on the phone?

Molly: Hal Munson. I asked him to put the squeeze on Nick.

Kim: Nick! Good. I wanna talk to you.

Nick: Is everything all right?

Kim: The editing of the boating accident this afternoon was inspired. You did a really good job.

Nick: Well, I'm glad you liked it. That means a lot to me, especially right now.

Kim: What do you mean, "especially right now"?

Nick: Well, I know I'm the new kid on the team. And you haven't seen the best that I can do yet, but I'm hoping that I've gotten off to a good enough of a start.

Kim: Good enough for what?

Nick: For a recommendation for another job. As far away from Molly and Oakdale as possible. My resignation.

[Lucinda sighs]

Lucinda: Well! If it isn't Katie Peretti! Not on a desert island but here at the Lakeview. Looking very fetching this evening, too.

Katie: Thank you. It's Katie Peretti-Frasier, actually. And I was just on my way out.

Lucinda: Oh, but I'm sure you could spare a few moments for me.

Katie: I don't know why. We're not exactly friends, are we? And I have places to be.

Lucinda: Really? Tonight, so late? Looking so fetching? Where are you going?

Katie: Tuscany.

Lucinda: Tuscany?

Katie: Yes.

Lucinda: Oh, Tuscany! Oh, Tuscany. I love Tuscany!

Katie: Oh, really? You've been there?

Lucinda: Oh, of course, darling. Of course I've been there. The hills, the air. The light, the wine. The food. Are you planning on a little holiday with your hunky husband? Where is that charming man?

Katie: He's -- away.

Lucinda: Yes, dear. He's in Malta, with Lily, where I sent him. Is he still there? Have you heard from him?

Katie: Yes.

Lucinda: Is he still helping Lily, helping her find Holden and Luke? What?

Katie: Yes.

Lucinda: Hmm, "Yes." Okay. Did he speak to you today? What is going on in Malta? I need to know. What is the last thing Simon said to you?

Katie: The last thing Simon said to me was that he would kill me if I opened my mouth, so -   Place: Malta

Signora Cordina: Oh! Signora Snyder, how are you this morning, huh?

Lily: Signora Cordina.

Signora Cordina: If you need anything to make your stay more pleasant, please do not be shy.

Lily: You disappeared for days without a word, without a trace? And that's all you can say to me? Make myself comfortable?

Signora Cordina: Ah, yes! But now I have returned, and all is well.

Lily: Yes, you've returned, and you're outside my door. Listening. Where have you been?

Signora Cordina: Well, I was sent away for awhile, but now everything is --

Lily: You were sent away? By who, Damian? Dante? The police inspector? Who?

Signora Cordina: Oh, my goodness. This is my English. You know, sometimes my words -- they get jumbled. Not sent away -- went away. Yes.

Lily: You went away.

Signora Cordina: Yes, I went away.

Lily: Why? Why did you leave so suddenly?

Signora Cordina: Oh, please, signora. Don't worry. Really, not too many questions, you know? Sometimes, it is better just to do what one is told.

Lily: What were you told?

Signora Cordina: Really, Signora, please --

Lily: Were you told to spy on me?

Signora Cordina: Spy? I don't spy. I'm cleaning. That's all.

Lily: Cleaning -- cleaning the keyhole? So you could get a better look?

Signora Cordina: Signora, really --

Lily: You wanna take a look? Take a look. Take a nice look! Look inside, look under the bed, look in the closets. Maybe you'll find Holden and Luke, and I can forget about Damian and his murderous brother. I can forget about this place, forget about everything!

Signora Cordina: You know, I am going to let you rest now. You really need to rest.

Lily: I'll rest when I find my husband and my son safe! You tell that to any Grimaldi that you're working for!

[Lily sighs]

Lily: What are you doing here? I put you on a plane to go back home!

Simon: I don't know. I've got this thing about being deported.

Lily: Where's Katie?

Simon: Hopefully she's safe and sound and silent back in Oakdale.

Lily: Well, what about the police?

Simon: What about them?

Lily: They're going to find you, Simon. And they're going to put you on the next plane out of here.

Simon: I made a clean getaway. You and I are the only ones who know I'm here.

Lily: Good. I'm glad you're here. I'm really -- it's really great that you're here.

Simon: Look at me. Did something else happen since the airport?

Lily: I don't think I can do this.

Simon: You can't do this? You can. You can do this. You have to think about holding Luke in your arms again, safe at home with his father.

Lily: Every time that I think about Holden and Luke being safe, all I see is Damian -- dead!

[Bell tolling]

Damian: The old customs are comforting.

Guido: I can understand the need for some peace at this moment.

Damian: I can't tell if I'm about to walk into a trap, Guido.

Guido: Tell me where you are meeting Lily Snyder. I'll send my men ahead to make sure it's safe.

Damian: No, making things safer for me will put others in danger. Lily, Luciano. I won't risk their lives again.

Guido: Oh, Dante is holding your son hostage, along with Holden Snyder. Perhaps he's offering their lives in exchange for yours.

Damian: I'm sure he already has.

Guido: What if Lily has accepted your brother's kind offer?

Damian: No. Lily would never do that.

Guido: Well, she has risked her life for them, crossed the ocean for them. Perhaps she will sacrifice you for them.

Damian: I may be cursed with a brother who'll do anything to see me dead. But I'll never believe that Lily would give her blessing.

[Bell tolling]

Dante: You'll have to excuse his temper. You know, he saw you try to, you know, slash my throat in the chapel last week. And you did murder his cousin Renaldo, the friar. So perhaps you'll understand his resentment. You look thin. You should eat something. What would you like?

Holden: My freedom. With my son.

Dante: Oh! How is the little boy?

Holden: He's asleep. Finally. Tell me -- what are you gonna do? Are you gonna use my son for bait? To bring Damian in from the hills with protection? So you can kill him?

Dante: Interesting assumptions you've made, Mr. Snyder.

Holden: Yeah, well, I'll tell you this -- it's not gonna won't work because there's a basic flaw in all your reasoning.

Dante: And you'd be kind enough to help me reconstruct my plans? Very nice. Nice try. Marco, go into town right away and check out that Signora Snyder has started her journey, okay?

Holden: Lily's leaving town?

Dante: Hardly. She'll be joining us very soon, right here.

Jake: Okay, what good is it going to do to get Hal Munson to lean on Nick Scudder?

Molly: It's good news! He's Chief of Detectives again, Jake.

Jake: Since when?

Molly: I don't know. A day, maybe less.

Jake: So not only are you gonna get the newly reinstated Chief of Detectives to waste his time but you're gonna have him risk his job by hauling in a guy who he has no chance of charging.

Molly: Not exactly. But you know what? He took me seriously enough to have a friendly little talk with nick. So I think that this pressure is gonna make Nick stop if he has any brain in his head. Because now he knows he's being watched. So he's gonna think long and hard before he makes his next move.

Jake: If he's the one who's making the moves in the first place.

Molly: I am just trying to be proactive, Jake. The guy won't leave, so I'm gonna make him leave. Look, I am the one who has to work with him.

Jake: I know that.

Molly: Okay? I am the one that knows the way this guy works.

Jake: Why don't you tell me? How does he work?

Molly: Like a termite, okay? Just one little insect burrows in deep and starts devouring the foundation. Then before you know it, your whole house is falling down around your ears.

Jake: Molly, I've talked to the guy. I looked him right in the eyes. I'm not so sure that he's the person that we're looking --

Molly: It's him, Jake! He's the one, okay? The mug shot on the Internet was just the beginning. Then the T-shirt. Then the invitations, okay? It's -- it's torture by degrees. He just keeps upping the ante, and he will not until he destroys my life, my career and turns everyone that loves me against me.

Jake: So what you're trying to say is that Nick Scudder can make miracles happen. Molly, look, I am crazy about you. Those little girls are crazy about you.

Molly: Yeah, well, I am so afraid that that guy is gonna make all that disappear, Jake. That's what he wants to do. I know it. I feel it in my bones. Okay?

Jake: Come here. Come here.

Molly: Go ahead.

Jake: Go ahead what?

Molly: I feel it. Call me crazy. You're dying to.

Jake: Oh, baby. You're crazy.

Molly: You think I'm crazy!

Jake: No, what? Molly, I meant that -- I meant that in a nice way.

Molly: There is no nice way to let your fiancée know you think she's insane, Jake! There's no nice way of being crazy.

Jake: Okay, okay, wrong word. Wrong word. I meant -- I meant -- I meant to say -- intense. Fiercely, fiercely, fiercely, fiercely intense.

Molly: That is no better, mister! What, so I go from being pathological to being a guard dog? Great.

Jake: Molly not dog. Molly woman. No. Look, Molly, you're a beautiful, sensitive woman who cares and thinks so much that sometimes you turn -- sometimes maybe you turn an anthill into Everest.

Molly: So you're saying that I should ignore Nick and then he'll go away like a bad dream? Is that it?

Jake: No, no, no. I'm not saying that you shouldn't watch your back. I'm just saying that I wish that I could stop you from being afraid. Come here. Come here. Come here.

Molly: I'm gonna be late for work.

Jake: I know. I'm just trying a little visualization technique, okay? Now, just picture this -- it's our wedding day. And you -- you are absolutely gorgeous in a Carly Tenney Original. And I -- well, I am suave and debonair because of who I am and what I do.

[Molly laughs]

Jake: I'll take that as agreement. That will be on our wedding day, it's absolutely perfect and all of a sudden, mug shots start falling from the sky and they're littering the streets and they're -- they're cluttering the gutters. What do we do? Do we run and hide? Or do we dance until we drop?

Molly: We dance, and then we go off together alone somewhere, and do something else till we drop.

Jake: That's my girl. Listen to me -- no one -- no one puts a kibosh on our wedding day, unless I tell them. And that's not gonna happen. You get my point?

Molly: Hmm-mm. But I do feel a lot better.

Jake: Yeah?

Molly: Yeah.

Jake: You know, the girls are down for the count.

Molly: Yeah?

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Molly: But the late night news never sleeps.

Jake: What do you mean, you gotta go right this second?

Molly: In a bit, I guess.

Jake: In a bit?

Molly: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Is that like a little bit or a big bit?

Molly: Oh, that's a really stupid question for an intense and fierce woman like myself, because you all know that little bits are bigger bits are humongous bits, which are a great, big fat -- even bigger --

Nick: Sometimes people get an idea in their head about a person and they can't let it go. Molly thinks I'm trying to ruin her life. She's got half the town convinced, including the police department.

Kim: What? Wait a minute. Molly has involved the police?

Nick: Yeah. I got a "Friendly phone call" from a guy named Hal Munson. If anything happens to molly and I am the number one suspect. And I'm not about to live my life like that. As much as I want this job -- look, in the whole scheme of things, Molly is the one that matters. Now, if she is off her game, the whole team's gonna feel it. So I'm gonna leave before things get worse between me, Molly, the station.

Kim: Wait a minute. Wait. You let me worry about the station. What I wanna know is -- do you like this job?

Nick: Yes, I do.

Kim: Well, I would like to have you reconsider this.

Nick: I already have. So if you'll be kind enough to write a letter of recommendation for me --

Kim: I can't do that.

Lucinda: My poor daughter. Went off on this quest with nothing but a message in a bottle and some hope. Now, I haven't heard much from her, a few words, and nothing whatsoever from Simon. I just need to know -- is she in trouble, in danger?

Katie: She's fine.

Lucinda: "She's fine."

Katie: She's doing lots of things.

Lucinda: Yeah? Like what?

Katie: She's going to the opera. Going to church. Enjoying the petunias.

Lucinda: Really? You saw her when you were there? I know you were there because she told me you were there with Simon.

Katie: Well, if you have such open dialogue with your daughter, then why don't you ask her instead of bothering me?

Lucinda: I just need to know what's happening. Are they achieving their goal in the search for Holden?

Katie: I cannot say.

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: Oh, darling, I do understand. A promise is a promise.

Katie: Good.

Lucinda: I can honor that kind of thinking. I mean, obviously --

Katie: I thought so. I was hoping that you'd say that.

[Lucinda laughs]

Katie: Ciao.

Lucinda: Sit down, darling. You flibbertigibbet darling! You know more than that, and I want to know what it is! What is going on? I want information about what's happening in Malta.

Katie: I cannot and will not. Sorry.

Lucinda: What's your price?

[Katie sighs]

Katie: You're trying to bribe me? What, like I'm some lowlife from nowhere? I'm sorry, Ms. Walsh. I'm not like other people. I don't take bribes.

Lucinda: Everybody has a price.

Katie: I am a Tuscany Peretti, okay? I'm a gift. I'm a treasure. And we live by a code.

Lucinda: Darling, the only code that you have is an area code. I need to know what's going on in Malta. Now, please tell me before I have to resort to force.

Katie: Go right ahead. I will die without a whimper.

Lucinda: Would that that were true. Come on, darling!  Anything! Something! Anything.

Katie: Do you understand the word "No"?! No!

[Lucinda sighs] Okay. But you have got to promise -- you have got to swear on your mother's grave and a stack of bibles that you will not tell anyone what I am about to tell you.

Lucinda: On my mother's grave? It's a deal.

Katie: She saw him. Lily saw Luke, and he's alive.

[Lucinda exhales]

Lily: Oh, it's such a beautiful island, you know? So many friendly faces. But you're the only one that I can trust. What would I do without you, Simon?

Simon: Well, there's always Signora Cordina.

Lily: Oh!

Simon: I'm sure, now that she's back, she's keeping a watchful eye on you.

Lily: Yes, that watchful eye. Hmm. Ignoring all of my questions.

Simon: What about the police inspector?

Lily: Oh, yes, him, he who locked me in a jail cell with Damian but won't answer a simple question of who he's working for.

Simon: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You were in jail with Damian? I visited you in that cell.

Lily: Yes, remember that drunk man passed out on the floor? It was Damian.

Simon: Ah, that was him.

Lily: Yes.

Simon: Well, it seems to be his specialty, doesn't it, traveling incognito?

Lily: I really wanna find him. I really do, before this deadline.

Simon: I've spent the last few hours scouring this town, trying to pay off anyone who might have an idea of where he's hiding.

Lily: Nothing?

Simon: No, not quite. Well -- I did find out that Dante's up in the hills at a restaurant that's like his headquarters. I assume that's the Cafe Dell'Arte, where he wants you to bring Damian.

Lily: Yes. Where it all begins -- and ends. For one of us, for some of us, maybe for all of us.

Simon: Come on. You cannot think like that.

Lily: No, I cannot keep living this fantasy that I'll bring Holden and Luke home safe and sound, and we'll live happily ever after.

Simon: It could work, Lily. It could work. Well, if Dante weren't out for blood.

Lily: We have to think of a plan that works to our advantage and Damian's.

Lily: We have to think of a way to warn Damian that he's walking into a trap.

Simon: What if he's already on his way to the cafe?

Lily: Well, then we have to stop him! We have to think of something.

Simon: Lily, Lily -- if I continue to search for him, the only thing I'm gonna find is the inside of a jail cell.

Lily: What are we gonna do? Think of something!

Simon: We have -- we have to get a message to him somehow.

Lily: Right.

Simon: Look, I think our best bet is Signora Cordina.

Lily: We don't know who she's working for.

Simon: It doesn't matter.

Lily: It does matter, because if she's trying to sell out Damian, then any message we try to get him she'll give to Dante first.

Simon: All right. So we put the message in some kind of code.

Lily: Right, something that only Damian would know is a warning. Right, yes, but what?

Simon: All right, you have to think of a name or a place that only you and Damian associate with danger.

Damian: I had everything planned, down to the smallest detail. Everything was in place, engineered to keep Luciano safe from Dante.

Guido: So you allowed the mother of your child to believe that he was dead, he and her husband both?

Damian: It was the only way. I thought, once we were safe and Dante was taken care of, then I could have explained somehow. But when Holden got involved, I had to keep them together. And when Holden made his great escape with my son and walked right into Dante's trap --

Guido: There was nothing you could do about it.

Damian: But there's something I can do now. I can explain everything to Lily.

Guido: Who knows what she'll do, or who will be watching?

Damian: You trying to follow me, Guido? Oh, no, you won't stop me. Just take care of yourself. Say a prayer for me.

Guido: Damian? One thing.

[Guido gives Damian a gun]

Damian: What is this? A gift or a threat?

Guido: I think you know the answer to that.

Dante: Yes. Your wife personally assured me that she would deliver Damian to me. She'll be here any minute. You should be happy. Shortly, the Snyders will have a touching family reunion.

Holden: Yeah, well, I think that's --

Dante: What? What is it? Are you praying, Mr. Snyder?

Holden: No. I was just staying it's pretty stupid, on your part.

Dante: Oh! Please, please, show me. Show me the error of my ways.

Holden: You're gonna kill your brother with three witnesses on the scene? That means that you'd have to kill us, too.

Dante: Yeah, I thought about that, actually.

Holden: Yeah, well, that's -- that's suicide. Because there are lots of people back in the states who are looking for us.

Dante: Mm-hmm. So what would be this brilliant idea?

Holden: Get Lily out of this place. Get Lily and Luke out of here. Send Luke to his mother, and send Luke and Lily on the next plane out of here, off the island.

Dante: Go on.

Holden: Then you can make it look as if Damian died because of me. Crime of passion. We were both in love with the same woman. There's a gun, an argument, no witnesses. And you walk away with your family fortune.

Dante: You know, your wife offered to sacrifice herself for her son. Is this some sort of American tradition kind of thing? I don't know.

Holden: I can help you!

Dante: No! You can keep that brat quiet, okay? Tell him to follow the orders and stay out of my way!

[dish breaking]

Bodyguard #1: Pick it up.

Holden: No. I'm not gonna pick it up.

Bodyguard #1: Pick it up!

Holden: I'm not gonna pick it up!

Dante: Hey, hey, hey! Basta! Hey, basta! Hey, hey!

[Dante breaks up the fight]

[Holden has stolen the phone from the guard and is calling Lily]

Holden: Come on, Lily, pick up.

[Phone ringing]

Dante: Please, speak. Give me one more reason so I can kill you and your son.

Lily: Hello? Hello? No. No one there.

Simon: Who do you think it was?

Lily: Oh, one ring means "Please phone home." My mom. Tell me what you think.

Simon: All right. "Looking forward to the Cafe Dell'Arte. I promise the same unforgettable ambience you remember from the Cafe Rigoletto, once upon a time. What's Cafe Rigoletto?

Lily: He'll understand. [Knock at door] He has to. His life depends on it. Okay.

Signora Cordina: You sent for me, signora?

Lily: Yes, I -- I wanted to apologize for my behavior earlier. I haven't slept much, and I'm just -- I'm really worried about my son.

Signora Cordina: There is no need for apologies. I understand.

Lily: Could you do me a favor? Please?

Signora Cordina: That is what I'm here for.

Lily: Could you please contact Damian for me?

Signora Cordina: I don't know where he is, Signora.

Lily: I need to get him a message. It's important. It's very important. Please, could you find somebody who could get that to him? Please, please?

Signora Cordina: I will do my best.

Lily: I know you will. Thank you. I'll be waiting for a response. I guess now all we have to do is wait.

Simon: No, no, no. Let's move, just in case she comes back with Dante. We're going to the Cafe Dell'Arte.

Lily: So this is it?

Simon: Yeah. This is it.

Lucinda: It's just amazing. It's amazing. Lily knew. She knew. She knew all along. She didn't grieve. She couldn't, you know. She didn't believe. She knew. It's -- oh, God bless her. God bless Lily. God bless little Luke. And God bless Holden, sweet Holden.

Katie: And my sweet husband, who is doing everything in his power to help your family. Don't forget about him.

Lucinda: Oh, God bless sweet Simon. God bless Simon! Come on, darling! God bless you, Tuscany.

[Lucinda hugs Katie]

Katie: Whoa!

Lucinda: You're a Tuscan treasure. God bless you, too.

[Lucinda laughing]

Katie: Oh, that reminds me of sweet Guido.

Lucinda: Oh? Sweet Guido? Now, who's that? Is that somebody you met over there on --

Katie: Yes, you can say that.

Lucinda: Where did you say that Lily was, now?

Katie: Oh, I didn't.

Lucinda: Yes, I think you did. I distinctly recall you saying --

Katie: No, no, no, no. The only thing that I said was that I swore to my husband that I wouldn't breathe a word about where he and Lily are, what they're doing, anything. So -- he would take me to divorce court if he found out that I told you.

Lucinda: Dear, am I supposed to concern myself with your marital difficulties?

Katie: This is not just about my marriage. It's about lives. Lives are at stake. So please don't do anything stupid.

Lucinda: I thought you just said that it was your marriage that was at stake.

Katie: Everything is at stake! Everything. You cannot do anything with the information that I just gave you -- anything! Anything at all, ever!

Kim: You are the best editor we've had here since I don't know when. So you'll have to tell me -- what can I do to help smooth things over between you and Molly?

Nick: Accept my resignation. That's the only way she's gonna be satisfied. And there she is. I can be out of here by the end of the day.

Kim: You stay right where you are, please.

Kim: Molly?

Molly: Hi, Kim! I hope everything's all right.

Kim: As a matter of fact, it isn't. Nick has just handed in his resignation.

Molly: Are you serious?

Kim: I am dead serious.

Molly: Thank you, Hal. They say dreams don't come true.

Kim: I'd like you to come in here, please.

Molly: For what?

Kim: I'd like to try to make some sense out of this mess.

Nick: Kim -- I told you, this is a waste of time.

Molly: Yeah, listen to the man. He's finally come to his senses. He's turned in his resignation, so let him go.

Kim: I don't want to let him go, Molly. I like his work. He's adding an important element to our broadcasts.

Molly: But he's decided to move on, so who are we to stand in his way? I mean, you do know what's best for you, don't you, Nick?

Nick: Yeah, yeah. What's best for me is to stop having to constantly defend myself to you. Every time I walk in this building, I am guilty of something else.

Molly: You know what you're guilty of? This!

[Molly holds up the invitation] And it's gonna stop now!

Nick: You know what? I'm gonna type up another letter of resignation. I'll be out of here by the end of the week.

Molly: Right, make sure you CC me on that letter. I'm sure it's gonna be your best work ever.

Kim: Both of you, stop it. I say this station is big enough for both of you.

Nick: Well, obviously, Molly doesn't agree.

Kim: Well, then you have to convince her that she's wrong. I mean it. I am leaving this with the two of you to sort out. Now, you are both adults. You are both professionals. I would suggest it's about time you started acting like it.

Nick: All right, I wanna know -- what do I have to do to make you trust me?

Molly: Oh, that's simple. Leave town.

Jake: Hello, gorgeous!

Molly: How'd you know it was me?

Jake: Well, you've just got that, like, special ring. What's goin' on?

Molly: Nick Scudder just turned in his resignation to Kim.

Jake: That's terrific, isn't it? Molly, I thought you'd be dancing on the newsdesk. What's wrong?

Molly: Kim says that the two of us have to figure out some way to get along, that apparently my new priority in life is to convince nick to stay here at the station so we can be one big happy family. I can't believe that she still thinks this is some just -- one big misunderstanding. That is exactly what Nick wanted.

Jake: What do you want to do?

Molly: Drive a stake through his heart.

[Molly sighs] What am I supposed to do?

Jake: Well, you hang tough. You call me if you need me, and you focus on our wedding, because that is gonna be the most amazing day of our lives. Okay? And no one -- and I'm telling you no one -- is gonna wreck that.

Molly: How are we gonna get that through Nick's thick skull?

Jake: Oh, he'll get the message.

[Children laughing] Listen, I hear the pitter-patter of little feet that ought to be in bed right now!

Molly: You kiss them for me. I'll talk to you soon.

Jake: I will. And you know what? I love you.

Molly: I love you. It is worth a try.

[Molly throws the invitation into the garbage.  Nick sneaks into the room and picks up the invitation]

Nick: I'm gonna prove to Molly I didn't do this.

Damian: Grazie, pero, I think I'm as armed as I need to be for a meeting with Lily.

Guido: I hope you're right.

Signora Cordina: Signore Grimaldi, permesso.

Damian: Signora Cordina, what is it?

Signora Cordina: A message -- from Signora Snyder.

Damian: What do you think?

Guido: It seems like the lady is promising some romance while the war is raging on about us?

Damian: No, the lady is promising danger, if not death. The Café Rigoletto she mentioned was the scene of a bloodbath. I think I'll take that gift you offered now.

Guido: I'll send my men ahead of you.

Damian: No. I'll go alone. I must go alone. I'll be careful.

Guido: I'll say the prayer for you. Hope to see you soon, my friend.

Dante: No more games.

Holden: No more games.

Dante: We'll get plenty of excitement. Your wife is about to arrive. I can see her already, you know, throwing herself in the path of a stray bullet, sacrificing herself like a mama. Sounds like an opera already. Maybe -- you know what? One day I'll commission one.

Holden: Lily, please, please, please stay away from this place. Please.

Lily: Is anyone watching?

Simon: No one I recognize, anyway.

Lily: This is -- this is gonna work, I know it. Damian will get the message, and he will protect himself. I do. I know it. I can feel Holden and Luke in my arms already.

Simon: You're starting to sound like Katie. An unshakable optimism.

Lily: I guess there are worse things you can be. She's resilient. You have to give her that much.

Simon: Yes. Yes, she is. And she won't take no for an answer. And she'd walk across hot coals for me.

Lily: Well, she's smarter than I thought, I guess. It's amazing for a woman, what she'll do when she finds the love of her life.

Simon: Yeah. Well, and right now, we've gotta go to that cafe to find yours.

Katie: If you tell even one person, you'll be serving them a death warrant.

Lucinda: Who would I tell, darling?

Katie: You own a newspaper! For all I know, it could end up on the front page all across the world tomorrow, and all of their lives will be in jeopardy immediately.

Lucinda: But I wouldn't do that.

Katie: Even under the pain of death?

Lucinda: Darling, I never reveal my sources.

Katie: You have got to swear to me. I know is your daughter, et cetera, over there. But it is also my husband, the only man I have ever loved. If you put his life or mine in danger 'cause you can't keep your mouth shut --

Lucinda: Darling. You go home. You go home now, all right? Before you put your own life in danger. They're all comin' home, and they're all gonna be all right. Comin' home before you can say "Bella Figura." Okay? So Buona Notte, Ragazza.

Katie: Buona Notte.

Lucinda: Okay? Okay.

[Lucinda sighs]

Lucinda: Matthew? Get the cobwebs out, Matthew. Get my passport. Wake up Eunice. Tell her to pack. Get my pilot. Find him. Have him file the flight plan. This evening. Malta. Yes. Malta. We'll meet at the airport. And tell no one, please. This is a matter of life or death.

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